4/16 Issue: Beyond Thunderdome

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4/16 Issue: Beyond Thunderdome

Post by Slarti » Sat Apr 17, 2021 4:19 am

Timelined a few days before Arcade Games.

Carol: Carol stood in front of the basement portal and watched the energy roll around it. It was kind of hypnotic... like a lava lamp. She shook herself and went back to rummaging through the detritus of the lab. It had to be in here somewhere... unless the BAMFS ate it. Probably.

Carol: She frowned and lifted up a cupboard to check underneath. Nope. Hmm. Maybe behind the shelves? She moved them out of the way. Also nope.

Shinobi: Obi heard the banging from the next room, where he had been tasked with finding the thing as well. "Don't break anything!" he called as he came in and paused to eye the portal.

Carol: ".... Does it count if it was already broken?" she called back, looking over at the door when she heard him, "Any luck?"

Shinobi: "Did you break it the first time?" Obi's eyes were still on the portal as he leaned against the door frame. "Nope. You sure it's down here?"

Carol: "No? Probably the bamfs..." She glanced at the portal, "I don't know why it wouldn't be... portal related stuff was all stored in here. The naked blue demons probably stole it... or ate it... or set it on fire. Who knows?" She shrugged, "Guess we'll have to start over.... but maybe with less caffeine and sugar than Broo..."

Shinobi: "Less caffeine? You? Are you feeling well?" He tore his attention away from the swirling hold in time and space to smirk at her.

Carol: She laughed, "Well, okay... but it always seemed like Broo was one cup away from rocketing into space...." She turned her gaze back to the portal, "Guess I have something else to add to the to-do list.... or we can just pretend this isn't here...." Sucked about Broo's list though. Maybe he had a copy somewhere....

Shinobi: "Yeah, like Hope. Keeping the coffee to scotch ratio at optimum levels is always fun." His eyes were drawn back to the portal as well. "It's... so weird."

Carol: "Well... it's a huge tear in spacetime so...." she shrugged, "I think it's kinda pretty.... but you don't have the same relationship with energy that I do."

Shinobi: "Nope, sure don't." He made a face at it, nose scrunched and lips screwed up. "I will amend weird to terrifying when you put it like that."

Carol: "Oh come on, you don't find it even a little bit totally awesome?"

Shinobi: "Academically? Sure. But in the basement of an old asylum and unguarded?" He sucked in air through his teeth and shook his head.

Carol: "It's guarded! ... I mean, now it is... and it was before... there was just that in between part where there were naked blue dudes running around..."

Shinobi: He nodded. "Yep. The fart demons." Obi smirked at her. "Doesn't exactly build confidence there."

Carol: "Well it was supposed to be sealed and disabled so.... I guess someone dropped the ball there." She looked at the portal again, "Wanna play with it?"

Shinobi: Obi snorted and slowly shook his head. "That's a terrible idea."

Carol: "That's not a no...." she pointed out, "Come on, you're with me. Nothing terrible's gonna happen."

Shinobi: He barked out a loud laugh. "Right, that guarantees something terrible is gonna happen." He pushed off the wall and moved closer to the thing, casting her a grin on the way by.

Carol: "I think you're confusing terrible with awesome again." Carol moved over to the portal control panel.

Shinobi: "That must be it. Maybe it's a portal to Bizzaro World?" He raised his brows at her.

Carol: She glanced up from the control panel, "You never know..." She keyed in a few commands and picked up two of the wrist watch type devices Broo had designed to help them access the portal to return home.

Shinobi: He winked. "And yes, I know what I referenced."

Carol: She activated the portal control before heading over to Obi, holding out one of the portal watches, "Put this on or you can't go anywhere."

Shinobi: He looked between her and the portal and the thing in her hands. "Who made that?"

Carol: "Why? Worried it'll explode?" She teased, eyebrow raised and a smirk on her lips.

Shinobi: "Yes. That's a perfectly reasonable concern around here."

