What if...? 2033

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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:20 pm

<Christopher> Chris had spent most of the day building a better shelter from the wind in the cave, making sure the fire would keep them warmer than it had been. He came in from the cold with a bundle of wood for the fire, enough to keep it going all night. "How're you doing Viper?" Chris sat down next to her and gave her a small kiss.

<Viper> "Cold... missing coffee... and my bed..." she sighed. Stupid SHIELD. Stupid snow.

<Christopher> "Mmm don't like how I warm you up?" Chris gave her another kiss. "I know Viper, this isn't very fun. But we'll get back to the warm and cozy eventually."

<Viper> "I hope so." She was going to go insane otherwise. She settled against him and pulled the blanket tighter around herself.

<Christopher> Chris held her close and placed a few gentle kisses on her neck. "At least you have me here with you."

<Viper> She nodded, "I've been much warmer than I otherwise would have been."

<Christopher> "And you get this sexy body to look at." He smiled. "I wish you'd let me give you my jacket at least." He laid his head against hers and slipped his arm around her.

<Viper> "I have the whole blanket..." she reminded him, "And I'm sitting by the fire."

<Christopher> "You know reason and logic don't work with me." Chris gave her a little squeeze.

<Viper> "Well those are my default settings so that's all I have to work with, I'm afraid."

<Christopher> "Hmm maybe I'll have to search you for a reset button. Get you back to factory settings." Chris poked at her playfully.

<Viper> "I think those are my factory settings..." she laughed, immune to the pokes because of the blanket around her.

<Christopher> "Can I still try to find the button?" Chris smirked and decided just to cuddle her since he couldn't get a reaction from the poking.

<Viper> "Maybe if we ever get back to civilisation and decent heating." She snuggled into him and rested her head against his shoulder.

<Christopher> "I guess I can wait that long. You're hard to resist though." Chris closed his eyes and just tried to enjoy having her close.

<Carol> Carol had finally gotten news that SHIELD had withrawn from the area the Hydra base had once occupied and was now conducting her own search. She had found the crash site and used her powers to melt the snow in the surrounding area. The blood alarmed her but the discarded clothing reassured her that Viper was at least alive after the crash.

<Carol> She looked around trying to imagine the path that might have been taken later but the weather was terrible. Instead she focused on her powers, trying to sense any energy at all - there would hopefully be a fire at the very least. Then she let her feet take her where they would.

<Carol> She found herself at the entrance to a cave that had been built up against the wind and allowed herself to be hopeful again. She ducked around the fortifications and paused in the entrance, relief flooding her. "Oh thank God."

<Christopher> Chris was alarmed at first, until he recognized the voice. "We have company... And I'm pretty sure she won't want to see me." He whispered to Viper.

<Viper> Viper looked round to see who it was then yelped as she was picked up and hugged tightly. At least Carol was warm too. "What took you so long?"

<Carol> "I had to wait until SHIELD went home..." She set Viper on her feet again and looked her over. She seemed okay. But it was cold in the cave. She used her powers to heat the air to a more comfortable temperature.

<Christopher> Chris stared at the fire not wanting to acknowledge that Carol was there. He still felt terrible about what he'd done. "Hey Carol."

<Carol> "Greer's gonna be so happy to know you're both okay. She's been freaking out." She gave Viper another hug because she'd totally been freaking out too. "And Jess and Cessily because I freaked out at them... don't be mad at me." She gave Viper an apologetic look.

<Viper> "I'm not mad at you..." Viper offered her a small smile, feeling much better with the increase in air temperature. She'd finally stopped shivering.

<Christopher> Chris frowned a little. He'd hoped Greer wouldn't find out. He kept quiet about that though, not telling people things got him in trouble.

<Carol> "I guess I should go and get something I can carry you both in...."

<Viper> "Something with walls and a roof if you can," Viper requested. She didn't want to lose all the heat she'd be storing up while Carol looked for that mysterious object.

<Christopher> Chris almost objected wanting to say he could make it home, but thought better of it. "Told ya we'd be okay Viper." Chris gave her a weak smile.

<Viper> Viper returned the smile, going to sit back beside him near the fire.

<Carol> Carol boosted the air temperature again before she turned to the exit. "I'll be as quick as I can."

<Christopher> Chris just went back to staring at the fire. He still didn't feel like he deserved to talk to her. "Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket Viper, you're pretty lucky hmm?"

<Viper> "I've always been told that..." she nodded, "But what would I need with a lottery ticket? Money is not a problem for me."

<Christopher> "It's a joke Viper." Chris rubbed her shoulder a little.

<Viper> "Oh..." she was still not very good at those. She leaned against him, "Are you okay?"

<Christopher> "Yeah I'm fine, almost indestructable remember?" Chris knew that was not what she meant but he wasn't going to admit he wanted to just go walk off into the snow.

<Viper> She frowned, "You didn't seem too pleased to see Carol, that's all..."

<Christopher> "I'd rather not discuss that right now..." Chris ran his hands through his hair.

<Viper> She frowned again and fell silent, watching the flames.

<Christopher> "Just me being me Viper... I just don't want to get into it in this situation." Chris gave her a hug to show her he appreciated the concern.

<Viper> "Okay..." she didn't know when they'd ever get a chance to discuss it after this but she decided not to bring that up again.

<Christopher> "Hey at least we're getting out of here now." Chris tried to fake being happy for her sake.

<Viper> She nodded, "I wonder where she's planning on taking us...."

<Christopher> "I'm sure she'll take requests, but you're welcome at my home if you want. I'm sure Greer would be happy to see the both of us." He gave her a gentle squeeze.

<Viper> "We'll see..." She glanced to the cave entrance as footsteps approached again.

<Christopher> "I still have to return the favor of you cooking me dinner." Chris smiled a little.

<Viper> "No you don't. You've suffered for that already," she gestured around them to indicate their situation.

<Carol> Carol stepped back into the cave, "Your carriage awaits."

<Christopher> "Pfft this wasn't suffering for me. I like camping, I'm crazy remember." He got up and offered Viper a hand. "I'll be out in a second, gonna tear this all down, and put out the fire."

<Carol> "Why? Just let the fire burn out and the weather'll cover up the rest." She put an arm around Viper when she reached her to protect her from the weather.

<Christopher> "Scouts, it's what we do." Chris went about breaking down the shelter and stomping out the fire.

<Carol> Carol shrugged and steered Viper outside to the car she'd acquired for their easy transport. She'd even helpfully turned the engine on and put the heaters on.

<Viper> Viper hurriedly climbed onto the back seat and under the pile of blankets Carol had put in there. Muuuuuuch better.

<Christopher> Chris finished up and drug his feet about leaving the cave and getting into the car with Viper. He was still basically avoiding Carol, not wanting to upset her.

<Carol> Both passengers inside, Carol carefully picked up the car - trying not to jostle them too much - and started to fly them back to civilisation, keeping at a relatively low altitude because they were cold enough already.

<Christopher> "Guess our impromptu camping trip is over." Chris tried to get comfortable in the car.

<Viper> "So it would seem. But there could have been a worse ending." She was happy with her pile of blankets. So very happy. Hey there was a flask... she opened it and was rewarded with the scent of coffee. "I think I love that woman." She poured herself a cup.

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "I wouldn't see why you wouldn't... She's pretty amazin." He ran his hands through his hair and sighed.

<Viper> She had a sip of her cup of coffee and made a sound of approval, settling back into her blanket pile. This was a nice way to travel. She should get Carol to carry her car everywhere.

<Christopher> "You're even cuter when you're happy." Chris reached back and rubbed her leg.

<Viper> "I'm sure everyone's cuter when they're not ornery," she leaned to look out of the window to see if she could work out where they were going.

<Christopher> "I don't know you and Greer look cute when mad too. Makes it hard to fight with her."

<Viper> "I think you're the only person who thinks I look cute when I'm angry.... but I suppose you've never seen me properly in a rage." She offered the flask of coffee - Carol had even supplied two cups.

<Christopher> "I'm fine." Chris just wanted to rest. "And I'm the only one that matters." He closed his eyes, a big smirk on his face.

<Viper> She prodded him with her foot, "Pfft. Ego." She poured herself some more coffee, if he didn't want any it was more for her.

<Christopher> "Mhmm. You know it's true." Chris caught her foot and removed her shoe so he could rub it for her.

<Viper> She set both her feet in his lap if he was going to do that. Coffee, warmth and a foot massage. This was a good rescue. She approved.

<Christopher> He just smirked and did the same with her other foot. "What would you ever do without me?"

<Viper> "I don't know," she offered a small smile. Well there went Boston.

<Christopher> Chris smiled back and kept rubbing her feet for her. "You're lucky you're cute." He grinned.

<Viper> Viper rolled her eyes at that but wore a smirk of amusement. The ground was closer on her next look out of the window. She could see the ocean so they were still near the coast...

<Christopher> Chris leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad we managed to survive this."

<Viper> "Me too." She reclaimed her feet and her shoes when the wheels hit the driveway outside a cabin. "I think we're here."

<Christopher> "Apparently so." Chris got out of the car once they landed and looked around, wondering where they were.

<Carol> "So... this is my family's cabin. They only come here in the summer so it's totally safe to be here and I already checked there's food. I hang out here sometimes so my brother keeps the fridge stocked up... Go on in." She offered a small smile.

<Viper> "Where are we?" Viper asked as she climbed out of the car with the flask of coffee.

<Carol> "Cape Cod... I can bring you somewhere else if you'd rather...." she looked between Viper and Chris but Viper was already starting for the door. Okay.

<Christopher> Chris just followed Viper to the door, his gaze focused on the ground in front of him.

<Carol> Carol collected all the blankets from the car and took the keys out of the ignition, heading for the door once the vehicle was all locked up. She dropped all the blankets onto the floor in the hall and closed the front door behind her. Well this was going to get really awkward whatever way she did it so she grabbed Chris before he found somewhere to hide and dragged him into the living room.

<Carol> Viper was already in the kitchen, she could hear her exploring the contents of the cupboards and hoped that meant she was going to cook. "We need to talk," she informed Chris once they were in the room.

<Christopher> "Alright." Chris chewed his lip. "Thanks for saving us..."

