9/20 Game: Into the Danger Zone

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9/20 Game: Into the Danger Zone

Post by Slarti » Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:06 am

Current timeline

<Warbird> Carol set the autopilot before she turned her full attention to the assembled team, they were in special uniforms with no markings either SHIELD or X-men. "So.... any questions before I get on with the 'don'ts'?"

<Iceman> Yeah but they were totally based on the familiar old uniforms, so Bobby had his familiar problem... crotch chafe and choking collar. He wriggled in his seat.

<Hawkeye> "Is this supposed to feel like I'm walking around naked?"

<Warbird> "Yes." Carol rolled her eyes, "Any serious questions?"

<Blackjack> "Sure looks like me walking around naked. All black, baby."

<Iceman> He unzipped his collar just a bit and sighed. "Whew, better."

<Blackjack> "Question, if Clint gets captured, do we leave him or rescue him as well?"

<Warbird> "If I didn't still badly need a secretary, my inclination would be to leave him at this point." Carol gave Clint a significant look.

<Hawkeye> Clint just stared at the bunny picturing how many different meals he could make if he put a well placed arrow to his head.

<Blackjack> Jack caught Hawkeye's eye... and then winked and waggled his eyebrows.

<Mercury> "It's still our explicit mission statement that none of us gets left behind, no matter what," Cessily announced, looking at the assembled students and staff. "And yes, this includes Clint."

<Iceman> "Yeah, Cess is right," he said, finally catching up. "It's not a joking matter, as much as I might want to leave him too."

<Obscure> "Or the invisible one," Sue added, appearing at the back. She'd snuck on and changed in the jet, "Where're we going?"

<Hawkeye> "What the hell did I do to all of you? Piss in your Wheaties while I was asleep or something?"

<Iceman> Bobby gave Clint a bright grin. "Hey, I said I wouldn't leave you, Robin Hood."

<Blackjack> "I once saw a man do that. It was a very unusual day at a hotel conference in Vegas." Jack added to Hawkeye's remark.

<Dusk> "Don't worry, I won't forget you," Cassandra assured Sue, looking up to give her a smirk. "Just don't forget to make it possible for us to actually find you."

<Warbird> "Okay okay, now that we've established that we're not leaving anyone behind and that I'm not going to answer stupid questions," she glanced at Sue, "There's a few other things we're not going to do. We're not going to talk to each other unless we absolutely have to once we're on the ground and, if we do, we whisper. You will all be taking one of these," she patted a pile of pouches on the seat beside her, "They have important things inside."

<Iceman> "And stuff?"

<Blackjack> "What about objects?"

<Hawkeye> "Any doodads?"

<Blackjack> "Or gizmos?"

<Dusk> "Pouches, really?" Cassie asked, frowning at the pile next to Carol. "Aren't those a little two decades ago? I don't question your leadership skills, Colonel, but I'm worried for your fashion sense."

<Warbird> "... Just hand them out." She tossed half of the pile at Bobby. "Unmarked comms, a couple of smoke grenades and some protection from Sentinels if we should run into those."

<Iceman> "Unmarked condoms?" He gave the pouch a mock startled look. "Sweet!"

<Blackjack> "Heey, I was promised cool looking night vision stuff." Jack frowned.

<Warbird> "They wouldn't fit in there." Carol pointed at the box under the chair, "Relax. This is a planned out military op... at least it is from my point of view. We don't half-ass it in SHIELD."

<Dusk> "Besides, who needs night vision´ when you have me around?" Cassie chuckled and formed some shadowy limbs, reaching out and grab one of the utility belts for herself.

<Obscure> "Oooh treasure," Sue delved into the pouch she was given to familiarise herself with the items. "Very cool."

<Hawkeye> Clint suited up with the things he'd need but went without anything that would hinder him with his shooting. He had decided to try and be professional for the rest of the mission since he had to impress Carol and Bobby to keep them thinking he was SHIELD materiel.

<Mercury> "And I have no doubt we can live up to SHIELD's standards when it comes to professionalism," Cessily added, trying to instill confidence in both her team and herself. "Right? Because we can get into serious trouble if we mess this up."

<Iceman> After Bobby passed out the pouches as instructed he looked into his own, then up at Cess. "Yeah... just prison."

