What if...? Zombies!

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:44 am

Carol: Carol was at a car lot. There were many. Most of them, not so useful... and in the way. Easy fix! She decided throwing them to the corner would be a bad plan because explosions were likely so she just gave them a 'gentle' shove with a foot instead and watched them sliiiiiiide away.

Mayday: In the distance, just too far to make out, a shadowy figure stood against the sunlight atop a building. It squatted, lifting something from its back and raising it in front of itself.

Bobby: Sitting in the cab of his truck at the entrance to the car lot, Bobby chuckled. Arm resting on the wheel, his fingers idly tapped on the dash. "Subtle as a heart attack," he muttered at Carol's display, looking around for undead visitors.

Mayday: The shadowy figure stood, stepping off the side of the building and sliding down the tiled roof below it. It jogged to a closer vantage point and crouched again, watching the group.

Carol: Ooooh a potential contender. She picked up the black SUV and took it out to the street, setting it down on the sidewalk and giving it a gentle pat. Then she went back into the lot. It was actually kind of fun to shove the cars around and not get in trouble for it.

Bobby: "Ooo, nice. I hope it has a sunroof," he snickered. So far, so good... the area seemed clear.

Carol: Carol grinned over her shoulder, "It totally does!" she laughed.

Mayday: "Two...", the shadowy figure muttered to herself, gazing down the improvised scope on her combat bow. She gave their surroundings a look, spotting a straggler they obviously hadn't noticed crawling from beneath a crashed car. She pulled the arrow in her bow back, preparing the shot.

Carol: "We could probably get you a new truck if you wanted!" she called over, before shoving another car to the 'no' pile.

Bobby: "Don't listen to the bad woman, baby," he said, stroking the dash. "She doesn't mean it."

Mayday: The arrow whistled through the air, striking with a snap as it embedded itself into the animated dead man's head. There was a little spurt of blood as it penetrated the skull.

Carol: Carol paused and looked around, foot on the door of her latest rejected car. "Did you hear that?"

Bobby: "Huh?" Bobby really hadn't heard much with the sound of clanking cars all around, but she looked concerned enough to make him get out and ramp to the bed of the truck for a better vantage point.

Mayday: The figure darted back across the rooftop, jumping down into a nearby alley to stay out of sight.

Carol: "I'd swear I just heard something... like... that wasn't me..." She lifted into the air to look around.

Bobby: Spotting the corpse, he jumped down and went to it, giving it a wary kick and whistling low when he spotted the arrow.

Bobby: "I don't remember that being there when we rolled in..."

Carol: Carol eyed it, "Nope... That's new... it's still leaking..." she wrinkled her nose. "Also it smells bad so I'm gonna go... over there..." she thumbed over her shoulder.

Bobby: "Girl." He crouched beside it and yanked the arrow free. Huh. "So we got company."

Mayday: There was a small, barely audible 'click' as the hooded figure stepped out from the alley, holding a snub-nosed .32 caliber pistol high, she aimed at Carol and walked softly, a white mask covered her mouth and nose, and goggles covered her face.

Carol: "I'm allowed to not like how dead things that are months old smell! It's gross!"

Mayday: Carefully, the hooded girl drew her machete, gun still trained on the blonde as she approached. The blade was flicked around in her fingers before being raised slowly.

Bobby: Bobby turned slowly to search for body heat, just a little too slow. "Um... Carol..." This one was alive, all right.

Bobby: Raising his own hands with the arrow still between his fingers, he waited for the figure to make the mistake of attacking Carol.

Carol: "Huh?" Carol looked round, "Woah! Hey!"

Mayday: The girl leapt back, gun still trained on the other girl, "Stand still or the trigger gets pulled.", she said, calmly and cooly, pointing the gun suddenly at Bobby, "He's first if either of you move."

Mayday: "And I...", she scowled behind her goggles, "...am a VERY good shot."

Carol: Carol looked at Bobby, "My nose it itchy. Can I scratch it?"

Bobby: Girl's voice, he decided, and shifted to ice instantly.

Mayday: "Oh, you're one of the funny ones(?)", the hooded girl challenged, watching the man suddenly turn to ice, "He-...wait...Bobby!?", the gun was lowered ever so slightly.

Carol: An eyebrow went up, "You know this short bundle of crazy?"

Bobby: "I... don't know? Do I?" Bobby cocked his head as if he could see through the mask.

Mayday: "It's me: Mayday!", the hooded girl explained, pointing her gun back at Carol, "Who's this? She's with you, right? She's ok?"

Carol: "I'm awesome... and bullet proof. Seriously. Knock yourself out."

Bobby: "Mayday?" Holy shit! "She's a student - it's okay," he quickly told Carol. "Carol's SHIELD, she's on our side, May." He lowered his arms and took the chance on shifting back.

Mayday: Slipping the .32 back into her belt-holster, Mayday pulled off her hood and mask, pushing her goggles up and out of her face, into the mess of unevenly cut, chin-length hair on her head, "I-I can't....it's really you!?", she gasped, hardly able to believe it.

Bobby: "Yeah... it's me." Bobby grinned, taking a few steps toward her and holding out the arrow, fletching first. He ran his other hand through his scruffy hair and then scrubbed his beard. "Good to see you, girl!"

Carol: Carol did the dance of not getting shot at today, "I guess I can go back to shopping then."

Mayday: Still gripping her machete in her left hand, Mayday reached out and took the arrow, "Gosh, y-...you look...so different.", she smiled weakly, ready to stop being the gung-ho Lara Croft she'd become over the last month or so, the arrow was stowed in her quiver, "So, who's....that?", she gestured to Carol.

Mayday: "L-like...I know you just said.", Mayday squirmed, "I-I mean what's her story?"

Bobby: "Carol, Mayday. Mayday, Carol." Bobby grinned. "Yeah... I grew a winter coat I guess."

Bobby: "She's just another survivor... worked for SHIELD, like me and Darren."

Mayday: "Heh! That's funny 'cause...ice...", Mayday blinked, a little tear sliding out, "W-what about the others? I-is everyone...?", she looked at Carol.

Carol: Carol waved over her shoulder as she started back for the cars. "Everyone's probably overstating it. We're not the only people still possessing brains.... or wait, that's probably debatable if you ask Jess.... I don't think she agrees I have one..."

Mayday: Mayday looked between them, "W-wait, what does that mean? B-Bobby, what does she mean?", she was a little confused.

Bobby: "Yeah..." Concentrating, he iced just his stubble and rubbed his hand across his face. Instant shave. "That look more like me?" he asked and went over to her. No crying, dammit. Bobby put an arm around her. "We, uh, lost a lot of people..."

Mayday: "....", the redhead looked shocked beyond emotion, "...w-what? Fabian? Max?", she tensed her hand around the blade in her hand, "....Susan...?"

Bobby: "Sue... I saw her... die." He cleared his throat. "At the mansion. Johnny lived... he was with us until a little while ago. Hope and him took off on their own. Fabian was with us too. Him and Lukas took off on their own."

Mayday: Mayday shook her head in stoic defiance, "No. No way....", she gripped the blade tighter, "The others....they must've...?"

Bobby: "I didn't see many people, and we searched the mansion as best we could before we had to run... Miles and Laura, for sure, didn't make it either. A lot of teachers..." He cleared his throat again.

Carol: Back in the car lot, Carol returned to shoving cars.

Mayday: "W-what about Lorna? A-and JP? Clarice!?", Mayday demanded.

Bobby: "Never saw Clarice... JP didn't make it. Or Reed..." Bobby let go of her and looked down, trying to keep control. "Lorna didn't make it."

Mayday: Mayday stepped back, hardly able to believe what she was hearing. She slumped down onto her knees, tears streaming but no sobs coming up, "....oh....jesus christ......."

Bobby: Bobby didn't know what to say. There wasn't anything to say... it was what all of them had gone through. Finally, he crouched down beside her and slid his arm around her shoulders. "I'm guessing... you been alone all this time?"

Mayday: "Oh, no: I've met people.", Mayday looked up, face devoid of emotion as she recounted it, "I met a group of three a month and a half ago. It....went badly.", she said.

Bobby: "Shit, I'm sorry." He looked around, making sure they were still clear, since Carol was making a lot of noise. "You can come back with us if you want. We have a pretty secure location. Food, water. We're trying to find others. It's me and Carol, Jess and Rogue. Another girl we found - Cecilia. She's a mutant too."

Mayday: Mayday shuddered at the memories from all those months ago. Her phobia of people hadn't quite disappeared, "I....I don't...", she stammered, "I don't have much food left...."

Bobby: "Well, we have plenty. And electricity." The girl was a mess... there was no way he was just leaving her. "Heat. It's nice. It's safer than being alone... believe me."

Mayday: "....yeah.", she nodded, standing up slowly and looking down at the machete in her hand, "...s-sorry, I'll put that away.", she flipped it in her hand and slid it slowly into its scabbard. "....sorry."

Bobby: "No problem. We're all jumpy these days..." He squeezed her shoulder. "We've got some food in the truck. I can turn on the heat.... Carol's just expanding our car choices." Bobby chuckled.

Mayday: Mayday nodded, trembling a little, "...'k.", she didn't really know what to say: words didn't come easy to her right now. She couldn't hold eye contact with Bobby, instead looking over to Carol to see what she was doing, "Cars are bad.", she announced, "They hear them, they come. You should move on foot."

Carol: Carol had found another acceptable option and she picked that up to put it on the street with the other one. "I think I wanna keep them both... Cee can have this one if she leaves..." She patted her second find - it had a flat bed at the back of it.

Bobby: "They do hear them, but Carol and I can take care of them. They're good for transporting things, and for distance." He started to lead her to the truck, dodging Carol and her load. "I mean, look at her..."

Mayday: "She lifts cars.", Mayday pointed out to nobody in particular, speaking without the usual mirth that she did before the events of the last few months.

Carol: Carol wondered if she should risk trying to carry both back at once... but she probably needed two hands per car. "Imma have to make two trips... damn..." She picked up the first car and lifted into the air with it. "I'll be right back."

Bobby: "She's like a walking, flying wrecking ball, and she shoots shit with fire blast things..." Bobby watched her lift off and opened the passenger door for Mayday. "Yeah... and that."

Mayday: Mayday nodded a little, looking back at Bobby, then at the car door, approaching it slowly, "You want me to...sit in there?", she looked inside the car, clearly feeling a little apprehensive about the closed enviroment.

Carol: Carol flew off with the car at speed. Not as fast as she wanted to go because cars weren't really designed to travel at mach 3.

Bobby: "Well, we can sit in the bed if you want... but it's warmer inside." He nodded at the bed of his old truck. "Up to you, babe." He could tell she was jumpy, so he gave her a reassuring grin.

Mayday: With reluctance, Mayday slipped the bow and quiver off of her back, placing them in the back of the car. She approached Bobby again and slipped into the passenger seat, drawing her .32 and gently holding it with both hands, her finger (naturally) off the trigger.

Mayday: She looked up at Bobby, "....can I just hold this?"

Carol: Carol flew back much faster than she'd headed off, landing and sliding through the ice and snow as she did. "Wooooooo-hahahaha!" That was so fun! She shook off the snow that landed on her from the cloud she'd kicked up.

Bobby: Bobby raised his eyebrows. "Sure... I understand." Poor girl... all big eyes and lost expression. He closed the door and went around to get in the driver's side, yelping when Carol blindsided him and he went down. "Son of a bitch!"

Carol: Carol cracked up, "Ha! Your face!" She obligingly melted some of the snow off him.

Mayday: Mayday's hand shot up, raising the gun level to shoot Carol in the face. She breathed to calm herself down.

Bobby: "Funny!" Bobby picked himself up and dissolved the rest of the snow, shooting Carol a death glare. He turned and smiled at Mayday again. "Sorry... it's okay. She's just... blonde."

Carol: "You just don't appreciate my sense of humour!" She poked her tongue out at Bobby, then leaned slightly though the doorway of the truck, "I'm mostly harmless, I promise."

Mayday: "Don't do that.", Mayday breathed slowly, darkened blue eyes still fixed on Carol.

Carol: "Which part?" her own blue eyes were friendly, her hair slightly damp from the melting snow.

Mayday: Mayday tensed up, "What are you, a fucking comedian?", she hissed, "I swear to God, if you jump out like that again, one of these is going through one of your eyes..."

Bobby: "She thinks so, yes," he said, sliding past Carol into the driver's seat. "It'd just bounce off."

Carol: "You can try." She smiled, "I'm indestructible. It's a thing." She looked at Bobby, "I am funny! Except not normally intentionally..."

Bobby: "Mmmhmmm" Bobby reached for the backpack under the seat and rummaging for food to give to Mayday.

Mayday: "I met a guy like that...", Mayday explained, gun still trained on Carol, "...turns out he needs oxygen just as much as everyone else. Damn shame.", she muttered at the end.

Carol: "I fly up to space on a regular basis. Your move."

Bobby: Between the two women, he dropped the pack into his lap and sighed loudly. "Oh, come on."

Carol: "What? She's threatening me and I think it's adorable."

Mayday: Mayday lowered the snub-nose slowly, still watching the girl. She didn't trust her at all. "I want to leave.", she muttered, looking back at Bobby. "She makes me nervous and I don't like it."

Bobby: "Back off, Carol," he said flatly, reaching to close the door.

Carol: "I promise I'm not as threatening as I seem... I just don't respond well to having guns shoved in my face." She did move out of the way so he could close the door. "I'll get some gas on the way back - might as well take advantage of my over sized shopping trolley." She gestured vaguely at the car.

Mayday: "Immune against bullets, doesn't like having guns pointed at her.", Mayday recited sarcastically under her breath, "Hm. Noted.", she stroked the gun in her hands gently.

Carol: "Don't know any military folks that liked having guns pointed at them."

Bobby: "Okay, we'll meet back up at the ranch, ladies." He started up the truck and closed the door, giving Carol a little wave through the glass.

Carol: "Be careful," Carol warned, waving back. "I'll race you back."

Mayday: "Dat last word feel.", Mayday muttered snarkilly, curling up a little in her seat and looking out of the window. She shuffled around a little, drawing out a notepad, "...d-d'you have a pen?", she asked Bobby, without looking at him.

Bobby: After cranking up the heat, he frowned and reached across, opening the glove box to dig through that. The pen he found belonged to Lorna, so with a sad smile he handed it to her without a word. Something dropped from the box onto the floor.

Bobby: Straightening back up, he pulled an energy bar from the backpack, along with a bottle of water, and set those on the seat beside Mayday as well.

Mayday: Mayday took the pen, hand trembling as she opened up the notebook. Scrawled inside were four 'steps' to something, the fourth was scratched out, having previously had a tick next to it like the other three.

Mayday: With a deep breath, Mayday drew a small tick next to the re-written fourth step under the scratched out version, smiling and feeling a few tears escape her eyes.

Bobby: Bobby watched her from the corner of his eye, but didn't know what to say exactly, so he just put the truck in gear and headed out.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:45 am

Bobby: The ride back had been long, somewhat sad, punctuated by a couple zombie battles, tense - though that might just have been him reading into it - and long. Had he said long? Bobby pulled onto the long private drive leading to the lodge. "Well... here we are."

Mayday: Mayday stepped out of the car, stowing her pistol and closing the door, "I-I want my stuff. My Bow, my backpack..."

Bobby: "Sure." Bobby circled the truck and got her belongings, handing them over and trying to give her another reassuring smile.

Cecilia: Cecilia came out to the driveway, shotgun slung over her shoulder and pistol on her belt. She wasn't taking any chances. "You guys have my truck?" She asked bluntly.

Jessica: Jess heard the truck and hurried to open up the door for Bobby. So many barricades. Made her happy. She opened the door a small way first just to check it was Bobby then opened it fully.

Mayday: Without a word, Mayday threw her bow over her shoulder and held the bag and quiver tightly, looking at the new girls, "Jess.", she noted, "...who's that?", she gestured at Cecilia.

Jessica: "May!" Jess smiled, "Oh God it's good to see you!" She hurried out to hug the other girl.

Bobby: "Hello to you too, Cee," Bobby sighed. "Carol's got the vehicles. She's making a gas run. He looked around and spotted one of the SUVs Carol had just flown back, pointing to it for Cecilia's benefit.

Bobby: "Mayday, Cecilia," he introduced. "Mayday was a student at our school. I told you we found Cee."

Mayday: Mayday shied from the hug, shaking her head, "Hello.", she said, not wanting to touch anyone, "...hi, Cecilia."

Cecilia: "Huh," said Cecilia. "Mayday? Funny, your name is an alarm. Hehehe," she laughed, in a slightly deranged tone.

Jessica: Jess was a little put out by May's backing off but smiled through it. "You must be freezing, come inside and warm up..."

Bobby: Bobby gave Jess a half shrug for Mayday's behavior. He'd tell her later. Going over to her himself, he gave her a kiss hello before going back to the truck to empty it of supplies.

Cecilia: Cecilia went over to the car. "Back's not covered," she remarked. "Could get hop on zombies. Not good."

Mayday: "Oh, she's a comedian, too.", Mayday mumbled, "'s cold...", she watched Bobby kiss Jessica, "...", she shook her head.

Jessica: "There's food in the oven... it's a bit late but you're just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Carol got us a turkey." She smiled, heading for the door and gesturing May to follow.

Carol: Carol landed in the snow with a *flump* and a large amount of shloshing sounds from the jerry cans. "I got gas!" She announced. "And you totally beat me! Damn zombies holding me up."

Cecilia: Cecilia looked at the inside of the car. Everything looked pretty decent. Four wheel drive, that was good. Thank Christ no-one got her prius or some shit.

Mayday: The redhead remained silent, glancing around the room to spot entry points, and perhaps other people, "Is is just you guys here?"

Bobby: "Yeah, but you can carry more shit in it," he pointed out to Cecilia. "The back can be covered."

Cecilia: She'd need to pack all the essentials in here of course. Reinforce the back window... "Apparently, there were others, but they left," remarked Cecilia to Mayday. "Know anything about that?"

Jessica: "There's Rogue too but she's out on patrol. She should be back soon." Jess gave May a smile, "Do you want to shower and change or anything? We have hot water, power, real beds..."

Carol: Carol eyed Cecilia, "How is she supposed to know about that when she wasn't here?"

Mayday: Mayday shrugged, she had no idea, and didn't want to get involved. "I need somewhere high and locked.", she half mumbled, "...please."

Cecilia: Cecilia laughed harshly. "Things don't stay hidden with me."

Jessica: "Sure, follow me." Jess nodded towards the stairs. "We can leave all that car nonsense outside." She smiled at May again, "It's so nice to see you... always makes me feel better when we find other survivors."

Bobby: "Except when there's nothing to hide," he scoffed, dropping the bags inside the door.

Carol: Carol frowned, shaking her head and going to put the gas in the storage area. "Crazy..." she muttered.

Mayday: Mayday followed Jess, trying to keep a fair distance. She cut her eye back at Carol, "She's a liability.", she remarked, looking back at Jess, "The others are dead, aren't they?"

Jessica: "She's a handful I'll give you that," she laughed a little, sobering instantly at the next question. "I don't know, May... we find people and it gives me hope... there were teleporters at the school so they might have gotten people out... There's no way to know for sure..."

Cecilia: Cecilia shook her head. "I ain't crazy...It's the world that's insane." She ran to catch up with the others. "And I won't be putting you all out much longer, so you can all rejoice!"

Mayday: "...Sue's gone.", Mayday murmurred.

Carol: "You can't seriously be thinking of leaving on your own in the middle of winter? Because, I hate to break it to you, that is crazy." Carol pointed out.

Bobby: Bobby shook his head at Cecilia and went to help Carol put the gas away and bar the door.

Jessica: Jess nodded, "I know... I was there...." she sighed heavily.

Cecilia: Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "And you all care because...?" She shook her head. "I'm saving us all a lot of pain later when you go to that SHIELD base and we part ways. It's easier this way. Quick n' clean."

Mayday: Mayday stopped, squeezing her backpack, "...nobody else got out?", she looked up at Jessica.

Carol: "Except it's not because now we'll all just wonder how you are anyway." Carol rolled her eyes.

Cecilia: Cecilia snorted harshly. "Don't bother wasting energy worrying about me. I won't be worrying about you. I don't have the time."

Jessica: "A few got out with us..." Jess paused to look at May, "Hope, Johnny, Fabian, Lukas, Sean, Lorna... we found Paige later... but she got bit... took Lorna with her... The others left... well except Sean... he got taken... recently..."

Bobby: "Lost cause," he muttered to Carol.

Carol: "I know... but I can still think it's stupid. It's not a good time of year to be sleeping out of shelter. A car isn't warm enough for that. If the zombies don't get her, the cold will."

Cecilia: "Wanna tell her why all those one's are gone?" Said Cecilia. "Hope, Johnny, Fabian, Lukas: left. Lorna and Paige: dead. Sean: killed."

Cecilia: "Notice the majority left," she pointed out. "Wonder why that is?"

Carol: "Oh my God, what is your problem?" Carol glared at her, "Just stay the hell out of it. Have some tact. Jesus."

Mayday: Mayday took a few moments to absorb the information, she turned to Cecilia, "...hm?", she looked at Jess, "W-wait, there were more of you?"

Cecilia: She was still sore about the lack of honesty around here. She'd seen the results of such stupidity before. "My problem is you lied to me. A lie of omission is still a lie."

Bobby: "Lied how? Fabian and Lukas left on their own, and so did Hope and Johnny."

Jessica: "No one lied to you!" Jess shot back, "I fucking told you what happened! And now I wish I hadn't because you're being completely tactless!"

Cecilia: "And would you care to elaborate on why they left then?" She said. "And you did, Jess. After I forced the information out of you. Not very forthcoming."

Mayday: "Will somebody answer my fucking question?", Mayday spat, no love in her words like there used to be.

Jessica: Jess scowled at Cecilia then turned back to May, "Yes, May, there were more of us...."

Bobby: "Yeah, May, I told you that."

Carol: "Does it really matter why they left?" Carol asked Cee, "I mean, they're still gone..."

Mayday: "Why did they leave, I meant.", Mayday sighed, tired and obviously mixing up her thoughts, "Just...somebody talk, you can all go back to hating each other after."

Mayday: She glanced at Carol, "I want to know, does it matter why?"

Rogue: Rogue landed on the driveway with a dead boar over her shoulder and walked up the steps towards the front door, wincing at the shouting she heard coming from within. If she had seen a zombie in a five-mile radius that was still alive, they'd be headed this way. She sighed and knocked the knock of the still living, wondering if they could even hear it.

Cecilia: Cecilia glared. "Yes it does!" She snapped. "It does because YOU put my LIFE at risk by bringing me into a house where someone had been BITTEN by a zombie!"

Jessica: "Fabian and Lukas left because they disagreed about how we dealt with something." Jess explained, "Hope and Johnny left because Hope's pregnant..."

Bobby: Bobby sighed, deciding it was time to just get this over with before Cecilia poisoned Mayday too. "It was my fault. Hope hates Jess because ...of us. She thought she wanted Johnny too. Johnny just left because Hope's pregnant and he didn't want her to go alone."

Jessica: "Cecilia! For fuck's sake! If anything was going to happen with that it would have happened weeks ago! Just let it go!"

Bobby: "She's immune, for God's sake! We should have told everybody, yes! But Christ!" Bobby was quickly losing it. "My fucking wife just died and I wasn't going to lose her too!"

