5/25 Issue: Mouth, What is it Good For?

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5/25 Issue: Mouth, What is it Good For?

Post by Svartfreja » Wed May 25, 2022 10:58 pm

Timelined for after [Issue]It's Not A Trap!

<Andi> Andi sat in a chair reading a book, Silence out and reading her own book. She was starting to get used to the weirdness of this place. Plus it wasn't weirder than her technically reading two books at once.

<Carol> Since she had agreed to something far, FAR scarier than going back to work, Carol had decided it was time to leave her room and check on some noobs. Using her tablet to check the security feeds as she strolled the halls with her coffee, located Andi in the recroom and she headed down to say hi.

<Carol> She stopped in the doorway and knocked lightly on the wood so she wouldn't startle her or Silence by speaking. Could you startle a symbiote? Or did they see stuff with all of them like Cess did? Questions questions...

<Andi> Andi still jumped a little at the surprise Carol. "Oh, uhmm... hey." She gave her a smile after putting the book down.

<Silence> "She scared you Andi, should we eat her?"

<Carol> "Pretty sure we already talked about you eating people, Silence," Carol pointed out, "Sorry for startling you... I've been gone for like a week so I figured I should come and see how you're settling in... and apologise for disappearing without warning..."

<Andi> "Eh, so far so good. I haven't really ran into anyone else yet." Andi shrugged. "Just been bumming around catching up on reading."

<Silence> "Lies! Andi's search history is full of eating other girls! That means we just can't eat me." Silence's gave Carol a toothy grin as Andi's face turned bright red and her mouth gaped trying to speak but nothing came out.

<Carol> "Haven't run into anyone else? Huh... guess I should go and drag the other noob out of her room and make her make friends with you... and Beth before Jean talks her into something uncom-" And Silence's words ran over hers. "Silence, how about you go check out the pizza I left in the kitchen?"

<Silence> "We have broken Andi, I can not go have pizza without her brain functioning again." Silence poked Andi's cheek with a tendril.

<Carol> "She'll be fine. I can take care of her," Carol assured Silence, "I've seen this before."

<Andi> "Can you just kill me now?" Andi sighed. "Silence means she's attached to me, she can't leave without me. Though I have a suspicion when I'm asleep she has been trying to make me walk to the fridge...."

<Carol> "I'm not gonna kill you... how about I go get the pizza and Silence can keep her mouth parts busy with eating instead of embarassing you. Does that work?" She set her coffee and tablet down on the coffee table.

<Andi> "So fatten me up instead of kill me? That sounds like torture." Andi laughed a little.

<Silence> "Is she planning on eating us Andi? We should eat her first. We are the superior predator."

<Carol> Carol raised an eyebrow, "Clearly you've never seen me in a fight."

<Silence> "She challenges us Andi! Eat her! I will hold her down with tendrils, just like that one video!"

<Andi> "Jesus Christ, Silence, be quiet!!!" Andi covered her face. "You really need to think before you speak."

<Carol> Carol had to laugh, mostly because it covered the terror that mental image brought up thanks to the Brood. "I'll go get that pizza, you guys figure out a system to tell Silence non-verbally when to shut up."

<Andi> "I contemplated duct tape, but it won't work." She sighed. "Thanks."

<Silence> "Duck is tasty. You should give me the tape of ducks."

<Carol> That made Carol laugh again as she headed down the hall to the kitchen. Cute.

<Andi> Andi watched Carol leave and then chewed on her lip a little. If she could unlock it, this would get Norman off her back a little.

<Silence> Silence grabbed the tablet with a tendril and shook it a little. "Is this what you wanted Andi?"

<Andi> "Shush! Be quiet you sentient goop." Andi grabbed the tablet from Silence.

<Carol> Carol fetched some soda for proper pizza beverages and scooped up the boxes from the counter, rewarming the contents with her energy as she wound her way back toward the recroom.

<Andi> Andi quickly put the tablet back when she heard Carol coming back. Damn it, Silence. Remember we can't get caught snooping.