<Blackjack> Jack looked down under his chair. "Sneaky sneaky." he said opening it up and taking out the sleek looking helmet. "Purdy!" and quickly fitted it on, ears going through the holes. "Oooh, fancy shades turns into nightvision at a click of a -argh too much light!"

<Warbird> "That's the other thing I want to make sure you understand. SHIELD are officially not involved in this so... if we get caught, Bobby and and I are completely screwed. So you need to do exactly as we say when we say it, no questions asked. If we have to scrub the mission and get the hell out of there then that's what we do. We can not get caught."

<Blackjack> Jack checked his pouch, "So... suicide pills in this as well?"

<Dusk> "Welcome to my world," Cassie commented, using her shadows to dim the light around Jack's head.

<Obscure> Sue giggled at Jack and made the lenses in the goggles invisible so they wouldn't blind him. "I don't think they want us to kill ourselves... wouldn't that be as bad as getting caught?"

<Iceman> He cleared his throat. "Yeah, and I had plenty of SHIELD custody...well, before. So, yeah. Let's not fuck it up."

<Blackjack> "There's so many women around me now. I am so lucky." Jack added.

<Warbird> "Yeeeah just try and keep it in your pants until we're home safe, okay?" She turned back to the controls to check their destination, "Okay, we're begining our descent. Once we hit the security and take down the sentinel tech we shouldn't have to worry about losing powers too much - the stuff in the pouches is contingency."

<Mercury> "Yes, I'm afraid what we're doing here is absolutely illegal," Cessily explained. "The fact that Oscorp exploited the justice system to get their hands on our property doesn't change that. You know who they're going to brand as terrorists should we be caught."

<Hawkeye> "You sure there's not a suicide pill or two in there... I get caught and Nat'll have my head."

<Warbird> "The plan is to not get caught. You won't need them."

<Iceman> "We've all been terrorists before though, right? Can I get a hell yeah?" He pumped a fist and put on his comm.

<Hawkeye> "I've been kicked out of a few bars... does that count?"

<Mercury> "This is how we ended up with our SHIELD babysitters in the first place," Cessily reminded Bobby, before she turned to Carol and leaned closer. "No offence, love."

<Iceman> "Yeah, well..." He scratched the back of his head and shrugged.

<Warbird> Carol offered Cess a small smile, "None taken. I know what my job is."

<Mercury> "And you know I'm happy you took it," Cessily replied quietly, before forcing herself to act professional again. "Anyway, I doubt even the President could get of us off the hook if we mess this up. There's no doubt Oscorp must have powerful allies somewhere high up."

<Warbird> "Yeah the fact they stole all your stuff says that loud and clear...." she flicked the engines into silent and performed a perfect vertical landing.

<Dusk> "Aren't you supposed to keep us from doing stuff like this?" Cassie asked, while checking what kind of secrets the pouches held in store.

<Iceman> "I doubt Osborn would even let us see the light of day if he catches us. We'll just vanish. We'll belong to him." Death would be better, Bobby knew this intimately.

<Warbird> "Usually, Cassie... yeah. But this is a special case. Danger is one of us, right? So let's go get her home."

<Obscure> "One of us... one of us..." Sue couldn't help herself.

<Hawkeye> Clint half wondered why if this guy was so dangerous why someone hadn't put him in the grave yet.

<Dusk> Cassie looked back at Carol, before her dark lips formed a wry smirk. "You know, you're actually pretty okay," she said, with a tilt of her head, as she unstrapped herself from her seat. "I think I like you."

<Warbird> Carol turned off the main lights in the jet, smiling a little at Cassie's comment. She was slowly winning them over. "Okay, night vision on if you need it then I'll turn off the rest of the lights. Obscure, if you could do the invisible thing on the way down the ramp though, that'd be great."

<Blackjack> Jack got ready as ordered and waited for the command to head out.

<Obscure> Sue nodded, donning the goggles after sorting out the fit of the comms. Damned in-ear nonsense. "Ready when you are."

<Iceman> Taking a deep breath, Bobby stood and shifted to ice. Time to get the game face on so he could make it home to Rip and Paige tonight.

<Hawkeye> Clint donned his goggles forgoing actually getting them on till the lights were off. "Well who's ready for a party?"

<Warbird> Carol checked her own equipment before glancing around at them, "Just focus on what we need to do and we'll all get to go home." Lights off, she lowered the ramp.