Cecilia: "You don't know that!" She cried. "She could be a carrier! Or something else, hell, I'm not an expert!"

Mayday: Mayday drew for her .32 and shot a round up into the air.

Jessica: Jess yelped and put her hands over her sensitive ears.

Carol: "You obviously haven't listened to a single answer you forced out of anyone." Carol folded her arms.

Rogue: Crap! She dropped the boar and flew up through an upper window, soaring down the stairs to find the source of the gun. She eyed the gun being held by a girl and swooped down to tackle her. "What tha fuck?!"

Bobby: The shot made Bobby whip around to look at Mayday, then yelped at Rogue.

Cecilia: Cecilia flinched at the shot. "Damnit! Don't fire that thing unless your life is in danger!" She barked at Mayday. "You attract zombies that way!"

Mayday: Spider-sense kicking in, Mayday dodged Rogue and aimed the gun at Cecilia, "How about you all quit your whining.", she half growled, "I didn't come here to sit between all this, and if the zombies DO come, I recall that Carol can save you all anyway!"

Jessica: Jess couldn't hear anything now except the ringing in her ears. She moved to the wall and leaned against it.

Mayday: "Seriously, how any of you are even still alive is beyond me.", the redhead slipped her weapon away, "I'm sleeping on the roof. I've the equipment, just leave me alone.", she walked away.

Bobby: Deciding the others could handle it now, he went to Jess and put his arms around her.

Carol: "There's solar panels on the roof..." Carol frowned, "Look... if Cecilia will shut the hell up for five minutes and let everyone answer the questions May is asking for themselves maybe we can work this out."

Rogue: Rogue moved to step in front of Mayday, "No. Ya don't get ta come in here, fire a gun then aim it at a livin' person then just walk away."

Cecilia: Cecilia sighed irritably. "I'm packing up my shit. I'll be out of your hair by tomorrow. Don't bother trying to change my mind either. I'm not staying. End of story."

Mayday: Mayday stopped, looking up at Rogue, "What do you mean 'living'? Carry on like this, you're all dead.", she moved to step past Rogue.

Jessica: Jess leaned against Bobby instead and put her arms around him, turning her head to try and keep track of the conversation through lipreading. "May, wait... We're just under a lot of stress right now..."

Rogue: Rogue stepped back in front of her. "'Cause we got one gal who's got an attitude? Really? Ah'd say what'd kill us is y'all shootin' a gun that attracts. Zombies."

Carol: "Well now I'm not going to miss you. I'll even help you pack." Carol shot back at Cee.

Mayday: Glancing at Carol and Cecilia, Mayday laughed a little dryly, "Mmn, 'cause they're the biggest problem you have.", she looked back at Rogue, "Remember, Carol there can kill all of them, so you're safe. A hundred percent."

Rogue: "So can Ah. She an' Ah got tha same powers, buddy. Now sit. Down."

Carol: Carol shook her head, "No... if that was true then Sean would still be alive... I can't target specifics like Bobby can..."

Mayday: "I'm not sitting down.", Mayday stared into her eyes with her own dead ones, "If you're gonna kill me, make it quick. Otherwise, step aside."

Cecilia: Cecilia waved a hand dimissively. "You're all lost. You wanna get imprisoned and experimented on for a zombie cure in a SHIELD base? Fine, knock yourselves out, but I am NOT going down with you."

Rogue: "Ah ain't gonna kill ya. But ya gonna fuckin' listen. Y'all're in our home now. Ya a guest until said otherwise. Not a member."

Jessica: "May... please... just... come with me... we'll get you a room and you can have a shower and everything'll seem much better once you have a good meal in you..."

Carol: "How many times do I have to say that is not going to happen?!" Carol glared at Cecilia.

Mayday: Mayday looked over at Jess, then back at Rogue, "Sure. A shower, some food, then I'm gone. God forbid I upset the residents.", she stepped over to Jess. "Take me away."

Bobby: Bobby, by this point, was just tired of all this bullshit. Leaning against the wall, he pinched the bridge of his nose.

Cecilia: Cecilia turned and walked away. Fuck these people. If she was going to die she was going to die on her feet. Not in a cell.

Rogue: "Ah seriously cannot leave y'all alone f'r a few fuckin' hours, can Ah?" Rogue pushed past Mayday, Cecilia, and Carol, unbarring the door to reclaim her wild boar.

Jessica: Jess gave May a small smile, "Come on..." she opened up the airing cupboard for sheets and towels. "You ask me whatever you want to know and I'll answer as honestly as I can. But you'll have to look at me when you talk because I can't hear anything now."

Mayday: Feeling the push, Mayday took a deep breath. No sense in wasting time choking her, too. She followed Jess without a word.

Cecilia: "I'd rather eat a lead salad than die in some godforsaken army base. No government ever cared for us then and they sure ain't gonna care for us now."


Bobby: "Oh, just shut your fucking mouth - you don't know shit about SHIELD!"

Jessica: "You've not really caught us at our bests...." Jess tried to make light of it, "Cecilia has a way of getting everyone's backs up... you're more than welcome to stay here as long as you want, May. We're happy to have you."

Cecilia: Cecilia scowled. "Oh, how nice. How charitable. As soon as I disagree with you it's 'shut up Cecilia' or 'you don't know what you're talking about!'"

Mayday: Mayday shrugged, "....can I just shower and sleep, Jess? I don't want to talk anymore."

Carol: "Because you don't know what you're talking about. You have no idea how SHIELD operate." Carol pointed out.

Bobby: "Because you don't shut your mouth long enough to listen to anybody and no matter what anybody says you always have to be right."

Jessica: "Of course you can... do you want me to wake you for dinner?" she gave May a kind smile. "There's a really huge turkey... all the trimmings..."

Cecilia: "Obviously you just want me to shut my mouth and be free labour and mutant powers and chip in but you don't want to let me sit at the big kid table. You can't have it both ways. Either treat me like an adult or child. But for fuck's sake. Make up your minds!"

Rogue: Rogue pulled her boar inside, re-barred the door, then went through to the kitchen, slamming it onto the counter and grabbing a butcher knife to hack it's head off.

Carol: "If you don't act like an adult you don't get to sit at the grownups' table."

Bobby: "I give up. I could tell you all day that SHIELD could have killed me before all this happened, because I was part of a plan to kill a real bad guy, who did experiment on mutants, but they gave me a second chance and a job."

Carol: "SHIELD is all about second chances. You have no idea how much trouble I was in before and after I joined them but they kept helping me pick up the pieces. There're a lot of mutants in their ranks. Not one of us has been experimented on."

Mayday: Mayday shook her head, "Nothing fancy, Jessica. Just....basics.", she sank onto a sofa in the room they'd entered. "And...if I could just be given a little time to myself..."

Cecilia: "SHIELD's not the main reason I'm going, it's a part of it, yes. As is the selective truth. But what I'm really more concerned with is the lack of sensibility," she frowned.

Jessica: "Of course you can... tell you what. I'll make you up a plate and bring it in here for you and then you can eat as much or as little as you like at your own pace." Jess offered.

Bobby: "I still don't get what's so selective," he sighed.

Carol: "Selective truth? What the fuck are you talking about now?"

Cecilia: "I can't fathom the selfishness involved with being bitten by a zombie and returning to your group. That's beyond stupid- that's almost murder."

Cecilia: "And selective, as in Jess wouldn't tell me why people left and wasn't up front about her powers or her bite status until I forced it out! Hell, if I hadn't I'm sure you'd have all kept me in the dark!"

Bobby: "Okay, you want the truth? I came back from patrol and found her here, alone and bleeding and crying and bitten. But we realized she'd been bitten long enough she should have gotten the fever... so I was stupid and selfish, yes."

Cecilia: "AND NOW IT COMES OUT!" Said Cecilia, throwing her arms in the air.

Carol: "Cecilia. Just listen now. I'm going to speak very slowly and clearly so you can take it all in. You react like this to even the tiniest bit of truth and you expect people to bear their souls? You're an unknown quantity. No one could have known if you'd accept it or just shoot her in the face. Of course they didn't want to go all in on it right at the start!"

Mayday: Mayday gave Jessica a little nod, wincing at the arguing outside. "See you, Jess.", she curled up on the sofa.

Bobby: "Yeah, exactly," he chuckled at Carol's observation.

Bobby: "Yes, it was stupid... Fabian and I have a history that has nothing to do with this shit we're going through. He worked for the guy experimenting on mutants. Him and his buddy Lukas, so we got in a fight over it the next morning and he left. That's the truth."

Jessica: Jess set the sheets and towels down at the end of the bed in the room and gave May another small smile. "When you feel up to it, there's shampoo and everything in the bathroom already."

Mayday: Mayday didn't even nod back, too tired, scared, upset and sick to even think. She felt herself drift off at Jess' words.

Cecilia: Cecilia raised an eyebrow at that. Well, that changed things a bit. But it still didn't change the fact that they had taken a stupid, stupid risk. And Cecilia didn't stick around with people who took stupid risks. "I'm going."

Jessica: Jess gently pulled a blanket over May before she quietly left the room and closed the door behind her. Now to deal with the rest of the fuckery. She heaved a sigh and headed back down the hall to where she'd left the others.

Carol: "Have a nice day." Carol replied.

Bobby: Bobby huffed softly at Carol and just shook his head.

Cecilia: Cecilia walked up the stairs. Ignoring Carol. Shotgun, pistol, ammo, clothes, rope, hunting knife, food. Those were all the things she needed. People...people could go fuck themselves. They weren't as reliable as Vera.

Jessica: Jess watched Cee walking towards her, "Um... what did I miss?"

Cecilia: "My final slam dance," said Cecilia, slamming the door to her room.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:45 am

Rogue: Rogue finished the last of the Thanksgiving dishes and poured a fresh cup of coffee before going to sit at the table with a relaxed sigh. The house was quiet, the kitchen was clean, there were no zombies in sight, and she had coffee. It was a much better day now. She wrapped her bare hands around the warm mug and slumped down in her chair so her head could lean back on the top of it and she closed her eyes.

Jessica: Jess wandered back down the stairs after checking on May and headed towards the kitchen for a cup of tea. Then she would go and see if it was safe to make her confessions. Oooor not. Kitchen was not empty. "Oh... hey..."

Rogue: Rogue cracked one eye and barely turned her head in order to look at the new arrival. "Hey." Her eye closed and her head righted itself again. "Cleaned tha blood splatters from tha ceilin'. Flyin's good f'r more'n just gettin' from place ta place."

Jessica: "Oh I know, preaching to the choir there," she smiled and shook her head, going to put the kettle on, "Being able to stick to walls and ceilings has its upsides too."

Rogue: "Ah bet," she said casually, still keeping her eyes closed. "Today was exhaustin'. What tha hell was up with her shootin' a fuckin' gun?"

Jessica: "She got stressed out because no one was listening I think... which was Cecilia's fault for all the yelling..." she sighed, leaning against the counter. "She wants some time to herself and some quiet so I think minimal contact for a few days to let her settle in. Wait til she's comfortable..."

Rogue: "Yeah, well. Rule number one. Don't shoot guns. Especially in tha house." She frowned. Idiot could have killed Bobby. Or hurt him, really.

Jessica: "Well no one wishes she hadn't done that more than I do but it happened." She shrugged, "Just cut her some slack, she'll settle down once she feels safe."

Rogue: "She better," Rogue groused under her breath. She twitched her nose at the question she wanted to ask next and forced it out without thinking about it too hard, "How's mah niece'r nephew?"

Jessica: Jess blinked at the question, "Um... Fine?" She wasn't sure how to answer that. How would she know?

Rogue: Rogue frowned at the question sound to the answer and finally lifted her head to look at Jess properly. "Fine?" she mimicked. "As in, ya have no idea how tha child ya growin' is...?" That's just weird.

Jessica: Jess shook her head, "How would I? It's not been in there that long and it's not like I can go to a doctor or anything..." she turned to take the kettle off the heat when the water boiled.

Rogue: Rogue just blinked at her. "Well... do ya feel like anythin's wrong? Are ya still throwin' up at random smells? Ya mood swings awful?" Weirdest pregnant woman ever.

Jessica: "I was throwing up at the smell of coffee for a while... mostly I'm just tired a lot.... moodswings are not a good measure for me..." she frowned.

Rogue: "Do ya feel like it's healthy?"

Jessica: "I don't feel like it's not?" Truth be told she hadn't really been thinking about it. On purpose. It was weird. She stirred her tea slowly.

Rogue: "Well that's good at least." She let her head go back to where it had been and closed her eyes again.

Jessica: Jess ran a hand through her hair, wondering if now was a good time. But if she kept putting it off because she was uncomfortable it'd never get done. She sighed. "Rogue... I need to tell you something..."

Rogue: Rogue frowned at the anxious sound to Jess' voice and looked at her again, sitting up straight. "Did ya lose it?"

Jessica: "W-what?" her eyes were wide, "No! That's... I don't even... no!" And now she was changing her mind again.

Rogue: "Oh, ok good." Rogue relaxed again, "Ah thought since we were just talkin' 'bout tha baby ya were gonna tell me that."

Jessica: She shook her head, "No, of course not! I mean... I would just... no.... God..." she shook herself, taking to pacing it out.

Rogue: Rogue watched her moving around, "So then... what's up?"

Jessica: Jess took a deep breath, pausing in her pacing to let it out slowly. "I did something I shouldn't have the other day..."

Rogue: Rogue frowned in thought at that. "Um. Did ya get bit again an' not tell anybody? 'Cause ya baby might not be immune, ya know."

Jessica: Jess just stared at her again. "I was already pregnant the first time around...." Oh God!

Rogue: "...You... what?" Well shit.

Jessica: Jess needed to sit down now and went to do that. She ran a hand through her hair and tried to think logically about it. "I'm sure my immunity would protect it..."

Rogue: "Ah guess we'll see in a month'r so when it starts movin'..."

Jessica: And now she felt nauseas.... Power through it. "Okay... before you give me any more nightmare fuel... can I just say this without you jumping to conclusions?"

Rogue: Rogue winced, "Sorry. Go 'head."

Jessica: "Right..." she ran a hand through her hair, "The other day... when you and Carol were... having that disagreement... I, um, used my pheromone powers on you.... on all of you..."

Rogue: Rogue's eyebrow went up and she gave Jess a stone face. "Uh..huh... Ah'm gonna attribute it ta y'all not bein' able ta control it 'cause ya pregnant, then."

Jessica: "Um... you could... but that wouldn't be strictly accurate in this case..." she shifted uneasily.

Rogue: "Ah see..." She was far from amused. "An' what would ya say if Ah touched y'all without permission?"

Jessica: "Well... I can't say I'd be pleased..." she chewed her lip, "But... I'm sorry... I was careful... I just... I got scared and I didn't want it to escalate to the point where we lost a wall... I was just trying to stop Carol from losing it but I can't target it like that...."

Rogue: Rogue licked her lower lip and stared at the wall instead of Jessica's face. That she wanted to use for a target. "You hafta trust me. Ah know better'n anybody here how Carol is. Or had ya f'rgotten. Ah will not risk exposin' Bobby by losin' a wall. Ah. Ain't. That. Stupid."

Jessica: "I'm sure you're not... I just... like I said... I got scared... and I just wanted it to stop... everything was so loud..." she looked down at her lap. "I didn't have to tell you this... I could have kept it to myself... the reason I didn't do that is because I want people to trust each other... it's important... I feel bad for using my powers like that... I know I shouldn't have..."

Rogue: "To gain trust, ya hafta trust first." She looked back at Jess, "An' ya cannot be scared o' us. We hafta protect each other. Tha second we're scared o' each other is tha second we fall apart. No more bullshit, Jess."

Jessica: "I can't help getting scared.... everyone gets scared... and loud noises freak me the hell out because of my hearing... I don't think properly when I get nervous, I rely on my instincts and, unfortunately, pheromones are kind of an 'I win' button...."

Rogue: "Well, sorry ta break it ta ya, but 'ya lose'."

Rogue: Rogue swallowed all of her coffee in one go and pushed away from the table to head towards the sink. "Yellin' is natural. Ya didn't use ya pheromones on everybody taday, did ya?"

Jessica: "No... but I was deaf for a large part of that..."

Rogue: "Don't matter. Ya didn't do it then. Why do it on us?"

Jessica: "I told you..." she frowned a little.

Rogue: "Yeah... Yeah, ya did. But it don't make sense. We're more in control than Cecilia an' Mayday. An' ya pheromone us. That shit don't fly."

Jessica: "They're not as much of a physical threat..."

Rogue: "Oh no? Guns? Really?"

Jessica: "I know it sounds insane... but yes, really...."

Rogue: "'Kay. Ah'm gonna tell ya this only once. So listen." She turned to face Jess fully, "Ah made a promise ta Bobby that Ah would not hurt ya. Ah keep mah promises."

Jessica: "But Carol hasn't made that promise..." Jess pointed out, "It was her I was more worried about losing her temper... she could level this place without even trying..."

Rogue: "Ah can keep her from doin' it."

Jessica: "Before the room she's in gets blasted to pieces? I just did what I could to get her to listen to reason and calm down... that's all it was..."

Rogue: "Don't do it again."

Jessica: "I have no intention of doing it again."

Rogue: "Good. Then we're done here."

Jessica: "Okay... I'll just... go... need to talk to Carol anyway...." she got up from her seat.

Rogue: "Keep me posted on mah niece'r nephew. An' ya should probably tell Bobby."

Jessica: "I told him already." She picked up her tea and turned for the door. "We don't keep secrets from each other."

Rogue: "That ya baby might be a zombie?" She crossed her arms, "Good ta know. Neither do we."

Jessica: "Considering he was there, I think he might have already thought about that."

Rogue: "But y'all hadn't."

Jessica: "Of course I hadn't. I'm supposed to be avoiding stress. Apparently it's bad for me."

Rogue: "Yet ya just seem ta keep makin' it f'r yaself."

Jessica: "I wasn't the one that brought up miscarriage or zombie babies... both of which I've already witnessed first hand so thanks."

Rogue: "Fuck you."

Jessica: "You're the one who made this into a fight, Rogue. A miscarriage is what killed my mother, fyi. Now I'm going to go and drink my tea in peace."

Rogue: "Y'all braced f'r one. Otherwise ya wouldn't have been nervous ta tell me. Go on. Leave an' nurse ya poor pitiful self."

Jessica: Jess didn't bother responding to that, there was just no point dragging it out and risking saying anything else they might regret later.

Rogue: Rogue turned to the sink and washed her mug, putting it back in the cabinet, none too quietly.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:45 am

<Rogue> Rogue stood on the side lawn with her hands on her hips, staring at all of the snow-covered trees. This time of year sucked. Even before the end of the world. She heaved a sigh and reached down, scooping up a large pile of snow and forming it into a ball. After a minute of staring at it, she turned and stared at Bobby's window. A smirk crawled up her face and she felt a bit like Dennis the Menace as she threw it at the glass.

<Bobby> The sound made him grunt in his sleep and roll over, reaching for Jess and finding a pillow instead. He pulled that to him and nuzzled into it.

<Rogue> Rogue waited for a minute, giving him time to come to the window and unbar it. After a couple of minutes, she frowned and scooped up more snow to throw at the window, preparing a few more just in case before volleying it up.

<Bobby> The sound was insistent though. Finally, it woke him enough to register it was the window, and there were flying zombies. He sat up and looked around the room.

<Rogue> She stopped the volleying for a minute, giving him time to open the window without getting a snowball to the face. She frowned once the minute passed and she sent one more up.

<Bobby> Going to the window, he heard another thud outside the plywood barricade and frowned. He shifted, clothing dropping empty to the floor, and filtered through the cracks. Anna? Oooooo....

<Rogue> Rogue frowned at the window and threw a couple more snow balls at it, wishing she could yell at him to wake up. But... Zombies. Boo.

<Bobby> Bobby drifted down to ground level and swirled around her, kicking up snowflakes in a mini tornado.

<Rogue> Rogue winced as the wind kicked up the snow and she swatted to keep it off her face. ...Wait a minute... Her eyes narrowed as she looked past the area in her immediate vicinity. "Ah'm gonna get you," she said playfully to the snow.

<Bobby> The tornado moved away from her and intensified, forming up. "Riiiiiight."

<Rogue> Rogue grinned at the form taking a vague person shape in front of her, "Ah will." She scooped up more snow and threw it at him, trying to displace him a bit.

<Bobby> Bobby absorbed the snowball and formed a volley of his own, pelting her and dissipating.

<Rogue> "Ack!" Rogue covered her head with her arms and turned away, letting them hit her in the back. Once they were finished, she turned back to him... And he was gone. "Hey! No fair!"

<Bobby> He reformed behind her and dropped some ice down the back of her shirt, under her coat. "All's fair, Dollface!"

<Rogue> Rogue squealed and hopped around, trying to get the ice out as she bent down to throw a handful of snow at him. Oh! Naked! She closed her eyes tight and aimed it south of the border.

<Bobby> "Hey now! Fabian already tried to shoot that off." Bobby laughed and shifted again, into a small snowstorm twirling around her again.

<Rogue> Rogue laughed too, twirling the opposite way of his snowstorm. "Would it be weird if Ah tried ta catch ya on mah tongue? If all tha snowflakes were candy bars an' milkshakes, style?"

<Bobby> It made him laugh, and since she couldn't hear it, he reformed again in front of her. "Kinky, kinky! My milkshake brings all the rogues to the yard?"

<Rogue> Rogue laughed and reached out to shove his shoulder. "But mine's better'n y'alls." She kicked up some snow at him. "Have Ah ever mentioned how Ah hate that y'all don't get cold?"

<Bobby> Bobby wriggled icy brows at her. "It's handy though." He held out a hand and blew her a kiss... along with a rush of snowflakes.

<Rogue> Rogue grinned and opened her mouth to catch some of the flakes on her tongue. "Mmm. Cherry flavored," she laughed.

<Bobby> "Ha!" Bobby just shook his head and crossed his arms. "So, what're you doing hanging around outside? Other than throwing snowballs at my window?"

<Rogue> "Bein' frustrated with tha trees. Snow covered trees means nowhere ta sit without gettin' wet so Ah can hunt. Or keep watch. Whatever. Ah don't like it." She shrugged, "An' then Ah got bored an' wanted ta play..."

<Bobby> "You could sit on the roof, like Car....oh." He chuckled, and turned to look at the treeline. "I could clear a tree for you, but the snow'd be back by morning."

<Rogue> "Yeah... Ah appreciate tha offer." She smiled, "An' Ah know you'd pick me a real nice tree, too. Maybe we can build a treefort when summer comes?"

<Bobby> "Why wait till summer?" He looked to her with a grin and then back to the trees. "We could do it now - it's a good idea. Could build... watchtowers, kinda."

<Rogue> "...But tha coooold," she whined and gave him her big green puppy eyes and a pout.

<Bobby> Bobby snorted and bopped the tip of her nose. "You're out in it nooooow."

<Rogue> Rogue made a whimpering noise at the icy finger. "'Cause Ah hafta keep you saaaaafe."

<Bobby> It made his brows furrow. "Come again?"

<Rogue> "Ah'm out here ta keep you safe. Make sure no zombies're about. Ya know... Patrol?"

<Bobby> "Riiiiight. Not... throwing snowballs at my window to wake me up out of my after-turkey nap?" Bobby couldn't stop his smirk from growing. "Making me come outside... where the zombies are?"

