4/3 Issue: Relationship Advice - Stoner Edition

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4/3 Issue: Relationship Advice - Stoner Edition

Post by Slarti » Sun Apr 04, 2021 2:46 am

Timelined a few days after Fight or Flight

Beth: Beth was finished with furniture moving and was now trying to decide whether to organise her limited collection of books by alphabetical order, size, or order of preference. She looked between her stacks... small piles. She blew a raspberry and kicked them over mixing them together with her feet then picked them up to stuff them on the shelves how they fit.

Jean: Jean dumped the box of spare clothes and emergency toiletries onto the desk of her room and looked at the bed. It was still rumpled from when she was last here with Jamie. She flopped herself onto it and stared at the ceiling for a moment.

Beth: Beth heard the clunk from across the hall and veeeeery carefully used her teke to open her door. "YO, BITCH!" She yelled.

Jean: "YO, BITCH, YO'SELF!" Forget you're a telepath? Not shocked. Insert blonde joke here. Jean grinned and popped up from the bed to go see her neighbor.

Beth: Beth did a timely teke doorslam in Jean's face for the blonde joke. Forget I'm a telekinetic? How's your nose?

Jean: Pert, ofc. Jean had stopped short, thankfully, but she used her own teke to open Beth's door with a creak. "I think you already broke it."

Beth: "I broke nothing... on purpose." She turned her head to grin at her friend. "Moving some shit in?"

Jean: "Yeaaaaah, I just thought it'd be good to have some spares here in case I have to spend the night. Don't wanna, but I also don't wanna have to borrow underwear from you."

Beth: "Go comando!" Beth suggested, "Or, you know... teke it up. Fancy pants!"

Jean: "...I can recreate matter, buuuut that seems like a lot of work for underwear." Jean came in and made herself at home, flopping onto the bed. "I see you've implemented your patented filing system." She waved a manicured hand at the bookcase.

Beth: "I thought about implementing an actual filing system but there's talk about the kitchen exploding being a thing when Xavier's involved in anything so I figure... what's the point?" She shrugged.

Jean: "That's a good instinct," she agreed. "Luckily, I wasn't in the school when the last one blew up... but that wasn't just the kitchen, of course."

Beth: "I wasn't in the country." She looked over to Jean's room, "Finished unpacking already?"

Jean: "I'm not gonna unpack. The shit can live in a box for all eternity as far as I'm concerned." Jean inspected her nails and yawned, straightening out her rings - including her not-engagement ring.

Beth: "But what if you need it? Like... you spill something on your shirt? Or you get goop in your hair on a mission? You'll regret having to unpack while you're flailing about being all dirty."

Jean: Jean waved the concern away and made herself comfortable, snagging a pillow to cuddle. "I really don't plan on spending any nights here."

Beth: "Gonna make them drop you off at home in the jet?" She laughed, "I would love to see the look on your neighbours' faces."

Jean: "I can fly," she frowned.

Beth: "Pfft. I bet that jet goes way faster than you."

Jean: "Well, yeah, bu- anyways! Doesn't matter. At this rate, I don't think we're ever getting off the ground anyway. My mom would be happy about that."

Beth: "Yeah we are they just got slowed down by fart demons. It's fine. I like the time to settle in and be nosy.... wanna be nosy?"

Jean: That made Jean sit up. "Well duh, bitch, I always wanna be nosy!"

Beth: "Excellent! But first we need snacks so we can Jedi mind trick people that tell us somewhere is under construction like we can't take care of ourselves." Beth levered herself up into a sitting position and looked for her shoes. Shoes shoes shoooooes... Under the bed? She leaned over to look and overbalanced. "... Ow."

Jean: Jean caught Beth with her teke and righted her. "Don't die before we snoop!" She smirked. "Have you been partaking without meeee?"

Beth: "Why would I do that? It's way more fun with friends!" Speaking of... "Let's snoop with our green friend!"

Jean: "Bitch, yeeeees. I need that friend in my life right now. It's been a week." Jean hadn't been using as much of her own product over the last few months, but she still did love a good high.

Beth: "Then let's clear that bad juju with some good juju and snacks!" Shoes! She grabbed them and slipped them on, "Onward to snacktown!"

