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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:47 pm

<Christopher> Chris stoked the forge that Viper had set up for him. He was starting on the task of setting up a jungle gym for the kids. A few lumps of metal he'd retrieved were strewn about the room waiting for him to get working on them.

<Carol> Carol had wandered aimlessly around the bunker for what seemed like hours. She was tired now that the alcohol had worn off and the guilt was creeping up on her rapidly but she didn't know where she was supposed to go. She didn't want to go back to the room she'd been sharing with Obi, she knew that. She didn't want to be alone at all. But Sebastian was mad at her. Not that she blamed him.

<Carol> Her feet took her toward the labs and the unfamiliar energy source her powers were picking up. Opening the door, she found Chris and wondered if she should just turn around and pretend she hadn't. Today hadn't been a day for good decision making.

<Christopher> Chris heard the door open and looked back at a worse for wear Carol. "Carol? You uhmm okay?"

<Carol> She shook her head, biting her lip in an effort not to start crying again. Stupid hormones. Though it probably wasn't just the hormones this time.

<Christopher> "Hey come on, Carol. You're my best friend, what's up?" He took the smock off that blocked him from the heat and went over to her.

<Carol> She closed the distance and wrapped her arms around him tightly before she burst into tears.

<Christopher> Chris could smell the alcohol on her. It made him a little upset but he wasn't going to say anything when she was crying. "Hey, hey, hey, what's wrong?" He held her close and rubbed her back.

<Carol> She shook her head, "It's supposed to be good news..."

<Christopher> "Good news isn't always good news for everyone. I know that well enough." Chris kept rubbing her back gently.

<Carol> "Hope..." she told him, "She's alive.... and she's here..."

<Christopher> "Ahh... I can see why that's good and bad news." He hugged her tighter. "Carol I'm always here for you. You're not alone."

<Carol> "It's not the same..." she shook her head again, loosening her hold to step back from him and rub at her eyes.

<Christopher> "I'm sorry Carol. I really am here for you, for whatever you need." He put a hand on her cheek. "I'll always be here for you." Chris gave her a smile.

<Carol> She nodded, turning her face into his hand, "I can't do this on my own..."

<Christopher> "You're not on your own Carol. You know I won't let you do this alone." He pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

<Carol> "But I am on my own... you can't stay with me... and you don't want to anyway...."

<Christopher> "Carol, all you've ever had to do was ask and I'd do anything for you." He pulled her back into a hug.

<Carol> "I did ask... you said no..." she reminded him. Though that incident felt like an age ago.

<Christopher> "I can be here for you Carol. And I can help you. I told you no back then because I wanted more than that." He sighed. "But I can always be here for you."

<Carol> "You know I can't do that right now..." She pressed her forehead hard against his shoulder in frustration.

<Christopher> "Carol I'm not asking you to change your mind. I just want to help you. Be here for you." He rubbed her back.

<Carol> "But... I don't... I can't stand waking up alone...."

<Christopher> "I think I can sign up to be a cuddle buddy." He gave her a little squeeze.

<Carol> That wasn't the same either. She gave him a slightly watery smile for the offer though, "Thanks..."

<Christopher> "Carol..." He ran a hand through her hair gently. "I know it's hard but you're not alone. And I'll do whatever I have to, to prove that to you."

<Carol> "I know... but you know it's not the same... I appreciate it... but... yeah... I should just..." she gestured vaguely at the door.

<Christopher> "Carol, you're upset, you really think I'm going to let you run off and make yourself more depressed?" He rubbed her back and gave her another squeeze.

<Carol> "I don't even know where I'm going...." she closed her eyes, sagging against him and clinging to him tightly, "I can't go back to that room and sleep in there on my own and pretend I'm okay..."

<Christopher> "Sounds like you're going to come to my room then and let me take care of you, Carol." Chris didn't let go of her. His best friend was hurting and he wasn't going to let her go hurt more.

<Carol> "And then what? I have to go and be on my own again... and pretend I'm happy for them... and I am... but it hurts... it's not supposed to hurt this much..."

<Christopher> "I know Carol. But I can at least help you through it and be here for you. For as long as you need."

<Carol> "I thought this would be different..." She sank slowly to the floor, "She wasn't supposed to come back..." she must have the shittest luck ever.

<Christopher> Chris went to the floor with her, still holding her. "Life's a crazy fucking mess of events huh?"

<Carol> "It's not fair..." she hid her face behind her hands, "What did I do? What did I do that was so bad?"

<Christopher> "Shh, shh, shh. I know, Carol. Life's not fair and it fucking sucks sometimes." He laid his head on top of hers.

<Carol> "I don't know what to do, Chris... I don't think I can do this... I'm not a good person... I can't be a parent..."

<Christopher> "Cuz I am? I didn't think I could be a parent either, Carol. When I found out about Thomas I was a depressed junky that was attempting to drink himself to death. I wanted to die for all the shit I'd done. You can do anything, Carol, anything."

<Carol> She shook her head, "I can't... I'm not... not in a good place... I haven't been for the longest time... I can't take another hit like this..."

<Christopher> "Which is why you're not going to deal with it alone." Chris hugged her. "I'll help you however I can."

<Carol> "You don't understand..." she leaned against him, hardly even having the energy to cry anymore but the tears kept coming.

<Christopher> "I'm sorry, Carol... I don't. I wish I could understand what you're feeling, but I can't. What I can do is always be here for you. Here to help you through all this."

<Carol> "I'm gonna fuck this all up... What kind of role model am I? But I can't... I don't want to just... Chris, I can't see a way out of this... and I don't want to be alone... I don't know what to do... I have nowhere to go...."

<Christopher> "Well, for now, you have my room. And I'm here to keep you company." He hugged her tightly. "I've fucked my whole life multiple times, I've not even got it back together yet, but I'm trying and I know you can do the same. Carol, you can do this."

<Carol> "I can't... I can't even take care of myself... I can't cook... I don't know how to take care of a baby... I don't... I don't want to take care of a baby..."

<Christopher> "I know, Carol. I know. But you've at least got me to help you." He kissed her forehead.

<Carol> She shook her head. She wasn't sure she wanted help so much as someone to do it for her. "I'm scared..."

<Christopher> "You don't need to be, Carol. I know it's a scary prospect... I really do. But you're not going to go through this alone. I'll help you however I can."

<Carol> "And what if she can't turn off my powers...?" something she had yet to request, "Or something's wrong...?" Something else she hadn't asked Viper to check yet either.

<Christopher> "Give Viper some credit, she's a fucking genius. I'm sure everything will be fine. Try to stay optimistic, please Carol."

<Carol> "I don't have it in me anymore... I'm so exhausted from taking care of everyone... I have nothing left... and nothing to show for it... Chris, I'm so lonely... I miss my family... I don't want a baby... It wasn't supposed to be like this...."

<Christopher> Chris held her close. "I know, Carol. I'm sorry, but you can't give up. I won't give up on you."

<Carol> "Why shouldn't I give up? It doesn't matter anymore... I tried... it didn't do any good... and now everyone's safe... and I don't need to be here anymore... I don't want to be here anymore... but I'm trapped here..."

<Christopher> "Because I don't know what I'll do without you again. I missed you so much while you were gone, Carol. You're my best friend." He hugged her tighter.

<Carol> "That's just it... I can't just be here because other people don't want me to leave... I don't have a reason to stay..." Except that she'd told Obi she wasn't going to go. "But I have this... thing... and I have to wait... and hope everything's going to be okay... but every time I do that it all goes to shit... and I just can't watch that happen again..."

<Christopher> Chris let out a soft sigh against her head. "Carol... I'm sorry I can't do more. I'm here for you. I'll do whatever it takes to help make sure it doesn't go to shit... But I can't promise that."

<Carol> "No one can... but everyone else... it works out okay... and that's great.... really... but it's so hard to be happy for everyone else anymore... it hurts... I don't even have words... Everything good... I fuck it up or lose it... and I know I'm gonna do it again... because I suck... I suck at everything that doesn't involve hurting people..."

<Christopher> "Stop beating yourself up, Carol." He hugged her tighter. "Please. For me? What do you want me to do? What can I do to help you?"

<Carol> "I don't know..." she shook her head, "I keep telling you... I don't know what to do anymore... I'm so tired... I just... want to drink... and forget... and not feel like shit for five minutes... but I can't do that either..." because she tried and now it was all worse.

<Christopher> "Then let me help you take it one day at a time." He rubbed up and down her back gently.

<Carol> "I don't want to be alone... I don't like it.... my mind goes to dark places... but you... you have Thomas... and Greer... and Beth... I can't do that to them...."

<Christopher> "Greer is my ex-wife, Thomas will always be my son, you can't change that or mess it up in any way... And Beth, I want it to be something, I do. But all we do is fuck right now. I'm sure she'll understand that you need a good friend."

<Carol> "Greer and Thomas need you right now..." she sniffed, reaching up to try and dry her eyes on her sleeve. "And... I can't promise I won't do something stupid...."

<Christopher> "I can help you both. And Greer was your friend too, you can help me get her back. You help me I help you." Chris wiped her tears away gently.

<Carol> "And what about if I do something I shouldn't?" She studied his face, not sure if she should be more specific.

<Christopher> "Right now, Carol, if that's what you need." He held her cheek. "I said I'd do anything you need to help you."

<Carol> She bit her lip, leaning into his hand, "Don't say that if you don't mean it...."

<Christopher> "You've been my best friend long enough to know I'd do anything for you." He moved her into another gentle hug.

<Carol> She rested against him, closing her eyes, "I don't want to hurt you... Promise me it's going to be okay..." She practically begged him, hating how pathetic she sounded.

<Christopher> "You're not going to hurt me, Carol. I've been through a lot and I expect shit to get worse before it gets better. But it will get better."

<Carol> "Do you understand why now...?" She shifted her head on his shoulder, "Why I didn't want a relationship?" Despite her best efforts, the pain had happened anyway.

<Christopher> "Carol, I've never blamed you for not wanting one." He rubbed her back. "I just want to help make you happy."

<Carol> "And you'll be okay?" The last thing she wanted was to damage her best friend. She'd never forgive herself.

<Christopher> "Yes Carol, I will be okay. I promise." Chris gave her another tight hug.

<Carol> She took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh, "I need you to be okay... I mean it..."

<Christopher> "As long as you're still my best friend I'll be okay, Carol. And don't think you can fuck up and get rid of me or anything. I'm too much of a masochist for you to break me."

<Carol> Giving another nod, she slid her arms around him to give him a squeeze. "Okay... will you... can you stay with me while I sleep? Please...?"

<Christopher> "Do you want to go to my room? At least you can be comfortable there."

<Carol> She nodded, letting him go so that she could get to her feet, "Thanks... really.... you've no idea..."

<Christopher> Chris got up with her and went to shut off the forge and take Carol back to his room. "I'd do anything for you, Carol. You'd do the same for me."

<Carol> She nodded, scrubbing her face with her hands. She was so tired. "I'd do anything... you're family..." she gave him a wan smile, "I love you, remember?"

<Christopher> "Don't make me make some terrible incest joke." He teased her and gave her a hug from behind. "I know, Carol. I love you too. We've always been there for each other."

<Carol> She rested back against him and turned her head to press a kiss to his cheek then lifted a hand to cover a yawn. "Yeah..." she agreed, "But let's be there somewhere I can lie down..."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:48 pm

<Shaw> Dressed in spare clothing he kept in his lab, Sebastian's hair was still damp when he knocked on the door to his own room.

<Jessica> Jess smoothed Miriam's hair down and gave her a smile as she coloured things in and got up to open the door.

<Shaw> Of course he could hear her coming, so he had a moment to school his features before the door opened. "Love," he greeted, his smile tentative.

<Jessica> Jess kept her expression blank and turned back to the room and her daughter, a small silver creature ran out from under the bed and headed for Sebastian's ankles.

<Shaw> He stopped cold at the movement, then laughed and crouched. "Well, look at you," he said, reaching to pet his long-lost silver dog. Sharky, as usual, looked like a corgi and jumped up for attention.

<Jessica> "He showed up in the night scratching at the door..." Jess told him, "Miriam was so happy to see him this morning..."

<Shaw> "It's good to see you, too," he told the predator, scratching behind its ears and looking up at Jessica. "I wonder where they found him."

<Jessica> "You'll have to ask," she sat down beside Miriam, smiling at her daughter as she showed off her picture then got up to show her father too.

<Shaw> "Hello, little love." He looked at Miriam's picture and admired it, then gave her a hug, holding on while Sharky danced around them.

<Jessica> Jess tidied the crayons a little for something to do and took a deep breath while she tried to remind herself to be normal around Miriam.

<Shaw> It didn't take long for Miriam to go back to her table, fussing at her mother for moving her crayons. Sebastian stayed where he was, watching them.

<Jessica> Jess laughed and apologised for messing up her system, wrapping her arms around her daughter for a cuddle attack.

<Shaw> He watched with a smile, wanting to join them. Sharky nudged his hand and he resumed petting. "You're still the same," he told him. "Good for you."

<Jessica> "He must have been with some friendly people," Jess reasoned, "People that don't mind things made of liquid shapeshifting metal..."

<Shaw> Miriam announced she was going to draw Sharky now, and hearing his name the corgi bounced off to her. "I'm glad he was."

<Jessica> "I think Sharky might like to pose for his picture," Jess laughed a little, watching the silver corgi bounce around.

<Shaw> He laughed and Miriam giggled, getting distracted by wrestling with the corgi.

<Jessica> She smiled, watching Miriam so happy and the familiar scene was nice. It felt almost like before... except that it was spoilt by the fact she was still upset about the previous day. She tried to ignore it for Miriam's sake.

<Shaw> Sebastian watched her profile for a while. He'd stayed away from their link to give her time, but now... Jessie?

<Jessica> Jess breathed in sharply in surprise, looking over at him, I don't know if we should talk about this in front of her... But who the hell was she supposed to leave Miriam with now?

<Shaw> We don't need to talk, per se. Obviously, since they weren't speaking aloud right now. He tilted his head and got up, moving to a chair.

<Jessica> She bent to press a kiss to Miriam's head and told Sharky to try and sit still so the girl could draw then moved to take a seat herself. You know what I mean....

<Shaw> Yes, I do. He sighed. Would you rather speak in the bedroom?

<Jessica> She sighed, You really want to do this now? Putting her hands on her knees, she stood up, telling Miriam they'd only be next door if she wanted anything.

<Shaw> Sebastian stood as well, pausing to kiss Miriam on top of the head and give her a quick squeeze from behind before he went with Jessica. Miriam giggled and kissed his cheek before she went back to her drawing.

<Jessica> Jess sat down on the edge of the bed and leaned back on her hands, "Well?"

<Shaw> He sat beside her, a slight distance away, and turned to face her. "I'm sorry," he said, meeting her eyes and hoping she felt his sincerity.

<Jessica> "For which part?" she turned her head toward him.

<Shaw> "I should have told you, as soon as I could." He sighed. "There is... no sufficient excuse for why I chose to wait."

<Jessica> "You promised. We both promised." She reminded him, keeping her voice down but it shook with suppressed anger. "The only thing I ever asked of you."

<Shaw> "I know," he said quietly. "It... certainly was never my intent to keep it from you..."

<Jessica> "Then why would you do it?!" She snapped, glancing at the door as the volume of her voice rose slightly.

<Shaw> Sebastian looked at the door too, then back. He started to reach for her hand, but stopped halfway. "It was so surreal. She just appeared, in a white dress no less, and acting strange enough that I seriously questioned my own sanity."

<Jessica> "And yet you told me about Carol - something I'd rather not have known."

<Shaw> "Of course I told you. You would rather I hadn't?" He shook his head, now confused.

<Jessica> "Of course I would! Do you think I wanted to hear that?! After everything I'd been through in the camps? Do you really think I wanted to hear my husband had been fucking the first blonde that made eyes at him? But you couldn't tell me the good news?! That's what I don't understand! You saw her and she was alive! It didn't occur to you that I'd be pleased to know?!"

<Shaw> Sebastian's head snapped to the door, but there was no sound from the living room. Thank heavens. Then, he swallowed and slowly turned back to her. "Jess..."

<Shaw> "I wasn't sure it was good news - she was suicidal, and after she was gone I had no idea what happened for a long time, not until the attacks started." He licked his lips. "As for Carol... you have no idea how much I wish I hadn't..."

<Jessica> "But you did! And then Michael..." and she was never going to get over that. She paused as her stomach turned, "And you should have told me when the attacks started at the very least!"

<Shaw> "Michael? I was doing as she asked!" So much for honesty, if this was what it got him. "I didn't get a chance!"

<Jessica> She shook her head, "That's not what I mean..." Oh she really didn't want to think about it. Not even a little bit. She pressed her lips tightly together.

<Shaw> "What do you mean then?" He had no idea, since all he was getting from the link was rage, and he was working to stop it from bleeding into him. It wasn't working.

<Jessica> "Both of you!" She exploded, covering her face with her hands as though trying to keep herself from making further noise.

<Shaw> Oh. Well. Sebastian blinked at that, and then took a moment to process. "How," he started, then stopped.

<Jessica> She shook her head, still hiding her face with her hands. That Michael had gotten involved with Carol wasn't really Sebastian's fault but it was something else that was eating away at her.

<Shaw> He still didn't have a response for that. So Michael's involvement with Carol was his fault too? He rubbed his eyes and sighed.

<Jessica> "I can't keep ignoring these things anymore..." she said quietly, "I can't pretend it doesn't bother me..." and seeing Carol with Miriam made her feel things she wasn't proud of.

<Shaw> "Michael... is not me," he pointed out, watching her. "I understand it's..." Sebastian searched for a word. "Strange, that he also... but..."

<Jessica> "I know he's not you!" She snapped, catching her voice as it rose again, "But she's still here and you-" she shook her head, "I want to believe that I'm just being stupid and paranoid..." a surge of jealousy shot through her again. "I can't just forget it happened."

<Shaw> That, he felt. "You think I would do it again..." It actually stunned him into momentary silence.

<Jessica> "How do I know?" It had dragged up things from years ago she thought she'd left behind. But it was almost the same thing. Except for the hair colour. "How do I know what you'd do? Where did you even go last night? How much did you drink?" Would he even remember if he'd crossed the line again? Given how drunk Carol was that morning she doubted the other woman would have stopped him.

<Shaw> "You know because you're in my head!" How could she think he would do that? It hurt, far more than he expected, making it hard to breathe. "I was in my lab! Drinking was an irrational response, yes! I know that, but I was trying to give you some space since you made it clear I wasn't welcome here last night!"

<Jessica> "How can I trust that being in your head lets me know everything anymore?! Don't you get it?! If you can keep something like this from me, how do I know there isn't something else in there waiting to come out?"

<Shaw> "I wasn't keeping it from you," he said quietly, closing his eyes. "Things... just kept getting in the way. Helping Viper, working late on projects. By the time there was time something else would happen that seemed more pressing."

<Jessica> "More pressing than that my best friend is alive?" She shook her head disbelievingly.

<Shaw> Sebastian knew that arguing she and Hope argued so much it was impossible to tell when they were friends or not at any given time was a bad idea. He sighed, bowing his head.

<Jessica> "So that's a no then?" She questioned after waiting a few moments in silence.

<Shaw> "I made a tremendous mistake," he said. There was obviously no winning this.

<Jessica> "Yes you did." She scrubbed her face with her hands, "And now I don't know if I can trust you to tell me anything."

<Shaw> He could argue that, but she obviously didn't want to hear it.

<Jessica> "So," she said after another long silence, turning her head to look at him, "What now?"

<Shaw> "I don't know," he said quietly. "You seem to have made your decision."

<Jessica> "Oh have I? So what is it?" She raised an eyebrow.

<Shaw> "That you expect me to fuck any female who walks by. That it doesn't matter that you are the only woman I've ever truly loved. That you no longer trust me."

<Jessica> "How am I supposed to trust you now? You haven't even tried to change my mind."

<Shaw> "I haven't tried because you don't seem to want to hear it." Sebastian stood and started to pace. "I have made mistakes, obviously. What happened... while you were gone, I cannot undo it, but it will never, ever happen again."

<Shaw> "The situation with Hope... I was trying to protect you both. I obviously failed spectacularly."

<Jessica> "I don't need protecting! I'm not a fucking child!" She bit her tongue to stop the next remark escaping. "What did you even think you were protecting me from anyway?"

<Shaw> "We've all lost so much and I didn't think she would survive. I couldn't get her to stay, and I had no idea what had happened. She never answered me before."

<Jessica> "I'm used to losing things, Sebastian. And when she started attacking things and didn't show up on the news dead you shoud have said something. I just don't understand what you thought keeping this from me was going to do. If you'd said something maybe we could have asked Beth to try and contact her for you. Did you even think of asking the other more powerful telepath?"

<Shaw> "I didn't know it was her!" He kept pacing. Of course he'd thought of it, but Hope had asked him to keep her secret. He had a few choice words about her secret now, and was likely to tell her all of them. Soon.

<Jessica> "What do you want me to do, Sebastian? I can't pretend this hasn't pissed me off. Would you rather I redirected my anger at Hope? Because I think we both know that would be a bad idea. I can't just wish the anger away."

<Shaw> "Oh, I'm quite aware you're angry." He gave a pointed look to the door.

<Jessica> "It's not just you... it's the whole stupid situation. And I'm angry with Hope and angry with Carol but I'm not allowed to be angry with either of them so I'm angry about that too." She sighed, "I need... well, a vacation would be nice but that's not happening any time soon." She ran a hand through her hair then pulled a pillow into her lap so she could curl around it.

<Shaw> "A vacation would be... welcome." He gave her a slight, tired smile and resumed his pacing.

<Jessica> "Somewhere with a beach... and cocktails..." she pressed her face into the pillow for a few moments, "For now... just... give me some time. Eventually I'll remember that being angry about it doesn't make it unhappen and then I'll do what I always do and ignore it and then go back to normal... but other things... what we spoke about before I was angry... that's not going to go as fast."

<Shaw> Sebastian frowned at the top of her head, watching her. "I understand," he said with a sigh. "I... that will never happen again. Someday, I hope you will believe that."

<Jessica> "It's not just with you... it's her with Miriam... and Michael... and then this morning it just.... And I can't really say anything about it... I shouldn't be angry with her but I am. I shouldn't be jealous but I am. It's the same as with Hope... but worse..."

<Shaw> "This morning, I was trying to get her to stop drinking." He moved closer, crouching to try to get her to look at him. "I understand that you can't help your feelings, and I'm not trying to argue. It will never, ever happen again."

<Jessica> "It better not," she said, lifting her head just enough so he could see her eyes, "They'd never find the bodies."

<Shaw> "Including mine, I know," he said. The corner of his mouth twitched.

<Jessica> "And Viper would have to raise Miriam because I'd be in jail." She nodded sagely. "No one wants that."

<Shaw> "Well, we can't have that." He tilted his head and offered her his hand. "Of course, it's unlikely the police would care, considering the current state of the nation."

<Jessica> She took his hand and gave it a brief squeeze before releasing it and getting to her feet, "Give me a little while... I'll... work on the rage... see if Viper has anything I can punch til I feel better... or something more productive I can do."

<Shaw> He nodded with a sigh and straightened up. "Just... allow me to get some of my things. I'll stay in my lab."

<Jessica> "Take your time," she straightened her clothing a little, "I'll sit with Miriam... come and play with her a little before you go..."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:49 pm

<Christopher> Chris snuggled up to the body next him, his hands moving across Carol to hold her. It was nice waking up to her next to him.

<Carol> Carol shifted a little on the edge of sleep and rolled her face into the pillow in an effort to go all the way back to sleep.

<Christopher> He didn't even attempt to wake her up, Chris knew better than that. His hands moved to hold her loosely as he got comfortable too. If she was going back to sleep, so was he.

<Carol> Being asleep was much easier than being awake but it was so much harder to hold onto. Especially when you heard the door to the bedroom open.

<Christopher> Chris groaned a little, wondering who was coming into the bedroom. "We've got company..."

<Carol> A moment later, the weight on the bed shifted as a small body leapt onto it. Carol decided to pretend she was still asleep.

<Christopher> Chris tried to take cover under a pillow. "We've been ambushed!"

<Carol> Thomas pounced his father for playtime, attempting to wriggle under the pillow he was using for protection.

<Christopher> "Uuugh, nooooo it's still time to be asleep, Thomas." He held the pillow tight.

<Carol> The tail hitting her hip repeatedly made Carol roll over. She folded the blanket over Thomas to wrap him in it and pin his arms to his sides at the same time. "I win. We're sleeping."

<Christopher> "That won't hold him long. Just don't let him tear the sheets." He laughed a little and rolled over onto his back.

<Carol> "Yeah, but I have an added attraction that you don't have." She looked down at Thomas who now had his ear pressed to her belly.

<Christopher> "Well that's just unfair. But at least he's distracted." Chris stretched as best he could.

<Carol> "Just using what I have," she gave him a small grin as she smoothed down Thomas' bed-hair. "His hair's getting long... curls like his mom's."

<Christopher> "Think I should probably figure out getting it cut? The messes he makes will make keeping it clean a hassle soon."

<Carol> "I can do it, if you want? I've gotten pretty good at it... Just gotta get him to sit still long enough."

<Christopher> "I'll figure out something to distract him. Or at the worst hold him." Chris moved to slip his arm around her.

<Carol> "Maybe see if Greer wants to help?" she suggested, "Might be nice for her too..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, she's getting better every day. Maybe soon she'll be just another one of the group like before." Chris gave her a little smile.

<Carol> "Yeah... and also make sure Viper knows not to press her buttons... because I feel like she'll do that just to make sure..." She smiled a little as Thomas snuggled against her.

<Christopher> "Yeah Viper knows to take things slow and play nice, but I'll remind her." Chris snuggled up with the two of them. "So back to sleep right?" He smirked a little.

<Carol> "You mean she's not super bored of playing nice?" She raised an eyebrow at him, "Did you guys lobotomise her while I was away?"

<Christopher> "I think she's trying to keep everyone happy cuz we're all she's got right now. Gotta keep your allies on your side right?"

<Carol> "Yeah, I guess so..." she sighed, "I really need to talk to her..."

<Christopher> "Bout what?" He rubbed her shoulder a little absently.

<Carol> "The whole baby thing, you know.... it's just... it was awkward enough before...."

<Christopher> "Yeah... that's probably a good idea. She's the closest thing to a medical doctor we have here. I can go with you, if you want."

<Carol> She shook her head, "I told Michael he could still come with me..."

<Christopher> "Alright, I'm here for you if you need me though. I've been trying to get back into the swing of my art stuff."

<Carol> "I know you are..." she offered him a small smile, "And I wish I could help you with that but... I'm limited to stick dudes."

<Christopher> "I'll give you a stick." He tickled her a little.

<Carol> She laughed, smacking at his hand, "Don't tickle me! I'll pee!"

<Christopher> "Well damn that's not fair. Tickling is my only advantage." Chris gave her a smile and pulled her into a gentle hug.

<Carol> "Why do you need an advantage? When did we declare war?"

<Christopher> "Gotta keep you on your toes? I don't know." Chris laughed a bit harder.

<Carol> "I don't need to be on my toes... most of the time I can't even see my toes!"

<Christopher> "I promise they're still cute." He kissed her cheek.

<Carol> "You think my toes are cute?" She frowned at him.

<Christopher> "What, I'm not allowed to think you're cute?" He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "I don't know... guess it depends on the context... or do you have some kind of foot fetish I'm not aware of?"

<Christopher> "And if I did? Got a problem with that? Are you kinkshaming me, Carol?" He laughed harder.

<Carol> She prodded him with her foot, "I would never!"

<Christopher> "Hey there's a child present don't get naughty on me now." He smirked at her.

<Carol> "You're the one flirting," she pointed out, poking the corner of his mouth with her finger.

<Christopher> Chris licked her finger. "It's just too hard to resist you." He gave her a little smirk.

<Carol> "Uh-huh," she gave his shoulder a small shove.

<Christopher> "Careful, don't make me punish you later missy." He poked her nose.

<Carol> "I feel like that'd be a challenge... what's worse than this?"

<Christopher> "Well I was thinking a spanking but I feel like that's an empty threat now." Chris laughed a little.

<Carol> "It's totally an empty threat.... buuuuut my threat to pee wasn't. I gotta get up."

<Christopher> "Yup, please don't wet the bed." He gave her a little chuckle before picking up Thomas so she could get up.

<Carol> With Thomas out of the way, she cheated and used her flight powers to help herself out of the bed and disappeared into the bathroom.

<Christopher> Chris gave Thomas some tickles before taking him out of the room to set him up with something to do. It didn't take long at all for the paper and pencils and crayons to be strewn all across the table and Chris was laughing a bit. "Well he got my love for art... or he's like all other kids his age and loves to make a mess of color on paper too." He called back to Carol.

<Carol> "Smart money is on the mess making," she called in reply as she brushed her hair through. "He just as happy about bathtime?"

<Christopher> "He's part tiger - of course he loves water." Chris came back into the room and shut the door. "Though I enjoy it too." He gave her a smirk as he passed the bathroom to get some clothes to change into.

<Carol> "Is this bathtime with the kid, bathtime with some woman or secret Chris' alone time bathtime?" She laughed.

<Christopher> "Well I have a more specific woman in mind." Chris joined her in the bathroom and gave her butt a little swat.

<Carol> "Oh do you? Well I don't know who that would be," finished with her hair, she stretched as she headed back to the bedroom to find some clean clothes.

<Christopher> "A certain hot blonde that looks really good in my shower." He brushed his teeth and headed back into the bedroom.

<Carol> "Soooo... Beth?" She sat down on the bed to put her socks on.

<Christopher> "Well I wasn't thinking of her till you put that thought into my head. Sure you're not like part demon too?" He came up behind her and gave her butt a poke.

<Carol> "I don't think they exist," she gave him a grin over her shoulder.

<Christopher> "I don't know, I'm pretty sure I'm captivated by a succubus butt right now." He gave her butt a squeeze before pulling Carol into a hug.

<Carol> "I'm a succubus now? Wow, full of compliments today," she leaned back into the hug.

<Christopher> "What can I say? You're devilishly irresistible. Maybe I should do a painting of you with horns and a sexy little tail." Chris gave her neck a little kiss.

<Carol> "I don't think that's a good idea..." her nose wrinkled a little and she sat up again.

<Christopher> "Aww why not?" He gave her another squeeze.

<Carol> "Because I look bad enough without artistic interpretation right now?"

<Christopher> "Oh shut up before I spank that pretty bottom. You still look amazing." He poked her nose.

<Carol> She shook her head, "That's not what I mean..." she got to her feet to finish getting dressed.

<Christopher> Chris sighed a little. "Want to talk about it, Carol?" He followed behind her and ran a hand up her back gently.