<Rogue> Rogue frowned at him, frustrated that he was right. "Get back inside, dang it."

<Bobby> "Haaaahaaaa," he chortled. "I'm as nigh invulnerable as you in this form, Anna," he reminded her, mimicking her accent. Badly.

<Rogue> Rogue winced at the horrible imitation and threw another snowball at him. "Ah don't sound like that."

<Rogue> "An' Ah've never say 'nigh invulnerable'... That was Sam..."

<Bobby> "Yeah ya do," he kept it up, though he made a face at the mention of Sam. "Anyway, I'm fine, and by fine, I mean safe and way less cold than you." Bobby nodded toward the house. "You can go in... I'm up now, I can patrol."

<Rogue> Rogue frowned, almost pouting at him, "What fun'd that be? Ah don't get ya ta mahself anymore 'less we're sneaky 'bout it."

<Bobby> Bobby tilted his head at her.

<Rogue> Rogue tilted her head back at him, mirroring his face. "What?"

<Bobby> "Why wouldn't you?" He gave her a puzzled smile, shifting his weight and making his ice creak in the silence.

<Rogue> "B'cause ya time's eaten up by Jess. An' if ya not caterin' ta her every whim an' babyin' her sensitive psyche, ya reinforcin' stuff..."

<Bobby> "It's not... eaten up, she's my..." He paused. Girlfriend? She was more than that. Betrothed as Rogue had thrown into his face before?

<Rogue> "It is so," she pouted. Rogue watched him, waiting for him to give her a title, "Baby mama?" she suggested less than helpfully.

<Bobby> "Anna!" Bobby snapped with a glower.

<Rogue> Rogue frowned, not unlike a child in trouble with their favorite parent. "Sorry."

<Bobby> "She's not just-" He cut off with a sigh. "We've never defined it, really. Never had time to... we're all kind of sensitive these days..."

<Rogue> Rogue shoved her hands deep into her jacket pocket and hunched her shoulders. "No kidding," she grumbled.

<Bobby> Bobby sighed again. "Give me your scarf."

<Rogue> Rogue narrowed her eyes quizzically at him but unwrapped it, handing it to him after shaking her hair over her jackets collar.

<Bobby> Wrapping it around his hips and knotting it securely, he moved closer to her and shifted.

<Rogue> Rogue closed her eyes tight as she saw flesh. ...He was wrapped up... Naked... In her scarf. She wasn't sure if she was weirded out or not by that just yet.

<Bobby> "I'm not trying to fight with you," he said softly, able to sound normal again with his own voice.

<Rogue> Rogue sighed and looked up at him with sad puppy eyes. "All we do is fight now."

<Bobby> "Gaaah, not the eyes, babe! Not the eyes," he laughed and slid his arms around her for a tight hug.

<Rogue> "You know it's true," she pouted and hugged him back, pressing her cheek to his chest and nuzzling his collarbone. "Y'all're tha only person that Ah care is on mah side an' we just fight."

<Bobby> "I don't want to," he said, licking his lips at her surprise nosing. But she hadn't had contact in so long, he didn't much mind. "You just..." Bobby smiled faintly and bent down to press his mouth against her forehead. "Well, you kind of hate my betrothed."

<Rogue> "Ah don't hate her... Ah just dislike her." She tilted her head back to look up at him, still touching her cheek to him. "An' it's a lil more now than just that she ain't Lorna... She's annoyin'. An' she used her pheromones on me!"

<Bobby> He smirked. "She told ya, huh? She felt bad about it, but she was freaked."

<Rogue> "She needs ta trust me." She glowered at him, "Y'all do."

<Bobby> "I trust you." He kissed her forehead. "She knows you don't like her, don't approve, and you were so pissed about her finding out her name, no wonder Carol set her off. Last straw sort of thing."

<Rogue> "She didn't do it when they were yellin' an' wavin' guns about though! So why use 'em on me?!"

<Bobby> Bobby paused and thought about it. "Probably because it was more personal then." He shrugged, arms still around her. "And you had just touched me... she had no way of knowing you weren't taking my powers to do something... well, crazy. She doesn't know you. Just your anger."

<Rogue> "She didn't even flinch at our touchin'! Ah doubt she even noticed!" She frowned. "You know me. That should be all that matters."

<Bobby> "Oh, she noticed."

<Rogue> Rogue arched an eyebrow at him, "Carol noticed."

<Bobby> "Oh, she noticed. We already talked about it." He arched the same brow.

<Rogue> "Oh? What'd she say?"

<Bobby> "Nothing, beyond that she was glad you weren't trying to take my power and that it must be nice for you to be able to touch somebody."

<Rogue> "Y'all were touchin' me too," she griped with pout.

<Bobby> Bobby shook his head and laughed.

<Rogue> "You were!" She hugged him tighter and flew them up in the air, over the forest, and down onto a thick branch of a good tree for a fort.

<Bobby> Yelping, he grabbed onto her and the scarf. "Whoa, nelly!" Bobby laughed, staggering and trying to keep his balance on the branch. "Did you just kidnap me?" he giggled.

<Rogue> Rogue laughed, "Sure, if ya want it ta be that. Was just thinkin' we could figure out how ta build a treefort."

<Bobby> "Well it might be a little awkward for me to do it naked!" He was still giggling, looking down at the forest below.

<Rogue> "Hey, Ah ain't tha one who undressed y'all," she grinned and tightened the scarf around his hips for him.

<Bobby> "I wouldn't be undressed at all if somebody hadn't been chucking snowballs at my window," he chuckled, making another startled sound at her hands on the scarf.

<Rogue> "Well if ya had just opened tha window... 'Steada swirlin' 'round me as a snowstorm." She grinned at his startled sound.

<Bobby> "You could have been a zombie! I like my brains to stay where they are!" Bobby patted the scarf down. "I like my balls where they are, too. Careful there!"

<Rogue> Rogue shrugged, "But Ah wasn't." She laughed, "Ah do too. Ah won't move 'em, trust me."

<Bobby> Bobby smirked at that. "You like 'em, huh? Well well. I'm learning all kinds of new things about you."

<Rogue> Rogue blushed bright red, "That ain't... Ah don't... Ugh." She covered her face with her hands, embarrassed. "Fort," she mumbled through them.

<Bobby> Tables handily turned, Bobby slid his hand between her jacket and her shirt to pull her close. "Awww, aren't you cute all embarrassed."

<Rogue> Rogue let herself be pulled to him, still blushing hotly under her hands. "Y'all're awful," she grumbled, but she was smiling all the same. "Don't rub it in."

<Bobby> "Don't rub... what now?" Bobby wriggled against her, snickering.

<Rogue> Rogue squealed, squirming as he did that, but couldn't help laughing, "Stoooop!"

<Bobby> He added tickling to the wriggling. "Nooooo!"

<Rogue> Rogue 'eep'ed and finally pulled her hands off of her face to squirm more against him as she giggled. "Why?"

<Bobby> "Payback, babe!" Bobby cackled like a loon, catching her wrist to struggle with her on their perch and wishing he hadn't speed shaved to prove to Mayday who he was. He could have annoyed her with a great beard burn. So, instead, he kissed her.

<Rogue> Rogue squirmed and tried to tickle him back, but didn't fight him with extra strength, in case it threw him off balance. And then he threw her off balance. She stopped struggling, just blinking at him. Was that a 'stop being crazy and wake up' kiss or a 'throw you off balance because it's funny' kiss? Or was it an 'I wanted to, so I did' kiss?

<Bobby> He pulled back and looked at her, still chuckling, until he caught her expression. Oh, shit. Bobby tried to smile at her, catching his breath and unsure what to say.

<Rogue> So...'Throw you off balance because it's funny' kiss, then? She licked her lips and gave him a slightly nervous smile back. "Better than Ah remember?"

<Bobby> It made him smile, confused, and raise his hand to cup her cheek. "Oh yeah?"

<Rogue> Rogue shrugged one shoulder, leaning a bit into his hand, smile coming a little easier. "Definitely."

<Bobby> That didn't really help him there, and his brow creased. She wasn't just laughing it off... what had changed?

<Rogue> "Ah mean, b'fore... It was ta make me stop fightin' ya. This time, at least it was fun-intentioned."

<Bobby> "Oh!" He laughed a little and leaned his head against hers. "God... that was a long time ago."

<Rogue> Rogue smiled up at him, "Ages ago..." She sighed and hugged him, keeping their heads where they were, "When tha world made sense."

<Bobby> "More or less," he agreed, closing his eyes and holding her. Bobby didn't want to think about it too deeply, but it was good to have her here.

<Rogue> She hovered just a bit so she could bury her face in his neck, taking a deep calming breath as they held each other. "It still makes sense sometimes, don'tcha think? Here?"

<Bobby> Her lack of weight threw him off balance for a moment, until he turned to brace himself against the tree. Right. Naked. Bark. "Sometimes. Right now." Her warm breath was... distracting. But comforting.

<Rogue> She smiled against his shoulder and neck and squeezed him a bit, "Agreed. It's like tha end o' tha world never happened."

<Bobby> It did, though, and it was something he was acutely aware of, but for the moment, he just held her. Closing his eyes, he relaxed and leaned his head against hers.

<Rogue> Rogue sighed and leaned against him, enjoying the closeness of the only living person she cared about. She turned her head and pressed a kiss to his collarbone.

<Bobby> Bobby swallowed, registering the kiss. They'd always been close, so it didn't strike him as odd. How many times had he kissed her forehead, or annoyed her with frosty pecks? He gave her a squeeze.

<Rogue> She made a happy noise at the squeeze and squeezed him back. "Ah'm glad y'all're here."

<Bobby> He smiled, making a similar sound. "Well, it's Thanksgiving. I'm thankful to be here with you."

<Rogue> "An' Ah'm thankful ta be here with you," she lifted her head and set herself back down on her feet, looking up at him with a soft smile, "an' that y'all're thankful ta be with me."

<Bobby> "You know what else I'm thankful for?" Bobby bit his lip, barely containing a grin. "That you're ticklish." He brushed his fingers against her side again, under her coat.

<Rogue> Rogue was curious until she saw the look in his eyes, then she was nervous. And then he tickled! She squealed and squirmed against him again, giggling like mad and tickling him back.

<Bobby> He didn't tickle her for long though, since the bark digging into his back was far from comfortable. Laughing, he caught her hands again. "Okay, okay, truce!"

<Rogue> Rogue laughed and let him hold her hands still, "Last time this happened, y'all got hurt... No fake truce?"

<Bobby> "No, no, no fake truce." He wrinkled his nose. "The tree doesn't like my bare ass, if you must know."

<Rogue> Oh! Her blush returned full force and she cast her eyes to the side, looking anywhere but his face and body. "Um... Sorry."

<Bobby> "What's with this?" he said, bemused again by her blush and craning his neck to catch her eyes. "It's no big deal... ain't gonna kill me. And not like you haven't seen me like this, like, a dozen times." He chuckled.

<Rogue> Rogue shrugged, "Ah guess... Yeah... Um..." She just lamely shrugged again, glancing at his eyes quickly then averting them again. It hadn't been the end of the world all those 'dozen times' though...

<Bobby> Realizing he was making her truly uncomfortable, he let go of her, though he had nowhere to get away. "Maybe we should go back," he said, licking his lips with a slight frown.

<Rogue> Rogue frowned at him, "Don't lose ya smile on mah account, Bugsy..." She tried to make light of the situation and reached up to physically form his face into a smile. "Ta da!"

<Bobby> He snorted, not smiling but smirking at her when he caught her wrists.

<Rogue> Rogue frowned harder, narrowing her eyes at him. Still not smiling fully. She took in a deep breath to calm her nerves and leaned in to kiss him just like he had her.

<Bobby> Bobby started, sucking in a surprised breath when her lips pressed against his. What was going on between them? Something had definitely changed, maybe because she could touch him now she was confused?

<Rogue> Not the best reaction. Play it off. She pulled back and grinned broadly at him.

<Bobby> Yeah, that was a fake grin. A part of him was tempted to test his theory, but... no. He cracked a grin himself.

<Rogue> "Much better." Fake was better than not at all. At least fake meant he was trying. "So... Good tree f'r tha fort then?"

<Bobby> "It's a great tree," he agreed, "When I have clothes." The grin twisted into something more real. "You need your scarf back sometime, after all," he leered.

<Rogue> Rogue rolled her eyes and gave him a tiny shove on the shoulder. "Alright, alright. Let's go get ya dressed."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:16 am

Carol was outside on the roof, flicking rocks at a tree like bullets. They wistled through the air and embedded deep in the trunk. Stupid Cecilia. Ungrateful bitch. If she froze to death it'd be her own damned fault.

Jess slipped out of one of the hatched windows and crawled up the side of the building towards the source of the sounds. She chewed her lip when she saw it was Carol and she still looked annoyed. She cleared her throat then ducked in case the surprise caused one of the rocks to get fired at her head.

Carol started and turned, raising an eyebrow when she didn't see anyone. She got to her feet, holding up a glowing hand to see by. "Hello...?"

Jess poked her head back up into view, "Hey..."

"Oh it's you... thought we had polite zombies or something." The energy faded from her hand and she moved to sit back down again.

Jess climbed up the rest of the way and went to sit beside her. "You okay?"

She shrugged, "I don't know... still pretty pissed about that whole Cecilia thing...."

"Yeah... I think at this point we should just let her go. If we ever find her again we can say I told you so... assuming she still comprehends the english language...."

Carol wrinkled her nose and flicked another rock at the poor tree. "Dinner was nice..."

"Thanks..." Jess offered a small smile, "My first Thanksgiving..."

Carol blinked at her, "Shit, really?" She laughed, "Man, I'm sorry. Worst timing ever for the end of the world, huh?"

"I don't think there's ever a good time..." she bumped her shoulder against Carol's, "It's not so bad though... not for me. I'm happier I think..."

"Really? Well... good for you." She gave her a lopsided smile. "So what brings you up here? I thought you were like... confined to quarters or whatever?"

"Yeah... I probably am..." she frowned, "But I wanted to talk to you and I can't do that from inside."

"Oh... wait... that sounds all serious..." She shifted to face more towards her, raking fingers through her hair. "What's up?"

"I did something... something I shouldn't have... and I'm worried you'll be angry... please don't be angry..."

Carol gave her a questioning look, "Angry? What the heck for?"

"I... the other day when Rogue... I used my pheromones on you..."

Carol blinked at her, "Phero-... oh... Oh! That's what that was? Wow... Okay that explains a lot... I thought I was going crazy..." She laughed.

Jess gave her a puzzled look, "So... you're not mad?"

"Hell no! Better surprise feelings than a hole in the wall right?"

"... Right! Yes! That's exactly what I was thinking! Oh God, that's a load off..." She laughed too out of relief.

"Don't worry about it." Carol slung an arm around Jess' shoulders, "It's all good, I promise. At least I didn't embarrass myself or anything... then I might be a little upset... if that ever happens tell me I was drunk even if that's not true."

Jess laughed and leaned against her, "Yeah okay, I promise. I like my limbs attached."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:16 am

Jessica: Jess shuffled along the hall with breakfast for May on a tray and knocked quietly on her door. "May? I brought you breakfast... can I come in?"

Mayday: Mayday was already awake, cleaning off her arrows with a spare towel she'd found. She looked up from her seat beside the window, "It's your place.", she said gently, inspecting the munition in her hands.

Jessica: Jess opened up the door, "But it's your room," she smiled kindly, moving over to her with the tray. "I wasn't sure what you liked so... I made everything..."

Mayday: With a stretch, Mayday put the arrow down on the table and smiled at Jess, "Thanks...I-I appreciate it.", she scratched her head, "...i-is everything alright with the others?"

Jessica: She nodded, "Everything's fine," she sat down. "Cecilia's probably leaving but... at this point in time we're pretty much agreed that's for the best..."

Mayday: "Cecilia doesn't trust any of you.", Mayday half whispered, taking her machete and placing it gently on the table beside the breakfast tray in front of her, "Why?"

Jessica: "She's angry because we didn't instantly trust her well enough to come clean about everything that's happened to us since this has started... when, frankly, most of it was none of her business...." she sighed, "And she didn't make it easy to trust her... she's very aggressive... we were worried about how she'd react to some things..."

Mayday: Mayday just watched her blade carefully, "...people break in this climate.", she seemed to shudder a little. "It's only natural some fare better than others.", she glanced back at Jess, "It's the ones who seem unaffected that you should really worry about."

Jessica: "We're all affected here, May... in varying degrees... but we all have our ways of coping too...." she curled up in her seat.

Mayday: "Like you with Bobby?", the other girl answered, eyes glinting to the food, hand shyly reaching for a slice of toast and picking it up hesitantly.

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah... like that..." she hugged her knees to her, "There's a little more to that than we really had time for last night... but all of this can wait if you want... until you're ready... I meant what I said. You can stay here as long as you like... it's as safe here as it's going to get and we have a plan... just relax as much as you can."

Mayday: Mayday took a small bite out of the toast and chewed it slowly, swallowing and sighing at the taste. It reminded her of simpler times. Times she missed. "I....I think I'd prefer it if you came out with it. If it's enough to warrant a reaction like Cecilia's....", she glanced back at her weapon, "I don't mean to be rude."

Jessica: "Okay, that's fine... I still think she completely overreacted - we all do - but... from the beginning then...." She ran a hand though her hair, glancing away before she started. "On the night they hit the mansion... I woke up and saw them on the lawn... but I thought I was seeing things and went to make tea... When I realised I wasn't I raised the alarm... and a small group of us managed to escape..."

Jessica: "Sean, Hope, Fabian and me... We took the van and got out of there... drove a couple of miles and parked up for the rest of the night..." She looked back to May, "We went back the next day... found Bobby... then Johnny and Sue in the kitchen... got attacked... Sue didn't make it.... We picked up Lorna and left... Decided to go north..."

Jessica: "On the road we found Lukas.... and Paige... but Paige was bitten and we didn't know... she turned and bit Lorna before we knew what was happening..."

Mayday: "And that's why Lorna is....", Mayday trailed off. She tried not to even think about Sue. "....what about anyone else? Adam? Eddie? T-the faculty?"

Jessica: "We know for sure some of the faculty were zombies.... Hank, Angel, Miles and Laura attacked us in the hall when were at the school..." She shifted a little. "Bobby was.... not good after we lost Lorna... I kept an eye on him as best as I could but, at the same time... I was thinking of leaving the group... my powers don't fare so well in the cold... I get very tired in low temperatures.... pass out..."

Jessica: "Bobby asked me to stay... and offered me to sleep in his truck at night... and well... one thing led to another there.... Hope was... angry about that... called me a lot of things... So anyway, we found this place and it was pretty great.... but that first night when everyone was out checking around the house... I was here alone... the house wasn't empty..."

Mayday: "Cecilia.", Mayday nodded, finishing the toast after a while and looking at the rest of the dishes, half starved enough to wolf down everything, half starved enough to feel sick just thinking about doing so, "...I see why Hope might have been mad, but....if she'd seen the things I've...."

Jessica: She shook her head, "It wasn't Cecilia.... I... it was a zombie...." She shifted in her seat to turn her back towards May then tugged the neckline of her top out of the way so she could see the healed bite on the back of her shoulder. "Lucky me... I'm immune... It's been over a month since it happened and there's been no adverse effects.... But that's what Cecilia was so angry with us about...."

Jessica: "It was what made Fabian and Lukas leave too... we kept it from the others that first night... me and Bobby... we were worried what their reactions would be... whether they'd wait it out or just shoot me right there.... but by the next morning it was clear I was fine and we were going to tell the others but I wanted tea first and Fabian was there and he found out before we could say anything..."

Mayday: With another glance back at her machete, Mayday nodded again. "You're immune.", she replied, seeming not to really believe the possibility. "You're certain...."

Jessica: She nodded, "I'm not a healer, it's not part of my mutation... but I rapidly become immune to chemical toxins. All it takes is one brief exposure and a moment of dizziness and that's it... And that's what I felt after the bite... it was so bad I threw up but I was fine afterwards. No fever or anything... and here I am months later healthy... and pregnant."

Mayday: "Bobby did seem oddly protective.", Mayday commented, reaching for a fried egg and picking up the whole thing in her hands, swallowing it whole. God, actual food was good. "I've become much more observant."

Jessica: She smiled, "That's no bad thing..." She sat properly in the chair again. "So the rest of the story... Fabian and Lukas stole Bobby's truck when they left so he went after them to get it back. Succeeded, obviously. And a stray followed him home - Carol. She's kind of clumsy but she's nice... has her blonde moments though so bear with her."

Jessica: "We kind of muddled through here for a while, got kind of a routine going... started checking out known SHIELD bases for signs of life because I'll need a doctor eventually... no luck so far but there's a lot... During one of their trips into town, Carol and Bobby found Rogue... she was also not happy about me and Bobby."

Jessica: "It was around then that Hope left with Johnny... but not before she said some hurtful things to me and punched me in the face... she's pregnant too... they were going to Alaska..." She sighed heavily, "Rogue went off for a while then and Bobby and Carol found Cecilia... she's been abrasive since day one - shot Carol even." She huffed, "She was just starting to cooperate when Jean-Paul and Reed showed up and attacked us... dragged Sean off...."

Jessica: "That was a couple of days ago... Rogue just got back herself and things have been pretty tense around here.... so I wasn't joking last night when I said you'd caught us at kind of a bad time. I was hoping the dinner would cheer everyone up but I guess it fell kind of flat...."

Mayday: "T-that...", Mayday blinked, "...is a lot to take in.", she mumbled. "....I don't really know what to say back.", she smiled wryly, "...'sgood to be speechless again."

Jessica: "You don't have to say anything back... that's what happened. You wanted to know and I've told you... Everything else is just... it doesn't matter. You can tell us what happened to you if you want to, or don't. That's up to you. If you want to hideout in your room for a while that's fine too, I'll tell them to give you your space and make sure to bring you your meals."

Mayday: Mayday kept on glancing at the blade on the table, "....i-if you don't mind, can I have some space? I...I can't deal with being around people again yet.", she tried to explain, "...j-just can't...."

Jessica: "Of course you can. You come down when you're ready." She got up from the chair, "I'm really glad you're alive and well, May... really." she smiled at her. "But we're going to have to start finding some guys or I'm going to start getting really paranoid..."

Mayday: Trying to force a smile, Mayday looked up at Jess, "Mmm. I appreciate it.", she tried to look away from her weapon, "S-see you.", she reached out and picked up the large blade, sliding it away as Jess left.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:34 am

Jessica: Jess had taken up residence in the kitchen. She wasn't guarding it per se... but she was guarding it.

Bobby: Bobby trotted down the stairs, passing many, many bugs. They made him smile, and he paused to pat one on the head before coming into the kitchen, finding Jess just where he expected her to be. "Guarding your domain?"

Jessica: She shook her head a little, paused, then nodded. "But if anyone else asks, no."

Bobby: "Hehehe. My lips are sealed, babe." Bobby grinned, sidling up to her and giving her a kiss.

Jessica: She wrapped her arms around him and returned the kiss with a smile. "You hungry?"

Bobby: "For what?" He cocked a brow and nuzzled her ear, still grinning.

Jessica: She giggled and snuggled into him, resting her head on his shoulder, "I was talking about food but if you want to traumatise everyone else...."

Bobby: Bobby's brushed her nose with his own and gave her another kiss, lingering. "I'm so very, very tempted."