Jean: "Fuck yeah we will!" Jean bounced off the bed to follow, deciding to walk instead of float. "I had lunch with Monet St. Croix and that started a whoooole shitstorm."

Beth: "Ewww. On purpose? Why would you do that to yourself? Bitch is... well, a bitch."

Jean: "Bitch is one of the bigwigs of your little social club for rich shits, and a telepath..."

Beth: "But you're a better telepath and Sebastian is a bigger bigwig and you're in good with his wife.... wait what does this have to do with anything? Also I'm not a rich shit! Rude."

Jean: "You love me." She gave her a telekinetic goose and sighed. "Am I, though? A better telepath? I have the... power thing, but I still need to work on some tricks. Also... Monet is removed from Viper, and she's the real problem. Jess is all team Viper."

Jean: Jean pulled out her phone to check the time. "Speaking of... I should call Jess." Although Jamie would have an opinion about that, too.

Beth: "Lady, I hate to break it to you, but no one in the Hellfire Club is removed from Viper. She has powerful friends." Beth led the way down the stairs to the kitchen and snacks, "What are you really worried about anyway?"

Jean: "Not Monet," she said, shaking her head. "Okay, well... it's not Viper so much as someone who worked for her..."

Beth: "Is this gonna make my brain hurt because if that's the case I'm going to need some medicinal assistance."

Jean: "Probably." Jean patted her purse. "I could use it, too..."

Beth: "Okay. Gummy me and then you can vent the weird. You didn't piss Viper off somehow did you? I hear she has a temper."

Jean: Jean went digging as they walked and made a sound of triumph, holding the bottle aloft. She shook out a few. "I dunno."

Beth: "Then you haven't. You'd know if you had." Beth nodded sagely and held out a hand for the treasure. "What did you do?"

Jean: "Well, I snooped on her, but I did it for Jamie. He is trying to find the fucking batshit insane scientist guy who murdered him like a hundred times when the cannibals kidnapped him." Jean handed over the goods, giving Beth a look. "Confused yet?"

Beth: "... Little bit." She popped the gummy in her mouth, "Maybe start at the beginning?"

Jean: "How far back are we talking?" Jean tossed in a gummy and sucked it. Mmmm.

Beth: "Start with science guy and how this has anything to do with Viper." She used her teke to open the kitchen cupboards. All of them. "Come to me snack babies!" Several packets of goodies flew at her and she welcomed them with open arms.

Jean: Jean floated up to the counter to perch, enjoying the show. She even clapped! "Science guy is Dr. Rott. He worked for the Cult of Galactus... the cannibal rich people whackos who decided eating mutants was fun."

Beth: "Bleargh. Yeah I remember that mess. Brian was livid." She popped open some Cheetos. "So he was doing gross stuff with the crazy old guys. Gotcha."

Jean: "Yeah, well, that gross stuff involved keeping Jamie in a cage and using his dupes as meat," Jean swallowed and fidgeted, biting the head off another gummy for an excuse to fight off her upset.

Jean: "Then Rott got bored and just started finding ways to torture and kill him." She took a breath, feeling her voice begin to waver. "Jamie can feel it, Beth... When his dupes get hurt. When they die."

Beth: Beth pulled a face and stuffed a handful of Cheetos in her mouth. Bleargh. "Okay... so that's horrible..." she said with her mouth full, "But when did Viper get involved?"

Jean: "Rott was arrested, when we busted the cult." She sniffled, brushing her hand over her nose and eyes. "Viper sprang him. She used him to help blow up our old school."

Beth: "You sure it was her that sprang him? Doesn't seem the type to get her hands dirty like that..." Beth shrugged. She'd observed the woman in the club a couple of times. She always looked the part. "Not to split hairs or anything... but you know..."

Jean: "Yeah... we're sure. Sebastian was the one who said the Hellfire Club can offer some protection from crazies, so I looked into it. Jamie's not a fan." She nibbled at the rest of the gummy. "Understatement."

Beth: "Okay so... because of the association Jamie thought she might have information on where crazy pants is now? Did she?" Beth offered Jean her Cheetos.