<Carol> "Not really... Trying not to think about it...." she sighed and turned to look at him, "I don't want my misery to annoy you so much you kick me out..."

<Christopher> "I'm not going to kick you out Carol. I just want to try and make you feel better. I like making you happy." He pressed a hand to her cheek and gave her a soft kiss.

<Carol> "I know... but this isn't going to go away... it's not an easy fix..." she slid an arm around him for a hug.

<Christopher> "Well then I'll just have to not let you get away until you're all fixed up with duct tape and super glue." He hugged her back and gave her a soft kiss.

<Carol> "I think people might ask questions if you tie me up in your room..."

<Christopher> "I don't know... they might be too worried about the answer to ask questions." He gave her a little smirk.

<Carol> "And that's exactly what I don't need people thinking..." she rolled her eyes and moved away from him.

<Christopher> "I'm just teasing you, Carol." He sighed. "I'm sorry."

<Carol> "I know that... but I'm already in enough trouble... and people talk...."

<Christopher> "They can cool their titts, we're all we got and there's no reason to make enemies." He gave her a little hug.

<Carol> "Well I better stop doing that then, huh?"

<Christopher> "Eh I'll kick their asses for you." He poked her cheek.

<Carol> She shook her head, "Don't... I deserve this...."

<Christopher> "Too bad, you're getting it cuz you're my best friend and I care about you." Chris gave her a big smile.

<Christopher> "Don't make me gag you, Carol." He pressed a kiss to her forehead. "No one deserves any kind of abuse except the bastards that are hunting mutants down."

<Carol> "I don't know about that... I've made some pretty questionable decisions...."

<Christopher> "And I haven't? You only get abuse if it's my definition of abusing you." He smirked.

<Carol> She gave him a shove, "Yeah yeah..."

<Christopher> "So you're agreeing to my terms?" He gave her a playful shove back.

<Carol> "I'm agreeing you're an idiot."

<Christopher> "We already knew that. It hasn't changed for like twenty some odd years." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> She gave him a small laugh and turned toward the door, "Come on, lets get some breakfast..."

<Christopher> "Can I put clothes on first or should I go in my dirty boxers?" He laughed a little.

<Carol> "If you'd get dressed instead of mocking me you'd be faster."

<Christopher> "You love it." Chris went over to get dressed so they could go get breakfast.

<Carol> Carol headed out to play with Thomas while she waited and put on her happy face.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:53 pm

<Daken> Daken sat in the control room for the ventilation of the bunker. He had been randomly sending pheromones to different peoples rooms to turn them on as massively as he could, mostly because he was bored and loved causing chaos.

<Viper> Viper knew exactly where he was and what he was doing but had largely left him to it. Today, however, she had other ideas. "Enjoying yourself?"

<Daken> "For the most part? No not really. This place is quite boring. But for now, yes."

<Viper> "If you want something to do, I'm sure I can find plenty of work for you." She closed the door behind her and crossed the room toward him.

<Daken> "See you assume I would enjoy doing work. I'm not a hired hand. I'm a manager."

<Viper> "And what would you like to manage?" She perched on the edge of the desk in front of him.

<Daken> "Do you not remember how I managed the prison? I am good at controlling people, it is what I do."

<Viper> "You haven't answered my question." She leaned closer to him, "What do you want?"

<Daken> "I could think of a few things." He gave her a little smirk, a hand moving up her leg slowly.

<Viper> "Then make your request and I'll see what I can do for you."

<Daken> "Well the first thing that comes to mind is removing a bit of your clothing." His hand ran higher up her thigh.

<Viper> She laughed softly, "And how long do you imagine that will entertain you?"

<Daken> "Well I guess that depends on how entertaining can you be? How long do you think you can entertain me for, huh Viper?" Daken brushed his hand across the crotch of her pants before moving down her other leg.

<Viper> "I'm sure I can manage quite some time but I do have work to do. What will you do when I leave?" She shifted from the desk into his lap, settling astride him.

<Daken> "Hmm well I guess I'll have to keep finding fun ways to entertain myself." He moved his hands around to give her butt a squeeze.

<Viper> "I don't want you to get bored here... and I certainly don't think I should let you continue to entertain yourself this way... especially without company."

<Daken> "Well maybe as we find more people around I'll find some more company to enjoy." He moved his hands to start working at undoing her pants.

<Viper> "Perhaps you'd like to help me find some more and bring them here?" She suggested, shifting to let him.

<Daken> "I'm sure I could manage that. Though my skills usually were used for blackmail and eliminating targets." Daken moved his hands up from her pants to start pushing her shirt off.

<Viper> "And what makes you think you won't also have targets to eliminate?"

<Daken> "And now you're speaking my language. I hope you're not teasing me." He got her shirt off and threw it aside.

<Viper> "Oh I do tease... but I usually do follow through..."

<Daken> "Mmm I like the way you think." He ran a hand across her body slowly, giving her breasts a little attention.

<Viper> "I find a lot of people do in the end."

<Daken> Daken started to undo her bra. "And what pray tell are you thinking about now?"

<Viper> "I thought I'd let you do whatever you wanted to me... for as long as you like. And then we might find you some new playthings."

<Daken> "Mmm that does sound like a naughty idea." He threw her bra aside. "Are we going to start a bordello?" Daken laughed a little.

<Viper> "Would you enjoy that?" she laughed with him.

<Daken> "Oh I'd have to be insane not to. You going to help me train all of our call girls?"

<Viper> "In what capacity? Example?... or mistress?" She raised an eyebrow, a smirk on her lips.

<Daken> "I'm going to suggest all of the above." He leaned in to give her nipple a long slow lick.

<Viper> "Everything? Hmm... then I suppose you should show me what I should prioritise."

<Daken> "Well I think we should start with the basics." He motioned for her to get up and take her pants off.

<Viper> She smirked, shifting back onto the desk and putting her booted foot into his lap.

<Daken> "Mmm careful with that boot Viper." He smirked back at her and ran a hand down her thigh, scraping it with his fingernails.

<Viper> "Why?" she cocked her head on one side, the smirk growing as she applied a little pressure with her toes.

<Daken> "Don't make me cut those boots off you, not when they look so good on you." He gave her a devilish grin.

<Viper> "You better move faster to take them off me then before I get bored."

<Daken> Daken laughed a little more. "Now you're just being mean." He smirked before moving to get her boots off for her.

<Viper> "If you didn't like it, you'd tell me to leave," she leaned back on her hands while she waited.

<Daken> Daken threw her boots aside. "Maybe just a little."

<Viper> She laughed softly and set her feet on the floor, standing up to slide her pants down for him.

<Daken> Daken gave her butt a sharp spank. "Though you should expect punishment for being a bad girl."

<Viper> "Do you promise?" she moved back into his lap.

<Daken> Daken gave her butt another spank. "Oh yes I do."

<Viper> "Should that be on our training regiment?" She asked, shifting closer to him and resting her forearms on his shoulders.

<Daken> "We'll have to search a bit harder for girls that enjoy that sort of thing." He spanked her harder. His erection starting to tent his pants.

<Viper> "Perhaps... but it would be worth it," she hissed at the harder spank, "It's far less difficult to find people who enjoy being on the other end."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:04 pm

<Carol> Carol poked around the lab while she waited for Obi to arrive and Viper got whatever she was going to get from wherever she was going to get it. There sure were a lot of projects on the go in here. She poked at some small components that lay half assembled on a table.

<Shinobi> He was late, but leaving Hope's side was something he still didn't really want to do unless he had to. This, however, was a situation where he definitely couldn't bring her... things were already awkward enough.

<Carol> She probably shouldn't touch the small things, she reasoned. If she broke one, Viper probably wouldn't be happy. She put her hands in her pockets and decided to go look at something else.

<Shinobi> Obi stopped just inside the door to Viper's lab and watched Carol. Yeah. This was a new definition of awkward. He shifted his weight, then finally cleared his throat so he wasn't even more of a creeper.

<Carol> Carol looked round and offered a small smile which probably betrayed how awkward she felt about all of this, "Hey..."

<Shinobi> "Hey..." Should he hug her? No. Ask about the baby? The fuck should he do?

<Carol> "Viper's... around somewhere..." She gestured vaguely to the vast expanse of lab.

<Shinobi> Obi nodded, which was very helpful. "Um," he started, after another prolonged silence.

<Carol> "How's Hope?" Carol asked, deciding to help him rip the bandaid off.

<Shinobi> The question made him jump a little. "She's... fine. Fine." He winced. "How... are you... okay?"

<Carol> She shrugged, leaving her shoulders hunched as she turned to carry on looking around, "I guess..." She wondered if he'd heard about her drinking.

<Shinobi> He blew out a breath. "As... okay as it gets considering?" Suddenly, he wanted to apologize again.

<Carol> She nodded, "Chris has been helping out..." The sound of a door opening caught her attention as Viper reappeared.

<Shinobi> As much as he didn't like Chris, considering his relationship with Hope, he kept his opinions to himself and nodded, then turned to Viper. Salvation from a really unusual place.

<Viper> "Are you ready or would you like me to leave you to some more uncomfortable small talk?" Viper asked once they'd both looked her way.

<Shinobi> Obi stiffened, fixing Viper with a stare. "I believe we're ready."

<Viper> She smirked in amusement at the reaction and inclined her head in indication for them to follow her as she turned to go back inside the small room she'd just left.

<Shinobi> Obi waited for Carol, giving her a short nod.

<Carol> Carol sighed and took her hands out of her pockets to run them both through her hair as she started toward Viper. This was going to be unbearable whatever way she looked at it.

<Shinobi> He followed just behind Carol, noticing her nervousness and wishing he could do something to help.

<Viper> Once they were inside, Viper gestured Carol to the examination table and Obi to a chair. "I've been expecting you to come to me about this... I'm surprised you waited so long."

<Carol> Carol frowned a little as she sat down, "Stuff happened..."

<Shinobi> He winced. Yeah, that was one way to put it. He looked at the chair, debating if he should sit or stand closer to Carol.

<Viper> "Oh I am well aware. But you haven't left us with much time." She folded her arms, "I expect you want me to deliver the child at the very least?"

<Shinobi> He was still hovering halfway between the chair and the table.

<Carol> Carol nodded, giving Obi a shove toward the chair because he was being unhelpful. "Yeah... obviously... but..." she chewed her lip.

<Viper> "Yes, yes, your powers. I anticipated that also." Viper rolled her eyes, "There are some tests I cannot perform while your powers are active but I will do what I can for now."

<Shinobi> Obi sat. "So do you have an inhibitor that will work for her?"

<Viper> "At present? Unlikely. But, fortunately for you, Hope brought with her two very gifted geneticists and we already had some reasonable engineers. I'm sure, between the five of us, we can solve the problem quickly." She turned toward the tray sitting on a table behind her, "But not without a sample of your DNA and I rather think poking you with needles will prove fruitless."

<Shinobi> That didn't sound pleasant. He gave Carol a look, wrinkling his nose. "I'm sure my father and Tony would be thrilled to know you consider them reasonable," he said with a soft snort. Let alone Hope herself. He wasn't telling her, that was for sure.

<Viper> "Your father knows exactly how I feel about his work and Tony his," she replied, turning back to Carol with a swab, "Open up."

<Carol> Well that didn't seem too threatening. Carol shrugged and opened her mouth.

<Shinobi> Obi just watched this, hoping it really was as simple as a cheek swab.

<Viper> Viper swabbed the inside of Carol's cheek and put the swab carefully in a container so it wouldn't get contaminated. Then she picked up another container and held it out to Carol, "I'm sure you're familiar with these."

<Carol> Carol took the cup and got to her feet, moving off when Viper gave her directions and muttering to herself.

<Viper> "You can leave it in there if you're embarrassed," Viper called after her.

<Shinobi> He waited a moment, rubbing his chin. "Everything about this is embarrassing."

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow at him, "How so?"

<Shinobi> Obi stood up again to pace. "Like you don't know." He gestured up at the ceiling. "With your little cameras everywhere."

<Viper> "What have you to be embarrassed about? Hope was dead as far as you knew and Carol is an attractive woman. You're not the only one that noticed her I'm sure."

<Shinobi> For some reason, the idea of other men - or women - ogling Carol too made it worse. Much worse. "I never meant to hurt her..."

<Viper> "Neither of you intended harm to the other. These things happen. It's no one's fault." She took a seat, "She's being taken care of."

<Shinobi> "It was supposed to be my job," he said quietly. He'd struck out on both counts there. He hadn't been there when Hope needed him, and now he was abandoning Carol.

<Viper> "You can't have it both ways. I suggest you figure out what you want before you make matters worse for yourself. She will be fine for now - she has friends here. Don't confuse things." She glanced to the door, "You love Hope. Be with her."

<Shinobi> Obi looked at the door, then down. "I do." But he loved Carol too. "But... I can't make her deal with this baby alone."

<Viper> "So be there for the child... but only for the child. Understand?" The last thing they needed was more drama.

<Shinobi> He sighed and did a little more pacing.

<Viper> She sighed, giving another roll of her eyes. Shaws. She got to her feet when Carol reappeared. "You can leave that there," she nodded to a table.

<Carol> Carol set the container down and went to retake her seat. "So now what?"

<Viper> "Now we find out which of my instruments I can use and which I cannot."

<Shinobi> He sat when she came back in, then straightened. "Instruments?"

<Viper> "I may be unable to perform conventional tests but hopefully I can still run some scans." Viper pulled up some of her screens. "Do try to limit the amount of EM energy you're giving off, if you can."

<Carol> "Yeah... I'll... try..." she frowned, not really sure she was going to have much luck. It had been a while since she'd used her energy powers.

<Shinobi> Obi shifted. "Is there anything I can do... to help?"

<Carol> "You wanna trade places?" Carol suggested.

<Shinobi> He smirked. "I would if I could, if it makes you feel any better."

<Viper> "Sadly, I lack the technology for that... pity, it would be entertaining." She smirked, pulling up the correct screens on her systems to display scan results. There was a lot of interference. She frowned, "Hmm."

<Shinobi> "Hmm? What's hmm?" He got up and tried to look at the screen.

<Carol> "Give me a moment." Carol sighed, trying to relax and focus her energy powers, channelling it rather than just letting the energy escape. "Haven't blasted anything in a while..."

<Viper> She nodded, "I'll try to adjust the frequency..."

<Shinobi> Obi took a step behind Viper. He had a good idea what she might want to blast.

<Carol> Carol saw the move and raised an eyebrow at Obi, "Really? You think I'm dumb enough to try blasting things in here?"

<Shinobi> "No," he answered quickly, and tried to smile at her. Caught.

<Viper> "Please try not to break anything..." Viper said distractedly as she tried to recalibrate her systems to compensate for the interference.

<Carol> "Last thing I want, believe me..." that'd be all kinds of counter productive.

<Shinobi> Giving up, he moved over to lean against the wall by her exam table, arms crossed. Maybe this was safer?

<Carol> "This is the best I can do," Carol told them after a few more moments, "And it hurts so... be quick."

<Viper> Viper nodded, adjusting a few more things and clearing up the readings as best as she could. "Alright, I think that's as good as it will get..." she looked up from what she was doing and cocked her head on one side. "Ah."

<Shinobi> Obi watched Carol, wishing he could do something to help her, then looked up. "Ah?"

<Viper> "One moment..." she made another adjustment, separating the heartbeats. Three of them.

<Shinobi> He frowned and moved closer. "What's... is everything okay?"

<Carol> Carol looked up, squinting at the screen. The effort of channeling her powers was making her vision sketchy. Then her eyes went wide and the screen went fuzzy again. "Noooooooo." She shook her head. "Tell me I read that wrong!" She turned her gaze on Viper.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "Congratulations. You are pregnant with twins."

<Shinobi> "Twins?" He felt the word form on his lips but didn't really hear it. Twins. Oh. My. God. Hope may have heard that, but he couldn't really control his end of their link right now. "Carol..." He reached for her hand.

<Carol> Carol's hands were busy going to cover her face as she groaned. "Fuck..."

<Viper> Viper decided now would be a good time to start running tests on things. Picking up the samples, she headed out to the main lab to give them some privacy.

<Shinobi> He wasn't sure what to do, so he hovered just in front of her, then slowly reached to touch her arm.

<Carol> One kid was scary enough and now there were suddenly two. She felt a wave of nausea rise up and concentrated on shoving it back down again. The touch on her arm startled her and she peeked out between her fingers, "I can't do this."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, you can," he said, reaching up to take her hand. "I know... this is awkward..." He paused to swallow. Understatement of the year. "But I'm still going to help with whatever I can."

<Carol> She shook her head, "I couldn't do this when there was one."

<Shinobi> He didn't know what to say, so he just squeezed her hand.

<Carol> "I don't want to do this alone..." and it didn't matter what anyone said. She was absolutely going to be alone for large portions of this.

<Shinobi> Obi bowed his head and closed his eyes.

<Carol> "I'm sorry..." she sighed, "I know neither of us asked to be in this situation... it just... from my side... kind of sucks..."

<Shinobi> "I know." He closed his other hand around hers as well and gave it another squeeze. "It's... weird. If... things hadn't happened, I... well, I meant everything I said." Right now he wanted to hug her, but sighed instead.

<Carol> "I know..." but that kind of made it worse. She looked down at the floor, "I really... I don't think I can... I'm not good with kids... I don't know what I'm doing... I can barely look after myself..."

<Shinobi> Now wasn't the time to tell her he and Hope were getting married, and had talked about the baby situation, but... "I swear, I'll do everything I can. They're... my kids. I never thought I'd have any..."

<Carol> "Neither did I..." she looked up at him, "I never wanted any...."

<Shinobi> He sighed. "We'll... work it out."

<Carol> "How?! Every time I look at it it just gets worse! I've run out of people I can ask for help and that was before there was two and now there's two!"

<Shinobi> Twins wasn't the news he'd been expecting either, but... well. "Hey, shhh..." It was probably a mistake, but he wrapped his arms around her for a hug.

<Carol> She closed her eyes and leaned against him, "I hate this..."

<Shinobi> "Yeah," he agreed, resting his chin on her top of her head. "I'm sorry."

<Carol> "It's not your fault... stuff just... happens... the universe likes to crap on me..." She wrapped her arms around his waist. "Unless I fuck everything up first anyway..."

<Shinobi> "You shouldn't talk about yourself like that. Things are... definitely weird, but that's for everyone." He closed his eyes and just held her. Too many what-ifs. It was hard, and he couldn't just turn his feelings off, unfortunately.

<Carol> "You don't know me... you have no idea how good I am at fucking things up for myself." Even if Hope hadn't reappeared she'd probably still have ended up alone. "I don't want to pass this on to a kid..."

<Shinobi> "I'm a clone... who has memories of growing up as an orphan, so I'm pretty terrified too, you know."

<Carol> "You have your family here... you have Hope... you can ask for their help... I can't... I burned all those bridges pretty well...."

<Shinobi> "Hope... said she would help." He wasn't sure if that would soothe her or not, but it was something.

<Carol> Carol sighed, half of her of a mind that Hope had helped enough but the other half hoping that meant she'd have something to hold onto. "Help how?"

<Shinobi> "Help raise the baby, well, babies, now, I guess." He wanted to touch her stomach, but figured that was a worse idea than the hug, so he just moved enough to look down at her.

<Carol> She nodded, chewing her lip, "What if... I mean... you two could just.... have them.... if you want...."

<Shinobi> His lips pressed into a line and he winced a bit, then spoke. "Hope... she, um, can't get pregnant," he said, looking away.

<Carol> She gently pulled him back into the hug, not sure whether that meant he thought her idea was a good one or a bad one.

<Shinobi> "We... talked about... well, a lot of things," he said, letting her pull him into the hug and returning it. "Are you sure you want to do that?"

<Carol> "Feel like it'd be better... for them... for you guys..."

<Shinobi> He sighed. "Well, I think Hope would like that."

<Carol> "Yeah?" She closed her eyes, trying to figure everything out. "I don't have to be around...."

<Shinobi> "I feel like they should know, when they're old enough to understand." He frowned. "Hope grew up an orphan, and I sort of did too... it's better to know the truth."

<Carol> "Yeah... okay..." she could agree to that, it might not even be an issue later on. "You should talk to her about this...."

<Shinobi> "I will." He gave her a squeeze. "We'll talk about it, and I'll... saying I'll let you know sounds really shitty... like we're talking about buying a used car..."

<Carol> "It's fine...." she gave a small laugh, "There's time for talking...."

<Shinobi> "Okay, good." He chuckled a little at her laugh.

<Carol> "If you need to talk to me... I'll be around... Can't really hide forever...."

<Shinobi> "Same. I mean, if you need to talk... about, whatever, really..."

<Carol> She shook her head, "You're spending time with Hope... do that... don't worry about me - I'll be fine."

<Shinobi> "Well, I do worry." He moved back to see her face again.

<Carol> "I'm not your responsibility, okay? Not anymore..." She sighed and got to her feet, wondering where Viper had disappeared off to.

<Shinobi> "I can't just turn it off," he said, backing away from her.

<Carol> "Well you should probably try. I'm in enough trouble..." She gave him a half smile, "Worry about them," she rested her hands on the bump, "I'm fine."

<Shinobi> He really doubted that, and he supposed his smirk told her so. After a moment, he licked his lips and gestured to the bump. "May I?"

<Carol> She paused for a moment thinking about it then gave a nod, moving back to him.

<Shinobi> Obi crouched and reached out, gently resting his right hand on her stomach. He looked up at her, hoping he was doing it right.

<Carol> She gave him a small smile, feeling awkward. It was weird before but now it felt wrong somehow. "Here..." she moved his hand a little to a better spot.

<Shinobi> Doing as he was told, he shifted his weight and slid his hand along her stomach. After a moment, he felt a tap and let out a surprised sound.

<Carol> "It'd be nice if they slept more.... or like... at the same times I want to...."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, I bet. It's... such a weird thing. And two of them!" He looked up at her with a wrinkled nose. "I wonder if they're identical? Do twins run in your family?"

<Carol> "... I have no idea. Why would I even ask that?" Her own nose wrinkled at the thought of how pleased that would have made her father, "Plus... there's the whole alien thing..."

<Shinobi> "Well I don't know," he said with an awkward laugh. One of the babies was wriggling now. "If you had some relatives in multiples it might have been a tip off."

<Carol> "I don't know of any... but it's not like I remember a whole lot from before Rogue..." she sighed, "So... I can't really help there...."

<Shinobi> "Right, sorry." Obi winced and gave her an apologetic look.

<Carol> She shrugged a shoulder, "It's okay I'm used to it... I know it's not normal to forget all that stuff... so it's okay that people expect me to know..." She rested her hand on his, "It's fine, really..."

<Shinobi> "I just... should have remembered." But, he'd had rather a lot on his mind the last few days...

<Carol> "It's okay... everyone forgets..." She offered him a small smile.

<Shinobi> Well, that certainly made him feel worse. Obi bit his lip and straightened up, tucking his hands into his pockets.

<Carol> She flattened her hand out against her belly where his had been, then tried to distract herself looking for Viper again, "Where the hell did she disappear off to...?"

<Shinobi> "She's probably right around the corner watching us," he said, looking anywhere but at Carol. Maybe she was trying to make him feel guilty?

<Carol> "Yeah that'd be right..." She gave a small laugh, going for the door to peek out.

<Shinobi> Now, he watched her, sighing to himself.

<Carol> Viper was not spying on them but sitting at one of the many stations working on something, "Do you still need me here or can I go now?"

<Viper> Viper looked up from her work, "You can go if you wish. I'll come and find you when we have something you can test."

<Shinobi> So that was that. He watched her talk to Viper, wondering how he was going to start this conversation with Hope.

<Carol> "Awesome." Carol looked over her shoulder at Obi and gave him a smile, "We're free!"

<Shinobi> "Great!" He tried to muster a little enthusiasm in his voice and tried to smile.

<Carol> She waited for him to join her then headed for the exit to the corridor, "I guess you're gonna go talk to Hope now?"

<Shinobi> "Yeah," he sighed, snapping to enough to open the door for her.

<Carol> "I think I'll get something to eat..." then maybe go and get some real fresh air. "Figure I've got a good few hours before I start freaking out again."

<Shinobi> "I will tell you what Hope says, but I think she might like the idea." They'd talked about adopting, after all...

<Carol> She nodded, "Okay... just let me know... if I'm not in the living area I'll be in Chris' quarters watching Thomas... or in Greer's watching her. Not really that hard to find.... actually you could probably just walk around and look for that." She pointed up to the light fixture that was flickering. "Too much stored up energy."

<Shinobi> Obi looked up at the light, then frowned. "Maybe you should ask Viper if she can help you do anything about that."

<Carol> "The only thing to do is use my powers and get rid of the energy. Which means going outside and looking for something I'm allowed to destroy..."

<Shinobi> "I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't have ideas for that... but yeah, I guess that might be kind of dangerous right now."

<Carol> "Yeah... gotta wait til after..." she gestured at the bump, "I miss flying..."

<Shinobi> "At least it won't be much longer, right?" He glanced at the bump, then gave her a slight smile.

<Carol> She nodded, "And then I can go back to doing what I'm actually good at."

<Shinobi> "Blowing things up?" He smirked a little, although he wanted to reassure her she was good for more than that.

<Carol> "And punching bad guys," she nodded, "I'm awesome at that."

<Shinobi> "I'm glad I was never on the receiving end." He walked down the hall with her, prodding his mental link with Hope to see where she was.

<Carol> She laughed, "Well not yet."

<Shinobi> Obi snorted. "I'm going to try to stay on the right side of your fists."

<Carol> "I'd say you'd do fine but... I hear women do crazy things in labour."

<Shinobi> "Then we're lucky I can phase." He gave her a smirk.

<Carol> "Yeah... probably that'll piss me off more if I don't actually punch you." She gave him a grin making a fist and pressing it to his shoulder. "Choose wisely."

<Shinobi> The laugh he responded with was more than a little nervous. Yeah, he was probably dead then.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:05 pm

<Shaw> Programming was not his strongest suit, but since he had spent much of the week punishing himself in various ways, it seemed fitting. Sebastian tapped a few more codes into the terminal, then straightened to pop his spine.

<Viper> As usual, Viper didn't bother to knock. "When I installed a bed in here the point was for occasional convenient use. I did not intend for you to be camping out in your lab."

<Shaw> Without his enhanced hearing, Sebastian was blindsided by his unwelcome visitor. "Christ, woman!" He didn't quite manage to hide his jump.

<Viper> Viper smirked, pleased by the reaction, "Good afternoon."

<Shaw> It was afternoon? He frowned.

<Viper> "You should really consider getting some fresh air once in a while. It would do you good." She walked around one of the work stations and plucked out a half finished component to examine.

<Shaw> "I'll be certain to pencil that in." He followed her and took the component from her hand, setting it back in place.

<Viper> She turned and perched on the edge of the station instead, setting her hands either side of her and crossing her legs. "Do you think you can find time in your... busy schedule to work with Tony on something?"

<Shaw> Sebastian blinked. "Of course. What is it?" Working with Tony was probably just what he needed, actually.

<Viper> "Two things... first, because it is time sensitive, Carol needs an inhibitor that will work on her unique physiology. I'd like you to collaborate with the Maximoffs on this... it's likely to be more time sensitive than first imagined..." she frowned. Twins complicated matters - they usually came early.

<Shaw> He nodded, unconsciously adjusting the inhibitor he now wore around his left wrist.

<Viper> "The sooner the better so I can take some better readings," she cocked her head on one side, "So far all I know for sure is that she is having twins."

<Shaw> "Twins?" His eyebrows rose as he imagined the reaction to that news. "Do they appear healthy?"

<Viper> "From what little I could see. Her powers interfere with everything," she sighed, "She needs a safe way to discharge that energy... therein lies project number two. It seems like a waste not to store it somehow."

<Shaw> "An enhanced inhibitor and a battery unit." He smirked. It sounded like enough to keep him busy for months, luckily.

<Viper> "The inhibitor takes priority for obvious reasons," she reminded him again, "If it's not enough to keep you entertained I'm sure I can find more work."

<Shaw> "Well, I believe I have a solid starting point on the inhibitor." The times he'd studied the overpowered one kept on hand for Drake were now finally paying off.

<Viper> "SHIELD, even with their amazingly vast level if incompetence, managed to devise one through trial and error. I'm sure, given the combined IQ in this building, we can manage a little more accuracy in a timely fashion." She got to her feet, "I am, of course, happy to assist." She smirked.

<Shaw> "I believe we can handle it, particularly if Carol lends us her presence from time to time to provide feedback to make fine adjustments."

<Viper> "She wants it so I'm sure she'll be available when you need her." She cast her eyes over the lab, "How long since you took a break?"

<Shaw> Sebastian nodded absently while she spoke, then frowned. He looked up at her. "What day is it?"

<Viper> "Tuesday," she frowned back at him, "That you have to ask indicates it has been far too long. Come on." She took his shoulders and steered him toward a hidden sliding panel in the wall.

<Shaw> Tuesday? Really? He was taking Miriam to lunch on Wednesday, so he supposed he owed Viper a small measure of thanks. This steering business, however, was rubbish. "What in hades-"

<Viper> She opened the panel and pushed him into the small space beyond before following him and closing the door. The elevator started on its own.

<Shaw> "There is an elevator." He frowned at it, then at her in the small space.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "Honestly. I go to all the trouble of providing you with maps you can call up at any time and not one of you bothers to study them."

<Shaw> He shrugged, crossing his arms to lean against the wall.

<Viper> "There are exits hidden all over the facility," she rolled her eyes, "For emergencies and for convenience." The door opened into the dappled afternoon light and she stepped outside, pulling Sebastian with her in case he thought of going back down to his lab and leaving her there.

<Shaw> Of course he'd thought of it, but then given up the idea pretty quickly. Squinting in the sunlight, he gave the landscape a sour look.

<Viper> "What's that look for?" She asked him, "What did fresh air and sunlight ever do to you that deserved such a look?"

<Shaw> She was on the receiving end of the look now.

<Viper> "You need to take breaks," she folded her arms, "Everyone does. There seems to be something with you engineering types. You'd rather work than live."

<Shaw> "I would rather live than work, but as that's become impossible I shall make do," he snapped.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "Impossible how? You are not dead."

<Shaw> "If not impossible, then... unpleasant." The corner of his mouth twitched and he eyed a bird that dared to land on a nearby branch.

<Viper> "Sebastian. Your problems are your own doing and that your wife needs time to calm down is not surprising. She will forgive you but you need to be patient. In the mean time, working yourself to death is not very productive."

<Shaw> "Do I look in danger of iminent collapse?" He turned the glare from the bird to the snake.

<Viper> "Your comments are concerning me," she replied, raising an eyebrow at the look, "Do you imagine this attitude will improve your situation in some way?"

<Shaw> "So long as I perform the tasks you request of me, it hardly matters, does it?"