Jessica: Jess gave him a grin, "I won't take much persuasion." She kissed him deeply, tightening her hold on him.

Bobby: He tangled his fingers in her hair, happy to return the kiss and just happy. It would be easy to forget himself... maybe take her into the pantry, but at the back of his mind he imagined the shitstorm if they were discovered.

Bobby: Finally, he broke the kiss, resting his forehead against hers. "Nah... don't want to be interrupted." He chuckled.

Jessica: "That's half the fun," she pointed out, prodding him in the ribs and grinning again. "But it's okay if you're too chicken," she teased.

Bobby: "Oh-ho-ho... are you going to dare me?" Bobby felt the familiar excitement and he really wanted her to now. "I was just gonna say I didn't want to deal with Rogue 'oh mah Gawding' at us again."

Jessica: "I could dare you...." she smirked a little but pulled a face at the mention of Rogue, "After last night I couldn't care less."

Bobby: "Oh hell, now what'd she do?" It had been late when they'd seen one another last night, after all the Thanksgiving trauma, and they'd just cuddled up together and slept. Now he wished he'd taken the time to talk to Jess last night. "She said you guys talked... about the pheromones. Before she kidnapped me," he chuckled.

Jessica: "Yeah... she was.... pissed... but even before all that she kind of... she said some things that.... I..." she frowned, hugging him and nuzzling his shoulder a little. "Scary..."

Bobby: "What'd she say?" He held her closer, now frowning himself. Goddammit, she needed to stop picking fights with Jess.

Jessica: "She asked me how the baby is... just making conversation... I said I wasn't sure and she got all weird... and then I thought about not telling her because it was awkward but figured there was no point putting it off so I said I needed to tell her something.... and she asked me if I lost it..."

Bobby: "The hell?" Bobby tilted his head down to see her face.

Jessica: "She said she assumed because we were talking about it and everything... but I told her it wasn't that... and that it was that I'd done something... and she asked me if I'd gotten bitten again because the baby might not be immune like me so I told her I already was the first time..." She had to get it all out at once or she'd never manage it at all. "I want to think my immunity will protect it but now I don't know.... and she was just so... flippant about it..."

Bobby: "Jesus, Rogue..." he shook his head and moved to the table, tugging Jess along by the hand. Sitting down, he pulled her into his lap to hold her. Was she trying to scare her? "I'm sorry, Jess..."

Bobby: Wait... she was pregnant when she'd been bitten. He swallowed hard.

Jessica: She curled up in his lap, "I told her afterwards why both of those things were stupid things to say... she didn't say sorry.... she did swear at me and tell me to go and 'nurse my poor pitiful self' though..."

Bobby: "Fuck." He sighed, good mood completely shot. And worse, he was worried. "You... feel okay, right?"

Jessica: "I did until she said that... and now I'm starting to wonder why I bother reaching out because I just end up hurting myself... if I wake up screaming, now you know why."

Bobby: He couldn't lose her... not now. Not her too on top of Lorna... if there was a thing inside her instead of their child... God. "I'm so sorry." Bobby stroked her hair, biting his lip.

Jessica: "It's not your fault, Bobby..." she shifted to look at his face, "Rogue has a problem with me... I don't know what it is because so far I've got a crapload of mixed messages from her... my own suspicions may not be accurate so I don't want to voice them and make things weird or whatever for you... she's your friend and the last thing I want is to come between you..."

Bobby: "She... was weird with me yesterday too." He studied her face, then gave her a gentle kiss. "Told me you monopolized all my time, so I didn't have time for her... I didn't think anything about it at the time other than just her being her..." Now... he was worried.

Jessica: "But...?" she coaxed gently, sliding her arms around his shoulders.

Bobby: "I told you she kidnapped me. Well, after you and her... talked, she went outside and threw snowballs at our window. Woke me up. I went out to check it out and when I saw it was her, I messed with her. We got in a snowball fight, then she flew us out to the woods..."

Jessica: A small frown creased her brow, "Okay... and then what?" there was something there that was bothering him but she didn't want to pressure it out of him.

Bobby: "Said she wanted us to just have time together, which is nothing new. So, we were talking, screwing around... got in a tickle fight." He licked his lips, really not wanting to share this now. "It's been a running joke... for years. To mess with her, or to get her off balance - I kissed her. Just a peck."

Jessica: That was a bit of a shock and she was sure it showed on her face. She bit her lip and dropped her gaze, taking a steadying breath. "Okay...."

Bobby: "Jess, it didn't really mean anything, other than that I was playing with her." The disappointment and surprise on her face brought tears to his eyes and he swallowed hard. He took her face in his hand and tried to get her to look at him.

Jessica: She let him lift her face and looked at him but she didn't know what to say. She settled on 'okay' again.

Bobby: "She reacted... weird. I didn't think much of it, until she kissed me..." What the hell was Anna playing at?

Jessica: Jess pulled a face and groaned a little, "Damn it... I hate being right all the time..."

Bobby: "What, you think she's actually jealous?" Bobby was having a hard time actually believing it, though he had began to suspect the same thing himself. "Her and I... we've... never... we were always just friends."

Jessica: "Well yes... but back then it wasn't the end of the world, you both had people and she couldn't touch you.... and obviously she feels like you're the only person she's close to and she's not exactly making an effort with me or anyone else...."

Bobby: Bobby chewed his lip, looking at Jess. "....well... shit."

Jessica: "Yeah... sorry...." she wrinkled her nose. "I don't know what to do about that... when I was in Amsterdam, jealous girlfriends or wives slapped me and then got ejected by the security... That is the limit of my experience."

Bobby: He just stared at her for a moment, then closed his eyes. Tightening his arms around her, he touched their foreheads together again. "Babe, this time, she's the other woman."

Jessica: She gave him a half smile and an eskimo kiss, "I know that... but she's not accepting it properly... maybe she thinks I'm not good enough, I don't know... and she's not going to listen to me... she thinks I don't trust her, I got a lecture about that last night too... and now I think she can take that back because, even though that wasn't true, I'm obviously within my rights not to."

Jessica: She sighed, "I'm not going to make anything of it with her. You don't have to worry about that... but you need to talk to her..."

Bobby: He smiled, happy she did know that. "Apparently I can't trust her either... she's manipulating us both." Bobby sighed, tired of the drama. "I'll talk to her..." After I figure out what the fuck to say... and make sure we're right.

Jessica: She shifted in his lap and pulled him close for a hug, pressing a kiss to his neck. "It's an adjustment period... I'd suggest setting out boundaries but... I don't think that's the best approach... maybe the solution will present itself? I won't put a timeline on it or anything, no pressure." she nuzzled him.

Bobby: "Yeah... she'd just get crazy. Crazier. Again." He let out a different kind of sigh and relaxed at her touch. This felt right. It was an adjustment period, for everyone. Anna would just have to accept he was with Jess.

Jessica: "Whatever I can do to help." she assured him, snuggling into him. "You know the last thing I want is to make life difficult for you - I love you..."

Bobby: "I love you, too." He loved that she didn't hesitate anymore... she was the best thing that could have happened to him in this hell. The thought made the nagging worry bubble up again and he shifted to slide his hand down to her belly.

Jessica: She put her hand over his, closing her fingers around it. "Don't think about it.... I'm trying not to..."

Bobby: He nodded, but... "You're okay... you're both okay." They have to be.

Jessica: "Well I feel fine... and I'm fairly sure my immunity would protect the baby... I mean... it's virtually instant and the bite was high up even.... and... and wouldn't my body just reject it by now...?" She wasn't sure how all that worked but it seemed likely.

Bobby: "Yeah, I'd think so..." He hadn't been privy to most of Lorna's pregnancy. That thought made his throat close and the panic bubble up for a moment. Nonono not again. He felt the tears in his eyes again and pressed his face into her hair, breathing her in.

Jessica: "We'll just work on the basis that that is right because one nightmare is enough to be getting on with I think." She gave him a squeeze, "Denial is a wonderful thing. You should try it sometimes. I highly recommend it."

Bobby: It made him snort a laugh, into her hair, which he was sure she appreciated. He didn't bother to hide the tears, looking at her with a faint smile. "It's not just a river in Egypt, huh?" His fingers spread out over her stomach protectively.

Jessica: Jess grinned, "Bingo." she gave him a chaste kiss on the lips, "It'll be okay. The universe can't shit on us forever, right?"

Bobby: "Right." He pushed the thoughts away and brought his other hand to the back of her head. The kiss he gave her was anything but chaste.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

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<Bobby> The truck just made him feel better, so there was no way Bobby was going to give up taking it on runs. Riding to the next nearest town for supplies, Bobby glanced over at Anna. The road had been pretty clear, but as they got closer to the town, he was starting to see more distant, shambling figures.

<Rogue> Rogue was silent for most of the drive, going through lists in her head of things they were short on or things they might need. More people meant more supplies. She noticed the figures also, but paid them no mind. There were few enough of them and they were so far out that they might be able to get in and out of town without them making it to them.

<Rogue> But, maybe not. She sighed as she watched them, wondering how this all started and if it would ever end.

<Bobby> He looked over at her, noting she was watching their company. "Creepy buggers. They never get bored and, like, go take a nap."

<Rogue> "Ah think all they do is look f'r food b'cause they're bored," she smirked, keeping her eye on the deteriorating out-of-towners.

<Bobby> "Like, perpetual munchies," he snickered, shifting to rest his wrist on the wheel, drumming his fingers on the dash. "Munchies of the damned."

<Rogue> "That's what it is! They're all high!" She giggled then and turned towards him, "Ah need... Like... Braaaiiiins, duuude... Ah'm sooo stooooned."

<Bobby> Bobby laughed, until he thought of Sean. The grin faltered and died. "Fucking things. Wish we could kill them all and be done with this."

<Rogue> Rogue frowned when his grin left and gave a sigh, "Yeah, me too... Maybe we should try?"

<Bobby> "Don't tempt me. I've promised Jess I wouldn't take too many chances, even though I'm pretty fucking safe, so long as I'm iced up." A rotting grandma lurched out from behind a parked car and Bobby swore.

<Rogue> Rogue opened her window and reached out to rip the head off of the grandma. "She worries too damned much."

<Bobby> "She's seen a lot of people die," he said, making a face but nonetheless impressed by the kill. "Couple times, she thought it was me."

<Rogue> Rogue threw the head against another parked car to smash it and rolled her eyes, "Yeah. Ah have too. But how in tha hell are ya gonna keep her safe like ya said if there are still zombies around?"

<Bobby> "I don't know, Anna," he said, already feeling testy. "In theory, I could probably stop the truck, get out, and fuckin' flash freeze everything for the next three or four miles, and that'd take care of the zombies, but what if there were other survivors? Or what about the animals that have made it?"

<Rogue> "Well that's why ya don't do that." She frowned at him, irritated, "Why're y'all gettin' an attitude with me alluva sudden?"

<Bobby> "Because all you can do is criticize Jess and I'm tired of it." Bobby jerked the wheel when another creature opened a car door and spilled out onto the pavement.

<Rogue> Rogue fell into him at the jerk with an 'oof'. "Ya know it's no secret that Ah ain't her biggest fan." She righted herself and frowned at him again, "Ah'm tryin'. But she's frustratin'."

<Bobby> "Are you?" He reached to steady her, slowing down to line up and roll over the crawling, oozing thing. It had no legs... or lower half at all.

<Rogue> Rogue looked at him, confused. "Yeah. Ah told ya Ah would." What in the hell was he going on about? She winced at the crunching and the bump when they passed over the body. Gross.

<Bobby> "Ugggh, I'm sorry, baby. I so need to give you a bath..." Bobby reached out to pat the dash before speeding up a little to continue on their way.

<Bobby> He was quiet for a few moments, debating. "You... aren't very good at pretending to be nice to people you don't like."

<Rogue> Rogue blinked at him, "Since when is this news? But Ah thought Ah'd been real charitable ta her lately."

<Bobby> "You scared the shit out of her the other day." He chanced looking at her to gauge her reaction. "Implying she'd lost the baby... or that the baby wasn't immune to the bite..."

<Rogue> "How in tha hell did that scare tha shit outta her? First o' all, Ah didn't imply, Ah asked. 'Cause Ah asked her how tha baby was doin', and she responded with a question. How in tha hell does a pregnant woman not know how tha child growin' inside her is? So then she got all nervous after Ah asked how it was an' said she needed ta tell me somethin', so Ah naturally jumped ta askin' if she lost it."

<Bobby> "Her mother died during a miscarriage, Anna... just being pregnant is scary for her and we've all been under so much stress no wonder she's not sure." He slowed again to work his way around a wreck, edging to the shoulder of the two-lane highway. "It scared me too... because if the baby's not immune..."

<Rogue> "Well, how tha hell am Ah supposed ta know that. It was a natural question ta ask with how nervous she was bein' right after Ah asked how it was." Why was he so agitated about that? She blinked at the last part, "She said y'all had already thought about that."

<Bobby> "I guess it really hadn't... sunk in." He ran his hand through his hair, grimacing. It was getting long. "Just the thought of..." Bobby cut off, trying to keep his voice steady. He focused on the road instead, crawling across the gravel shoulder.

<Rogue> Rogue reached over and put her hand on his shoulder, rubbing it gently. "Ah'm sorry. If Ah'd known that ya hadn't thought o' it, Ah woulda asked ya 'bout it when we picked out our fort tree." She sighed, "Tha reason that was mah next guess was b'cause Ah overheard durin' tha fight that y'all kept her bein' bit a secret. What's ta keep her from doin' it again now that she's pregnant so nobody'd try an' stab her stomach?"

<Bobby> Bobby shot her a look. "Well, she would tell me if that happened... at the very least. There'd be no real reason to hide it now... except for..." he swallowed. "Anybody tried to touch her, I'd fucking kill them."

<Rogue> Rogue shrugged and dropped her hand to her lap. "Mah point." She turned to look out the window again. She had no idea why he was so upset with her. It was aggravating. This wouldn't have happened if it were Lorna.

<Bobby> "So she'd try to hide it because she knows I'd protect her? That's..." Bobby blinked, trying to keep his eyes on the road. "That's crazy."

<Rogue> "She's crazy." Rogue shook her head. There was no point arguing with him about this. They had bigger things to worry about than her.

<Bobby> "Ha! That's rich. Pot, kettle. Have you met?" He swerved back onto the pavement. "You're acting like such the poster child for sanity right now too."

<Rogue> "Ah never said Ah was sane, Bobby. Remember that." She wouldn't look at him still.

<Bobby> "I don't think any of us are completely sane anymore, Anna." He glanced over at her, then rolled his eyes. "There's fucking dead people up walking around. And flying around. That's pretty goddamn nuts."

<Rogue> "Yep. An' we should probably put as many of 'em down as we can. But since y'all cain't help 'cause ya gal is overprotective, Ah'll do it mahself. Or see if Carol wants ta have a bit o' fun."

<Bobby> "I'm sure Carol would be up for it." Bobby decided to just drop it. Besides, they were at the edge of town now. He slowed the truck again and looked around.

<Rogue> Rogue pointed out the department store, "Ah need a new scarf."

<Bobby> It gave him a moment of pause, and he tried to decide how best to respond as he stopped in front of the department store. "Scarfs wash. I'll wash it for you."

<Rogue> "It's all good. Ah'll just get a new one. Y'all can use mah old one in bed'r somethin'." She opened the door and got out, not bothering to see if he was coming with her before going into the store.

<Bobby> "The fuck?" Bobby got out and followed her, but not before checking the area - something he noticed she hadn't bothered to do. Yeah, perfectly rational behavior there. Catching up to her, he caught her arm. "What do you want from me, Anna?"

<Rogue> "Ah want f'r y'all ta continue ta be mah best friend an' not turn against me 'cause she wants ya too." She jerked her arm away and looked for the accessories section.

<Bobby> "She doesn't want that. You're pissing me off all on your own right now, babe." He looked around the store before blocking the door with ice and followed her. Seemed clear enough.

<Rogue> "Is that right? Ah'm pissin' ya off 'cause Ah asked her two perfectly rational questions that ended up makin' her paranoid? Good ta know." She found a mirror that was still in tact and rubbed the dust off so she could see which scarf looked best.

<Bobby> "Yeah, because I don't think you're that dumb. I think you were trying to get a rise out of her when you saw asking about the baby made her uncomfortable, and then you didn't tell me about it when you came to me right afterward."

<Rogue> Rogue turned to just stare at him. After a long moment, she let out an irritated short laugh and turned back to the mirror. "Ah can find mah own way back."

<Bobby> "Oh, I offend you?" He crossed his arms, watching her in the mirror. "You did ask her those things, didn't you? And you saw it freaked her out?"

<Rogue> "If Ah were tryin' ta get a rise outta her, Ah woulda done somethin' on purpose. An' yeah, y'all offend me. Ah told ya in tha truck what happened an' why Ah asked tha questions an' now ya basically callin' me a liar." She found a scarf she liked and moved to look at hats. "Yeah, Ah saw that tha zombie question freaked her out, but then she said that y'all had thought about that already, so Ah didn't worry 'bout it."

<Bobby> "I don't think you're out-and-out lying, but... something's different. Something's changed since you've come back and I've been trying to understand, but-" He cut off, still watching her and trying to keep his voice down.

<Rogue> "Tha whole world is different, Bobby." She pulled on a pretty plain crochet hat and checked the mirror. Good enough. "Ah haven't changed b'sides gettin' rid o' Doc Feelgood."

<Bobby> Bobby sighed. "Something between us," he said, coming up behind her.

<Rogue> She looked at him in the mirror, "B'sides y'all accusin' me o' doin' somethin' that Ah didn't, so, in effect, not trustin' me anymore?"

<Bobby> "I- when it comes to Jess, I'm not sure I do. She's not Lorna and you don't like it that I'm with her and... I'm starting to wonder if that's all there is to it." He put his hand on her shoulder, waiting for her to belt him... or what her reaction would be at any rate.

<Rogue> "She gets on mah nerves, Bobby. Ah'm sorry, but she does," she shrugged. A frown creased her face at him, "If that's all there is to it? Well it's never been a secret that Ah'm possessive, if that's what ya mean."

<Bobby> Possessive. Yeah. "When I kissed you though..." How could he put this?

<Bobby> Oh, fuck it. "Do you like.... like me now?"

<Rogue> Rogue's frown turned inward as she thought about it. "Ah don't know." It was weird to think about... "Maybe? Ah hadn't thought about it."

<Bobby> "You... you've been acting different toward me, and then you kissed me... it was... different." He took her shoulders and turned her around to face him.

<Rogue> Rogue shrugged, "So? Y'all kissed me first. An' we've kissed each other b'fore." Her arms crossed, "How in tha world have Ah been actin' different toward y'all?"

<Bobby> "We've kissed, but we've never... kissed." He paused with a frown. "Since you found out you can touch me... you've been... just different. When we screw around, you get embarrassed. I know that being able to touch is a huge thing, but..."

<Rogue> "We've still never kissed, as far as Ah know..." Rogue shrugged again, "But what?"

<Bobby> "But... we can't... get too close. I'm with Jess, and I want to be with Jess." He licked his lips, frowning.

<Rogue> "'Kay." She turned back to the mirror to adjust the hat. "So how do ya suggest we back up from bein' tha closest best friends ever, then?"

<Bobby> Bobby rolled his eyes.

<Rogue> She frowned at his reflection and turned to face him again, "Don't do that. Ah'm serious. How are we not supposed ta 'get too close', when we're already as close as Ah've ever been with anybody save Sam?"

<Bobby> "I mean, we can't... before all this happened, if I flirted with you, you'd just give it right back - it was a game. Now, you blush." He reached out and cupped her cheek, brushing his thumb over her cheekbone.

<Rogue> Rogue shrugged and pulled her face away from his hand. "Maybe it is 'cause we can touch now. Best ta stop that then."

<Bobby> He sighed. "Probably so." Pushing his hands into his pockets, Bobby went to poke around. They'd need baby clothes, after all. And Jess would need maternity clothes... and it was nearly her birthday.

<Rogue> Rogue watched him leave her and sighed. What the hell was going on with them? She moved to get new gloves, picking up several different pairs. Better safe than sorry.

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

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Jessica: Jess was not at her usual post waiting for Bobby to get home today. Instead she was in their bedroom in front of the full length mirror and frowning at her bare stomach.

Bobby: Bobby noticed her absence, checking the kitchen, the pantry, the living room and then frowning on his way up the steps to their room. After his fight with Anna he was in a shitty mood, and a missing Jess added worry to the mix.

Bobby: He opened the bedroom door and stopped. "Jess? You okay?" His voice took on a more panicky tone as he came inside.

Jessica: She nodded, "Mmm..." she glanced over at him by his reflection. "I've been uncomfortable for a few days..."

Bobby: "Uncomfortable? T-the baby?" He realized he was starting to freak out and turned to close the door behind him, closing his eyes and taking a moment to compose. Finally he turned to go to her.

Jessica: She shook her head, "Noooo... if it was that I'd be more upset and less... afraid to sit down... I think I need looser trousers...." she poked at her stomach then turned to look at him. "Are you okay?"

Bobby: "Looser..." Bobby went to her and looked at her stomach as well. Her pants did seem to fit a little tighter... "Ha!" He put his hand on her belly and smiled, relief flooding him as he looked at their reflections in the mirror.

Jessica: She smiled too, sliding her arms around him and pulling him close before pressing a kiss to his cheek. "It's not funny...."

Bobby: "No, it's fantastic. It means the baby's growing, right? So it's okay!" He turned his head to kiss her mouth, grinning and watching their reflections from the corner of his eye.

Jessica: She laughed and hugged him tight, "I guess so! Score for immunities!" She actually felt much better now.

Bobby: Bobby picked her up and spun around, laughing, before putting her back on her feet. "You're both okay!"

Jessica: "Apparently so!" She hugged him tightly and kissed him again. "But I still need looser trousers! So someone's going to have to go shopping for me..."

Bobby: "Well... yeah." He chuckled, nuzzling her hair and sliding his hand back down to touch her belly. "Would have been helpful to know before we went out on our run, but I can go back..."

Jessica: "Well... I wasn't sure... and I didn't want to worry you or anything... I thought maybe I just ate too much at Thanksgiving - Carol says that's a tradition."

Bobby: He chuckled. "It is, but yeah... I'd guess that's baby." Bobby kisssed her again and slid down to his knees. Arms wrapped around her hips, he rested his head against her stomach. They're okay, they're okay. Thank God.

Jessica: Jess ran her fingers through his hair slowly, smiling down at him though a little confused. "So... now that we've established that the baby isn't a zombie... that's one less thing on the nightmare checklist. Yay!"

Bobby: "Yes! Absolute yay." He kissed her stomach, and now he could notice the slight swell below her belly button. Giving her a squeeze, he looked up at her and grinned.

Jessica: She grinned back, "Are you going to get up now?"

Bobby: "I kinda like it down here." His grin turned wicked and he nipped the edge of her belly button.

Jessica: She giggled and squirmed, "So you're thinking of staying there for a while?"

Bobby: "Nah, I'll visit later." He pressed a kiss to her belly and got up, going to the bed and tugging her along by the hand.

Jessica: She laughed, following him, "Ah promises..." She tugged the hem of her top down to hide her bare skin again.

Bobby: "Hey, I keep my promises." He sat and grabbed her around the waist to pull her into his lap, rolling them both onto the bed to lie down.

