11/16 Game: Digging Deep

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11/16 Game: Digging Deep

Post by Starfish » Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:40 am

Timeline: February 18th, 2017

<@Melati> "Icy hell and Satan's frozen balls, it's fucking cold!" Melati's breath was forming a thick cloud in front of her face as she blew warm air over her hands. "Maybe I should rethink my stance on mittens not being punk."

<Johnathon> "Punk is out of fashion anyway." Johnathon clapped together his mittened hands. "It's gone corporate."

<Heather> "Go inside then?" Heather grinned, landing in a drift and spraying snow everywhere as she spread her wings behind her in a stretch.

<Aodhfionn> "Speak f' yourself, at least you can wear gloves." Fianna wriggled his shadow-wrapped clawed fingers at Melati before blowing on them. "I hafta have tailor-mades. Shitfucks I hate snow." He was mostly encased in shadows and a thick hoodie, not wanting to risk his skin even with the cloud-cover.

<@Melati> "Not as long as I still draw breath, kiddo," Melati replied, flashing her teeth at Janothon while thumbing her own chest. "And punk never wanted to be fashionable. That's what made it punk."

<Heather> "Maybe they'll let you smoke in one of those Solarium places?" Heather gestured vaguely to the glass-fronted wings of the building. "Then you won't have to get so cold?"

<Tyrone> Tyrone laughed at the people outside from the warm heated classroom he'd sneaked into. "I wonder if the gold girl is trying to make a snow angel" he chuckled to himself.

<Jean> Jean was hovering about a foot above the ground. These snow boots were expensive! There was no way she was getting them in the actual snow.

<@Melati> "Well, she only has to fall over for that," Melati remarked with a grin.

<Johnathon> "I figure punk never wanted to be not cold then either." He grabbed the shovel he had rammed into the snow next to him. This reminded him of the heavy snowfalls of his US-hinterlands upbringing.

<Jimmy> Jimmy on the other hand was sat behind the windows in his wheelchair, glareing resentfully out at the landscape. Snow was not wheelchair friendly.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna stared balefully at the snow, claws playing with an odd pendant around his neck - a small glass bottle with something inside it. Why'd he come out here again? He absently blew a wisp of white hair out of his face, tugging the hood a little further out of it. "Fuck that noise, if I smoke I smoke ou' here an' they can like it." He muttered.

<Heather> "Nice boots," Heather complimented, though of course she'd seen them after their shopping trip for weather suitable clothing. She looked down at where her own feet were buried in the snow and sighed. Such wasted opportunity.

<Jean> "Thanks!" Jean beamed happily at Heather, wrapped up in her equally fashionable and blindingly pink and puffy coat.

<@Melati> "I feel like I've developed a secondary mutation that turned me cold-blooded." Melati dropped the butt of her cigarette out of numb fingers, before shoving her hands back into the pockets of her jacket.

<Aodhfionn> "So...do we actually have to do anythin' out here?" He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his hoodie and a lighter out of his hoodie, smoke-like shadows flickering over his skin as he lit it. "Or can we jus'...you know, fuck about?" Because snow-shovelling was too much like hard work, damnit.

<Broo> Inside, behind the windows where Jimmy was hiding out, a crash happened as a cheap vase fell to the floor, knocked over by a mind breaking new invention of Broo.

<@Melati> Turning her head, she noticed Jimmy's face behind the glass of the window. "Hey, pal, want me to give you a push?" she asked, leaning through the open door.

<Heather> "We're supposed to clear the paths so someone doesn't have an accident, I think." Heather offered.

<Johnathon> "I can't help to think that all of this could be done far more efficiently by someone with telekinesis."

<Jean> Jean pretended she didn't hear that.

<Tyrone> Uhoh. Tyrone, heard a crash from nearby and decided to head outside, so he wouldn't be blamed and he could pretend to have been busy helping out all along.

<Johnathon> "What's with the butterball in the fez? if his mind is stronger than his matter then he can just shove Earth closer to the Sun."

<Jimmy> "Are you kidding, gekogirl? You'd leave me stranded with not even a vodka bottle for company-" Jimmy snorted, before looking over his shoulder at the crash, "Fuck, better not be that zombaby again," he groaned.