Jean: She sooo wasn't hungry, considering the subject matter. Maybe once the gummies kicked in. Jean shook her head. "No, we still don't know where he is."

Beth: "Farts." She wrinkled her nose, "So... what you gonna do now?"

Jean: "Um... well..." Should she saaaay this part? Didn't Jamie say it was an accessory to murder thing? Buuut, Beth was already in the Hellfire Club, so... "I think Monet's gonna, uh, take care of it."

Beth: Beth blinked at her for a moment, "Like... 'take care of it' take care of it?"

Jean: "Uh. Yeaaah. I think so." Jean gave her a sickly smile. "I mean, Viper killed her fiance, sooo..."

Beth: "... So she's going to try and take Viper out or this Rott guy?" She finished her Cheetos and tossed the packet in the direction of the bin. It was not at all aerodynamic.

Jean: Jean caught it with her teke and finished the job for her, then turned a bright grin on her. Then, she sobered, blowing a raspberry to the situation in general. "Yeah, no. Rott. I mean, if she does plan on doing something to Viper... I dunno, but I said I just wanted Viper away from us..."

Jean: "But Rott..." Her voice softened and she looked down at her hands. "Jamie doesn't want us to have kids until Rott is gone..."

Beth: Beth nodded, "I can understand that sentiment... but also... ew. Childen." She turned her head toward the door then, picking up a new mind on the premises. "Visitor!"

Jean: "We would have beautiful children," she sniffed, poking her tongue out at Beth. Picking up on her comment, Jean cocked her head and concentrated. "Jessie!" She popped off the counter to go find her.

Jessica: Jess had forgotten how well sound travelled in that building. She smiled at Jean as she came into view, "Hey! Thought I'd come and nose around a bit on a rare day off."

Jean: "Hey! Ew, you had a day off and came here?! What's wrong with you?" Jean plunked down from her float across the room and tackled Jess for a hug.

Jessica: "I have friends that live here!" Jess reminded her, returning the hug and give Beth a wave over Jean's shoulder.

Beth: Beth returned the wave, "I'll put the kettle on!"

Jean: "Uhoh, do I need to start speaking with an English accent now to blend in?" Jean giggled and bounced a little, squeezing Jess before she let go. Gummies must have kicked in!

Jessica: Jess laughed, "No... but please try, I'm sure it'll be entertaining. Tea sounds like a good way to start though." She followed Beth toward the kitchen to help with the tea prep. "Did I interrupt snack time?" She eyed all the packets Beth had hastily stowed on the countertop.

Jean: "Munchies!" She grinned and reclaimed her seat on the counter.

Beth: "The best kind of snack time!" Beth declared, picking out her favourite mug from many test cups of tea. "She was regaling me with her drama so I demanded compensation."

Jessica: Jess nodded, "Right. I can understand that... I don't get to do that."

Jean: "I mean, you can, but you gotta accessorize first!" Jean grabbed the small bottle and shook it. "You might need it too. I was gonna call you anyway."

Jessica: "That would be unprofessional of me in a session," Jess pointed out, "So I have to be okay with the full spectrum of bonkers while I'm sober. Something new happen? Do I need to make a phone call?"

Jean: "A phone call?! I don't need to be committed!" Did she? No. No, she did not.

Jessica: Jess laughed, "Not that kind of phone call! I would never! Last resort, I swear."

Jean: "Oh." Thank fuck! "Well, then what kind?" Jean's nose twitched and she set the bottle aside, reaching for a bag of chips with her teke.

Jessica: Jean was clearly having a day. "Never mind. What happened?"

Jean: She drew in a deep breath and looked at Beth, then back at Jess, then back at Beth. "Okaaaay, so you're bound by the international girl code that snitches get stitches," she told Beth, then turned her attention back to Jess as she crossed her legs. "And you too, plus the whole patient confidentiality thing. Right?"

Jessica: Jess nodded, "Well... there are exceptions but generally." She leaned to grab the kettle when the water boiled. "You can trust me, you know that."

Jean: Did she? Once again, her doubting inner voice sounded like Jamie. Dammit. "Yeah," she said, clearing her throat. "Um..."