Carol: She laughed, "Watch..." she waved her hand through the portal and it seemed to shift out of phase. "And now...." she activated the portal watch on her own wrist, then waved her hand through the portal again. This time her hand actually went into the portal.

Shinobi: Obi watched, but turned his unimpressed gaze back to her. "Yep. So, who made it?"

Carol: "Broo made it," she laughed, "To stop any more students disappearing into the portal without permission. The BAMFs got around it with their freaky teleportation-fu but we can't... well maybe you... probably also me... but not other people."

Shinobi: "Right. I just wanted to decide the odds of it killing me. I'd say they're even." He smirked and took the watch. "My uncle is known for both his brilliance and his short attention span."

Carol: "When he started building here I made him promise not to weaponise the electronics and he wasn't allowed to build anything that exploded. So you should be fine." She gave him a grin.

Shinobi: "Should be," he repeated, returning the grin. Things had been... surprisingly easy between them, despite her confession. Obi wasn't going to second guess it.

Shinobi: He strapped the thing on. "If only it came in black," he sighed.

Carol: "If you like it we can spray paint it." She showed him how to turn it on then, eyed the portal, "Want me to go first?"

Shinobi: He laughed, then gave the portal the side eye again. "Yes. You're the brave one here."

Carol: "Aww you used the good word!" She patted him, "I knew you could do it." She stuck her head into the portal, "Wow..."

Shinobi: "What, 'yes?'" He laughed again, then watched her blonde head disappear. Obi tilted his head and gave her the once over. "Good wow? Bad wow?"

Carol: "You said 'brave' instead of 'crazy'." Se considered the question, "Hard to tell... probably bad... it's kind of a mess over here."

Shinobi: "They're kind of synonymous with you." He moved in behind her. "What kind of mess?"

Carol: "Like... something fell down or exploded kind of bad..." And now she wanted to go check it out, "Looks like it happened a while ago..." Her feet lifted off the ground as her subconscious took over and acted on her compulsion to go investigate and took her a little further into the portal.

Shinobi: She was slowly sliding through the portal and he winced. "Sounds... great." Shit, she was getting adventurous.

Carol: "You gonna look or just stand there staring at my ass?" Which was about to also disappear into the portal.

Shinobi: "I mean, it's a good view." He probably shouldn't say things like that to her now. His nose twitched and he rubbed at his stubble. Oh well. "Sure... someone has to keep you in line, right?"

Carol: Oh she was glad he couldn't see that blush because she was sure it was spectacular. "Many have tried..."

Shinobi: "But they aren't Shaws." He came up beside her and poked his own head through. "Oh."

Carol: "Your parents know I'm a lost cause." She glanced over at him, "See what I mean?"

Shinobi: "Should we be checking for radiation or something? This looks bad, like it was nuked or something."

Carol: Carol focused on the pool of energy inside her and assumed her glowy form. "I'm not feeling any worrying ambient energy...."

Shinobi: "That's handy." Also, bright. He held up his hand and stepped through the portal.

Carol: Her skin returned to normal as she looked around and closed the portal behind them with the device on her wrist. "Let's take a look around..."

Shinobi: "Are you sure we can't see it all from here? Everything is kind of... flattened." Obi looked behind them at what the portal was hiding. It had once been a building, but now was a crumbling pile of brick with gaping, empty eyes for windows.

Carol: "Yeah, but.... why?" She lifted a little way into the air.

Shinobi: "If there are zombies we're tapping out, Danvers. Calling that right now." He phased himself for safety on the ground, turning in a slow circle.

Carol: "Baby..." she muttered, turning on the spot. "What the hell happened here...?" She squinted into the distance, "Is that a robot?"

Shinobi: "Heard that!" He solidified enough to kick what appeared to be part of a car, then looked up at Carol and into the distance. From this angle he couldn't see anything, so he airwalked up to her level to squint.

Carol: "That's a robot, right?" She cocked her head on one side, "Scale seems... off..."