Jessica: She flopped onto the bed and curled up with him. "You are very good at that," she agreed.

Bobby: "I try." Bobby snuggled up with her, letting out a happy sigh and just enjoying her presence for a while. Finally, he remembered what he needed to tell her. "Speaking of, I tried to talk to Rogue."

Jessica: She frowned, lifting her head to look at him, "Shall I assume by the fact you used the word 'tried' it didn't go well?"

Bobby: "Yeah, not really. She of course denied intentionally messing with you, and said I didn't trust her, and ... well, it ended with me riding home by myself."

Jessica: She chewed her lip, "I'm sorry.... I didn't want this to happen..."

Bobby: "Not your fault she's unreasonable." He sighed and closed his eyes, playing with her hair. "I told her she'd been acting funky since she got back and maybe... because we could touch..." Bobby paused, sighed again. "I asked her if she liked me or something."

Jessica: Jess snuggled into him and rested her cheek against his shoulder, "What did she say?"

Bobby: "She said she didn't know." He shrugged and held her close, winding a lock of her long blonde hair through his fingers. "Then said if it was a problem, we should stop touching. I agreed... and I haven't seen her since."

Jessica: Jess groaned a little, "Ugh... she's so dramatic... If I ever get that bad you have my permission to smack the shit out of me until I snap out of it... and if you're too wussy, get Carol to do it."

Bobby: Bobby chuckled. "She's good at the drama. Always has been. Just... it's generally not directed at me." He flicked her nose with the ends of her own hair. "No smacking doesn't have anything to do with being a wuss. I don't smack women."

Bobby: "Especially the pregnant woman I love." He shifted to see her face and smiled.

Jessica: She wrinkled her nose at the attack from her own hair but smiled back at him. "Even if they really really deserve it?"

Bobby: "Well, then that's where Carol would come in," he smirked.

Jessica: She giggled and shifted to kiss him. "Let's just hope it never comes to that. I can't zap her to knock her out... I could do that with Rogue though if I had to... not that I'm saying I would.... just, you know..."

Bobby: "Yeah... she might sulk and not come back for a while, or she could be back now. Hard to tell." He returned the kiss, nipping her lips playfully.

Jessica: "Oh well... I guess we just have a bit of time to kill then..." She slid her arms around him and shifted closer.

Bobby: "Mmmhmm." He lost himself for a few moments in the kiss, then frowned. "I... this probably isn't over with her, and I don't want to drive her off... but I just don't know how to deal with her."

Jessica: "The ball's in her court now, Bobby... she obviously has some stuff to work out so just let her do that... maybe the issues will go away on their own?"

Bobby: "Yeah... I guess we both do, in a way. She's been one of my closest friends for so long, and I do love her too... but things are so weird now..." He was thinking aloud now.

Jessica: She nodded understandingly, "Things have changed... It's just about finding a new balance... and she has to accept the changes before that can happen. It'll take time... we can't expect things to suddenly be okay over night... it's a learning curve."

Bobby: "Yeah... I think you're right." He smiled at her, tucking her hair behind her ear. "Hopefully we'll all survive any curve balls thrown on that learning curve." Bobby chuckled.

Jessica: "Of course I'm right. I'm clever." she smiled back and kissed the end of his nose. "And I have nothing to do all day except cook, clean and think."

Bobby: "You are a clever, clever domestic goddess," he grinned, brushing her nose with his own. "Now... about that promise."

Jessica: She giggled, sliding her arms around his neck to pull him down for a kiss, "I thought you'd never ask..."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:02 am

Rogue: Rogue pulled the muffins out of the oven and set the rack on the counter before turning to the griddle and flipping the pancakes. Breakfast for dinner. One of her favorites. She turned the bacon in the skillet, pulling out a couple of done pieces then turned to the bowl she had the eggs in so she could add the spices before she whisked them.

Jessica: Jess wandered down the stairs, shuffling across the floor in her socks. She wore her spider t-shirt and a robe that wasn't fastened, yawning and running a hand through her hair as she wandered along the corridor and through the dining hall to the kitchen. She could smell food... "Oh.... hey..."

Rogue: Rogue barely glanced up from her bowl, enough to take in that Jessica was half naked. Ew. "Hi." She finished with the spices then turned to flip more pancakes and bacon before turning back around to whisk the eggs into a scrambled frenzy.

Jessica: "Um... is there space on there for me to heat up some milk for hot chocolate? Or a free pan?"

Rogue: Rogue poured the eggs into the free skillet she had heating up and moved to get the cheese to sprinkle in. "Sure. There's another burner left."

Jessica: Jess went to get the small milk pan and some milk. UHT milk was still nasty as hell but it was all they had unless they abducted a cow from somewhere.... maybe she'd get Carol on that. "When did you get back?"

Rogue: "'Bout thirty minutes ago." She pulled off a few pancakes and a few more slices of bacon. Rogue took a bite of bacon and got a spatula to push the eggs around the pan, melting the cheese.

Jessica: She eyed the amount of stuff on the stove as she set her pan on the free burner and turned the heat on under it. "Hungry?"

Rogue: "Nope. Not really." Rogue finished off the piece of bacon she was munching on and moved to take the muffins out of the hot tin to properly cool. "This is what Ah do. Ah cook. Everybody at school knew it."

Jessica: "Oh... well me too... but if you're not going to eat all of that... isn't it kind of a waste?"

Rogue: "No. We got people here. Bobby likes mah cookin'. He'll eat it if nothin' else. An' muffins an' pancakes keep a while."

Jessica: "He likes my cooking too.... and cooking's kind of my job in the house."

Rogue: "So?" Rogue arched an eyebrow at Jess for that comment. Her 'job'? Who the hell cared.

Jessica: "So... try not to clog the kitchen up around meal times... or that's going to be kind of awkward for me to do..."

Rogue: "Then it'll be awkward. Ah cook when Ah want. An' what Ah want. It's mah stress reliever. Last time Ah didn't do it when Ah shoulda, Ah turned psychotic. So deal with it."

Jessica: "No, I won't deal with it. I was here first. I cleaned this place from top to bottom and saw it all organised. I have one job to do in this place and it's to keep the house - that includes cooking the meals. If you don't like it that's too bad. That's how it is."

Rogue: Rogue laughed at this and moved back to her eggs. "Y'all gettin' paid?"

Jessica: "In a way. It makes me feel like I'm contributing. You all get to leave here every day and get supplies and protect the house. I don't have that."

Rogue: "Ya could. Ya choose not to. An' just 'cause y'all 'keep house', don't mean Ah cain't cook."

Jessica: "I don't choose not to. It's not safe for me to go out there. Before it was because of the cold. Now it's because I'm pregnant and it's irresponsible.... or would you rather I did and got hurt. Would that make you happy, Rogue?"

Rogue: "Where tha hell did that come from? No, that wouldn't make me happy. But y'all are invulnerable ta a degree, right? So then don't let tha pregnancy stop ya from doin' ya part. That's just cowardly."

Jessica: "I'm not invulnerable. Not by a long way. And it's the way you're talking... like it's the first thing you thought of the other day when I wanted to talk to you about the pheromones. Not once but twice. And now you're telling me to go out there where there are zombies with, potentially, super strength or other powers that could seriously hurt me."

Rogue: "Oh good Gawd!" She turned to Jessica and put her hands in the air, "It's tha first thing Ah thought o' f'r a damned good reason! Ah asked how tha baby was an' y'all had no flippin' clue! So as soon as Ah ask that, ya get nervous an' say ya got somethin' ta tell me. Anybody with half a brain would jump ta that!"

Rogue: "An' tha part 'bout tha zombie bite? Is 'cause Ah had overheard durin' tha big argument that ya hid it b'fore. Why not hide it a second fuckin' time? What's ta put it past ya?"

Jessica: "Of course I don't have a clue how the baby is! I've never been pregnant before - I have no fucking idea what's normal and what isn't!" She ran a hand through her hair then folded her arms over her chest, "As for getting bitten again? Just when the fuck was that supposed to have happened when I never leave the sodding house?!"

Rogue: "Ya know ya body, that's how! If somethin's not right, ya just know!" She took a deep breath and turned back to the eggs so they wouldn't burn, "Well ya got bit tha first time in tha house, apparently."

Jessica: "On the first day we were here because there was one lurking upstairs that we didn't find in our sweep. Which you'd know if anyone ever bothered to fucking ask before getting all paranoid about it like it was some huge freaking conspiracy."

Rogue: "Ah don't think it was a huge conspiracy. Ah think it was Bobby's stupidity. Ah think that he wasn't thinkin' straight 'cause he'd just lost Lorna an' Maddie." She got down a large plate for the eggs and started scooping them out.

Jessica: "None of us were thinking straight after that. And we didn't endanger anyone in the building except for ourselves. We were very careful. It doesn't excuse what happened but it's not like we can take it back now and nothing bad happened so there's no point dwelling on the whatifs that never were. It doesn't help anyone."

Rogue: "Ah ain't dwellin'. Ah was just askin'. If Ah were dwellin', Ah woulda yelled at Bobby already." She moved to flip the pancakes again and then took the bacon off the frying pan.

Jessica: "I thought you were going for the silent treatment there." She took her milk off the stove and turned that burner off when it boiled, going to pour it into a mug.

Rogue: "'Cause Ah hadn't said anythin' ta him?" She laughed, "No. When Ah'm pissed 'bout somethin' he does, he knows it an' he knows it quick."

Jessica: "So you told him to come back here on his own because you're happy?" She stirred some spoonfuls of chocolate powder into her milk.

Rogue: "An' ya think he don't know Ah'm pissed? He knows."

Jessica: Jess frowned, trying to follow the path of Rogue's argument. There was no path. It was like she'd seen the path then thought 'fuck it' and gone skipping off into the trees to follow a wilo-the-wisp. "Why are you so pissed off? I thought I was being paranoid but now I'm really starting to wonder if it is because it's me and not you that he's with."

Rogue: Rogue laughed, "No. At tha current moment, Ah'm pissed off 'cause he doesn't believe me when Ah tell him somethin'. Which means he thinks Ah'm a liar. Which also means he doesn't trust me anymore. That is why Ah am so pissed off. An' tha reason he doesn't trust me anymore? Is 'cause y'all put tha idea in his head that Ah was makin' ya paranoid on purpose apparently. So that's mah beef with y'all at tha moment too."

Jessica: "Well that was certainly not my intention by telling him what you said to me. But you did make me paranoid, by the way. However, we've recently resolved the issue. The baby is alive in every sense of the word and I intend to keep it that way."

Rogue: "Well ya did. An' now he doesn't trust me. Who would you trust? Best friend o' eight years who's never done ya wrong on her own free will, or gal ya knocked up on accident 'cause she was makin' ya feel good?"

Jessica: "Girl you love or girl who keeps making the one you love cry?" Jess retorted.

Rogue: "Don't mistake me gal. Y'all ain't tha only one he loves."

Jessica: "Maybe not. But I am the one who's carrying his child and who he climbs into bed with every night. Things have changed, Rogue. You need to get over that. Stop living in the past."

Rogue: Rogue laughed, "He never crawled in bed with me every night, gal. So even if Ah were livin' in tha past, that ain't an issue. But y'all need ta not turn him against me, or Ah'll be ya worst nightmare."

Jessica: "That's not what I'm trying to do. I want us all to be friends and to trust each other. I've told Bobby the same thing on more than one occasion. We all have to live together in this house and trust each other to watch our backs. I don't like all this animosity in the air. It's not helpful."

Rogue: "Oh really? 'Cause whether ya tryin' ta do it'r not, ya doin' it."

Jessica: "Well then maybe you should try and be a little less hostile towards me and I'll have less things to say about how hostile you are to me."

Rogue: "Ah wasn't hostile 'till ya told me ta avoid cookin' in tha kitchen. Last Ah checked, this is public domain."

Jessica: "You've been hostile since day one. There's no point trying to pretend otherwise despite your empty promises to Bobby."

Rogue: "Empty? Ah told him that Ah would protect ya. Have ya gotten hurt so far? No. Ah also said Ah would try ta be nice. Ah have. Ah've been downright civil 'till y'all get a front up like Ah've offended ya on purpose."

Jessica: "Can you protect me from yourself, Rogue? There's worse things you can do than physically hurt someone."

Rogue: "Well, darlin', Ah'm here an' Ah ain't leavin'. Ah did mah best ta get along with ya. Then ya turn mah best friend against me. Y'all wanna fix things? Start there."

Jessica: "I didn't turn him against you! You're making it really difficult for him acting like he has to choose between us! This isn't a competition, Rogue. And if it was? I already won."

Rogue: "Ya ain't his best friend. Do believe that Ah still hold that title."

Jessica: "For how much longer if you keep up with your attitude problem? You have got to get over whatever issue you have with me. None of it matters. What matters is that we're all alive and we have a chance of staying that way as long as we work together."

Rogue: "Ah ain't sayin' Ah won't work with ya ta survive. Never once said that. But y'all bossin' me outta tha kitchen when that's tha only thing keepin' me sane at tha moment? That shit don't fly."

Jessica: "I just asked you to work around me. You're not the only one that cooks to deal with stuff."

Rogue: "No, ya said not ta be in here at meal times."

Jessica: "No. I said don't clog up the kitchen at meal times." Jess corrected. "Someone has a listening problem."

Rogue: "Someone has a bossy problem."

Jessica: "You really don't play well with others."

Rogue: "Never once said Ah did."

Jessica: "Well then there's obviously no point in me trying to be friends with you."

Rogue: "That's y'all's choice then. Ah'll still be civil ta ya in keepin' with mah supposedly 'empty' promise."

Jessica: "And when I come in here to make dinner you'll move things out of the way so I have the space to do that?"

Rogue: "If Ah'm here first an' Ah need tha space, then Ah'm probably already makin' dinner so y'all needn't worry ya lil head 'bout that."

Jessica: "And what the hell am I supposed to do with my time if I'm not making dinner?"

Rogue: "Make dessert."

Jessica: Jess frowned at her, picking up her drink and heading for the door. "Maybe I'll just make more paper bugs..."

Rogue: "Have fun."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Chaos » Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:43 am

<Cecilia> Cecilia threw her backpack over her shoulder and placed her pistol on her belt. Then she put on the new winter coat, clothes and boots she'd gotten on one of the household's scavenging trips. Threw her shotgun, Vera, over her shoulder and set off down the hall, knocking the new girl's door. The one with the hollow look in her eyes.

<Cecilia> "It's Cecilia," she said through the door. "Not a zombie or anything." Well, that might not make her more likely to open the door in some respects...Oh well, too late now.

<@Mayday> Mayday was seated at the open window, staring out before the door was opened. In a fluid movement, she raised the bow in her hands and aimed it at Cecilia, taking a moment to scan her over before lowering it and releasing her tug on the arrow, "Cecilia.", she nodded, glancing back outside.

<Cecilia> Cecilia flinched a little at the sight of the bow pointed at her, but relaxed visibly as soon as it was taken away. "Heh, and I thought I was the only one who did that. Everyone used to get all pissy with me whenever I pulled my gun on them."

<Cecilia> She leaned against the door frame. "I'm leaving," she said bluntly. "Was wondering if you'd like to come along. I got a truck, some gas that Carol got me and as much food and ammunition that I could pack. I can take one other person and I've decided to ask you. So...yeah." Thus, ended Cecilia's clumsy proposal.

<@Mayday> The redhead looked at Cecilia again, "You want to take someone you hardly know on a suicidal journey south because you can't get on with four people."

<Cecilia> "Not south. North," corrected Cecilia. "Cold slows them down and there's less people in the northern territories than there are in the south. Christ, can you imagine going south to New Orlean? Or Dallas?" She shuddered. "Thousands of people down there. Less up north in Canada. Or there was...I'm hoping it's still the same."

<Cecilia> "Everyone I ever knew or ever loved is dead," said Cecilia. "Everyone's a stranger to me here. Including you." She sighed. "And it's a little more than just 'not getting on' with them. We disagree on methods of survival , not on silly things like what channel to watch or what colour the drapes should be."

<@Mayday> "Methods?", Mayday pondered that, "....what do you mean?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned. "I just don't agree with how things are run around here. And it's not just one or two things," she clarified. "It's nearly everything."

<Cecilia> "The decisions they made before and since I came here? Not very conducive to survival." She put her hands on her hips. "First of all. Coming back to your group AFTER you've been bitten by a zombie? Not smart. Not smart at all. Do you know how dangerous that is? How many people I've seen die because of idiotic decisions like that?"

<Cecilia> "I've seen a group of ten people- TEN PEOPLE- killed because one infected person came back to the group. That's...how my mother and tio and tia died," she said, looking away. "Torn apart by those that ONE person turned..."

<Cecilia> "There's other things too. I think they're very stupid to trust this SHIELD group. No matter what they were like before this whole shitstorm." Cecilia shook her head. "And it's a lot of other things that I won't get into. But those are the main reasons."

<@Mayday> Mayday looked out of the window again: she knew first hand what Cecilia felt like - they'd made a bad call there, immunity or not. "...do you know anything about SHIELD?"

<Cecilia> "Only what they've told me," she said. "And yes. I know they're 'pro-mutant' or employed them before or whatever," said Cecilia, grimacing. "But think of it this way: they are facing the TOTAL annihilation of their species. We're talking extinction. The endgame. No hope. No future."

<Cecilia> "And I'm aware mutants and humans are one and same if we can breed together and produce viable offspring, but that's not the point," she said, cutting off her ramble. "The point is most of them don't see us that way. To them, we are the enemy or the other. The one's that don't fit in."

<@Mayday> "....reasonable precaution.", the redhead shrugged, still looking outside, "You want to go North. Why?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia stared out the window. "I think it effects the zombies a little. They got slower as the weather got colder... That or I just got better at running over the last three months." She shrugged. "Like I said though, less people were up North to begin with, therefore less zombies."

<Cecilia> "I don't honestly care where I go," she clarified. "So long as it's not here. Those zombies that came the other week? They got away. They'll come back, mark my words. Especially now that they've managed to feed here..." And that was a sinister thought.

<@Mayday> Mayday turned around, standing up, "There were undead here? Eating? Inside the building?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded. "Notice how answers are sorta hard to come by here? Everything's on a need to know basis," she sneered. "Yeah, two of them. Former mutants I'm guessing based on their powers. One stretched and the other was super fast. Tore off Bob's leg and knocked me right off the roof. They killed what-his-face too. The screaming kid." She shook her head. "Our asses were kicked."

<@Mayday> "Reed and Pietro.", Mayday listed them off, "Zombies come back with their powers intact.", she nodded a little, she knew that first hand, too, "...idiots."

<@Mayday> She approached her desk, taking her machete and sliding it into its scabbard on her belt, double-checking her snub-nose was on her, too. "I need winter apparel."

<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded. "Anything you need we'll pick up as soon as possible. You can borrow my old stuff too if you're not worried about cooties. I've still got it, it's mostly clean."

<Cecilia> "There's gotta be some ground rules though if you're gonna ride with me," said Cecilia firmly.

<@Mayday> "I need functionality, not fashionability.", Mayday stated, placing together her things and counting off her arrows, "As for ground rules? Make it quick so I can amend them."

<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded. "#1: I am not your errand-girl or your meatshield. Just because I can create forcefields doesn't mean I want to be the one who takes all the hits. This is a partnership. We're equals. I look for you, you look out for me."

<Cecilia> "#2: We disclose any and all information relevant to survival. I ask you a question that pertains to the journey? I expect you to answer. I don't need answers to all your personal shit. But I do need to know if you're bitten. That's crucial to survival."

<Cecilia> "#3: You do NOT ditch me for a guy or invite anyone along with us without my permission. Same goes for me."

<Cecilia> "And finally #4: If I am bitten. You kill me. No if's, and's or but's. I don't want to become one of those things. You shoot me. In the head." Cecilia stared at Mayday directly in the eyes. "Any problems? Questions?"

<@Mayday> Mayday glanced at her, "No. You're not an idiot, so no.", she slung her bow and quiver over her shoulder, "....actually there's one thing..."

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "Everything's up for discussion. This is a partnership. You got something to say go right ahead."

<@Mayday> "I want to bury Sue and the others.", she responded, "We have to go South first."

<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned. "How far south?" She asked. "And who exactly is Sue?"

<@Mayday> "A friend.", Mayday answered, "We're headed to Westchester."

<Cecilia> New York...that wasn't excessively far. "That's where your mutant college was right?" She frowned. "Look...Mayday. I don't mean to be harsh...but you realize it's been months. Your friends, if they've been dead that long...won't exactly be...intact," she cringed. More like decomposed...ugh.

<Cecilia> "There's also the issue of permafrost. We can't dig that deep this time of year..." She winced. "Also there's a higher chance of running into superpowered zombies in that area if any of your buddies were turned..."

<@Mayday> "Yes. I'm also aware of the abundance of technology we can use to survive.", Mayday explained, "Also, the mess of munitions we can create with it, and the fact that if any of my 'superpowered buddies' survived, we'd be better off with their help."

<@Mayday> She paused for a moment, "....unless you think a safehouse with automated defences, potentially infinite ammo and the possibility of aerial transport is 'not worth it'."

<Cecilia> Good points. All very good points. "Sold," she said. She laughed. "God damn I knew I was onto something when I picked you!"

<Cecilia> "You, uh...you should probably leave a note saying you left with me," said Cecilia. "So they don't come after us thinking I kidnapped you or something."

<@Mayday> "Naturally.", Mayday nodded, reaching out her notebook and reviewing it. She drew a pen and flicked to an empty page near the back, writing.

<Cecilia> "Don't tell 'em where we're going either," remarked Cecilia. "Otherwise it might become a fight for resources and as much as I don't agree with the people here I don't wanna have to kill 'em. There's not many people left in the world."

<@Mayday> Mayday looked up at her, "....it was their home, too."

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "Do you want to lose anything we might gain if they decided to commandeer anything left there? Because that could easily happen. We can't fight them off. And if that happens what was the point of leaving in the first place? We'd just be back to square one. Grumbling about how things are done while they run the show."

<@Mayday> "....", Mayday finished the note and showed it to Cecilia, "Good point. Read."

<Cecilia> Cecilia read over the letter carefully. So sorry to leave, gone North, didn't take anything that wasn't ours, don't bother looking for us blahblahblah..."Sounds good," she said, leaving it on the bed. "Are you good to go?"

<@Mayday> She shrugged, "As ever. After I get some winter apparel."

<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded. "My old stuff's in the car. We'll hit the outdoor sports place on the way outta town. I figure it should be pretty easy with your wall-climbing not to get bitten there." She glanced around. "Now let's make tracks before stretchy and speedy zombie come back."

<@Mayday> Mayday nodded, giving her items a once-over check before tearing the note out and leaving it on the bed. She felt a pang of guilt, but she'd be back. As soon as she'd finished what she needed to. "Let's go."

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:16 pm

Just wait until her crazy ass turns on you, Mayday. :shifty

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by PanicSwitch » Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:27 pm

Muwhahaha! Mayday totally bought into Cee's crazy. :LOL

Ahh...well we'll see how well these two get along, can't make any promises with Crazy!Cee. But they seem off to a good start.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:27 pm

Rogue: Rogue glanced over at Carol as the lines of the town started to peek up over the horizon, "Wanna make it a game? Zombimen: a hundred points, zombiwomen: two hundred, zombikids: fifty?"