<Viper> She blinked at him, "Of course it matters."

<Shaw> He frowned. "Why?"

<Viper> "The mental health of everyone in that bunker is just as important as their physical health. Yours is no different. Or did you imagine that I wouldn't care?"

<Shaw> His expression told her exactly what he imagined as he crossed his arms.

<Viper> She sighed, throwing up her hands in frustration, "Fine, don't believe me. I only went to all the trouble to personalise all of the living quarters and create gardens underground that serve no purpose other than to look nice, not to mention the labs to keep people busy, the library, the training facilities, all the food I stored because I knew you liked it..."

<Shaw> He shifted his weight.

<Viper> "Is that not enough? Should I go on? Why would I be standing here trying to convince you it mattered if I didn't care?"

<Shaw> Sebastian sighed and looked away. "I believe that's sufficient." During the following silence, he watched that damned bird hopping along a branch.

<Viper> She cocked her head on one side, watching him watch the bird. "Which would you prefer? A hug? Or a gun so you can shoot that bird?"

<Shaw> His eyebrow arched. "Perhaps... a gun may be a tad of overkill."

<Viper> "You should consider yourself lucky you're not one of my employees," she replied with a small smirk. "Does that mean you'd like the hug? Or should I find you a different target for your misplaced rage?"

<Shaw> "A diversion would be more welcome, if you don't mind." He recalled she tended to shoot her employees when bored or irritated, so yes. "By your standards, I was a stellar employer."

<Viper> "I have given you your diversions," she reminded him, "But I want you to remember to take breaks. Resting your mind is just as important as resting your body. Do something else for a while to allow your conscious mind to recover."

<Shaw> "While I doubt you would agree, this," he raised his cuffed arm, "is my attempt to rest my mind. Blocking my link with Jessica is... painful."

<Viper> "I don't agree that is the same thing but if it helps then it helps," she shrugged a shoulder, "Find something else you enjoy and do that for half an hour. The distraction might even help you when you go back to the lab."

<Shaw> He blinked. "Out here?"

<Viper> She laughed, "It doesn't have to be out here. I brought you here because it was a quick way to remind you that there is more than your lab and because fresh air and sunlight is good for you no matter your protestations."

<Shaw> Frankly, wandering around outside of his lab right now - particularly without the use of his abilities - he was just as likely to run into Jessica as not. "Out here... is acceptable."

<Viper> She gave a small nod, "Would you like company or would you prefer to be alone?"

<Shaw> "I've... probably spent too long alone this week." He turned his head to give her a faint smile.

<Viper> She nodded again, turning to reach into the elevator behind her and remove a section of the control panel. Once she was clear of it, the elevator sank back into the ground and she pocketed the device she'd removed. Extending her arm in a gesture for him to choose a direction she offered a smile, "After you."

<Shaw> He inclined his head, then turned and bent to scoop up a pine cone. After a moment of gauging the distance without his abilities, he flung the projectile and hit the branch of the offending bird. It squawked and took off and he turned back toward Viper with a smirk.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:06 pm

<Tony> Tony was bored. He'd checked his math five times but, as it was right the first time, it didn't really do much to help. They needed their lab rat to hurry up and appear so they could work some more. Spinning around on his chair a few times, he balled up a piece of paper and threw it at Sebastian's head.

<Shaw> Sebastian had already checked Tony's math, and had replaced the inhibitor around his own wrist - just in time to get pegged in the ear. He slowly turned his head to his friend and arched his brow. "Really?"

<Tony> Tony spread his arms wide and gave him a grin. He was bored - Sebastian was just going to have to suck it up.

<Shaw> He sat back from the terminal and slid down into the chair in a slouch, bending to pick up the paper wad. Now that they had officially run out of things to do until Carol arrived, he supposed it was time to socialize. He smirked at Tony and bounced the paper on his palm. "Would you like it back?"

<Tony> He cocked his head on one side, eying the bouncing ball of paper. "Nah, you can keep it. I'm feeling generous."

<Shaw> "How kind of you." Sebastian bared teeth and swiveled the chair sideways, taking a look around. It was obvious Tony was in the same position as he - living in his lab. Among the various piles of clothing and... things he didn't wish to look at too closely... there were some very obvious feminine clothing.

<Tony> "I know. I'm the best friend ever." He nodded to himself then he realised Sebastian wasn't basking in his awesomeness. "Hey! Why aren't you basking?"

<Shaw> "Pardon?" He looked back over at Tony and chuckled at the man's expression. "Are you certain your radiant glow isn't coming from an improperly shielded reactor core? Again?"

<Tony> "Sure! There'd be way more alarms."

<Shaw> "Mmm, unless you disabled them." He used the paper ball to gesture at Tony. "I know you."

<Tony> He shook his head, "I already promised not to blow up the bunker... pretty sure if I disabled them she'd know."

<Shaw> "Probably. Not even I have managed to locate all her surveillance systems." He smirked, but couldn't help a slight nose wrinkle. "You might have an advantage in... plying her for information, however."

<Tony> He raised an eyebrow, "What information has she got you can't just ask her for?"

<Shaw> "Quite a lot, I imagine," he chuckled.

<Tony> "Make a list... or just try asking. Depends how hard you want to think about how I got the answers."

<Shaw> Sebastian gave an exaggerated shudder and lobbed the paper at Tony.

<Tony> Tony ducked, laughing hard at the reaction then got distracted by the sound of the door. "It's about time!"

<Carol> Carol took a step back when the door opened and had to give herself a moment or two to aclimatise to the... atmosphere. "Holy shit... you guys really need a window or something... smells like a locker room in here..."

<Shaw> "Don't lump me into this locker room," Sebastian said, getting up to greet Carol, since at least one of them still had manners. "I showered this morning," he added with a smirk.

<Tony> Tony didn't need manners. He was enough awesome without them. "Hey! I don't smell!" That ball of paper sailed back at Sebastian.

<Carol> Carol laughed, hugging Sebastian in greeting, "You're forgetting that I've seen you in full hobo mode," she reminded Tony, then paused, "... Both of you."

<Shaw> "Well, I have reformed." He returned the hug and then offered her his arm to escort her into Tony's lair. "I can't say the same for Stark."

<Carol> "As long as I don't have to listen to his snoring and complaining about how I hid all of his scotch, I think I can forgive a small relapse," Carol replied, charitably.

<Shaw> He paused to watch the paper fall short and gave Tony a toothy grin.

<Carol> Carol raised an eyebrow at Stark, "Really? You're throwing paper at me? You remember I'm bullet proof and have a really bad temper, right? You can't have drank that much scotch."

<Shaw> This just made Sebastian laugh. He offered Carol his chair and instead perched on a counter. "Oh, but he can."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "Not possible. I remind people all the time by doing stupid things like breaking walls." She took the offered chair with a small smile.

<Tony> "You know me. I like to live dangerously." He gave Sebastian a look. That was his favorite spot!

<Carol> "You like to live stupid," she corrected, "All you geniuses are the same kind of crazy there. Can't help poking things you shouldn't."

<Shaw> Thank Hades he hadn't been taking a sip of coffee for that. As it was, Sebastian pressed his lips together and avoided comment. Indeed.

<Tony> "I absolutely should poke everything I want to poke," he assured her, stretching out his arms and lacing his fingers behind his head with a winning smile.

<Carol> "One day you'll lose a finger and then you'll be sorry." She lifted a foot and kicked his chair to send him rolling backwards. "So... you have something for me to try out?"

<Tony> "I almost did, remember? A few of them." He made a face at that, but it was quickly replaced by an undignified yell. "Assault!"

<Shaw> Recovering enough to laugh at Stark's misfortune, he nodded. "We've been working... well, between drinks," he smirked.

<Carol> "No wonder it took so long," she eyed Stark again, then aimed a concussive shot from her finger-gun to send him a little further. "Someone's been doing more drinking than working."

<Tony> "You could have a little respect for your commander in chief!" He planted his feet to stop his chair.

<Carol> "You're commander of nothing except scotch down here, buddy." She replied, "And I'm not afraid of you or your scotch."

<Tony> "Maybe I just won't give you that fabulous magic power inhibitor that's free-forming in my brilliant brain."

<Shaw> Sebastian couldn't restrain his snort.

<Carol> Carol rolled her eyes and returned her attention to Sebastian, "It's okay, I have a less drunk engineer I can ask."

<Shaw> "Indeed, and an engineer who has already made one." He straightened up and unclasped his inhibitor. "To start, let's see what effect this has."

<Carol> Carol wrinkled her nose, "You have a spare lying around? You know... for when it explodes?"

<Shaw> He smirked. "Well, with luck it won't. It's not quite standard issue, but yes, in fact I do." Sebastian patted his pocket and moved toward her with the cuff. "May I?"

<Carol> "Sure..." she tugged up her sleeve so he could clip the inhibitor on her wrist.

<Shaw> The return of his own powers had given him a rush, and he quickly erected his shields against the link. He crouched and closed the cuff, flicking it on.

<Carol> Carol winced as the device appeared to work for a moment then overloaded with an impressive display of sparks and smoke.

<Tony> He laughed. "Well so much for that engineer, huh?"

<Shaw> Sebastian shot Tony a look and tisked, then removed the cuff. "How did it feel?"

<Carol> "Like it usually does when they do that..." she pinched the bridge of her nose, "Not great."

<Shaw> "No difference at all from others you have tried?" He fished in his pocket for the one he generally used on himself.

<Carol> "It lasted a little longer than most of them so now my head hurts more but... that's about it." She pushed her hand through her hair. "It'd hurt less if I could use my energy powers more... have too much stored."

<Shaw> This time, Sebastian knew better than to offer to help her expend energy. "Interesting," he said, placing his own inhibitor back on his wrist and frowning at the one she'd fried.

<Carol> "Probably less likely to fry inhibitors with less energy stored too... never tested it but it's a theory..."

<Shaw> "Have you spoken to Viper about any potential ways to expend that safely?"

<Carol> She shook her head, "Kind of figured I'd just go blast something when all this is out of the way..." she gestured to the bump. "I mean... I could just go do it now but... people are being weird about me leaving."

<Shaw> He shook his head and smiled a little. "It's called concern, Carol."

<Tony> Across the room, there was a gagging sound.

<Carol> "I don't need concern. I need something to hit." She pointed at Tony, "He gets it."

<Shaw> "Then perhaps he'll volunteer for that," he said, smirking at Tony. If he did, that would solve several problems at once, come to think of it. That thought made his smirk broaden.

<Carol> Carol gave Shaw a look that suggested she was trying very hard to choose between sitting and getting up to smack him. The smirk was disturbing on so many levels. "Or I'll just sneak out."

<Shaw> Predictably, that made his smirk drop. "Carol..."

<Carol> "What? I'm more than capable of looking after myself. Why does everyone keep giving me that look?" She rolled her eyes. "I could still kick your ass."

<Shaw> "That's not the point," he said, rolling his eyes. It was a bit like having two Tonys in the room right now.

<Carol> "Then what is the point? Because last I checked being pregnant didn't make my powers go away or make me any less bullet proof."

<Shaw> Sebastian sighed, admitting defeat. This time. He held up the fried cuff for Stark's inspection. "Your turn."

<Tony> Tony wheeled his chair back to them and took the cuff from Sebastian to inspect it under a magnifier. He hmmed to himself for a moment before opening a drawer and poking around in it. Producing a lightbulb he held it out to Carol, "Hold this."

<Carol> Carol raised an eyebrow, "The hell for?"

<Tony> "Humour me." He waved it in the air toward her until she snatched it out of his hand. Then he rolled his chair to a safe distance and gestured to Sebastian that he should probably do the same.

<Shaw> In danger of ending up with his eyeballs permanently stuck to the top of his eye sockets, Sebastian stepped behind a counter. "Stark wishes to grandstand."

<Tony> "Nope! Just wanna see how fast it explodes." He gave Sebastian a grin.

<Carol> Carol didn't really relish the prospect of picking bits of broken bulb out of her hair so she held it at arm's length as she watched it get brighter. After a moment she turned her gaze away because it was too bright to really look at and then it did indeed explode which still made her yelp in surprise even though she was expecting it.

<Shaw> Without his abilities his duck wasn't quite as fast as usual, but it sufficed. After a moment, he straightened up and heard shards of glass clink from his back. "You're cleaning that up," he told Tony, brushing his hand through his hair.

<Tony> "That was faster than I expected... were you trying to hold back any?"

<Carol> "Was I supposed to?" Carol put the base of the bulb on the edge of the desk then stood up to shake the shards of glass from her hair and clothes.

<Tony> "Not really, I was just curious." He went back to his spot and made a few adjustments, adding a couple of extra components. "What's it feel like?"

<Carol> Carol shrugged, "It's... hard to explain. Throwing energy out is... easier than absorbing it... especially if I have to absorb a lot all at once."

<Shaw> Sebastian watched their exchange, attempting to keep his expression blank.

<Carol> Carol glanced at Sebastian, now paranoid about the look on his face... or lack thereof. "Uh... how about I write it down for you and you can read it later... or quiz your kid because she borrowed my powers enough times."

<Tony> Tony nodded, putting things together enough to function before holding the inhibitor out, "Try it now."

<Shaw> Her response made his head tip slightly to the side in curiosity. Write it down?

<Carol> Carol took the inhibitor and inspected it with a raised eyebrow. Tony was frowning at her so she decided to just put it on and see if it exploded like the lightbulb.

<Shaw> Since he was still behind the counter, he didn't move, but resisted the urge to duck again.

<Carol> The inhibitor made some alarming sounds but after a minute or so settled down again. She poked the inhibitor then yelped at the spark of electricity.

<Tony> "Probably should have mentioned not to poke it... is it working?"

<Carol> Carol eyed the inhibitor, "I think so... because that hurt...." And she felt different.

<Shaw> Sebastian shot Tony a look as he came around the counter. "You could have taken a moment to insulate it."

<Tony> "I wanted to be sure it wouldn't blow up again before I did that." He shrugged, searching for his scotch. Time for a drink to celebrate his awesome.

<Carol> Carol was still waiting for the inhibitor to blow up but she wasn't going to poke it anymore.

<Shaw> That made him roll his eyes and he crouched again by her and held out his hand. "How do you feel?"

<Carol> Carol assumed he wanted to look at the inhibitor and offered her wrist, "Different...."

<Shaw> Taking a look at what Tony had done, he gave her a glance and a smirk. "Different how?"

<Carol> She shrugged a shoulder, "Heavier... I guess...."

<Shaw> "Less likely to take flight, or are we speaking of a more literal heaviness, my dear?" He took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

<Carol> "Both?" She hazarded. She wasn't sure she liked it either but it was a neccessary evil. "Kind of feel a little lightheaded..."

<Shaw> "What about the energy buildup? Can you still feel it?" Sebastian stood and reached for a few other components before he returned to her.

<Carol> She shook her head, "No... which is good... but I don't like it...."

<Shaw> He smiled a little. "I understand." He took her hand gently and rested it on his knee to tinker with the inhibitor.

<Carol> "If that thing zaps me again, I'm gonna punch you," she warned. Every bit serious. Man, she was dizzy.

<Shaw> Sebastian tsked and worked, hissing a bit when the device shocked him instead. "Better?" he gritted out, shaking his fingers.

<Carol> She laughed a little, "I feel better that it bit you too."

<Shaw> "I'm sure," he said with a smirk that turned to a grin when he looked up at her. "But do you feel any change otherwise? I'm attempting some finer tuning of the inhibition field."

<Carol> "Uh... I don't know.... what am I looking for?" It was news to her that there wasn't just an on or off setting.

<Shaw> "Anything, Carol, anything that feels either less unsettling or more, anything that affects that heaviness you referenced - are you still feeling lightheaded?"

<Carol> "Yeah..." she wrinkled her nose, unsure if that was powers or pregnancy related. "Everything feels weird... I haven't been without my powers in... a really long time...." And she didn't like it. At all. Stupid babies. She wondered if Obi had told Sebastian it was twins.

<Shaw> "Ah, so it could be as simple as that." He gave her a faint smile and made a couple of additional adjustments. "Are you ready to take it off?"

<Carol> "Absolutely." And make that dizzy go away. "Does this mean it's going to be all finished soon and I can go back to Viper for more awkward time?"

<Shaw> Sebastian carefully removed it for her, watching her face for clues on when her powers returned. "Indeed it does. I'll insulate it for you, so there need be no more surprise shock treatments. Tighten up a few things and it should work."

<Carol> Her powers came back with a rush, chasing the dizzy away with a boost of energy like an adrenaline rush. "No surprise electric shocks would be awesome."

<Shaw> He smirked and stood up, gathering the inhibitor and his tools. "Yes, I generally prefer them to be planned."

<Carol> "Planned are the good kind," she nodded in agreement.

<Tony> Across the room, he made a gagging sound. "Okay, so you're all set, blondie. You two can discuss your kinks later."

<Carol> She smirked and looked over at Tony, "You're just jealous." It was tempting to tease him with a shot from her finger-gun but she held back... for now. She chewed the coner of her lip in indecision for a moment before turning her attention back to Sebastian, "Have you... talked to Michael?"

<Shaw> Sebastian turned back to her, noting the nervousness. "Not... recently." Not that he was hiding... his reclusiveness of late was due to a tactical retreat.

<Carol> Crap. She was terrible at news. She sighed, "Well I guess I should tell you then because he probably told Jess... It's two babies." She held up two fingers.

<Shaw> That took a moment to process, and the laughter from Tony wasn't helping. "...two."

<Carol> Tony got the finger-gun treatment because that was very deserved. She nodded slowly to Sebastian's repetition of the news.

<Shaw> He also repeated her nod. Two grandchildren. Well. "Have... ah... was Viper able to tell if they are... both... well?"

<Tony> "Hey! We talked about this! Don't assault the commander in chief!"

<Carol> "The former commander in chief is an ass and deserved the assault." Carol replied raising her weapon to threaten another shot while she responded to Sebastian, "Too much interference..."

<Shaw> This time his nod was more decisive. "I see. Well, perhaps your new inhibitor will be beneficial then... I should get back to work."

<Carol> "Yeah..." though she was dreading that side of things too. What if there was something wrong? Then what? She sighed, "I guess I should stop distracting you..."

<Tony> "Yep! Come distract me instead."

<Carol> "Somehow I don't think you need help there..." She levered herself to her feet. "But you know where to find me if you want to test something else... or, you know, leave the lab and go outside..."

<Tony> "Outside is overrated. People keep trying to kill me there." He eyed Carol. "Not much better in here, come to think of it."

<Carol> "Outside has fresh air and trees. Nice things. Plus I'm a pretty effective sorta-human shield."

<Tony> "Yeah, well... I'll think about it. Right now, it looks like I got a date with this beauty." He raised a bottle and gave it a jiggle, grinning brightly.

<Shaw> Sebastian wasn't hearing either of them now, hunched over the table and pretending to work. Twins.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:09 pm

<Jessica> Jess had finally managed to pick up most of Miriam's things while the girl was in the bathtub no doubt finding a way to make more mess. Having to entertain her on her own when she was so out of practice was hard work and the small apartment was starting to look like a series of tornadoes filled with bombs had hit it.

<Shinobi> Tired of spending time alone in the room he shared with Hope, Obi had wandered around for a bit before deciding he needed his mom. So, he knocked at her door.

<Jessica> Crap what time was it?! She stuffed a bunch of things she was carrying in a closet before going to open the door. She was sure the relief showed when she realised she still had time and now another pair of hands. She gave Obi a hug, "This is a nice surprise."

<Shinobi> He happily returned the hug and held on for a moment. "I'm glad it's not a bad time then."

<Jessica> "No such thing," she assured him, moving aside so he could come in before closing the door and going back to her tidying.

<Shinobi> Noticing what she was doing, and the lack of a kid wrapped around his waist, he frowned. "Where's Miri?"

<Jessica> "She's in the bath... probably flooding the bathroom as we speak." She should probably check on that.

<Shinobi> "Oh," he laughed, reaching down to pick up a toy, which quickly turned into three when he spotted more under the chair. "Gotta tell her that mermaids need to keep their water under control."

<Jessica> "Honestly, it took me so long to convince her to get in there, she can make as much mess as she likes. Gives me time to clear up this..." she sighed, going to poke her head into the bathroom to check on Miriam.

<Shinobi> Still laughing, he grabbed a container and started picking up Miriam's crayons and sorting them into the smaller cubes. It was kind of soothing.

<Jessica> Jess returned from the bathroom slightly damp but assured of Miriam's happiness to continue playing with the bubbles for a little while longer. She hurried around to gather the last few toys and put them away before she went to get Miriam some clean clothes. "I'm sure you didn't come here to help me clean but I appreciate it..."

<Shinobi> "It's fine. It's nice to just..." He swallowed. "Not be alone," he admitted after a moment, finishing up with the crayons.

<Jessica> She paused trying to figure out if the socks she'd taken out were actually a pair to look at him, "I thought you were with Hope?"

<Shinobi> There was a pause before he looked up. "She's on a mission."

<Jessica> "Oh... that was fast..." she wrinkled her nose a little then decided the two socks weren't a pair but that she didn't care.

<Shinobi> He shrugged. "I wanted to go, actually, but figured I better stay... with the twins and all..."

<Jessica> "She should be staying and helping you prepare," Jess frowned, "I hope she's not going to do this and leave you with two newborns..." She finished sorting out Miriam's fresh clothes and swept her gaze over the room. It was presentable. Now to catch a soapy child.

<Shinobi> "I... don't think she would do that." His tone was a little dubious, however.

<Jessica> "Well I'd hope not..." she sighed, "But when she gets home, remind her that you need to baby proof your rooms together... it's kind of a bonding experience..."

<Shinobi> He took a quick look around the room, realizing that Sebastian must still be living in his lab. "...yeah."

<Jessica> "Speaking of children... I'll be right back. Have to wrangle a five-year-old." She headed into the bathroom with a fresh towel.

<Shinobi> "Have fun!" Once she was out of sight, he flopped back into the sofa with a heavy sigh. He kind of wondered if she would care if he just slept on the sofa... maybe with Sebastian gone she would like the company too?

<Jessica> The sounds of splashing and narrowly avoided expletives drifted from the bathroom before Jess managed to snag her a soggy spider-shark and haul her out of the tub.

<Shinobi> Or was that weird? Probably not at this point, and his sister was a great distraction. Resolving he was going to ask Jess when she was done, he reached under his back and found what looked like half of a barbie doll.

<Jessica> Dried and wrapped in a towel, Jess carried a giggling Miriam from the bathroom over her shoulder, "Time to get you dressed and looking like you know what a hairbrush is."

<Shinobi> He sat up and twisted to see said giggling sister. "Hey, Miri!" Getting up, he went to get a damp hug. The giggling became babbling and he heard something about daddy in there.

<Jessica> Jess set her down to dress her and then get to work on the mass of curls on her head. "Now... do you think you can stay clean til daddy comes?"

<Shinobi> "Doubtful, right?" Miriam giggled while he tried to help keep her still. "When is daddy coming?" Just saying it felt weird, but he managed, and gave Jess a questioning look.

<Jessica> She looked at the clock, "Sooner than I'd like but you helped me clean up faster than I was going to so yay," she gave him a smile. So many tangles! At least she had a distraction so she was sitting still-ish.

<Shinobi> "I'm glad to be useful," he said with a chuckle, giving Miriam the partial doll he'd found and asking her what happened to the rest. Her giggle made him wonder if she's spent too much time with Viper lately.

<Jessica> "It'll turn up somewhere," Jess said, finally giving up with Miriam's hair and tying it back in a pony tail. There. Presentable.

<Shinobi> "Aren't you pretty," he told her, but she was now more interested in drawing her dismembered doll. Obi watched her for a moment with a smile, then looked at Jess. "You okay?" he asked quietly.

<Jessica> She nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine... just have my hands full."

<Shinobi> He looked down, then back up, shifting a little in his seat. "Want some help with that?" He smirked. "My calendar is suddenly wide open."

<Jessica> "That would be great... but don't feel obligated or anything..."

<Shinobi> "No, I definitely don't... it's just... better if I'm not alone." He shrugged a little and gave her a faint smile.

<Jessica> "Yeah... I understand that..." she watched Miriam upend a box of crayons and sighed. At least it wasn't paint. "But I know you need to check on Carol and everything...."

<Shinobi> "Check, but not... linger. Bad idea." He shook his head. "Everything is way too complicated."

<Jessica> "Still... make sure she doesn't do anything crazy..." again. "Probably not that long now...."

<Shinobi> He snorted. "Yeah, that's easier said than done."

<Jessica> "I know, it's nearly a full-time job all on its own. But I hear Chris is doing the night shift so you only have to do it part time."

<Shinobi> "I know Tony and Sebastian have been working on an inhibitor for her, so I suppose they count as part time, too."

<Jessica> She turned away to fold the towel so she could hide the expression on her face, "Well that should make stopping her doing something crazy a lot easier, huh?"

<Shinobi> He snorted again.

<Jessica> "What? She's pregnant. Without powers she won't be able to waddle that fast and she'll be spending more time thinking about peeing than anything else... plus she'll be so tired she won't fight you that hard."

<Shinobi> "I imagine twins would make it twice as difficult, right?" He couldn't imagine Carol being too tired to fight, however.

<Shaw> Without telepathy, he had no idea what situation he was walking into whenever he came to see Miriam, but oh well. Sebastian knocked.

<Jessica> "I'd imagine so," she gave him a grin then looked over at the door at the knock. Miriam was up in an instant yelling and running to let her daddy in.

<Shaw> The door opened and Sebastian grinned, scooping up his daughter while she babbled too rapidly for him to catch more than every third word. "I'm happy to see you too, little love."

<Jessica> Jess decided now was a good time to go empty the bath.

<Shinobi> He watched Jess vanish and decided he may as well get up and say hello.

<Shaw> When he finally managed to get inside, his arms full of wriggling girl, he realized Michael was there. "Good evening..." This was strange. "Is Jessica here?"

<Jessica> "Bathroom!" Jess called from her spot on the floor wiping up the puddles. Miriam liked to slosh the water around as much as possible.

<Shaw> "Ah..." He settled Miriam on his hip and offered his hand to his son. "Well then, I hope you're doing well?"

<Shinobi> Obi gave the hand a look for just a moment before he shook it. "Yeah. Okay. I... uh, stopped by to see Jess and Miri." He gave Sebastian a once-over. Definitely living in his lab.

<Jessica> "He interrupted bathtime," Jess commented as she exited the bathroom only slightly more damp than she was when she went in.

<Shaw> "Obi helped mommy brush my hair," Miriam piped up, and Sebastian grinned and bounced her a little. "Did he? It looks lovely." He turned his attention to his wife and his expression faded a bit. "As do you," he added.

<Shinobi> Obi turned around to retake the couch, but faced Jess long enough to roll his eyes.

<Jessica> Jess looked down at herself, "Yeah, I'm sure I look a picture."

<Shaw> He shrugged the shoulder that didn't have an attached child. "Always, to my mind."

<Jessica> Jess gave a non-commital shrug and headed to the bedroom, "Well I think I'll get changed anyway, if that's okay with you."

<Shaw> "Of course." Sebastian closed his eyes and turned his attention to Miriam, who decided to see if his facial hair was attached. "Ouch!"

<Shinobi> He couldn't help it. Obi laughed.

<Jessica> Jess swapped her clothes for drier ones and ran a brush through her hair before she tied it back and reappeared, "So, how's the project coming?"

<Shaw> Now settled on a chair with Miriam showing him a half dozen indecipherable drawings, Sebastian looked up at Jessica's return. "Which project?" Viper had suggested several, and Tony had added to the list, so it was difficult to tell. He had his suspicions to which she referred, however.

<Jessica> She plonked herself down on the sofa, "Obi says you're working on an inhibitor for Carol."

<Shinobi> He scooted to make room for Jess, turning back to Sebastian to hear the news.

<Shaw> "Ah. Well, her new and improved inhibitor is complete, more or less. I'm sure it will require a bit of fine tuning, but it works." Sebastian surveyed Michael. This was such a bizarre situation he felt a bit uncomfortable himself discussing it.

<Jessica> "That's good," Jess managed a smile, "It should help the stress levels at least."

<Shinobi> "It already helps mine. Good." He nodded and flashed Jess a grin.

<Jessica> Jess returned the smile, happy for his sake, "Probably won't be long now," she nodded, mostly to herself.

<Shinobi> "Yeah..." Hope better be back, too.

<Jessica> "If you need help with anything, you only have to ask," she assured him, reaching to give his hand a squeeze.

<Shinobi> "Thanks," he said quietly, and kept her hand.

<Shaw> Sebastian knew better than to react, although the corner of his eye twitched a bit. Luckily, Miriam was an excellent distraction.

<Jessica> She gave his hand a gentle squeeze, "If you need help talking sense into Hope, though... not sure I'm your best person there."

<Shinobi> He sighed. "Who is?" he said with a soft chuckle.

<Jessica> Jess nodded to Sebastian, "The people that can talk sense into her are all in this building so you're doing good. Just get them to gang up on her at once."

<Shaw> "Common sense is never a strong suit for Starks, unfortunately." He smirked, nuzzling Miriam's hair as she drew in her book.

<Jessica> "Especially that one. You know that," she gave Obi a smile, "So just get David, Sebastian or Tony to talk to her with you... maybe not Tony on this one though. He's likely to be unhelpful..."

<Shaw> "Tony will most certainly not be of any assistance in this. He would not stop laughing when he learned Carol was having twins." Miriam helpfully showed him her drawing of two babies.

<Jessica> Jess sighed and shook her head, "Typical. So don't ask Tony."

<Shinobi> He snorted. "You mean you didn't join in too?"

<Shaw> Sebastian tilted his head, eyes darting to Jessica for just a moment. "No."

<Jessica> "Sebastian likes children... I think Tony only likes them when they're old enough to build things in a lab."

<Shaw> "I was surprised. And even more so that Hope agreed to adopt both of the infants."

<Jessica> "Well she agreed to one... what's one more?"

<Shaw> He smirked. "Double the trouble."

<Jessica> "Then she better think about staying home more so that there are two pairs of hands."

<Shaw> "She isn't back?" He shot Michael a questioning look.

<Shinobi> He shook his head, squeezing Jess' hand.

<Jessica> Jess returned the squeeze, "She'll turn up eventually."

<Shaw> Sebastian grunted in response, watching his son. "And if not... we-" He stopped himself with a wince. "I would be happy to help you, son."

<Jessica> If not was certainly not a thing she wanted Obi to think about right now. She shot Sebastian a look.

<Shinobi> If not... wasn't supposed to be possible. A lot of things weren't supposed to be possible. He shook his head. "Thanks..."

<Shaw> Sebastian caught the look and raised a brow. What had he done now?

<Jessica> "Maybe, once she's able to do normal things again, Carol'll want to help too..."