<Carol> "I don't know what you like to drink so... hope this is okay." She crossed to the table and put the boxes beside her coffee before adding the cans of soda.

<Silence> "Andi likes coke because she is a wimp. We like whiskey!"

<Carol> "Can you get drunk?" Carol opened up the pizza box, "Genuinely curious."

<Andi> "Silence gets me drunk.... And then I have to deal with the hangover in the morning."

<Carol> "So Silence just likes the taste of scotch and doesn't understand why everyone else drinks it, huh? Too bad," she gave the girls a grin, "I'm not drinking scotch anymore so I'm sticking to coffee."

<Andi> Andi sighed. "I try not drinking either, but Silence loves it for some reason. Especially while I'm asleep. Waking up to a hangover isn't fun. Especially if you didn't get to enjoy the drinking."

<Carol> "Yeah, I'm lucky that way... I don't really get hungover... I mean, it's hard for me to get drunk with my powers active in the first place. I'm an expensive date," she joked.

<Andi> "Ugh, you suck! I wish I didn't get hangovers." Andi took a piece of pizza and held it up for Silence to chomp on.

<Carol> "Perk of my powers. I'm indestrictable in all kinds of ways. I'm sure there's all kinds of things you can do that I can't do."

<Andi> Andi shrugged. "Most of my things have to deal with extra appendages and always having clothes for the occasion."

<Carol> "Extra appendages sound pretty useful to me," Carol picked up her coffee, "Plenty of reasons to want extra hands."

<Andi> "Only when they listen to you." Andi laughed a little. "But it did make doing paperwork a lot easier."

<Carol> "Yeah... I guess when those extra limbs aren't exactly working on the same team all the time it's less fun," Carol agreed, "But at least you can bribe her with pizza?"

<Andi> "Pizza, booze, really anything tasty." Andi shrugged. "I'm a harder sell."

<Carol> Carol considered this as she took a sip of coffee, "Okay so what if I needed to bribe you? What should I try?"

<Andi> Andi blushed red and shoved another piece of pizza into Silence's mouth before she could comment. "Uhmmm, something nicer?" She stammered a little.

<Carol> "Thanks, that's really specific," Carol teased.

<Andi> "Oh hush. I was going to say dinner and drinks but didn't want you to point out how that's the same as Silence cuz it's not what I mean." She stuck her tongue out at Carol.

<Carol> She laughed, "I know it's not the same as pizza and beer. I'm familiar with the concept of real food."

<Andi> "I'm a bougie bitch." Andi shrugged with a smile. "I tend to be a shut in, so when I go out I like to go hard."

<Carol> "So only bribe you with food if I really mean it because otherwise I'll have no money?"

<Andi> "Don't you work for some secret government organization? You'd think they'd pay you pretty good hush money? Like how do they keep you from defecting?"

<Carol> "SHIELD isnt exactly a secret... neither is the Air Force," Carol pointed out, "And I like my job. Why would I be doing any defecting?"

<Andi> "I mean, neither is the CIA but they have their secrets." Andi laughed a little. "Usually people leave their jobs when they're not paid well enough."

<Carol> "But then I wouldn't get to do all the fun things I like to do like flying experimental jets..." Carol told her, "And I guess SHIELD has stuff they want to keep a secret that I know... but the military is like that too and I've been in the Air Force since I was eighteen..." She shrugged, "I'm used to it. And the secret keeping is... well, it makes sense when you know what they are."

<Andi> "Huh, they got lucky with you then I guess." She gave Carol a little smile. "Well, I'd ask if that's dangerous, but you said indestructible already."

<Carol> "Funny story, I found out how indestrictable when I was in training and there was a glider crashing incident." She offered a grin, "And military paygrades aren't exactly a secret. You can google how much they pay me. There's extra stuff because... well, I do this... But I also break a lot of shit thanks to my powers."

<Andi> "So you're telling me I can figure out how cheap you are by where you take me based off your pay huh?" Andi gave her a little grin.

