7/15 Issue: Breaking News

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7/15 Issue: Breaking News

Post by Slarti » Fri Jul 16, 2021 12:33 am

Timelined concurrent to Rescue Reunion.

Shinobi: It was hot on the patio at Starbucks, but the inside of the store was busy, full of people still talking about the mess at the compound outside Boston.

Hope: Hope sighed contently, leaning back in her chair and taking a sip of her coffee. It was such a relief to be able to tear herself away from the office for the day, even if it was surrounded with gossip about that mess. She glanced over at Obi, flipping her red hair over her shoulder. "Should have brought Bobby."

Shinobi: "...if we want him to break into their cooler for a nap, sure." He sipped his cold brew and looked away from the screen inside showing the endless broadcast from X-Men headquarters.

Hope: "But then I wouldn't be hot," she smirked, nudging his foot a bit with her own.

Shinobi: He returned the smirk and leaning his leg into hers. "You just want me to say you'd still be hot."

Hope: She gave him a fake offended look, gasping slightly. "You wound me! How could you accuse me of something I would absolutely do?"

Shinobi: "Exactly," he laughed, taking another drink. Despite the heat and the annoying people, it was a good day. Obi took a moment to watch her across the table and gave her a small smile. Spending time with her was great. When she lived at the office, not so much.

Hope: Hope grinned back at him, relaxing in her seat as she turned her attention to the broadcast, sighing a bit. She had plenty of opinions about that whole ordeal. She rubbed her foot gently against his, lost in thought.

Shinobi: Obi's current opinion was he was just happy he wasn't there. He'd been bullied enough by small children for one lifetime. It was still worrisome that they had no idea what had happened or how to correct the problem.

Hope: "I told them that whole mess was a bad idea," Hope muttered to herself.

Shinobi: "Of course it's a bad idea, but you gotta admit nobody could have predicted how it'd go to hell," he laughed.

Hope: "The how not exactly.... but that it would? Ohhh who could have predicted that?" She sighed, twirling a bit of red hair.

Shinobi: "I didn't expect it to be the very first day," he pointed out.

Hope: She laughed, reaching over for his hand. "To be fair... it's not exactly the first day. Just the first day... this time."

Shinobi: "True." He took her hand, watching her face. "I think Tony just wants to make you proud of his legacy."

Hope: Hope softened a little. "I'm already proud of his legacy. I didn't require this bad idea..." She squeezed his hand, looking up at him.

Shinobi: "When was the last time you talked to him?" Obi returned that squeeze and pulled her hand up for a kiss, keeping his eyes on hers.

Hope: "I...." the hesitated, uncertain. "I'm not entirely sure. Every day kind of runs together with how crazy things have been." She couldn't stop the slight smile on her lips at the flutter of butterflies he gave her as he kissed her hand.

Shinobi: "You could go visit... see the show first hand." Obi lingered for a moment longer, deciding Starbucks wasn't the best place for his display, but her attention was on him. It felt like it'd been forever.

Hope: "You could come with me...." she told him softly, lost in his gaze. "And bring the milk duds," she told him with a slight smirk.

Shinobi: Tiny blonde bullies aside, he was game, since he'd gotten her to agree to do something that didn't involve the office. Progress! "That's fine," he laughed. "I'm sure Tony will show you pictures of my role as Princess Leia."

Hope: "I want to frame it," she told him, laughing happily. "Over the fireplace."

Shinobi: "You don't want to save that for the bedroom?" he shook his head at her, then frowned when his phone rang.

Hope: "Only if you're in the bikini," she teased, taking a tip of her drink while he saw to his phone.

Shinobi: Obi wanted to respond, but it was Tony. "Shit..." He answered the phone and knew it was trouble when Tony said he wanted to call them before they saw it on the news.

Hope: Her attention immediately shifted, concern seeping through their link. Is he okay?

Shinobi: He just nodded at her, then his eyes tracked to the TV as Tony talked. Nothing yet. Well, I guess you're off the hook for preschool duty.

Hope: Hope glanced between him and the TV, setting her cup down to twirl her hair absent mindedly.

Shinobi: As usual, it sounded like a mess and he was already glad he was here instead of there. "I'll tell her," he said, watching Hope as he listened to some more rapid babbling from the president.

Hope: Do we need to go? Her eyes didn't leave Obi now, studying him.

Shinobi: He asked Tony if he wanted to talk to Hope and aside from the surprise that she wasn't at work Tony managed to fast talk his way right off the phone. "No," he sighed, putting the phone down. "So, they're adults again, and they're going to rescue the people that this Arcade guy kidnapped."

Shinobi: "Do you remember a kid named Tyrone? Apparently Arcade got his girlfriend, too, along with Jean Grey and her boyfriend and the healer who runs that mutant clinic... Anyway," Obi waved his hand. "It's a whole... thing. Like always."

Hope: She couldn't stop the eye roll from happening. This was exactly the kind of thing she'd said would happen with this team thing. This is what always happened. How long before someone got blown up? "Drama like always." She sighed. "He's not expecting us to help... is he?"

Shinobi: "No. Carol and company already suited up to go after the guy. Guess you still don't have your frosty guard back yet since he's off being an X-Man too." He grinned at the eye roll. "You'd enjoy kicking someone's ass though, don't deny it."

Hope: Good. With a shrug and a toss of red hair over the shoulder, Hope glanced at the screen. Damn him for being right about that though. If it didn't come with all that extra baggage... maybe. "I'll stay here and not exploded thanks."

Shinobi: He just laughed at that, then looked up at the breaking news logo on the screen. "Guess the press caught up."

Hope: She nodded, squeezing his hand again. "They are always on it so quickly. It's ridiculous sometimes."

Shinobi: There was an excited anchor on the screen now and he sighed. "At least nobody has recognized you yet." Obi glanced around at the patio.

Hope: "If I was smart, I'd just make myself look different in public. Maybe a blonde..." she toyed with the idea, watching the report.

Shinobi: Obi managed not to react, but it was a close thing. "Go Asian so we match," he said, taking a drink and pretending to watch the news himself.

Hope: Hope laughed and relaxed, thinking that over. "Remind me next time. Might be odd to do it now."

Shinobi: "Just a little," he agreed with a chuckle. After a few more minutes of the news and the announcement of a press conference with Tony, he sighed. "Maybe we should run for it, before he comes on..."

Hope: "Yeah... that is a sure way for people to remember who we are too," she noted, gathering up her things to get up.

Shinobi: "Most definitely." He paused to watch her. "Are you going back to the office? Or coming home with me?" Obi wasn't entirely able to keep the hope out of his voice that she'd actually come home as he rose and grabbed his drink.

Hope: "Hmmm," she slid her arms around his waist, looking up at him. "If I make some calls on the way home and send a few e-mails I don't think I need to go back to the office today."

Shinobi: He didn't hide his surprise, either. "That sounds like a great plan then." Obi bent to give her a fast kiss and a grin. "Let's not waste any more time."

Hope: Hope kissed him back and smile, moving to take his hand again. "And I was thinking Chinese for dinner..." she mentioned, checking to make sure she had all their things.

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Re: 7/15 Instance: Breaking News

Post by Esynthia » Sat Aug 07, 2021 12:11 am

Hope, not in the office?! :die

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