<Shinobi> "Um... Hope... she doesn't want Carol... involved." He shifted.

<Shaw> Sebastian quirked a brow, but was unsurprised.

<Jessica> "And what do you want?" Jess asked him, giving his hand a squeeze.

<Shinobi> "I... I don't know." He looked between Jess and Sebastian.

<Jessica> "Maybe you should spend a little bit of time figuring that out," she suggested softly, "What you want matters just as much."

<Shaw> As Jessica was better at dealing with this sort of thing than he, Sebastian turned his attention to Miriam.

<Jessica> "Someone should probably also talk to Carol about what she wants... but she's never been much of a talker." Jess frowned a little.

<Shinobi> "She... doesn't seem to want to be involved either..." He frowned to himself, noticing her expression.

<Jessica> "She might feel differently when they're born... I mean... she seems okay with the concept of children..." she gestured at Miriam, "Just not the mom part."

<Shaw> Sebastian was working to not listen to this conversation, engrossing himself with Miriam's drawings. Where was that purple crayon?

<Shinobi> "I don't know." He sighed. "Before we came here... it was going to be both of us... together..."

<Jessica> "And now Hope's back so... she's going to distance herself regardless of what she wants because it's better for you," Jess sighed, "You two need to have an honest conversation... make her talk."

<Shinobi> "....have you met Carol?"

<Shaw> He stifled a snort at that.

<Jessica> "I'd say get her drunk but..." she shrugged, "You've spent time with her, just be persistent. Bribe her with blueberry muffins or coffee. I don't know. But if you give up when it gets hard you'll never know. You have to get past her default setting of protecting everyone else."

<Shinobi> He frowned and looked down, trying to think about that without thinking too hard. "I don't know... maybe I should leave it alone?"

<Jessica> "You could... if that's what you want to do. But if you're deciding to leave it alone because you're worried about the outcome, I'm not sure that's the right reason..."

<Shinobi> That made him wince. "I don't know what to do."

<Jessica> "Then that's a good enough reason to talk to her on its own. Maybe it'll help you decide. Or talk to an objective third party for another opinion. But you need to figure it out... or you'll regret it later."

<Shaw> He wasn't sure there was such a thing as an objective third party in this situation. Sebastian handed Miriam the green crayon and kept working on his corner of the sketch.

<Shinobi> Obi squeezed Jess' hand and shifted. "Maybe I should talk to Hope about it."

<Jessica> "They're your babies, remember that... I know you want to raise them with her... but they are yours and Carol's so your opinion matters.... Don't wait too long to figure out what that is."

<Shinobi> He nodded.

<Jessica> She gave his hand a squeeze, "Don't let anyone bully you out of what you want."

<Shinobi> "Um... okay." After a moment, he pulled his hand free and gave her a faint smile. "I should... do a few things. Maybe I'll come back by later?"

<Jessica> She gave him a small smile and a nod then reached to pull him into a hug, "You're welcome any time."

<Shinobi> "Thanks," he said with a wider smile and returned the hug. When he released her and got up, he gave Miriam a hug and exchanged another awkward handshake with his father before turning for the door.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:11 pm

<Clint> Clint sat against the wheel of his stolen truck, a fire lit in a low dug pit where it wouldn't be noticed but would still provide him heat. He fiddled a little with a knife and a scrap of fabric, on closer inspection it was one of the insignias of the men who took mutants away to be imprisoned and killed.

<Clint> It was also easily noticeable that it hadn't been given to him. He had taken it by force and it still had the blood of the man he took it from on it.

<Viper> Viper was somewhat disappointed that the group she'd been tracking had been ambushed but now she was interested in the ambusher. She'd waited for him to settle down and let his guard down as low as he would let it as she gradually moved closer. It seemed he took trophies. How quaint.

<Viper> She moved around to the side of his camp before she stepped out from behind a tree, "Room for one more?"

<Clint> The knife left his hand before he even looked up to see who it was. His keen senses catching sight of her in the corner of his vision. If she survived, maybe he'd figure out if she was friend or foe. His gun coming into his other hand as well.

<Viper> She'd been expecting something like that and turned to dodge the knife, it glanced off her energy shield and sliced her upper arm but didn't do any serious damage. "Is that a no?"

<Clint> He aimed the 1911 at he center mass knowing he could hit her heart and lungs without even trying. "You're not in one of their suits but tell me why shouldn't I shoot you? What do you want?" He thumbed over at the taken jackets from the men he'd killed.

<Viper> She held her hands up to show she wasn't a threat to him as she stepped out of the shadows of the tree. "Just to talk. I'm a friend." Well, unless he recognised her from his days at the school then he might disagree.

<Clint> "I'll decide if you're friend or foe. Not wearing one of those uniforms is on your side though." Clint kept the gun trained on her. "You can sit if you want, I guess."

<Viper> She offered a small smirk, lowering her hands as she moved closer to the fire and took a seat. The gun didn't bother her. "The only reason I'd wear one of those would be to kill more of them."

<Clint> Clint cocked an eyebrow at her. "Mutant?"

<Viper> She nodded, "A year ago I was in one of their camps."

<Clint> "Lucky you got out." He still didn't lower the gun, but he opened the cooler and grabbed a beer out of it to throw to her. "Apparently they don't teach these guys not to drink on the job."

<Viper> She caught the drink but didn't open it, setting it down beside her instead, "It wasn't luck so much as careful planning. There was a group of us."

<Clint> "I managed to get plenty of people out as well. Managed to get my hands on one of their guns. Didn't end well for them. They hadn't even collared me cuz I don't have any showing powers."

<Viper> "They didn't collar me either... but that was more for their entertainment." She offered an understanding look before dropping her gaze to the fire. She didn't really want to think about her time in the camp but if it helped him to trust her...

<Clint> "Out running from them? Should I be expecting company?" He holstered his pistol and grabbed his bow. "You haven't just been wandering the woods, you're too clean for that."

<Viper> She shook her head, looking at him again, "I was tracking them. It's a good way to find people," gestured to him, "Case in point."

<Clint> "Well sorry I probably already took care of them. But if there's more around you can point me in the direction and there won't be."

<Viper> "It's fine," she assured him, "As far as I'm concerned, it's mission accomplished." She rubbed the healed cut on her upper arm absently as a breeze blew through the hole in her sleeve.

<Clint> "Good, I was hoping to get some sleep tonight. I've been trailing the hunters lately and it's better to be well rested when dealing with them. They like to call the Sentinels first sight of a mutant."

<Viper> "They're programmed to." Viper told him, "I suppose its their insurance on making sure no one tries to talk them around."

<Clint> "It doesn't work too well when they don't have fingers to press the buttons to call for help. Though it works better to take the whole hand."

<Viper> "Not into the persuasion game yourself, then?" she laughed a little.

<Clint> "I don't need them alive. I need them to suffer."

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "For what reason?"

<Clint> "I need more than they deserve it? You were in one of their camps. Are you going to try and convince me I should be humane to them?"

<Viper> "Their mutant helpers don't all do it by choice," she said softly, "Not so long ago, I captured and worked to deprogram one of them. Now she has been reunited with her son."

<Clint> "I don't kill the mutants. Only the humans. Mutants get knocked out unless I have to bring them down. Sometimes I don't have a choice."

<Viper> "If you worked with me, perhaps we could save a few more?" She suggested, her gaze drifting back to the fire as the wood popped sending up a cloud of sparks with the smoke.

<Clint> "And what do you think you have that I might need? I'm doing pretty well right now. I've got an arsenal in the bed of the truck. Food, water, beer, and when I run out I just raid one of their camps. Easy as that."

<Viper> "Security?" She offered, "Somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep? A shower, perhaps? Some familiar faces?"

<Clint> "You promise a lot for someone I just met. Usually when something seems too good to be true it is." He rolled his eyes.

<Viper> "I can prove it's all true," she replied, cocking her head on one side, "Did I forget to mention that the people I escaped with were friends of yours from the Danvers Institute?"

<Clint> Clint just sighed. "Well it's not like I have anything to lose." He got up and started to put his stuff away since he wasn't camping there for the night.

<Viper> "I realise it's asking a lot for you to trust someone you do not know... I could show you?" she suggested, watching him pack things away.

<Clint> "Like I said I've got nothing left to lose. We taking the truck? Or do I need to gear up?"

<Viper> "We can bring the truck if you're attached to it," she raised an eyebrow.

<Clint> "It's just easier to carry all the gear." He moved around to the back and opened it up to show off his arsenal.

<Viper> "Then I suppose we should bring it," she got to her feet, sliding a hand into her pocket to take out two small discs. She stuck one on the back of the truck and one on the front.

<Clint> "I don't think I've seen anything that high tech since before I became a fugitive... God I miss all that SHIELD tech."

<Viper> She scoffed, "SHIELD has nothing on me."

<Clint> Clint laughed a little. "If that's true then those bastards are going to feel a lot more pain."

<Viper> She smirked, "Oh you have no idea." She gestured for him to get into the truck.

<Clint> Clint gathered up the rest of his stuff and threw it into the truck before getting in. "If I can be a thorn in their side with hunting rifles and stolen guns think of what I can do with a good sniper rifle."

<Viper> "I have plenty of those. I'm rather fond of them myself." She got in beside him and closed the door.

<Clint> "I took out about thirty the other day with a bow. The Sentinel took a grenade but was worth the loss of high explosives."

<Viper> "That sounds like my idea of a good time," she offered another smirk before taking out another device to calibrate the tech she'd stuck on the truck. Moments later she activated the teleport.

<Clint> "The thud of an arrow splitting genocidal skulls is enjoyable." He shuddered at the odd sensation

<Viper> Viper was well used to the sensation and she was out of the truck almost the instant they arrived at their destination to retrieve her tech. "Welcome to my contingency plan," she gestured around her. As a truck was somewhat larger than a person, they'd not materialised in her lab but in a room rather like an underground garage nearby. With no visible way of getting the vehicles out.

<Clint> "Well... fuck. I haven't done that in a long time." Clint got out of the truck, a little dizzy. "So safe house then?"

<Viper> "Not a house, so much..." she called up a map of the sprawling complex. "I anticipated having a lot of guests owing to the likelihood of one of my priority targets acquiring strays."

<Clint> "Well I had too... only problem was I was on the those bastards payroll when I built it and they raided it first." He sighed. "It wasn't this impressive... but it would have been safe. Hindsight huh?" He frowned, missing better times

<Viper> "I turned down the offer to work for SHIELD a long time ago..." she shrugged a shoulder, "Strange how things work out." She moved to a hidden door and opened it onto a corridor. "They probably didn't pay you as well as Hydra paid me."

<Clint> "They paid me better than the military would have. It was pretty nice until the government turned on mutants... My whole family was taken." He followed her into the corridor.

<Viper> "Hydra turned me over to them... ungrateful assholes. I will take great pleasure in burning them down once we have dealt with this ridiculous administration." She shrugged her coat off as she walked, draping it over an arm so she could unbutton her shirt as well. Shame. She liked this one.

<Clint> "I don't know if I blame SHIELD so much as the people pulling the strings behind them. I might have been a grunt but I wasn't an idiot."

<Viper> "SHIELD are an arm of the government. They are just doing their jobs. Not all of them have so blindly followed their orders though.... we have a few here." She tossed her coat onto an empty table once they reached the end of the corridor and stepped into her lab. Her shirt followed moments later.

<Clint> "Oh yeah? Which ones? Maybe I know them." He made sure to try and take in everything he could as they walked to her lab.

<Clint> "Uhm.... Okay?" He looked away as she started to disrobe.

<Viper> "You'll see them around... but I'm certain you're familiar with Carol." She extracted a fresh shirt from a drawer and put it on, a smirk on her lips as she realised he was trying not to look at her, "You needn't look away."

<Clint> "I'd prefer to." He rolled his eyes. "I'm glad Carol is here. I'll have to let her know that I'm still alive."

<Viper> "Suit yourself," she finished fastening her shirt buttons then moved to exit the lab, "I'll show you to a room that you can make your own. If you want your things from your truck, I'll be in here most of the rest of the day. If you get lost you can call up a map of the facility by placing your hand against any of the walls."

<Clint> "I'm not interested sorry." He rolled his eyes. "Thanks that's convenient. I got lost at the SHIELD bases all the time."

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "Interested in what? I only meant you needn't look away to save my blushes. I won't get embarrassed." She led him on through the maze of corridors, "The system is also able to locate people if you want to find someone unless that someone has been meddling and removed themselves again." She was going to program it to zap Tony if he did it again.

<Clint> "Not interested in seeing what you have. But we can drop that." He followed her. "That's good to know. I wouldn't mind seeing your armory if you're willing to show it. If you've got better stuff than SHIELD I'd want to familiarize myself with it."

<Viper> "I can show you the weapons storage when you've settled in. Decide if you like it here first. Most people seem to like it." She opened one of the doors and gestured him into the room beyond. "Make yourself at home."

<Clint> "I'm sure it will be better than the bed of a truck parked away where no one can see it." He shrugged. "Thanks."

<Viper> "I'd suggest taking a shower before you go visiting people," she recommended as she turned to leave, "I'm going back to work, I'm sure I'll see you later."

<Clint> "That would probably be a good idea. It's been a while." He looked around the room, getting acquinted with it.

<Viper> "There are fresh clothes in various sizes in cupboards and several hidden compartments you can amuse yourself searching for. The communal living area generally has people in it and the kitchen beside it always has something to eat if you're interested."

<Clint> "Good to know. And kudos on your planning skills for all of this. It's pretty impressive."

<Viper> "I've seen and helped a lot of regimes rise and fall. It makes sense to prepare," she shrugged a shoulder, "Anyone who's seen it happen and doesn't is either stupid or lazy."

<Clint> "Don't age? I think one of my teachers was like that. He looked younger than me when I was at the school."

<Viper> "I heal," she explained, "If you mean Christopher Nord, he's here too. There are quite a few faces you'll find familiar wandering around."

<Clint> "That's good. There were a lot of good people at the school. I hope you can manage to save more."

<Viper> "I'll house as many as I can find," she replied with a small smile, "But hopefully we won't have to worry about that for too much longer. We're working on several aspects of a plan here."

<Clint> "That's pretty awesome. Well if you need a soldier, I'm in. Those scum bags deserve worse than what they did to our kind."

<Viper> "I'll bear that in mind." She assured him as she started to walk away, "Enjoy your shower."

<Clint> "Thank you. I'll talk to you about the armory later."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:12 pm

<Carol> Carol had largely stopped hiding but only because she was hungry a lot and all the good food was in the communal kitchen. She wondered how Viper found the time to bake bread every day with all the other things she did but she wasn't complaining. She was putting together a sandwich while she waited for coffee to happen.

<Clint> Clint had taken the time to get cleaned up and find some clothes that fit him. He even rolled around in the bed a bit, it was beyond comfortable. But, that was over and he wanted to see who was around. Especially Carol. He missed his old mentor.

<Carol> Carol looked down at the rather large bump as a foot appeared on it. That was so disturbing. Once whichever kid it was had finished being creepy, she went to pour her coffee.

<Clint> Clint had followed the directions the bunker had given him to where Carol was, but had to do a double take when he saw her. Was she pregnant? "C...Carol?" He stared a little confused.

<Carol> Carol looked round at the unfamiliar voice, having to do a double-take herself. "Clint? When did you get here?!" She put her things down to go and give him a hug.

<Clint> "Just a little bit ago." He gave her a big warm smile. The first he'd had in a long time. "Viper found me." He hugged her tightly.

<Carol> "She's awesome at that," she gave him a squeeze, "You hungry?"

<Clint> "Little bit. But I haven't been eating too badly. I was a hunter." He gave her another squeeze.

<Carol> "Well of course you were," she laughed, stepping back from him to retrieve her lunch and her caffeine. "There's all kinds of stuff here though. Viper has fresh fruit and veggies growing somewhere in this place too."

<Clint> "Haven't gotten as much sun as I used to but I'm still a redneck born and raised. That's awesome, I haven't had many good veggies. Mostly just stuff growing in the woods."

<Carol> "Check out the fridge, there's multicoloured treasure inside," she gave him a grin before going to sit down at the table. She was starting to hate tables. The babies made the food so far away.

<Clint> "Awesome, where's the plates and stuff? I'm sure no one wants to see me eat like an animal."

<Carol> She pointed up to the cupboards where he could find the plates, "Silverware is in the drawer below that."

<Clint> "Thanks... so can I ask about the elephant in the room? ...That didn't come out right..." He frowned, getting his plate and silverware before grabbing some food.

<Carol> Normally that turn of phrase would have resulted in some kind of injury but he got away with it on account of being newly arrived. She laughed, patting the bump, "You mean this? I swallowed a couple of beach balls because it seemed like a good idea at the time."

<Clint> "Hah bet some of the other residents you could do it I bet, huh?" He laughed.

<Carol> "Nah. You know I can't turn down a dare."

<Clint> "Yeah I think I've seen you do more crazy things than most of my relatives." He laughed more and then sat down with her. "But yeah, you're the last person I'd ever think I'd see pregnant..." His voice caught in his throat as he remembered how hard him and his wife had tried until they finally had their own little girl.

<Carol> "Yeah... me too..." she frowned, "But, you know... things happen..."

<Clint> "Yeah they do..." He just stared at his food for a little before finally taking a small bite.

<Carol> She cocked her head on one side, "What happened?"

<Clint> "It's nothing, don't worry about it. The prisons just didn't agree with me. But I've managed to take out a few of them myself."

<Carol> "I used to enjoy myself taking out Sentinels... but now I'm grounded until these babies are out of me. Viper assures me it'll be soon so there's that..."

<Clint> "Yeah that's definitely a good idea. It's better to be safe than sorry. Don't want the little things to get hurt."

<Carol> "Well and they move around so much and stamp on my internal organs so often I have to pee like every five minutes."

<Clint> "Yeah, I'm sure that is terrible. Wait they? Twins? Congrats Carol."

<Carol> "Yeah... hooray for me..." she took a fortifying sip of coffee and wished it was scotch.

<Clint> "Oh uhmm sorry didn't know it was a sore subject." He frowned a little, still missing his family.

<Carol> She sighed, "It's fine... I'm just... not really looking forward to the whole birth thing.... afterwards, they're not my problem anymore."

<Clint> "Oh uhmm okay." He played with his food more. "Well I hope it all goes well for you."

<Carol> "They're going to their dad..." Which was weird to say.

<Clint> "Aahh well still good luck. You're a badass you can handle it. And Viper seems pretty capable."

<Carol> "Oh I'm pretty sure Viper can handle anything you throw at her," she offered a small smile, "And the babies will be well taken care of by Hope and Michael... and probably the rest of the Shaws."

<Clint> "That's good. I'm sure the Shaws will take good care of them. Jessica is a mother hen if I remember."

<Carol> "Yeah, she takes in strays. Its like an addiction... but I'm kind of avoiding her for... a lot of reasons."

<Clint> "Oh uhmm damn. Guess I'm going to have to learn all the ins and outs here too, like the school."

<Carol> She waved a hand dismissively, "Don't take sides on my account. I deserve it. Pretty sure the only reason she hasn't tried to kill me yet is the fact I'm pregnant but I'm not going to test the theory."

<Clint> "That would be a good idea. I'd really rather you not die." He gave her a weak smile.

<Carol> She laughed, "Don't worry. I think I can handle it if she does try."

<Clint> "I mean yeah, didn't I see you take a rocket or two back during training?"

<Carol> "Pretty sure I'd be fine if a nuke blew up in my face," she nodded to herself as she took a bite of her sandwich.

<Clint> "That's pretty awesome. I mean I'm tough, but damn not even close."

<Carol> "I got lucky with my freaky alien powers."

<Clint> "Lucky! But I love my powers too. I mean I don't think I've missed a single shot since my powers came in."

<Carol> "That's a pretty useful power too. I bet Viper can find you plenty of work for it."

<Clint> "That's the plan. I want to get back into the action as soon as she'll let me use her weapons and resources."

<Carol> "She'll want to be sure you're not gonna run off with them before she'll let you play with her stuff," she laughed.

<Clint> "Yeah I'm sure. Maybe you can vouch for me." He laughed a little.

<Carol> "Sure I can but it depends how much she trusts me. Most people seem to think I'm gonna run off on my own the second these babies are out. I mean... I miss flying like crazy.... but I plan on coming back."

<Clint> "That's good. I'd miss working with you. Haven't gotten much teamwork since escaping."

<Carol> "You should talk to Hope if you want teamwork stuff. She's been running her own missions with David and a bunch of people from his elite team that are on our side."

<Clint> "I think I'll keep it solo for a while or whatever Viper wants me to do to prove she can trust me. I...I've lost a few too many people to lose more."

<Carol> "You'll have to go with teams if you want her to trust you enough to give you solo missions. But don't worry... she doesn't waste people on things they can't handle and there's always an exit plan. She's pretty awesome at plans... and a bunch of other things."

<Clint> "I can tell. I mean this place. And then she teleported me and my car here with all my gear." He laughed a little.

<Carol> She nodded, "Yep. Woman's a genius. I know that word gets thrown around a lot but she is. There's a bunch more around too... but you should hold your breath if you're going to go into the engineering lab they're currently occupying." Her nose wrinkled.

<Clint> "What?" He gave her a puzzled look.

<Carol> "Tony and Sebastian are sharing a lab right now working on stuff for Viper... it's kind of ripe in there."

<Clint> "Ahh... I'm used to that. I hadn't taken a shower until I got here." He laughed a little.

<Carol> "Yeah, that was the case for a lot of people probably. Normally it wouldn't even be a thing but apparently being pregnant gives you extra superpowers that no one wants."

<Clint> "Yeah, I remember when Nat was pregnant. Had to change deodorants like three times." He sighed remembering better times.

<Carol> "I'm so ready for this to be over..." she rested a hand on the bump, "It's exhausting... and awkward... and boring... and I miss scotch."

<Clint> "Eh never liked the stuff. But I can understand the other stuff." Clint gave her a little frown. "But hey it's not forever at least?"

<Carol> "Thank God." She shifted in her seat so she could reach her sandwich. "I'm struggling to see why anyone would want to do this on purpose..."

<Clint> "Can't explain it... But nothing ever made me happier than seeing Katerina smile." Clint started to choke up even though he was smiling.

<Carol> She looked away across the kitchen. She wasn't going to get any of that stuff. "I prefer kids when you can give them back after they're starting to get annoying."

<Clint> Clint laughed a little about her honesty. "Yeah, kids can be annoying, but the good moments happen more and make it worth it."

<Carol> "Maybe when they're old enough to hold a conversation..." she conceded.

<Clint> "Nah cuz they can back talk and then you just want duct tape." Clint laughed harder.

<Carol> "Not if you train them right. Miriam follows orders better than adults."

<Clint> "Katerina liked to talk a lot. She was so cute, but she would latch onto a subject and never let it go."

<Carol> "See... you're not selling the idea to me. Are you trying to agree with me or everyone else?"

<Clint> "Never said I was arguing either way. Just reminiscing I guess?" Clint gave her a little shrug trying to brush off the pain his memories brought him.

<Carol> "I guess that's okay..." she nodded, poking at her sandwich, no longer hungry. "I just... I'm not going to be involved so... Once this is over I can be enthusiastic about drinking and punching things again."

<Clint> "Ahh... Well not for everyone. I'm not in any shape to raise a kid right now. I'd rather be out there taking down more of those bastards." He ran a hand through his hair. "Kid doesn't need a killer as a parent..."

<Carol> "Kid doesn't need to grow up in a world like this."

<Clint> "No one needs a world like this. This place is a fucking shit hole that's only getting worse."

<Carol> "It's okay... once I'm allowed to blow up Sentinels again, Viper has a bunch of jobs for me to do so we can fix this crap."

<Clint> "I'll be glad when she gives me access to her weapons. Taking bases with hunting rifles isn't as easy. And collecting weapons on the run isn't that easy."

<Carol> "Better get on talking to her about all that then," she gave him a small smile, "Maybe she'll go out with you and you can shoot stuff together."

<Clint> "Maybe, but she's a little weird. No real boundaries and I'm not really a fan of it. Got used to being alone..." And other things but he'd rather not talk about that with his old mentor even though they were both adults.

<Carol> "Set boundaries. She's pretty good at sticking to rules if you lay them down. She's just... wired differently. It's not her fault... you can work with it though."

<Clint> "I'll remember that. She's definitely an interesting person..."

<Carol> "She's really smart and useful to have around," Carol nodded sagely, "Plus she's not bad to look at..." she gave him a small grin.

<Clint> "Eh... If she's your cup of tea I guess." He shrugged.

<Carol> "You don't think she's attractive?" She raised an eyebrow.

<Clint> "No." Clint answered honsetly. "She's not my type."

<Carol> Carol shrugged, "Crazy but suit yourself," she offered a small smile, "Don't worry about offending her if you tell her that. Pretty sure she won't care."

<Clint> "I can tell you no one here is my type..." He didn't want to say Nat was the only person for him, that was just him being self-destructive.

<Carol> "Well I guess I can question your taste there without sounding too egotistic..."

<Clint> "Not looking and not interested." He gave a shrug. The only person he wanted to be with was Natasha.

<Carol> She shrugged, "I'm still going to question your taste. That's how it is."

<Clint> "It's a lost cause but feel free." Clint tried to relax a little. It was hard to be around people again. He didn't want to be happy.

<Carol> "I'm good with lost causes so I think I can handle it," she gave him a small smile. "And speaking of lost causes... I think I might have to give in and go pee again."

<Clint> "Good luck, don't fall in." He gave her a little smirk.

<Carol> She gave him a shove, "It's a small miracle I can fit through doorways right now. I somehow think that won't be a problem."

<Clint> "Little blessings?" He got up to give her a gentle hug. "I think I'll go back to my room and waste the night away.

<Carol> "If you get bored or want some company, I'm usually in here." She returned the hug, giving him a small squeeze, "But, for the love of God, don't wake me if I'm asleep."

<Clint> "I enjoy all of my parts where they are. If you're asleep I'll be slinking off in a different direction."

<Carol> "Good because I can't have my powers active," she held her arm up to show the inhibitor she now wore at all times, "So I'm likely to punch you on reflex. Nothing personal. Chris learned that the hard way. Thomas is smart - he targets my feet."

<Clint> "Want to borrow one of my scopes? They have laser pointers. Keeps the kid far away."

<Carol> "I think Chris might be offended on his behalf if I did that and he can totally kick my ass now."

<Clint> "Do you really think he would? Dude fawned all over you at the school." Clint raised an eyebrow at her.

<Carol> "Yeah... and that's a whole level of awkward I'm trying to pretend isn't there so thanks for reminding me," she shook her head and gave him another playful shove. "Greer's here and she's all messed up by the government... Thomas has gone all feral and Chris... I don't know.... it's all complicated...."

<Clint> "We can't catch any breaks can we?" He ran a hand through his hair. "Well fuck don't know what to say to any of that."

<Carol> She gave a helpless shrug, "Everything's fucked up. Not just them... there's a whole thing where Hope was dead and now she's not but she might as well be because she's never here but in the mean time she screwed up all the plans we made before she wasn't not dead and now...." she heaved a sigh, "I don't know. It's just... a mess. And I'm trying not to think about that either."

<Clint> "Well, I didn't expect gumdrops and rainbows coming here. Looks like it won't be much different from the school. Just more violent."

<Carol> "Yeah... it's crazy... but at least someone else is in charge," she eyed her forgotten sandwich and decided she was hungry again. Thinking about all the crazy was exhausting.

<Clint> "I wouldn't know that pain. I was never in charge. Give me a target and I'll shoot."

<Carol> "Maybe I'll tell Viper to torture you by putting you in charge of a team. Then we can bitch about it together." She picked up her plate and turned for the door.

<Clint> "That wouldn't be a good idea." He sighed and sat back down since she was leaving now. "I've been working solo for too long"

<Carol> "You can always learn new things," she replied as she headed for the exit and the bathroom, "Never too late for that."

<Clint> "Sometimes you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I'm better as a weapon than a leader. Later Carol."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:15 pm

<Carol> Carol was hungry and, since she had to get up to pee anyway, she figured she could swing by the kitchen. For bonus points, there was no one in there to judge her at whateverthefuck time it was so she could eat whatever she liked. Ice cream time! Viper had a strange list of priority foods for the apocalypse but she wasn't complaining about that.

<Carol> After selecting her choice, she closed the freezer and yelped in surprise to find Jess hiding on the other side of the door. "Jeez! Don't sneak up on people like that!" She'd almost dropped her treasure! Without waiting for a response, Carol turned to get a spoon. Fuck bowls.

<Carol> After making her way to the table to take a seat, she realised Jess hadn't moved. "Did you want this?" She held up the ice cream, "I'm open to sharing..." She cocked her head on one side as the other woman seemed to be staring into space. "Okay you're freaking me out now.... are you okay?" Still nothing. "Are you sleeping?"

<Carol> With a sigh, she set the ice cream and spoon on the table and got up again, "Come on... no sleeping in the kitchen..." taking her gently by the shoulders, Carol attempted to steer Jess to someone who might know what to do with her when she was like this.

<Carol> On the way to her destination she poked her head in to check Miriam was okay - fast asleep - then quietly closed the door. Soon after, she was at the door to Sebastian's lab and not knocking as she let herself in. "Sebastian?"

<Shaw> He certainly hadn't been sleeping well, but he had been asleep. Sebastian stirred at the sound, but wasn't sure if it was another weird dream or an actual noise.

<Carol> She wasn't sure about bright lights so she deactivated the inhibitor to use her energy powers for a softer glow, "Sebastian...?"

<Shaw> Too tall for the sofa, he kicked a pillow off the end and rolled onto his face with a grumble.

<Carol> The sound alerted her to where he was and she raised her other hand to knock the end of the sofa his feet were at with a concussive blast. Just enough to shift it an inch. "Wake up," she hissed, not really wanting to yell in case she startled Jess out of her sleep.

<Shaw> He snorted at the movement and jerked, coming awake enough to flip onto his back and look up at... Carol?

<Carol> "Your wife is broken," Carol said helpfully when he finally opened his eyes, moving aside and gesturing at the other woman who was stood right where she'd left her.

<Shaw> Carol... and Jessica. Oh, this was a nightmare. Sebastian groaned and threw his arm over his eyes.

<Carol> "Oh no you don't," she took that arm and hauled him into a sitting position, "She's sleepwalking or something. She turned up in the kitchen like this... Miriam's still asleep - I checked - but I wasn't sure what to do about this...."

<Shaw> Oh, wait. He was awake? Sebastian looked up at Carol and then back to Jessica. Sleepwalking? Oh. "Jessie?"

<Carol> "Is it a good idea to try and wake her up?" Carol wasn't so sure, she kept the light and her voice low just to be safe, "I mean... I was talking to her before I realised she was asleep... didn't seem to have much effect..."

