12/02 Instance: Showered With Love

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12/02 Instance: Showered With Love

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:54 pm

After [Instance]Under the #bigtop.

<Jessica> Jess had tried to sleep but hadn't had all that much success. Currently she was going through the motions of awakefulness and munching on toast while she watched the television on mute on some kids shows. Though she was less watching and more just staring ahead of her aware vaguely of the movement of the pictures and her need for more sleep.

<Shinobi> Wandering through on his way to search for something not in a can for lunch, Shinobi realized someone else was home. "I expected you would be at the hospital?"

<Jessica> Jess startled at the sudden voice and dropped her toast into her lap. ".... Damn it."

<Shinobi> "Sorry," he said, not sounding terribly so.

<Jessica> "It's okay... I didn't want to disturb you. Sebastian sent me home a few hours ago for some sleep and real food... Didn't really manage either of those things."

<Shinobi> "That does make a certain sense." He sat on the arm of the sofa. "I'm a little surprised he hasn't been released." Now was when he needed to determine his level of care. "It was that bad?"

<Jessica> She nodded, pushing her non-toasty hand through her hair, "He was in surgery for hours and they wouldn't tell us anything... managed to scare a nurse into coughing up the details after a nap in the recovery room when they brought him out of theatre..."

<Shinobi> The news his father could have died did not have quite the effect he'd expected. Curious. "I'm sure once his powers come back he'll be back to normal in no time."

<Jessica> She nodded, "Yeah... but they're keeping him there and we have no car now so I have to request someone come and pick me up."

<Paige> A petite blonde with an innocent smile approached Shaw and Jess' house, bouncing just a bit as she knocked on the door.

<Shinobi> The knock and the beep from the security system distracted him. "Maybe that's the ducks?"

<Jessica> "I hope so... can't take any more bad news..." She sighed, pulling herself to her feet and going to follow Widget.

<Shinobi> Now he was curious and followed her down the steps.

<Jessica> Scrabbling metal feet on the floorboards indicated that Sharky also wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Jess overtook Widget at the bottom of the stairs as she had before and went to the door, staring once more at the sight on the other side. At least this one had trousers.

<Shinobi> Oh... a blonde. He moved to see around his stepmother and smiled at the woman. Very nice.

<Jessica> "She's engaged," Jess said with a glance over her shoulder, "Incidentally, to the trouserless-wonder that showed up yesterday."

<Shinobi> His smile fell. "Well that's a pity."

<Jessica> Jess gave Paige an expectant look, "If it's bad news, can you tell me next week?"

<Paige> "Weeellll hello to you too!" Paige laughed at her. "I'm here to get you out of the house for a while."

<Jessica> Sharky scuttled out around Jess' ankles and yapped a hello to Paige. "Well someone thinks that's a good idea..." Jess yawned, "I'll get a coat..."

<Paige> "Yay!" Paige bounced a bit, clapping.

<Jessica> Jess turned to reach past Shinobi for a coat, eyeing him, "Want to come?"

<Shinobi> A little surprised, he grabbed one of Sebastian's jackets.

<Jessica> "Hold the fort, Widget." Jess gave the robot a smile before stepping outside, Sharky was virtually sommersaulting with excitement.

<Shinobi> "Hello, I'm Shinobi," he said, offering the blonde his hand as he stepped outside. Fresh air was a little bit of a surprise.

<Paige> "Nice to meet you!" Paige took his hand, all smiles. Guys weren't supposed to come to baby showers... but who cared?! Jess wasn't arguing. This was much easier than she had expected!

<Jessica> "Oh right... this is Paige, Bobby's fiancee..." Jess pulled the door closed behind her after she managed to get her arm in her sleeve finally.

<Shinobi> "The pleasure is all mine." He smiled, then helped Jessica with her jacket and closed the door on the yapping silver dog.

<Paige> Laughing, Paige started to lead the way to the Starbucks. "I figured the Starbucks was close, but not toooo close. You know what I mean?! And they have good drinks!"

<Jessica> "Than-.... Sharky..." she sighed as the silver dog oozed through the letter box, "Fiiiine..." she tapped her chest, wating for Sharky to do his trick of becoming a glorified t-shirt. "They have tea and cake, works for me."