<Broo> "Mr Jimmy the Peanut, Sir. I finally worked out the bugs in the stabilizers." Broo announced as he drove the chair, a chair that had thin.... spidery... robotic legs.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna tipped his head back, letting out a cloud of smoke with narrowed eyes. He could be in with Cassie right now. Or drawing. Or drawing Cassie. Mmm. He smiled at his thoughts, tongue going over a fang before chuckling. "Dude, I do not need t' be intelligent to know that is a very bad idea." He grinned at Johnathon.

<@Melati> "As if I would be that cruel to you, potato-boy," Melati replied, a wry smile on her lips as she reached out to pat Jimmy's bald head with her cold hand. "You're my favourite vegetable, after all."

<Heather> "Does he even have telekinesis?" Heather wrinkled her nose, "I guess he'd need it to walk around..."

<Aodhfionn> "Hell, f' all we know the Earth hasta orbit him, huh."

<Jimmy> ... Jimmy just ... stared at the thing, in all it's spindelly glory, a smile growing larger and larger across his face as he did so, "It's ... it's so beautiful ..."]

<Johnathon> "If not, we could just roll him through the snow and let him gather it up."

<@Melati> "Which is probably why he can't use it for anything else," Melati called out, looking over her shoulder at the others outside. "It's the only think that keeps him from collapsing into a black hole."

<Heather> "That would be the angriest snowball..."

<Aodhfionn> "And so, so glorious to see..."

<Tyrone> Darn it was just the little gnome with a stupid invention, I could have stayed in the warmth after all.

<@Melati> Even Melati was beyond words when she noticed Broo and his newest invention. "Sweet ride, mate..."

<Jean> Jean floated around to look inside at the invention, then turned right back around. So many weirdos here.

<Johnathon> He peered over Melati's shoulder. "That would be the crab mobil, then?"

<Broo> "I couldn't fit in the rocket under the chair, or the machine guns... wait... did i plan on those... I did fit in cupholders!" Broo said with much pride as he navigated the spiderchair to come down next to Jimmy's wheelchair.

<Heather> Heather leaned to the side, wing going out as counter-balance so she could see through the doorway. "Do I even want to ask?"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna crunched over to the window to peer in at what the fuss was about - and promptly backed the fuck away. Oh hell no. He shuddered.

<Broo> Broo climbed out, noticed a scratch and tried to wipe it out. "That'll buff right out." He added, then gave Jimmy the keys to his new ride along with the half naked girl on a flaming rocket keychain.

<Johnathon> "Does it have claws somewhere?"

<Jimmy> "So I got a place to stash my booze? Sweet, cheers mate!" Jimmy ran his hands loveingly over one of the four spiderlegs of his new ride, "We can work in gettin' the heavy artillery in later on ... you have like ... tested it right? It ain't gonna spontaniously combust and then get sucked down a black hole like the last one?"

<Aodhfionn> "Fuckin' spi- why did it hafta be a goddamned spiderbot? Why couldn't it be a fuckin' tank? Why spiderlegs?"

<Heather> "Because if he had a tank it wouldn't get through the door or up the stairs and that's part of the problem?"

<@Melati> "Hey, wait, does that mean the little shit can walk up walls with that thing?" Melati asked, pointing at the weird but awesome contraption.

<Johnathon> "I bet he'll use it to spy on girls showering." He didn't add that he was so sure because it was something he'd probably try at least once.

<Aodhfionn> Fianna shuddered again, breathing out a cloud of disgruntled smoke. "True that...just...ugh, spiders." Claws played over the pendant again. "Hey, could we fit a scraper to the fron'? It'd clear the paths in no time..."

<Carol> Carol hung up the phone in her office and got up from her chair, her Air Force uniform switching to her SHIELD uniform as she made for the door and the sound of student voices. "Anyone bored or wondering what the X-men are all about?" she called as she headed towards them.

<Broo> "I fully tested it out, in several creative situations you might find yourself, and it passed with nearly flying colours. Just don't try to use the cupholders while three hundred meters below sea level while upside down. It will explode." Broo explained, adding "And yup, can climb walls and walk on ceiling. "

<Tyrone> Seeing the Danvers woman coming Tyrone quickly move to hide behind the golden girl.