<Iceman> "Aim for the joints on the sentinels, Robin Hood." He stepped to the ramp, clenching and unclenching his left fist.

<Hawkeye> "Gimme a target and it'll go down I promise." Clint knocked up an arrow ready to shoot at a moments notice.

<Mercury> "I think it will be best if we tried to get as far as possible on the conventional way." Cessily toned down the shininess of her metallic skin as much as she could on her way towards the ramp. "Dusk can teleport us if she has to, but I'd prefer to conserve her strength for our retreat."

<Obscure> Sue blanketed them in an invisibility field and kept them together with maleable forcefields as they made their way to the wall of the complex that had been singled out for entry.

<Warbird> Locating the security lock was one thing, she burned it out and opened the door as quietly as possible. "Left," she whispered to them over her shoulder as she headed inside.

<Dusk> "You heard the shiny lady," Cassie chimed in, cloaking herself in darkness before floating down to the ground. "I'm your watchful little shadow to keep you safe."

<Iceman> Bobby took up the rear, knowing until the sentinels came on the job he at least could survive most anything thrown at them.

<Obscure> Sue kept up the loose forcefield to make sure no one got separated and kept her eyes peeled for any guards in the corridors. So far their entry had gone unnoticed but that would probably change as soon as they took out the security centre.

<Mercury> Shifting between solid and liquid states, Cessily navigated the area quickly and silently, slithering and crawling towards their target. Moving past Carol, she signaled her silently with a gesture, before the silver mass disappeared inside one of the vents.

<Warbird> Carol worried about Cessily when she disappeared into the vent but had to focus, whispering directions to the guys behind her whenever they came to a junction.

<Blackjack> Jack silently followed the directions, his ears perked up from time to time as he paused to listen for anything out of habit. Someone on the team probably had a mutant power to sense if someone was near them, but he was always used to listening out for anything out of the norm.

<Iceman> Bobby spotted Cess disappear and made a face. Compartmentalization was his friend, but sometimes it was harder than others.

<Warbird> "This room is manned," Carol whispered when they got to the door, "Tranqs at the ready..." she took her gun from the holster.

<Blackjack> Jack clutched his tranq gun, readying it.

<Iceman> He didn't need a tranq gun, so he scanned the hall for any surprise visitors.

<Warbird> Carol opened the door and stepped inside in one fast movement, taking out the security guard nearest the panic alarm.

<Blackjack> Jack followed, leaping into the room and going straight for the next guy, shooting and taking him out.

<Iceman> Listening to the surprisingly quiet mayhem in the room, he watched the hall. Thermal vision probably wouldn't help him any if one of those sentinel bastards came along though...

<Dusk> Also eschewing any guns, Cassie drifted through the nearest shadow and emerged behind the guards at the far end of the room. Before they had a chance to rise from their seats, she had them wrapped up in tendrils of living darkness.

<Warbird> Carol sat down at the control panel and dug the flashdrive out of her pocket that had been provided by Professor Maximoff to load the program that would corrupt the Sentinels' tech.

<Mercury> "I've found the security room," Cessily whispered into her comm, her fluid shape effortlessly darting through the confined spaces. She took another moment to assess her surroundings, before squeezing through the tiny grate in the ceiling.

<Warbird> She also decided to take out the lights while they were in there and drained the power in the consoles before hitting them with a blast of energy to fry them completely. "That should slow them down a little bit."

<Mercury> Silver limbs lashed out from the amorphous mass of metal as it dropped to the floor below, the surprised guards taken out before Cessily had taken human form. "All under control," she informed the others.

<Warbird> "Nice work, meet us in the labs," Carol was relieved to hear her voice over the comms but tried not to let it show too much.

<Iceman> The lights flickered and died and Bobby looked into the room to make sure that was intentional.

<Mercury> Stepping up to the security console, she pulled out a similar drive. "I'm plugging in Broo's hack for their security systems now, that should clear us the way."

<Warbird> "We're on our way down," Carol flicked the nightvision back on, "Come on, they know there's someone here now so we have to be quick."

<Iceman> Bobby nodded at Carol and gestured to those in the hall. "Let's go, and watch out."

<Obscure> Sue stepped out of the doorway to allow the others back into the corridor.

<Hawkeye> Clint followed Bobby down the hall, still eying the special arrows he had. "You sure these stun darts will fly right?" He whispered to his icy boss since the other one would probably get pissed at him for talking.

