1/18 Instance: Talk for Two

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1/18 Instance: Talk for Two

Post by Starfish » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:35 pm

Warren: Warren decided to go see what him and Cassie were since he had started making out with Felicia. He didn't want to think he was cheating on her with someone else. He got to Cassie's room and gave a few knocks on her door.

Cassie: Cassie sat on her bed, legs crossed, a book in her lap, leaving her wet hair in the care of multiple shadowy arms, one of which was wielding her brush. "Come in!" She looked up at the door.

Warren: He made his way into the room and closed the door behind him. "Hey there boogeygirl." Warren gave her a big smile. "That is a handy trick."

Cassie: "Literally," Cassie replied, flashing Warren a grin as she commanded her conjured hands to wave at him. She shut the book in her lap and put it aside. "Hey there, birdboy. I'm afraid you just missed me coming out of the shower."

Warren: "Oh I'm sure I could convince you to take another if I wanted." He smirked a little, crossing the room to sit on the bed next to her.

Cassie: Cassie returned the gesture with a mischievous smile. "Well, you only need to give me a good reason to have one," she replied, losing no time to slip her lithe form on top of Warren's lap.

Warren: Warren grinned and gave her a kiss. "I could think of a thousand."

Cassie: "Had I known you would stop by, I would have put on something a little more welcoming," she said, sliding her arms over his shoulders, and leaned in for another kiss. In contrast to her usual fashion choices, Cassie hadn't bothered with anything but an old black top and boxers.

Warren: "I don't know this is rather attractive in it's own light." He slid his arms around her and returned the kiss. "Sorry for the surprise. Wanted to come talk to you."

Cassie: "No need to feel sorry." Cassie smiled. "I like surprises." She shifted higher up on his lap, pushing herself against Warren as she clasped her hands behind his back. "Really? Just talk? Sounds a bit boring. Can't we do something else?"

Warren: He laughed a little his hands moving up her back to hold her close. "Well uhmm I think I should tell you something first... And then maybe?"

Cassie: Cassie raised her eyebrows. "This has to be something very important if it can't wait until I have taken off my clothes."

Warren: "Uhmm I just didn't know what this was, friends with benefits I guess? I'm uhh bringing it up cuz I've kinda been kissing on another girl."

Cassie: "Oh, you did?" Cassie looked at Warren, as if waiting for him to continue with his story. When he didn't, she grinned. "That's great! Why didn't you bring her along? I'd have loved to meet her."

Warren: Warren grinned a little. "Well that makes me feel better. Figured you might get mad at me." He leaned in and gave her a kiss. "I'll run it by her if sometime if you want."

Cassie: "Of course!" Cassie smiled, pushing even closer. "And why would get mad at you? After all, I kissed another girl just this morning. A guy, too."

Warren: Warren blinked a little. "I figured some girls are.... uhmm." It took him a minute to process that. "Oh uhmm cool." He didn't know how he felt about that, now that he knew they weren't exclusive or anything it made sense she did that. "Sorry didn't expect that." He bit his lip.

Cassie: Cassie surprised expressed was replaced by a sympathetic smile. "I'm sorry," she said, her tone soft. "I often take it for granted that everyone here knows how I like to play. I know I shouldn't do that. I hope you can forgive me for not being open with you."

Warren: "It's fine Cassie. I didn't think we were dating or anything." He gave her a soft kiss. "We're friends and this is fun."

Cassie: "Good." Cassie's impish grin was back. "I'm glad we had this talk, and so happy we understand each other." She paused to give Warren another kiss, and took her time with it. "Because this is far too fun to stop."

Warren: "Maybe just not mention it till I'm more comfortable with it?" He asked cautiously. "And it really is. You've definitely done a pretty good job of corrupting me."

Cassie: Cassie smirked. "I won't say a word," she promised, running a finger across her lips as of to zip them. "Besides, I can think of so many more entertaining things to do with my mouth than gossip." She gave Warren a demonstration in the form of another kiss.

Warren: "Mmm I think I like that line of reasoning." Warren gave her another kiss. "And who knows, maybe fee would like it if you joined." He gave her a lewd smirk before placing a kiss to her neck.

Cassie: "You think she might?" Cassie asked, a smile on her lips and a glint in her eyes. "I hope so, because it sounds exciting." She tilted her head back, exposing more of her pale slender neck to Warren's mouth.

Warren: "Dunno. I've only known her a few days now. I can tell you she's a really good kisser though." He blushed a little, Warren didn't usually kiss and tell. The whole talking about another girl to your friend with benefits was different too.

Cassie: "That's good," Cassie replied, before pulling herself up against Warren, her lips locking around his, sneaking her tongue between them. Then she leaned back a little and smiled. "I hope I can still hold up to her."

Warren: Warren returned the kiss his hands moving to her butt to give it a squeeze. "Mmm you definitely do. Plus you have your own skills." He grinned and leaned in to kiss the nape of her neck.

Cassie: Cassie chuckled and leaned back, her arms still around Warren's shoulder, pulling him down along. "I guess that's true," she said, as the fingers of her left hand slipped underneath his shirt.

Warren: "Am I over dressed for you?" Warren grinned wide. "Maybe I should go down to underwear and we can have a undie only study session." He started to nip along her neck with the kisses.

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