<Shinobi> He watched the dog turn to liquid and slither up under her shirt. It was horrifying and fascinating. "Well..."

<Paige> "Well that was... um..." Weird? Gross? Creepy? "Interesting." Paige was totally weirded out.

<Jessica> "He's doing his job," Jess gave a shrug. "Now, I believe I was promised sugar."

<Paige> "Well... sugar you shall have!" Paige grinned as she opened the door to the Starbucks. Having Shaw call to reserve the whole building for them to distract Jess was the easy part. Convincing a bunch of girls to throw a surprise party that quickly? That was much harder. Paige grinned at her pepto pink coffee shop, proud of their hard work on such short notice.

<Jessica> ".... Oh my God." It looked like the place had been decorated with sugar.

<Paige> "SURPRISE!" Paige squealed at her.

<Jeannie> "SURPRISE!" Jean was so caffeinated she was almost vibrating and her neon pink shirt and bright green furry vest made her hard to miss.

<Sue> Sue uninvisibled herself and tried to match the glee on the faces of the others, "Surprise!"

<Hope> "Surprise." Hope muttered from her spot. This was such a bad idea, she didn't know where to begin.

<Shinobi> "Oh... hell." He looked around the room. At least there would be coffee? And women...

<Jessica> Jess reflexively grabbed Shinobi's arm, muttering, "If you run, I will hunt you down."

<Jeannie> Jean noticed the random Asian guy, but shrugged it off. "Okay, bitches! Let's eat cake and play lame games!"

<Sue> "Come sit! We have tea and cake... and we're sorry for surprising you but there's so much cake." Sue gestured at the cakes.

<Paige> "Why would we be sorry?! Everyone loves surprise parties!"

<Shinobi> One of those redheads was Hope Stark. That could get interesting.

<Jessica> Jess didn't have the heart or energy to correct Paige on her overall feeling on surprises but went to take a seat, dragging Shinobi along with her.

<Hope> Hope had no such qualms. "False, Guthrie-soon-to-be-Drake."

<Shinobi> "Should I put on a dress?"

<Hope> Hope eyed Shinobi up and down. "Nobody wants that."

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Maybe later."

<Sue> Job done, Sue picked up a piece of cake of her own and plonked down on a plush chair.

<Paige> Paige bounced over to the cake to cut a piece for Jess. "Here you go, Jess Jess! Yummy, delicious cake!"

<Jeannie> Cake! Jean gave a piece to the random crossdressing Asian guy, then took one for herself. Oh... he was checking out her ass!

<Jessica> "Yay, cake... now if only there was tea," She gave Paige a smile.

<Sue> "I got it," Sue didn't trust any of the Americans with tea.

<Paige> "Thank you, Sue!" Paige grinned over at her. Everyone was so helpful!

<Jeannie> That was a good thing, since Jean was ordering her third espresso.

<Sue> She eyed the highly caffeinated redhead while she waited for the tea, "Maybe you should have some juice or something instead?" She was sure Jean was vibrating... maybe that was her imagination.

<Shinobi> Sitting next to Jessica, it was hard to be invisible, but he made the attempt and started eating cake. It was pink, but it tasted good.

<Hope> Hope eyed Shinobi. She wanted to punch him. Why couldn't she punch him? Oh right. Baby shower. Damn. Hope went for a glass of punch instead.

<Jeannie> "Espresso with juice?! Interesting! I like it! Hey, Chad!" She levitated over the counter to catch the barista's attention.

<Sue> She facepalmed. "That wasn't what I meant...."

<Paige> Paige laughed at them, sitting down by Jean. "I should get an espresso too!"

<Jessica> Jess looked between Shinobi and Hope and rolled her eyes internally, "So... what is this that I've been dragged to?"

<Jeannie> "So, Jess, when are you gonna, like, you know..." She made a gesture with both hands from her stomach and a popping sound. Then Chad returned. "OOO drinky!"

<Jessica> Jess gave Jean an alarmed look, "Hopefully never?"

<Jeannie> "Well the kid has to get out somehow." She sampled her drink. Hmm. Needed vodka.

<Paige> Paige choked on her drink a little. "Yes, but not quite... not quite that way."

<Jessica> "Uh... she's due early february... assuming no surprises..."