<Carol> "Yes, but please don't," she laughed, "I'm also scared of expensive places because of the afore mentioned breaking of shit so don't judge too harshly if I ever do take you out somewhere to bribe you."

<Andi> "You don't have the horrible crossbreed of ink and an octopus always wanting to have it's way bonded to you. Have you ever had to apologize to someone for your arm stealing someone else's hamburger?"

<Carol> "No, but I have had to apologise for wiping people's phones so... We all have our problems," she reached to take a slice of pizza for herself. "What alternative bribery options do I have?"

<Andi> Andi blinked at her a few times. "Please don't murder my electronics...."

<Carol> "I have a lot better control over that than I used to," she promised, "But I still break my own stuff which is why SHIELD build me special stuff for work." She picked up her tablet as an example, "Because it has to be around me all the time it's specially shielded from my energy output."

<Andi> "I feel bad for their IT department. I hope you've bought them like a case of scotch or something. Or like LOTS of pizza."

<Carol> She shrugged, "It's their job. I'm a fun project for them."

<Andi> "So they only hire complete nut jobs then? Is that what attracted you to me?"

<Carol> She laughed, "SHIELD hires people at the tops of their fields that have the right amount of curiosity. The science division love anything wierd. And I'm half alien so I fit the bill there..." she gave Andi a once-over, "Are you saying you're crazy or not crazy because I could step on a landmine answering that question."

<Andi> "I talk to myself more than other people. What do you think I'm saying?" She gave Carol a smirk. "And I thought you were indestructible, aren't landmines your specialty?"

<Carol> "Not of the verbal variety. I step on those all the time and it never ends well. I'm trying something new." She considered Andi's reply, "So you're saying you're crazy? Then you should get out more. And so should I."

<Andi> "Are you asking me out on a date?" Andi chewed her lip a little bit.

<Carol> Was she? She was already supposed to be doing a date thing with someone else. Maybe she needed more practise at not stepping on those verbal landmines. "Or to just hang out sometime if that makes you uncomfortable..."

<Andi> "Wow, new record. Scared you off before the first date." Andi laughed awkwardly.

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "No, not at all... I just... okay, full disclosure? A friend on the team - Jean - she literally just talked me into a blind date with someone and I'm freaking out about it but she's super excited... and it's probably not... okay? for me to be asking other people out on date before I even go on that one... maybe."

<Andi> "Oh shit, I'm uhmm.... well that got super awkward. I was just trying to tease you." She chewed her lip.

<Carol> Now she was embarrassed herself, "Okay so let's just pretend no one said anything about dates."

<Andi> "Yes, no awkward date talk." Andi laughed a little.

<Silence> "Why do you two not just mate already?" She scoffed and went back to grabbing more pizza with a tendril and eating it.

<Carol> Carol gave Silence a hard stare, "No one asked you!"

<Silence> Silence stuck a long tongue out at her.

<Andi> "Seriously.... can you not read a room?" Andi face palmed.

<Carol> "Starting to think she does it on purpose," Carol frowned.

<Andi> "I can't tell if she just doesn't get it. Or REALLY likes to torture me..."

<Carol> "Maybe both things... otherwise she wouldn't ask for adorable things like the tape of ducks." Carol reasoned.

<Andi> "I think she's just a dick." Andi sighed.

<Silence> "You told me to become one!"

<Andi> Andi blushed beet red. "SHUT UP, SILENCE!!!!!"

<Carol> That made her laugh, though a small part of her was intrigued in a weird kind of way. "If it helps you to know, I dated Cessily - the silver woman that lives here... she's kinda like Silence in that she can take any form she wants but she's made of metal."

<Andi> "Yeah.... I can kinda do that too thanks to silence. Just nothing smaller than I already am."

<Carol> "Yeah, Cess is the same... same mass thing..." she nodded, "So, there's a whole lot of things you can take off the list of Silence's ability to embarrass you in front of me. I've seen it all, okay?" she gave Andi a small smile.

