11/28 Instance: To Hell With It!

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11/28 Instance: To Hell With It!

Post by steyn » Fri Nov 28, 2014 9:21 pm

Time: After BRB - Going to Hell

<@Santo> "Argh!" was quickly followed by a loud thud as Santo landed on his face. He quickly discovered that the portal he had gone through to the Hell dimension was actually a few feet higher off of the ground than it is back at his and Melati's home dimension. "Ow..." he mumbled.

<Melati> Melati didn't notice any height difference as she leaped through the portal, thanks to the makeshift stepping stone courtesy of her friend's head. "Santo?" the lizard girl asked, pausing to get her bearings. "Where the hell did you go?"

<@Santo> He just grumbled beneath her before he pushed himself up. "Hell, apparently. I went to Hell." was his answer when he finally looked around himself. The place didn't look very hellish. There were some junk lying around beneath the portal, and everything was very dark as well. "Hell isn't what I expected. Thought there'd be more... demons and hellfire and hell stuff."

<Melati> "Oh, there you are." Melati hopped off her friends back. "Sorry, didn't see you there among all that rubble." She reached up to pluck something dangling from Santo's head, revealing the piece of cloth to be a pair of red panties. "Hey, these look familiar. This is our stuff!"

<@Santo> "SPeak for yourself." Santo said, pushing himself back up. "I never wear panties. I'm a commando sort of guy." He frowned and cocked his head looking at a cooler box. "Those scoundrels. They DID take our beer stash."

<Melati> "My baby!" Melati pounced on the cooler box and pulled it out of the pile. "Oh no, you feel light. What did they do to you?" Popping the lid revealed the gruesome truth, as only three bottles fell out of the box. And they all sounded empty. "You bastards!"

<@Santo> Santo clutched his chest, falling to his knees. "Those animals! Those damned dirty animals! They will pay!" he yelled.

<@Santo> "Are you two done playing around?" asked a voice behind Santo. The big guy spun around and replied, "Almost. Think we can even quote a few lines from Planet of the Apes."

<@Santo> The Timebroker squinted at them. "We don't have much time left, and my projection won't last very long." he said, already starting to fade a little. "Once again, the device looks like this." he added showing the item they had to retrieve. "And if you go straight that way, you will find the citadel where the demonlord resides. Please take care, and don't get obliterated."

<Melati> "Yeah, I got you the first time," Melati replied, still clutching the empty cooler box. "I only look stupid, you know? Get your phone, go home, get booze, no problems." She looked in the direction their mysterious employer had pointed them. "We're as good as... wait what did you say about being obliterated?"

<Melati> When she turned back towards the transparent dude, he had already faded away.

<@Santo> "Is it just me, or does obliterated sound very ominous like?" Santo asked while getting back up again. In the corner of his eye he thought he saw movement, and when he looked at it, all he saw was a puff of purple smoke. "I think we better get goin', before something bad happens to us before we even get to the space remote."

<@Melati> "Don't worry, you're with me, big boy," Melati assured her rocky friend while she deposited the empty cooler box by the portal leading back home. "That means something bad will happen to us no matter what." Giving him what she thought to be an encouraging grin, the lizard girl slapped Santo's arm. "Come on, let's get out of here."

<Santo> For Santo, the journey to the citadel was actually quite interesting, especially when the ground beneath them would shake and break open, revealing gushing lava spewing up into the air and nearly burning them.

<@Melati> "I guess now we know why they called this place hell," Melati commented as she popped another blister with her claw. Navigating this maze of molten rock while barefoot was no fun, healing factor or not. That's why she had hitched a ride on Santo's shoulder after her third encounter with a hidden lava pit.

<@Melati> "Are we there yet?" she asked, looking across the vast expanse of jagged spires and steep cliffs. "Do you think they have any bars here?"

<Santo> Santo grumbled as he didn't even bother looking forward, just kept on travelling forward. "For the hundredth time, if you see a giant ass castle place in front of us, then we're there, but until then, no we are... oh... yeah we're there." he said looking up at the giant ass castle. It didn't look like a donkey at all though. It was big, and ominous like most structures in the dimension. "Maybe they got a bar in there. Wanna knock?"

<@Melati> "Of course! Maybe we're finally gonna see some demons." Melati jumped down from Santo's shoulder and found the ground pleasantly non-searing for once. "Who knows if we're even in the right place. This place is confusing like... uhm, hell."

<Santo> "Then I guess we're at the right place then." Santo added with a smirk walking alongside Mel next to the giant wall of the big place, until they came to a rather big pair of doors with stone gargoyles on each side. "That's a big knocker." he said, referring to the big knocker on the doors.

<@Melati> "I don't think they were made for human hands." Melati stepped up to the massive gate and looked up. Twisted ornaments had been carved into the black metal, ranging from the horrific to the obscene. "So, let's say they have that guy's remote here, you think they'll just give it to us for asking nicely?"

<Santo> "Maybe if we throw in a swear word or two, seeing that it's hell and all. Can't hurt to try." Santo shrugged. He grabbed hold on the lower part of the ring and groaned as he pulled back on it, before letting go. It was clear the ring wasn't a knocker, but rather used for opening the door. Santo just considered it a makeshift knocker seeing that it did the job. After the loud bang, there was a rising noise of grunt and growl coming from the other side of the door.

<Santo> "They got puppies!"

<@Melati> "Aww, I wanna pet them," Mel said while they waited for the doors to be opened - or for them to be skewered by arrows or doused with molten rock - whatever the denizens had in mind for unannounced visitors. "Hey, do have a plan yet?" With a deep rumble the gate started moving already.

<Santo> "I thought the plan was go in, get the mcguffin, and then get out." Santo replied looking between Melati and the doors. "Wow they take long to open. Oh oh, I think I can see a puppy. Big puppy. Huge. Three of them."

<@Melati> "Ah right, thanks. I already forgot." The puppies apparently couldn't wait for the gate to open either, barking and scratching through the widening crack. She looked from the raging hellbeasts to Santo. "Actually, I meant a plan concerning them, because I don't think they wanna be petted."

<Santo> "Yeah... their jaws looks like it can fit my head then them. I think I'll have to be the distraction and you can do the whole sneaky thing and find the whatchamacallit." Before the doors were wide enough to let the dogs out, Santo grabbed hold of Mel and said, "Up you go." before he swung around and threw her towards a high window.

<@Melati> "Whoa where am I..." She got cut off by slamming face-first into the fortress wall. Fortunately the lizard part of her brain remembered to dig her claws into the rock and kept her from simply falling back down again.

<@Melati> "When we're back home, we've got to work on your aim," Melati called down to Santo, before she crawled towards the window, the tip of her tail the last thing to disappear inside the citadel.

<Santo> Santo dusted off his hands as the doors finally were open enough for the dogs to come through. There were more heads than bodies, each dog having three heads, which would have been cute were not fo the drooling and foaming fangs and the distorted look of insanity each of their faces. "This is gonna hurt you more than it's gonna hurt me, Puppies."

<@Melati> "That's right, go play with the big rock," Melati whispered to herself as she crept down the hallway running behind the wall. "Don't mind the mutant lizard ninjaing your stuff." Not far ahead an intersection led further into the citadel - and deeper down, the stairs vanishing in the darkness below.

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