<Shaw> Shaking his head, Sebastian pushed himself up and closer to his wife. "I... she has not done this for a long time. At least, not that I knew of..."

<Carol> "Probably a stress thing, right?" Carol watched him from a safe distance. Well safe unless venom blasts were involved.

<Shaw> He frowned. That made sense, he supposed. "Perhaps." Sighing, he rubbed his face and pushed his fingers through his hair. "Thank you for bringing her to me."

<Carol> "Where else was I going to bring her?" She raised an eyebrow, "Shall I go now or...?" The ice cream was melting! But minus powers, Sebastian might like lights or the furniture would become hazardous. What to do...

<Shaw> He stood, moving slowly and stiff from his time on the sofa. "Yes, of course... I can handle this," he rubbed his eyes again, looking between Carol and Jessica, who was just swaying eerily in place.

<Carol> "Can you handle it in the dark or do you want me to turn a light on?" She wasn't sure he could handle it or anything much lately. "I don't mind staying...." she offered. There was more ice cream.

<Shaw> Sebastian waved a hand. "I'll get it." After another look at Jessica, he circled the sofa to find an emergency lamp, stubbing his toe in the process and swearing under his breath.

<Carol> Carol couldn't help the small giggle and raised her light for him, biting her lip mostly out of the guilt for reminding him that light was a thing.

<Shaw> He heard her, but ignored her mirth in favor of finding the small lamp and flicking it on. It was always a good idea to have a spare light around when working with Tony.

<Shaw> The light was dimmer than Carol's own, but it was enough, so he turned back to the women.

<Carol> Losing the energy was nice but there was light now so she lowered hers and put it out. "So... I guess I'll go then...."

<Shaw> Sebastian started to nod, still feeling foggy, but paused "Wait. Could you check in on Miriam? It might take me a moment to get Jessica back and I don't want Miriam to wake up alone."

<Carol> "Sure, I'll wait with her til you get there. She was asleep when I looked in on the way here." She offered a small smile and turned for the door.

<Shaw> "Thank you," he said, but he was already looking at Jessica.

<Carol> Carol sighed and headed back out into the hall, waving distractedly over her shoulder. At least Miriam actually wanted her around.

<Shaw> Warily, he approached his wife, keeping the light in his hand far from her eyes. When he stopped just in front of her, he waved a hand in front of her face experimentally.

<Jessica> There was no response from Jess. Not even a blink.

<Shaw> Sebastian sighed and rubbed his face again. "Well, love, we're quite the pair."

<Jessica> The stillness portion of her night time wanderings seemed to be over all of a sudden and she set off again.

<Shaw> He blinked, following her warily.

<Jessica> Her sense of direction was remarkably good despite being asleep and she headed back in the general direction of the kitchen.

<Shaw> Looking over his shoulder, which was where they should have been heading, he trailed along just beside her. He fiddled with the cuff around his wrist.

<Jessica> Returning to the kitchen, Jess again stopped beside the fridge.

<Shaw> "I'm sure you're not eating enough, but now is really not the time." After a moment, he reached for her hand.

<Jessica> She didn't seem to notice he'd caught her hand but didn't move either.

<Shaw> He gave her hand a gentle tug, hoping to lead her back to her bedroom - their bedroom.

<Jessica> The tug made her turn around but still didn't wake her up.

<Shaw> Taking a step backward, he tugged again. "Let's get you back to Miriam, love."

<Jessica> She let him lead her, putting up no resistance whatsoever.

<Shaw> This would take forever, but it seemed to be working. He kept talking, softly, and turned to start back down the hall.

<Carol> Meanwhile, Carol was trying to keep a now awake Miriam in her bed - she wanted to get up and show Carol all of her latest works of art. Carol attempted making promises to visit soon to look at them but she wasn't getting away with it.

<Shaw> "I've told you I'm sorry, I know," he continued. "I'm aware my repentance makes no real difference..." Sebastian sighed and brushed his thumb over her knuckles as they slowly moved through the halls.

<Jessica> His words didn't seem to make it through to the conscious portion of her mind and she continued to allow herself to be led.

<Carol> In Miriam's room, Carol had resigned herself to having lost the battle and had a pile of drawings in her lap.

<Shaw> Sebastian continued to chatter anyway, his voice low. After a while, he stopped and turned to face her.

<Jessica> Because he had her hand, Jess stopped too.

<Shaw> They hadn't been this close in weeks without tension, so he took the opportunity to study her face. After a moment, he squeezed her fingers and flipped off the light, pocketing the small lamp and giving his eyes time to adjust to the dim safety lighting in the hall.

<Jessica> The sudden larger shift in lighting levels had something of an effect and she blinked, taking a step back.

<Shaw> "Jessie?" He leaned closer to see if that had done the trick.

<Jessica> She looked around, wondering where the hell she was, "Sebastian...? Where...?"

<Shaw> Things were very likely to get awkward now. He straightened, but didn't let go of her hand. "You were sleepwalking. How do you feel now?"

<Jessica> "Confused..." she checked the hallway again, "Where's Miriam?"

<Shaw> "She is at home. I was taking you there. I don't know how long you were wandering." And now, for the awkward part. "Carol found you in the kitchen and brought you to me. I sent her to stay with Miriam until I could coax you back to bed."

<Jessica> "Oh... right..." All the halls pretty much looked the same so she had no idea how close to the room she was. "Well... lead the way... I'm all turned around..."

<Shaw> Sebastian bowed his head in a nod and turned, giving her hand a squeeze and then loosening his grip to allow her to pull away if she wished.

<Jessica> She kept her hand in his, rubbing her eyes a little with her free hand. "Where did I go?"

<Shaw> "The kitchen, twice. Other than that, I don't know, love." He glanced at her as they walked.

<Jessica> She sighed, "Guess I'll add finding out to my to-do list tomorrow..." She covered a yawn. So tired.

<Shaw> "Love... perhaps I could take Miriam for the day so you could rest?" He squeezed her hand again.

<Jessica> She shook her head, "No... I can manage..." So she kept telling herself.

<Shaw> He sighed. "You don't have to do this alone."

<Jessica> "You did..." she pointed out, "I can do it. It's fine..."

<Shaw> He didn't, which was the problem, of course. "But I'm right here." He stopped walking and squeezed her fingers.

<Jessica> She stopped when he did and nodded, lowering her gaze to her feet. "I know..."

<Shaw> Sebastian stepped in front of her and took both of her hands in his. "I miss you."

<Jessica> She nodded again, pulling her hands from his before sliding them around his waist and cuddling against him.

<Shaw> He let out a surprised breath and wrapped his arms around her, bowing his head to breathe her in.

<Jessica> "I'm not angry anymore... haven't been for ages..." she confessed, though her words were muffled by his shoulder, "I just didn't know how to... stop all this...."

<Shaw> "It's alright, love." He tightened his hold and closed his eyes, one hand moving to stroke her hair. "We can stop it just like this then, yes?"

<Jessica> She nodded, sighing heavily, largely out of relief she thought. "That sounds like a good idea."

<Shaw> "Excellent." He was a little disoriented by this sudden turn, unable to believe it wasn't a dream. He kissed her through her hair.

<Jessica> She gave him a squeeze, "Can I go back to bed now?"

<Shaw> He laughed softly. "Yes," he said, pulling back to brush his fingers under her chin and get her to look at him. "Can I?"

<Jessica> She gave him a tired smile, "That'd be nice."

<Shaw> Sebastian's answering smile was tired as well, but bright. He leaned down and gave her a quick kiss.

<Jessica> She stepped back from him and took his hand so they could carry on walking back to the room.

<Carol> By now, the crayons had come out and Miriam was drawing a special picture for Carol. Carol was filling the time by melting broken crayons back together again.

<Shaw> He led them straight back to their rooms, hoping if this was a dream that he'd stay asleep for a while longer. When they arrived, he opened the door for his wife.

<Carol> They were greeted by an excited screech of "Daddy!" And Carol's apologetic "I tried..."

<Shaw> That pitch led weight to the argument he was awake. "Shh, love. It's late. You should be asleep." He caught the hurtling child and lifted her into his arms. "We all should be asleep."

<Carol> "Not me. I don't think the babies got the memo that night time is for sleeping." Carol got to her feet, "I'll go get out of the way so I'm not distracting someone..."

<Shaw> Sebastian gave Carol a sympathetic smile. "Thank you, my dear."

<Carol> "No problem." Carol returned the smile, and Miriam's salute, "I'll come back for my drawing, Lieutenant," she promised, reaching to tickle the girl under her chin. "But now it's time for bed because everyone but you is veeeeeeeery sleepy." "Okay," Miriam giggled, laying her head on Sebastian's shoulder to feign sleep. "You're my best Lieutenant," Carol assured her.

<Shaw> Sebastian snuggled Miriam close as she tried to look convincingly sleepy and opened the door for Carol. Once his hand was free, he reached for Jessica's again.

<Jessica> Jess thanked Carol too before she left and sighed, closing the door behind her. How was it even the kid-hater made it look so easy?

<Shaw> Now that they were alone, he sighed and started toward Miriam's room. "It's far past time for you to be in bed, love." Miriam was wriggling and had noticed his messy hair. She did her best to "help" it.

<Jessica> Jess set about wearily picking up the crayons. Carol seemed to have helpfully halved the workload there so that was some consolation.

<Shaw> He stopped in his tracks when Miriam asked if he would still be there when she woke up.

<Jessica> Jess straightened up and looked over at them, "Unless daddy's suddenly afraid of mommy's cooking, he'll be here."

<Shaw> Releasing a long breath, he grinned. "Well, we know the answer to that then." Miriam giggled and he gave her a bounce and carried her to the bedroom to tuck her in.

<Jessica> Jess finished picking up the crayons and pictures, smiling at the unfinished work she'd started for Carol. She liked drawing Carol with stars. Once things were tidied away she headed back to her own bed and crawled under the sheets. Soooooo tired.

<Shaw> It only took a few moments for Miriam to settle, along with some good night kisses and promises of activities tomorrow. Soon, he tentatively moved into their room.

<Jessica> Jess shifted to pull back the sheets on his side of the bed and patted the empty space.

<Shaw> He smiled and came into the room, realizing he had no shoes to remove and sat down. Before he could fully relax, he had to accept this was real. Swallowing, he touched the cuff on his wrist.

<Jessica> Jess reached over, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him fully onto the bed. She intended to snuggle and go right to sleep.

<Shaw> This was just too easy. He'd wake up alone on the hard lab sofa any moment. Swallowing, he flipped the clasp on the inhibitor cuff and turned it off, removing it from his wrist.

<Jessica> She felt the return of their link and smiled, burrowing against his back, <Hello, Stranger.>
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:17 pm

<Shaw> It hadn't taken Sebastian long to settle back into life with his family. It was perfect, with one complication.

<Shaw> That complication was currently asleep on the sofa, snoring quietly and quite possibly drooling on the pillow.

<Shaw> He took a sip of his coffee and stared down at his son.

<Jessica> Jess hip-checked her husband on the way to deliver more crayons to Miriam so she could work on her latest masterpiece. Think how terrified you'd be to wake up and see your father looming over you like that.

<Shaw> Well why else would I do it? He twisted to grin over at Jessica, then returned his attention to his coffee and his sofa ornament, stepping around the edge to get to the chair.

<Jessica> Jess rolled her eyes and shook her head, You're awful...

<Shaw> That just made his smile broader as he settled into the chair. I'm surprised Miriam hasn't woken him up yet. Despite his protests, he picked up a tablet and quietly scrolled through design specifications for another project of Viper's.

<Jessica> I'm not. He's exhausted from worrying about Hope and everything... Jess sat down with Miriam and followed the girl's instructions on what she was allowed to colour in.

<Shaw> His lips twitched and he looked up from the tablet. That girl had best stop galloping off on this personal crusade. There was a noise from the sofa and he turned his attention to Michael, who squirmed until his left hand slipped off the seat.

<Jessica> Mmhmm. She sure as hell can't do that and raise two babies. Jess wasn't sure about purple cats but if that's what she wanted...

<Shaw> I agree. And while he was, in theory, sympathetic, he still reached out a foot to prod Michael's hand.

<Jessica> When she comes back, will you tell her that? She seems to have forgotten. And she wasn't going to be able to have a sensible conversation with Hope for a while yet.

<Shaw> There was movement from the sofa lump and he smirked. I shall. Sebastian took another sip of coffee and leaned forward to study the boy.

<Jessica> Play nice. She got up to get Obi some coffee.

<Shaw> Of course. He took another drink, eyes still on his prey. He truly has my nose. How unfortunate.

<Jessica> I like your nose... She pouted at him.

<Shaw> Sebastian's gaze flicked up to her and he smiled, sending her his warmth. That's because you have excellent taste.

<Shinobi> Obi could smell coffee, which was the only good thing about waking up. Drawing in a breath, he shifted and stretched a little, opening his eyes. Shit!

<Jessica> Jess felt the shock which meant he was awake. "Morning, sweetheart, how did you sleep?"

<Shaw> "Good morning," Sebastian greeted, baring teeth and then sitting back in the chair with his cup.

<Shinobi> He pushed himself up on his elbow, giving his father a look and yawning. "Fine, until a minute ago."

<Jessica> She gave Obi a small smile as she moved to the back of the sofa and bent to press a kiss to the top of his head before offering him a cup of coffee.

<Shinobi> He took the cup with a thanks and accepted Miriam's tackle hug morning greeting, holding the cup up and away from her with a laugh.

<Jessica> "Do you want something to eat? There's less here than in the main kitchen but we manage...."

<Shinobi> Food didn't sound tempting at all and when Miriam went back to her drawing he sat up and turned his attention to his coffee. "No thanks, I should probably go shower." Sebastian was smirking at him now.

<Jessica> "Okay... but finish your coffee first." She offered him another smile and went to sit down by her tea. "You going to come back later?"

<Shinobi> "Do you want me to?" He glanced over at Sebastian again, then back to Jess before burying his nose in his cup.

<Jessica> "You know you're always welcome," she replied, "So it's up to you."

<Shinobi> His father seemed to be smiling slightly, but he wasn't sure and didn't trust it. "Okay," he said, pulling his attention away. "I'm going to see if I can reach Hope today."

<Shaw> Sebastian looked up at that.

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "Gonna tell her she needs to come home?"

<Shinobi> "Well, I was going to ask her when she's coming home, definitely."

<Shaw> "I haven't been able to reach her, but I lack... your connection." He tapped his tablet. "She certainly does need to determine where her true priorities lie."

<Jessica> "Definitely." Jess took a sip of her tea, "Have you talked to Carol?"

<Shinobi> He wanted to be offended at his father's snark, but... he just wasn't. Obi sighed, then nearly choked on a sip of coffee when Jess spoke. "Umm... no."

<Jessica> She sighed, "Are you going to?" Maybe he was putting it off until he could talk to Hope but at this rate that wasn't going to happen until the babies were already in the world.

<Shinobi> "I don't know..." He studied the cup.

<Jessica> "Well, you know I think you should... so there's not much point in repeating myself."

<Shaw> "If you stall much longer, you'll find yourself trying to speak while holding two wailing infants." Sebastian sniffed. "Hardly effective."

<Jessica> Jess sighed again, wondering if Sebastian had taken it upon himself to voice her thoughts for her. "You are running out of time..." she said gently.

<Shinobi> "I know." He sighed too, staring into the coffee cup for a moment before he set it down on the coffee table. "I guess... I should go shower."

<Jessica> "Alright... you know where we are if you want to stop by later," She gave him a small smile, getting up to give him a hug before he left.

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked to himself and returned his attention to his reading. "I find Carol spends most of her time either in the kitchen or the bathroom of late, and I wouldn't suggest ambushing her in the latter."

<Shinobi> He hugged her tight, but twisted to look at his father. Really? Obi rolled his eyes at Jess.

<Jessica> Jess gave Obi a squeeze, "I'll tell him off when you're gone," she muttered to him in promise before pressing a kiss to his cheek.

<Shinobi> It made him chuckle and return the kiss before he turned for the door.

<Shaw> Sebastian snorted in response.

<Carol> Carol had raised a hand to knock on the door but yelped a little when it opened in front of her. She was about to yell at Sebastian for using freaky mind powers but found herself looking at the wrong Shaw. The confusion was probably obvious on her face. "... Did I get turned around somewhere?"

<Shinobi> "Carol..." he said, somewhat obviously as well. "Um... what?"

<Carol> "I was coming to get my picture from Miriam like I promised...." she chewed her lip, "I can come back later....?"

<Shinobi> "Oh... I, uh, was just going. It's fine." He moved out of the way to let her in after a good fidget.

<Carol> "Right... okay..." she shook herself and moved to pass him but it was pretty awkward with the giant bump. Also ow. Kidney shot. "Hey kiddo!" She smiled at Miriam as the girl hurried over with several pictures, waving them wildly.

<Shaw> Sebastian looked over at Jessica and raised a brow.

<Jessica> Jess threw a crayon at the back of Obi's head by way of a hint and gave him a helpful confidence boost.

<Carol> Carol would normally have picked Miriam up or crouched down but neither were an option with babies and no powers. Sad. She was glad for the pictures though and let Miriam identify all the parts that were most important.

<Shinobi> Something hit him and he jumped and yelped, having still not made it out the door. He looked down, then over to his parents. Oh.

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked. I blame that density on his genetic mother.

<Jessica> Jess managed not to laugh out loud to that thought, I absolutely agree. She turned her attention back to the doorway, worried about the feelings she was getting from Carol.

<Shinobi> He ran his hand through his hair and shifted once more. "Um, Carol?" Obi closed the door and came back in, picking up Miriam so she could show off her pictures without making Carol bend down.

<Carol> Oh that was better. Carol gave him a small smile in thanks, now able to see the pictures properly and hold them still so they wouldn't make her dizzy while Miriam waved them around in her enthusiasm.

<Shinobi> He returned the smile and tried not to watch her as she talked to Miriam.

<Jessica> Jess rolled her eyes to herself and gave Obi another confidence nudge.

<Carol> Carol accepted her gifts and leaned to carefully give Miriam a hug and a kiss. Then, of course, returned the little girl's salute. It was so cute that she still did that.

<Shinobi> He got his own hug and kiss from his sister before he set her down. "Hey," he started, looking up at Carol from his crouch. "Maybe we could... go talk?"

<Carol> Surprised by the request she took a moment to answer, giving a somewhat distracted nod, "Uh, sure... where...?"

<Shinobi> Good question. "Um, wherever you want," he said with a shrug. He couldn't take her to his room, surely. "I guess?"

<Shaw> Sebastian rolled his eyes, wondering how his son had ever landed either Hope or Carol.

<Carol> Ow. Lacerated liver. She nodded again after the wince, "Okay..." her room it was because the kitchen was the only other place she occupied and that was hardly private.

<Shinobi> He saw her wince and touched her arm. "Are you okay?" Maybe this was a bad idea.

<Carol> "Huh? Oh... yeah..." she looked down at the bump, "They're just kicking my ass from the inside."

<Shinobi> "....oh," That made sense, and now he wanted to feel them kick. "Right... that makes sense." He swallowed and nodded. "Okay, so... after you?"

<Carol> She nodded, heading for the hallway again, giving the other Shaws a small wave. It was probably rude to drop by and not even say hi but Obi being there had thrown her somewhat. "Watch long enough and you might see something really creepy," babies were a safe-ish topic and what else would they have to talk about anyway?

<Shinobi> "...creepy?" It almost made him miss a step before he recovered and opened the door for her.

<Shaw> Well, Sebastian sighed, sipping his coffee and smirking at his wife. He's confused and besotted and I believe she might be as well.

<Jessica> She's hurting... and lonely.... and afraid... Jess got up to sit in Sebastian's lap, They need to figure this out...

<Carol> Carol nodded to Obi's question, "Yep. Just wait. You'll see what I mean."

<Shinobi> "You make it sound so tempting," he said with a nervous laugh.

<Carol> "Some people probably think it's awesome. I think it's creepy. You can decide for yourself," she offered, stopping at her door and opening it, "Sorry about the mess... wasn't really expecting visitors...." the mess was mostly clothing and the odd towel.

<Shinobi> "It's fine, my room's... not so clean either," he said, frowning. There was no point in cleaning, and he was never there when he was alone, which was most of the time.

<Carol> She gestured to the sofa because it was free of laundry and went to get coffee. "Make yourself at home..."

<Shinobi> Her choice of words made him swallow hard, then frown at himself.

<Carol> "You want some coffee?" she offered, leaning against the counter while she waited for it to brew.

<Shinobi> "Sure, thanks," he said, taking a seat instead of following her.

<Carol> She busied herself with the coffee in the uncomfortable silence then brought the cups over to the sofa and set them down on the table. She also had to remind herself that it wasn't safe to drink right now because her powers were turned off. It was taking way too long for her to get used to that.

<Shinobi> He repeated his thanks and reached for the cup to have something to do with his hands. This was ridiculously awkward.

<Carol> "So..." she said after waiting for him to start, "You wanted to talk?" She wanted to drink that coffee nooooooow!

<Shinobi> Right, this was his idea. Well, it was Jess' idea, but.... "Yeah, um... I just thought we... should." He cleared his throat.

<Carol> "I thought we did all our talking but... okay... what about?" She heaved a sigh, hoping it wasn't going to be as awkward as it felt it was going to be. And her without any scotch.

<Shinobi> "Yeah," he repeated. "I know you said you didn't really want to be involved... after... after the twins were born." He looked from the cup to her. "I was wondering if you still felt that way."

<Carol> "Oh..." yep. It was going to be that awkward. "Well... I kind of assumed... it'd just be easier... and maybe you guys wouldn't want me to.... Things are complicated enough..."

<Shinobi> "Putting the complications aside... what would you want?"

<Carol> How was she supposed to put the complications aside? They were everywhere! She scrubbed her face with her hands, feeling that familiar exhaustion she got every time she thought about things. "I don't know... I want what's best for them... I don't know if me being involved is a good idea... I mean.... I'm sure I'll see them around... maybe..."

<Shinobi> He licked his lips. "They're your children," he said softly, "just as much as they're mine. I want what you want..."

<Carol> "Well I don't know what I want," she looked over at him, "I know what I don't want... and that's to do all of this on my own... so it's just better... for everyone... if they're not with me... because I'll screw it up."

<Shinobi> Obi frowned to himself, then reached for her hand. "I wish you wouldn't say things like that about yourself, Carol."

<Carol> "It's true though... the only way I'd be any good at this is with a lot of help.... I can barely look after myself properly."

<Shinobi> He wrapped both hands around hers, shifting to face her. "I need help, too... especially..." Obi chewed his lip aggressively. "I can't do this alone."

<Carol> "But you have help... you have Jess and Sebastian... and Hope.... All I have is me...." She looked down at their hands, "Everything's all messed up... we... shouldn't have happened... and, I don't know... I want them to have some sort of stability.... I'm not that... I wanna go out and punch asteroids and take out Sentinels for fun... I mean, I'd come back after... but I'd probably just drink..."

<Carol> She sighed, "I know what it's like to have a parent that drinks too much and punches things to feel better.... I don't really think that's the best environment... especially if I'm the only one they're looking at."

<Shinobi> All he could hear was her assertion that they shouldn't have happened. It hurt. He held on to her hands in his, looking down at them.

<Carol> She gave his hands a squeeze, wanting to hug him really but this was already difficult enough. "Obi... what I'm trying to say... it's just... it's too hard... Hope's back... and you're back with her... and that's really great for both of you... but I don't think I can be around and watch you guys raise our babies... at least not at the start... when it's all so... painful...."

<Shinobi> He closed his eyes and felt tears slip out. Fuck. "But she's not here, is she?" It came out harsh.

<Carol> She pulled her hands away to cover her face. What did that even mean? "What do you want from me? I'm telling you it hurts and I can't do it... it doesn't matter if she's physically in the building right now. You're still gonna go back to her."

<Shinobi> He couldn't look at her, rubbing his mouth and fixing his attention on a stack of clothing. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't... I just keep hurting you..." Obi hung his head. "That's... not what I wanted."

<Carol> "Then what do you want? I'm trying to make it hurt less by just walking away... but no one other than me seems to feel like that's the best thing for me. So what do you think I should do? Everyone else has an opinion and, frankly, the only one that matters to me right now is yours."

<Shinobi> Obi drew in a deep shuddering breath, trying to make himself look at her. "I-I... I wish we'd never come here. We'd have never known..."

<Carol> "We didn't have a choice..." she looked over at him, "Makes you wish fate was something you could punch in the face, huh?"

<Shinobi> It made him snort, which wasn't pretty, and shake his head. "Yeah, it really does." He sighed. "Still, it's true."

<Carol> "I know... but that doesn't help us now, does it?" she sighed, shifting a little to give him a hug. "We are where we are...."

<Shinobi> He nodded and returned the hug, finding he didn't want to let go. "Things are... complicated."

<Carol> "Yeah... really complicated..." she closed her eyes, resting her head on his shoulder, "At least you're with your family... that's something."

<Shinobi> "I missed Jess and Miriam... and even my father, but don't tell him that." He smiled a little, just enjoying the closeness.

<Carol> She laughed, "Yeah... me too. I won't tell if you don't."

<Shinobi> "It's a deal," he said with a smirk, leaning his cheek against her hair. After a moment, he sighed. "Do you... want to hear the rest of my opinion?"

<Carol> "All of it," she nodded, "rip that bandaid off. You know that's how I work best."

<Shinobi> "Hope... says she wants this... but she's... not here." He swallowed. "I haven't seen her for weeks."

<Carol> "So... you think she changed her mind?" Carol frowned a little, "Or is she freaking out more about this than she's letting on?"

<Shinobi> "I don't know. She won't talk to me... not about anything serious. Just about her mission." He sighed. "I think... that's all she cares about..."

<Carol> "So... what you're saying is that... either I'm bringing them up alone or you're bringing them up alone...." she summarised. "Well that sucks."

<Shinobi> He nodded, once. "Yeah."

<Carol> She groaned, "Why is this so hard?" It was so much easier when they were just going to muddle through together and no one else was in the way complicating matters. "It shouldn't be this difficult...."

<Shinobi> "Now you see what I meant, yeah?" He turned his hand to take hers and squeeze it, giving her a half-hearted smile.

<Carol> She moved his hand to her stomach because the babies were on the move again. Maybe he'd see their creepy party trick. "So what are we supposed to do now? It's not like she'll let me just move in with you two...." because that would solve so many problems... except the part where it would pretty much suck to watch them all the time.

<Shinobi> He was surprised at the move, but settled his palm over the bump. She really was huge, but he knew he didn't dare say so. Feeling a slight movement, he followed it and looked up at her with another sad smile. "I don't know."

<Carol> "Well... I guess you could just move in with me when she's not here... help out... sleep on the sofa... or get a different room with another bed... because sofas aren't that comfortable...."

<Shinobi> "I'd be okay with the sofa," he said quietly, chewing his lip and feeling a thump against his fingers.

<Carol> "Yeah but... you don't have to sleep on the sofa... it's not like we're short on space...."

<Shinobi> He looked up a her curiously. While he knew exactly where he'd rather be sleeping, he couldn't say it.

<Carol> She cocked her head on one side at the look, "Well, okay... but if I drop laundry on you out of habit you only have yourself to blame...."

<Shinobi> "It's just an extra blanket, right?" He put on a crooked grin, then jumped when one of the twins bumped his hand - hard.

<Carol> She laughed, which mostly covered the wince. "I guess?" she gave a shrug. "It'll be nice... to have some company..."

<Shinobi> "Yeah," he said, expression slipping into a smile. "It will be..." Looking down at his hand on her belly, he took a deep breath. "I've missed... this."

<Carol> "Having a tiny person kick you from my insides?" she raised an eyebrow.

<Shinobi> Obi huffed, licking his lips and raising his eyes to hers. "No, not that..." He reached for her other hand and squeezed it. "This."

<Carol> She gave him a small smile, returning the squeeze but feeling awkward again because of the ever present spectre of Hope. "Me too..." she replied softly, "I miss... a lot of things...."

<Shinobi> He nodded and had to look down, gently releasing her hand. "Yeah. Me, too."

<Carol> Coffee! She claimed her mug, now it was at a safe temperature and her hands we free. "So... I'll tidy up... and then you can sleep in here... but we should definitely do the eating in the main kitchen."

<Shinobi> That made him laugh a little. "Definitely. We both know how well cooking goes." Obi stared into his coffee and finally took a drink.

<Carol> "Yeeeeeah... Viper would be pissed if I burned down her bunker." She nodded to herself then looked around at all the things she had to pick up. Crap. But then she got distracted because one of the twins was doing the creepy foot pokey thing again, "Oh hey, lookit..." she tapped Obi's arm for his attention.

<Shinobi> "Hmm?" He looked up, jarred from his brooding.

<Carol> "They're doing the thing!" She pointed at the foot shape, "It's creepy, right?"

<Shinobi> He looked, eyes widening, and scrambled to put the cup down. Obi placed his hand over the ... it was absolutely a foot. That was terrifying. "Holy shit..."

<Shinobi> After a moment, he moved closer to just watch, then looked up at her with a wrinkled nose. "Does it hurt?"

<Carol> She shook her head, "Not really... it's just weird..." She looked back down at the foot, "Viper assures me they're about done cooking..."

<Shinobi> He nodded, still watching the foot. After giving it a light tap, the baby returned the poke and he giggled. "Yeah, I would guess so."

<Carol> "Which is good... because I'm so done with this," she gave a small laugh, "I can't remember when I last saw my feet."

<Shinobi> Obi leaned to look at them and then back to her face with a grin. "They're still there, I promise."

<Carol> She gave him a shove, "Of course they're still there!" she laughed again, "Idiot."

<Shinobi> He laughed, too, rocking with the shove and enjoying her smile.

<Carol> She sighed, "So now I have to tidy up... And you have to... I don't know what you have to do... get clothes?"

<Shinobi> "I can help you pick up, if you want... I've been living out of a bag for the most part anyway." He shrugged one shoulder and kept playing with his children.

<Carol> "That would be great," she gave him a smile, "Moving around is kind of... awkward right now... especially with my powers turned off."

<Shinobi> "Then just tell me what to do and I'll take care of it." Obi sat up to better meet her eyes over her massive belly.

<Carol> She laughed softly, shaking her head, "Oh you might come to regret those words..."

<Shinobi> "Nah." His smile softened as he looked at her, and he sighed, standing up before he did something stupid. "Okay, so, where do we start?"
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:18 pm

<Carol> It had been an hour or so since she went to bed and she was tired. Sooo tired. But she couldn't sleep. She was uncomfortable and kept thinking unwelcome thoughts. Usually she'd get up and watch tv or get food but Obi was in the next room and she didn't want to wake him up.

<Carol> After a while, the need to pee arrived so that made her decision easier and she levered herself out of bed, grabbing a robe and pulling it on as she went to the door.