<Carol> "You're welcome," she smiled, "I'm glad you're okay... I guess I should call Greer and tell her I found you... or you could do that.... I didn't tell her you were missing... she told me...."

<Christopher> "I can do that, I just need a phone. Wait... how'd she know?"

<Carol> "Well... that we hit a Hydra base was all over everywhere by the time we got back and then Greer came to me freaking out about you being with Viper and it was a whole thing... much freaking out everywhere... most of it was me." She leaned to pick up the cordless phone from the table by the sofa and offered it to him.

<Christopher> "Shit... Yeah Viper uhmm was fixing me." He took the phone and showed off his fixed arm.

<Carol> "Yeah she said that... it worked. Cool." She smiled, "I'll go.... leave you to your call in private... and see if Viper's cooking because her cooking is awesome."

<Christopher> "Alright..." Chris dialed Greer's number as Carol walked out.

<Viper> Viper was indeed cooking and was so thrilled to have real food! There was already a pot cooking with something on the stove and now she was mixing ingredients for bread. There was also coffee.

<Carol> Carol looked around the kitchen, a grin on her face at the sight, "Are you sure you don't want to rest or something....?"

<Viper> Viper shook her head, "I'm fine... I may shower once I finish kneeding this. It'll need to rest for a while anyway."

<Carol> "Okay... I'll go get some towels and find you some clothes to wear... you okay with borrowing some of mine?"

<Viper> Viper nodded, "That'll be fine." She glanced over her shoulder and offered Carol a smile. "Thanks for coming to get us."

<Carol> "Oh you're welcome. There was no way I was leaving you guys out there...." she went over and gave Viper a hug and a kiss, "I'll get out of your way now... even though I love watching you cook. I'll come back."

<Christopher> Chris let Greer know he was safe and what exactly had happened. Mostly he just told her over and over how he loved her and was sorry.

<Carol> Carol came back down the stairs after sorting out towels and clothes and waited for Chris to hang up, "So... Viper's cooking and planning on showering... you can shower too if you want... but you'll have to borrow my brother's clothes... is that okay?"

<Christopher> "Alright thanks. I think I'll just uhmm wait for her to get done." Chris bit his lip.

<Carol> "Um... there's more than one bathroom... you can go now if you want... I'll show you where everything is...."

<Christopher> "Oh uhmm yeah okay." Chris frowned a little feeling beyond stupid. "Thanks."

<Carol> She gave him a small smile and headed back for the stairs, "This way..."

<Christopher> Chris followed her up the stairs. "Mhmm."

<Carol> Carol chewed her lip as she showed him along the hall, "Um... so... I spoke to Cess.... well Viper sorta brought her over as a surprise... and things are okay... how are you?"

<Christopher> "Truth? I've been better..." Chris ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah Viper's good at surprises."

<Carol> She paused and turned to look at him, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

<Christopher> "Kick my ass?" He gave her a weak laugh. "I'm sure Viper told you I fell off the wagon."

<Carol> She nodded, "Yeah she told me... and I nearly did too... so I can't judge.... actually she's the only reason I didn't... she kept confiscating my booze...."

<Christopher> "You don't have to... And you wouldn't have if I wasn't worthless." Chris couldn't look at her now.

<Carol> "You're not worthless.... you're just occasionally really dumb...."

<Christopher> "More often than not." He ran a shaky hand through his hair. "I'm sorry Carol."

<Carol> "It's okay.... I... overreacted I guess.... it just took me by surprise... and then you said you were leaving and it hit me a lot harder than I thought it would...." she closed the distance between them and pulled him into a hug.

<Christopher> "You're not supposed to hug me..." Chris bit his lip, trying to hold back tears. "You're supposed to beat me up and tell me what an ass I am. That I never think about anyone but myself."

<Carol> "But then I'd be lying and you know how I feel about doing that... now hug me back and stop beating yourself up." She gave him a small squeeze.

<Christopher> Chris hugged her back. "No you wouldn't."

<Carol> "But you don't only think about yourself... you're mad at yourself because you upset other people.... and you're beating yourself up more than I could... but I can punch you if it would make you feel better. Would it make you feel better?"

<Christopher> "Only if you think you can concuss me enough to make me not an ass." He sighed. "I... I missed you Carol."

<Carol> "But then you'd be no fun... I can't mock you if you're assless.... I missed you too..."

<Christopher> "I'm sorry Carol... I didn't mean to hurt you. Shit just didn't happen right. And I was stupid, so fucking stupid." Chris gave her a squeeze not wanting to let go.

<Carol> "It's okay, really... look you may as well know that when Viper brought Cess over we all kind of ended up in bed together so I really don't feel that crappy about it anymore...."

<Christopher> "It doesn't change what I did, and that I should have known it would have hurt you. I'm sorry... I'm an ass and I probably smell like one too right now." He sighed. "I'm sorry I almost pushed you off the wagon."

<Carol> "It's okay... I'm okay now... Everything's fine and your hand is better which is awesome.... maybe I should get Viper some really good scotch.... or schnapps...."

<Christopher> "Why do you owe her scotch or schnapps?" Chris gave her a puzzled look. "I'm the one she fixed."

<Carol> "Because she's awesome and she's downstairs making dinner and bread. The kitchen's going to smell amazing and we'll have real food.... plus the hand thing."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "You're a doofus." He finally looked her in the eyes, giving her a big smile.

<Carol> "It's part of my charm," she nodded sagely, smiling back. "And if you disagree I'll punch you."

<Christopher> "Promises promises." His smile got wider.

<Carol> "But you have to shower if I'm going to knock you into a wall in this house because they'll totally notice if you still smell."

<Christopher> "Unless you knock me through the shower." Chris stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "I think they might notice a giant hole in the wall too... now go shower while I watch Viper cooking. Have you seen her cook? It's awesome."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Make me." He let go of her to go to the shower. "Yes I've seen her cook. I'm not too bad myself you know."

<Carol> "You can only cook outside and it's too cold for that.... and she's baking bread. Did I mention she's baking bread? I didn't know people still knew how to do that.... well people that aren't my mother."

<Christopher> Chris just shook his head. "Gonna cream your panties just watching Viper cook?"

<Carol> "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" She laughed and headed back for the stairs.

<Christopher> "Nah I wouldn't get to watch." He went into the bathroom to strip and start showering.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Mon May 01, 2017 4:53 pm

<Christopher> Chris had made a little fire in the fire pit that Carol's family had out in the yard. It was warm enough for him to sit comfortably away from it. A small bundle of wood sat close by that he would lazily grab from to throw into the fire. He watched the fire dance trying to digest everything that had happened over the past few days, the only thing that would draw his eyes from the fire was his arm.

<Christopher> He had been staring at it, happy that it was back, but still wondering in the back of his mind when it would go back to its monstrous form.

<Carol> Carol had been to check on Viper asleep in her bed and then went to find where Chris had gone. She saw the fire and, after making coffee, headed outside to join him. "Hey..."

<Christopher> "Hey." Chris tossed another piece of wood in the fire. "Couldn't sleep?"

<Carol> "Too much coffee..." she held up the cup, "Want some?" She offered the second cup she'd brought out.

<Christopher> "Thanks." Chris gave her a weak smile and took the cup. He wasn't really thirsty but it was still nice.

<Carol> Carol flopped down into one of the chairs and leaned back to look at the sky. The clouds had blown over and the stars were finally visible for the first time in days. "So... you planning on sleeping out here or what? Pretty sure Joe won't mind you using his room..."

<Christopher> "Didn't really wanna sleep." Chris shrugged. "You might find a Chriscube out here in the morning if I slept out here though."

<Carol> "It's okay, I can defrost things pretty well," she offered him a smile and took a sip of coffee. "But if you want to sleep, the offer's there... or if you feel weird about it I can leave some stuff out on the sofa for you?"

<Christopher> "You don't have to worry about me, Carol." Chris gave her a smile. "Might stay out here and try to burn down the forest." He smirked a little.

<Carol> "Well good luck finding a forest... there's an ocean if you want to give that a shot? You know... take on a real challenge."

<Christopher> "Shouldn't be too hard, don't think I have the gear to do it though." Chris gave her a poke. "Stop trying to make me smile."

<Carol> "I'm not trying. I'm just naturally hilarious." She gave him a grin.

<Christopher> "Don't make me come over there, you know I can't take you." Chris stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "Oh see now you're just tempting me."

<Christopher> "You know I like to tempt you." He gave her a little smirk.

<Carol> "So why are you complaining about my hilariousness?"

<Christopher> "Cuz I can." He shrugged. "I'm just being difficult." Chris gave her another poke.

<Carol> "And after I saved your icecubed ass and everything," she shook her head, "Such gratitude...."

<Christopher> "I could have gotten out of there on my own." He poked her again. "But you know I appreciate it."

<Carol> "I don't know, there was some pretty gnarly mountains around there. I should know - I was flying over it a lot."

<Christopher> "Given enough time I can punch through a mountain." Chris gave her a little push.

<Carol> "And what was Viper supposed to do while you were punching mountains?"

<Christopher> "That's why I was stuck, was worried about keeping her alive. Couldn't have her freeze to death out there."

<Carol> "I know.... I was worried about her too.... I'm glad you're both okay..."

<Christopher> "Yeah... I might have had fun if I would have been alone. But I was scared about losing Viper. Almost thought I was going to. She was pinned to a tree... badly."

<Carol> "I saw the blood..." Carol looked down at her coffee. "She seems okay now though."

<Christopher> "Yeah, apparently she's pretty hard to kill." Chris sipped his coffee. "Wish I woulda had my gear with me. Woulda been more comfortable for her."

<Carol> "Well next time she lives in the mountains maybe she'll pack snowshoes on her helicopter."

<Christopher> "Or just kidnap me more to be her survival slave?" Chris joked.

<Carol> "I'm pretty sure she could handle herself if left to her own devices. She's over a hundred, she's lived through lots of crap... I reckon she just liked you looking after her."

<Christopher> "I liked it too. But hey who wouldn't want me doting on them?" Chris smirked. "Plus I'm good at the survival stuff, so win win."

<Carol> "Hey you're not the only one who likes the outdoorsy stuff," Carol reminded him, "I like it too... and I can fly. I totally win."

<Christopher> "You know I'd always love having you around Carol..." Chris poked around in the fire after that comment.