Carol: "But then I have to actually pay attention and count what I'm hitting..." Carol didn't like the sound of that at all - she never really looked what she was doing.

Rogue: Rogue frowned. "It makes it more like a video game that way..." Bobby'd like it. She sighed. "Alright, we got a few stores ta hit an' 'bout five'r so hours 'til tha sun starts ta set. Y'all got tha list?"

Carol: "Uh..." Was she supposed to have the list? "Maybe?" She stopped, switching from SHIELD uniform to regular clothes and checking her pockets.

Jean: Tucked away in her low one-man tent, Jean was inventorying her supplies. She had enough ammo, enough lighters... not enough food. Or water. Or gas. She sighed and lay back on her sleeping bag, resting her father's .45 on her stomach... always keeping it within reach.

Rogue: Rogue pulled the list out of her back pocket and grinned, "Gotcha."

Carol: "Oh my God! Don't do that! It's not fair because I totally would have forgotten the damn thing!" She put her hands on her hips as the energy flickered over her to switch her clothes back to her uniform.

Rogue: "Hey, Ah had ta do somethin' fun..." She pulled up to hover and look over the town to figure out where the zombies were and which streets were safest before getting too close. Rogue squinted at a ...thing on a rooftop. "Carol? Y'all see that?"

Carol: "See what now?" She attempted to follow Rogue's gaze.

Rogue: "That." Rogue pointed at the rooftop she was looking at. "It's... Like a tent?" She tilted her head to the side, "Maybe?"

Jean: It was a tent, but Jean had pitched it in the lee of a roof vent, trying to stay under cover from the elements... and some of those dead things could fly.

Carol: "Well let's go check it out!" Carol was off before even waiting for a response.

Rogue: Rogue opened her mouth to tell her to wait, but sighed and closed it as Carol had already gotten a head start. Rogue followed behind slowly, still checking the area for threats. Once Rogue caught up, she frowned and put a hand on Carol's shoulder, "Wait. Look," she pointed down at the ground surrounding the building.

Carol: "Huh?" She paused and looked down, "Oh... wow... crispy..." She eyed the tent, "Mutant?"

Rogue: "Maybe. So let's be a lil more careful so we don't spook 'em." She stared at the extra-burned zombies that littered the ground then looked up at the tent. "Do we have anythin' f'r a peace offerin'?"

Carol: "Peace offering? What do you wanna give 'em? Flowers?" Carol raised an eyebrow.

Jean: Was that... voices? Jean frowned. She had just checked the perimeter. Holstering her revolver, she looped the strap of her father's hunting rifle over her shoulder and checked her lighter. After looking outside the tent flap and doing a quick look around, and up - but not high up enough - she army crawled to the edge of the roof.

Carol: Carol huffed as she saw the movement, "Aww... I was hoping it'd be a dragon..."

Rogue: Rogue watched the girl crawl to the edge of the roof and frowned. "Shh, Carol." She licked her lips and slowly lowered down to the roof across from the girl's.

Jean: Jean sucked in a surprised breath and trained her sights on the woman when she flew into view... but didn't attack. Alive then... She wrapped the strap around her forearm to brace herself.

Carol: Carol frowned, she didn't like being told to 'shh'. She followed Rogue to the roof and landed, peering over the edge at the crispy corpses again.

Rogue: Rogue held her hands up so the girl wouldn't shoot. "Hey there."

Jean: Two of them now. "...hey."

Carol: "Did you do that?" she pointed down at the dead-dead guys.

Jean: "Maybe." Jean shifted slightly, still targeting the women, trying to decide which was the greater threat.

Carol: Carol raised an eyebrow at the girl, "Okay.... sooooo.... why do you need the gun?"

Rogue: Rogue slowly put her arms by her sides and took a few cautious steps to the edge of the roof. "We ain't gonna hurt y'all 'less y'all start. Promise."

Jean: "Yeah, I've heard that before." She trained on the brunette who was moving. Fuck.

Rogue: Rogue stopped moving and put her hands up again. "Mah name's Rogue. That's Carol." Maybe introductions would make her less trigger happy?

Carol: Carol waved then went back to peering at the nice cooked zombies.

Jean: "That's nice. Weird name, Rogue." Jean didn't blink.

Rogue: Rogue shrugged, "Been mah name since Ah was twelve. What's y'all's name?"

Jean: "George Washington. Fuck off." For show, she clicked the action on the rifle.

Rogue: Well that went well. She looked back at Carol. "Wanna try?"

Carol: "Man.... what is it with women in the apocalypse? Are they all bitches? I'm sure I wasn't this bad..." she rolled her eyes, "What in the hell makes you think I'll do any better? I'll just put my foot in my mouth and she'll shoot me and then I'll have to replace my uniform. Again."

Rogue: Rogue sighed and shrugged again, "It's worth a shot?"

Rogue: She frowned then looked back at the girl's gun, "No pun intended..."

Jean: Jean's eyes narrowed and she decided she was done here. She lowered her shields and tried to enter their minds.

Jean: The brunette... she frowned, unable to penetrate, but the blonde... she had shields. Jean concentrated and ripped them away.

Carol: Carol didn't appreciate that at all. She yelled and raised a hand, firing a blast in the girl's general direction.

Rogue: Rogue frowned at the mental prodding then yelled at Carol when she shot a blast off. "Stop it, Carol!"

Jean: "Oh, shit!" Jean yelped and rolled, getting off a shot with the rifle before dropping out of view.

Rogue: Damnit! "Carol!"

Carol: "She started it!" Carol protested, holding her head, "Ow!"

Jean: Anger gave her more power, so Jean ripped away the blonde's shields again, trying to force her to turn on her companion.

Rogue: "Ow?" Rogue looked at Carol funny, "What ow?"

Carol: "Damn it! Stop!" She tried to push her back out, "Get out of my head!"

Rogue: Ah. That ow. "Hey! Gal! If ya wanna see, ya just gotta ask!"

Jean: Jean kept at it, telling the blonde she couldn't trust the other woma- aha. She just wants your power again... she's just going to use you... leave you for dead... those things will find you... tear you apart...

Carol: Carol shook her head, still trying to push out those thoughts that weren't hers. Or maybe they were. She was still worried about that happening again... Wait no. They'd had that discussion. Twice now.

Jean: She wants you to die!

Rogue: Rogue frowned as she watched Carol. "Carol? Y'all ok?"

Jean: You'll lose yourself again, lose your life, lose everything... end up one of those things like your family... Jean started to belly crawl to the far side of the roof, staying below the line of the ledge and out of sight.

Carol: Seriously? She was asking that? After what she did? No wait that wasn't right.... "I don't... I can't..." Get out of my head!

Rogue: Rogue frowned, more concerned now and slowly stepped towards Carol, "Gal? Fight 'er off." <Stop it!>

Jean: After what she did... take all you have and leave you a husk... Jean used her teke to flip over the backside of the roof ledge and float to the ground. She hated to leave the tent, the car, her bike... maybe she could come back for it in a day. Kill her before she kills you again!

Carol: "Get away from me!" Carol swung for Rogue then lifted into the air.

Jean: More of those things would be coming now that she'd fired off a shot, so she ducked low into a small target and used her teke to propell her silently to the nearest treeline.

Rogue: Rogue hopped away from the punch and frowned at Carol as she lifted up. Instead of following her, she flew over to the other roof, looking for the girl. No sign of her. She lifted a bit higher to look for her, <Leave her alone!>

Jean: Fat chance. Jean was done talking, giving the blonde one last goose of fear to cover her escape.

Carol: Carol shot straight up into the air and out of sight.

Rogue: Rogue looked up as Carol bolted for the stratosphere. Double damnit. <What would it take ta prove we're trustworthy?> Could the girl even hear her?

Jean: She could hear, but Jean was in the trees now and plotting her next move. She squatted on a stout branch and made a face when she heard movement. Not the blonde or the brunette... biter.

Rogue: Rogue sighed and flew around the area slowly, looking for the girl. She stopped and hovered when she heard the distinct shuffling that haunted everyone these days. Rogue frowned, having thought the girl deep-fried them all. She moved towards the sound slowly.

Jean: Jean had deep fried most of them, because she had more control over her teke in some situations than others. This biter, however, was close enough for her to use her teke without assistance. Jean reached out and crushed the creature, wincing at the crunch of bone and pop of organs.

Rogue: Rogue stopped, startled as she saw it collapse into a heap, not unlike a giant crushed coke can. "Yikes."

Jean: You can project. Can you hear me? Jean stayed deadly still in the tree, hoping the woefully bare branches offered enough cover. If you can, just leave me alone.

Rogue: Rogue's eyes looked around cautiously, <Ah can. It's not safe alone. We have a safe place. With food. Hot water. We won't force ya... But if ya wanna come, ya welcome. So long as ya don't force ya way inta anybody's minds. That's just plain rude, gal.>

Jean: Manners. They're extinct. Women offering her a safe place was something new, but Jean still didn't buy it. She seized the brunette with her teke and held her immobile.

Rogue: Rogue let out a surprised sound as she was held captive. "Hey!" She tried to struggle against the telekinises, but couldn't so much as wiggle her toes. "We haven't hurt y'all!"

Jean: You won't get the chance. Holding her still, Jean dropped from the tree. She couldn't split her attention to float now, so she sprinted into the trees.

Rogue: Rogue watched her run away, "Hey! There's more that way! Gal, come back!" She let out a very long string of expletives. She was still held in the teke! "Carol!" She let out another cursing streak and growled a little bit at the end of it, frustrated beyond reason.

Jean: A creature lurched from around a tree, and Jean, still trying to hold the brunette still, screamed in surprise and fell backward. She screamed again when the rifle discharged beneath her.

Rogue: Shit! "Carol!" she tried again. <Hey! Are y'all okay?!>

Jean: The biter was closing on her and Jean panicked, losing her hold on the other woman and unable to reach her father's revolver in time. She screamed again, fumbling her lighter.

Carol: An orange glow in the sky heralded Carol's extremely speedy return. She absorbed the heat from her rentry into the atmostphere and used it to discharge a blast in the direction of the zombie, knocking it a good distance away and into a tree.

Rogue: Rogue felt herself drop and kicked up to mach speed to get to the girl. She scooped her and her rifle up to carry them the opposite direction Carol had sent the zombie.

Jean: Jean scrambled backward, the fire from her lighter blinking out before she could control it, and the blast knocking the wind from her. "Put me down! Let me go!"

Rogue: "We just saved you!" Rogue stopped and set the girl down gently, handing over the rifle. "Ya welcome," she said none too happily.

Carol: Carol landed at speed, plowing a deep trench into the ground. "I should beat the hell out of you!"

Rogue: "Should," Rogue echoed. "But won't. Right?"

Jean: Jean snatched the rifle and backed away, unable to help her jump and stagger at the blonde's landing. Holy shit.

Rogue: "Are ya hurt, gal?"

Carol: "I'm not making any promises if she pulls that crap again."

Jean: "I'm not..." She could still escape and part of her screamed to do just that. "Just trying to get you to leave me alone..."

Rogue: "So ya didn't get bit? Good. Now listen, tha both o' us? We coulda killed ya ten times over by now. Each. But we haven't. How 'bout ya just follow us back ta where it's safe?"

Carol: "You could just ask us to leave you alone instead of trying to make us attack each other." Carol pointed out, folding her arms across her chest.

Rogue: Wait, what? She turned to look at Carol, confused, "Is that what she did ta y'all?"

Jean: "There's worse things than dead," she snapped back. "If you weren't women, you'd already be dead."

Rogue: "An' if y'all weren't a woman, ya woulda believed us by now."

Carol: "Please don't say it like that - it makes my mind go to.... funny... places...." she frowned.

Jean: "You're... mutants. Obviously." She gestured at the blonde's - Carol - uniform. "You army or something?"

Carol: Why was that always the first place they went? "No. Air force." She corrected, "And SHIELD."

Jean: Jean stared at her, finally noticing the insignia and remembered, vaguely, one of her mother's classes. "SHIELD."

Carol: "Yes. And I'm not the only one where we live either."

Jean: "Is it a base?" She heard a rustle and looked around nervously. There had to be more. "We rang the dinner bell."

Carol: "No it's a house... so far we haven't found a base that's still secure... we could take this conversation elsewhere though..."

Rogue: "No, it's kinda like a commune. They found it empty 'fore Ah joined 'em." She turned her back on the two others so she could watch their backs.

Rogue: "An' gal? Ah think y'all rang tha dinner bell."

Jean: "How many there? Men, women?" Jean checked her rifle for damage.

Carol: "Two other girls and one guy.... well and a question mark because one of them is pregnant..."

Jean: Jean looked up sharply and tensed. "She pregnant before this happened?"

Carol: Carol shrugged, "Don't know, didn't know her then."

Rogue: "No. She wasn't."

Jean: "There's... groups. Men wanting to repopulate the earth... by any means." Jean jerked to look at... Raven? No.

Rogue: Rogue turned to look at the girl with an eyebrow highly arched, "What?!" She shook her head, "No. Tha daddy is mah best friend. He lost his wife an' unborn baby ta an attack. She comforted him."

Jean: Jean made a face. "I'm not leaving my car."

Carol: "No one's asking you to leave anything behind."

Jean: "....but I don't have any gas. Was going to get some..."

Rogue: "We'll help ya gather everythin' ya got an' put it in ya car if ya want." Oh... She looked over at Carol and shrugged, "One of us can carry it."

Carol: "You don't need gas..." she rolled her eyes.

Jean: "...oh." A creature appeared in her peripheral vision and Jean spun around.

Rogue: Rogue spun as well, tearing a small tree from the ground. "Batter up!" She whacked the head off of the zombie and watched the body crumble while the head splattered in the air.

Jean: "....right."

Rogue: "So... One o' us will help ya load ya stuff... Tha other," she looked at Carol, "supply run. We're dangerously low on coffee."

Carol: "Coffee!" Carol shot off but was back almost instantly, "I forgot the list..."

Rogue: Rogue laughed and passed it over. "Guess y'all're gettin' tha stuff then. Ah'll help our friend here... What was y'all's name again? George, right?"

Jean: "Jean." She still watched them warily, but... it was worth a try.

Rogue: "Jean," she smiled and stuck her hand out for a shake, "Good ta meet ya."

Carol: "See you back at the house!" Carol stuffed the list in one of her pockets that had a flap with velcro and took off.

Jean: She hesitated, then slung her rifle and shook her hand. "Sorry I tried to get your friend to choke you out."

Rogue: "Guess that means Ah'm carryin' tha car too." She laughed then looked back at Jean, "Hey, it ain't an apocalypse if ya don't try an' turn people against each other."

Jean: "That's what my mother always said." Jean nodded in agreement and lifted off to float back to her car.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:52 am

Jessica: Jess wandered around the living room, tidying up after Carol. That woman could make a mess like a pro... weren't military types trained to be neat?

Mayday: Stepping into the room, Mayday adjusted the jacket she'd retrieved from Cecilia, patting it down and checking the pockets before looking up and spotting Jess. With a low sigh, she straightened up, "Jessica."

Jessica: Jess looked round, more than a little surprised. "May.... hi... um... going somewhere?"

Mayday: "I won't lie to you...", she replied, approaching the other girl, "...I'm heading south, back to Xavier's."

Jessica: "Wh-... you're leaving? Why?" She couldn't hide that she was upset.

Mayday: Mayday shook her head, "Don't get upset: I have my reasons. It's not....it's not you.", her left hand stroked against the handle of her machete as she glanced away, looking back up at Jess, "I want to bury them. All of them. They....deserve that much."

Jessica: She sighed, taking a step towards May, "I... May... not all the bodies will be there... Johnny and Hope... a lot of them got burned to ashes..."

Mayday: "They still deserve something.", the redhead stated, staring at Jess with a cold glow in her eyes, "I won't just leave my home like that. That place was all I had."

Jessica: "It was all I had too, May..." she reminded her gently, "Go and do what you think is best... but don't feel like you can't come back, okay?"

Mayday: Mayday sighed, scratching her head, "....Cecilia doesn't want to come back.", she confessed, glancing away. "Part of the reason I'm going down there is the abundance of tech left at Xaviers: if Danger still works, if Cerebero can point us towards....anything...", she looked up at Jess, "I'll find you again somehow, alright? Just...stay alive. And don't be too quick to trust anyone."

Jessica: "May... you don't have to do what Cecilia says. You know that, right? If you want to come back, you come back..." She tentatively reached out a hand for May's shoulder. "If we find SHIELD... I'll leave a note for you with a map, okay?"

Mayday: Instinctively, Mayday backed away from the touch, her right hand sliding over the snub-nose's handle. With a hesitant twitch, she forced herself neutral and timidly went to touch Jessica's hand, shying a little before reaching her, "I know...I-I'm sorry I can't....", she shook her head, "If you'd have been there..."

Jessica: "Do you have to leave so soon?" she bit her lip, "I feel like there's too much unsaid.... May... what happened to you?"

Mayday: "People happened.", Mayday's eyes darkened as the first word left her lips, "Survivors.....they're not all....like you."

Jessica: "I'm sorry..." she gestured to the sofa, "Do you want to talk about it?"

Mayday: Mayday cringed at the thoughts in her head, "The first group I found were like you.", she explained, not moving for a seat, instead standing more still than she was originally, "Super powers, a place to stay...then they started....", she struggled to even say it.

Jessica: Jess sat down on the edge of the sofa cushion and tilted her head to one side. She wasn't going to interrupt her.

Mayday: "They started dividing up patrols, pairing up girls and boys. Then.....one guy....", Mayday's hand found her pistol's grip again, "...he attacked me when I said no. A-and...t-then I....", she started to shake a little, eyes glancing around in panic as she connected the dots again - she'd repressed it so well it felt like she was making it up as she explained.

Jessica: She nodded understandingly, "It's okay, May... I think I can guess.... I, um... I've been in a similar situation..."

Mayday: "See, bullets wouldn't work because of his power. So I did the next best thing.", Mayday continued, as if uninterrupted, "All it took was a single shot of webbing into his mouth, and that was it! Suffocation. Terminal. H-he choked to death, begging me to save him but I didn't. I just watched. I watched and I laughed.",

Jessica: "Electrocution for mine..." she pushed some energy into her hand, watching the glow. "First time I ever did that..."

Mayday: "And it wasn't as if I stopped.", Mayday continued, as if Jessica hadn't spoken, "I went back, I found out what they'd done and I shot all of them. Every single one. The girls, the boys. I just couldn't take it, and I snapped. And now they're all gone. As if they never were. Stacked together and set alight. Cleaned. Cleaned away."

Jessica: "Oh May..." she released the charge, getting up to go over to her again, "You know we'd never ever do anything so horrible to you... you're safe here. I swear to you..."

Mayday: Mayday shook her head, "But that isn't true, is it? Because you're a liability: pregnant after a bite from a zombie. This whole place is just hormones and awkwardness, and then there's SHIELD, your saviors who, by rights, surely would have saved us all by now if they could, right?", she stepped back, "Nowhere's safe, Jess. You need to realize that, not even I'm safe. People are liabilities."

Jessica: "I'm not a liability. The baby's growing so it can't be infected. My immunity protected him or her. Carol told us what happened when this started - she was on the front line. They locked every base down when they realised they'd lost control of the situation. We don't know if there are any places that are infection free but we're going to keep looking anyway... If it goes bad then we won't stay with them..."

Jessica: She ran a hand through her hair, "They can't keep us anywhere we don't want to be... but I will need a doctor... none of us know how to deliver a baby... We're as safe as we can be... if we stick together..."

Mayday: "I c-can't. I just can't right now, Jess...", she looked away, "...I need to just....see them. To put it to rest. I need this."

Jessica: "I know... I understand... But when you've done what you need to do... come back... you're family, May..." she gave her a small smile. "You'll always be family."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, for the first time all conversation not going for her weapons. She held out a shaky hand to Jessica, "....thank you."

Jessica: Jess took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, "If anything, us spider people should stick together, right? Our power sets demand it." she offered a slightly brighter smile.

Mayday: "Y-yeah.", she managed a little smile back at Jessica, "...C-Cecilia will probably be waiting for me, so I should....go."

Jessica: She nodded, "Okay... I suppose a hug might be expecting too much?"

Mayday: Mayday looked at the door, then back to Jessica, taking a deep breath. She held out her arms, wrapping the other girl in a gentle hug and shuddering.

Jessica: Jess hugged her back, gently stroking her hair. "We'll miss you, Mayday... be careful, okay?"

Mayday: She nodded against Jess' hand, squeezing her a little tightly with a sigh, "I'll come back.", she nodded, still burying her head in Jess' shoulder, "I promise."

Jessica: "I'll hold you to that... don't think I won't come looking for you if you don't." She returned the squeeze.

Mayday: Mayday backed off, genuinely smiling, a hint of the old her visible in her face, "If this works out, I'll bring back the Blackbird, ok? Shouldn't be hard to spot me in a huge black aircraft."

Jessica: She laughed a little, "I'll listen out for it." She touched May's cheek affectionately, "I mean it, May... please be careful."

Mayday: "I will.", Mayday nodded, "You too, 'k? Stay safe.", she stepped back, turning slowly and walking away.

Jessica: "See you soon..." she refused to say goodbye.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:21 am

Jean: This was a nice set-up. Even Jean, who had gotten more and more jaded over the last few months, could admit that. Her car was safely outside, and she'd even gotten them to let her gas it up. All her shit of importance was in it. So, if this wasn't what it appeared, she was still coming out ahead.

Jean: The rifle was useless inside, but she'd insisted she keep her revolver, and she kept one hand on it. However, her real weapon was hidden up her sleeve.

Jessica: Jess had been filled in about the new girl in Carol's special vague way while she was dropping off what Jess was sure was a lifetime's supply of coffee. She wandered into the main part of the house and spied the redhead. "Oh, hello."

Jean: "Hi." If there were two other women and a man here... she still had no idea who this was. "I'm Jean... the Rogue... lady... brought me here." She gestured to wherever the brunette with the weird skunk stripe had gone.

Jessica: Jess gave her a smile, "I'm Jess, welcome." she looked her over, "Are you hungry? Tired?"

Jean: "Both, actually." The blonde appeared friendly... way too pretty, like the other two. It made her suspicious. "I'd start with food though, if you really have it."

Jessica: "Sure, kitchen's this way," she gestured for Jean to follow her. "How long have you been on your own?"

Jean: "Since my dad died." She unconsiously stroked the gun handle and followed, noticing the place was big. Really big. And there were... origami? Weird.

Jessica: Okay. Equally vague... She ran a hand through her hair, pushing the door open to the dining hall and winding her way between the tables. "I'm sure it's a bit of a shock to the system to suddenly be with other people again... and in a house with power and hot running water..."

Jean: Really, really big. "A bit," she echoed. "I've been, um, sleeping in a tent. On the roofs of buildings. Mostly. It's... nice to be in a house with heat."

Jessica: "Jeez, I'll bet! You must have been freezing!" She went to heat up some of the soup for Jean.

Jean: "I have an arctic rated sleeping bag." She paused in the kitchen and looked around again. "My folks... they liked to camp."

Jessica: "Oh... well that's lucky... but still, it's not ideal to be sleeping out in the cold..." She moved to get a bowl and slice up some bread for Jean too. "What would you like to drink?"

Jean: "...there are actual options?" Jean slowly moved to the table in the kitchen and sat down, finding the best defensible location.