<Mercury> "I'm meeting up with you in the high security area," Cessily spoke into her comm, already reaching up to pull herself back into the vent.

<Warbird> "Stay safe," Carol added on a private channel, still worried.

<Iceman> "Well you never know... government contractor working on the downlow and all that." He gave Clint a not-so-reassuring smile.

<Dusk> "This is going quite smoothly so far," Cassandra commented, feeling her senses become keener when the lights inside the complex started to fail. "We're almost professionals."

<Iceman> Bobby heard that, and gave Cassie the most disbelieving look ever. "Way to jinx!"

<Warbird> "Oh my God, why would you say that?!" Carol hissed.

<Obscure> Sue bounced a forcefield ball off Cassie's head.

<Hawkeye> Clint started to get a little nervous. Now everything that could go wrong was going to. "How about we play the silent game from now on....."

<Dusk> "Ow!" Cassie yelped, and rubbed her head where the invisible ball had gently touched her. "Don't tell me you lot is more superstitious than the carnie."

<Warbird> ".... Do you even know who you're talking to?" Carol rolled her eyes, turning down another hallway after barking the direction at them.

<Iceman> So much for professionalism....

<Dusk> "Besides, what's the worst that could possibly happen?" the pale girl asked as they approached the top secret labs.

<Obscure> Sue kept silent, following them until she heard footsteps in the hall behind them - people were running to check the office they'd taken out. "Uh... we have company."

<Iceman> "That," he said, pointing down the hall in answer to Cassie's question. "That's why you don't say how well things are going! Newb!"

<Warbird> Carol knew she had to keep going because there was no telling what was waiting for them in the lab, "Iceman, Hawkeye, can you handle this?"

<Hawkeye> Clint without thinking instantly launched an arrow into on of the guards, smirking just a little bit when he dropped to the ground.

<Warbird> She took that as a yes and gestured the others on.

<Dusk> "As if we didn't know this would happen!" Cassandra defended herself, dropping two guards with a pair of oversized shadowy fists, before she disappeared in swirling darkness to evade the counterattack and join Carol on her way to the main lab.

<Obscure> Sue kept up a protective forcefield behind them in case of stray shots from the security goons. Thankfully, it didn't seem to be far away now from the signage.

<Hawkeye> Clint didn't give Bobby a chance to get the next one either he'd already knocked another arrow, as smooth as a well oiled machine, aimed for the same spot as on the other guard and fired. "Soft spots on the neck." He relayed to the others.

<Iceman> "Yeah, generally is, dude..." Bobby didn't need to aim for anything though, since the moment he was within range he dropped the three guards, sucking the heat from their bodies in a rush.

<Mercury> Cessily hadn't expected the entrance to their most priced possession to be unguarded, and Oscorp didn't disappoint. As she dropped from the vent above the fortified door, she landed right on top one of the heavily armed guards.

<Warbird> Carol burst through the door at the far end of the lab at the same time, providing a distraction that allowed Cess to deal with both guards. Holy shit that was a lot of Sentinels. She had to remind herself to keep moving.

<Mercury> The impact alone took her first opponent down, and the silver mutant lunged at the second guard to push aside his gun just in time for him to blast the wall instead of her. Liquid silver covering his face knocked him out within moments.

<Mercury> "Miss me?" the shiny redhead asked, flashing Carol a grin when she spotted her.

<Iceman> He looked down the hall and swore, then created an ice slide to zip down it to the next juncture, throwing up a giant wall of ice to at least slow down the attack.

<Warbird> "Glad you're in one piece," Carol replied, "I'll get the door." She went over to it, fingers curling into the metal before she ripped it off the hinges. Now she just had to put it somewhere... on the Sentinels' heads seemed like a good spot.

<Dusk> "That's a lot of mean, mutant-killing robots," Cassie said, floating into the massive room full of the strangest machines. "Good thing they're not working."

<Warbird> "For now..." Carol brushed the loose strands of hair out of her face, "Danger should be thattaway." She pointed.

<Obscure> Sue was tempted to pop the heads off all the robots.

<Iceman> He sent a volley of ice at the next guard to pop around the corner and walled off that hall as well, trusting the others to take care of the guards he'd pinned inside with them.

<Hawkeye> "Ice the floor, they're not paying attention when they run in. I'll pick them as they fall." Clint let loose another volley of arrows.