Shinobi: "...because it's a giant robot." He screwed up his face to better see. Luckily, it had what looked like years of wear and debris on it. "Seems to be dead." Obi glanced around. "Kinda like everything else."

Carol: "Yeah... it's kinda eerie..." she decided she wanted a closer look at the robot. "Wonder how long it's been like this..."

Shinobi: "Hopefully for long enough that it's not gonna come back to life and scare the shit out of us." He gave her a flat look from his position in midair.

Carol: She frowned at him for a moment, "I can totally beat up a giant robot."

Shinobi: "Yeah, but do you want to beat up a giant robot? He might call all his friends and then we're running for the portal."

Carol: "Kiiiinda...?" She admitted. "I know... there's something wrong with me."

Shinobi: "You've got an underdeveloped sense of peril. It's fine. I've got enough for both of us."

Carol: "I am indestructible... So I don't really need that sense of peril." She shrugged and started for the giant robot.

Shinobi: He shook his head with a chuckle and started after her - at a safer distance.

Carol: Carol landed in front of the giant robot's giant head. Wow. It was ridiculously huge. She tapped on it. Didn't sound hollow... was it autonomous? Only one way to check....

Shinobi: When the knock didn't do anything, he set himself down. "Want me to look inside?"

Carol: "That'd be great - I was thinking I'd just punch a hole in it."

Shinobi: "Of course you were!" He gave her a tsk and a bright grin and phased inside.

Carol: She laughed, "I didn't bring any tools!"

Shinobi: Obi just laughed, the sound echoing when he passed inside the giant head. It looked... like a computer room. There were a few dim lights still illuminated and flickering, but the thing seemed dead enough and there was light to see due to the gash across the back of the head rending the metal open to the grey daylight.

Carol: "Well? Anything fun in there or just boring engineering stuff?" She climbed up on top of the head to survey their surroundings, wondering if there were any people around or what happened to them.

Shinobi: "Boring engineering stuff." He was solid now, so he could fiddle with a few controls. Carol's footsteps banged around above his head and the whole thing shifted. "Shit!"

Carol: Carol echoed his curse as she almost lost her balance, "What are you doing in there?!"

Shinobi: "Nothing!" he called. Well, not nothing, actually. It was a reflex response, but he'd poked a few buttons. One of the dim lights brightened a little and he cringed. "Does it have a body attached?"

Carol: "Uh..." She lifted into the air to peer over the side of the head that wasn't a little buried in the debris, "I think I see a shoulder...." A few not-so-busted lights came on in the dead eyes of the robot head.

Shinobi: "Well fuck. Is it this big all over?" Because damn. The lights inside were flickering and he was pretty sure it wasn't going to suddenly hop up on them, but...

Carol: Carol followed the line of the shoulder under some debris and tapped urgently on the head when the debris shifted, "I think you should get out of there..." More dusty lights lit up, this time on the mouth part of the robot and some staticy noises came out of it. Was it trying to talk?

Shinobi: "Yup! Coming!" The static echoed inside the big empty head and Obi phased and shot outside, joining Carol atop the monster. Oh... it was moving. "Whoops?"

Carol: "I think it's trying to say something..." She looked down at the mangled robot face.

Carol: "Zzzt-t zzzt-ected..." said the robot.

Shinobi: "Surely it can't get up..." It was giving it the old college try, however, and he checked to make sure the transmitter was still on his wrist.

Carol: "I have no idea..." She eyed the robot, "I mean... if I was that buried... I could get up... depends on the power source and how rusted it is, I guess..."

Shinobi: Obi decided to look around again. "Maybe we should get away from it." He nodded toward the remains of a taller building down the street. "Get a better vantage point."

Carol: "Yeah..." she kept her eyes on the struggling robot as she started for the building, "Kinda creepy...."

Shinobi: "It's kind of... suspiciously like a sentinel." He moved slower than Carol, since his method of flight was a total cheat, but kept his eyes on that robot.