<Carol> "So why did you do the thing that made me not want to see you anymore....? And just dump on me with that you're leaving on the same day? Now things are all awkward...."

<Christopher> "I didn't plan on that happening... And I wasn't going to leave right away. Just figured you didn't want to see me again after that."

<Carol> "Well I didn't want to see you right then but you wouldn't leave..." she pointed out. "And I did want to see you again... that was why I was so damned upset... you're such an idiot."

<Christopher> "That has been said... a few times. Drinking again, smoking again..." Chris frowned, his hand cautiously moving to her leg. "I'm so sorry I did that to you, Carol."

<Carol> "It's okay... Like I said, the whole thing took me by surprise.... I didn't expect it to hurt so much." She covered his hand with hers, "Please try to stop drinking again, okay?"

<Christopher> "Greer won't let me. But the urge is stronger than it has been for a long time... Almost snuck out one night to a bar." Chris sighed.

<Carol> "Don't give in... is there anything I can do to help? Anything at all... except give you booze."

<Christopher> "Knowing you don't hate me helps." Chris took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

<Carol> "You can come to me if you need help with anything you know... I won't turn you away...."

<Christopher> "I don't know why not." Chris gave her a weak smile. "I don't deserve you ya know that right?"

<Carol> "Of course you do... we're friends first. Friends fight and then they forgive each other..."

<Christopher> "Could you get any more perfect?" Chris gave her hand a squeeze. "I missed you Carol. You're gonna have to come to the house every once in a while. Or I'll sic Thomas on you."

<Carol> "Pfft, I can take him."

<Christopher> "Probably. But I can make sure the guest room is always ready for you." He gave her a hopeful smile.

<Carol> "I think I need more time for that to be a thing.... but I'll think about it...."

<Christopher> "Whatever you need, Carol..." He knew it wasn't going to go back to how it was that easily. He would have to work for it. "I'm sorry I messed this all up."

<Carol> "It's okay... mistakes happen... and, on the bright side... I fixed things with Cess because of this so there's that."

<Christopher> "That's definitely good. I'm glad that worked out." He was a little jealous, but he knew he had no right to be.

<Carol> "I mean... we're not back together or anything... I doubt that'll ever happen and that's probably for the best... but we're friends again."

<Christopher> "I'm glad. I think I need to go apologize to her too..." Chris bit his lip and gently tugged on her hand, hoping she'd come over to him.

<Carol> "Apologise for what?" She took the hint and got up to join him in his seat.

<Christopher> Chris wrapped his arms around her. "I should have told her we were seeing each other..."

<Carol> "Well it probably didn't come up... it's fine, really." She rested against him, "She's fine, we're fine... it's all fine."

<Christopher> Chris rubbed her arm softly. "I really missed cuddling you."

<Carol> "Is it the boobs? I'd miss the boobs. They are huge."

<Christopher> "Your boobs are amazing. So is your ass. But no I just missed you all together." He gave her a squeeze.

<Carol> She giggled, "My ass is awesome," she nodded in agreement, "Am I really that missable?"

<Christopher> "Comepletely." Chris gave her a big smile. "I missed hugging you. And you kicking my ass from time to time."

<Carol> "I'm good at asskicking. It's my favourite." She snuggled against him, "I missed being hugged by you."

<Christopher> "You know you missed kicking my ass too." He cuddled her more. "Nothing better than cuddling a cutie by a campfire." Chris smiled.

<Carol> "Well I can think of one thing that would improve this a little bit...."

<Christopher> "Oh? Like what?" Chris tickled her a little.

<Carol> "Smores." She grinned and squirmed in his lap, "Shall I go and get supplies?"

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "But I don't want you to move." He pouted.

<Carol> "I'll come right back... in the mean time you can hold this." She offered him her coffee cup.

<Christopher> Chris rolled his eyes. "You're a doofus." He took her coffee.

<Carol> "It's pronounced 'genius'." She got up and went back inside.

<Christopher> "Doooooofus." Chris called back at her.

<Carol> Carol gathered the required items and a small table and brought them outside, setting everything on the table. "Better take that back or no marshmallows for you..."

<Christopher> "You'd deny me marshmallows after I just gave you precious cuddles?" He tried to steal the marshmallows when she got close enough.

<Carol> She yanked them back out of his reach, "You know I would!" she sing-songed.

<Christopher> "That's just mean." Chris pulled her back into his lap and tickled her. "Time for drastic measures."

<Carol> "Noooo!" she flailed, tossing the marshmallows away and trying to grab his hands to defend herself.

<Christopher> Chris watched the marshmallows land in the snow and laughed as he kept tickling her. "Looks like you lost the marshmallows!"

<Carol> "I didn't lose them! I evacuated them to a safe distance!"

<Christopher> "Only safe until I get to them." He went for all her weak spots. "And I will get them!" Chris gave his best evil laugh he could.

<Carol> "Nu-uh!" She squirmed and tried to tickle back.

<Christopher> Chris just grinned as he tickled her. "Oh but I will. And there's nothing you can do about it, Carol."

<Carol> "Can too. I'm stronger than you." Her flailing rolled them off the chair.

<Christopher> "How well can you really fight when you're being tickled to death hmm?" He didn't even attempt to pin her, knowing she could break it.

<Carol> "You'll have to stop tickling me to pick them up and then I'll have the upper hand," she managed to get out through her giggles. "I can wait. I swear."

<Christopher> "I have two hands." Chris proceeded to tickle her with one hand while trying to get the marshmallows with the other.

<Carol> Carol caught the wrist of the hand he was using to tickle her and held it away from her then rolled them over to pin him. "I win."

<Christopher> Chris had the marshmallows in his other hand and held them as far away from her as he could. "You sure?"

<Carol> "Oh I'm sure." She wrapped her legs around him and shifted up his body grabbing the bag of marshmallows.

<Christopher> "You are so cheating." He tossed the marshmallows further away so he could atempt to tickle her with his free hand.

<Carol> "I'm not cheating! You're cheating by tickling me!" she protested.

<Christopher> "Nope that's just leveling the playing field." Chris smirked and managed to get his other hand away from her to give her a full force tickle attack.

<Carol> "No it's not!" she shrieked, trying to defend herself again, "Don't make me throw you into the ocean!"

<Christopher> Chris just stared at her. "You wouldn't..."

<Carol> "You want to test me?" She raised an eyebrow at him in challenge.

<Christopher> Chris pouted a little. "That's just mean." He poked her side. "I guess you win."

<Carol> "Woo!" She threw her hands up in a cheer, "You gonna take it back now?"

<Christopher> "Nope you're still a doofus." Chris pushed her over so he could at least attempt to pin her. "Doofus forever." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "Says you. You're in no position to judge." She laughed, not bothering to defend herself from the shove, "If you don't think my smores are a good idea then you don't get to eat them."

<Christopher> "I never said they were a bad idea." Chris rolled off her to lay next to her, before he did anything stupid.

<Carol> "You called me a doofus for suggesting them. It's implied." She turned her head to look at him and poked her tongue out at him.

<Christopher> "Don't stick that out at me." He poked her tongue. "Fine you're a cute doofus, better?" Chris laughed a little.

<Carol> She shook her head, "Nope. Still no smores for you."

<Christopher> "Damn..." He sighed. "I guuueess I'll have to say you're not a doofus so I can get a smore."

<Carol> "Yes you will... but you have to say it with enough sincerity that I believe you."

<Christopher> "Hmm and if I can't?" He poked her again.

<Carol> "I guess you'll have to just keep trying harder."

<Christopher> "How must I convince you, Carol?" He rolled onto his side so he could look at her.

<Carol> "If I give you all the answers then how are you going to learn?"

<Christopher> "By example." Chris pointed out and stuck his tongue out at her. "You shoulda seen that coming."

<Carol> "Oh let's be honest - no one should follow my example..." she giggled.

<Christopher> "Only sometimes." He tossed a little bit of snow at her.

<Carol> She laughed, retailiating with a handful of snow herself.

<Christopher> "Ack!" Chris tried to roll back over her and pin her arms down so she couldn't assault him with snow.

<Carol> "You started it," she reminded him, letting him think he'd pinned her.

<Christopher> Chris shook a little, letting the snow on him rain down on her. "Maybe."

<Carol> "Gah!" she turned her head to try and avoid getting the snow in her face. "You did!"

<Christopher> "I want to see your proof of this." He grinned down at her and moved his hands off hers so he was just holding himself above her.

<Carol> "You threw the snow first. I don't need proof - we were both there." She reached up slowly and prodded the end of his nose.

<Christopher> Chris acted like he was going to bite her finger. "Maybe I don't believe you." He smirked.

<Carol> "How am I supposed to prove it? We're not being filmed..." she pulled her finger away then poked him again.

<Christopher> "Well I guess if you can't we'll just have to say I didn't do it, cuz you can't prove it." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "That's not how this works...." she shook her head, letting her hand fall back to the snowy ground.

<Christopher> "Innocent until proven guilty missy." He smiled and wondered if he should get off her now.

<Carol> "You're so taking a dip in the ocean."

<Christopher> "Save me then kill me? I see your methods now." He got up slowly, he didn't want to make this awkward.

<Carol> "It wouldn't kill you..." She tried to cover her disappointment that he'd moved.

<Christopher> "You sure? Maybe ice water is my only weakness?" He poked her stomach.

<Carol> She laughed, "Then you picked the wrong career to study for."

<Christopher> "Hence the changing to being a teacher and an artist." Chris didn't move far, sitting on his knees looking down at her.

<Carol> She propped herself up on her elbows, lifting her head from the snow. She could feel it melting on her skin. "And now you're a SHIELD agent."

<Christopher> "Yeah cuz someone decided she would never call or visit. I had to get close to you somehow didn't I?" He gave her a suggestive grin.

<Carol> She blinked, unable to tell if he was kidding or being serious.

<Christopher> Chris bit his lip and stood up at her reaction. "Uhmm sorry... wasn't trying to uhmm... yeah."

<Carol> "Woah hey...." she sat up properly and reached for his hand, "Was that....? Did you join SHIELD just to track me down?"

<Christopher> "No it was a joke." He sighed. "I mean I missed you, don't get me wrong. But I had my own reasons, Carol... you know that." Now he just felt depressed again.

<Carol> "Okay..." she kept her hold on his hand light, "But what made you say that?"