<Shinobi> Sleeping had become easier for Obi, for reasons he didn't want to examine too closely. With one foot on the floor, he was asleep flat on his back, snoring softly.

<Carol> Not being able to see where you were putting your feet or fly made being quiet a whole lot more complicated. She stepped on one of her fallen boots and swore quietly because it was laying sideways and that hurt. Hobbling the rest of the way to the bathroom, she glanced over at Obi.

<Shinobi> He did half wake, unsure why, and rubbed his face.

<Carol> Normally she wouldn't have to put the light on buuuut... no powers. She winced at the brightness and hurried to close the door before the light woke Obi up more than her cursing.

<Shinobi> Just ready to doze back off, he jumped when suddenly there was light. "Hmmhwha?"Obi sat up, the blanket sliding down and the pillow he'd balanced on the arm of the sofa hitting the floor.

<Carol> Busy thinking of relief she hadn't heard Obi and went about her business in the bathroom.

<Shinobi> Blinking, he saw the light beneath the bathroom door and realized Carol must be in there. Obi stared blankly at the door as he waited for his brain to reboot.

<Carol> Task complete, Carol pushed a hand through her hair and rubbed at her eyes as she opened the door again and reached to turn off the light.

<Shinobi> "Fu- okay, now I'm blind." He winced away from the light, throwing up a hand.

<Carol> "Sorry!" She turned the light off after fumbling with the switch for a moment out of surprise. "I was trying not to wake you up..."

<Shinobi> "I's'kay," he slurred, dropping his hand and blinking away the spots. "Are you okay?"

<Carol> She shrugged, "Can't sleep..." she went to the kitchen area to get a snack for something to do.

<Shinobi> Obi made a noise of sympathy and yawned, shuffling to the edge of the sofa to get up.

<Carol> "It's fine... I'm used to it by now.... go back to sleep."

<Shinobi> "Nah, it's fine." He untangled the blanket from his legs and stood, nearly losing his loose pajama pants. With that emergency diverted, he grabbed for the shirt on the back of the sofa.

<Carol> She offered a small smile, "Well okay we can both be sleep deprived."

<Shinobi> "Sounds like a party," he agreed, unable to find the shirt he was searching for. With a shrug, he came around the sofa and started for the kitchen.

<Carol> Locating some cookies, she decided they seemed like a good bet and put the box on the counter, "Want anything?"

<Shinobi> He picked up the package and took a look. "Got any peanut butter ones?"

<Carol> "Uh... maybe...." She opened the cupboard again to look inside. Shifting a couple more boxes, she found some and pulled them out, "Treasure!"

<Shinobi> "Oh, awesome." He took the box and started to pull it open.

<Carol> She picked up her own box and headed for the sofa, "Wanna watch tv?"

<Shinobi> "Sure, just no news. We don't need more reason to never sleep." Obi took a deep sniff of the peanut buttery goodness as he settled back onto the sofa beside her.

<Carol> "The news makes me angry so that's no problem." She found a movie and put that on, "No good watching it when you're grounded."

<Shinobi> "No good watching it when Hope might be right in the middle of it," he muttered, biting into a peanut butter cookie.

<Carol> "That too..." she nodded, shifting to get more comfortable and leaning against him a little, taking out one of her own cookies to eat, "I bet Viper could find her if you asked her to. She's good at finding people."

<Shinobi> He grunted, nibbling at the cookie and sliding his arm around her shoulders. "She'd just leave again."

<Carol> "Maybe..." Viper probably had a work around for that too but a cranky Hope was no one's friend. She settled against him when he put his arm around her, it was familiar and comfortable. "Maybe after the babies are here...."

<Shinobi> "Maybe." Closing his eyes, he tipped his head back against the sofa, stroking her arm softly.

<Carol> She turned her head, watching his face for a little while before shifting to rest her head on his shoulder, "It'll work out..." Damn well better.

<Shinobi> "Somehow." He hoped, keeping his eyes closed to savor the feeling of her close.

<Carol> She nodded, closing her own eyes and trying not to think about things too much again. Setting her cookies in her lap, she turned a little to wrap her arms around him.

<Shinobi> Obi sighed and moved closer to wrap his other arm around her. The belly made it difficult, and so he rested his hand there, curious if their children were awake too.

<Carol> Stupid Hope ruining everything. Clearly, she didn't know how lucky she was to have someone this loyal in her life. Carol appreciated it even if she sucked at saying so. She gave Obi a small squeeze and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

<Shinobi> He returned the squeeze with the arm around her shoulders and kissed her forehead, closing his eyes and lingering.

<Carol> She wanted to stay where she was but was worried she was going to cry if she did that so she shifted to sit up again, clearing her throat quietly and distracting herself with the cookies in her lap.

<Shinobi> Obi sighed but let her go. Licking his lips, he fiddled with a cookie. If Hope came back, and actually participated in raising the twins, they could never have peanut butter. All kids needed peanut butter. It made him frown.

<Carol> Carol took a bite of her cookie and cocked her head at the tv. What the hell were they watching?

<Shinobi> He was still engrossed in the cookie and his own thoughts, which were uncharacteristically resentful for him. That also made him frown.

<Carol> Still none the wiser about the plot of the mystery movie she looked at Obi to see if he knew and spotted the frown, "You okay?"

<Shinobi> Caught mutilating the poor cookie, he licked his lips and looked up at her. "Yeah. Just... thinking."

<Carol> "Probably not about the same thing as me... wanna share?"

<Shinobi> Oh, that was dangerous... He winced a little and reached for a napkin to bury the dead cookie. "What're you thinking about?"

<Carol> "That I have no idea whats going on in this movie...." she offered a small grin.

<Shinobi> "Oh," he laughed, shaking his head. "I was totally in my own world." Obi looked at the tv and watched for a few seconds.

<Carol> "Mmhmm, I noticed." She ruffled his hair, "Want a drink?"

<Shinobi> Oh, he needed a drink, but that would be a terrible idea. "You know, we're eating cookies without milk. That's a crime in some states."

<Carol> "Milk it is," she laughed, setting her cookies down on the coffee table then trying to work out how she was going to get up to get that drink. She didn't think this through.

<Shinobi> After a beat, Obi scrambled up and offered her his hands.

<Carol> She smiled and accepted the help, "Thank you," she laughed again at the ridiculousness of the situation.

<Shinobi> "You're welcome." Now that they were close again, and holding hands, he squeezed her fingers. Obi leaned closer.

<Carol> She returned the squeeze out of reflex, unable to move away from her spot because he was stood so close. That uncomfortable feeling was creeping up on her again.

<Shinobi> He closed his eyes and bent, kissing her cheek before he stepped back and let her go.

<Carol> She gave his hands another squeeze for that, turning her face away quickly in the hope he'd miss the blush in the low light.

<Shinobi> Obi should go help her, but he needed to think this through. He paced the short distance between the sofa and wall, rubbing his fingertips over his lips.

<Carol> Carol took out two glasses and tried to put the brakes on the thought train that was going around and around in her brain. She yawned and stretched a little before running her hands through her hair and picking up the glasses to return to the sofa, pausing when she saw him pacing, "Are you sure you're okay?"

<Shinobi> He stopped short and spun in place. "Mm? Yeah!" Obi went and took the glasses from her so she could sit.

<Carol> She raised an eyebrow at the response, "You're distracted... maybe I should let you go back to sleep... or make you..."

<Shinobi> "....make me?" Both of his eyebrows rose when his tone came out far huskier than he'd expected.

<Carol> She laughed, "Okay, gutterbrain..." she gave him a small shove. "I was thinking I could knock you on the head with something..."

<Shinobi> "Okay, less appealing," he laughed and rocked with the shove, more preoccupied now with making sure they didn't spill their milk than anything else.

<Carol> "Whatever's bothering you, you're probably over thinking it like you do with everything." She took one of the glasses from him when she was comfortable and reclaimed her cookies.

<Shinobi> "Maybe, but it's pretty complicated, so maybe not." He sat back down beside her.

<Carol> "Everything's complicated lately..." She dunked her cookie because it was something to do.

<Shinobi> He snorted, setting his milk down beside the cookies. "I guess I'm... pissed in a way."

<Carol> "Oh... yeah... well I don't blame you... I probably am a little bit too..."

<Shinobi> "She... may never really come back, and then what do we do?" He chanced a look up at her.

<Carol> She shrugged helplessly, "I don't know... I guess we'll figure it out.... you know, as we go...."

<Shinobi> "The thing is," he said slowly, "There's a guy on her team..."

<Carol> "From what I gather, there's a lot of guys... gonna have to be more specific." She set her cookies and glass back on the table, shifting to face him properly as he was in a talking mood.

<Shinobi> Obi looked down. "Yeah, there are guys, but this guy... he made it really obvious that Hope had moved on..."

<Carol> "Huh... so I guess he wasn't so pleased when they all showed up here and you and she..." she frowned, "That's kind of... messed up...."

<Shinobi> "Yeah." He folded his hands on his lap. "He insinuated that Hope would come to her senses."

<Carol> The news made her kind of angry... which she was trying not to get because Viper kept lecturing her about her blood pressure. "Well, clearly he doesn't know her that well...."

<Shinobi> Obi huffed. "I don't know. Maybe he knows her better than I do. She's out there," he waved a hand toward the wall. "She's with him. Not here."

<Carol> "Because a lot of so-called geniuses are dumb as fuck."

<Shinobi> He tapped his forehead. "She is strong enough to keep in touch, but..." Obi shrugged and gave her a sad smile.

<Carol> "She should have just... been honest in the first place that she was alive... then we could have avoided so much..." she looked down at the bump because it was in the way of her lap and sighed. "Because she doesn't know what the fuck she wants, everyone else suffers."

<Shinobi> "I'm... so tired of suffering because of... that." Obi licked his lips and moved his hand onto the cushion between them.

<Carol> "I wish you weren't suffering... at least one of us was supposed to be happy...."

<Shinobi> "I wish you weren't, because I never wanted that..."

<Carol> She shook her head, "It's fine... I can handle it... I always expect the worst so.... never disappointed." She shrugged a shoulder, "If this hadn't happened... I probably would have found a way to screw everything up anyway."

<Shinobi> "That's... you're way too hard on yourself, Carol." He reached over and took her hand.

<Carol> "I'm not... I'm just going by experience. I do stupid stuff... always have... especially if there's alcohol involved."

<Shinobi> "We all do stupid stuff." He rolled his eyes, as if she needed to be reminded that he'd once tried and failed to assassinate Tony Stark.

<Carol> "Yeah but there are levels..." she pointed out, "And when you're pretty much invincible... that bar is set pretty high..."

<Shinobi> He laughed a little. "Okay, we won't compare our ability to be idiots again, but still, I think we were doing okay... before." Obi squeezed her hand.

<Carol> "In fairness there was less chance of either of us screwing up but yeah... we did okay.... I mean... I probably could have said more.... maybe... I'm bad at that stuff..."

<Shinobi> "You were... good. It was- we were good..."

<Carol> She sighed, "Yeah..." she didn't know what to add to that so she went with less serious, "And I guess if we were still together Sebastian wouldn't be trying to set me up with Tony... so that'd be nice...."

<Shinobi> "Tony?!" He couldn't help it, but quickly lowered his voice. Obi shook his head. "That's... a terrible idea." And it hurt.

<Carol> She laughed, "I know! It's the worst idea ever.... but I think he's only doing it so he doesn't have to think about Tony sleeping with Viper... which I don't know on what level that disturbs me most."

<Shinobi> "...I wonder if Hope knows about that..." His nose wrinkled.

<Carol> "Probably not. I feel like we'd know if she knew... and I'd probably have had her threatening me or something... and she probably would have tried to kill Viper... which is not allowed."

<Shinobi> "Threaten you? If it's Sebastian's idea she should aim that right at him." Obi frowned. "I can't say I want to think about Viper and Tony." He definitely didn't want to think of Carol and Tony.

<Carol> "Pfft, she never yells at Sebastian." Carol waved that idea away, "She saves that for people that try to point out she's an idiot."

<Shinobi> Obi sighed. She was right, for the most part. Especially since things went to hell.

<Carol> "That's why I don't do that. I don't respond well to being yelled at by people not above me in my chain of command." She slow-motion punched him on the shoulder.

<Shinobi> He looked up at her with a slight smile and mouthed an 'ow,' pretending to rub his shoulder.

<Carol> She grinned, "Had that reaction since I was a kid..."

<Shinobi> Obi laughed, unable to stop himself from reaching for her and wrapping his arms around her.

<Carol> She returned the surprise hug, "You laugh now but you haven't tried yelling at me yet..."

<Shinobi> "I don't want to yell at you," he said, turning his face toward her ear as he spoke and finding her hair tickling his nose.

<Carol> "It'll happen one day," she nodded sagely, "And this is your one and only warning." Comfortable in the hug, she turned her face toward his neck and closed her eyes.

<Shinobi> He closed his eyes and swallowed, breathing her in.

<Carol> That thought train was rolling along its tracks again and getting harder to ignore. She gave him a small squeeze, lifting her head from his shoulder to look at him.

<Shinobi> For the first time in weeks, Obi felt decisive. He moved just enough to see her eyes, watching her for a moment before he pressed his forehead to hers.

<Carol> She smiled softly at the contact, closing her eyes again. It was so nice and familiar... She swallowed, "Obi..."

<Shinobi> "Earlier, when you were talking about everybody being miserable... because she couldn't decide what she wanted?" Obi didn't want to bring her name into this, not now.

<Carol> "Yeah....?" she didn't want to open her eyes but she risked a peek.

<Shinobi> "I finally know what I want." He was still watching her, and at the peek he smiled a little.

<Carol> "That's good... what is it?"

<Shinobi> Obi brushed his nose against hers, giving her a moment to withdraw, then tilted his head to kiss her. He pressed his lips to hers and backed off to gauge her reaction.

<Carol> She paused for a long moment while she tried to work out what had just happened before a small smile tugged at the corner of her mouth, "You're sure about this?"

<Shinobi> "Yes. Absolutely." He raised his hand to cup her cheek, brushing his thumb over her skin. "Is... that okay?"

<Carol> She laughed, "Of course it's okay!" She wrapped him into a hug.

<Shinobi> The breath he let out was relieved and he laughed, returning the hug.

<Carol> "I know I suck at relationship stuff... and saying things... but I didn't want you to... leave... Not just because the scary baby thing... but I kinda got used to having you around...."

<Shinobi> "I shouldn't have just jumped back in... when... we... when I found out she was alive." Obi pulled back, his hand on her face, trying to see her reaction.

<Carol> She leaned her cheek into his hand, shrugging a shoulder, "It's okay... I understand it..."

<Shinobi> "I... wish I hadn't put you through all this." He stroked her skin, swallowing down his regrets.

<Carol> "It's okay... I mean, I wasn't exactly begging you to stay... kind of the opposite..." she reminded him, "So don't worry about it... it doesn't matter."

<Shinobi> "Still..." He sighed and gave her a quick peck, which grew into a longer kiss.

<Carol> She returned the kiss this time, as the surprise had worn off, resting her forehead against his again when they broke apart, "So I guess you can stop sleeping on the sofa..."

<Shinobi> Obi grinned. "Yep, and I have a few ideas of ways to help your insomnia."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:31 pm

<Carol> Uuuuugh why was she awake? Carol struggled to pull her mind out of sleep and shifted a little. Uncomfortable. Maybe that was why. She moved around some more.

<Shinobi> Obi only half woke, enough to tug the blanket back over his shoulder and plant his face into the pillow.

<Carol> She grumbled a bit at how unfair it was that men didn't have to go through this. After a while of this she gave up and attempted to roll into a sitting position. More moving around. This was so old. Maybe if she stared at Viper for long enough the woman would crack and cut them out just to make her go away.

<Shinobi> The bed kept moving and he roused enough to look over at her, pushing his hair out of his eyes. "Y'okay?"

<Carol> "Nope..." she replied, her voice strained. "I'm so done with this..." Finally sitting, she ran a hand through her hair and groped for the lamp to turn it on. Moments later the lamp ended up on the floor with a crash because she dislodged it in her grabbing for the edge of the table. Ow! Motherfucker!

<Shinobi> "Carol?" Now he was awake, and Obi scrambled across the bed to reach for her.

<Carol> "Might actually be done with this..." she added, when the pain went away.

<Shinobi> "...what?" Well, he thought he was awake, but he felt like he was missing part of this conversation. Shuffling over to her, he slid his arm around her shoulders to steady her in the dark.

<Carol> She leaned against him and turned her head to look at him, "They could be fucking with me or I could be in labour..."

<Shinobi> "Really?" He wasn't sure if his voice went up out of excitement or terror. "Shit. Okay."

<Carol> "You better not be freaking out because only one of us is allowed to do that and I already reserved that role." She reached up and poked the end of his nose.

<Shinobi> "I'm not-" Obi took a deep breath at the poke and blew it out with a half laugh. "Okay, I'm trying not to," he admitted, sliding off the bed to find the lamp.

<Carol> "There's nothing for you to freak out about. You don't have to push two people out of you."

<Shinobi> "I know..." Yeah but he had to watch and feel helpless. He righted the lamp and turned it on, sitting back down beside her. "What do you need me to do?"

<Carol> She shrugged, "Not like we have to drive anywhere... so I guess walk my ass to wherever Viper is...." Oh that could be bad.

<Shinobi> "Did she give you an emergency contact or anything?" Obi got back up and started searching for pants - for both of them.

<Carol> "Uh... maybe..." She got up, moving over to the wall to summon up the funky computer screen. "She did something on this thing...."

<Shinobi> He almost stopped what he was doing when she got up, but kept himself from hovering. She was pregnant, not crippled.

<Carol> "Oh that's handy." There was a nice button in the corner that read 'I think I'm in labour'. She prodded it then waited to see what happened next.

<Shinobi> "What's handy?" Still hopping into his pants, he nearly tripped on the way over to Carol with her clothes.

<Carol> "There was a button," she gave him a grin, "I guess it's calling her or something..."

<Viper> After a moment or two, Viper's face appeared. It was the right way up but she was clearly lying down. "I'll meet you in the lab and we'll see if you're right."

<Shinobi> "Oh. Well, that was easy." He gave Carol her clothes and a quick kiss.

<Carol> "Yeah," Carol agreed as she closed the screen, "I was worried we were gonna have to go looking for her in various bedrooms..." She decided pants were mostly useless right now and grabbed a robe. She would carry her pants for later.

<Shinobi> "How do you feel?" This, he knew, was a stupid question.

<Carol> "Fine... well... maybe I need to pee... but that's normal." Except for the anticipated owies anyway. "Probably gonna feel a whole lot not fine later but probably safer not to ask me by then."

<Shinobi> Obi have her a faint smile and another quick kiss. "Yeah, I know." He reached for her hand. "Ready?"

<Carol> "I guess..." she took his hand and gave it a small squeeze. "Trying not to think too many steps ahead..."

<Shinobi> "You'll be fine, Carol. It'll be okay." He stepped in to give her a hug. "I'll be with you," he said, turning his face to whisper in her ear. "We'll get through it."

<Carol> "Easy for you to say..." She poked him in the ribs. "Come on, before she gets bored..."

<Shinobi> Yeah, it was, but he had to shrug a little with a smirk. "Easy until you try to choke me later, I'm sure."

<Carol> She laughed, pulling him toward the door, "Yeah, something like that."

[Time Passes]

<Shinobi> Obi had lost track of time. He felt like crying, but knew that what he'd been through was nothing compared to Carol.

<Shinobi> Besides, the twins were doing enough crying for all of them.

<Carol> Carol was cranky. Viper wouldn't let her reactivate her powers right away because she wanted her monitors to work properly so she was tired and sore and small things were making so much more noise than they looked like they should be able to. Also the small things had no names. And she had no alcohol.

<Shinobi> Viper was still fussing with the babies, and after giving him yet another dirty look he took the hint and went to Carol.

<Carol> "They look okay?" Carol asked as Obi returned, "No one's blue or green or something?"

<Shinobi> "They look like babies," he laughed and took her hand. "And they look pissed off, just like their mom."

<Carol> "Well their mom is tired and they're making too much noise for her to take a nap." She tried to make herself comfortable. "Also they're naked. I'd be pissed off too."

<Shinobi> "I'd be more worried if they came out with clothes on, wouldn't you?" He helped her with the pillows, keeping an eye on Viper.

<Carol> "Well probably... but, honestly, that's like.... really low on the list of weird things they could have come out with so..." she shrugged, "I don't think it'd have bothered me that much."

<Shinobi> Obi laughed quietly, feeling giddy. "Nope, they don't have tails or anything. Ten fingers, ten toes... a lot of hair, but it's where it's supposed to be."

<Carol> "Awesome... so... I'm guessing we can't just name them baby one and baby two, right? Because I kind of wasn't thinking about names..." She wrinkled her nose.

<Shinobi> "Yeaaaah... I guess we never got around to that, considering... everything."

<Carol> "Well... I never thought about kids so... I have nothing... you?"

<Shinobi> He shook his head slowly. They definitely couldn't use any of the names he and Hope had talked about.

<Carol> "Well okay... we at least need temporary names... like... potato or.... something..." She frowned, "Gotta call 'em something..." Oh crap was she coming over here with both of them?!

<Shinobi> "We can't call them potato," he yelped, but cut it off when he saw Viper coming with two wrapped bundles. "So... they're okay?"

<Carol> "Well no... just one of them... the other can be noodles." She offered him a small grin.

<Viper> "They're perfectly healthy," Viper assured him, "Would you like me to inform your parents or do you want to do that yourself?"

<Shinobi> "Um... I'll tell them." He glanced at Carol, then back to the babies. "Maybe Jess could help us with names?"

<Carol> "You don't like potato and noodles?" She managed not to look too alarmed when Viper passed her one of the bundles.

<Shinobi> "I think-" A baby was placed into his arms as well and Obi tried not to panic.

<Viper> "You know how to contact me if there's a problem." Viper reminded them as she picked up the last few items scattered about to put them away. "I'm going to get some sleep."

<Shinobi> "O-okay..." He resisted the urge to ask Viper what they were supposed to do now, and instead looked down at the little thing he held. Baby. His baby.

<Carol> "Can I take this thing off now?" Carol asked, holding up the wrist wearing the inhibitor.

<Viper> Viper sighed, "I suppose so. Don't forget they need feeding." She disappeared out the door.

<Shinobi> Obi didn't even hear Viper leave. The baby was blinking up at him and making weird little faces.

<Carol> "Fucking finally!" Carol tossed the inhibitor into the corner of the room. "Muuuuuuch better." She felt way less shit now. The monitors didn't like it but fuck them. Then what Viper had said after she gave permission filtered down, "Wait what?"

<Shinobi> The babies were in matching white blankets, so he didn't even know which one he held. "Noodles," he mumbled.

<Carol> Carol turned her attention to Obi, "So now you like my names."

<Shinobi> "I don't even know which one this is... we could call them innie and outtie as far as that goes..." His voice was still kind of distant. The baby in his arms scrunched its face and he braced for crying.

<Carol> "We don't have to name them after carbs... we could try jellybean and muffin?" she offered, "And you could just peek under the blanket. It'll be pretty obvious."

<Shinobi> The little mouth opened and no teeth - weird! And, there it was. Noodles had a good wail on him. "Uhhh...." He bounced in place.

<Carol> Moments later, Potato was also wailing. "Gah! Make it stop!"

<Shinobi> "I think that's our job," he whispered, still bouncing.

<Carol> A terrible thought came to her then, "Oh God, what if they're hungry!"

<Shinobi> "Well, probably..." He had read books, and feeding the baby was a big part of caring for the baby. Noodles worked a tiny fist free and waved it at him.

<Carol> "I've suffered enough!" She complained, holding Potato at arms' length away from her.

<Shinobi> "Carol," he yelped, tucking his own bundle to his chest in case she got tossy.

<Carol> "What?" Carol looked at him, "I'm not doing it!"

<Shinobi> "Did you talk to Viper about it? Like... do we have formula or anything?"

<Carol> "No I didn't talk to her about it!" If she wasn't holding a screaming baby there would be flailing. "Why would there be formula where we couldn't find it?!"

<Shinobi> Obi gave her a look. He may not have the boobs, but even he knew that answer.

<Carol> Oh yeah she had powers now. Finger-gun shot to the forehead for Obi.

<Shinobi> "Ow! GOD!" He shifted the baby again to rub his forehead. "Well, you know I'm right!"

<Carol> "I don't want you to be right!"

<Jessica> Jess exchanged a look with Sebastian, I'm not sure if this is a good sign or a bad one...

<Shaw> The shouting? That's to be expected, I would say. There was also rather a lot of crying, which he assumed was from his grandbabies and not his son.

<Carol> Carol had put her wailing bundle in her lap and was working on pulling off wires that attached her to monitors adding their frantic beeping to the noise.

<Shinobi> "Hey, it's okay," he tried, still holding his wriggling, crying bundle close and bouncing lightly. "We'll find some formula. There has to be some... like for emergencies." This was fast becoming an emergency.

<Carol> "Standing there talking about it isn't gonna find it any faster...." Why were there so many wires?! She blasted the noisiest machine.

<Jessica> Jess stopped just inside the doorway and took in the scene. Yikes.

<Shaw> Sebastian had the sense to linger behind her, but soon he saw the chaos.

<Shinobi> There were enough distractions that Obi didn't see the door open. Instead, he started trying to help Carol untangle the wires with his free hand.

<Jessica> Jess glanced at Sebastian, I don't know where to start with this....

<Carol> Carol had noticed the door and paused in getting up because of her lack of pants.

<Shaw> Perhaps we should reissue that offer to raise the children ourselves? He was only half joking.

<Carol> Carol flailed a hand at Obi to get his attention and managed a smile for the Shaws, "Hi..."

<Jessica> Jess returned the smile, "We came to see how you were...." Don't tempt me.

<Shinobi> Obi snapped out of his panic and into another when he looked up. "Oh... I was going to... tell you." He gestured at the baby in his other arm, which had calmed down a bit and seemed to be... sucking on his shirt.

<Shaw> Sebastian couldn't quite hide his smirk.

<Jessica> "Well I couldn't help hearing all the noise..." Jess replied, moving closer to them now to have a better look at the babies. "I didn't want to wait anymore."

<Carol> Freed of wires at last, Carol decided it was time for a lie down if she couldn't escape yet. Damn Viper for hiding her pants. Speaking of, something silenced the monitors that were still making noises so Carol assumed she'd probably checked in via the security. She was relieved when Jess scooped up the bundle from her lap. Someone who understood babies!

<Shaw> Sebastian swooped in behind Jessica and gave the infant a look, then spared a smile for Carol. "Everything went well then? Your inhibitor functioned as intended?" She certainly wasn't wearing it now.

<Shinobi> Obi looked down at the baby attached to his shirt. If he tried to pry that little mouth off, he was sure the crying would begin again.

<Carol> "One of each," Carol informed them, "Not sure which one you have... but that one is Potato. Obi has Noodles." She just fixed Sebastian with a look at his questioning about the inhibitor.

<Jessica> Jess blinked at the names she'd just been given and looked at Obi, "Um..."

<Shinobi> "We're not really calling them that," he said in a rush.

<Shaw> "Well... that's a relief," he drawled, raising a brow at Carol's sass. Potato and Noodles. Are you sure we don't want to adopt them?

<Jessica> Jess gently soothed the crying infant in her arms, "They're hungry," she prompted.

<Carol> Carol groaned, "I knew you were gonna say that..."

<Shaw> Rounding the bed, he pulled back the blanket hiding the other infant's face, then looked up at his son, both eyebrows high. "He, or she, is beautiful. However, I don't believe you're equipped to help with this." He nodded to the wet spot on Michael's shirt.

<Shinobi> "I know that," he snapped, then sighed. "Thank you," he added, more quietly.

<Jessica> Jess passed the child she was holding to Carol then went to Obi and held her hands out for that one, "You two go and get coffee or something." She said softly to Obi and Sebastian, "I'll deal with this..."

<Shaw> Since his son seemed paralyzed, Sebastian reached in to slip his fingers between the little mouth and sticky shirt. Once he took the baby, he gave it a momentary cuddle before he carefully handed Noodles to Jessica. He met his wife's eyes.

<Shinobi> Obi was now left to pick at his shirt with a wince.

<Jessica> Cuddling the baby, she gave Sebastian a smile, "Just give us ten minutes or so." She also leaned to wrap Obi into a hug with her free arm.

<Shinobi> Obi returned the hug and watched Sebastian give his wife a quick kiss. He wondered if he should do the same to Carol, but judging by her mood it seemed safer to stay out of her way.

<Shaw> "Come, Michael. I'm sure you could use a moment as well." He started for the door and paused to ensure he was being followed.

<Jessica> Jess turned back to Carol with a small sigh. This was going to take all her skills.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:33 pm

<Shinobi> Sleeping when the babies slept was very good advice, but it only worked if both of the babies were actually asleep. It seemed like those stars never aligned.

<Shinobi> Obi sighed and pushed himself up on the bed, unsure which twin was awake now.

<Shinobi> He needed to get to the baby before the other one woke up too. That had happened earlier.

<Shinobi> Once he picked up the little pink bundle, he started rocking her as he went to find the bottle to warm.

<Carol> Carol was having no such problems. She was out enjoying the Summer air and beating up Sentinels. She had missed this so much! She had to go home at some point but she wasn't thinking about that as she tracked another pack of the detestable robots.

<Shinobi> With no Carol, Obi had to heat the bottle the old fashioned way and wished for slightly more useful powers. Hurry. Up. He bounced and soothed his daughter, stroking her soft dark hair while he watched the timer.

<Shinobi> He froze when he heard a snuffle and whine from the other baby. Fuck.

<Carol> The three at the front were in pieces before the others even realised she was there but they turned quickly to pursue her which she totally didn't mind. It was just as fun leading them out into space and watching them freeze up.

<Shinobi> The little boy shuffled about for another few seconds, then settled. Obi breathed a sigh of relief as he tested the bottle and settled into their new rocking chair with baby Susan.

<Shinobi> She worked a hand free from her swaddling to hold onto the bottle, looking up at him in the dim light. Obi couldn't help but smile.

<Carol> As she smashed the frozen robots into itty bitty pieces, Carol paused to look down at the world below. It was probably time to head back. She sighed and set off 'home'.

<Shinobi> The peace didn't even last through half of the bottle before Steven woke up again with a cry. "Shiiiit..."

<Carol> Landing at the first entrance she remembered the location of, Carol let herself back inside the bunker and stopped by the kitchen for a snack on her way back to Obi and the babies.

<Shinobi> One-handed and with the bottle for Suzie stuffed under his chin, Obi rushed to heat the other bottle. He phased through the bars of the crib to retrieve the other wailing baby.

