2/4 Instance: Growing Up

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2/4 Instance: Growing Up

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:01 pm

Timelined for the onset of the blizzard.

<Broo> Broo had gotten more and more agitated with how slow things had gone. Ms Danvers had asked him and several others to secure the workshops, to move all large equipment into the building. However, all the heavy lifting and lack of actually getting things done brought the insect boy back to his personal workshop momentarily where he slapped together an Aliens Ripley style mechanical suit from junked robot parts.

<Broo> He was busy walking back to the other workshops with his metal feet clunking down the corridor, when he realized he was actually grinding his teeth. "Too slow. Everything is too slow."

<Viper> Having made sure everything at her base was secured against the approaching storm, Viper sat down at her computer to check on the members of the Hydra family that were not at home. She sent a message to Broo's screen and got up to pour some coffee while she waited for a response.

<Broo> As the mech suit kept churning its gears while he stomped his way to the others, he paused and grumbled when his chest pocket started vibrating. He pulled out his phone and saw he had a video call waiting. The boy reached up and yanked down a metal wire on his suit, bending it quickly and making making an actual stand for his phone, hooking it on there and answering the call. "Yes what?" he just said as he started walking again.

<Viper> "Hello Brooklyn," Viper called to her screen from the coffee machine.

<Broo> Broo took a double take before he realized who it was. "Oh, apologies. Hello mother. Is something the matter?"

<Viper> "Everything is fine here. How are things there?" She returned to her computer and sat down again, "Are you free to talk?"

<Broo> "I'm a little busy, Mother, what with the whole oncoming storm and all. But keep talking, I still need to make my way to where the others are to help move equipment."

<Viper> "They should be long done by now, your people leave everything until the last moment." She rolled her eyes, switching her view to the security systems of the school. "... Did you build that?"

<Broo> "Ugh. Yes, I did, and yes I know it's shoddy craftsmanship, but I was in a hurry. Should have added wheels instead of just the legs." he grumbled.

<Viper> "You can refine it when you have time, it's very impressive," she assured him though she was a little concerned, "You don't sound like yourself. Is something wrong?"

<Broo> "Nothing's wrong. Except for the dimwitted simpletons I have to contend with. And the ancient textbooks that are being used to teach said simpletons. Oh, what about the snail pace that everything is being done at? Then again we could also add the fact that I'm apparently the one that has to do everything here that has anything to do with electronics."

<Broo> "Find the students you lost in the hole you created, Broo, streamline the power converters, Broo, make something to negate the Sentinel's technology, Broo, upgrade the space shuttle's software, Broo..." he then said, mumbling ten more items on his to do list.

<Viper> "And no one is helping you with these things?" She frowned, "You are under a lot of pressure for one person to handle, even one so bright as yourself. Take a break. Go back to your lab and rest and you can talk to me. Perhaps I can help you."

<Broo> The stomping stopped and Broo just stared down the long hallway. He took a deep breath and exhaled before he just pressed the eject button, grabbing the phone before the cockpit cage swung open and the seat tilted down, causing him to slip to the floor. "Heading to my lab now." he told Viper.

<Viper> "Good." She offered him a smile, taking a sip of her coffee. "Perhaps I could write a letter to your teachers to tell them to lessen the pressure on you... that is what parents should do, after all."

<Broo> "Wouldn't help much. I'd just chase them out of my way. Again." he added.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "Literally or figuratively?" It was often hard to tell.

<Broo> The several occurrences raced through his memory. "Both. It's just very difficult to work alongside people who have difficulty grasping the simplest of commands. How on earth you manage to have so many henchmen working for you without firing all of them is beyond me."

<Viper> "I shoot them until they learn." Viper replied before she really considered the implications of that. "I am not suggesting this is a good idea for you... SHIELD are less forgiving about that sort of thing."

<Broo> "I could always implant them with an obedience chip that could force them to stop being.... them." he pondered out loud.

<Viper> "I think SHIELD would frown upon that also," Viper told him, pressing a button to clear the floor of her lab of equipment.

<Broo> Broo paused before his workshop's doors to rub his head for a moment, "Then I guess the only other option is inject SHIELD operatives as well." he said, heading into his lab.

<Broo> "Secure room." he announced, and the doors locked behind him, followed by a large steel door sliding down and covering the entrance completely. Two chimes sounded to signify his workshop was completely shut off from anyone wanting to come in.

