4/3 Issue: Trouble Trio

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4/3 Issue: Trouble Trio

Post by Slarti » Sun Apr 04, 2021 4:14 am

Timelined sometime after Relationship Advice.

Jean: For a puppy, Breathless did surprisingly well in a car. That was a good thing, since Jean's car was pretty small. Not a lot of room for wrestling if she decided to get bouncy. "You're gonna love it," she sing-songed. "There's lots of room to run around!"

Jean: Jean slowed as she moved up the drive and Breathless sat up, taking notice. "It's a big ol' creepy building, isn't it, baby girl!?"

Beth: Beth's brain alerted her to Jean's arrival and she headed down the stairs to the front door, Want some coffeeeeeeeeeeee? She was gonna get some tea anyway but there was a puppy! You brought treasure!

Jean: Coffee!! Yes! Please? Jean parked and tried to open her door, but ended up with a face full of floof.

Beth: She opened the front door and skipped down the steps to say hi, and help Jean release the beast.

Jean: "Breathless! Calm down, baby girl!" Jean grabbed the dog around the ribs and hoisted her out of her face. She had yet to use teke directly on the dog, and she didn't want to start now.

Beth: Beth pulled the car door open, "Puppy! Gimme!"

Jean: Said puppy squeak barked and turned her attention from trying to eat Jean's sunnies and hair to Beth. The baby dog made noises only other dogs and whales could hear in her excitement.

Beth: Beth helpfully relieved Jean of the puppy and snuggled her, letting her licklick all over her face. "You are so cute! Yes you are!"

Jean: "Isn't she? And she knoooows she's adorable! He did a gooood job picking the bestest baby dog!" Jean extracted herself from the car and grabbed her purse, ruffling her soft ears as she closed the door.

Beth: "Shall we go see what snacks we can find to stuff in your stupidly cute face? Shall we?!" She was using that exaggerated tone people usually reserved for babies. "Let's go find you something yummy!" Jean was going to have to wrestle her to get the dog back.

Jean: Jean was well acquainted with that tone, since she used it on Breathless, Figaro, Dupero... and occasionally Jamie. She followed Beth and her canine daughter, trying to straighten out her hair and top on the way.

Beth: Beth snuggled the fluffball all the way to the kitchen and during her fridge-foraging. "Yay! Look! Chicken!"

Jean: Breathless tried to help by climbing into the fridge while Jean went to sniff the coffee pot.

Beth: Beth giggled and wrestled the puppy out of the fridge with the aid of the chicken-lure. "Chicken smells good, huh?"

Jean: "Anything smells good. She's a dog." Jean poured herself a cup and went for the fridge herself to see if there was anything fun to put in it.

Beth: Beth wrinkled her nose at Jean, "Mommy is casting aspersions on your magical nosey!"

Jean: "Mommy is just stating true facts!" They were both still speaking in squeak-ese, which wasn't helping calm the dog.

Beth: Beth got some of the chicken onto a plate for the licky pup and set both down on the floor, "Eat up, tiny!"

Jean: Breathless pounced the plate and chowed down while Jean made a happy noise when she found chocolate sauce in the fridge.

Beth: Beth watched the happy puppy for a moment before going to get herself some coffee. She was going to need it.

Jean: Jean was all about the caffeine and sugar today, so she gave her coffee a healthy dose of Hershey's, then tipped her head back and took a shot.

Beth: Beth blinked at her, "Want some sugar with your sugar?" she offered up the sugar caddy.

Jean: Jean held up a finger while she enjoyed some more liquid chocolate.

Beth: "If you go into a sugar coma, I'm not driving you home..."

Jean: "Oh, please. I'm a professional!" Jean grabbed a spoon and stirred the chocolate into her coffee. Breathless was chasing the plate across the floor, licking it to death.

Beth: "I'll take your word for it, I guess..." She gave Jean a grin then went to rescue the plate from the assault.

Jean: With her coffee in hand, Jean floated up to cross her legs and then drifted down to the floor, which Breathless was also licking. "Mmm, that tile yummy?"

Beth: "Probably dropped some sauce there or something," Beth giggled, "She's adorable."

Jean: "I love her!" Jean started petting the cloud puppy. "And she's smart! She's learning to potty outside and sit and not to eat building materials!"

Beth: "Always good to teach them not to eat dry wall.... you crate training or what?"

Jean: "Yeah, she has a crate and Jamie bought baby gates and put them up aaaall over to keep her out of the sketchy spots! Yes he did!"

Beth: "I bet she wants to get into everything!"

Jean: "Uh. Yeah." Jean sipped her coffee, still ruffling the soft fur, and looked up at Beth. "And since we're not into bestiality..."

Beth: Beth laughed, "Just like a real baby! You're never having sex again!"