Carol: "Yeah... but huge." She kind of wondered how big it was when it was stood up and if she could knock it down but she decided she should probably keep that to herself. She held her hand out to Obi in case they needed to go faster.

Shinobi: "Impractically large." He took her hand and frowned at the shifting piles of crap beneath them as the thing kept trying to get up.

Carol: Now that she had his hand, she picked up the pace a little, "Man, this thing goes on forever..."

Shinobi: "Did they build it to play batting practice with aircraft carriers or what?"

Carol: "Maybe... or like... survive a hit from someone like me..." A wall from a collapsed building fell down with the shifting ground, sending up a cloud of dust.

Shinobi: "Fuuuuuck." He tore his eyes away from the shit show below to the horizon. Was that movement? "Carol..."

Carol: Carol was looking out for more falling walls, "What?"

Shinobi: "He might have pals." He tugged at her hand to get her to look at him then nodded toward another building as it shifted alarmingly sideways.

Carol: "Oh... shit..." She looked around at all the other possible hiding places for mostly broken giant robots that might rise from the dead, "Gonna go straight up." That was his only warning before she sped up several tens of feet.

Shinobi: "I hate that!" He found himself soaring through the air, although at least now they were both phased in case something decided they looked like a tempting target.

Carol: "Sorry... it's just safer..." She chewed her lip and looked around at the hellscape below, "Also... wow what a mess."

Shinobi: "This whole world is a mess..." Their friend was still struggling to get up, displacing more debris and crap, including whole cars and piece of structures.

Carol: "Yeah..." She looked out to the horizon and cocked her head on one side when she spied a structure that looked largely intact. It also looked very out of place... even more than a giant robot. "Wonder what happened here..."

Shinobi: "Nothing good. I'm not sure I want to know. I don't think anyone won..." He looked up at Carol and noticed her eyes on the horizon. "What?"

Carol: She pointed into the distance, "What's that look like to you?" She glanced at his face to watch his expression.

Shinobi: Obi squinted. "Whaaaat?" His voice went up and he blinked, then squinted again. "Is that... the Colosseum?"

Carol: "Sure looks like it, huh?" She looked at it again, "Wanna check it out?"

Shinobi: "I know that no, is the wrong answer, even though it's the smart answer..."

Carol: "If you said no, I'd just go on my own anyway..." she admitted.

Shinobi: "Yep, exactly." He looked below them at the struggling behemoth. "Let's go get adventurous then."

Carol: "Woohoo!" she pulled him along as she headed off to get a closer look, "Gotta get you proper channeling your inner Steven."

Shinobi: "How am I doing so far?" He had to laugh as she moved them along the sky.

Carol: "You're doing okay. Gonna have to do something about that compulsion to run away though...."

Shinobi: "That's called self preservation, Carol," he said, voice teasing. "You should try it sometime!"

Carol: "Why do I need that? I'm indestructible!"

Shinobi: Obi let out a dramatic sigh and shook his head.

Carol: She laughed, "You just have to resign yourself to the fact that this stuff is gonna happen."

Shinobi: "I guess so," he laughed.

Carol: "Steven and I were partners in crime. Sometimes he tried to talk me out of the more crazy things... mostly didn't work." They were getting close enough to see that it was totally the Colosseum.

Shinobi: "Sounds like I'm right on course then. Do you think we're in the Rome of this world?"

Carol: She looked around at the architecture... or what was left of it, "I don't think so...."

Shinobi: As they approached, he swore he could see small figures around it. "Are those... people?"

Carol: "... Yep." Now she wanted an even closer look.

Shinobi: Obi looked around, but didn't see any more giant robots, alive or otherwise.

Carol: Carol dropped below the height of the walls as they approached and slowed down. She could be stealthy.

Shinobi: He was keeping them phased since he didn't trust her ability to stay stealthy. "Over there," he indicated, directing them straight at a wall, but it looked like it might put them behind a column for cover when he phased them through.

Carol: Carol wasn't sure she wanted to go through a wall in the non-traditional sense.