<Viper> "There's no need to create more work for yourself," Viper keyed in a command that started to map Broo's lab with hard light inside her own, including tracking Broo himself. "As fun as it is to have mindless zombie slaves, I wouldn't recommend it."

<Broo> "Then that leaves me no choice but to just design a formula to make people smarter." he said sarcastically for a moment, but then considered it. "I could spike the city's waterline." he pondered out loud.

<Viper> "Mmhmm, you could... but then no one would appreciate how smart you are because everyone would be the same... besides those unfortunate few that are immune to chemicals like your sister. It would be rather boring." Mapping completed, she picked up a small device to sit just behind her ear and set it in place.

<Broo> "Well then I just give up. Might as well go build a lair for myself on the moon or in a volcano. Or maybe in a submarine. No, no submarine. I really don't like deep pressure."

<Viper> "Now now, there's no need to talk that way. That's not like you at all. There is another way to solve this," she paused, "Are your hard light projectors turned on?"

<Broo> "Yes, why do you ask?"

<Viper> "You'll see. One moment." She pressed a small switch on the device behind her ear as she stood up, her image projecting into Broo's lab where she was situated in the projection inside her own lab. "I got this idea from Sebastian. It allows me to break the rules without breaking the rules. I rather like it."

<Broo> Broo stared at her, then squinted for a moment. "I guess I shall have to hang up with my phone now." he said, looking back at the on screen face of Viper which was exactly like her projection standing a few feet away.

<Viper> "You may," she laughed, stepping toward him and glancing around the lab, "So, what do you think?"

<Broo> "I'm rather jealous that I never thought of that before." Broo admitted, putting his phone away. "Then again I was fooling around with actual teleportation long before Shaw thought of this. So I still feel superior."

<Viper> "And well you should." She smiled at him, "Now, let me see what I can do to help you with your burdens. I know you are more than capable but there are only so many hours in a day and some of them are needed for sleeping and eating."

<Broo> "I am still on my schedule for sleeping and eating. Do not worry about that." Broo quickly said. "I'm just having difficulty concentrating, that's all. If I can just focus better, then all will be fine."

<Viper> "What is distracting you, my darling?" She reached to rest a hand on his head in an attempt to soothe the irritation.

<Broo> He grumbled beneath her palm. "If I knew, then I would have fixed it by now. Could be physical, psychological, biological... somethings else entirely... I don't know."

<Viper> "Have you run any tests for biological changes?" She gentley stroked his head while she talked.

<Broo> He didn't even realize he was slightly leaning into her hand. "Yes, and all came back pretty much normal compared to older results, which means I'm supposed to be like this if it's biological."

<Viper> "Have you checked your hormone levels?" She enquired, careful to keep her tone soft.

<Broo> "Sort of. It was part of the full body scan, but the levels spiked so high, it's just a system fault that I first want to figure out and fix before checking again."

<Viper> "Hmm... perhaps a fault or perhaps a legitimate reading. I wonder if you may not be approaching a natural progression into adulthood."

<Broo> He slipped away from her hand, giving her a look. "To clarify, you are telling me I am going through puberty? This is what puberty is supposed to be?"

<Viper> "You are something of an unknown with your unique biology but it is very likely... you are around the right age and the fluctuations in concentration may be a sign. If you wish, I can run some more detailed tests for you and then you needn't have that on your mind with all the other things."

<Broo> "If this is puberty, then I was expecting it at least three years ago. Great, I'm a late bloomer." he grumbled even more. "Very well, I will get you samples when we are done with this call."

<Viper> "You share biology with an alien species, this may be normal for them... have you made any progress in communication? Perhaps Jessica could help now that she is no longer pregnant and her abilities seem to have evolved also."

<Broo> "Some. She understands me somewhat, and I her. Somewhat. Not much else." Broo answered, his head still stuck on the idea that he was going through puberty. "Will you be giving me the talk?" he asked.

<Viper> Viper raised an eyebrow at him, "Do you think I need to give you the talk?"

<Broo> "That depends. Are you holding back on the mating rituals of test tube experiments?" he asked, trying his best to make light of the subject.

<Viper> She laughed softly, "I don't think so. I can run further experiments to find out though, if you like."