<Mercury> "Then let's go before we get cornered down here." Cessily ran past the unfinished Sentinels and joined up with the others. "We have no idea for how long our countermeasures will keep them locked down."

<Iceman> "I like it! Simple, effective, and funny!" Bobby did as suggested, creating a skating rink all the way to the lab doors.

<Dusk> Unable to resist the temptation, Cassie snickered as she teleported the head of one of the machines from its shoulders and made it smack to the ground. "I don't like those things."

<Iceman> After that, he couldn't resist and sent a blast of ice right at the feet of the next guard he saw, just to watch him flail.

<Hawkeye> Clint easily picked off the guards who were no longer able to rush in. "Like shootin' squirrels off the limbs. Barely have to try."

<Iceman> "Don't tell the squirrel girl that!" He gave Clint a mock horrified look as he zipped by on an ice slide on his way to check the lab.

<Warbird> "Don't get distracted." Carol headed through the doors she'd indicated, "We're really close."

<Iceman> He skidded to a halt inside. Sentinels. Lots and lots and... holy shit lots!

<Hawkeye> "H...holy fuck. How am I supposed to do anything to those."

<Iceman> He shook his head, looking for the others. "Well... they seem to be... sleeping?"

<Obscure> "Relax, they're off..." Sue popped a couple of heads off for show, "See?"

<Mercury> "This must be the place!" Cessily pointed down the hallway, numerous warning signs lining the path to the massive door at the end. "This must be where they keep Danger."

<Warbird> There were a lot of signs about turning off wireless devices, "Yeah... this is it."

<Iceman> Bobby jumped a little at a noise behind him, spinning around and nearly giving Jack a nice frosty coating. "...sorry," he mumbled. "I'm fine, promise."

<Mercury> "This is a sealed lead chamber," Cessily said as she stopped in front of the door. "They must have been worried about anything electric getting in or out." She turned to Carol and beamed. "That means she should still be alive!"

<Warbird> "Great!" Carol smiled, "I guess I'll get this door too." Sure lead was heavy but it was no match for her.

<Iceman> With Jack left to guard their way out of this rabbit hole, Bobby tried to catch up to the others.

<Warbird> Carol attempted to prop the door up against the wall of the hallway, "Go on in, I might have to hold this up, keeps sliding..."

<Obscure> "I have it," Sue made a wedge with a forcefield to hold the door up, "I'll just wait here."

<Dusk> "Take your time," Cassandra called after the others. "I'm just reminding you that I'm ready to leave this place whenever." The shadowy girl looked back into the room. "I'll just play with the robots some more!"

<Warbird> Carol gave Sue a smile and gingerly let go of the door. Once she was sure it wasn't going to flatten a student, she followed Cessily. "... Goddamn." She'd never seen what Danger looked like, she had a general idea from the miniature one but nothing prepared her for the real thing. Or what OsCorp had done to her. Seeing all the wires just made her angry and she started ripping them out of consoles to free Danger's body.

<Iceman> "You know, I don't know that it's great that we're all spread out..." He was slowly traveling through the giant lab on an ice slide, making various faces at the sentinels. The emergency lights didn't make them look more friendly.

<Mercury> Having squeezed through the gap in the leaden door as soon as it was wide enough, Cessily had reformed inside the containment chamber, multiple arms cutting and tearing at the cables and wires restraining Danger's heavily damaged body.

<Warbird> "You know what we're looking for, make sure we have all the pieces and I'll find something to put her in..." They had to have brought her in there in something after all.

<Iceman> Bobby looked over at Cassie taunting a robot and Clint poking one with his nocked arrow and decided to see what was going on behind door number one.

<Mercury> "I can carry her," Cessily assured her girlfriend, cradling the broken machine in her arms as she pulled her free of the last remaining wires. "Just make sure they won't have anything left they can use."

<Warbird> Carol nodded, "I'd carry her but I might need my hands... you can make more hands. Lucky." She helped pull out more wires.

<Iceman> Bobby came in on the women dragging Danger down from her prison. "Hooooly... is she... um, alive?"

<Dusk> "I think this is one is looking at me funny," Cassie said, frowning at the Sentinel whose head she was just about to pop off. "What are you looking..." She was cut off when it jerked to life and grabbed her by the throat. "Mutant power signature detected."