<Johnathon> "I thought the X-Men are about giving people who hate mutants a big red cross to aim at. Or have I been misinformed?," he quipped.

<@Melati> Melati looked up, a frown on her scaly face. She raised a clawed hand. "Whatever it is you want from us, does it get us out of shovelling the driveway?"

<Jean> Jean was watching the vampire kid warily. Like he had room to be scared of creepy shit. As she observed him, she got a flash of something as he toyed with his necklace. She made a face and shook her head to clear the nagging feeling.

<Carol> "Yes and... yes." Carol raised an eyebrow at the spotty kid. "We're being drafted."

<Heather> Heather noticed she was being used as a shield and lowered a wing to look over her shoulder questioningly.

<Tyrone> "Erm, hi I'm Tyrone, pleased to meet you?"

<Johnathon> He rose a hand. "When the inevitable shooting starts, can I hide behind Melati? On account of her being scaley and harder to shoot through?"

<Jean> "....like a beer?"

<Jimmy> "Beautiful," Jimmy swung himself from the chair into the spiderbot (one good thing about loosing his legs meant that he'd build up upper body strength, well hench!) and put the keys in, "Time to take this puppy for a test drive!" And he promptly put it into reverse where it nearly ran over Danvers.

<Aodhfionn> "Oooh yay, we get to be big goddamned heroes?" Fianna grinned, running his tongue over a fang.

<Carol> "Hey! Watch where you going with-... what the fuck is that thing?" These kids were going to be the death of her.

<Heather> "Uh... hi... Heather." She turned, careful not to hit him with a wing and offered her hand for a shake.

<Jimmy> "My new ride!" Jimmy managed to get it going forwards and promptly ran up the wall and across the cealing with it, "Wahoooo!"

<Aodhfionn> Fianna glanced through the window at the bot and shuddered again.

<Carol> "Please don't put holes in the paintwork..." She shook her head, "Anyway... if you're interested, we're going to Colorado in twenty minutes. I'll be in the hangar. Suit up."

<Tyrone> "Nice to meet you Heather, sorry to use you as a shield. I'm just trying to keep a low profile from SHIELD at the moment." Tyrone chuckled.

<Jean> Oh wait... was that Danvers lady expecting them to go do things? She didn't like the sound of that. "Colorado? Why?"

<@Melati> "Drafted?" Melati asked, looking at the corporal with narrowing eyes as she trudged after the woman. "Did the third world war break out while we were playing in the zone? Please tell me it's the zombie apocalypse."

<Aodhfionn> "Uuuh...do we have suits? I want a suit. Where's my suit? An' can I wear a tophat with the suit?"

<Carol> "Avalanche hit a ski resort. We're being asked in as an extra skillset for rescue and recovery."

<Jimmy> "Can I bring my spider-bot?!"

<Johnathon> "You know, I've always thought that 'Colorado' sounds like such a sunny and nice place. But it's a big fat lie." He shrugged, looked at the shovel in his hand, dropped it, and shrugged again.

<Jean> "No! No zombies! I don't do zombies!" Her tone got panicky and she bobbed in place a little.

<Heather> "Low profile? In this place?" Heather laughed, "Yeah, good luck with that."

<@Melati> "An avalanche?" Melati frowned, not even trying to hide her disappointment. She stopped and held out her hands. "But you can't punch those!"

<Broo> "Hero stuff? Uhm.... i'm not cleared for that yet. In fact i think i was told i'm not old enough either. I'll just go and see if I can make that weird necklace the rabbit mutant asked me to make." Broo said, thumbing towards the door. "Mr Jimmy Sir, if you need anything changed, just tell come around and tell me."

<Broo> And with that Broo escaped the chance of him being dragged into dangerous actiony things.

<Carol> "Too bad for you. You can use all that practice you've had shovelling though." Carol started across the lawn, "Any more questions can wait til we're in the air. Wheels up in fifteen. Clock's ticking."