<Broo> He huffed and shrugged, "Might as well. Better to at least find out what awaits me before I stumble through it." Broo said, hoping that whatever came next for him did not involve slimy egg-pods with face hugging creatures inside. For a moment he considered cancelling his Netflix account.

<Viper> "Then I will do that for you." She smiled, "It needn't be so hard as you think. One thing at a time, besides the blizzard, what is your primary concern?"

<Broo> "Finding a stabilizing formula for the reality hole. It is technically blocked at the moment, but only due to a constant loop of energy being fed back to it. If the storm somehow causes a loss of power, which would be impossible, then the hole would go back to randomly letting any alternate reality creature into ours. If I can calculate a stabilizing formula for the hole, then I can design a better doorway that wouldn't need a constant feed of energy."

<Broo> "That and whether my deodorant is working on me or not." He added with great concern.

<Viper> "I will add the latter to the lists of tests I will conduct for you... as for your stabilising formula, is there not a reality you have come across already that might have such technology that you could repurpose?"

<Broo> "Yes, however I don't seem to have the time to go spelunking into another reality while I have things to do in this one."

<Viper> "If I were allowed on the grounds, I would gladly offer to do this for you... maybe you could suggest this as an adventure for the students of this school."

<Broo> "If I did that, I highly doubt students would be the best choice. For one, I supposedly already lost two that had blindly ventured too close to the hole before I was able to plug it, even though I had several signs up clearly stating it being dangerous to even be inside the same room, much less jump into it."

<Viper> "Staff then? Or petition Jessica to release her ban on my visiting the school in person."

<Broo> "I shall ask. Staff and Jessica. If staff, then hopefully we could actually turn the hole into a portal for research and class field trips." Broo added.

<Viper> "I think it would be very educational," she smiled, "You see? You needn't do all of this alone. There are supposed to be people here that can help you - people who consider themselves to be smarter than average. If they are unable to help you in any way, they should reconsider the size of their egos."

<Broo> "And if they don't, I'll just chip away at their egos until they break down in tears so that they can go back to their rooms and do more studying." Broo said, his supposed hormones rearing their ugly head again.

<Viper> Viper laughed, "Indeed... although, I wouldn't recommend doing that too often if you want to keep your friends. I quite like the quiet life but I always hoped for more for you."

<Broo> "Would that be the parental pressure to do better? Regarding my current status of onset puberty, it would then be expected for me to rebel, and become a lazy under achiever." Broo stated.

<Viper> "And then I would have to tell you how disappointed I am in you... and I don't want to do that," She pouted.

<Broo> "Seeing that I'm so late to the biological party, and the fact that I'm living twice as fast as everyone else, let's just pretend we had already gone through that stage of puberty. It works better for me like that."

<Viper> Viper laughed and gave him a small hug. She couldn't feel love but she did like Broo, he understood her and they had a way between them that would solve anything. "I think that is a good idea."

<Broo> "Excellent. Now if you would excuse me, I have samples to extract, and fellow students to embarrass with their meager intellect. There are still two buildings that need to be secured before the worst of the storm hits."

<Viper> "Then I will leave you to your work. Do let me know if there is anything I can help you with at all, alright? That's what I am for. Any time day or night." She bent to press a holographic kiss to the top of his chitinous head.

<Broo> Out of habit, Broo lifted his head slightly, standing on his little clawed toes. It felt weird being kissed like that via a hard-light projection. Normally there was little actual emotional affection from Viper, but through the projection, it was basically just an automated gesture. Still, it was better than nothing.

<Viper> "See you soon, Brooklyn. Stay safe during the storm." She gave him one last fond pat before deactivating the hologram.

<Broo> Broo stared at the cluttered space across his lab, standing silent for a while, before finally looking towards the sealed off door. "Maybe an obedience pheromone. If it works for Jessica..." he pattered back ot the door to deactivate the room's security.
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Re: 2/4 Instance: Growing Up

Post by Slarti » Thu Feb 05, 2015 1:23 am

<Broo> "I could always implant them with an obedience chip that could force them to stop being.... them." he pondered out loud.
:shifty Sebastian will take a few of those.

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Re: 2/4 Instance: Growing Up

Post by steyn » Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:57 pm

Just make sure he isnt visiting during one of broo's more grumpier moods.

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