<Andi> "See you say that.... but now Silence will find a way...."

<Carol> "Only if you let her," she countered, "I promise, there's nothing I'm gonna judge you for, okay? So as long as it's just you and me, she can say whatever she wants and you don't have to worry about what I'm thinking. You can just ask if it's bothering you too much and I'll be honest."

<Andi> "Yeah.... she does what she wants. Sometimes she'll listen to me, but it takes bribing. Lots of bribery."

<Carol> "So own it. Don't let her have that power over you. Then she'll have to find some other way to get her kicks."

<Silence> "She is plotting against us, Andi! Do not listen. We are partners!"

<Andi> Andi just rolled her eyes. "Calm down, Silence. You just gotta learn not to embarrass me all the time."

<Carol> "You gotta be equal partners," Carol added, "Andi doesn't say all of your private thoughts and actions out loud to anyone who'll listen, does she? So how is it fair that you do it to her?"

<Silence> "We have no private thoughts. We are one."

<Carol> "Okay maybe they're not private from you but they are from everyone else. They don't need to be said out loud. Especially not by someone who isn't Andi."

<Silence> Silence just cocked her head at Carol, obviously not understanding.

<Andi> Andi blinked a little. "I think you broke Silence with logic."

<Carol> "Wow I broke both of you today. I think that's some kind of record."

<Andi> "I could make a comment but we said no more awkward." Andi laughed a little.

<Carol> "You can make whatever comment you like. I think I'm resigned to the occasional awkward with you."

<Andi> "Noooope, that was outright flirting." Andi blushed a little.

<Carol> "Then one of us needs more practise at that."

<Andi> "Pfffft I'm an awkward techy. I will always stick my foot in my mouth."

<Carol> "I'm all sorts of awkward," Carol assured her, "Everyone here is. You're good, I promise. I grew up with two brothers and then went into the military. I tend to say what I mean."

<Andi> "Us socially awkward nerds are all talk and then in person we're shy as fuck." Andi laughed a little.

<Carol> "Then I will tell you I'm a safe person for you to practise on. Like I said before, not gonna judge you... but if you wanted the terrible flirting to go anywhere and not just be practise, you might have to tell me."

<Andi> "Y....yeah weeeeell, too bad you've got a date I guess." She shrugged.

<Carol> "I don't know how that's going to go... so, I guess... I'll let you know? Or try to get out of it...."

<Andi> "I... uhmm... d..." Andi blushed red. "M....maybe?"

<Carol> Carol sat back in her seat as she thought over her current predicament. Things had gotten complicated fast. If she was a normal person there'd be a solution here. How to think like a normal person? She chewed on her lower lip as she considered her options.

<Andi> Andi chewed her lip not knowing what to say. This had gotten extremely awkward again. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING! She thought at Silence as loud as she could.

<Carol> Hmm. Jean had said that Redd wasn't looking for anything serious. Maybe she could think like a normal person after she got laid. She'd never done long term dating of more than one person before. She knew people did it but had no concept of the logistics. "I... have a suggestion..."

<Andi> "Uhmm?" Andi raised an eyebrow.

<Carol> She sighed, wishing she hadn't given up drinking so so much. "So... this person... that I'm supposed to go on this date with... she's not looking for like... a relationship... I don't know what you want from this... but I've never done the just dating thing..." she went back to chewing her lip, watching Andi for reaction.

<Andi> Andi laughed a little. "Oh, wow. So you're old fashioned?"

<Carol> That surprised a laugh out of her, "Uh... not exactly..."

<Andi> "I mean, it sounds like it." She smiled. "Have you ever used hindr?"

<Carol> She had never even heard that word. "No? I kinda just go to a bar, get really drunk and wake up in some stranger's house."

<Andi> "Wow, well not that old fashioned then. Got some party animal in you?"

<Carol> "I'm in the military, what do you think? We party hard."

<Andi> Andi giggled at that. "The only way nerds are social is if we're drinking. So we party pretty lukewarm at first then hard after like four drinks."