Jean: Jean gave Beth a horrified look. "I'm sorry, have you met me? That's what the crate is for. Duh."

Beth: "Let's just hope she's too dumb to figure out how to escape her crate."

Jean: This thought hadn't occurred to Jean before, and her nose wrinkled. "Oh God..."

Beth: "Invest in a padlock," Beth suggested, hopping up onto the counter with her coffee.

Jean: Breathless had tired of licking the floor and was sniffing around the bases of the cabinets. Jean watched her, a fond smile on her face. "Yeaaah, that's a good idea. I don't know what she'd do if she came in at... the wrong time." She smirked up at Beth.

Beth: "Probably jump all over you both in an attempt to join in on the 'game'."

Jean: "Or attack one of us thinking we need protected..."

Beth: "Or that," she grinned, "You could just give him a little telepathic bump. Suggest the bedroom is a no-go zone."

Jean: Jean gasped in mock offense. "Breathless is my daughter! Unless you mean Jamie..."

Beth: "... No, I don't mean Jamie." Burning mental images! "If you don't want to do it, I can do it...."

Jean: "Yeah, I promised no teke or telepathy on the dog..."

Jean: Her head cocked. "Jamie I do all the time..."

Beth: "So I should do it for you. Okay!" Beth grinned brightly at her before looking for the doggo.

Jean: "Nooooo. Don't you dare!" Jean scrambled up to protect her fluffy baby.

Beth: "Why the heck not? It's easy! And it'll be a load off your mind."

Jean: Jean set the coffee aside and squeaked when Breathless pounced her. "Because I promised Jamie! We can get a padlock!"

Beth: "You might have promised but I didn't," she protested. "It's not like I'm going to scramble her brains!"

Jean: "I know, but I don't want to lie to him..." Breathless was trying to French kiss her now and Jean diverted with her hand and flipped the pupper over into her lap.

Beth: "So don't? I'm not scared of Jamie." She shrugged, "And you know how easy the spelunking is for me. I can literally do it in my sleep. It's totally harmless."

Jean: "I'm not scared of Jamie," she frowned. "I just... don't want to go there." Jean petted the soft white belly while she rooted around and kicked her feet.

Beth: "Making you promise not to use your powers on your dog is like making you promise not to breathe. At least, from my perspective. I'm always in and out of people's heads. It's second nature to me. I don't know how you can manage... is he gonna promise not to dupe at her?"

Jean: "His powers don't mess with her, like... little doggie will." Jean frowned and grabbed a flailing paw. "I know it bothers him that I do it to Figaro, but he doesn't say much since he's my cat..."

Beth: "Training your dog to only shit outside or sleep in a crate is messing with her little doggie will too, technically, and he's okay with that."

Jean: "Yeah but that's, like... normal training, not weird mutant woo-woo stuff."

Beth: "It's the same thing. Our way is just faster." She found the bottom of her coffee cup and had a sad.

Jean: "I don't know that I disagree, but... I promised. So, nooo." Jean was working her way through her own coffee. Mmm, chocolate!

Beth: Beth frowned but decided to let it go, hopping off the counter to refill her coffee, "You bring toys for the fluffball?"

Jean: "She has a stuffed octopus that she sleeps with like a kid! It's so fucking cute!" Jean jumped up, nearly sloshing her cup, and went for her oversized purse, pulling out the octopus, a ball, a bag of treats, and a bag of poop bags.

Beth: "Poop is all you." Beth informed the dog-mom.

Jean: "I totally phoenixed her poop away in the park the other day. She was so confused." Jean grinned at Beth and Breathless started to hop in place when she saw her octopus.

Beth: "Aww look, she's all excited!" Beth giggled at the hopping, "You wanna go play on the giant lawn? All kinds of stuff you can sniff!"

Jean: Breathless was running in circles and squeaking now. Jean gave the toy a shake and held it over her head. "Sit, baby girl!" The fluffy butt met the floor, hard. Jean giggled. "Good baby!" She gave her the toy and grinned at Beth. "Let's go find some trouble!"

Beth: "Woo!" Beth downed her coffee and put the mug on the counter. She'd clean it later... maybe. "Trouble!"

Jean: Jean's voice went back up into ridiculously squeaky mode to coo at the dog and she grabbed her own coffee. She had too much to slam it and it was too much chocolate goodness to leave behind.

Jean: Shoving the rest of the shit back into the bag, she turned for the door. "Wanna get in trouble? Let's go get in trouble!"

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Re: 4/3 Instance: Trouble Trio

Post by Esynthia » Sun Apr 04, 2021 6:02 am

HAAA! That was adorable! Breathless' new middle name should be Trouble instead of Mahoney.

Also, Jamie says no mind-whammying the pup, Beth :P

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