Jean: Taking another deep breath, she launched into the rapid-fire TLDR. "Okay, so! I had lunch with Monet last week and bitch still be a bitch but not a super bitch to me because she totes offered to have Rott killed for us... aaaand Jamiewasnotpleased!"

Jessica: Jess cocked her head on one side, "Which part was he not pleased about? The killing Rott part or the talking to Monet part? Because I have opinions on the latter myself..."

Jean: "Um." She licked her lips. "Technically, both of them..." Her head tilted the other way. "Aaaaaand those aaaare?"

Jessica: "Monet and I are.... not friends. She's mad at me because she thinks I brainwashed Sebastian and I'm mad at her for actually brainwashing Sebastian telepathy style. There's a whole thing. So I'm a bit offended that you would talk to her and accept her help but not ours..."

Jean: "Um. Going... to Monet was... Sebastian's idea?" Jean crinkled her nose up and opened her bag of chips to occupy herself with a snack.

Jessica: Jess was going to have some words for Sebastian when she got home. "So what does Jamie want to happen?"

Jean: "Jamie wants me to stop talking to everyone involved with the Hellfire Club," she said quietly, inspecting the bag.

Jessica: "Well that's stupid and unrealistic and not up to him," Jess liked not having her therapist hat on for this conversation.

Beth: "Seconded! What the hell, Jamie! I thought we were friends!" She pouted.

Jean: "Okay... poorly worded..." She looked at Beth with a nose wrinkle. "He didn't mean you..."

Jessica: "Well who did he mean? Sebastian and I?" Jess was going to have to have a talk with Jamie if this kept up.

Jean: Jean looked up at Jess with a sad expression. "It's because of Viper. Don't be too mad at him. He's just scared. I am, too."

Jessica: "I don't know how many times I can say it. You don't have anything to worry about. Either of you. Viper has no interest in you. She has bigger fish to fry."

Jean: "But you don't know if she's still in touch with Rott, or... whatever." Jean sighed and picked up the bottle again, debating another gummy. "Now, he says we can't have kids... because of Rott..."

Jessica: "I do know. I asked her." Jess picked up her tea and leaned against the counter, "After what you told me, I talked to Sebastian and Viper about it."

Jean: Jean shot upright to stare at Jess. "You did? OMG. What happened?!"

Jessica: "She was honest with me like she always is," Jess replied, "She doesn't like Rott either and has no idea where he is now. She gave us the information she has on him - you can have it if you want it... but I didn't think you wanted our help so I figured you'd ask if you wanted us to do anything. I didn't want to push it with Jamie..."

Jean: Jean swallowed. "...I want it, if I can give it to Monet."

Jessica: "Loathe as I am to give Monet anything, if it can help track him down she can have it. And, for the record... Viper said if she'd known when she was asked to work with him what he'd done in the cult... she'd have killed him herself."

Jean: "...I wish she had," she said quietly, looking down into the bag again. Jean shook her head and raised her eyes to meet Jessie's. "Thanks."

Jessica: "Sebastian has Yukio on it... but I did suggest passing the information on to Jamie so he could to the legwork... I thought it might help him to do it... but Sebastian wanted to look over the information first... there's a lot. Viper's very thorough." She took a tentative sip of her tea, "Apparently Hydra brought him to her and was given the instruction to make use of him so she did. She didn't like him. Said he was annoying."

Beth: "Sounds delightful," Beth cracked open a packet of biscuits and offered them out. "If I had to choose I'd choose your help over Monet's," Beth told Jess, "Monet looks down her nose at everyone. It's like talking to my mother... except the compulsion to punch her in the face is a lot stronger."

Jean: "Monet... she understood why I was scared for Jamie." She picked apart a chip without eating it. "Because of Jason."

Jessica: "No one wants anything to happen to Jamie... I'm worried about both of you tracking this guy down but I understand why you want to...”

Jean: "He's not going to relax until Rott is gone." Jean gave in and opened the bottle, biting the head off her third gummy. "But we had another big huge awful fight over... all of it."

Jessica: "Of course he isn't... I totally understand that. But I think he's being stupid not to accept help with this no matter what form it takes. Rott is dangerous - he knows that better than anyone. Viper and the club aren't the problem he thinks they are. They can be the best allies if he'd be willing to accept the flaws."