<Carol> Carol finished off her sandwich as she reached the door and winced as she opened it. Oh right. This was why she beat up Sentinels until she forgot what time it was.

<Shinobi> At first, he didn't hear the door over the sound of Stevie's cries, but he spotted movement on his way to fetch the other bottle and jumped, nearly dropping the nearly-empty bottle.

<Shinobi> "H-hey!" Her timing was... just great.

<Carol> "Hey..." Wow it was loud in here. Space was nice and quiet even when you were smashing things. "Having fun?"

<Shinobi> "Oh, yeah. Blast." He steadied the bottle with his chin and managed to double stack the babies in one arm to grab the other bottle.

<Carol> She sighed, closing the door behind her and leaning on it for a moment before crossing the room to help him out. "I lost track of time..."

<Shinobi> "Okay." He wasn't in the mood to talk about it, but he was more than happy to hand over their daughter. "She's pretty much done eating, I think, so she just needs to be burped and probably changed..."

<Carol> Ugh. But she probably deserved that. She took the little girl carefully and looked for a towel or something to put on her shoulder. "Manage to get any sleep?" With her powers active again, being sleep deprived was less of a concern for her these days.

<Shinobi> "Not a lot, no." He sighed as he forced himself to sit down carefully instead of flop. Stevie was happy now that there was a bottle in his mouth and he made little snuffling noises, sounding a lot more like a pig than a human.

<Carol> Finding a towel that was sort of damp but didn't smell like vomit, Carol decided that would do and took a seat in the air rather than disturb Obi by joining them on the sofa. She crossed her legs and settled Susan on her shoulder.

<Shinobi> The silence was nice, and he closed his eyes for a moment, able to relax since Carol was back.

<Carol> The tiny burps were kind of cute but the other noise was alarming. She wrinkled her nose. "You were saving that for me, huh?"

<Shinobi> That made Obi crack a grin and open his eyes. "She's just saying hello."

<Carol> "Oh that's what you call that? Not sure it'd go so well if everyone said hi that way..."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, I suppose it loses its charm eventually. Maybe that's the real reason for potty training."

<Carol> "It lost its charm the first time I saw what was in there... and smelled it." Oh lord and there was the smell. "Now I wish I hadn't eaten...."

<Shinobi> "Just... don't think about it. Breathe through your mouth." He smirked. "Don't think about those shit particles floating into your throat."

<Carol> "You're lucky you're holding a baby."

<Shinobi> Obi just grinned at her. "I know. They make great human shields, don't they?"

<Carol> Maybe she'd get him back later. "At least they should sleep for a little while if they've been fed and whatever..."

<Shinobi> "And whatever, yep." He shifted the bottle a little when his son flailed a fist at it. "They were asleep earlier, so hopefully."

<Carol> "That's all they do at this age, right? Sleep, eat and poop... so if they're not eating and pooping they're sleeping." Her tone was sort of hopeful.

<Shinobi> "You forgot one," he said, looking up at her with a smirk.

<Carol> "I did?" She checked on the baby on her shoulder to see if the gassy part was over.

<Shinobi> "Sleep, eat, poop, cry," he clarified.

<Carol> "Oh right the thing that keeps us from sleeping." She nodded, deciding the burping was done and it was definitely time to change her daughter. Ugh.

<Shinobi> Steven seemed to be falling asleep while drinking, which he wasn't sure was good or bad.

<Carol> "Jesus what do you do to food...?" She lay the little girl down to go to work.

<Shinobi> Obi couldn't help but laugh quietly at Carol's reaction. His little bundle of joy was definitely snoozing, so he slowly withdrew the bottle, hoping he didn't wake up pissed.

<Carol> "I feel like I should be wearing haz-mat gear..." She tried to change the baby from as far away as possible.

<Shinobi> "I've figured out that thinking about what you're doing makes it way worse." He got up carefully, rocking his son and hoping he wouldn't wake up in half an hour with gas.

<Carol> "If I don't think about what I'm doing I'll screw it up..." Or get peed on, "Fuck!"

<Shinobi> Obi shushed her, clutching Steven closer as he put the bottle up.

<Carol> She grabbed some papertowels to catch the puddle before it hit the carpet, "Tell her!" she gestured at the flailing baby who seemed quite pleased with herself.

<Shinobi> He sighed and moved away, trying to shield their son from the sound. "At least it's her and not him," he chuckled.

<Carol> "Oh God, don't even joke..." she shook her head, "At least you can phase..."

<Shinobi> "Not always fast enough. Piss in the eye stings." He nodded.

<Carol> She laughed, "Speaking from experience huh?" Once she'd cleaned up the mess, she continued with her task.

<Shinobi> Before he could respond, little Steven let out an impressive belch and Obi dove for a cloth to catch the dribble. "Eeeeww..."

<Carol> Carol laughed again, "So... how long do you think is acceptable to leave them with their grandparents?"

<Shinobi> "I think they'd still be on board for forever," he mused, wiping up his chin and thanking his lucky stars that the baby had stayed asleep.

<Carol> "I was thinking... a couple of days so we can not smell barf and poop... and you can get some sleep." She glanced at him, "Not like... right now... but sometime before the sleep deprivation makes you crazy."

<Shinobi> He paused for a moment to consider this, then smiled. "That... sounds amazing. You... will stay, for that, right?"

<Carol> She paused and looked at him, "What else am I gonna do?"

<Shinobi> He shifted his weight, passing her to put Stevie back down in his crib. When done, he turned to face her and fidgeted. "Go... punching things?"

<Carol> "Oh that... I missed it..." she looked down at Susie while she finished up changing her.

<Shinobi> "Yeah... that's understandable." Obi ran his hands through his hair and looked back toward the bed. He was tired and really shouldn't be talking about feelings.

<Carol> "Plus... you know... the Sentinels... gotta keep the numbers down..." She picked up her daughter to hold her until she fell asleep or soiled her fresh diaper.

<Shinobi> "...right." That sounded exactly like Hope, making him frown. Obi rubbed his face.

<Carol> "I can't stop going out..." she said honestly, "You know that, right? But I don't have to go out every day... we could work out a schedule..."

<Shinobi> "That's... yeah, I know... I'm just... tired." He sighed and looked up at her.

<Carol> "I'm sorry..." She moved over to him and wrapped an arm around him, "I know I should be here more..."

<Shinobi> Obi was happy to return the hug, resting his head against hers. "You're here now," he said, nuzzling her hair.

<Carol> "Yep. And I disarmed a biohazard. You're welcome." She turned her head to press a kiss to his forehead. "You know I'll always come back, right?"

<Shinobi> That made him smile a little, then raise his head enough to see her. "I know I should know it, I'll just have to keep reminding myself."

<Carol> "I'll make sure to keep reinforcing it by coming back too," she gave him a small smile, "I know eventually Viper's gonna find stuff for me to do... you gonna be okay with that?"

<Shinobi> He frowned, not at all sure about that. She was practically invulnerable, but then again, so was Hope. Allegedly.

<Carol> "If it helps... it's probably gonna be safer than what I'm doing right now because at least someone'll know where I am."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, you're... probably right." He sighed. "I just... worry. You know. I can't always help it." He gave her a small smile, then leaned in for a kiss.

<Carol> She returned the smile and the kiss then decided it was time to put Susie down because she seemed to have passed out. Yay! "I know you can't help it... maybe Viper can figure out something I can't destroy so you can still contact me when I'm out punching stuff."

<Shinobi> "That'd be good." He smiled fondly at his daughter, glancing at their son. Both asleep. Obi sighed in relief.

<Carol> "I'll talk to her about it tomorrow." She returned to him and wrapped both arms around him, "I don't want you to be worried all the time. Whatever I can do to make it easier... just tell me, okay? I'm not gonna rip your head off."

<Shinobi> Swallowing hard, he tried to keep the lump in his throat down and just nodded as he returned her hug, hiding his face in the crook of her neck until he could regain control.

<Carol> She gave him a small squeeze, "Wanna try and get some sleep? Or eat real food?"

<Shinobi> "Will you lie down with me?" He was hungry, but he wanted the contact more. Drawing a ragged breath, he straightened up to look at her with what he hoped was a normal expression.

<Carol> "Sure," she smiled, taking his hand to pull him gently toward the bedroom.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:34 pm

<Warren> Warren sat at a table sipping at coffee. Jess had managed to talk him into leaving the room and interacting with people again.

<Carol> Carol followed Viper along the hall, still trying to digest the news she'd been given herself. It was a bit of a shock and she wasn't sure if she was mad at Viper for keeping it from her for so long or impressed the woman hadn't just gone to solve the problem herself. Warren was visible over Viper's shoulder and Carol put her hands in her pockets.

<Warren> Warren looked up when he noticed Carol and Viper, giving them a smile as a formality. He still didn't want to interact with them.

<Carol> Carol returned the smile, "Any more where that came from?" She nodded to the coffee as she passed Viper in search of a pot.

<Warren> Warren just nodded and went back to drinking his coffee. "Yeah... little bit."

<Viper> Not being banned from alcohol because of babies, Viper poured herself something a little stronger and took a seat. Then decided to also pour some for Warren.

<Warren> Warren shook his head, he was happy with the coffee. He didn't want anything alcoholic. "No thank you."

<Carol> Carol looked over after filling a mug, "Well... hold that thought."

<Warren> "Huh?" Warren looked over at Carol.

<Carol> Carol looked at Viper. "I already called not it."

<Warren> "Uhmm... what's going on?" Warren was starting to get anxious.

<Viper> Viper sighed. "You seemed very sure I wouldn't find any of your friends from the school... But here we are with several... and I'm still looking." She called up one of her screens, "I found someone else that Carol seems to think I should tell you about." She keyed in a few commands to bring up the images.

<Warren> Warren started to play with his cup while Viper pulled up the images. "Wh...who?"

<Carol> "It's Heather," Carol supplied, deliberately not looking at the images of the girl pretty much nailed to the side of a tall building by her wings like some kind of horrific trophy.

<Warren> Warren just stared at the images, his hands gripping the table. Something was happening that hadn't happened in a while, his skin was starting to turn blue. He was changing to his archangel form. "Where...?" The table started to creak under the pressure he was exerting on it.

<Viper> "She's alive." Viper told him, watching him carefully, "Now that Carol is able to help, we're going to go and get her."

<Warren> "Where?" Warren stated, a bit more aggressively. His anger was starting to take over, almost completely changed to his other form.

<Carol> "You planning on coming with?" Carol raised an eyebrow.

<Warren> "I'm going." Warren started to rip through the table with his metal claws. His skin completely blue and eyes piercing red now.

<Carol> "We were gonna wait until it was dark..."

<Warren> Warren's bladed wings split out of his back, cutting his back open in the process. "Where is she?"

<Viper> Having prepared for a variety of outcomes, Viper handed Carol a couple of small pieces of tech she'd already instructed her how to use. "Try not to get followed."

<Warren> "Anyone who gets in my way is going to die." He almost growled out.

<Carol> Glad she wasn't stood behind him because... ew, Carol tucked the tech into her pockets. "If Obi asks where I am... don't tell him." She put her coffee cup down on the table and gestured for Warren to follow her, "Come on. Let's go get my space buddy."

<Warren> Warren followed her, still only thinking about delivering wrath upon whoever had Heather.

<Carol> Glancing back at Viper in time to see her finish the scotch on the table, Carol used her powers to change her clothes and opened the door to the world. "Just yell if I need to slow down."

<Warren> "Yeah." Warren kept pace with her. His back already healing.

<Carol> Once the door was closed behind them, Carol lifted into the air and took off for the location of their target.

<Warren> Warren lifted with her, keeping up with Carol. His blades shuddering.

<Carol> As they neared the city, Carol ignored her instinct to slow down and drop below the roofline. It was broad daylight they were going to be noticed whatever happened so speed was their friend right now. They just had to get to Heather and not get arrested or ambushed by Sentinels. How hard could it be?

<Warren> Warren instantly went to his top speed, creating a sonic boom and shattering all glass in the area. "I will end you all!" A large blast of mettalic feathers shot out of his wings, flying out in a giant wave.

<Carol> "Hey! No civilians!" Carol reminded him, easily keeping up and scanning the horizon for Sentinels.

<Warren> Warren completely ignored her as he cut down any resistance in his way.

<Carol> Carol led the way to the centre of the city and one of the tallest buildings that was still standing. There, near the top of the building, was Heather.

<Warren> Warren ran into the first group of soldiers that were guarding the building. It didn't end well for them when a rain of razor sharp blades descended on them before he went looking for more.

<Carol> Warren seemed to be on some kind of murder spree so Carol decided to focus on the task at hand. Bypassing the security quickly before Sentinels could be summoned, Carol went straight to Heather, hovering in front of her and gently lifting her head so she could see her.

<Warren> Warren was definitely on a murder spree. Both he and the part of his mind that was Archangel were specifically targeting anyone in army or government clothing and killing them in the most painful ways he could manage before their bodies gave out.

<Heather> Heather wasn't used to people touching her. Sometimes they came with food or water but they weren't so gentle about it and there was usually more noise. She pulled a face as she blinked her eyes open in the light, trying to focus on the face in front of her.

<Carol> "Hey, stranger," Carol offered the girl a smile. "I'm gonna get you down from here, okay? And then we'll get that collar off... I don't know how much time I have but I'll try to be gentle."

<Warren> The first Sentinel that showed took more blades in it than it would have taken to stop a tank. "We won't go back. You'll all die!" Warren's voice came out in a guttural growl. Any humans that came close were now having their life force drained from them.

<Carol> Carol was aware Warren was drawing a lot of attention which was helpful but probably not good. She carefully took Heather's weight before pulling out the bolts that were keeping her held up on the wall. "I've got you," she told Heather.

<Heather> She wanted to put her arms around the other woman but she was so weak, all she could do was lean heavily against her. It was so good to feel someone so close and being so gentle. Someone that was a friend. She closed her eyes, unable to even speak. She was safe.

<Warren> The next Sentinel was cut into sections before it could even charge it's blasters. An evil cackle growing louder as his kill count started to soar. At this rate he would end the entire city or die trying.

<Carol> Carol lowered Heather to the ground, blasting the guards that ran to try and stop her now that they'd spotted her. After leaning Heather against the wall behind her, she reached into her pockets to make use of the tech Viper had provided. "We'll get that collar off you, just a sec."

<Heather> Heather managed a small smile. It felt so nice to just sit and relax her wings. She'd been in so much pain for so long the relief was almost overwhelming.

<Warren> Warren gathered another wave of metal feathers and sent them in a cascade towards the next building, willing them to flow through the building shredding everything in their way.

<Carol> Remembering her instructions, Carol gave Heather a dose of Viper's healing serum before she removed the collar; crushing the hateful device in her fist and tossing it to one side. She turned back to Heather to wait for her to recover, listening for Sentinels or more human security.

<Warren> A bloodied and laughing Warren was sent flying past them after taking a blast from a Sentinel. "Is that all you have! I am the bringer of Death. Meet your apocalypse!" He instantly healed himself with the built up life force and flew into the oncoming Sentinels to tear into their circuitry as they blasted him.

<Carol> "Warren!" Carol was worried he was going to have his powers taken out at the rate he was going. They needed to leave before they were swarmed by Sentinels.

<Heather> Feeling her wounds heal and her powers return was amazing. She didn't feel as weak anymore and lifted her head, "Warren's here?"

<Carol> Carol looked back at Heather, "Uh... kinda..."

<Warren> It took a little longer with three than it did with one but eventually there were multiple explosions followed by Warren flying up into the air again. As he flew up he drew in more life force, killing off more soldiers and civilians alike.

<Heather> Heather looked over Carol's shoulder at Warren in his Archangel form, "I'll get him." She determined, pushing herself to her feet and stretching her wings.

<Carol> Carol followed her gaze, "You'll have more luck than I will..." She lifted into the air, "I'll play distraction."

<Heather> Heather nodded and beat her wings a couple of times to take her high into the air then she flew straight at Warren.

<Warren> Warren fired off blades in random directions. His archangel side had taken over and was reveling in finally being let loose after so long.

<Heather> Heather tackled Warren mid-air while Carol turned her attention to the incoming Sentinels, blasting them out of the sky. "Warren!"

<Warren> Warren thrashed about, not realizing it was Heather that just tackled him. "Get off me. I'm not done!"

<Heather> "Warren, it's me." She told him, wrapping her arms around him in more of a hug, "It's time to go now."

<Warren> Warren's thrashing slowed as he started to come back to himself. "H...heather." The red in his eyes started to fade away and tears started to well up. "I... I thought I'd lost you!" He hugged her tightly, keeping them aloft somehow as they hugged.

<Heather> "I'm here... I'm okay." In fact she was very far from okay but they didn't have time for that right now. "Carol's holding them off... we need to go."

<Warren> "Do you need me to carry you?" He tried not to cry but it was hard to keep the tears back. Warren used a little bit of the energy he'd built up to give to her.

<Heather> She shook her head, "Not right now. Carol gave me something and I feel a lot better. Let's just get away from here and then we can talk." She offered him a small smile.

<Warren> "Y...yeah." He started to feel the regret of letting loose as he realized what he'd done. "Let's get Carol and get out of here."

<Heather> "She's okay, she'll catch up." Heather told him, taking his hand, "Let's go."

<Warren> "I..." He hesitated. Warren didn't want to leave Carol behind but he needed to get Heather away. He was going to keep her safe. "Alright, think you can keep up?" A little smile crossed his face.

<Heather> "Well... I am out of practise..." She gave his hand a squeeze, "But I'll do my best."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:35 pm

<Heather> Heather could hardly believe her eyes when they entered the bunker. It was nice! The flight there had really worn her out though and she barely made it to the sofa to sit down. Carol had excused herself muttering something about babies which she was going to have to ask about later but now... sleep sounded good.

<Warren> "Want me to get you something, Heather?" He chewed his lip not knowing what to do.

<Heather> Heather looked over at him, "Um... some water?" She was hungry but she knew she couldn't stomach much. They'd been basically starving her - probably for fear she'd escape.

<Warren> "Yeah. I'll be right back." Warren ran off to get her water. Something wasn't right though, he was still blue. He'd never stayed changed for this long.

<Heather> Heather adjusted her wings and tried to get comfortable on the sofa, eventually just flopping over and lying face down. That worked. Nice. Squishy.

<Warren> Warren came back with a glass of water for her. "Comfy?" He smiled a little. Warren hadn't been this happy in longer than he could remember.

<Heather> "I haven't laid down in sooooooo long..." she turned her head so she could look at him.

<Warren> "I'm sorry Heather... If I'd known I would have searched for you..." He sat down in front of the couch and held the water for her.

<Heather> "It's okay... I didn't expect anyone to come.... too dangerous...." she carefully took the glass, lifting her head a little to take a drink.

<Warren> "I watched them kill a lot of people... I gave up hope that you were alive..." He started to tear up again. "I'm sorry."

<Heather> "They did a big media thing when they put me up there... about how mutants aren't human and whatever..." she put the glass down so she could pull him to her in a somewhat awkward hug. "It's okay."

<Warren> Warren laid his head on her and squeezed her arm. "I would have come for you if I'd known where you were. If I'd known you were alive..."

<Heather> "You did come," she reminded him, "And I'm so grateful... to both of you."

<Warren> "I should have come sooner..." He squeezed her hand.

<Heather> "It's really okay," she told him again, "You came and that's what matters. I'm out of that place now." And she was going to be pinching herself for days.

<Warren> "Yeah, I'm glad you're alive." He looked up at her and smiled.

<Heather> "Me too..." Which was kind of a novel feeling. "I know I need to eat... and not too much... but I think I want to sleep a little first... is there somewhere I can do that?"

<Warren> "Yeah... there's a bunch of rooms. I'm sure we can find an empty one for you."

<Heather> She gave him a smile, carefully pushing herself up to sit and then stand. "Let's go..."

<Warren> Warren stood up and offered her his arm to help steady her. "Yeah, I can get you something to eat later."

<Heather> She took his arm, leaning on him a little, "Sounds good. They, uh... weren't big on regular meals...."

<Warren> "Yeah... I remember the prison meals... scarce and not really food." He sighed still feeling bad she had to go through that.

<Heather> "You were in one of the camps?"

<Warren> "Yeah... They were... something." He frowned as he helped her to find a room.

<Heather> "Are there a lot of other people here?" She glanced at him, "Anyone else I might know?"

<Warren> "Jess and her family is here." He shrugged a little. "I've uhmm... kept to myself." Warren chewed at his lip again.

<Heather> "How come?" They found an empty room and it was better than anything she'd imagined.

<Warren> "Don't really feel comfortable around people anymore." Warren frowned.

<Heather> She found the bathroom and a closet full of clean towels and clean clothes. Nice. Maybe she'd shower before she slept because the bed was probably also clean and she sure wasn't. "What happened?" She headed into the bathroom, closing the door half way so they could still talk while she peeled off her clothes.

<Warren> "Didn't have it much better out here..." He frowned and sat down on the other side of the door. "They didn't just take my powers away..."

<Heather> She frowned in confusion, pausing in her task while she tried to figure out what he was talking about, "What do you mean?"

<Warren> "They tore my wings off..." He pulled his knees up to his chest.

<Heather> She chewed her lip, "That sounds like it hurt...."

<Warren> "Yeah..." He ran a hand through his hair. "Daily beatings were a thing too..."

<Heather> "I'm sorry..." She finished stripping off and put the ruined clothing in the trash because there was just no saving it at this point. With a sigh, she turned on the shower. She couldn't remember the last time she'd felt hot water.

<Warren> "I can't imagine you had it any better..." Warren frowned. "Want me to leave you alone?"

<Heather> "No... please stay... I've been alone for a really long time..." And she wasn't really ready to talk about what she'd had to endure as a trophy. "I won't be long..."

<Warren> "Alright, whatever you want Heather." He smiled a little even if she couldn't see it.

<Heather> She washed her hair, which was lovely, and shut off the water when she felt cleanish. She'd be more thorough after some sleep. Slicking the water off her wings, she carefully dried off and pulled on the loose clothing she'd taken out of the closet. There. Now she felt a little more like herself. She stepped out of the bathroom and gathered her hair into a pony tail, "Could you do something for me?"

<Warren> "Yeah?" He looked up at her. "What do you need?"

<Heather> "Cut my hair?" She held out most of the length of her ponytail with a space between her fists. "Pretty sure it's not salvagable."

<Warren> "Uhmm sure?" He stood up. "I can go get some scissors."

<Heather> "Or you could use those nice shiny things sticking out of your back for convenience so I can go to bed..."

<Warren> "Uhmm I guess." Warren moved his wing out to cut her hair for her.

<Heather> "Thanks..." she tossed the cut hair into the trash with her ruined clothes and dusted off her hands. Time to lie down on something comfortable. She tried the door to what she assumed was the bedroom and stopped in the doorway. The bed was big! Nice! She launched herself onto the matress and spread her wings. "Mmmmm nice...."

<Warren> Warren laughed a little. "Want me to let you get to sleep?"

<Heather> She lifted a wing and patted the space beside her, "Don't leave..."

<Warren> Warren sat down next to her. "Okay, whatever you want Heather."

<Heather> "Will you stay til I wake up?" She wrapped her arm around a pillow to tuck it under her head. "I'm worried I'll panic if I don't remember where I am..."

<Warren> "Yeah I can stay here with you." He leaned over and gave her a hug.

<Heather> She returned the hug with her free arm, "Thanks... I missed you."

<Warren> "I missed you too Heather... I'm so glad you're not dead."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:36 pm

<Carol> Carol had decided to shower before going back to the room she shared with Obi. She hadn't managed to get all of the machine oil from exploded Sentinels off but most of it was gone. Maybe he wouldn't notice. She pushed a hand through her hair, attempted to settle a normal expression on her face and opened the door.

<Shinobi> For once, the twins were both asleep and Obi had been dosing on the sofa, a book in his lap. Since their birth, he was pretty sure he'd inherited his father's super hearing, since the babies' tiniest whimper made him bolt upright.

<Shinobi> The click of the door was no exception and he snorted himself awake.

<Carol> Carol couldn't help but giggle at the snort, quietly since she was hoping the twins were unconscious and wanted them to stay that way.

<Shinobi> His brain fog cleared quickly and he sat up, looking up at her. "Hey," he said quietly. "Welcome home."

<Carol> "Hey," she gave him a smile, "Nice nap?"

<Shinobi> "Yeah, all..." he glanced at a clock. "Fifteen minutes of it so far." Obi chuckled and got up, setting his book aside to go give her a hug.

<Carol> "Aww, I'm sorry," she welcomed the hug, wrapping her arms around him tightly.

<Shinobi> "It's fine." He gave her a squeeze and a fast kiss. "Did you have fun... punching things?"

<Carol> "I feel like it could have gone better... but everything worked out fine..." she shrugged a shoulder.

<Shinobi> "Mmm. Do I want to know?" He raised an eyebrow at her and half smiled, rubbing her arm.

<Carol> "Well... depends..." she wrinkled her nose.

<Shinobi> "On?" Both eyebrows went up at that as he unconsciously copied her nose wrinkle.

<Carol> "You gonna focus on the good part or the scary part?"

<Shinobi> Obi fought down his kneejerk response and sighed. "It's fine. I'd rather know."

<Carol> "Okay... so..." she sighed, going to sit down on the sofa and pulling him with her. "Viper found someone a while back... but she had to wait until... well... until I could go. Kinda was the only one that was going to be able to get in and out in one piece."

<Shinobi> "Yeah? Who?" He settled down beside her and put his arm around her shoulders, nudging her into his embrace.

<Carol> She leaned against him, closing her eyes, "Heather.... I don't know if you met her... but she was the one who got the Shi'ar to help rescue me from the Brood... I owe her..."

<Shinobi> Obi wasn't sure if he did remember this girl, but he nodded. "Okay. So where was she? Did you get her?"

<Carol> "They had her nailed to the side of the tallest building still standing like a goddamn trophy." She was never ever going to get those images out of her head. "In the middle of the city."

<Shinobi> His mouth dropped open. "She... alive? How?" It was only then he realized where she said that his mouth closed and he pursed his lips.

<Carol> "They fed her just enough to keep her alive..." she shook her head, "If I ever get my hands on whose idea that was..." her hands clenched into fists, energy unconsciously pooling there.

<Shinobi> He winced, reaching to rest his hand on her wrist to calm her. "Fuck. But... you got to her?"

<Carol> Carol nodded, flexing her fingers and pulling the energy back, "But only after Viper ran an experiment that totally fucked the plan."

<Shinobi> "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised." He slid his hand down to intertwine their fingers.

<Carol> "She wanted to tell Warren... I called not it. But I was in the room..." she sighed heavily, "Her experiment was a total success... kinda. Warren has his wings again so yay... but he kind of went on an archangel angry man killing spree... also we were going to wait until it was dark but he didn't want that to happen."

<Shinobi> "I heard... something, but the twins were crying." He frowned. "Having been inside of one of those sorts of... crazy killing sprees... is he... stable?"

<Carol> "Only person I know that can reliably snap him out of those things is Heather. Lucky huh?" She lifted the back of his hand to her face, resting her mouth against it for a moment. "So at least for while I was getting Heather down he was a pretty good distraction..."

<Shinobi> He turned his palm and cupped her cheek. "So... everything came out okay?"

<Carol> "Yeah... Dosed Heather up with what Viper gave me, took off her collar... played shiny distraction for the Sentinels while she snapped Warren out of his crazy and they got away. Everyone came home. Lots more Sentinels are broken beyond repair."

<Shinobi> "Good." He smiled a little, turning her face toward his and resting his forehead against hers.

<Carol> She let out another sigh, relieved to get all of that out and closed her eyes, "I told Viper not to tell you I was going into the city... didn't want you to worry."

<Shinobi> Obi closed his eyes as well and took a deep, shaky breath. "I understand, but... I don't want you to think you have to hide things from me, okay?" There. He'd said it calmly. Not that he felt particularly calm.

<Carol> "I would have told you... normally... but today wasn't... that...." she bit her lip, shaking her head and turning away, "I don't want to go into the city. I never even get close. I can't..."

<Shinobi> He leaned, trying to get her to look at him. "I know it's dangerous, but... why? What's wrong?"

<Carol> "I'm afraid who I'll see..." she squeezed her eyes shut, "I looked them up... they moved... to where it's safer...."

<Shinobi> He frowned, thinking. Oh. "Your family? You think they're in the city?"

<Carol> "I know they're in the city... and I don't want to be tempted..."

<Shinobi> "Oh." He winced a bit on her behalf. "I'm sorry, Carol." He rubbed her neck and shoulder, pulling her closer.

<Carol> She heaved a sigh, leaning against him, determined not to cry. She'd already done that. "At least I know they're okay..."

<Shinobi> "That's something, at least... and maybe, hopefully, things will change. Improve." He gave her a squeeze and kissed her through her hair.

<Carol> "Yeah... maybe..." she slid her arms around his waist, "I don't wanna talk about them..."

<Shinobi> "Okay, what do you want to talk about?" He worked his fingers into her side for a tickle. "Or is it nap time?"

<Carol> She squirmed a little, "I'm thinking it's knock on your folks' door and run time..."

<Shinobi> Obi broke into a grin at that. "Yeah? That sounds like a great time."

<Carol> "So let's go." She gave him a genuine smile, shifting to get up.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:38 pm

<Carol> Blending in with the tourists would be easy. There was a lot of them. But what wasn't so easy was finding a place to land to commence the blending in. Eventually finding a patch of relatively dense trees, she went for it and dropped them down into cover.

<Shinobi> Obi immediately reached to smooth back his hair, feeling more than a little windblown from their journey.

<Carol> Carol ran a hand through her hair too out of habit then offered her hand so they could walk together out of the foliage.

<Shinobi> He resettled the bag on his shoulder and intertwined their fingers, giving her a fast grin before they started for a nearby footpath.

<Carol> People would probably just assume they'd been making out or something. She returned the grin and gave his hand a squeeze. "So what do you think so far?"

<Shinobi> "It's gorgeous from what I saw on the way. And looks busy enough we can just blend in." He leaned in and gave her a kiss, stepping onto the path.

<Carol> She smiled after returning the kiss, "Flown over this place a few times... figured I should visit someday and today seemed like a good time."

<Shinobi> "It's a great time. Jess and my dad can have fun," he said with a laugh, swinging their joined hands a bit.

<Carol> Her smile became a grin, "Do you think it was mean to knock and run?"

<Shinobi> "Nope!" He was absolutely gleeful about the look on Sebastian's face, in fact.

<Carol> She laughed as they stepped out onto the path, "I'm a bad influence on you."

<Shinobi> "Nah," he said, drawing the word out as the weaved through other tourists. "We're probably equally bad influences on each other."

<Carol> "Oh you're definitely an enabler," she nodded in agreement, "Always encouraging me to do the bad thing."