<Mercury> "I can't say, but I hope so," Cessily said, her six silver arms carrying the motionless machine out of the containment cell. "If there's any way to fix her, the geniuses at the school will find it."

<Iceman> He heard a loud robotic voice behind him and his eyes nearly popped from his skull. "....hold that thought, I'll be right back!" Bobby turned and sped back into the lab to see Cassie dangling from a sentinel's grip. "What did you do?!"

<Mercury> She instinctively shielded her precious cargo when the commotion in the labs broke out, cautiously moving behind Bobby.

<Dusk> "I didn't do anything, I swear!" Cassie gave her best impression of walking in the air as she tried to pry open the machine's iron grip. The lack of air was of little concern to her, but she became somewhat worried about the glowing thingie charging up in her face.

<Iceman> He saw Clint lining up a shot and the arrow landed in one of the joints of the robot's armor, which turned its attention toward him. Bobby took the opportunity to move in.

<Dusk> "Let go, you stupid bucket!" Shadows flowed from Cassie's body and converged on the Sentinel's arm, the opening portal cutting the metallic limb in half and releasing the girl from its grip.

<Iceman> The half-powered machine reacted to the damage by raising its other hand. A device in its palm powered up with a hum and Bobby yelled a warning. The arrow Clint sent dissolved in the light of the beam and Bobby hit the sentinel with a blast of ice.

<Warbird> Carol overtook Cessily in the hallway and flew into the mess of activating sentinels, ripping out hydraulic mechanisms as fast as she could to stop them moving. "We have Danger, get back to the jet, I'll be right behind you."

<Dusk> Cassie followed up by ramming a construct of solid shadow into the staggering machine, knocking the Sentinel over. "That's my cue!"

<Obscure> Sue sliced through metal and plastic with sharp forcefields to clear some of the area so that she and Cessily could make it back to the others, the large lead door sliding down to the floor with a bang behind her.

<Dusk> With no unruly killer robot harassing her, Cassandra focused on her part of the mission, calling forth enough otherworldly darkness to create a portal to transport them all and their rescued friend. "Time to exit the stage."

<Mercury> "Make sure everyone gets out," Cessily told Carol, briefly squeezing her arm as she rushed past by her girlfriend, before she turned to step through the swirling vortex with Danger's body in her arms.

<Warbird> Carol had every intention of doing so but gave Cessily a nod, watching the others in her peripheral vision as she kept the sentinels back.

<Iceman> Bobby flash froze the next sentinel and looked over at Cess vanishing into the portal. "Okay, pull out, people!"

<Warbird> "Go with them," she instructed Bobby, "Someone needs to fly them back if I don't make it."

<Iceman> "The fuck you mean, if you don't make it?!"

<Warbird> "Just go!" She fired an energy blast at his feet. "We don't have time for this."

<Dusk> "It's okay if all of you would like to discuss this while I'm trying to keep our way out open without being killed," Cassie pointed out, blocking another Sentinel's blast with a makeshift shadow-shield.

<Obscure> Sue hopped through the portal after Jack, giving the Sentinel's another ram with a field for good measure.

<Iceman> He made a frustrated sound at Carol and raced for the back of the room, gathering his team to get back to the jet. A sentinel stepped into his path and he flash froze it, then shattered the machine to shards.

<Warbird> "Once everyone's through, go after them," Carol instructed Cassie, "I'll be right behind you."

<Dusk> Cassie saluted Carol, then created a giant spiked fist made of solid darkness to pound the robot behind her. "Catch you on the other side, boss." The raven-haired girl waved and dove into her own portal.

<Warbird> Once Cassie's feet disappeared Carol focused on draining power from the Sentinels. When she was sure she had enough, she let it all back out again as fast as possible. The resulting explosion was rather huge.

<Iceman> With fire on his ass, Bobby went to the other extreme, simply freezing everything in his path on the way out. He decided he was close enough to an outside wall when he heard the explosion spreading behind them. Freezing the steel and concrete of the building, he hit it with a blast of power that blew masonry across the compound.

<Iceman> "...Okay, well, after you," he said to the group with him. "Time to jet! Literally."

<Obscure> Sue shielded the group from the force of the explosion behind them and hurried to the location of the jet.

<Dusk> "Now this is how you end your performance with a bang," Cassandra commented, looking back at the OsCorp complex behind them. "I think Mister Osborn won't be very happy with us, though."