<Christopher> Chris blushed. "I was uhmm... being suggestive. Just stupid flirting. I'm sorry."

<Carol> "It's okay..." she tugged his hand, wanting him to sit down again.

<Christopher> Chris chewed his lip a little and sat down with her. "The fire's gonna end up going out if we keep ignoring it." He tried to change the subject.

<Carol> "That's okay. I can light it again no problem... we don't even need the fire to make smores."

<Christopher> "Everything's better cooked over a campfire." Chris gave her a little smile.

<Carol> "It's the only way I can cook anything because you're supposed to burn it."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Not everything."

<Carol> "Everything I cook is supposed to be burned and there's no one going to tell me otherwise."

<Christopher> "Whatever you say Carol." Chris didn't even argue.

<Carol> "Damn straight." She grinned. "Wanna set fire to some marshmallows?"

<Christopher> "Uhmm yeah sure." Chris felt all awkward and stupid now, but he was going to try and ignore it.

<Carol> She got up and went to retrieve the bag from where he'd thrown it and plonked herself back down in her seat. Picking up her coffee cup, she rewarmed the liquid inside and had a sip before she opened the bag of flammable sugar and extracted one to stick on the end of a skewer.

<Christopher> Chris joined her and just ignored his coffee. He grabbed a few pieces of wood and put them in the fire without a word.

<Carol> She offered him the marshmallows after stuffing two in her mouth.

<Christopher> Chris smiled and took the marshmallows and got a few on the skewer to cook. "See you just keep proving my point of doofusness."

<Carol> "Why? Because I like junk food? That's a stupid reason." She waited til her skewered marshmallow caught fire then blew it out and crushed it between two crackers. Mmmmmm.

<Christopher> "Nope, cuz you look like a chipmunk when you stuff your face." He poked her before putting his marshmallows over the fire to roast.

<Carol> "That's half the fun! Have you never tried to see how many you can get in there?"

<Christopher> "I've played chubby bunny yes." He rolled his eyes with a big smile on his lips. "Gonna have to teach Thomas how to play soon. He wants to go camping."

<Carol> "Really? That's awesome!" She grinned, "He's gonna have so much fun!"

<Christopher> "I know. I can't wait to take him out." He pulled his marshmallows away from the fire and made a smore to eat.

<Carol> "You gonna let him hunt like he's supposed to?"

<Christopher> Chris just shrugged. "I don't know I didn't think about the whole tiger thing. I guess?"

<Carol> "It'd be good for him to learn... you know, in that kind of environment instead of instinct taking over somewhere else... safer that way. Maybe ask Greer about it."

<Christopher> "Yeah, good idea, Carol." Chris gave her one of his smores. "Cute and smart huh?"

<Carol> "I have mad skills," she took the offering with a nod.

<Christopher> "The maddest." He teased her. "If only you could figure out not burning water." Chris blew a little raspberry.

<Carol> "Noooo see it works for me this way. No one expects me to cook."

<Christopher> "Oh now I'm just gonna make you cook something just to see you do it." He smirked.

<Carol> "You don't want to put yourself through that. Trust me."

<Christopher> "Maybe I'll be the one who finally teaches you how to cook something edible." Chris gave her a little poke.

<Carol> "I can cook popcorn.... mostly...." only about 10% of it got burned in the microwave.

<Christopher> "Popcorn so doesn't count unless you go old-school and make it on the stove top."

<Carol> "Damn." She helped herself to more marshmallows. Screw toasting them. She stuffed a handful in her mouth.

<Christopher> Chris just laughed a little. "Why do you have to be so cute?" He poked her puffed out cheek.

<Carol> She thought about answering that question but remembered her mouth was full so she merely shrugged.

<Christopher> "Man I should tease and prod you more often when your mouth is full. You're so much more compliant." He laughed.

<Carol> She swallowed enough to poke her tongue out at him.

<Christopher> "Don't stick that thing out at me unless you're gonna use it. Or maybe I'll snip it off."

<Carol> "I'd like to see you try!" She laughed.

<Christopher> Chris grinned. "I'm sure you would missy."

<Carol> "But if you don't want to try then instructions on how you want me to use my tongue would be good."

<Christopher> "That has got to be the easiest sentence to turn into a sexual comment you have ever said to me..." He just stared at her a little dumbfounded.

<Carol> She offered a grin, "I knooooow."

<Christopher> Chris just blushed bright red. "You are terrible..." He bit his lip. "And you know what I like."

<Carol> "I do but you're the one complaining that I stuck it out in the first place so I think if you want me to use it you should tell me how."

<Christopher> "You're too far away for it." Chris bit his lip, almost completely sure she was just teasing him.

<Carol> "Too far for what?" She raised an eyebrow, challenging him to spell it out.

<Christopher> "I'm starting to think you're Viper in a really really good disguise..." Chris popped a marshmallow in his mouth.

<Carol> "I'm starting to think you're not serious," She smirked and tossed a marshmallow at his head.

<Christopher> "I'm starting to think you are." He let the marshmallow bounce off his head. "Well... uhmm there's a lot of options." Chris was a little nervous about this.

<Carol> "So pick one." It really was that simple.

<Christopher> "Why don't you get over here and I'll show you."

<Carol> Carol left her seat and climbed into his lap, sitting astride him and resting her arms on his shoulders.

<Christopher> Chris slowly moved his hand up into her hair, threading his fingers through it. There was a little part of him telling him he was going to be sorry for doing this but he just ignored it. He moved his head up to hers until their lips met, his tongue pressing against her lips hoping she would give him access.

<Carol> She sucked in a breath in surprise but returned the kiss, parting her lips for his tongue as she shifted in his lap to be closer to him.

<Christopher> Chris let his tongue play with hers slowly. His hands moving to her waist to hold her against him. "That what you wanted to know?"

<Carol> "I was wondering if you were going to be a little more adventurous but I guess that'll do..." She smiled, resting her head against his hand in her hair.

<Christopher> "I'm sure we could think of more." Chris pressed his lips to hers again kissing her slowly at first.

<Carol> She returned the kiss again, tightening her hold on him with her arms and pushing her fingers into his hair.

<Christopher> Chris gave her a little nip ending the kiss. "I missed your lips."

<Carol> "You did, huh?" She cocked her head on one side, studying his face.

<Christopher> "I did." Chris kissed at her neck softly.

<Carol> She shifted to expose more of her neck to him and closed her eyes, "I missed you... I was worried I wouldn't see you again."

<Christopher> "I'm sorry Carol." Chris nuzzled her neck, his arms wrapping around her body to hold her close.

<Carol> She returned the hug, pressing her face into his neck. "I thought I did something... that it was my fault you wanted to leave and everything... it came out of nowhere."

<Christopher> "It wasn't your fault, Carol. I didn't want to leave you. I was going to talk to you first. But then I was stupid..." Chris kissed across her ear slowly.

<Carol> "I wish you hadn't told me about Cess... you didn't need to tell me about her... all of that could have been avoided..."

<Christopher> "I'm sorry." Chris frowned and laid his head down on her shoulder. "I never wanted to hurt you."

<Carol> "That's why I don't understand why you told me... didn't you think that would be a stupid idea? That hurt so much... and then to find out you were leaving was just... it was way too much to deal with all at once. I wish you'd spoken to me before you requested a transfer... that's just.... it's polite, you know? If nothing else I was your c/o."

<Christopher> "There's nothing I can say, Carol." Chris squeezed her. "I fucked up something bad... I wanted to talk to you about it, tell you it wasn't you. That it was just me trying to spend more time with my family."

<Carol> "Then why didn't you say that, dumbass?" She prodded him in the back of his shoulder.

<Christopher> "Cuz I'm a dumbass... I thought after telling you what happened you'd never want to see me again... That I'd burned that bridge with napalm."

<Carol> "Well I won't pretend that I didn't want to hurt you for several days after that... but only because you hurt me. A lot. And there was just no need to tell me that... I meant what I said... you're both adults and you're not obligated to me in any way whatsoever... so who you sleep with, former girlfriend or not.... it's none of my business."

<Christopher> "You're my friend, Carol... I couldn't lie to you." Chris pulled back a little. "You're not just someone I sleep with. I care about you a lot."

<Carol> "But I'd rather not know, Chris... I'm not your partner... we don't have that deal.... I don't want to know who else you're sleeping with..."

<Christopher> "I'm sorry, Carol." Chris touched her cheek gently.

<Carol> She tilted her head toward his hand, "Just.... never do that again, okay? Never hurt me like that again..."

<Christopher> "I won't. I promise." Chris gave her a soft kiss, hoping she'd accept it.

<Carol> "You better not..." she wasn't in the habit of giving people multiple chances.

<Christopher> "I won't." Chris moved his arms around her waist again.

<Carol> She hugged him again and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "What do you want to do about this thing between us now?"

<Christopher> "What do you mean?" Chris frowned a little.

<Carol> "Well... you've moved to a different base... and I'm busy a lot... I'm worried we're going to lose touch all over again...."

<Christopher> He hadn't even thought of that. "I don't want to lose you, Carol." Chris kissed her hand softly.

<Carol> "So what are we going to do to stop that happening? And what is this even?" She gestured between them.

<Christopher> "What do you want it to be?" Chris leaned all the way back in the chair looking up at her. "And I don't know, but I think we could probably think of something..."

<Carol> "I don't know, Chris... it's not really up to me, is it? You're the one that has all the complicated stuff...."

<Christopher> "I know, Carol. I'd need to talk to Greer. But I have to know what I'm going to her with." Chris gave her a little kiss. "Smile Carol, you have a beautiful one."

<Carol> "Well... I don't know what to tell you... I don't know what I want...." the corner of her mouth lifted a little with the ghost of a smile.

<Christopher> "That smile says otherwise." Chris kissed her throat gently. "Use your words Carol. You're a big girl." He grinned.

<Carol> "Well... right now.... I'm not thinking clearly so I can't be trusted...."

<Christopher> "Why don't you tell me." Chris gave her hips a gentle squeeze as he kissed up to her jaw.

<Carol> "And what am I supposed to be telling you exactly?"

<Christopher> "Anything you want." Chris gave her cheek a soft kiss. "Carol, I want you to be happy, and yes whatever it is we decide I have to talk to Greer about. But I'm not leaving you." He smiled.