<Johnathon> "Don't worry, Mel. Way thigns go for us, we'll encounter Sasquatches with AK-47s on skiy, re-enacting the intro from that one JAmes Bond movie."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna looked at Mel. "Do I get a suit too or do I play hero in these?" He gestured to his black jeans and hoodie, flicking away his spent fag.

<Heather> "Everyone has one, I think - I got one." Heather grinned, hurrying back inside to go and change. "This is the best day ever! I get to be an X-man properly!"

<Jimmy> Jimmy had to be honest, he wasn't too sure if he wanted to go rescue people or if he just wanted to stay here and run around on the cealing.

<@Melati> Melati looked at Fianna. "I think we all should better get into something warmer, or we're not going to rescue anyone." She turned around and put her hand on the pale boy's shoulder. "Come along, I'll show you the lockers."

<Jean> "Uuuugh," Jean said, truly feeling the power of the uuugh deep in her bones. Maybe she should just go find Jamie... they could find fun ways to keep warm...

<Tyrone> Catching up to Carol, Tyrone whispered "I take it I'm staying behind. No suit, and.." pointing at him wrist "no powers."

<Aodhfionn> Fianna grinned, still playing with the pendant. "Wicked." He smirked. Tight leather, and Cassie was missing out on this. Oh well, he'd just give her the playby later...

<Jean> Her head whipped around and she stared at vampire boy.

<Carol> "Get a suit, Mel will show you where they are, then I will change the settings on that thing. You can be useful to society for a change."

<Johnathon> "Can't wait to get into my X-themed parka. It's filled with the down of the only the rarest Hudson river carp." He scappered off after Melati.

<@Melati> (( scene warp dance!!! ))

<Warbird> Carol set their flightpath and turned on the auto pilot before getting out of her seat to check on the equipment. "Once we're on the ground, I want you to try and stay together as much as possible. At least until we know exactly what we're dealing with."

<Spot> "I thought we're dealing with an avalanche? Or is there a chance of a Sasquatch shooting after all?," suddenly the inside of the jet started to smell like well-ripened Jackass.

<Firebird> "Um..." She raised her hand. "Snow, right? We're dealing with snow? What's so hard to figure out about that?"

<Warbird> "We are dealing with an Avalanche but they're sketchy on just how bad it is because half the roads are out so they can't get anyone in there. There's been some aerial recon and it looks bad."

<@Komodo> "Now that's a lot of snow," Melati remarked, leaning against the wall of the jet to get a better angle when looking out the window. "Weren't there supposed to be houses down there? We should have brought one of those canine mutants as an avalanche dog."

<Blackout> Fianna was settling in his new uniform, liking the fact it was so well tailored - not even hindering his claws. He flexed his hands, before putting his white hair in a braid, completely bereft of shadows for once. Nicely, there was actually a visor for him to protect his eyes too. Sa-weet. "Hey, I got a sense'f smell that's as good. Jus' call me Fido."

<Lifeguard> "You don't need an avalanche dog - you've got me." Heather grinned, wingless for the trip because of the seating arrangements.

<Spot> "We should've brought Xavier and strapped some skis to his chair. The old guy could use the fresh air."

<Warbird> Moving back to the pilot seat, Carol took a glance out of the window. That was pretty damned bad. Voices came in over the radio and she responded and headed towards the rendezvous with the other emergency crews.

<Blackout> "Y' mean the dead guy who got killed in the school bombing? Dude, I didn't even go to th' school before that and I knew tha'." Fianna snorted.

<@Komodo> "And I guess I can always pitch in as an avalanche lizard," Melati added, stepping away from the window.

<Blackout> He was glad of the visor now, pulling it over his eyes as he looked out of the window, because that sunlight off the snow hurt. "Hoo. And here's me used to a lil' bit of sleet come winter. Good job I can hear heartbeats huh?" ...And suddenly he was hungry. He frowned. The hell?

<Spot> "Well, yeah, obviously he's dead. That's why he could use the fresh air."

<Blackout> Fianna's eyebrows went up at Johnathon then.

<Spot> Actually, he still had a Xavier plush he had knitted in commemoration lying on his bed back at the base. He kinda missed the old fart, he sure knew how to relax.