<Jeannie> "Due... that makes it sound like you're writing a paper." She sipped her drink, then remembered she had cake. Cake!

<Hope> Hope smirked a bit. She levitated a piece of cake over to her and began poking it with a fork. She pretended it was Shinobi's face and stabbed it even harder.

<Jessica> "Um... not really?" Jess eyed Jean, she'd spent so much time away from school, she'd gotten out of practice communicating with the other girl's strangeness.

<Shinobi> He smirked at the small Stark and ate his cake. There were pink frilly packages on the table too, which matched the pink frilly decorations. Perhaps he could escape once Jessica was distracted.

<Paige> Paige smiled and giggled a bit. "Sooo are we ready for the first game?!"

<Sue> Tea retrieved, Sue went back to the table, passing Jess a cup before she sat down again.

<Shinobi> Or, perhaps now. He choked slightly.

<Jessica> "Game? There's games?" Jess wasn't sure she was awake enough for games. But the tea was welcome.

<Paige> "Of course! What baby shower would be complete without awesome games?!" She picked up a package of pink clothespins and began passing them out, one to each person.

<Jessica> "Um..." Jess didn't know how to answer that question, not really sure what a baby shower was. Probably not what it sounded like.

<Sue> Sue eyed the clothespin she was given dubiously, "What's this for?"

<Paige> "Ok! Here are the rules! You put the clothespin on your shirt. If you say the word baby... then you lose your clothespin to the person who caught you. The person with the most clothespins at the end of the shower, wins a prize!"

<Shinobi> He put his down as if it might burn him, then attempted to hide it under his plate.

<Hope> Hope threw a candied flower at Shinobi. "No cheating."

<Jeannie> "But how do you not say baby when it's a baby shower?"

<Hope> Hope grabbed Jean's clothespin. "Easily."

<Jeannie> "Heeeeey, bitch...." Jean pouted, then reached across and snatched the random Asian guy's pin.

<Hope> Hope grabbed at Jean's pin to throw at Shinobi too. "No cheating, bitch."

<Shinobi> He took the clothespin to the face with dignity.

<Jeannie> Jean debated if setting things on fire at a baby shower was bad manners.

<Sue> Sue clipped the pin to her top and carried on eating cake while they were distracted.

<Jessica> Jess was still a little confused but she figured that was more the sleepiness. "Okay... now what?"

<Paige> Paige giggled. "Soooo, this is next!" She brought over a tray of baby bottles, filled with water, and began passing those out next. "Now, don't start yet... but when I say go... you chug the bottle. First person to finish, wins!"

<Jessica> Jess stared at the bottles, ".... I have to pee."

<Jeannie> "Go! No popping today!" Jean levitated a bottle over, opening it up for a sniff.

<Hope> Hope made a face. Ewwww

<Shinobi> He was still eating cake and trying to ignore everything going on around him, but he got a bottle nonetheless.

<Sue> Sue claimed her bottle and gave it a wary look, "We don't do this kind of thing in the UK..."

<Jessica> Jess got up and hurried off to the loo.

<Jeannie> She raised her hand while Jess was gone. "Question."

<Paige> "Yeeeeeeeeeees, Jean?" Paige smiled over at her.

<Jeannie> "Can I just put my drink in the bottle? Otherwise I might have to pee too..."

<Paige> Baffled, Paige blinked a little. "Weeellll... um... I wouldn't want to chug my good drink, but um, sure? If you want?"

<Shinobi> Perhaps this was his chance. "I should let you ladies have your privacy..."

<Sue> Sue frowned at the bottle then looked up at the random dude, "You can't leave because you're uncomfortable. If everyone that was uncomfortable left, there'd be no party."

<Shinobi> "I was hoping to leave because I'm male, not that I don't appreciate the company of so many lovely women."

<Hope> "Denied." Hope eyed her baby bottle a little before smirking over at Shinobi.

<Sue> "It's a party for Jess... would she want you to leave?"

<Shinobi> He pursed his lips and slouched down in the chair.

<Jessica> Jess returned from the bathroom and retook her seat, picking up the bottle that had been left on the table for her and raising an eyebrow.

<Paige> "We waited for you!"

<Jessica> "I see that..." Jess prodded the teat on the bottle, nose wrinkled.