<Carol> She sighed, pushing a hand through her hair, "Chris... I don't know.... I don't know what my options are....."

<Christopher> "Well there's just sex, friends with benefits, and depending on what Greer thinks, girlfriend. Unless you can think of something other than those for me to think about." He gave her a soft kiss. "But I have to know what you want me to take to her."

<Carol> "Well I was under the impression that we were already on the second one... before everything went to hell anyway...."

<Christopher> "That's why I was asking." Chris pressed his forehead to hers.

<Carol> "And I'm telling you I don't know... what do you want, Chris? And don't make it about me..."

<Christopher> Chris poked her side. "I wouldn't mind more than just sex and ass kicking. But if we want more than just friends with benefits we need to talk to Greer.... And figure out how to see each other more often."

<Carol> "But... if I'm your girlfriend... what about Viper?"

<Christopher> "Viper wants me to end it with her... But I don't want to. She thinks it's too dangerous."

<Carol> "She's right... it is... I'm not going to end it with her.... I need her....." she looked away across the garden.

<Christopher> "I wouldn't want you to. And I know. The whole SHIELD and Hydra both coming after me thing. I trust her completely though. Especially after the past few days."

<Carol> "It's not Hydra I'm worried about so much as SHIELD.... what happened the other day.... God... I was so afraid...."

<Christopher> "I know... I felt so helpless. I couldn't do anything to protect her and she wound up with a piece of helicopter jutting out of her."

<Carol> "At least you knew she was alive. I didn't even have that to go on. I couldn't believe it when that teleporter showed up and shot you guys down...."

<Christopher> "I can't imagine how you felt, Carol. I'm sorry. If it helps, I'm pretty sure she would have survived without me though." He rubbed her back slowly.

<Carol> "Yeah... she's pretty awesome..." she smiled.

<Christopher> "She is. I was mostly just keeping her comfortable as best I could." Chris pulled Carol down into a kiss.

<Carol> She was surprised by the suddenness of the kiss but returned it with enthusiasm.

<Christopher> Chris let the kiss go on for a few moments before he broke it. "You're pretty awesome yourself."

<Carol> "I know I'm awesome...." she reminded him, "But thanks for the compliment."

<Christopher> "And not vain at all." He pressed his lips to hers again this time just for a short kiss. "Thank you, for saving us."

<Carol> "There was no way I was going to leave you out there." She shook her head, "I was freaking out... I'm just sorry I couldn't get there sooner."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "I'm not the one you have to make it up to. I love survival camping." Chris kissed her nose.

<Carol> "I'll make it up to her. She's asleep in my bed right now."

<Christopher> "Good, she deserves some good sleep." Chris rubbed Carol's legs softly. "I can't believe she fixed my arm."

<Carol> "She's a genius. An awesome genius." She smiled, her eyes tracking up to the window her bedroom lay beyond.

<Christopher> "I wouldn't be put out if you want to go to bed, Carol." Chris gave her a warm smile.

<Carol> She was a little surprised by the statement and shook her head, "I'm not sleeping in there tonight."

<Christopher> Chris gave her a confused look. "Where are you sleeping?"

<Carol> "Chris there are four bedrooms here... I'll be fine."

<Christopher> "Alright. I'm sure Viper wouldn't mind the company though. I know I wouldn't." Chris grinned but the sentiment was genuine.

<Carol> "She's already asleep... I looked in on her before I came down... Think it's better to let her sleep tonight...."

<Christopher> "Alright, Carol. I just didn't want to keep you up." He put his forehead against hers, a big smile on his face.

<Carol> "You're not, I promise." She smiled back, "Do you... want to go inside?"

<Christopher> "I like being outside. Love campfires." He ran a hand through her hair slowly. "We never came to a decision."

<Carol> "Need more time...." she sighed, "We can light a fire inside too you know - there's a chimney."

<Christopher> "Alright. I can wait." He gave her a soft kiss. "We can go in if you want."

<Carol> "You should get some sleep too, you know...."

<Christopher> "I'm fine, Carol. You don't have to worry about me." He didn't want her to move from his lap but if she wanted to go in he would too. "Come on, let's go in, beautiful."

<Carol> "Okay..." she picked up the marshmallows and crackers then slid out of his lap to go back indoors.

<Christopher> "Did you want to stay?" Chris grabbed a few things too.

<Carol> She shook her head and offered a small smile, "It's fine."

<Christopher> "Alright." He followed her inside. "Did you still want to make a fire inside?"

<Carol> "Sure." She dropped off the food in the kitchen then went to the living room, kneeling down by the fireplace to do that. "I hang out here sometimes... did you know that?"

<Christopher> "No I didn't. I can see why though. It's nice." Chris found a comfortable spot to sit and watched her make the fire.

<Carol> "Have some good memories here..." she got the fire going and straightened up, sliding the guard back over. "I helped build the place..."

<Christopher> "Yeah? Didn't know you had a handy side to you." Chris rubbed a spot by him hoping she would cuddle with him.

<Carol> She nodded, "Well... dad runs a construction company... but he started at the bottom... we all worked on this place together.... except mom... she supervised." She stuffed her hands into her pockets and looked around for something to distract herself, "Do you want anything to eat? Coffee?"

<Christopher> "I'm fine, Carol. Are you okay?" He frowned.

<Carol> "I'm okay... are you sure you don't want anything?"

<Christopher> "I'm fine, promise." Chris bit his lip.

<Carol> "Okay... Um... so.... for when you do go to bed... do you want to sleep down here or use my brother's room?"

<Christopher> "I wouldn't mind a bed. Especially after the cave. Sleeping on a cave floor really sucked."

<Carol> "I'll show you which one it is when one of us goes up to sleep... whoever it is first."

<Christopher> "We can go now if you don't want to stay up, Carol..." Chris didn't know what he did but now he felt terrible again.

<Carol> "No, it's fine.... I just don't want you to feel obligated to stay up...."

<Christopher> "I was planning on staying up all night out there..." He shrugged. "I like watching the fire."

<Carol> "But you should sleep... take advantage of the bed... no one knows we're here. It's totally safe."

<Christopher> "And if I said make me?" He stuck his tongue out at her. He was trying to make her smile.

<Carol> "I would say... if you're going to be dirty we're so not going upstairs."

<Christopher> "Oh?" He smirked. "Maybe I'm not ready for bed then."

<Carol> "Oh yeah? And are you planning on being dirty all by yourself?"

<Christopher> "Well I can be. But I prefer company."

<Carol> "What if your company needs persuading? You gonna put the effort in?"

<Christopher> "Well I think she should know by now that she would enjoy every second of it." Chris chewed his lip a little. "And that I would really want her to join, badly."

<Carol> "Are you going to make her go all the way over there?"

<Christopher> "Mmm I guess I could go to her." Chris got up and moved over to her. He put his arms around her. "So what does she think?"

<Carol> "She thinks she'd like you to make all the moves." She stepped close to him, her fingers tracing the waistband of his pants.

<Christopher> "That can easily be arranged." Chris kissed at her neck slowly. His fingers starting to fiddle with her shirt.

<Carol> She tilted her head to expose more of her neck to him and closed her eyes, slowly unbuckling his belt.

<Christopher> "I think she has too many clothes on." Chris pushed her shirt up slowly still kissing at her neck until he had to move to take her shirt off.

<Carol> "Then you better do something about that, huh?" She lifted her arms to help him remove her shirt then worked on unbuttoning his pants. "

<Christopher> "Oh I planned on it." Chris grinned and pulled her into another kiss. He skipped her bra and went straight for her pants. He loved seeing her in the sexy lingerie she liked to wear.

[Time Passes]

<Christopher> Chris gave her a few more soft kisses before he laid his head down. "Mmm that was amazing." He moved a hand to play with her hair as well.

<Carol> "It was fun," she reached up and grabbed another blanket to pull over them. "Totally worth the laundry."

<Christopher> "I can help with that." Chris wrapped his arms around her and gave her a soft kiss.

<Carol> She cuddled against him, "No, it's okay... you're a guest here."

<Christopher> "Okay." He wasn't going to argue with her, he just wanted to enjoy the moment. Chris rubbed her back gently.

<Carol> "Damn straight," she grinned against his chest.

<Christopher> Chris let his fingers trail up and down her spine slowly. "You're lucky you're cute." He smirked down at her.

<Carol> "And that I can kick your ass..." she nodded sagely.

<Christopher> "Oh that's low." He smirked and poked her.

<Carol> "It's true though," she laughed, snuggling into him again and pressing a kiss to his shoulder.

<Christopher> "Mmm I guess. I think if I gave you a good enough puppy dog face you wouldn't." He ran a hand through her hair slowly.

<Carol> "I doubt it," she giggled, "But you can try."

<Christopher> "Maybe later. Too comfortable right now." He kissed her forehead softly.

<Carol> "Mmhmm, me too. Definitely wouldn't forgive you if you made me move, puppy face or not." She closed her eyes and sighed contentedly.

<Christopher> "Don't even think about it." Chris gave her a little squeeze and yawned. "Ooops."

<Carol> "Huh? Ooops what?" she nuzzled him, her eyes still closed.

<Christopher> "I yawned." He laid his head against hers and gave it another soft kiss. "Didn't want to infect you with the yawns."

<Carol> "It's okay, I think I'm tired enough to do that all on my own anyway...."

<Christopher> "Cuddling's making me get sleepy too." Chris let another long yawn go before he snuggled against her, getting comfortable.

<Carol> "Hmm...." she shifted a little, "Do you want to go up to bed?"

<Christopher> "We'd have to move." Chris protested a little and frowned when she shifted.

<Carol> "You wanna just sleep here? I don't mind sleeping on the floor... but I figured you'd want a bed..."

<Christopher> "I guess we could go to bed." Chris stretched a little. "It'd be more comfortable."

<Carol> "Well it's up to you... I can sleep anywhere." She shifted to look at him and offered a sleepy smile.

<Christopher> "Come on cutie. Let's get more comfortable." Chris gave her a little kiss before he started to get up.

<Carol> She grumbled a little at having to move now but sat up and pushed a hand through her hair, grabbing up her clothes.

<Christopher> Chris helped her get up and gather up the clothes. "You look pretty sexy barely dressed." He smirked and gave her a kiss.