Shinobi: He squeezed her hand at her unhappy expression. "It's fine. I don't like flying, but here we are. You trust me?"

Carol: "If I let go, you float. If you let go, I learn what it feels like to be a wall... for real... don't let go."

Shinobi: "I will not let go. My powers are one thing I've never had a problem with, okay?"

Carol: Carol nodded, eyeing the wall, "I guess I can try...."

Shinobi: "It's an adventure!" He flashed his best Shaw grin.

Carol: She gave him a shove with her free hand.

Shinobi: He bobbed alarmingly in the air, but quickly recovered. "Dammit."

Carol: She laughed, "Can't escape my revenge now, huh?"

Shinobi: "Apparently not," he laughed.

Carol: "Okay... so do I need to do anything or just let you drag me...?"

Shinobi: "Just get us there and hang on tight." This time, he gave her a more reassuring smile. There seemed to be more people - or somethings - around now, and he wanted to get out of the sky.

Carol: She nodded and took them to the part of the wall he'd located, keeping his hand locked tightly in hers and trying not to think too hard about it.

Shinobi: Obi phased them through the wall - with the last minute warning that she might want to hold her breath - and into what looked like an inner passageway. This thing was stone. What the fuck?

Carol: "You, know, not breathing should have been covered under the heading 'do I need to do anything?'..." she pointed out.

Shinobi: He gave her the grin again. "It wouldn't have hurt you. Just feels weird."

Carol: "Lucky for me, breathing is apparently optional..."

Shinobi: Obi just kept grinning, then looked down the hall. "This area seems unused, but... do you hear something?"

Carol: "I hear... a bunch of things."

Shinobi: "Yeah, but..." Sound echoed in the large space, but is sounded like more than a few people.

Carol: "What?" she frowned, looking down the passage either side of them.

Shinobi: "Sit tight for a second, okay?" Before she could protest, he let go of her hand and went through the inner wall.

Shinobi: When Obi popped through on the other side, he was behind a column as intended, but he was in no way prepared for what he saw.

Carol: "Hey!" too late. He was already gone. Damn it. She turned on the spot, lighting up the darkness with energy.

Shinobi: There was some sort of mutant gladiator battle taking place what looked like a football field's distance below him. Two of the combatants seemed be wearing armor that wouldn't have been out of place in a Mad Max movie. "What the fuck," he whispered, checking around himself for safety. Alone.

Shinobi: The stands seemed to be filled with people, but as he squinted he realized they weren't moving. Dolls? ...corpses?

Carol: What was taking so long? She chewed on her lip and considered her options before heading off along the hallway to look for a way through.

Shinobi: A bat-winged mutant fell with a scream and he winced, pulling himself back through the wall. "Carol?!" he hissed.

Carol: Carol halted her flight at the sound and turned to backtrack. Of course he would come back now. She rolled her eyes.

Shinobi: Obi started for the light he saw down the hall and breathed a sigh of relief when he confirmed it was her. "I told you to sit tight!"

Carol: "You took too long!"

Shinobi: "I didn't-" He cut himself off with a shake of his head and ran his hand through his hair. "Okay. So it's totally the Colosseum. They're fighting in there for a fake audience.
Super weird. Up there with the weirdest things I've ever seen and I grew up with Essex..."

Carol: "Who is fighting up there?" She frowned, this was beyond super weird.

Shinobi: "Down there. It's a pit thing, with stands... mutants, I think. At least some of them. I didn't get a really good look..."

Carol: "Like gladiators in the real Colosseum?" That was so not okay, "Show me."

Shinobi: "Yeah. Complete with armor. Think Rome in the apocalypse." Obi held out his hand for her again.

Carol: She took his hand, "You know I'm not gonna stand by and watch, right?"

Shinobi: He sighed. "Yeah, I had a hunch." Obi gave her a wry smile and stepped them into the wall. They emerged on a slightly higher balcony he'd noticed on his first look. While it was slightly more exposed, it was a better vantage point on the chaos below.