Jessica: She nodded, "We have tea, coffee, all kinds of sodas, some mixable soft drinks and there's probably alcohol somewhere...."

Jean: "Holy shit. Water is fine... thanks." Jean took her hand off the revolver to lace her fingers together on the table.

Jessica: She laughed, "No problem... soup'll be heated up soon." She moved to get a bottle of water and a glass for Jean after putting the plate of sliced bread down with a knife and some butter.

Jean: God, they were trusting... unless this was some elaborate ruse to poison her. Jean chewed her lip and reached out to skim the other girl's surface thoughts.

Jessica: Jess wasn't thinking about much beyond the fact that she was hungry and maybe she'd have some soup too as she stirred the pot. "Is there anything you want to ask?"

Jean: Shrugging, she reached for the knife and took a swipe of butter to give it a sniff. Seemed okay, so she similarly eyed the bread before giving in and spreading. "Oh my God... I never thought I'd be so excited for fucking Wonder bread..."

Jessica: "The simple things in life seem more important now..." she agreed, ladeling some soup into a bowl for her.

Jean: "Yeah." Jean reached down to touch the gun handle, reassured by its presence. "So... tell me about the people here?"

Jessica: Jess set the bowl down on the table in front of Jean then went to get a bowl for herself. "We all knew each other before this started... except Carol. We went to a school for mutants near New York."

Jean: "That... explains a lot." Jean thanked her quietly, feeling a bit worse for what she'd done. "D-do you know Rachel Grey-Foley?"

Jessica: "Um... we've met, yeah... I don't know where she is now though... we lost track of a lot of people in our hurry to leave the building..."

Jean: She sighed and picked up the spoon, listlessly poking the soup. "She's my cousin."

Jessica: "Oh... wow... really?" That was... she didn't know what that was. Awkward? Yeah... probably that.

Jean: "She... between her and Josh they might have made it... she's strong, and he's a healer..." Jean nodded. "They could have." Her family was dead, but maybe... "They could have made it..."

Jessica: "Maybe... we keep finding people all the time... it's definitely a possibility..." She gave Jean a reassuring smile.

Jean: "Yeah..." She touched the gun again, then spooned up some soup to try. After making an appreciative sound, she took two more bites before speaking again. "Sorry... I thought you all were some kind of cult or something."

Jessica: She laughed, "Funny... that's what people were supposed to think about the school..."

Jean: "Rachel told us that once... it is funny, and a good cover story since the old dude is a telepath... can make people believe it." Jean shoveled in half the bowl now, too hungry to be polite. "Wish telepathy worked on those biters."

Jessica: "Yeah... I don't think they have enough higher brain function left... But they need their brains enough that electricity will take them out so there's that..."

Jean: "Fire works," she said between bites, tackling the bread again too. "Teke works."

Jessica: "Chopping their heads off with a sword works quite well too..."

Jean: It made her look up at her. "So are you, like, a ninja or something?" Jean pulled the revolver from its holster.

Jessica: Jess considered that question. "I... guess I could be... I do now own a samurai sword..."

Jean: "I have a machete, but..." she laid the gun on the table. "I have my dad's guns..."

Jessica: "I'm not really a fan of guns... and with the noise they make it's kind of dangerous to use them to kill the zombies...."

Jean: "They're good backup. Rifle's good for distance..." She stared at the gun while she ate more soup. "My powers... can't always control them as well as I like."

Jessica: She nodded understandingly, "I know what that's like... but it's quiet here so.... maybe you can practice a little?"

Jean: "Yeah, maybe." Jean wolfed down the rest of the bowl, using the bread to get the last bits, before looking up at the woman. "You're the pregnant one."

Jessica: Jess blinked in surprise, having been about to ask if Jean wanted another helping of soup, "Um... yes..."

Jean: "It's in your thoughts. Sorry. The others said, but I didn't know which one until I met you." She licked the spoon, eyed the bowl. Licking it sounded good too.

Jessica: "Oh, no... it's fine... you just took me by surprise," she offered another smile, "... Would you like some more?"

Jean: "Yes!" Jean smiled a little sheepishly at her outburst and added a please. She watched Jessica take the bowl. "When they said one of the group was pregnant it reinforced the cult thing."

Jessica: "It did?" she raised an eyebrow, "Why?" She refilled the bowl and brought it back to the table.

Jean: Jean took the bowl with a smile of thanks and didn't waste any time in eating. "My parents found a group of people. They were kind of a mix. Students from the university where they taught, townies... some people who just got stranded..."

Jessica: "Oh yeah?" she sat down with some soup of her own and ate, more slowly than Jean. "What happened?"

Jean: "Sociology professor went crazy, got a bunch of guys on his side... tried to, um, restart humanity... if you know what I mean." Jean paused and pulled the forty-five closer again. "But they just wanted women of a certain age. My mom was too old for them..."

Jessica: Jess' facial expression clearly said she was horrified to hear this. What an awful and irresponsible thing to do! "I don't even know what to say..."

Jean: "Yeah... well... kind of made me doubt the goodness of people's hearts." She fidgeted, reaching up to feel her high ponytail.

Jessica: "It would.... I don't blame you there... and I know all the promises in the world aren't going to be enough but you are safe here... well, as safe as it gets. No one's going to hurt you,"

Jean: Unable to help herself, Jean watched the woman and again lightly touched her mind. With a nod, she smiled a little. "I believe you." Licking her spoon, she dove back into the bowl.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:58 pm

Jessica: Jess was probably going to be in trouble for being out on the roof alone but it was her birthday and this was something of a tradition. She'd always sneaked out.

Bobby: She most definitely was, since Bobby was looking for her. Baking a cake had not gone well, and Carol was no help at all. Luckily, they hadn't blown anything up.

Bobby: He went to their room with a tray loaded with tea, a slightly lopsided cake, and breakfast, only to find there was no Jess.

Jessica: Jess adjusted her position a little but remained otherwise completely still, staring out over the landscape and listening to the sounds around her. Instead of shutting it all out, she paid attention to all the tiny sounds she usually ignored.

Bobby: Bobby put down the tray and searched all her usual spots before getting a little concerned. She had to be outside. Sometimes the inability to fly was a real bummer. He shifted and left his clothes in a pile as he wafted out the window.

Jessica: She heard that too, turning her head towards the sound and waiting for him to spot her.

Bobby: Sure enough, she was on the roof. He swirled around her, mussing her hair, before reforming in front of her in a matching pose. With a smirk, he even shifted back to flesh and blood. "Happy birthday, m'lady."

Jessica: Jess ran a hand through her hair to fix it and gave him a smile, "Thank you." She raised an eyebrow as she looked him over. "You sure you should be naked up here?"

Bobby: "Hey maybe I'm your birthday present. I'm the gift that keeps on giving." He gave her a wicked grin and struck a pose, throwing in a good flex for fun.

Jessica: She laughed and reached to pull him close and kiss him. "You're an excellent present."

Bobby: "Well, thank you and you're welcome," he laughed into the kiss and settled in beside her, then shrugged and pulled her into his lap.

Jessica: She curled up and leaned against him, resting her head on his shoulder. "I used to do this all the time..."

Bobby: "Cuddle naked men?" He frowned and picked up a lock of her hair to play with. "Strike that, since I know the answer. I just hope I'm the best naked man you've ever cuddled, on a roof or otherwise."

Jessica: She laughed, "No.... well... no... there was no cuddling." She shook her head then kissed his cheek. "I meant sneaking out and sitting on the roof..."

Bobby: "Yeah, I know what you meant." He wrapped his arms around her.

Jessica: "Every year on my birthday... I used to sneak out and go exploring.... I don't know if dad knew or not... he always got kind of weird on my birthday..."

Bobby: "Oh yeah? Sounds like a good tradition." He looked up and scanned the skies, satisfied it was clear and safe for now. "Everybody's gotta get out sometime... and it sounds like your dad was kind of weird about a lot of things. No offense."

Jessica: "Well... I guess so to someone on the outside.... but you kind of get used to it... I didn't know any better. I didn't know I was missing out... never even watched tv before I got to the school..."

Bobby: "That is... I mean, I might concede that I've wasted a large portion of my life watching tv, but to have never seen it... it's so strange to me." He stroked her hair, finger combing it. He hoped their child had her hair... so much prettier than his.

Jessica: "Different world..." she smiled, "I had a lot to do in a day anyway... wouldn't have had time for tv.... It's like... all this stuff people do... just things everyone takes fore granted... I kind of don't get a lot of it..."

Bobby: "Well, I could happily educate you on all facets of American pop culture, but... it might be kind of a moot point these days." Bobby kept playing with her hair. "If you want, we could go out... although after I give you your birthday present."

Jessica: "You got me a present?" She lifted her head from his shoulder to look at his face, "Why?"

Bobby: "Well of course I did. Why wouldn't I? It's your birthday, and I love you." He leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss, lingering there.

Jessica: She smiled in the kiss, cupping his cheek with her hand. "I've never had a birthday present before... I wouldn't have missed it..."

Bobby: "I would have." He brushed her nose with his own and pressed their foreheads together to look into her eyes. So gorgeous, and his. He smiled.

Jessica: She smiled back, "Well then... let's go back inside so we can do that... and you can put some clothes back on otherwise I'll just get all distracted."

Bobby: "I wouldn't object to that either," he grinned.

Jessica: She laughed and pulled him down for another kiss before climbing out of his lap and moving to the edge of the roof.

Bobby: Bobby didn't bother getting up, just dissolving to vapor where he sat and taking a fast sweep over the solar panels to clear off the skim of snow.

Jessica: Jess crawled back down the wall, favouring her ability to stick to things over flight as usual. She pushed the window defences open and slipped back inside.

Bobby: Bobby followed her and reformed inside the room, striking a heroic pose and cheesy grin. "You sure you want me to get dressed, babe?"

Jessica: Jess giggled, "I'm never sure about that." She walked over to him and slid her arms around his shoulders.

Bobby: His hands went to her waist and he dipped her backward for a deep kiss.

Jessica: She tightened her hold on him a little and returned the kiss enthusiastically.

Bobby: Bobby let himself get lost for a while, twining his fingers in her hair, breaking off the kiss to mouth her neck.

Jessica: Jess tilted her head to allow him better access to her neck and closed her eyes, making a small sound of pleasure and pushing her fingers up into his hair.

Bobby: "I'm... totally getting distracted here," he mumbled against her skin. She would make that noise, too, wouldn't she? "Your tea is probably cold..."

Jessica: "You started this..." she reminded him, nipping at his neck. "I told you to get dressed..."

Bobby: If she kept doing that, he was going to finish it too. Pulling back, he set her on her feet and gave her a more chaste kiss. "Later. Right now, you have cake and tea and I even made them."

Jessica: She giggled and cuddled him a little, "You made me cake?"

Bobby: "I did! I... may have broken some things doing it, but I did!" Cuddles were nice too, but he led her to the bed. "Sit."

Jessica: She raised an eyebrow at the instruction but did as she was told. "Clothes..." she reminded him, leaning back on her hands as she watched him, head tilted to one side.

Bobby: "Oh, right!" Bobby went back to the window to hop into his jeans, then tugged his t-shirt over his head. Fetching the tray, he wished for a little of Johnny's power. "Yeah... the tea is definitely cold..."

Jessica: Jess laughed, "It's okay... it was my fault - and it's the thought the counts." she pulled her legs up onto the bed and sat cross legged.

Bobby: Bobby set the tray on the bed in front of her and grinned. "Okay, now stay put and I'll be right back." He went to the door and opened it, then paused. "Don't move, I mean it!" He vanished.

Jessica: She blinked after him, wondering if not moving ruled out trying the cake.

Bobby: Bobby returned a few moments later as just a head poking around the door.

Jessica: Jess eyed him warily. "Are you going to come back in or...?"

Bobby: "Yep." He came in, carrying a large, awkwardly wrapped package. The paper was even awkward, since it was a combination of real wrapping paper and newpaper. At least it was the comic section.

Jessica: Jess laughed a little at the sorry looking package and accepted it, "Nice job... it's almost as good as the cake."

Bobby: "That's sarcasm. I know sarcasm when I hear it." Bobby helped her heft it onto the bed to unwrap.

Jessica: She leaned to kiss him, "It's the thought that counts." She repeated, shifting to kneel on the bed while she peeled off the paper. It was a shadow box type cabinet, she glanced up at Bobby - smiling. "Wow..."

Bobby: "Gives you a place to put your little creations," he said with a grin. "And I made it, believe it or not." Bobby happily returned the kiss and leaned over the edge of the bed to rummage under it. He pulled out a bundle of bright, textured and metallic paper, wrapped in a ribbon. Handing it over, he added, "This I got from the craft section of the Walmart we hit last week."

Jessica: Ooooh metalic paper! Now she could make bugs with shiny carapaces like they were supposed to have! "I love it, thank you!" She flung her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

Bobby: "You're welcome," he chuckled, returning the hug and stealing a kiss. "If the cake is terrible, we don't have to eat it." He picked up the knife and looked the cake over, making a plan of attack and slicing.

Jessica: "Aww... but you went to all that trouble..." she kissed his cheek, moving the paper and the cabinet off the bed so they had more room.

Bobby: "Yeah, but I'm not into S&M, babe." Bobby cut her a piece and put in on a plate, cutting a bite with a fork and giving it an experimental sniff before offering it to her.

Jessica: "That... is disappointing..." she said with a devilish smirk, before she leaned to accept the bite.

Bobby: Meeting her eyes, he returned the smirk with interest.

Jessica: Jess considered the cake. The texture could be better - it was a little flat and heavy - but it didn't taste bad. She gave him a thumbsup for his efforts.

Bobby: Bobby raised both arms in triumph and did a wriggle dance on the bed.

Jessica: Jess giggled at his dance and reached to ruffle his hair. "You know... we really should give you a haircut sometime...."

Bobby: "I thought it gave me a nicely rogueish air," he said, putting on his best wicked grin. "It's the end of the world look. Very fashionable." Bobby nodded and handed her the plate. Now to see if she dared eat more.

Jessica: "It's curling... I think it makes you look far less threatning.... not that that's a bad thing... but it's going to get really hard to take you seriously." She did eat more.

Bobby: "It does that..." He cut himself a piece and ate it. "It, um... curls can be scary. Just look at Little Orphan Annie. Terrifying."

Bobby: Bobby sighed. "It'll do that... ringlets... eventually..."

Jessica: "I... don't know who that is... but ringlets sounds adorable."

Bobby: "Adorable, huh? I... can live with that." He grinned, eating his... slightly weird cake. "Yours curls sometimes too, so ha."

Jessica: "It does... something I battle against daily... but I think it's less adorable on me..."

Bobby: "You're wrong," he said with an affirmative nod and reached out to flick a bend in her hair. Finishing his cake, he leaned over the edge of the bed again and pulled out another bag.

Jessica: Jess raised an eyebrow, "How have you managed to hide all these things without me knowing?"

Bobby: "I'm sneaky!" His grin was more goofy than mysterious as he handed over the bag. "Not strictly a birthday present."

Jessica: Jess peered into the bag then tossed Bobby a grin. New trousers! And some other clothes too... for her and the baby. And were they....? "Duckies!" She laughed, pulling one of the bright yellow plastic bath toys out of the bag.

Bobby: "All the duckies!" Bobby leaned over to give her a hug. "Well, not yet... but we'll eventually get 'em all."

Jessica: "Yaaaay!" she hugged him back, making the duck give him a peck on the cheek. "I'm going to take a bath with all of them later!"

Bobby: "That sounds like a plan, babe." The duck kiss made him laugh. "So... I said we should go out and I meant it. We could at least go play in the snow, or if you want, Rogue and Carol have been clearing out the area, so it'd be pretty safe to make a run."

Jessica: "Make a run? Like... actually go into a town?" She hadn't done that for a long time now. She wasn't even sure what it was like out there anymore.

Bobby: "Yeah. There're a couple small towns not too far away, and we've been there enough to get the lay of the land. There's still stuff we could get, and I know you have to be bored to death."

Jessica: She nodded, chewing her lip, "I am bored... I just... I feel like it's irresponsible to go out there..."

Bobby: "We don't have to if you don't want to, but I think it's safe enough. You're hardly helpless, and I'll be with you." He slid his arm around her and kissed her temple.

Jessica: "It's not that I don't want to... God... I would love to... I haven't left here in over a month... I'm just over thinking it probably..."

Bobby: "Hey, it doesn't have to be today." He moved the tray and laid back, pulling her down with him. "I just got to thinking about it, and you're immune to the cold right now, so we should take advantage of it."

Jessica: She curled up beside him, resting her head on his shoulder. "Yeah... it seems a shame to waste this time when I'm not huge... I'm just wary..."

Bobby: "That's good, because I'm wary too. Every time I go out, but if we're careful I think it'd be fine." Bobby turned toward her and kissed her forehead. "You can think about it and let me know."

Jessica: She nodded, snuggling into him, "I will think about it... very carefully." It would be nice to get out of the house and actually go somewhere.

Bobby: "Good." He held her, hand wandering to her hip to pull her closer. "Happy birthday."

Jessica: She smiled, nuzzling his neck and pressing a kiss there, "This is a good birthday..." she mumbled, sliding an arm around him.

Bobby: "Good for me too," he said, tipping his head back for her and working his hand under her shirt.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Ferguson » Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:13 am

'Timelined' After Bobby takes his truck back

<@Fabian> "Lukas!" Fabian shouted, running ahead of the shuffling crowd behind him, firing behind him as well as he could while still keeping pace and letting out a sigh of relief as the closer zombies dropped. "Where the hell are you?!"

<Lukas> Lukas was foregoing his usual flair when wielding his spear, thrusting it into one zombie head after another. The food run had turned bad and now Lukas had lost Fabian. He was slowly being surrounded as he fought his way through the crowd. At the sound of Fabian's voice he startled ", here!"

<@Fabian> Fabian heard the here called out but he couldn't see any sign of his friend, just more and more zombies. "Where the hell did they come from?" At this rate he was going to run out of ammo so a plan was definitely going to have to be made. Running a few more yard ahead he ducked down an alleyway, climbing up the fire escape there.

<Lukas> Channeling his powers through his spear, a green light fizzled and then shot through a zombie's head. He managed to kill another few before he could get clear, taking off running away from the majority of them.

<@Fabian> "Can you climb up?" Fabian shouted down towards where he thought Lukas was though he still had no idea how to tell. It was a veritable sea of zombies down there and he knew he had no hope of taking out even half of them.

<Lukas> Looking up towards Fabian's voice, Lukas ran for the fire escape. He dodged around the few in his path and jumped for the bottom rail. Grabbing and pulling himself up, a hand wrapped around his ankle and tried to pull him back down.

<@Fabian> Fabian ran to the ladder again, shooting down it to try and free him up. "I don't think you're going to make it that way but if you run on into the alley I can thin them out!"

<Lukas> Lukas kicked at the creature holding him and dropped down. Stumbling, he started slashing his way through the crowd and towards the alley.

<@Fabian> Now that the zombies were at least contained Fabian worked on shooting as quickly as he can, trying to create something of a zombie wall while keeping in mind how much ammo he still had on him to do so.

<Lukas> Lukas was running towards the alley as fast as he could. Doing so without killing anything as that would slow him down. By the time he reached the alley, he had a gaggle of zombies coming after him.

<@Fabian> "Do you have any of the guns?" He called down, now running alongside the alleyway to the end, trying to see a decent way out.

<Lukas> "No! I had my spear and we didn't think we'd run into a fucking horde," he screamed, clearly close to panic.

<@Fabian> Fabian...could not believe he was just about to do this. "I don't suppose you think you can catch a firearm without dying yourself?"

<Lukas> "There's no way out, is there?"

<@Fabian> "You're going to have to climb through one of the windows but we don't know what's in there." He admitted, knowing that wasn't really the best situation.

<Lukas> Looking up at Fabian, Lukas took a deep breath and nodded.

<@Fabian> Fabian nodded back, letting the gun drop as softly as he could, running back for the fire escape as it dropped into the dumpster.

<Lukas> Lukas went for the gun and then made his way to the nearest window into the building.

<@Fabian> This...was a horrible idea. Fabian climbed into the top window, not wanting the sea of zombies to take any notice of him six floors above, and glanced around his new surroundings, not liking them much at all.

<Lukas> Lukas checked the gun and then started making his way through the building. He really just wanted to get back to the truck with Fabian and curl up. That didn't look to be happening any time soon.

<@Fabian> As Fabian hit the stair well he could hear shuffling and knew he had made a terrible mistake. This terrible mistake was going to have a fire extinguisher however as he busted the case open and grabbed one, ripping the pen off and hurried down the stiars.

<Lukas> Being as quiet as possible, Lukas walked through the halls. Other than the muffled noises from outside, he heard nothing. Until he reached a stairwell and heard the shuffling.

<@Fabian> Fabian ran into them once he got to the fouth floor, caving in the face of one before having to dodge around another, pushing it down the center of the stairs and running again, swearing as he ran into more stalking about the stairway.

<Lukas> Flicking on the safety and tucking the gun into the back of his pants, Lukas took his spear and started to kill. He had mastered the art of not making a noise as he thrust the spear through zombie skull.

<Fabian> Fabian was not nearly as quiet with his fire extinguisher, butting another head with it and smacking another down hard enough against the railing the rotten flesh gave way and the zombie just lay there, stuck so that he had to jump a few steps to get by it. Soon enough, though, he caught sight of an actual live person.

<Lukas> Taking out the last few with a well placed sweep of his weapon, Lukas looked up. "Fay?"

<Fabian> "Anyone get a bite in on you?" Fabian asked, clunking the last moving zombie between him and Lukas and caving in his skull.

<Lukas> Shaking his head, Lukas stopped and just stared at his friend ", you?"

<Fabian> "No, I'm fine, but we'd best get out of here as soon as we can, they've got to have started to follow you in through that window."

<Lukas> Squeezing his eyes shut, he nodded. A few deep breaths later and Lukas opened them again ", any ideas?"

<Fabian> "The truck's not that far if we can get them away from that side, we need a diversion."

<Lukas> Lukas looked at the bodies around them and sighed. He reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled out the truck keys. He handed then to Fabian ", gimme five minutes when I get outside and then run for it."

<Fabian> "You're serious?" He asked, taking the keys.

<Lukas> He nodded and turned to go back the way he'd come.

<Fabian> Fabian picked his way over the dead, stalking up towards the window closest to their truck and waited, letting himself look as worried as he felt.

<Lukas> Lukas managed to make it to the other side of the building with only a few undead run-ins. Leaving their corpses in a trail, he climbed out a window and started screaming and running. Not the most subtle distraction, but effective as soon the small army of zombies was shuffling towards him.

<Fabian> Well...it was a terrible idea but it was effective. Fabian didn't dare look back, simply running at his top speed for the truck not even wanting to think about the zombies that might be nipping at his heels as more and more seemed to be coming for Lukas, closing in on him.

<Lukas> Lukas pulled the gun out and turned the safety off. He turned and started shooting at the closest ones to him, though with how many there were it wasn't long before he ran out of ammo.

<Fabian> The truck roared to life and also the sawed off shotgun Fabian had stored behind the seats. It might not be advisable to shoot and drive but there was not a soul left in the world to stop him and, even if there was, Fabian would more than likely just shoot him as well. Soon enough he came careening through, taking out zombies with bullet and tire.