<Shinobi> "It's more fun that way."He looked around a bit. "So, what's next?"

<Carol> "What would you like to do next? We can find a hotel... go look at the ocean, go look at a volcano... go look at a bunch of flowers... check out a lava tube... All kinds of fun things."

<Shinobi> "All of those things sound good. Maybe hotel first, then go look at those things, then go back to the hotel and we can do some other things." He gave her a grin.

<Carol> She laughed again, giving his hand a squeeze, "You think we can manage to do it that way around?"

<Shinobi> "Well, if you would like to look at the flowers while we..."

<Carol> "Oh don't tempt me," she bumped his shoulder with hers as they walked toward the nearest town.

<Shinobi> "I'll do it later then," he bumped her back, raising a brow.

<Carol> "Awful," she leaned to kiss his cheek. "Love it." They were getting some looks from the locals because their height made them stand out but it wasn't anything to worry about - they just assumed they were more tourists and there wasn't that many around.

<Shinobi> The kiss made him smile and he stopped, raising his free hand to her face until she looked at him. Obi gave her a soft kiss. "Love you," he said. It felt right.

<Carol> She was still smiling from the amusement and the kiss but now the look in her eyes was more akin to panic. She tried to keep the smile on her face and gave his hand another squeeze and a tug to get him walking again, "Come on, the sooner we find a hotel the faster we can get in trouble while looking at flowers."

<Shinobi> So much for that. He kept his sigh to himself and looked down, falling into step with her.

<Carol> Eventually they found a nice hotel, got a decent room to drop their stuff off in and managed not to get distracted. Now they were back out on the streets enjoying the scenery on the way to their first tourist trap.

<Shinobi> "The air is disgustingly fresh here," he said, tossing her a grin. "Like Alaska, but the air doesn't hurt your face."

<Carol> "The air in Alaska doesn't hurt my face but that's because it can't overcome my awesome," she grinned back, "It is nice though..." she was looking forward to spending some time by the sea.

<Shinobi> Obi shook his head at her and took her hand again. "It is. Nice to just... be."

<Carol> "Yeah... kind of stressful trying to do this at home..." she sighed, "But it's hard to turn off the habit of being on the lookout for trouble all the time." She'd caught herself doing that a lot already.

<Shinobi> "I know. It's probably for the best that we don't turn it off completely. Just... turn it down." There were a lot of tourists here, and he'd already heard some American accents.

<Carol> "Working on it," she promised, giving his hand a squeeze as they made it to the gardens to poke around and look at flowers. It was kind of weird seeing all the natural stuff, especially the flowers, when they spent all their time underground.

<Shinobi> They walked in silence for a while, taking in the foliage. "I have no idea what any of these are. Pretty, though."

<Carol> "I don't know what they are either," she laughed softly, "There's probably tags somewhere..." she peeked under a bush.

<Shinobi> Obi leaned to appreciate the view of Carol searching for the tag. After a moment, he gave an appreciative whistle.

<Carol> She straightened a little to look over her shoulder at him, a smirk on her lips.

<Shinobi> Obi returned that smirk with interest.

<Carol> She laughed again, straightening up properly to give him a playful shove.

<Shinobi> He slid his arm around her waist, leaning in. "I'm sure we could find some flowers in a more private area.."

<Carol> "Oh you think so?" she put her arms around his shoulders, brushing her nose lightly over his.

<Shinobi> "I know so..." He bumped their noses, then gave her a quick kiss and chuckled. "Okay, no I don't, but it's a good guess."

<Carol> She grinned, stepping back a little and taking his hand, "Let's go and investigate."

<Shinobi> "It's our own secret mission for today, until we think of another one."

<Carol> "As long as there's a reward for the missions, I'm good with whatever we can think up."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:39 pm

<Carol> Being in a hotel was awesome. Someone else made your bed and made your breakfast and did your dishes. And Carol didn't have to worry about getting up in the night and finding a small furry child scratching at her door. It was nice.

<Shinobi> Obi definitely had to agree, since he'd only had to wear pants for five minutes when room service came and now he was back to lounging in bed with his favorite person.

<Carol> "So... what shall we do for fun today?" She sipped her coffee and closed her eyes to enjoy the moment.

<Shinobi> "This isn't fun?" He trailed his fingertips over her bare arm.

<Carol> She laughed, "Yeah but we can't stay in here all day or we may as well just hide out back in the bunker."

<Shinobi> "Nooo, see I don't like that line of reasoning at all. Back in the bunker, we'd be feeding the twins and we wouldn't have room service."

<Carol> "You make a good point about room service... but we could still hide from the twins - they can't walk yet."

<Shinobi> "No, but they sure can cry." He snorted and reached for a piece of toast.

<Carol> "That's why we find a room where we can't hear them and leave them with your parents," she rolled her head to the side and cracked an eye open, "Are you doubting my planning skills?"

<Shinobi> He licked the knife, tasting the variety of weird fruit jams provided with breakfast. "I would never."

<Carol> "Better not. My planning skills kick ass." She prodded him with her foot, setting her coffee down to steal his toast.

<Shinobi> "Hey," he laughed, pointing at her with the knife.

<Carol> "I rest my case," she replied, taking a bite of the stolen toast.

<Shinobi> Rolling his eyes, he went for the bacon instead. "This is better anyway."

<Carol> "All of it is awesome," she pointed out, "Because we didn't have to make any of it or wait til someone else got up and bribe them to make it for us."

<Shinobi> "Or pay for it." He held up his bacon in salute. "Thanks to Viper for that one, too. I guess the benefit of being really fucking old is being really fucking rich."

<Carol> Carol smiled, "Yeah... we're gonna owe her like a hundred years of favours by the time this is all over.... I don't mind though. She's earned them."

<Shinobi> "Mmm, yeah, I gotta agree," he said, holding out the bacon for Carol to take a bite.

<Carol> She took the bite she was offered and gave him a smile, "You think she'll miss us when we all move out?"

<Shinobi> "Nah." He popped the remainder in his mouth and chewed. "She probably has enough DNA samples from all of us to make replacements." Obi tilted his head. "I wonder if that would work for me. Copy of a copy?"

<Carol> ".... That's totally creepy!"

<Shinobi> "We are talking about Viper, remember?" He waggled a brow.

<Carol> She gave him a shove, "No more talking about a weird clone army okay? We're on vacation."

<Shinobi> Obi laughed and snapped up another piece of bacon. After chewing contemplatively for a while, he sighed. "Do you think we will all move out?"

<Carol> "When the world's not on fire anymore?" She shrugged, "I know I'd rather be living above ground."

<Shinobi> "Yeah." If Hope won her war. He really didn't want to think about it, though.

<Carol> "It's not good for kids to be living underground like that either..."

<Shinobi> "You're right," he said, snapping himself out of it and sliding closer. "Just as long as we don't end up in Nebraska." Obi grinned, finishing his bacon.

<Carol> She wrinkled her nose, "Oh no way. Too far from the ocean."

<Shinobi> "Too much corn." He shuddered.

<Carol> She laughed, "Afraid of scarecrows in cornfields now too?"

<Shinobi> "Maybe," Obi said, eyes sliding to the side as he leaned to bump his shoulder into hers.

<Carol> She bumped back with another laugh, shaking her head, "Good thing I can take care of myself, huh?"

<Shinobi> "That might be part of your appeal." He winked, wiping the bacon from his fingers to tackle her to the bed.

<Carol> She flailed, hoping not to upend the precious coffee. "There's more parts than that I'm awesome?"

<Shinobi> "It's all rolled together in a pleasingly blonde package." He reached for her cup.

<Carol> "Would you still like it if it wasn't blonde? What if I dyed my hair purple? Or blue? Or all the colours?"

<Shinobi> "Just no red." It was out of his mouth before he could stop himself, then he wrinkled his nose.

<Carol> "But it can't be a rainbow without red," she pointed out softly, deciding not to draw attention to the Hope shaped elephant in the room. "And I refuse to substitute it with pink."

<Shinobi> "You know, I do like purple," he tried, hiding his face against her shoulder. His plan to steal her coffee and have his way with her completely derailed.

<Carol> She slid her arms around him, "Not sure if I can pull off purple... guess it would depend on the shade.... but no pink."

<Shinobi> He reached for a lock of hair and toyed with it. The only way he could make this more awkward was by telling her he'd love her no matter her hair color.

<Carol> "What if I cut it all off?" Small subject segue because she'd actually been considering this one. Tiny grabby hands kept yanking it and it was tough to get them to let go.

<Shinobi> That made him raise his head. "What? Like shave your head?" He was not a fan of that idea.

<Carol> She laughed, "Not like bald! I just mean... shorter... or just... short."

<Shinobi> "Oh." He brushed his fingers through the long blonde strands, smoothing them back from her face. "You'd look good with anything, Carol." Obi smiled a little.

<Carol> "... The question is who the hell am I going to trust to do that?"

<Shinobi> "Jess maybe?" Obi took the opportunity to keep playing with her hair, folding it under to check out the view.

<Carol> There were all kinds of reasons that was a hell no but she wasn't about to go there with Obi. "Maybe..."

<Shinobi> "You don't want me to do it," he said with a low laugh and went for her coffee again.

<Carol> She shook her head, "Noooo that would be crazy. But at least you could phase if you did a bad job..."

<Shinobi> Obi closed his fingers around her cup and, speaking of phasing... "That is handy for a lot of things." He deprived her of caffeine and tried to distract her with a kiss.

<Carol> She made a small sound of protest at the theft of her coffee but was quickly distracted by the kissing. That was better than coffee anyway.

<Shinobi> He had to open one eye to get the cup onto the bedside table, then quickly looped his arm around her, shifting to get more comfortable.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:54 pm

<Greer> Greer poked around in the playroom Viper had set up especially for Thomas. It was kind of awesome. Had lots of stuff for him to climb and scratch and hide on top of or underneath. Stuff he could chase and sniff and chew and all sorts. Heck, she'd play with this stuff if she got on some catnip.

<Greer> She was early, which she didn't mind. Having some time to familiarise herself with the environment and the scents in there before the others arrived was good. No surprises. Surprises were bad. Though, at least for today, it would be okay to be surprised because the super telepath was coming to join family time. She wasn't sure how she felt about that. Tigra didn't like it.

<Christopher> Chris ran his free hand through his hair and yawned a little. "Thank God for coffee." He took a sip of his coffee.

<Beth> Beth wholeheartedly endorsed the awesomeness of coffee. "Coffee is life!" Thomas was ahead of them in the hall, already at their destination and looking back at them. "Is he waiting for permission or for someone to open the door? I can never tell...."

<Christopher> "Both?" Chris gave a little shrug. "He doesn't understand the need to take time and enjoy coffee slowly yet. Too young."

<Beth> "I don't know that giving him coffee will ever be a good idea.... like sugar. Sugar bad." They had learned this the hard way.

<Greer> Knowing her little boy was outside the door, Greer opened it and scooped him up for a cuddle, "Hi little one! Have you missed me?" She tickled him a little and he feigned angry growling at her as he squirmed.

<Christopher> "Yeah... nooooo, no coffee. He has more than enough energy without it." He laughed a little and gave Greer a wave when she opened the door. "Hey Greer."

<Greer> She gave them both a smile, "Hey.... this room is awesome. I've been snooping while I waited." She nuzzled Thomas and purred softly before she set him down so he could play.

<Christopher> "Yeah, Viper has gone above and beyond with this whole place. I can't remember the last time I had good coffee before we got here."

<Greer> "There's all kinds of weird stuff hidden all over." She tapped her nose, "I have a good weird stuff detector."

<Beth> "I do too," Beth tapped her head, "But I promised Viper I wouldn't go poking around in her mind and I respect her so I'm keeping my promise. Which means I just have the map and my natural curiosity to get me by."

<Christopher> "Man, you two make me feel boring. I've just been checking things out as I bump into them." Chris shrugged a little. "Viper said she'd make me a forge so that's awesome?"

<Beth> "You've gotta wonder how she produces all this stuff... like... is there a factory hidden down here somewhere?" She stepped into the room and looked around, spying Thomas climbing a wall. "Damn... I really hope when the war is over she'll take students...."

<Christopher> "I mean it's Viper. I'm starting to think it's part of her power set to come up with crazy things." Chris shrugged. "Yeah... hopefully we can start up a school again, I miss teaching."

<Greer> "There's probably a lot of orphaned mutant kids out there that are going to need a home when all of this is over... maybe a lot of brainwashing or indoctrination to overcome too..." She sighed. She was responsible for some of that now.

<Christopher> "Yeah... I can't believe how corrupt the government could get so quickly and how it could do this to people." He groaned a little. "I think it might be time I talk to Viper about helping bring the fight back to them."

<Greer> "I'm sure she's already got plenty of ideas of ways you can help," Greer took a seat at the small table in the room, smiling as Thomas pounced on one of the toys from on high. "He's so happy...."

<Christopher> "He's definitely doing better now that he has his mom too." Chris gave her a warm smile. "It's been hard keeping all the bullshit away from the kids..."

<Greer> She shook her head, "Not so hard with him... Tigra and I took care of him in the wilds... didn't need to talk or watch the news.... It's my fault he's like this now..."

<Beth> "He's awesome," Beth assured her, "And I'm sure spending time around everyone is helping. He doesn't really talk but I'm pretty sure he understands most things said to him. Maybe he just doesn't have anything he thinks is important to say."

<Christopher> "Maybe. He definitely wouldn't get it from me if he was. I talk too much..." He laughed a little.

<Greer> "I understand him just fine... but not everyone reads the feral body language so well. I hope he learns to talk... There's no reason he shouldn't be able to..."

<Christopher> "I'm sure he will. It will just take time." Chris finished his coffee and took a seat to watch Thomas play.

<Beth> "If you wanted me to I could have a look around and see what his thought patterns are like... but only if both of you agree it's okay. Otherwise I'll just keep my brain to myself."

<Christopher> Chris chewed his lip a little. "I don't think it would hurt. What do you think Greer? If you don't think it's a good idea though we don't have to."

<Greer> She thought about it for a long moment, "I suppose it wouldn't hurt... it'd be nice to know one way or another...."

<Christopher> "Yeah, maybe it will help us develop some kind of learning plan for him?"

<Beth> "Bet Viper already has ideas for that too," Beth shook her head, "Want me to look now or another time?"

<Christopher> "Hmm maybe we should do it after he's had his fun? And yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if Viper does."

<Beth> "He won't notice I'm in there, I can be subtle," Beth rolled her eyes, "It's not like I'm staging an assault. Just having a little peek."

<Christopher> "Well... now I feel like I need to work on my shields more." Chris laughed a little.

<Beth> Beth laughed, "If I really wanted to get in there, shields wouldn't help you anyway. But, yeah, pretty much everyone here needs to work on their shields more. So much leakage."

<Christopher> <Am I going to have to punish you for looking through all my thoughts about you later.> Chris stuck his tongue out at her. "Well yeah, but I know my shields were a lot better back in the day."

<Beth> <If you didn't want me to look at them you should have said.> "Eh, it's a practice thing," she shrugged, "Maybe I should teach a class..." She shook herself, "Anyway... I'll have a look, gimme a minute."

<Christopher> <Well I haven't heard any complaints from you yet so I'm sure you haven't delved to deep.> Chris smiled a little. "Yeah I'm sure that would be helpful for some people."

<Beth> <Don't distract me when I'm working.> She kicked him under the table, closing her eyes so she could better focus and zeroing in on Thomas' mind.

<Christopher> Chris sat back quietly while she worked. "How're you adjusting to all of this Greer?"

<Greer> She sighed, watching Thomas while Beth looked inside his head, "I don't know... sometimes it's okay.... other times it's weird... I keep expecting to wake up back in one of their cages..."

<Christopher> Chris frowned a little. "I wish I could help with that. It'll get better I'm sure, everyone is here to help each other."

<Greer> "Well... it'd probably help if I left my room more and talked to people... But I'm so paranoid something's going to happen and pull Tigra out.... I don't want to hurt anyone."

<Christopher> "I understand. You should take your time though. Don't rush anything you have plenty of time."

<Greer> "Do I, though? Anything could happen..."

<Christopher> "I mean yeah, worst case scenario." Chris sighed a little. "I'm sure Viper has a plan if anything happens and you shouldn't rush it. Just take your time and let us worry about everything else."

<Greer> She sighed heavily and sank in her chair a little. She felt so useless.

<Beth> Beth opened her eyes and sat up, "He has... a weird mixture in there..."

<Christopher> "Weird how?" Chris raised an eyebrow quizzically.

<Beth> "It's like everything is on two levels at once... Like the feral side and higher functions are working together. Deciding if they need to do stuff or if something is safe to touch or if they like a particular person... I think he's figuring it out on his own and he's doing awesome."

<Christopher> "Well that's good then." Chris smiled a little. "Right?"

<Greer> She nodded, "Yeah.... I was hoping with him being born like that it'd be easier for him... with the feral side I mean.... instead of having it suddenly there..."

<Christopher> "It sounds like both sides are getting along pretty well. Maybe we'll be fine starting him on lessons then? Nothing too hard though at first."

<Greer> "I'd have no idea about teaching a kid... do we have anyone here that knows that stuff?"

<Beth> Beth nodded, "Sure since Hope brought her group here there's the nanny that the Shaws hired before for Miriam and the Maximoffs have kids that seem fine so they obviously did something right..."

<Christopher> "Yeah... I think I'm a good teacher but I don't know about kids. Good idea Beth, I can go talk to them about it. I'm sure they'd be glad to help."

<Beth> Beth nodded again, "Probably good not to rely on Jess too much right now. Seems like they have the babies for a while." Maybe she should stop spying on people. She was becoming a gossip.

<Christopher> "The Maximoffs it is then?" He looked to Greer.

<Greer> "Yeah, sounds like... or Meggan. She might be useful early on if he's not talking... empath..."

<Christopher> "Yeah definitely. Think I should make a bunch of bribery presents before I ask?" Chris laughed a little.

<Beth> Beth grinned, "Couldn't hurt."

<Christopher> "Bribery is what I do best. I'll have to talk to Viper about getting that forge up and running soon."

<Greer> "We'll figure something out.... maybe Viper even has a schoolroom down here."

<Christopher> "Probably. I'll have to go talk to her first."

<Greer> "I'll talk to her... he's my kid too."

<Christopher> "Sorry I wasn't trying to take control. Yeah definitely. You talk to Viper and I'll talk to the Maximoffs?"

<Greer> "Yeah, split the parent duties." She gave him a small smile, "Sounds like a plan."

<Christopher> "Co-parenting, we got this." He smiled back.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:54 pm

<Warren> Warren laid back on his bed. It was amazing to be able to fly again and having Heather back was even better. But being stuck in his archangel form was worrying. He couldn't force himself back and he was worried he would lose control again.

<Viper> She'd given them a few days but now it was time to check up on Warren. She went to his room during a rare break from her work and knocked softly on the door.

<Warren> "Uhmm come in?" He didn't know who would be coming by his room, but the distraction would be nice.

<Viper> Viper opened the door and stepped inside, "I was wondering how you are doing...."

<Warren> "Uhmm I'm alive..." He sat up on his bed. "And I've got wings... in this form." He spread them out to show off.

<Viper> "Yes, I know..." she offered a small smile, "Are you unable to resume your usual appearance?" she moved over to the bed.

<Warren> Warren retracted his wings again with a sigh. "Yeah... I can't seem to change back."

<Viper> She frowned a little, "Does this bother you?"

<Warren> "I mean I'd like to be able to change back or maybe switch between forms again yeah. Plus this form is... weird."

<Viper> "Has this ever happened before?"

<Warren> "No, it's been harder to change before but I've never not been able to."

<Viper> "Have you asked a telepath or one of the empaths to look into it for you?" She invited herself to sit down on the edge of the bed.

<Warren> "No I haven't. I mean... I could, but I don't think it's a mental thing."

<Viper> "Would you like me to look into it? Or do you think this is something you can deal with on your own?"

<Warren> "I think I can handle it. And you've got a lot on your plate." He shrugged a little.

<Viper> "I can manage. If I didn't think I could, I wouldn't offer. If you need my help, feel free to ask for it." She offered him a smile, "How is Heather settling in?"

<Warren> "Thanks." Warren smiled back. "Uhmm pretty good as far as I can tell. Better than she was."

<Viper> "Good," she smiled, "If there's anything I can do to make her more comfortable here, let me know, alright?"

<Warren> "Yeah definitely. I can talk to her about it. I've been trying to make sure she knows where everything is."

<Viper> "It may be some time before she is ready to socialise with others... has she told you anything?"

<Warren> "No, not really. And yeah, I figured. I'm sure she's been through worse than a lot of us..."

<Viper> Viper nodded, "I regret that I could not help her sooner."

<Warren> "Yeah... there wasn't much we could do though." He sighed.

<Viper> "Not without Carol's assistance," she reached to pat his hand, "But she is here now and when she is ready I'm sure there are many that will be pleased to see her."

<Warren> "Yeah, and the more people we rescue the more help we have to deal with these assholes."

<Viper> "If they want to help, yes. I will not force anyone that wishes to remain safe. Especially those with children to consider."

<Warren> "Yeah, I mean I didn't mean force them. But I'm sure a lot of them will be glad to help."

<Viper> "Many of them already are in their own ways."

<Warren> "I bet, I'm sure we're not the only ones fighting back. But a unified force might fight better."

<Viper> "Hope's team are out destroying things all the time, those that stay here are working on counteracting the Sentinels' ability to disable our powers."

<Warren> "Yeah... without powers we're pretty much helpless. Well I am at least."

<Viper> "Well, my offer still stands to work on that with you," she gave him a small smile, "There are a number of people here that could spar with you."

<Warren> "Yeah I should probably learn more how to defend myself better."

<Viper> "Any time you want to start, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I am glad to be proven correct about your wings."

<Warren> "Well one set of them at least." Warren shrugged a little.

<Viper> "Perhaps you'll find they have returned to your other form when you finally change back. You never know."

<Warren> "Maybe, we'll have to see after I manage to change back."

<Viper> "And if there's anything I can do to help with that, let me know."

<Warren> "Yeah, I'll defintely talk to someone that can check out my noggin and then maybe you can take a look?"

<Viper> "Of course," she smiled, "Beth's had a lot of experience poking around in heads of late so she may be a good place to start."

<Warren> "Oh uhmm yeah cool. I'll go to her first."

<Viper> "Then I'll leave you to your... whatever you were doing," she got to her feet.

<Warren> "I was just being lazy." Warren shrugged. "Thanks for coming by and giving me some ideas."

<Viper> "No problem. You should try being lazy in the communal area sometime. Make some friends."

<Warren> "But then I wouldn't really be being lazy. I'd be making friends."

<Viper> "The two aren't mutually exclusive you know," she replied with a small smirk. "Enjoy your afternoon."

<Warren> "Thanks Viper. You too."

<Viper> "I always do," she gave him a small wave as she saw herself out.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:31 pm

Testing new equipment in the field was usually someone else's job - someone more expendable. But, in this new age of every pair of hands mattering, Viper found herself rather short of cannon fodder. In her experience, it would take far too long to talk someone into volunteering and those that would volunteer quickly were probably not a smart choice. They couldn't be trusted to behave themselves while in the vicinity of government employees.

The only logical conclusion was to test the device herself and use the time to try and get some information. Information was important. It had been a long time since any of them had spent any great time in undestroyed parts of major cities where the non-mutants clustered for safety. Some insight into how these individuals coped in daily life would be helpful. If they were hating this regime as much as mutants were, for example, it would be easier to bring it down.

She prepared herself as usual with a variety of weapons and defensive technology; dressing as much like a civilian as she could. Likely, most of the people in her bunker would fall down in shock if they saw how capable she was at blending in. They seemed to forget that spying on people was how she'd once earned her living.

After programming her teleporter with a few stop-offs, she was ready to go. Viper activated the masking device that the Maximoffs had been working on with Stark. Hopefully it worked or this would be a very short trip. Sighing to herself, she activated her teleporter and disappeared from the bunker.
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:32 pm

Viper's first stop was a short distance from the Danvers Institute. Curiosity had driven her there; she wanted to see what the current incarnation of SHIELD was doing with their piece of property. They'd certainly increased security. Viper found herself in the wooded area of the grounds, a short distance away from a rather, in her opinion, over the top security fence. She supposed it made them feel better about themselves if they looked like they were making an effort.

With a small shake of her head, she started off through the trees until she reached a spot where she could observe the grounds. From the cover of the undergrowth, she watched groups of people cross the lawn from one building to another. Some were security staff but most were wearing lab coats. She needed to get in there and find out what they were doing. There was nothing in the files she'd managed to break into. Whatever it was, this was top level stuff and she had the feeling that it was likely to make her very very angry. But that was not today's mission. She moved back into the trees and activated the teleporter again.

She rematerialised in Boston, in one of her favourite out of the way spots in a park, glad to find out the spot was still as out of the way as ever. Taking to the path, she started for the city beyond the park's borders, but something interesting caught her eye. A Sentinel. It was stood alone in a small playground completely unmoving and seemed to have been this way for some time - at least long enough that a pigeon had thought it safe to land on the thing's head.

Viper cocked her head on one side. Curious. Was this some sort of elaborate trap? She watched it for a long time, gradually edging closer. Once she was in range to hear its communications, she realised it seemed to be experiencing a malfunction. Interesting. What's more, it was oblivious to her presence; either because of the device she carried or because the malfunction was interfering with its sensor array. Whatever the reason, this was an opportunity she couldn't just ignore.

She slowly circled the Sentinel as it spat out error messages. She was going to have to remove its gps and weapons capabilities before she brought it home with her. She spied a serial number stamped onto the back of its head just above the neck joint. Second generation. No wonder this thing was having problems. It was old. "Well then, 2-0007059-A, hold still. This won't hurt a bit..."
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Re: What if...? DoFP

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 10, 2019 4:32 am

With his most time consuming project in the real-world testing phase, Pietro was having some well-deserved quality time with his little girl. Illyana was at a playdate with Peter and Miriam so they could use their speed without leaving anyone out. They were playing with Lego, having a competition to see who could complete the most booklets in two minutes and so on. It was fun and Catrin was giggling like crazy, it made him happy to see her enjoying herself and being able to spend this time with her without thinking about work was awesome.

And then a small screen appeared on the nearby wall and it started beeping insistently at him. Pietro frowned, having to abandon his current winning streak (he couldn't let Catrin win because she threw stuff at him for letting her cheat), he answered the call, frowning as the image was lost repeatedly in static. Viper's voice came through in broken segments. There were other sounds in the background that he tried not to think about too hard while he focused on the task at hand. From what he could gather, there were instructions in her lab for him so he just had to go there... and put Catrin somewhere safe along the way.

Having dropped Catrin off with Meggan (he really needed to get her something nice - that woman was a godsend), Pietro headed to Viper's lab. If she didn't have multiple stations on the go at once it'd make looking for these instructions a lot faster. Fortunately, fast was something he did well and, judging by the interference and the sounds in the background, fast was needed. He located the instructions and followed them to collect various items from around the lab and tools she'd listed. He had a horrible feeling he was going to be expected to do something stupid and incur the wrath of a tiny Russian teleporter.

With a sigh, he pieced together the components he'd gathered and activated the make-shift tracking device. Borrowing a bag, he shoved the remaining items inside and set off for the flashing dot on the small screen. Oh God. Illyana was going to kill him... if a Sentinel didn't get him first. Why would she decide to test anything in the city?! Maybe she was crazy. The city was weird. Everything looked so normal. How could it look so ordinary when the world was falling apart everywhere else?

The dot led him to a park and then he only needed to follow the sounds of shooting. He knew she was in trouble but damn that was a lot of trouble. That had to be some sort of skill. Was she hiding behind a Sentinel? Something very weird was going on. He slid to a stop then ducked a bullet deflected at him by the armour plating on the Sentinel. "What the hell is going on?!" he managed not to flail.

"What took you so long?!" Viper demanded.

"I asked first!" This was a stupid time to have a very stupid argument but, damn it, this needed an explanation!

"It's malfunctioning." Viper gestured to the Sentinel she was using as a shield.

He was about to reply with 'No shit.' but he thought better of it. "Before or after they started shooting at you around it?"

"A while before." She took the bag from him when he offered it. "We're taking it home."

For the first time since he found out Illyana was pregnant with twins, Pietro felt his brain grind to a screeching halt. ".... What?"

"I need to take out the power core and gps. Do you want to unscrew things or shoot at people?"

Argh! Insane. This was insane! Maybe it was some kind of horrible nightmare. But, for that, he'd need to be asleep. He took the tools from her and got to work.

Viper watched him for a moment before her attention was drawn by the arrival of fully functional Sentinels.

"Language!" Pietro chastised out of habit, following the impressive string of curses that Viper had uttered. He knew why she was swearing but joining in wouldn't get them out of there any faster.

"Are you done?" Viper glanced at him as the Sentinels' collective drone informed all within earshot that a mutant signature had been detected. Now would be a really good time to know if the device she was testing actually worked.

"Disconnecting the power core now," Pietro informed her as he released the last connection. They'd probably need it later so he carefully placed it in the bag. "You'll have to get the gps out - your hands are smaller than mine."

She'd been hoping he could get to it but she knew it'd be tight. She swapped places with him and hoped the Sentinels' programming wouldn't kick in right away for just one or two mutants.

Pietro decided to work on defence while Viper focused on the gps. As the Sentinels opened fire with their energy weapons and bits of the playground flew into the air it gave him an idea. He dashed around, picking up the helpfully provided projectiles and started throwing them at the humans with guns to get them to back off. The dust created by the explosions swirled around them creating a rather useful shield. The humans ran for cover as the dust hurt their skin and choked their lungs so that was the gunfire dealt with but his actions seemed to really piss off the Sentinels.

Mutant counter-measures were deployed which was the worst outcome imaginable. As the dust settled, Pietro took cover behind the malfunctioning Sentinel with Viper. Her energy shield tech was taking the brunt of the shots from the Sentinels thanks to the replacement supplies he'd brought along with him but they were beginning to fail under the onslaught and now the humans with guns were on their way back.

Viper was never more thankful that she was wired the way she was. Being unable to feel fear or anxiety was useful when you were in a hurry and really didn't need to be bothered by shaking hands because your life was in extreme danger. Finally she managed to disconnect the gps and she tossed it to one side, reaching into the bag for the remaining tech she'd asked Pietro to bring.

After picking up the bag and her shielding tech, Viper applied the teleporter to the broken Sentinel then grabbed Pietro's arm and pulled him behind her. The Sentinel vanished and their cover from the gunfire was gone.

"Viper!" Pietro was alarmed about her putting herself between him and the guns but he didn't have time to react without his speed. He was suddenly back in her lab, utterly bewildered about what had just happened as, in front of him, Viper dropped the bag on the ground and crumpled to the floor.
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