<Carol> "I recently decided I'm not gonna drink anymore so I am gonna have to learn how to relax without scotch. That's gonna be hard for me. I'm in my head a lot."

<Andi> "At least you don't have a peanut gallery in there too." Andi pointed at Silence, still eating pizza. "I don't do it often but when I do it's usually a rough night."

<Carol> "So should we both try this without alcohol? For both our sakes?" she laughed, "It's gonna be plenty awkward without alcohol induced bad decisions."

<Andi> "I guess, it doesn't sound like as much fun. But I can't fault you for wanting to do better."

<Carol> "It's a new thing... and I want to see if I can do it... it's gotta be better than what I've tried so far or everyone would've quit telling me to do it already."

<Andi> "Well I'll wish you luck then." Andi gave her a smile. "And promise not to tempt you with more booze."

<Carol> She laughed, "Thanks. I appreciate it..." she sighed and picked up her coffee, warming it with her powers, "So... about my suggestion...?"

<Andi> "You didn't really make a suggestion, just a suggestion of a suggestion."

<Carol> "And then you accused me of being old fashioned," Carol finished, "So what do you think of my suggestion of a suggestion? Since I'm the old fashioned one here."

<Andi> "I dunno, what's the suggestion?" Andi gave her a smirk. "You might be old fashioned but I'm the nerd that can't take social cues."

<Carol> She laughed again, "Damn we're hopeless." She wondered if Silence was going to chime in here or if she was still behaving herself, "My suggestion is... no strings dating... at least for a little while because I'm not really in a place for anything serious... and I don't know if you are...."

<Andi> "I'm okay with that, and I'm not really looking for anything serious. Especially with someone I don't know super well. But, I uhmm think you're cute and fun, so I'd like to get to know you better."

<Carol> "Okay then..." she smiled, "So... that's what we'll do... and I can test out sober dating on someone that isn't you first so I know what not to do."

<Andi> Andi laughed a little. "Trying to make me jealous?"

<Carol> "Nooo I'm trying to be honest! You should be pleased I'll get all... or most of the fuck ups out of the way!"

<Andi> She laughed harder at that. "I'm sure you're not that bad."

<Carol> "Oh man, you have no idea. I have all kinds of problems with the mouth to brain filter. I don't need a Silence to embarass me."

<Andi> "Filters are for coffee?" Andi grinned. I'm sure there's other things her mouth is good for.

<Silence> "Like eating? What else would you need to be good with your mouth for Andi?"

<Carol> Carol's gaze slid from Andi to Silence and back again, eyebrow raising as a smirk of amusement appeared on her face. "Something you wanna share with the class?"

<Silence> "Yes! Explain!" Silence prodded Andi with a tendril.

<Andi> "Noooooope. I don't know what silence is talking about." Andi motioned zipping her lips.

<Carol> "Okay, keep your secrets. I'm sure I can figure it out later." Her tablet made a sound and she reached to pick it up.

<Andi> "I dunno, unlike Silence, I'm pretty good at keeping secrets."

<Carol> "That's okay. I have my ways," she checked the notification and sighed, "I have to deal with this..."

<Andi> "Oh okay. So I guess let me know when and where?" She gave Carol a smirk.

<Carol> She nodded, "Sure... It might not be anything fancy but we can definitely manage somewhere out of the building for a pretense at privacy."

<Andi> "Well, I'm not hard to find, but just in case." Andi pulled up her contacts to add a new one and then offered Carol the phone.

<Carol> Carol put her number in the phone, then produced her card and passed it back along with Andi's phone, "Just in case..."

<Andi> Andi texted Carol a couple of silly kissy face gifs before taking her card. "I'll see you around then."

<Carol> "If you wanna talk any time... just come find me. I won't mind. Like I said before... day or night, it's really okay. I don't sleep that well so I'll appreciate the company." She gave Andi a smile before picking up her coffee again and turning for the door.

<Andi> "Will do." Andi gave her a smile. "Good luck with whatever you got to deal with."
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