<Carol> She laughed a little and started for the stairs after putting her arms through the sleves of her shirt. "Come on, I'll show you where Joe's room is..."

<Christopher> Chris gave her butt a playful swat as he followed behind her. "Take your time." He gave her a lewd grin.

<Carol> She smirked over her shoulder at him, walking a short way down the hall to one of the doors and opening it, "Here you are."

<Christopher> "I'm guessing I'm sleeping solo?" Chris frowned a little.

<Carol> "Yeah... it'd be weird otherwise... that's my little brother's bed...." She gave him a slightly awkward half smile.

<Christopher> "Damn... Alright babe. I'll see you in the morning?" Chris kissed her softly.

<Carol> She nodded, "Sure." She pulled him into a hug then turned to continue along the hall.

<Christopher> "Mmm could you walk slower?" Chris grinned.

<Carol> "Goodnight Chris...." she smirked over her shoulder and shook her head as she rounded the corner.

<Christopher> "Night Carol." Chris laughed a little and went to bed.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Mon May 01, 2017 4:59 pm

<Carol> Carol sat at the small table in the kitchen watching Viper move about preparing breakfast. She was making waffles and Carol was looking forward to eating them as she sipped a cup of coffee Viper had also provided. She could definitely get used to this.

<Christopher> The only thing that could pull Chris out of sleep quicker than his alarm was the smell of good food. He hadn't really woken up yet though so he stumbled his way towards the good smell, half awake and half naked.

<Carol> Carol looked over to the door at the sound of feet, "Hey! Did you sleep okay...?" she raised an eyebrow, "You need coffee." She got up to get him some.

<Christopher> Chris just groaned a little in agreement and sat at the table. He laid his head down on the cool surface and all but went back to sleep.

<Carol> She poured him a cup of coffee and set it down near his head, "Drink up."

<Viper> Viper took a plate out of the oven where it had been to keep the contents warm and carried it to the table. "Breakfast is served."

<Christopher> "Mmm sweet nectar of life." Chris gave Carol a warm smile. "Mornin girls." A big cheesy smile was all they got past that before he sipped at his coffee.

<Viper> Viper fetched her own cup of coffee and sat down at the table with them to make a start on the waffles before Carol ate them all. "Carol and I were just discussing what to do next."

<Christopher> "Sleep more?" Chris licked his lips, breakfast looked so good.

<Carol> "After that," Carol laughed a little, "Do you want to go home or what?"

<Christopher> "I think Greer and my son are expecting me. Though if I'm being kidnapped I couldn't pick sexier kidnappers."

<Carol> "You're not being kidnapped. I can take you home when you want to leave no problem."

<Christopher> "I miss the both of you. But I think I should go home soon. I'm sure Greer is still worried even though she knows I'm safe."

<Carol> "It's fine," she offered a smile. "You should spend some time with them and then go back to work because Viper can't hack SHIELD right now."

<Christopher> "Yeah. Greer'll be happy to see you too when you drop me off."

<Carol> "Eh, I doubt it... this was kind of my fault..." She shrugged a shoulder.

<Christopher> "You know she loves you. You'll be lucky if you don't get kisses for bringing me home."

<Viper> "I will wait in the car, I think," Viper paused in her eating to take a sip of her coffee.

<Christopher> "You don't have to..." Chris frowned a little. Why's everyone so afraid of Greer?

<Viper> "I have had enough excitement for one week," Viper replied.

<Christopher> "Alright Viper." Chris stuffed his face so he didn't have to talk.

<Viper> Viper frowned at his tone of voice wondering what she'd done wrong now.

<Carol> "Viper's decided to take some time off for a little while..." Carol offered, "I said she could stay here if she wanted..."

<Christopher> "Sounds like a good plan. Sure it won't cause you any trouble?" He played with his food a little.

<Carol> "My family only come here in the summer - I said this yesterday. Joe might come by but he doesn't ask a lot of questions he just brings food."

<Christopher> "I meant for Viper." Chris finished off his waffles.

<Viper> Viper shook her head, "Why should it?"

<Christopher> "Dunno, just worried about you I guess." He shrugged.

<Viper> "There is nothing to be worried about. Carol will be here."

<Carol> Carol nodded because her mouth was full.

<Christopher> "Alright. Alright. I trust you two you know that... I just worry about shit."

<Carol> "Well what do you think could go wrong here?" Carol was confused by his concern.

<Christopher> "Dunno Carol. Hydra shows up looking for Viper? SHIELD shows up looking for you." He sighed. "I just don't want anything to happen to either of you. But it's okay I'm just worrying for no reason."

<Carol> "Why would SHIELD come here looking for me? I'm totally owed some of that leave I never take and this isn't registered as my address... plus I'm indestructible so...." she shrugged a shoulder.

<Viper> Viper raised an eyebrow, "Hydra has no reason to come here looking for me either. What on Earth would make them think I was here of all places?"

<Christopher> Chris sighed. "Just forget it... I told ya worrying for no reason."

<Viper> "Yes, you are." Viper agreed.

<Christopher> Chris just rolled his eyes and went back to attempting to enjoy his coffee.

<Carol> Carol looked between them, "Chris... you know you're being stupid and worrying for nothing so why ask? What's really wrong?"

<Christopher> "That's all it was... past few days just got to me. Sorry." Chris stared at his coffee.

<Viper> Viper frowned at her plate and poked at her waffles. "I don't like goodbyes."

<Christopher> "Neither do I... I'm not good at them. Usually botch them pretty bad. Like now."

<Carol> Carol decided to translate for Chris, "I think that's why she wants to stay in the car."

<Christopher> "It's alright. Just gonna miss ya both." He ran his now good hand through his hair, an old nervous tick coming back now that he wouldn't cut himself doing it.

<Carol> "Well you know where to find me if you want to see me."

<Christopher> "I know." He went back to drinking his coffee, still trying to avoid the subject.

<Viper> "Perhaps you should have considered your feelings on our presence in your life before you decided to move out of our easy reach." Carol was holding her tongue on the subject but Viper was loathe to allow Chris to make them feel bad for his own decisions.

<Christopher> "I'm sorry, Viper... You too Carol. I didn't want to leave either of you." Chris stared at the mug, wishing it had alcohol in it. He felt more than terrible again. "I... my family needed me... I want to be there for my son."

<Viper> "Then be there for him instead of dwelling on your own desires."

<Christopher> Chris just stopped talking. He sipped at his coffee. "Yeah..."

<Viper> "We will be fine," Viper continued, "People I have grown close to have left my life before. I'm sure I can survive."

<Christopher> He didn't want to leave them, either of them, but it seemed to him this is what she wanted. "I'll just go get ready then..." Chris just got up and went to get cleaned up and get his clothes.

<Carol> "But you didn't finish your waffles...." Carol frowned at him as he headed for the door.

<Christopher> Chris didn't turn back, he wasn't going to break down in front of them. He wasn't supposed to get feelings for the girls he slept with anyways, Greer was the woman he loved. He couldn't fool himself though. He had developed feelings for the both of them and it hurt worse than a knife to hear Viper would just move on easily.

<Viper> "Was I too hard on him?"

<Carol> "For you? No..." Carol chewed her lip, "Do you want to go after him or shall I?"

<Viper> "I think I should. You may as well finish the waffles." Viper pushed her chair out and got to her feet.

<Carol> "Okay... more waffles for me." She gave Viper a small smile.

<Christopher> Chris was already in Joe's room gathering up his clothes so he could go take a shower. He really wanted a drink, or a smoke, but he had neither, so a cold shower would have to do.

<Viper> Viper knocked on the door, "Chris?"

<Christopher> "Just gonna go jump in the shower while y'all finish breakfast." Chris didn't turn to acknowledge her, just folded up his clothes neatly.

<Viper> "But you weren't finished breakfast... what's the rush?" She leaned against the doorframe.

<Christopher> "No rush, just not that hungry." Chris lied, he was, just didn't want to eat anymore.

<Viper> "If you're sure..." She watched him for a moment, "Chris... you made a decision... you have to stand by it. You know that, don't you?"

<Christopher> "The only decision I made was to move back in with my family... Carol was me being stupid. I figured you'd want nothing to do with me after I hurt her. I never wanted to leave either of you." It was obvious to him that she did.

<Viper> "And I wish you didn't have to... but that's just the way it needs to be for now. Focus on your family... It's important."

<Christopher> "Yeah... that's the plan." Chris picked up his clothes and headed towards the shower. He was hurt and he wanted the conversation to end.

<Viper> She sighed, not sure whether to follow him or not. "I didn't want it to end like this.... I wish it didn't have to at all, you know..." she turned back for the stairs.

<Christopher> "You're not making that very convincing..." He shut the door hard behind him and went to turn the shower on.

<Viper> She flinched at the door slam and continued down the stairs, inviting herself to sit in Carol's lap once she reached the kitchen because she wanted a hug.

<Carol> Carol was more than a little bit alarmed by this turn of events but she was now starting to put the pieces together when it came to her odd behaviour lately. She held Viper close and decided that the sofa would be more comfortable, carrying her into the living room and wrapping a blanket around them both. "I'm going to miss the dumbass too..."

<Christopher> Chris took his good sweet time in the shower. He didn't want to see anyone right now so he was going to prolong it as long as he could.

<Viper> Viper curled up in Carol's lap and leaned against her, sitting in silence for a long time. She was comfortable and Carol was warm so there was that at least. "Why doesn't he understand that I distance myself so it hurts less...? I've told him so many times..."

<Carol> "Because he's an idiot. You know that... plus he does it too and I guess he forgets that he's not the only one allowed to use that tactic..." Carol gave Viper a squeeze.

<Viper> "At least he has a family to distract himself..." she sighed and rested her head on Carol's shoulder, "I should know better than to get involved with SHIELD agents, shouldn't I?"

<Carol> "Well maybe... but I'm not going anywhere. Our deal still stands... what happened in the mountains was just a blip... I hope. I'm looking into it." She pressed a kiss to the top of Viper's head.

<Christopher> Chris shut off the water, dried off and got dressed. Now he didn't know what to do. He was half tempted to just sneak out steal a car and drive himself home.

<Viper> Viper snuggled under the blanket with Carol and considered her options. The woman was pretty reliable so at least there was that. "Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I'd joined SHIELD when I had the chance...."