<Warbird> "Okay so the town is pretty much completely buried..." Carol frowned. "I'll find somewhere to set us down as close as I can for you non-fliers." She ignored the comment about Xavier - she knew he wasn't dead.

<@Komodo> "Hoping to track down buried survivors is the only use I'll probably have in this situation, so let's all hope that my senses are up to the challenge." Melati checked her equipment one final time, before she decided to grab an extra first aid kit out of the locker by the rear doors.

<Spot> "Well, I assume I could pop a spot into a hospital and we could just shove the people through?"

<@Komodo> "Good idea." Melati reached out to hold on to the ceiling as the plane descended. "I think we should try to establish a network of portals to move people and equipment as quickly as possible."

<@Komodo> She looked at Jonathon. "Do you think you could give everyone their own spot to take along?"

<Blackout> Fianna scratched a cheek. "At leas' I can dig pretty well. But we'll hafta be careful - I remember watchin' a program on this shit, can't more avalanches happen before it's fully settled? An' shouldn't we get a list of who was out on th' slopes too?"

<Lifeguard> "I won't need one," Heather could already feel a new power, "My mutation has it covered."

<Spot> He smirked back. "That sounds kind of dirty...but yeah, sure, there are enough to go around. Just don't wear them out."

<Cloak> "Neither will I, I can transport myself." Tyrone said pointedly looking at his bracelet.

<Warbird> "They're uploading the information they have, as we speak. You should all have what you need in your equipment bags to keep up to date. Make sure to maintain contact with everyone else." She eyed Tyrone, "When we're on the ground."

<@Komodo> "I still think it might be a good idea," Melati added, giving everyone in the plane a firm look. "I've learnt to appreciate having backup options."

<Spot> He started handing out spots to everybody. "Just make sure to get them back to me. If you leave them alone for too long they...grow..." He thought it would be a good idea not to mention the accompanying suction coming along with the growth, as well as the disappearing of objects into nothingness.

<Blackout> Fianna nodded, a little nervous as he looked out at the snow. People were actually relying on him to save their lives. Was he actually prepared for this? Did it matter? He let out a hiss between his fangs, taking a spot and - well, sticking it to the back of his hand. That'd do for now. "Sure thing, boss."

<Lifeguard> Heather took one but only so that they could get to her if they needed to, adding it to the golden skin on her forearm.

<Cloak> Tyrone looked at the tiny spot in confusion, "So... how exactly do I use this thing? Its a bit small to step through."

<@Komodo> Melati frowned, eyeing the black disc warily as she picked it up. "Thanks for the warning," she said, before slapping it to her first aid backpack. "I'll make sure to bring it back before it can swallow the the Earth."

<Spot> "Don't worry about putting people in there at the same time. They very rarely come through as melted together abominations longing for the sweet release of death."

<Cloak> Tyrone handed the spot back, "Yeah I'll stick to my own portals, thanks."

<Warbird> "... Way to be reassuring there." Carol rolled her eyes, shaking her head a little as they finally set down on somewhat stable ground. "I really hope there's not another avalanche that buries the jet..." She didn't really want to have to lift the thing out of one. It was heavy and she might dent it.

<Blackout> "...Good t' know." Fianna said weakly, pullng himself up and straightening the new uniform. "Why th' fuck is it I can control shadows and light an' I'm the only fucker who can't teleport through it?"

<Spot> "As for the how, just pull it wider and stick it on any surface. You guys can't hang it into the air, only I can do that. But the ground or a tree is perfectly fine," he answered Tyrone, while taking his spot back with a shrug.

<Spot> "So, boss-lady," he adressed Carol. "How are we going to get the spot to a hospital?" He waved one at her.

<Warbird> "Okay, we're down. Be careful and watch each other's backs." She held out her hand for the spot. "I'll get that one."

<Cloak> "I'll take it Colonel Danvers. I can get portal to a hospital and place the spot." He looked at it warily, "But don't expect me to hand one of those things ever again."

<Spot> "Okay then." He walked ove to Melati. "Juuuust in case there actually will be shooting. You know how I hate any additional holes, they ruin my complexion."