Jean: "Well... I sort of got him to... compromise? A lot of it is the morality of it, 'cause he's like... way more noble about it than I am." Jean's tone hardened, remembering Jamie's nightmares - the most recent and the years of them he suffered. "I want him dead, and if I found him, I'd do it myself for what he did."

Jessica: Jess nodded, setting her tea town to go hug Jean, "That sentiment I can completely understand. And I understand that Jamie doesn't want to think about what will happen at the end... but he must have considered it, surely? Rott was freed once before so it's stupid to imagine he'd stay contained if he was turned into the authorities. What was his plan?"

Jean: Jean was happy to accept the hug. "He knows... and he hoped someone would kill him, but didn't want to be the one to do it, and... I guess didn't want to know?" She sniffed and closed her eyes. "I fucked up, Jess. Again. A-and I thought I'd lost my second chance." Third? Whatever.

Jessica: "You are both prone to overreaction. You need a referee..." She looked over at Beth to see the girl had her finger on her nose and had to laugh. "If it's any consolation there's probably a few different groups trying to kill Rott now so... chances are he won't know which one it was that did it?" she offered.

Jean: "It wasn't that," she sniffled again. "I mean, it was, but that wasn't the worst part. I didn't tell him I was going to go see Monet... and then all of a sudden she wants me to do lessons in, like, offensive telepathy once a week and work for her at the club..."

Jessica: Jess pulled back to look at her, "She wants you to do what?"

Beth: Beth snorted from inside her cookie box.

Jean: "She wants me to be her bitch, but said she'd teach me how to protect myself and Jamie." Jean shrugged a shoulder. "I didn't tell her yes or no, because I was gonna have to tell Jamie." She snorted. "Cue overreaction." She mimicked Jess' accent.

Jean: "He says he's afraid he's going to lose me to the Hellfire Club..."

Jessica: "Swap out the Club for Monet..." Jess frowned, "There are other ways to learn this stuff - you have an excellent telepath right here you can work with instead. I'd trust Beth over Monet any day... and not because I'm returning the favour... it's because Monet has her own motives and I don't trust her. The club has a shady reputation, sure... but Monet is in a league of her own."

Jean: "I found out Daken - that asshole who pheromoned me and my assistant? - is working for her, too."

Jessica: Jess rolled her eyes, "Of course. What the hell has she got him doing? Or did she swear you to secrecy?"

Jean: Jean cocked her head and tried to recall if Monet had said anything of the sort... Nope. "Keeping an eye on Viper."

Jessica: Jess laughed. Really laughed.

Jean: She jerked back. "Whaaaat?! What's that cackle for?!" Jean cast an alarmed look over at Beth for help.

Jessica: Jess was still laughing but managed to get enough air to say, "I'm sorry! Just... she thinks Daken of all people..." she trailed off into hysterics again.

Beth: Beth found the giggling kind of infectious and couldn't help joining in.

Jean: "Daken is a whole bag of dicks, so yeah... I wasn't so sure what good he'd do other than waft some horny fumes at her." Jean's pert nose wrinkled.

Jessica: "Well..." Jess said, "Asian does seem to be her type..." Now she was seeing Viper's tendency to operate in the Tokyo club in a whole new light. She giggled again.

Jean: Jean giggled too, despite herself. "Ewwwwww, I did not need that mental image..."

Jessica: Jess giggled a little more, "But she's going on a mission soon anyway and Daken's for sure not going with her so Momo made a bad investment."

Jean: "A mission?" She was still giggling, but now was wondering why.

Jessica: Jess nodded, "She is going to do shifty spy stuff and no one's allowed to help. We offered."

Jean: "Shifty spy stuff?" Her inner Jamie was getting suspicious again and she kinda agreed, despite the chemical stabilization.

Jessica: Jess picked up her tea, "She's decided she's going to make her move on the Hive... she says she'll be fine... but, I don't know... feels different..."

Jean: She remembered Jamie's words. What if she's turned over a new leaf. "Waaaait. Hive is Hydra? So is she trying to take out Hydra? Take over? ...or is she, like, a double agent?"