<Warbird> The energy of the explosion reverberating on her was both wonderful and painful at the same time and fueled the reaction keeping it going for longer and longer, creating more explosions throughout the complex as the energy reached other labs.

<Iceman> They were halfway to the jet and he stopped with Cassie to look back. "So... what qualifies as 'if I don't make it,' and what the fuck does that mean after all the speechifying about not getting caught?!" The fire was growing, not burning out, and Bobby winced. "Oh... shit..."

<Dusk> Cassie turned around and winced when the bright flash stung her eyes, temporarily blinding her. "Wow..."

<Iceman> "Motherfucker," Bobby said, with feeling.

<Mercury> "Oh my god!" Cessily had just secured Danger on the plane when the massive explosion shook the foliage. Now she ran down the ramp as fast as she could. "What happened? Where's Carol?"

<Dusk> "Please tell me this was all part of the plan." Cassie went even paler than usual.

<Iceman> "I-I don't know, babe... she made some shit comment about her not making it out..." Bobby shook his head at Cassie, shifting so he could run his hands through his hair. "Fucking his security will be here soon... we're going to have to go..." He winced. "We can't fucking leave her."

<Warbird> Her comms were fried which was no surprise given her spiking energy levels but she had to get out of there. Gathering her wits on a downward shift of energy Carol managed to take off straight up leaving a trail of light behind her.

<Obscure> "So... what do we do now?" Sue looked between them.

<Mercury> "Carol?" Cessily looked from one member of the team to the next, trying to spot Carol among them. She did it again when she didn't see her. Then again. "Carol!?"

<Iceman> "Wait..." Bobby pointed. "Comet?"

<Dusk> Cassandra tilted back her head and blinked into the night sky. "I still can't see anything."

<Mercury> "Bobby!" Cessily ran up to him, panic welling up in her gaze. "Where's Carol? You've been with her. Where's she?"

<Iceman> "Um... in there..." He pointed at the inferno, and moved to catch her. "Unless that's her?" His extended finger tracked upward at the fireball.

<Mercury> Her throat tightened when she turned around to face the inferno, and she had to fight the urge to run back into the flames. Instead she forced herself to look up, following Bobby's finger with her eyes. "What... what is that?"

<Warbird> Wow that was a mess. Carol looked down at the destroyed facility below her, that was unexpected. She shook herself, tracking away from the site to find the jet. Fortunately she'd picked the landing site from aerial photographs so that wasn't a problem. Though, rather than a straight line, it was more of a spiral that took her to them and she crashlanded somewhat. "Owww....."

<Iceman> "Back up, back up, back-" The crash made them all back up, all right.

<Iceman> Groaning, he opened one eye. "Back up?"

<Dusk> "Can someone tell me what's going on?" Cassie stared into the sky, still trying to make out anything. "Wait, I think I can see something ag-gah!" She jumped back when the comet hit the ground next to her.

<Mercury> It took less than a heartbeat for Cessily to surge forward and run towards the point of impact, not wasting a thought on her own safety. "Carol!"

<Warbird> "I'm okay... I think..." she groaned, and attempted to push herself up, "What are you all still doing here?"

<Iceman> "Waiting for your dumb ass!" Bobby threw up both hands and trotted for the jet. "Cess, get her inside! We're going. Now!"

<Mercury> Cessily dropped to her knees by Carol's side and threw her arms around her. "Oh thank god, you've had me so scared!" She didn't care she was crying from joy in front of the others when she helped her up.

<Warbird> "Why? I'm indestructible..." Carol mumbled, leaning heavily on Cessily, "So much energy..."

<Iceman> In the cockpit, Bobby rubbed both hands together with relish. "Ooooo, jet!"

<Warbird> "Don't break it..."

<Mercury> "That doesn't mean you have to put it to the test," Cessily whispered back, supporting Carol as she walked her up the ramp. A small smile brightened her face as she kissed her girlfriend's cheek. "Though, I had no idea a falling star could be so pretty."

<Iceman> "Of course I won't break it!" Bobby didn't bother with giving Carol a dirty look, but since they were mostly up the ramp he whacked the control to close it. "Buckle up, buttercups!"

<Warbird> Somewhere under the scorch marks and dust, Carol blushed. "Thanks...."

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Re: 9/20 Game: Into the Danger Zone

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thanks for the puppeting and not leaving Jack there! :bunny

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