<Warbird> "I wouldn't expect you to come back either," She frowned at Tyrone. "It'll take me just a few minutes to get over there, don't worry about it." She gestured him over and held out a hand for the wrist with the bracelet, "I'm not turning it all the way off."

<Lifeguard> As soon as the ramp was down, Heather was out of the jet. She was going to be a real superhero!

<Blackout> Fianna felt the bump and crunch as they landed on the snow, holding his breath just in case there was another covering of snow. He was strong, but still... "Hey, Mel. Mind if I stick wit' you? This is kinda new and scary an' I might get lost." He gave her big red eyes from behind the visor as the shadows closed over his skin.

<Spot> "Onwards, fearless leadress!" He pointed at the snow.

<Warbird> "I'll be back soon," Carol lifted into the air, sticking to low speeds until she was out of the danger zone, then breaking the sound barrier several times over to get to the nearest Hospital as fast as possible.

<@Komodo> "If you plan to use me as cover, you better keep up," Melati told Jonathon, smirking as she looked back over her shoulder. "Alright, X-Boys-and-Girls, let's make ourselves useful and save some lives!"

<Spot> He saluted at her. "Aye, Ma'am."

<Lifeguard> Heather's wings spread out behind her again and, with a whoosh of air, she was up. "I know it's probably inappropriate but... this is so cool!"

<Blackout> "Not a problem for me, Scales." Fianna grinned, following her out into the snow and rubbing the back of his neck, a dark, shadowy form against all the white. "Waaaay too bright out here."

<Lifeguard> It wasn't long before Heather was dropping out of the air like a bird of prey to punch through the layer of snow and rescue trapped townies or skiiers, a gained power of telepathy helping her pick out their locations under the surface.

<Komodo> "Now let's see how we best can make ourselves useful," Melati said, struggling with the deep snow the moment she set foot into it and sank in right up to her knees.

<Spot> He gave his beleaguered team mate a long look and then attempted to climb on her back. "Piggyback! Be my noble steed!"

<Blackout> "I dunno, birdy there's got it covered I think." Fianna, tall and heavy as he was and the snow not compacted and still not settled, was having similar issues, though he was able to stop himself sinking too far in by ramming his claws into the snow. "Heh. Could jus' let her do th' work and take all the glory." Why didn't he stay with Cassie again?

<Lifeguard> Setting her survivors down on a roof and losing the spare arms she'd gained to carry them, Heather frowned a little, "Do you think the hospital has a spot yet?"

<Komodo> "Seems the best we can do to help is try and locate survivors and help move the snow out of the way." Melati waded onward while taking a look around, finding the spots where mundane rescue specialists had already started their work.

<Cloak> Creating a portal Tyrone stepped through and travelled to the top of the tallest building he could see, a clocktower.

<Blackout> Not that it mattered now. He could hear a heartbeat and muffled crying not far below him. Taking a deep breath, he started to dig, the snow appearing to bleed black under the surface as he dived under.

<Blackout> A few moments later and he found a hollow with a near-suffocated girl in it. She was blue and shaking, her legs mangled and bloody. Clearing a space and holding the snow up on his back, he set up the hole and gently lowered her through, hoping the spot would work, before picking it back up and clawing back to the surface.

<Blackout> Breaking it, he took in a massive breath. "Got one! Put her straigh' in hospital."

<Lifeguard> Assuming, therefore, that the Hospital did indeed have a spot, Heather sent her rescuees through the one she'd taken with her.

<Spot> "They've started putting people through the spots," he told Melati from her back.

<Warbird> Carol returned to the scene with a large dumpster to start clearing some of the snow. She didn't want to risk melting it when there might be people underneath.

<Cloak> Looking down at the building nearest to him, Tyrone decided to take a look inside. Stepping through a portal into the building he found a restaurant with a dozen very cold people trapped inside. "How the heck am I going to get all these people out with my powers limited?"

<Komodo> "Good! Keep it up and help dig wherever you can!" Melati had gotten to work herself, her feral senses allowing her to pinpoint another cavern holding entrapped survivor. "Any second can count!" She instantly began to dig up the snow with her large, clawed hands.