<Carol> Carol blinked at her for a moment, "Well.... probably a whole lot less interesting."

<Christopher> He opened the door and started out into the hall pausing before deciding just to go outside. "I'll wait outside."

<Carol> "Hey, wait! What's the rush?" She shifted to look at him, "We're not even dressed. You're going to be waiting a while... and we need to talk. Come and sit...."

<Christopher> "I'll be fine." He made a nice even pace to the back door not slamming it this time but he wasn't gentle.

<Carol> Carol frowned, standing up and deciding to take Viper and the blanket with her outside. "Chris. Why are you being such an asshole today?"

<Christopher> "Just leave me alone. I don't want to talk right now." He found a spot to sit and didn't even care it was covered in snow.

<Carol> "Too bad." Carol shook the snow off another chair and sat down with Viper in her lap. "You know this is hurting all of us but you're not making it any easier by acting like you're the only one that's going to struggle."

<Christopher> "I never said I was the only one upset in this. I'm just handling my part of it." He sighed.

<Carol> "No you're not. You're doing the exact opposite of handling it. You're bringing it up at every opportunity like there's anything anyone can do about it. You chose this. You wanted to spend time with your family. You had to know that was going to make seeing us difficult - especially seeing Viper. And before you say anything about her being fine with it have you even paid attention to what she's been saying to you?"

<Christopher> "It doesn't matter anymore apparently." Chris just got up and chose a direction to walk "I'll just make it easy and find my own way home..."

<Carol> Carol grabbed his arm, maybe a little too tight. "Chris, what are you doing? Shutting us out isn't fair... you want us to still be friends? Or shall I just stop calling like I did before? Walk out of your life? I can do that. But don't expect me to welcome you back if you change your mind later. I can't keep going back and forth on this. It's not fair. On either of us."

<Viper> Viper lifted her head to watch him from the safety of the blanket, wanting to know his response to see if it would apply to their relationship too. But her expression was fearful and she couldn't hide it this time.

<Christopher> "What am I supposed to do...?" Chris cringed, she was hurting his arm but he wasn't going to admit it. "I try my hardest to make up for things. To come back to apologize and I get back and forth. Accepted and then rebuffed. What do you two want from me...? I don't know what to give you anymore." Chris jerked his arm from her.

<Carol> "Well I can't speak for Viper but I'd like a straight fucking answer. You don't have anything to make up for. Let's get that out of the way first... I think you know neither of us wanted this thing to end and you just... you just sprang it on both of us out of nowhere so of course we're a little confused about what the fuck is going on. And hurt okay?"

<Carol> "Your decision, while great for you and your family and everything... it hurt us. And we're both trying to figure out a way to be happy for you and not make you feel guilty for making that decision but then when we do that you make us feel like shit for not being more upset that you're just walking out on us. So what do you want? You want us to be upset? Want to see us cry?"

<Christopher> "I don't want any of that ,Carol. Why would I ever want any of that...?" Chris ran a hand through his hair. "I already told you what I want last night. It hasn't changed..."

<Viper> "What you want needs to be realistic Chris... I've already told you what I can and cannot do.... you can't have it both ways at this time. Maybe in the future, but not right now. But if you truely want that then burning all your bridges now is not going to help you, is it? Just... don't be like this now. Let's not part on bad terms... let us take you home to your family... and you can be happy with them."

<Christopher> "Yeah fine..." Chris sighed.

<Viper> "Stop it!" Viper escaped the blanket, standing in the freezing cold in nothing but a t-shirt. "Stop shutting down like that! You get mad at me every time I do that but it's okay for you to do the same?! Why do I have to make all of the effort? Why do I have to do all the hard parts and tell you what I don't want to tell you? And feel what I don't want to feel? And it's okay for you just to bullshit your way through?!"

<Viper> "We're trying to tell you that we care about you! We don't want you to just walk out of our lives and we're giving you a way back in but you have to actually make us believe you want it otherwise what the fuck is the point of us wasting all our time on this?!"

<Christopher> "You don't show it very well Viper. Everytime I even try all you do is make it known it won't work it can never work and you want me gone." Chris took a hard swallow.

<Viper> "Because it can't work right now! But it doesn't mean it can't work in the future... I've already told you that I don't want you gone. Do you think it would hurt so much if that was what I wanted? How do you want me to show it? I already asked you if you want me to be upset. Carol just asked you if you wanted to see us cry. Is that what it would take? You want to see the hurt you're causing?"

<Viper> "Would it make you feel better? Because that is a very perverse way of looking at things. And I should know."

<Christopher> "And you're beating a dead horse. I've told you both over and over again I don't want to see you hurt... What am I supposed to think when you push me away so hard...?" He couldn't hold it back, all of the stress and emotions from the past few days was finally getting to him. He wasn't bawling but tears started to streak his face.

<Viper> "Why do you think we're pushing you away, Chris? Maybe it's to lessen the guilt on your side. Maybe it's to make sure you don't change your mind and mess up what you have with Greer and Thomas. We can only tell you so many times that you've hurt us and we don't want to see you go. Either you believe us or you don't."

<Carol> "You're pushing us away too, Chris. Or haven't you noticed your behaviour this morning?" She got up and folded Viper back into the blanket with her because the woman was shivering. "Stop being such a goddamned martyr and just admitt that this is hurting you too. And then we can all be upset about it and you can go home to Greer and we can figure this out later. When it's less complicated."

<Christopher> "Fine I'm hurting too... No matter what you two say it feels like I'm losing you and I don't want that." He tried to wipe the tears away but it didn't help much.

<Carol> "Chris, we both work for SHIELD. We're bound to see each other at work and I can come and visit you and Greer whenever you like. I can still be part of your life.... but it's not that simple for Viper. Especially not right now.... you know that...."

<Christopher> He ran a shaking hand through his hair. "Okay..." He was still scared. "I'm sorry."

<Carol> Carol picked Viper up to walk a few steps then set her down again so she could pull Chris under the blanket with them. "It's okay... Just try to remember we're all going through hell... at least you have a family to look forward to when you go home...."

<Christopher> "I'll still miss the both of you..." He relented and cuddled the both of them.

<Viper> Viper slid an arm around his waist, "Just focus on yourself and your family for a little while... you know it's for the best."

<Carol> "Yeah... go camping, make smores. Have some fun with them and enjoy spending evenings at home... that's why you did all this, right? For them? So be with them..." She wrapped her arms around both of them and pressed a kiss to Chris' cheek.

<Christopher> Chris laid his head on Carol's and squeezed Viper a little tighter. "Mhmm..." He wanted to spend time with his family but not at the cost of losing Viper and Carol. He didn't want to lose his family by not being around either. The whole situation was so frustrating.

<Viper> "Can we go back inside now? My feet are numb..."

<Christopher> "Sorry." Chris gave her a kiss on the cheek and untangled himself from them to go inside.

<Carol> Carol picked Viper up again, using her powers to warm the air under the blanket so she could warm up faster. "Come and have some more breakfast. There's no rush to leave... Greer's not going anywhere."

<Christopher> "I'm really not hungry anymore..." Chris ran a hand through his hair.

<Viper> "Then watch Carol eat, it's really quite amazing how much she can put away," She laughed as Carol tickled her in retaliation for that. "At least have some coffee."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "One guess where she puts it." He was still upset but he was at least going to try for them.

<Carol> "I like food! I'm not ashamed of this." She set Viper down when they were inside and let her have the blanket to herself. "I'll go put a fresh pot of coffee on."

<Christopher> "I didn't say it was a bad thing." Chris hugged Viper from behind to help warm her up.

<Viper> Viper leaned back into him and closed her eyes, turning her head to the side to nose his neck. "Chris... I told you things I've never told anyone... don't think for a moment that it's easy for me to let you go... I just know that this is for the best at the moment... and I hope that one day things are less complicated..."

<Christopher> "I know Viper... It just hurts to let you go." Chris laid his head down on her shoulder enjoying her nuzzling.

<Viper> "And that's okay... because it means it meant something to you too.... just don't let it taint what you have with Greer and Thomas. Be there for them a hundred percent. Make this worth it."

<Christopher> "Don't make me cry again. Men don't cry." Chris sighed. "And just because I love them doesn't mean I can't love others too. It doesn't invalidate the first."

<Viper> "Men can cry." Viper told him, "It's allowed... And I never said anything about not being allowed to love other people. In fact that's my point.... This is hurting all of us because we all care.... So make all that pain worth it. Do this properly, okay? Make sure there are no regrets. Promise..."

<Christopher> "I will never regret getting involved with you Viper." Chris gave her another squeeze.

<Viper> She managed a small smile, turning toward him and hugging him, folding him into the blanket with her. "Don't make me regret it, okay?"

<Christopher> "I'll try my best Viper. But you know I'm a idiot most of the time." Chris nuzzled her neck.

<Viper> "You are... but you always have the best intentions. And remember, people forgive you so don't always assume the worst... You're loved by a lot of people...." She gave him a squeeze.

<Christopher> Chris just held onto her not wanting to let go. "I'll try."

<Viper> "You better. Or next time you see me it'll be because I'm shooting you again." She lifted her head to press a kiss to his cheek.

<Christopher> "Ooh promises." Chris shot her a little smirk.

<Viper> She laughed a little, stepping back from him and taking his hand. "Come on... let's get some coffee. Are you sure you don't want to eat anything? I can make anything you want."

<Christopher> "I'm sure Viper." He gave her hand a squeeze. "I'll be fine with coffee."

<Viper> "Okay," she smiled and headed back for the kitchen to find Carol using her powers to rewarm the waffles.

<Christopher> "Trying to go up a cup?" Chris teased her.

<Carol> "Why in the hell would I want to do that?" Carol raised an eyebrow at him before starting in on the waffles she'd abandoned earlier.

<Christopher> "No idea, you're perfect how you are." Chris sat down at the table.

<Viper> Viper poured coffee for Chris and herself then joined them at the table. "I think I'll take a shower after this cup..."

<Carol> "No problem... Just help yourself to whatever you want from my closet." Carol offered a smile.

<Christopher> "Thank you Viper." Chris took the cup and sipped at it. "Enjoy your shower."