Carol: Holy. Shit. "This is insane..." and she wanted to go down there right now but she should probably get more data first.

Shinobi: "Right?" He looked between the display below and her face. "Look, I know you want to save people, but going in there guns blazing isn't smart."

Carol: "I know that... that's why I'm still here.... I'm assuming these people are housed somewhere...."

Shinobi: "Yeah, but fuck knows where..." The winged mutant hadn't fared well. Were they crucifying him? Fuck! He tightened his hold on Carol to keep her with him.

Carol: Carol scanned the arena for clues and spied a door, "There. We need to get down there."

Shinobi: "We're going the long way. I know you don't like it, but it's safer.

Carol: "Yeah... It'd be different if you weren't here..." she wasn't in the least bit worried about getting herself hurt.

Shinobi: "Yeah, yeah. I know, miss bulldozer." He flashed her a smile and started to look for their route down to the area she'd indicated.

Carol: "My awesomeness can't be contained!" she protested.

Shinobi: He laughed a little as he took them into the walls.

Carol: Carol was glad that she didn't really need to breathe - gave her less to worry about. Of course, this meant she was thinking about what was happening in the arena.

Shinobi: Obi used his internal compass to steer them through walls and corridors, bringing through several floors and ceilings and almost around the arena before he poked his head out on another balcony. Seemed safe enough to reconnoiter, so he pulled her out into the shadows of the back of the... box seats?

Carol: "Can I punch something yet?" Carol looked around them as a gust of wind suddenly blew their way and she gagged, "Oh my God..."

Shinobi: His hand flew to his mouth and nose. "Fuck!" He took a step out and looked down at the motionless audience. Corpses, slumped in the seats. Below, the battle raged on.

Carol: Carol followed him to look around at the audience of the dead. This was so many levels of fucked up. It was taking a tremendous amount of willpower to keep her feet on the ground. "Obi..."

Shinobi: "I know..." He squeezed her hand, swallowing back bile. Looking across the arena, he spotted what had to be another special box seat... the spectators on that were moving. "Carol..." He nudged her and nodded in that direction, keeping his eyes on... was that a white suit?

Carol: Her grip on his hand tightened involuntarily when she saw there were people watching for apparent entertainment. "I need you to head back to the portal site...."

Shinobi: "I am not just leaving you here, Carol," he hissed, head whipping to look at her profile.

Carol: "I'll catch up." Her eyes were fixed on the white suit.

Shinobi: "Carol. No." Obi stepped in front of her and brought his other hand up to grip her arm, forcing her to look at him. "You're indestructible on our world, but who knows what they have here? Remember the giant sentinel?"

Carol: "I could totally take that guy." She focused on his face, "I can't leave those people here...."

Shinobi: "The sentinel? Or that guy?" He twisted to look back at the guy in the brilliant white suit. Obi wasn't sure how he'd missed the guy before. He was on a dias, watching over this horror show like Caesar. Some of the figures around him didn't look human - or mutant.

Carol: "Sentinel... but I can probably take that guy too." She gestured to white-suit. "But, just in case things get crazy, you need to not be here."

Shinobi: "So that no one knows how you died?" He took a deep breath. "Look, we should both go back and get your over-powered pals. I'm sure Tony would authorize a little pre-mission mission."

Carol: "By the time that paperwork goes through there'll be no one left alive."

Shinobi: Obi sighed and looked back over his shoulder, wincing at another scream from below. The guy on the platform clapped with manic glee, what had to be either red hair or a floppy hat shaking with his display.

Carol: "I can't go home knowing this is happening and not do anything about it. So you either let me, or you come along for the ride. I'd rather option A...."

Shinobi: "Well, we're taking plan B." He winced, looking back at Carol. "Maybe we can come in behind the ringleader and take him out?"

Carol: "Maybe... but first I think we should check out the tunnels below the arena. In the real Coloseum that's where they kept the people."

Shinobi: "Okay." Obi glanced over at the box again, then sighed. "Okay." He moved back to hold her hand and gave it a squeeze. "Down we go."