Jessica: Jess shrugged, "She's mad at Hydra's high council... they tried to kill her a few years ago. So it's mostly revenge... but I do think she intends to kill them all... she doesn't want to be in charge though."

Jean: "....so terrorists gonna terror, I guess?" She gave Jess a dubious grin."

Jessica: Jess giggled again, "I guess? I mean... she's not really a terrorist at heart... she's a scientist... who's wired a bit wonky. It's not her fault."

Jean: Oooookay. Jean just smiled and nodded. That was more than a bit wonky, but hey. Her wiring was on fire.

Jessica: "She told Sebastian once that Hydra recruited her from an orphanage when she was six or seven..." Jess added, not really sure if she was allowed to divulge that information but whatever.

Beth: Beth looked between Jess and Jean, her eyebrows went up, "That's.... so sad!”

Jean: "It is sad, but..." Jean shrugged and straightened her rings. She wasn't that invested in Viper's personal history so long as she didn't try to kill them.

Jessica: Jess cocked her head on one side, "But what?"

Jean: "But a lot of people have had terrible upbringings and haven't gone on to help run international terrorist organizations..."

Jessica: "Yeah but those people had other options and talked to people that weren't in the organisation to get other opinions. Hydra's more like a cult."

Jean: She shrugged again, wrinkling her nose. "Anyway, Rott is our problem, not Viper."

Jessica: "Yes. Viper is no one's problem right now... well except Hydra's but they brought that on themselves." Oh yeah she had tea. She returned to her mug to have a drink.

Beth: "Rott might not be anyone's problem much longer either from the sounds of things."

Jean: "I... would kill him myself," she said quietly.

Jessica: Jess failed to suppress the shiver, "Maybe you would... but the effect it could have on you might surprise you..."

Jean: She frowned. "That's basically what Monet said, too." She twisted her ring nervously.

Jessica: Jess looked down at her tea, "I'm telling you from experience... no matter how much they deserve it... it changes you."

Jean: "I don't want to, but... if I had to." Jean reached for the bottle of gummies.

Jessica: Jess gave a soft ironic laugh, "That doesn't help."

Jean: "Well, anyway... I totes thought Jamie was gonna dump me over it." She popped another gummy in her mouth.

Jessica: Jess blinked at her, "Why?"

Jean: "I didn't tell him I was gonna talk to Monet about the Club after he blew up about talking to Sebastian about it..."

Jessica: "Right. That is totally reasonable..." Jess nodded.

Jean: "Wrong." Jean licked her lips. "He said I don't trust him and that I never give him a chance."

Jessica: "... He does realise that this works both ways, right?" Jess stole a cookie from Beth... it was for her own good.

Jean: "Yeah... we're still working on that communication thing. Obvs." She winced. "He wouldn't tell me he got hurt when he fought Daken because he was mad I'd talked to Sebastian."

Beth: "And yet she still thinks its acceptable to make blonde jokes when I don't do things half that dumb." Beth tossed in.

Jessica: "He needs to trust you to make your own decisions. You've survived the last four years without him you shouldn't have to run everything by him."

Jean: "I know... but the reason we broke up was because I kept a secret from him for, like, three years... sooo, I kinda get it."

Jessica: Jess frowned, "He knows you're not the same person you were back then right? That he can trust you? Because neither of you are kids anymore. You run your own business."

Jean: "It's Jamie. He's, like, naturally suspicious..." Jean sighed and gave her ring another nervous twist. "I think we worked it out, but we are still getting to know each other again. It's like starting over, but not?"

Jessica: "If the relationship is going to work, you are the one person he should never be suspicious of. He has to trust you... You trust him, it's a two way street."

Jean: "I mean... he kinda was right that I was being shady by not telling him I was going to talk to Monet, but it was because I didn't want to fight." She sighed. "That backfired."

Beth: "Eh, easier to ask forgiveness than permission," Beth piped up, "I don't blame you for wanting to avoid a fight. I used to do that... now my life is dedicated to pissing off mother. I found my calling."

Jean: Jean giggled, reaching for a curl to toy with. "Yeah, well, that works for you, but my calling is to not fuck things up with him."