<Viper> "I'm sure I will." Viper got up from her chair, leaving the blanket behind and bent to press a kiss to his cheek again before going to Carol to kiss her too then she turned for the stairs.

<Carol> Carol watched her go, totally distracted from her waffles.

<Christopher> Chris did the exact same until he noticed Carol staring. "Keep staring and you'll burn a hole in that shirt."

<Carol> "You really know how to get a girl's hopes up..." Viper walked out of sight and Carol sighed, going back to her food.

<Christopher> "Huh?" Chris raised an eyebrow.

<Carol> Carol looked up from her plate, "What do you mean 'huh'? Are you telling me you wouldn't want to see right through that shirt?"

<Christopher> "Without a doubt." A smile crossed his face. "Or yours." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "I can do that...." Carol prodded at her waffles, "But I think maybe it's not fair on Viper to be all naked when she can't see...."

<Christopher> "Are suggesting we crash her shower plans?" Chris grinned and took another sip of his coffee.

<Carol> "Are you suggesting you don't think that's a good idea?" Carol was already out of her seat.

<Christopher> "Maybe." Chris got up behind her pulling her to him before she could get away. "I'd say convince me if Viper wasn't gorgeous."

<Carol> "If you'd asked me to convince you I'd ask you if you were insane." She grinned, leaning in to kiss him.

<Christopher> Chris kissed her back. "We're over dressed for the shower." Chris nipped her lip.

<Carol> "You're wearing waaaaay more than I am." She turned for the stairs, taking off her own t-shirt and dropping it in the hall. "See you up there."

<Christopher> "Aww not going to help me?" Chris got down to his boxers by the time he caught up to her.

<Carol> "You didn't help me...." she knocked on the door to the bathroom then let herself in, inviting herself into the shower and kissing a very surprised Viper before she could ask why she was there.

<Viper> Viper returned the kiss, the question no longer needing to be asked, and stepped further into the shower to make more room so that Chris could join them.

<Christopher> "I could have." Chris got out of his boxers and joined the two of them, just watching at first. He managed to get in and start kissing Carol's neck slowly.

<Viper> "Well this was unexpected..." Viper eyed Chris over Carol's shoulder as she kissed along her jaw.

<Christopher> "We were talking about your butt and couldn't resist." Chris grinned, his hands exploring Carol's body slowly.

<Viper> "Oh well I suppose I should be less surprised then..." Viper laughed, tilting her head as Carol kissed at her neck and drawing Chris closer so she could kiss him too.

<Christopher> Chris hands managed to make their way to Carol's butt giving it a good squeeze before kissing Viper. "Then Carol stripped and you know I couldn't resist."

<Carol> "He was helpless..." Carol grinned and nipped at Viper's neck.

<Viper> "So I see." Viper giggled and reached to brush Carol's hair out of her face.

<Christopher> "Would either of you have done anything different?" Chris kissed at Carol's neck, his hands moving across her body again.

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "Not unless I was crazy."

<Christopher> "Even if I was crazy." He grinned at them.

<Carol> "You are crazy." Carol reminded him helpfully.

<Christopher> "Sometimes." Chris nipped at her shoulder. "But in the good way."

<Viper> "Most of the time," Viper added for him, hissing as Carol nipped her neck in a good spot and punctuated it with a squeeze to her ass.

<Christopher> Chris ran his hands up Carol's sides just teasing her body. "Tag teaming me isn't nice." He nipped and kissed down Carol's spine.

<Carol> "But it's so easy..." Carol pouted.

<Viper> Viper laughed softly and kissed Carol to stop the pouting.

<Christopher> "Mmm maybe I'd accept it in a different way." Chris didn't stop kissing and biting down her back. His hands carefully moving between Carol and Viper to feel Carol's breasts.

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "Nu-uh. This is a free-for-all." She grinned at Viper, sliding a hand between her legs.

<Christopher> "Good to know." Chris grinned and gave Carol a little pinch. "Lets see who can moan the loudest then." Chris kissed back up her back his hands moving down her body.

<Viper> "I like this game," Viper murmured against Carol's lips as she kissed her again and found herself walked back to the wall where Carol picked her up to put her legs around her. Viper wrapped her arms around Carol's shoulders and deepened the kiss.

[Time Passes]

<Carol> Carol wrapped her arms around Chris to hold him close to her, stroking her fingers through his hair and pressing soft kisses along his jaw.

<Christopher> "Mmm hi there." Chris tilted his head to give her more access to his chin and neck. "Did our captive get away?" He gently rubbed her butt, just enjoying the moment.

<Carol> "She won't have gone far... she's probably pulling faces at my vacation wardrobe as we speak." She grinned against his neck, "Shall we go find her?"

<Christopher> "I think that's a great idea." Chris smiled and kissed her before carefully letting her down and moving back. "So what was this creative idea you had?" He smirked as he got out of the shower.

<Carol> "You've had a look around the place by now. I'm not gonna do all the work for you." She shut the water off and followed him out of the shower, wrapping a towel around herself and wringing her hair out before using her powers to start drying it off.

<Christopher> Chris dried himself off, pulling her in for another kiss. "Mmm but your mind is so deliciously naughty, Carol." He grinned.

<Carol> "And if you keep using my brain instead of yours you're never gonna get any better at it...." She kissed him again and headed for the door to look for Viper.

<Christopher> "You wouldn't happen to be hiding a sex dungeon would you?" He laughed a little as he followed her out in search for Viper. "Bed might be more comfortable for three of us."

<Carol> "In this place? You know my parents come here, right?" She found Viper in her room having laid out several t-shirts on the bed, each more nerdy than the last. She couldn't help but laugh.

<Christopher> "Do you really think we're letting you get dressed?" Chris came up behind Viper and wrapped his arms around her waist.

<Viper> Viper leaned back against him, "I was hoping not..."

<Carol> Carol laughed again, "Oh I don't know... I think this one would look great on you..." She held up a tank top that had a print on it of a wookie with a surfboard.

<Christopher> "Mmm it is rather fetching." Chris laughed a little, his inner nerd loving the star wars t-shirt. "Maybe we could find her some nice dark side panties to go with it." He kissed across the back of her neck.

<Viper> Viper eyed Carol warily, "I think we might need to update your wardrobe."

<Carol> "My wardrobe is awesome!"

<Christopher> "Or just be naked more." Chris let his hands roam over her body. "I like naked." His fingers found her breasts as he kissed up to her ear.

<Carol> "I like naked Viper too." Carol moved around in front of her, "And if you get cold, we'll keep you warm."

<Christopher> Chris grinned. "Your own personal space heaters that want you to cum your brains out. How does that sound?" He pinched one of her nipples.

<Viper> "I think it might make walking around a little difficult..." She hissed, "But I do appreciate the sentiment."

<Christopher> "But you're so cute when I can tell what I did to you." He started to bite and kiss at her neck a little harder.

<Carol> Carol moved the shirts out of the way and pulled Viper toward the bed and down onto it with her, pulling off the woman's towel as she did so.

<Christopher> "I've died and gone to heaven." Chris moved with them and started to place kisses across both of their bodies randomly.

<Viper> Viper opened Carol's towel and slid her hands across her skin, pressing soft kisses across her breasts. "I don't think heaven would let us in..."

<Christopher> "Hell isn't this generous." Chris kissed at Viper's hips. "And this is as close to heaven as I'll get." He kissed down her legs making sure to pepper them with nips.

<Carol> Carol pushed Viper's hair back from her face and used the heat from her powers to gently warm and dry it as she pulled her in for a kiss.

[Time Passes... Again]

<Christopher> "Mmm I think Carol enjoyed our show." He kissed at Viper's neck slowly.

<Viper> "Me too..." Viper smiled, leaning forward again slowly so that she could kiss Carol again and lie down beside her on the bed. "I was watching her show too."

<Carol> "Your show was very hot," Carol murmured against Viper's lips as she rolled onto her side and returned the kiss, groping for a sheet to pull over them and Chris if he cared to join them.

<Christopher> Chris kissed up her spine before he cuddled up with them. "I was a little busy to see. Maybe we'll have to arrange another viewing."

<Carol> "Are we allowed to nap first?" Carol snuggled Viper, burying her nose in the other woman's hair and enjoying the feeling of their skin touching.

<Christopher> Chris kissed at the back of Viper's neck gently. "Mmm if we have to I guess." He teased them.

<Viper> "I like naps," Viper agreed with Carol, enjoying the snuggles just as much. "Especially if it means I can avoid wearing one of those ridiculous t-shirts for a few more hours..."

<Christopher> "Mmm not even if it was just to model for us. You'd be well rewarded I promise." He cuddled against her back still gently kissing at her.

<Carol> "I'm so dressing you in your sleep..."

<Viper> "I bite."

<Carol> "Promise?" She grinned into Viper's hair then pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

<Christopher> "Mmm she does. It's amazing." Chris bit her shoulder gently. "I do too."

<Carol> "Oh I know she does..." Carol watched him but didn't lift her nose from Viper's hair, "But no one breaks my skin..."

<Viper> Viper nuzzled her shoulder, "Everyone breaks mine... but that's okay."

<Christopher> "Mmm you like it, Viper." Chris hands wandered across Carol's body as he kept kissing and biting Viper's shoulder and neck.

<Viper> "I do... that's why it's okay..." she nipped Carol's collarbone, "I like this too though. Just being here..."

<Carol> "It's nice," Carol agreed, "Comfy." She buried her face in Viper's hair again, "And you smell nice."

<Christopher> "Mhmm." Chris nuzzled Viper's neck still peppering it with kisses and nips.

<Viper> Viper closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh. She felt safe with them and she was warm. She could definitely go back to sleep.

<Christopher> Chris' nips and kisses got softer as he noticed her nodding off. "Get some rest girls you both deserve it." He leaned over and gave Carol a soft kiss.

<Carol> Carol kissed back and lifted a hand to stroke the back of her fingers over his cheek, "You okay?"

<Christopher> "Mmm still a little pent up but I'm fine." Chris kissed Viper's cheek and settled in for their nap.

<Carol> "We'll figure something out," she promised, offering a small smile before she returned to nosing Viper's hair and closed her eyes.

<Christopher> "Sounds fun." Chris gave Viper a little kiss behind her ear before nuzzling into her neck and cuddling into her and letting out a soft yawn.
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