Carol: She returned the squeeze, focusing on the task at hand and setting her own mental parameters for mission abort.

Shinobi: Obi didn't stop this time until they were on the ground level, approaching what he was pretty sure was the tunnel she'd spotted from the side. When they stepped out into the dank space, the smell was overwhelming, and there was a body on the floor not twenty feet from their feet.

Carol: Carol used her energy to light their way, "Hello...? Can anyone hear me...?"

Shinobi: All Obi could hear was dripping water and the echoes from the battle outside.

Carol: Carol wasn't deterred and headed deeper into the darkness, "I'm here to help..."

Shinobi: He made a face at the body on the floor, pretty sure it was dead, as he followed in her bright wake.

Carol: Carol finally found cells with people in. They looked awful. Time for some jailbreaking,

Shinobi: Obi saw them too, at the same time she did. He put his hand on her arm. "Let's keep looking. We won't do them any good going in half-cocked."

Carol: "Hey..." She called over to one of the less unconscious looking prisoners, "I can get you out of here. Anything gonna go crazy if I open this door?"

Shinobi: "W-ho are you?" The voice was weak and the figure looked up at them. Obi winced and checked around them.

Carol: "My name is Carol... I'm not from here... can you tell me what happened?"

Shinobi: "What happened..." The man - at least Obi thought it was a man - wasn't going to be any help, he could tell.

Carol: Carol sighed, looking at Obi, "Okay, they can't help us... I'm gonna start breaking things and see what happens."

Shinobi: He opened his mouth to argue, but was losing the will to try to hold her back. "Fuck... I don't know. I still think this could go to shit real fast..."

Carol: "I gave you the option to bail..." she pointed out, then closed her hands on the bars of the cell. "Last call...."

Shinobi: Obi sighed. "I'm in..." Although he hadn't done anything this crazy since his terrorist days. He looked over his shoulder and phased, taking a step back from the bars.

Carol: She tightened her grip on the bars briefly before wrenching the door from its hinges. In a flash, she was at another doing the same, and again and again all the way along the row.

Shinobi: The general din from outside must have covered the screech of wrenching metal and no alarms immediately sounded. Still, Obi moved a little closer to the tunnel entry onto the arena to check for incoming trouble.

Carol: With the doors taken care of, Carol started removing inhibitors from those that were wearing them. "If you can get up, help the others and get out of here."

Shinobi: He wasn't sure exactly where else they could go, considering the state of the world outside. It was the thought that counted? Obi caught a flash of light from the corner of his eye and swiveled. "It's our buddy's little brother!"

Carol: Carol finished helping one of the prisoners up then flew to Obi to intercept the robot. "Can you phase a couple walls or something and get them out of here?"

Shinobi: He gave her a hard stare, but nodded. "Yeah, I can." Obi let Carol deal with the robot, sprinting back to the cells to try to herd the smelly, decrepit cats.

Carol: "Tag, you're it!" she shoulder checked the regular sized sentinel into the wall, which succeeded in getting its attention.

Shinobi: "I can get you outside, but just try to find cover clear of the building... we're not from around here but we're planning to bring in the cavalry." He hoped that was a saying in this world as he helped a spiny woman with a broken leg to her feet, then grew impatient and scooped her up.

Carol: "Aww.... I broke it already...." Carol tossed the Sentinel's head over her shoulder before ripping the power core from its chest and draining the energy for a nice boost.

Shinobi: The daisy chain of rag-tag mutant prisoners was slow going through the walls, and he was trying to keep them away from any prying eyes, this led him up a couple levels and halfway around the building again before he found a place where the prisoners had a snowball's chance in hell of escaping to a stable structure.

Carol: Oh but he had friends and now she was fully charged! Carol assumed her other form and started throwing superheated energy blasts at the sentinels. They really didn't build them very sturdy....

Shinobi: After settling the prisoners in an old office building that still had a roof, Obi went back through the wall and looked over at the out of place arena. It'd gotten louder. Shit.