<Paige> "Ok... everybody ready!? On your mark... get set... drink!"

<Jeannie> Jean gave up on dumping her concoction into the bottle and just started sucking. She glanced at Sue, then back away quickly.

<Sue> Sue was sure she was going to get hiccups, she always did when she drank too fast but she wanted to win!

<Shinobi> Well... he supposed he could compare this to Doreen. Then a better idea came to him and he stared directly at Hope Stark while he sucked on the bottle.

<Jessica> Jess had the nagging feeling that she'd need to pee again right after this game but participated nonetheless.

<Hope> Being stared at by Creeper Shaw was not on Hope's agenda for the day. She glared at him and tossed the bottle down onto the table. NOPE!

<Shinobi> He grinned around the bottle.

<Jeannie> Jean sucked and sucked and nothing was coming out. This never happened!

<Sue> "Done!" Sue proclaimed slamming the bottle down on the table triumphantly, "Victory!" (or Death!) she finished in her head.

<Jeannie> Losing interest in the bottle, she plonked it down and started cheering. "Wooo Sue!"

<Jessica> Woo there was a winner, Jess wasn't even a quarter of the way through that bottle but she put it down again, "That was fast."

<Hope> "Holy crap, Sue." Hope just blinked a little. What else could she throw at Shinobi?

<Paige> "Yay Sue!!!" She picked up a little gift bag and handed it to Sue. "The winner!"

<Sue> She took the bag and a bow.

<Jeannie> "Holy shit I didn't know there were prizes!" Or... wait, maybe she did.

<Jessica> Jess gave Sue a round of applause then picked up her tea. Ahh if only the caffeine would work.

<Shinobi> He gave the nipple a last lick, smirking at Stark, and put the bottle down.

<Jeannie> Jean noticed this nipple licking and wasn't sure how she felt about it.

<Hope> Hope just rolled her eyes at Shinobi. Not in his wildest dreams!

<Sue> "These cakes are nice... and I feel like a traitor for thinking that... can we play another game so I can win that too and then I'll stop thinking about it...?"

<Jeannie> "Traitor cake? How's that work? Cake lies, but it's a traitor too?"

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "There's a culture in the UK with coffee shops - you pick one and stick to it... and no one admits they like Starbucks."

<Jeannie> "But Starbucks is made of awesome and caffiene!"

<Hope> "Not to mention that's a bakery cake. You're safe, Sue. You can enjoy it freely." Hope flipped her hair over her shoulder.

<Paige> "So... who is ready for presents?!"

<Sue> "The other coffee shops have cake too... and better tea." Sue shrugged, "We're British, good tea is very important."

<Shinobi> Now that the cake and nipple licking were over, he debated if he should stay quiet, or attempt to entertain himself further. Perhaps he could find an alternative place to put that clothespin if he got close enough to Stark.

<Jessica> Jess nodded sagely to Sue's proclamation before Paige drew her attention, "Presents?"

<Paige> "Of course there are presents!" That Sebastian had mostly paid for, but she was keeping that quiet too.

<Sue> "I apologise in advance for the nerdiness of my gift... I don't live in the real world."

<Jeannie> "You know I'll take any excuse to go shopping." Jean grinned. Her parents' credit card was still hot from all the use it'd seen in the last couple of weeks.

<Sue> Sue plucked her giftbag from beside her chair and held it out to the mum-to-be.

<Shinobi> He was beginning to really realize that soon she would have a baby. A baby that would scream and expel bodily fluids... and he would likely be expected to interact with it. What was worse, it would be his sister. It stunned him into silence.

<Jessica> Jess took the bag, somewhat bemusedly, and pulled out the item inside. It was indeed a very nerdy babygrow. She laughed though and gave Sue a grateful smile, "Thanks."

<Jeannie> "Lemme see, lemme see!" She levitated to see it, then wrinkled her nose. "I don't get it..." Then she held up her package - which was a particularly blinding shade of yellow with pink and blue tissue paper. Lots and lots of it. OMFG she loved tissue paper.

<Jeannie> The package contained gifts both colorful and frightening.

<Jessica> After digging through the layers, Jess retrieved the... treasure. Oh God. She was sure her grin looked forced. "They're lovely!"