<Cloak> Stepping back outside Tyrone frantically waved to the nearest X Man he saw, Heather.

<Lifeguard> Heather spotted the waving and headed over while communicating on comms, "What's up?"

<Cloak> "Dozen people. Trapped. Below us. Should've brought a damn spot." Tyrone spoke quickly.

<Lifeguard> "Here, you can borrow mine," She took it off her arm and offered it over.

<Cloak> Tyrone reached for it. "No way am I touching that thing. "Look. I'll open a portal and take you inside, Ok?"

<Lifeguard> "It's not going to bite you..." Heather frowned, "But sure. Get on with it."

<Warbird> Carol found a skier with her dumpster-shovel and fished him out, taking him to the emergency personnel.

<Spot> "Hum..." He kind of wished he hadn't thrown away the shovel earlier. Shrugging, he started to shovel the snow away with his hands.

<Spot> "Man, I sure wish I had a shovel. Or maybe a heat ray...or an X-ray. X, get it?," he pushed out between heavy breaths. He really sucked at physical labour.

<Warbird> "How about a heatray with a shovel?" Carol asked, pausing on a return flight from where she was dumping the snow a safe distance away from any other population centres.

<Spot> "Well, get those SHIELD supplies roling, fly lady! My hands feel like stumps!"

<Warbird> Carol set the dumpster down, "Shovel." She tapped it with her hand before pushing energy into that same hand to make it glow. "Heatray."

<Lifeguard> Having stuck her spot permanently to a roof for easier access, Heather was fetching and carrying more survivors to safety and the hospital. There sure were a lot of people.

<Spot> "Well, great, and I keep on shoveling with my stumps."

<Warbird> "I'll fetch you a shovel but give me your hands first." Carol held out her own hands for them.

<Spot> "Are you hitting on me? I don't know how I stand on older women, but I may make an exception for you." He held out his hands.

<Warbird> Carol rolled her eyes, "In your dreams. I just don't want any of you kids getting frostbite on my watch." She used her powers to gently warm his hands up.

<Spot> He felt the heat returning to his hands when something hit him in the back of the head. When he looked around he saw Broo waving and gesturing towards the object that so offensively had struck him. He picked it up...and it unfolded into a mini digger.

<Spot> His eye widened and he looked up, in terror, at Broo, who quite excitedly bopped up and down, quite obviously expecting the great artist and bohemian Johnathon Ohm to ride the silliest of things possible. Good God, he must have used a Hello Kitty lunchbox to make this, because half a Kitty's face and some pink strawberies could be seen on it.

<Warbird> "Or there's probably shovels on the jet that no one picked up...." Carol offered as an alternative. "Your hands good now?"

<Spot> "He's looking at me...eagerly..."He withdrew his hands. "How do I know it won't break him if I ignore his present? It's the small ones that always snap first..."

<Cloak> Walking through the darkness inside his portal Tyrone quickly made his way up the street, checking each building for survivors and taking those he found to Heather's spot. Once the street was clear Tyrone decided to head out and see what the others were up to.

<Warbird> "If he snaps, you can use me as a shield." Carol picked up her dumpster again.

<Spot> He sighed and got onto the ridiculous...hilarious......ridicularious contraption and started to opperate the levers. Looking over his shoulders he saw Broo give him the eagerest of thumbs-ups, and he knew that not working with this would be like kicking a puppy in the as-of-yet under-developed gonads.

<Cloak> "Whats the gnome doing here?" Tyrone whispered to Johnathon. "I thought we left him in the school? Did you give him a spot to get here?"

<Cloak> Tyrone suddenly grimaced realising he'd called Broo 'the gnome' out loud.

<Warbird> Problem solved, Carol took off again to go and shovel more snow with her super-efficiant shovel.

<Spot> "No idea, he just threw...this at me while I wasn't looking. I think he stowed away or something..." He pulled a lever and grabbed a bunch of snow. Then he reversed the little machine, feeling his haughty air of artistic coolness evaporate despite the cold snow, and shoveled it aside, helping Melati to burry out some more people.
"The secondary penis slides into view. And they all lived happily ever after."
Kieron Gillen

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