Beth: "Well, obviously. But my first statement still stands."

Jean: "Yeah, no... it really wasn't easier. Forgiveness involved, like, crying and fear of ending up alone with ten cats..."

Beth: "Pfft. You're not gonna end up alone... but you might still get ten cats if Jamie makes a habit of duplicating them..."

Jean: "Nah, I think that was just a freak thing because Figaro was trying to eat his face..." Oh! Jean perked up. "Oh! We have a dog!"

Beth: "I need to visit!"

Jean: "You do! She's totes adorbs!" Breathless was a much happier topic, but she slid a glance at Jess as her insecurity meter rose. She was too quiet. Judging her?! Judging Jamie!?

Jessica: "How is she getting on with the cats?" Jess asked, happy to jump on the safer topic of conversation. "And what kind of dog?"

Jean: "She's a fancy shepherd of some sort.... all white." Jean grinned. "And she's a baby!" She held both hands up like dog ears and let the fingers of one hand droop. "She has one floppy ear. The cats are still adjusting."

Jean: She thought about this. "Well. Figaro is still adjusting. Dupero seems... pretty laid back."

Beth: "Dupero is totally a stoner kitty," Beth nodded sagely.

Jean: "I have not given Dupero weed!" she said, eyes wide. Thought about it, yes, but she hadn't done it!

Beth: Beth laughed, "I know that, silly! He doesn't need it, he's already super chill! Figaro, on the other hand..."

Jean: "I've given him a few telepathic nudges to calm the fuck down, but he's a cat, soooo..."

Beth: "Want me to try? You know I have a lot of brain spelunking experience."

Jean: Her eyes grew round once more. "Don't break my cat!"

Beth: "I'm not gonna break it! Jesus, woman. Clearly you need more weed."

Jean: Jean's lower lip popped out a bit and she resumed playing with her hair.

Beth: Beth sighed and put her snacks down, going to give Jean a hug, "You gotta relax, lady. You know I have mad skills prodding brains. I do it all the time. You should let me teach you instead of cranky bitch."

Jean: "Jamie would probably like that better, for sure," she agreed, happy to return the hug. She turned her sad eyes onto Jess and held out an arm. "Get in on this!"

Jessica: Jess laughed and went over to join the hug, "I think maybe sometime when things calm down a little bit, I should sit down with Jamie and we can talk through his concerns."

Jean: "His concerns are that he thinks the Hellfire Club is shady as hell, which... I mean, it totally is." She gave them both a squeeze and a wriggle.

Jessica: Jess nodded, "Yes... it's always been shady. But it's not shady in the same ways these days. I don't like to know all the details of what goes on there myself but I know if I ask, Sebastian will tell me."

Jean: "Well, I think he's kind of stuck on the shady aspect of it and doesn't want... us... to be... shady too?" Wait, thaaat was probably offensive, right? She pulled back and made an oops face at them both. "No offense?"

Jessica: "Just because you're a member, it doesn't automatically make you shady," Jess laughed.

Beth: "Yeah I'm way too lazy to get involved with the politics in the club."

Jean: "Okay, good. I didn't really think so, but..." She cleared her throat. "Aaaanyway, I think that's part of it. Also he said..." Jean put that photographic memory to use for once. "'Something makes me think that that club will take you away.'"

Jessica: Jess raised an eyebrow, leaning back to look at Jean's face, "Take you away where exactly?"

Jean: "Take me away from him," she clarified, recalling his grave expression as he'd talked about losing her. "Because it's dangerous."

Jessica: Jess sighed, "It's not dangerous. It's not the same club it was before Sebastian and I took over. He needs to update his thinking processes a little bit."

Jean: "I've got a better idea now of how many times he died... and in what ways..." Jean swallowed, trying not to recall that list in his little book. "I... get why he's scared and doesn't trust people."

Jessica: Jess nodded, "I understand not trusting people... I do... but there comes a time when it seems more stubbornness than anything else... like he's refusing to use the examples set by the people in question to judge whether or not they're trustworthy. It's a little frustrating from my point of view..."

Jean: She couldn't help her laugh. "Oh, he's totally stubborn." Jean sighed a little and moved back to toy with her hair. "He's also all about the guilt by association." She wasn't going to get into his worries about his own judgment from losing too many pieces of himself.