<Shinobi> He leaned, unable to miss the bright colors. "Well at least you won't lose the girl."

<Jessica> "Nope... no danger of that..." Jess folded them neatly and set then back in the bag. She was in no danger of forgetting who bought those for her either.

<Hope> Hope picked up her box and passed it to Jess. "Here. Figured you could use this." Inside, Hope's carefully picked out gift was wrapped in a layer of tissue paper between each item.

<Jessica> Jess looked through a few layers, getting the idea, "Very useful, thanks..." she gave Hope a smile.

<Jeannie> "Oh! I've seen those on Pinterest! Like, you take a picture every month in the outfit!" She slugged back some of her drink. "Oh! She can wear the tutu with the onsies!"

<Paige> Smiling, Paige slid a bag with inside it to Jess. "This one is from Me and Bobberz! You'll never be able to forget that," she giggled.

<Jessica> Jess took the bag, looking inside and laughing hard, taking out the gift to inspect, "Brilliant. I'm sure Sebastian will think so too."

<Shinobi> He stifled a snort.

<Paige> "And Bobby picked this one out himself."

<Jessica> Jess moved some things aside so she could see the next thing, "Awww now we'll match!"

<Shinobi> Her shuffling caused a mountain of tissue paper to fall on him, but he supposed there were worse fates. He could be holding the tutu.

<Paige> "Sebastian wanted me to make sure that you got this today," Paige told Jess, handing her a small package.

<Jessica> Jess took that too and unwrapped it carefully, smiling when it rolled onto her lap. It was the cutest spider plushie ever.

<Paige> Glancing around at the group, Paige smiled. "Well. You got some great gifts! We have one more. It's from... well... it's from everyone who cares about you." Paige moved behind the counter and started pushing the huge box over to Jess.

<Jessica> Jess stared, wondering how she was going to get that and all the rest back to the house and up the stairs. She was going to have to get up to open it though so she did (after a few tries).

<Jeannie> "That's a big box." Jean belatedly realized she probably could have helped with the pregnant lady flailing, but she was too busy with her new drink for that. Busy busy busy!

<Jessica> Jess eyed the box, investigating it to discover the identity of her next gift, "It's a big box full of useful."

<Shinobi> He moved the box a bit, helping her uncover it. It was the very sports car of baby carriages, wasn't it? "I suppose you will want me to carry it home?"

<Hope> Hope blinked. Dang that was a nice stroller! "Very useful."

<Jessica> Jess looked down at the bump, "I'm not supposed to lift heavy things... even though this probably isn't even heavy, but it'd get me disapproving looks so.... yes please?"

<Shinobi> "If I must." He inclined his head slightly and resigned himself to packhorse duty.

<Jeannie> "Wow, that's... really nice." Jean finally looked at the box. It even matched that fancy car that she so hadn't thought about taking for a joyride. Nope, not her.

<Jessica> "Thank you," Jess gave him a grateful smile. "I've been meaning to get one of these things... just never seemed to get around to it..."

<Paige> Grinning, Paige hugged Jess. "I... we figured!"

<Jessica> Jess was a little alarmed but hugged back, "Thanks for this... I didn't even know this was a thing I should expect."

<Paige> Paige kissed Jess's cheek a little. "Well now you know what friends do!"

<Sue> "If I hadn't watched too much tv in my hermitage, I'd be in the same boat," Sue tossed in, "Don't feel bad. Americans are weird."

<Jessica> Jess laughed, blushing a little at the unexpected show of affection from Paige, "I'll make sure to do the same for any of you."

<Hope> Hope kept her emotions in check, stuffing cake in her mouth instead.

<Paige> Giggling, Paige blushed. "Hopefully I will give you plenty of chances to do that."

<Sue> "Don't worry, you won't have to spend any money on me unless they figure out a way to really render men redundant... but feel free to bring me cake any time."

<Jessica> "There's always cake in the house... and cookies... at least at the moment," Jess went to sit down again, "You're all welcome to visit and help me eat it whenever you want... at least until we get a new car and I can deliver it to the school."

<Paige> "Cake for everyone!" She reached for another piece, diving into it. Hostessing was hard work!
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Re: 12/02 Instance: Showered With Love

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Lol, man I love those gifts, awesome.

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