Carol: Carol decided to take the show on the road now the prisoners were out of the building. She headed for the arena to get the 'gladiators' to safety.

Shinobi: He returned to the cells, but Carol wasn't there. Swearing under his breath, he went back up a few floors to get a better perspective.

Carol: Carol left a trail of mostly melted robots in her wake and ripped another apart as she entered the arena. She headed first to the mutant they had crucified, firing a shot at the people in the box seats just for distraction.

Shinobi: The noise and screaming and distinct energy bursts when he emerged told him all he needed to know. "Well, fuck."

Shinobi: Obi saw the guy in white scatter, along with a few others who appeared to be human, and a couple more of those cobbled together robots rose into the air to pursue Carol.

Carol: Carol scooped up both of the mutants from the arena and took off for the walls, the robots in hot pursuit. She'd get them later.

Shinobi: Without thinking about what he was doing, Obi went after mister white, diving back into the structure of the arena to angle toward the back of that box seat.

Carol: Carol set her passengers down at a resonable distance and turned to intercept the robots. Now she just had to find wherever Obi was.

Shinobi: Obi exited the walls behind the box seats and instead of stone and ancient Rome, he was suddenly in some sort of lab. It made him immediately uncomfortable in its familiarity. It looked like the labs used by his father and wife, and also the ones used by Essex and Oyama.

Shinobi: "Fuck me..." he whispered, looking at banks of monitors filming rooms - cells - though most of them seemed to be empty.

Carol: Carol landed on the walls of the arena and looked around for signs of Obi. The box was empty now. She frowned, dropping the extra energy from her form.

Shinobi: The white suited man - with a mop of red hair and, of all things, a bow tie - slid into the white room with a woman hot on his heels. He and Obi stared at one another for a long moment from across the lab.

Shinobi: Nope! Obi phased back into the walls as the guy drew breath.

Carol: Well... there was only one thing for it now... Carol decided to break things to see if she could get Obi's attention... and also because she wanted to break things.

Shinobi: He emerged back on a balcony, amid the dead audience. Immediately, he gagged at the smell, then ducked - unnecessarily since he was still phased - as a chunk of stone sailed by. "Carol!"

Carol: She stopped breaking things when the yelling registered, "Oh... there you are."

Shinobi: "Yeah, here I am! Let's get the fuck out of dodge!" He straightened up and looked around, then regretted it.
Carol: She dropped down to pick him up, holding out her hand. Only then did she realise she'd lost her portal watch somewhere.

Shinobi: He caught her hand and noticed the look on her face. "What? What's wrong?"

Carol: "My watch thing fell off somewhere... I'm sure it'll be fine...." she pulled him along as she headed back toward the portal location.

Shinobi: "Oh shit." He phased them both as they flew back at speed. "I've still got mine. That'll work for us both, right?" Their large friend was still struggling to get up, creating landslides of debris.

Carol: "I hope so... if not, I'm pretty sure you can go get me one and bring it back here...."

Shinobi: "Yeah, true." They moved through the sketchy sky in silence for a while. "I saw the guy. He has some kind of laboratory inside the colesseum..."

Carol: "A lab?" she looked behind them at the Colosseum, wondering if they should go back.

Shinobi: "Yeah, a lab. Been in enough to recognize one.... Cells, tech, all modern stuff.." He caught her looking. "Carol, we need to report this and then come back."

Carol: She didn't like it, but she knew he was right, "Yeah..." she sighed, slowing down as they neared the spot and setting them down on the ground.

Shinobi: He looked around at the somewhat familiar surroundings. "Not gonna argue? Whew. Good." Obi gave her a slight smile and looked down at his watch. "Now, what do we do to escape this apocalypse."

Carol: She lifted his hand to activate the watch and reopen the portal, "I know when to quit... even if I hate it..."

Shinobi: "And you didn't even need me to tell you." He clapped her on the shoulder as the window in reality grew. "Good job!"

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