Jessica: "Does that mean I'm somehow responsible for the cannibal situation despite my husband also being a victim of their plot?" she frowned a little.

Jean: Jean chewed at her lip. "Yes?" She wrinkled her nose. "No? I mean..." She sighed. "Okay. He likes you, Jess. He thought of you as a friend. The idea that you are okay with Viper, and Viper was okay with using Rott... it's more that association, which... I think he felt was kind of a betrayal?"

Jessica: "Well... I didn't know about Rott... and she didn't know until afterwards about his involvement with the cannibal cult. Which, I know... it's just words but it's the truth. Viper said herself, if she'd known she'd have killed him rather than work with him. Hydra just brought him to her and told her to make use of him so she did. I know Viper hasn't got the best reputation with everyone..."

Jessica: Jess sighed heavily, "But, if it wasn't for her, quite a few people in my life wouldn't be there now so... I have a strong sense of loyalty to her."

Jean: "I believe you," she said with a half shrug. "You let me go spelunking, after all. I think it's just... hard for him. And hard for him to move beyond, like... the worst thing that's ever happened to him."

Jean: She swallowed with another moment of instant recall. He'd told her when she bolted and blocked the link was worse. Fuck.

Jessica: "I understand that too... we've all got dark things in our past that still hold power over us... but he needs to find a way to make sure it doesn't affect his future for the worse... I don't want him, or you, to have any regrets."

Jean: Oh, Jean already had those! Why not go for a full set? "Regrets about what?"

Jessica: "Anything... people you could have known... options you didn't take... whatever... sometimes you have to take a leap of faith in life... I don't want you to miss out."

Jean: "See... I feel like I was missing out - this big part of my life was just... gone. It's been... sooo good to have it back, but I'm just..." She bit down on her lip. "Really scared of losing it again."

Jessica: "I know..." Jess stroked a hand over Jean's hair, "But... therapist hat for a moment... relationships are an equal partnership... so you need to address this with him rather than let it control your actions."

Jean: "Once he calmed down, we talked about things. I think we made progress, but I had a minor freakout when he asked me if I wanted to go home or spend the night with him." She rolled her eyes at herself, leaning against Jess' hand. "He was really just asking, and I got paranoid he was hinting he wanted me to leave."

Beth: "I have a suggestion... before you talk about this stuff in depth, both of you should get totally stoned."

Jean: Jean just stared at Beth for a moment, then giggled. "That is either the most amazing idea of all time, or the worst. Not sure which. But I'm totes willing to try! He got super stoned with a couple of old teachers, like, a month ago."

Beth: "Then at least he can't tell you he's morally opposed to weed," Beth nodded, "I say go for it."

Jean: "He's not that uptight," she said, half-offended on his behalf.

Beth: "Well I'd hope not since he's dating a weed tycoon."

Jean: "Exactly! It was even my weed!" She immediately brightened up and started swinging her legs again. "Formulated to even mellow out those pesky healing factors. 'cept, he doesn't have one, so that went real well."

Beth: She laughed, "I bet! Mega highness. You gotta see if you can formulate something for people immune to toxins," She thumbed at Jess.

Jessica: Jess shook her head, "I'm fiiiiine. I can empath a contact high."

Jean: "Need me to eat more gummies for you?" Jean shook the bottle.

Jessica: Jess shook her head again, "Miss Lower-Tolerance over there is plenty."

Beth: Beth threw them both a grin... then stuffed more cookies in her mouth.

Jean: Jean giggled and grinned at Jess. "You love us."

Jessica: Jess smiled back, "I do... and that's not the weed talking."

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Re: 4/3 Instance: Relationship Advice - Stoner Edition

Post by Esynthia » Sun Apr 04, 2021 5:33 am

I have three points of view for this instance:

Esy - Love it! Super funny and cute, guys :love
Jamie - Feels bad that Jean is still sad about some of the stuff, proud that she was offended on his behalf, and frustrated at Jess for suggesting that he and Jean shouldn't be together.
Monet - wants to laugh at everything said about her by Beth and Jess.

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