<Lukas> Lukas had tucked the gun away and was using his spear again when he heard the truck. He started fighting his way towards the noise, shoving bodies away and then destroying heads.

<Fabian> Fabian grabbed the fire extinguisher again, setting it off and lobbing it out of the passenger door once he opened it for Lukas. "Quick! That's not nearly meaty enough to distract long."

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:37 am

<@Jessica> "So... do you think there's an import store around here?" Jess wondered aloud as they drove along. She watched out the window for zombies but it was nice and quiet.

<Bobby> "I.... we're kind of out in the boonies, so I'm kind of doubting it. I've not noticed one anyway." Bobby was being extra alert as they drove, fingers tight on the wheel. It was a nice day - bright and clear, and cold.

<@Jessica> "We should ask Carol... I bet she'd know..." she settled back in her seat and smiled at him. "Unless you know somewhere else that might sell marmite?"

<Bobby> "...marmite? Um, ew." Bobby shot her a look, nose wrinkled. "I tried that shit once when one of my old classmates made me. I took her to Taco Bell and she gave me marmite. I said it was a raw deal."

<@Jessica> She laughed, "I think it's an acquired taste thing... But I really want it..."

<Bobby> "Crazy pregnancy cravings starting up?" This time he kept his eyes on the road, slowing down as they approached an old accident scene. "It's nasty."

<@Jessica> "I guess so... or maybe it's just a comfort and nostalgia thing..." she gave a shrug, "It's nice on toast... used to have it with soft boiled eggs when I was younger..."

<Bobby> Bobby made another face. Runny eggs and black mold on toast. Mmm. "I can get comfort though," he said, looking over the accident scene. The creature trapped inside the overturned sedan was still there, and so weak it barely turned its head to watch them go by.

<@Jessica> "Yeah... It's kind of... awkward... because a lot of the foods I really liked... well... they were when I was travelling... and now I can't get them... I could recreate them if it wasn't all end-of-the-world-y..."

<Bobby> "Yeah, well we might be able to find some stuff, but it could get tricky." Bobby slowed to a crawl and decided now was a good time to end the zombie. He froze the whole car just to be safe, the frost flashing over the metal and screeching.

<@Jessica> Jess cringed and covered her ears, curling up in her seat in an attempt to protect herself from the noise. "Oooowww...."

<Bobby> "Sorry!" Bobby sped up a little to pass the wreck. "Just... didn't want to leave a loose end there..."

<@Jessica> "It's fine... bad frequency... I think it was mostly the glass contracting..." she uncurled slowly.

<Bobby> "Sometimes if they're stuck like that we leave them, but..." Bobby shrugged, speeding up more to crest the next hill. "Guess it's just another one that could eventually bite us in the ass, so..."

<@Jessica> "Yeah... it's okay, really. I get it..." she reached over and patted his hand. "No harm done..."

<Bobby> "I forget sometimes about the noise thing. Plus I forget that I can be noisy," he added with a chuckle.

<@Jessica> "Yeah... I guess it's probably hard to imagine having hearing like mine... It used to be hard for me to imagine it the other way around before I had the option to turn it off..."

<Bobby> "You haven't been doing that as much lately though." He shot her a glance and licked his lips.

<@Jessica> She shook her head, "No... I know.... don't feel as safe as I did... five people... it's like... I don't know... it's nothing... and I'm on my own so much..."

<Bobby> "Yeah... I get that." He sighed and again swerved around a smashed motorcycle.

<@Jessica> "Maybe it'll change... maybe it won't... but there was only one reason we got those things anyway and that's still here..."

<Bobby> Bobby frowned a little, shooting her another glance as he straightened out on the road. The town was dead ahead now.

<@Jessica> Jess shifted in her seat, spying the town ahead. She was anxious now but part of her was excited... or maybe that was just the adrenaline. It had been a long time since she'd been out of the house for this long and she hadn't been out of the grounds since they got there. Then there was the added danger aspect. They had no idea what might be waiting for them in the town.

<Bobby> Taking his foot off the accelerator to allow the truck to coast, he leaned forward to scan the area. Looked clear so far. "There's a dollar store type thing, couple of antique stores, gas station. It's a typical old town. We already cleaned out the drug store."

<@Jessica> "Antique stores? Maybe we can get some new furniture or some nicknacks for the mantlepiece?" she suggested with a grin.

<Bobby> "If you want," he chuckled. "It's your birthday, after all." Turning a corner, he braked on the old-fashioned town square.

<@Jessica> She laughed, reaching for her sword that she'd stowed under the seat, "It is my birthday... but I think we should look for sensible things first and then we can go treasure hunting afterwards."

<Bobby> "Sounds like a plan." He shut off the engine and slid out of the truck, looking at what must have been a municipal building in the center of the square.

<@Jessica> Jess frowned, spying something else on the floor as she pulled the sword out. She held the sword in her lap and bent down again to pick it up. Dog tags? She opened the door and climbed out of the truck, looking at them in her hand as she closed the door behind her.

<Bobby> Bobby was satisfied the square was fairly safe. They'd been in some of the buildings, but not all. Not even half. He heard something behind him and turned. One staggered from the way they'd come. Must have been following. He whistled low to get Jess's attention and nodded at their backtrail.

<@Jessica> Jess looked over at him then followed his gaze, moving over towards him and stowing the tags in a pocket for later. She secured the sword on her back.

<Bobby> He saw a flash of metal and her hand in her pocket, but had more important things on his mind. The farmer zombie shuffled closer, and Bobby noticed it had no shoes. Its feet had worn to the bone, leaving a trail of brownish blood in its wake. "Um, ew."

<@Jessica> Jess wrinkled her nose a little, "Are you getting this or am I?"

<Bobby> "I can." Since there were no other threats, may as well practice on a moving target. He walked toward the farmer at a fast pace and stopped a few yards away when it started up a groan. Raising a hand, he aimed and launched a dagger of ice through its eye.

<@Jessica> Jess winced a little at the ice to the eye and watched the zombie crumple. She glanced around to make sure nothing else was sneaking up on them - not that she wouldn't hear it.

<Bobby> "Okay." Bobby nodded and went back to Jess, pointing across the street to the dollar store. "Shall we? Can always use toilet paper."

<@Jessica> She nodded, holding out her hand to him. "We can pretend to be normal for a little while..."

<Bobby> He started to make a flippant comment, but finally just took her hand with a smile. Leaning in, he gave her a quick kiss and started for the store.

<@Jessica> She smiled, hugging his arm with her free one and resting her head on his shoulder. If she ignored the part where there was potential bitey death, this was actually kind of nice. "I was thinking... it's Christmas soon... what normally happens at Christmas?"

<Bobby> "Well, presents again." It was so odd to him to not just know what Christmas was. "Normally, there's decorations and a Christmas tree and food, like Thanksgiving, and time with your family..." He blinked, looking down. Not just mourning Lorna, but... his parents. He'd never know really...

<@Jessica> "Maybe we can find something to decorate the house?" She gave his arm a gentle squeeze. "It might be fun..."

<Bobby> "Sure, sounds good." He forced a smile and gave her another kiss. Keep her safe, she was his family now. Bobby nodded and let go of her to check the front of the store. He peered in the windows, then checked the door. Locked.

<Bobby> "Let's see if we can find out easy if it's occupied." He knocked on the glass, then waited.

<@Jessica> Jess listened too, hearing movement upstairs. Her hand went up to the hilt of the sword, drawing it out a small way.

<Bobby> Hearing her movement, he turned and looked at her questioningly. Then he heard it. "Well, shit. Be careful, baby, please... if there's a lot of them, fly."

<@Jessica> "I'm always careful." She reminded him, glancing up when something moved towards one of the upstairs windows.

<Bobby> Bobby backed up too, looking upward. Fuck, was one of them gonna just walk out of a window? If it was another mutant one...

<@Jessica> The window opened and the long barrel of a rifle appeared, Jess stepped close to the wall so whoever it was wouldn't be able to hit her. "I... think they might not be dead in there..."

<Bobby> "Oh..." Bobby moved further out so whoever was up there could see him. "Hey, up there... we're alive. We're, um, just looking for supplies." The barrel jerked to him as soon as he'd moved, so Bobby held up his empty hands.

<@Jessica> In the store, movement was now visible in the shadows as people wandered in from upstairs. "If you don't want to share we can just go..." Jess offered.

<Bobby> He was staring up into the shadows, the heat figure of the rifleman the only thing visible. Glancing at Jess, he saw movement behind her and counted two more warm figures.

<Bobby> "Just the two of you?" The voice came from the window and Bobby nodded, hands still up.

<@Jessica> Jess didn't think they'd appreciate the sarcastic reply she wanted to give so she kept her mouth shut. She could hear more than she could see but she wasn't sure exactly how many more. "Yes, just us.... so can we come in?"

<Bobby> The lock on the door was flipped by a young man, probably around their age. He gave Jess the typical once over, he was clearly less pleased by Bobby. Nonetheless, he held the door open for them.

<@Jessica> Jess offered the man a smile, "Thank you." She waited for Bobby to reach the door before stepping inside with him.

<Bobby> Bobby joined her, and slid his arm around her, giving her a squeeze. He gave the guy a smile and nod, but didn't bother to not look intimidating. Or, as intimidating as he could look with curly hair, as Jess had pointed out.

<@Jessica> Jess was not at all bothered by the fact that she was being watched. It wasn't something she was used to being bothered about. She gave Bobby a confident smile, taking out her list and offering it to him.

<Bobby> It bothered Bobby, especially when he saw the group was all men. He took the list from Jess but wasn't about to leave her. "We just wanted to look around, see what was left... you know, first aid, food, batteries. We don't want to poach on you though."

<@Jessica> "I'm sure we can work something out." Said a voice from the top of the back stairs as the one with the rifle wandered down.

<Bobby> "Depends on what you have in mind," Bobby replied, realizing he could see other warm outlines behind the shooter in the darkness. They hadn't moved far from the door, but the guy with the wandering eyes and a friend had closed the glass doors behind them.

<Bobby> He tightened his arm around Jess a little, pressing his fingers into her side to try to count off the numbers. They were outnumbered, but they seemed to be just humans.

<@Jessica> "Like I said. We can work something out.... maybe make a trade." The man seemed quite attached to his rifle.

<@Jessica> Jess glanced between Bobby and the man, chewing her lip a little.

<Bobby> "Like I said," he repeated. "We don't have much to trade, I'm afraid." Bobby cocked his head. "You know what - it's great to see other survivors, but there're other stores in town. We can just go."

<@Jessica> "I wouldn't say that." The man eyed Jess, there was a murmur of agreement from the others and a quiet click as the door was locked behind them. "I'd say you have quite a bit you can trade."

<@Jessica> Jess could see where this was going and she didn't like it. She looked at Bobby, her posture shifting ever so slightly towards defensive.

<Bobby> "Yeah, I thought that's where you were leading and we're not following, sorry." He was ready to shift to ice in an instant and gave Jess another squeeze before carefully letting go of her. "Just open the door and there won't be any trouble."

<@Jessica> The man laughed and raised his rifle, "I don't think you have a choice. Neither of you are armed." As he said this, one of the men behind Jess grabbed hold of the sword and tried to pull it from her.

<@Jessica> Jess yelled as she was pulled off balance by the act and twisted to free herself of the sword and face the man who'd taken it.

<Bobby> "Oh, we're not?" Bobby spun around and froze the man who'd grabbed for Jess, starting with his throat. The man clawed for his face, dropping the sword, but in that moment the report of the rifle echoed in the small store.

<Bobby> Not yet iced, the spray of Bobby's blood, flesh and bone sprayed Jess and the man who'd let them in.

<@Jessica> Jess screamed in surprise, pain and fear for herself and Bobby. The noise of the shot rendered her effectively deaf which cut off one of her main methods of defence. She drew the sword after retrieving it from the hands of the dead man and raised it, "I don't want to hurt you..." she could see out of the corner of her eye that there was another working his way behind her but she had to look at them to know what they were saying.

<@Jessica> One of them lunged and she slashed at him, dodging the grab and making sure not to cause a serious injury. Just a flesh wound. But she froze as she felt the barrel of a gun between her shoulders. There were two. Damn it.

<Bobby> It didn't take him long to reform, though seconds seemed to last forever. The asshole on the stairs was first. Reforming just enough to be tangible, he froze the metal of the rifle barrel and snapped it off, using the ragged, razor sharp edge as a knife to the man's throat.

<Bobby> "Call them off." His voice in this form was never pleasant, and now it sounded like grinding ice. Aware of movement behind him, he walled off the stairwell behind his back just as more gunfire lit up the dim space.

<@Jessica> "I don't think they'll listen to me. It's been months since we've seen a woman. Even a mutie freak's girlfriend is a good bet now."

<@Jessica> Jess let out another yell as a stray bullet hit her in the leg and she doubled over. She twisted enough to put her hands on one of the men and shocked him until he passed out. His friend backed off a little which she welcomed because she really needed to put pressure on that wound.

<Bobby> "Then you're not much use-" He cut off at Jess' scream, but all he saw was her fold over in pain. Bobby's snarl was even less human and he rammed the ragged barrel upward, feeling the crunch of bone. The body sagged against him like a rag doll.

<@Jessica> Jess tried to remember her lessons. How long would it take if they'd nicked that big artery? She'd be feeling it by now surely... so at least the bullet missed that. But it hurt like hell. She venom blasted the other guy nearest her then stumbled out of the way behind a shelving unit and curled up on the floor with her hand over the wound.

<Bobby> Now, he couldn't even see Jess in the confusion. Panicky, he targeted the next man standing, who was armed only with what looked like a jailhouse shiv. Must have drawn the short straw. "Yo, dog, I didn't do nothin'!" Bobby didn't give him the chance, sending a barrage of ice to first disarm him, then pin him to the wall. Lowering the man's body temperature, he left him to fate.

<Bobby> Two more men were already down, and the only other spot of warmth he could see had a trail of blood leading toward it. "Jess?!"

<@Jessica> "Bobby?" Her voice was strained, obviously she was in pain. She looked at the shelves for something to make a tourniquet with.

<Bobby> "Shit, Jess!" Bobby slipped on her blood, horrified by how much of it there was. Shifting back to flesh, he went to his knees next to her, looking for the source of the blood. "Fuck." His hand covered hers on her thigh, adding pressure. "We gotta get you out of here."

<Bobby> Their plight was punctuated by yelling and gunfire from upstairs. The ice wall was failing.

<@Jessica> "Yeah... I know..." she hissed at the added pressure, "One thing at a time.... gotta stop this bleeding first..." And not pass out. That was important.

<Bobby> "Move your hand," he ordered, replacing hers with his own and icing up.

<@Jessica> Jess stared at him for a moment before doing as she was told though with obvious reluctance. "Be careful..."

<Bobby> Bobby too was looking at the shelves, finally snagging a couple of cheap pairs of pantyhose. Ripping into the packages with his teeth, he formed an ice bandage over the wound and tried to secure it into place with the hose. "Believe me, the cold will slow the bleeding- trust me."

<Bobby> He gave her a quick kiss and a smile before gathering her up. "Just keep the pressure on it and I'm getting you the fuck out of here."

<@Jessica> Jess made sure she kept hold of her sword and leaned against him, letting out a small yelp of pain at the movement. "Okay... I love you..."

<Bobby> It made him pause for an instant and swallow, looking at her again. "You're gonna be fine, baby. I love you too, but you're gonna be fine." Please. There was a crash and the tinkle of ice, followed by grunting as a man pushed himself through the opening in the ice wall.

<@Jessica> Jess rested her head on his shoulder and reminded herself again to stay awake. "I'm sorry...." she mumbled.

<Bobby> "Nothing to be sorry for." The screaming worry in his head silenced when he tried to make for the door and had to duck another gun shot. It richocheted off the metal shelves and sent him back behind the aisle. Small caliber at least...

<@Jessica> "Put me down..." she blinked her eyes back open forcibly, "Come back... but put me down first... door's locked..."

<Bobby> "I'm not putting you down." Bobby shifted, creating a shield over his back and Jess, and sprinted for the door.

<@Jessica> Jess's leg didn't appreciate the jostling from the quick movement and she whimpered a little. On the plus side, the pain woke her up.

<Bobby> The shots came immediately and while the first thunked into the ice and stopped, the next two hit. "Motherfucker!"

<@Jessica> Jess curled into him to try and protect herself from the noise of the guns. "Bobby...." It would have been faster if he'd put her down first.

<Bobby> Hurt and terrified, he lashed out with his power and the entire back of the store flash froze.

<@Jessica> "Door's locked..." she reminded him quietly. She was struggling to stay awake now and part of her just wanted to pass out so she didn't have to think about how much pain she was in and how much more she would be in when they got back in the truck for the bumpy ride home and then after that when they had to dig the bullet out.

<Bobby> "Doesn't matter." Bobby froze the door too, then sent a barrage of ice daggers to shatter the glass. Trying not to jostle her too much, he ducked out the door, hissing at the bullets he'd taken too.

<@Jessica> Blinking her eyes open again, she wished she hadn't. She groaned at the sight of the shuffling zombies making their way along the street towards the sounds of gunfire. She also was feeling somewhat nauseas now and she vaguely wondered if that was the bloodloss, the pain or the baby deciding to add to her discomfort.

<Bobby> He wasn't fucking around anymore, since another glance at Jess showed her pale and still bleeding. Staggering to a halt so he could aim, he gave up and sent a wave of ice across the square, stopping the zombies in their tracks and making the truck creak.

<@Jessica> She swallowed over another wave of nausea and turned her face into his shoulder. Stay awake. Don't throw up. Now she had two things to focus on.

<Bobby> Freaky zombie statues glistened in the sunlight and the day was eerily quiet again, except for the creaking of the ice. "How you doing?" Jess was still moving, thankfully, and he threaded the needle between the upright corpses to get to the truck.

<@Jessica> "Sleepy..." she mumbled, then let out another yelp from a direction change that knocked her leg against him which, in turn, caused a spike in the nausea she was feeling. With reaction speed surprising given her condition, she turned her head away from him and leaned over.

<Bobby> Bobby paused when she gagged, making a face. There went her breakfast, lunch, and tea, and despite her effort the hot sick splashed his bare legs. "Uuuuuargh," he echoed, but closed the final stretch to the truck when he heard more moans.

<Bobby> He came up to the passenger door, fumbling with one hand and trying not to drop her. "Fuck, can you get the door open?"

<@Jessica> It took her a few tries to actually get the door handle as her vision swam but she managed it, trying to hide how much her hands were shaking.

<Bobby> Door open, he set her in the seat as gently as he could and checked the makeshift bandage. "I... don't see as much new blood. You're okay." He gave her a quick kiss and closed the door, taking out a few more creatures on his way around the truck.

<@Jessica> Jess fumbled with her seatbelt after dropping her sword back under the seat, sliding down a little and resting against the door. She closed her eyes.

<Bobby> Not bothering with his spare clothes, he jumped in the driver's seat and shot a last glance at that fucking dollar store. Shaking it off, he flipped the visor and his keys dropped to his hand, though he nearly dropped them.

<Bobby> "You're okay," he repeated, more quietly, as the engine protested the cold and then turned over.

<@Jessica> When Jess next opened her eyes they were already on the move. She had no idea how long they'd been travelling or where they were. She turned her head a little to look at Bobby, weakly reaching a hand over to rest on his.

<Bobby> Bobby took her hand, lacing their bloody, filthy fingers together. "You're okay," he said again, this time trying to make it a promise. He was speeding, but he had to get back... and hopefully... no. "You're okay..." Shooting her a glance, he tried to smile.

<@Jessica> She tried to smile back but couldn't keep it up for very long. She didn't think she had the energy to speak either. The wound on her leg throbbed with pain but it was now more of a dull ache that she was vaguely aware of through the haze. Her eyes drifted closed again.

<Bobby> Biting his lip, he held her hand and sped up again.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:35 pm

Bobby: Bobby'd had to let go of Jess' hand to steer his way through the hills and curves on the way to their stronghold, but he kept shooting her worried looks. She was deathly pale, and she wasn't responding anymore.

Bobby: "Please, please, please, Jess..." He kept repeating it, on the edge of hysteria himself as he skidded around the corner and spun out when he hit the gravel drive.

Bobby: She didn't even stir at the jolt and he reached over to grab her hand. Cold. Too cold. "Noooo..." Bobby very nearly hit the house, looking up at the last moment and hitting the brakes. One of the snowmobiles they'd liberated wasn't so lucky though.

Rogue: Rogue looked up from the oven at the crash and went to the window to see what had happened. Bobby's truck - 1. Snowmobile - 0. Damnit. Was he drunk or something?! Just because it's the zombie apocalypse doesn't make it any smarter to drink and drive! She went to the front door and unbarred it so she could step out on the porch, putting her hands on her hips as she glared at the mess. That thing had been useful.

Bobby: Bobby was out of the truck before the snowmobile stopped rocking, scrambling to the other side and cursing at the pain in his back and shoulder. If he iced up though, he'd just make her colder and shock could kill her.

Rogue: And then he was scrambling out of the truck. Naked. Yep, had to be drunk. Her eyes caught sight of the blood and...other mess and widened in fear as she ran down to him. They may not be on the best of terms, but he was family regardless. "What happened?!"

Bobby: "Jess!" he babbled out, half sobbing already as he tried to get the door open on her side.

Rogue: Rogue pulled her gloves on quickly, "Okay. Calm down, sugah." She put her hand on his to get him to focus, then moved it and opened Jess' door. She saw the blood before she saw the wound and carefully scooped her up, careful that she didn't touch her bare neck. "Ice up. Fix y'all's wounds'r ya not gonna be any use." She flew to the house, adjusting Jess gently so she could swipe everything off of the table to lay her down.

Bobby: Bobby just stopped and stared at Anna, looking down at his shaking hands. "S-should get the bullets out first... but I don't matter." He followed her, tripping over the snowmobile himself.

Carol: Hearing the crash from downstairs, Carol decided to go and investigate - hoping to hell that whatever it was wasn't her fault because she'd totally get yelled at this time. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs at the sight of Bobby, "What the hell happened to you? And where are your pants?" She absently picked up the blanket from the back of the nearest chair and offered it to him.

Rogue: Rogue quickly checked Jess over, making sure the blood was localized before moving to grab a pair of scissors to cut her pants off. She grit her teeth at the sight of the wound and was glad when she heard Carol's voice. Bobby wouldn't be of any use to her. "Carol. Get me some clean cloths, a bucket o' warm water, an' a pair o' tweezers." She'd worry about the rest in a minute.

Carol: "Uh... okay..." She tossed the blanket at Bobby then hurried to get the water first because it was nearer. She made sure to use a metal bucket then stuck her hand in it to heat it up. That done, she ran upstairs to get the other things.

Bobby: The blanket hit him and slid to the floor before he reached down and picked it up. Going to Jess, he picked up her limp hand and checked for her pulse. "Please..."

Rogue: While waiting for Carol to get back, she ripped a strand of fabric from Jess' pants and tied it around her thigh just above the wound as a makeshift tourniquet. Then she reached over and took Bobby's hand, trying to get him to look at her. "Ah need ya ta trust me."

Bobby: "I-i-i do, of course I..." Bobby looked at her all right, not bothering to hide his emotions, or the tears. "Just ... nobody else. I can't..." He looked at the wound and his own shitty makeshift bandage job. At least it had stopped the bleeding. "Just tell me she'll be okay, Anna?"

Rogue: Rogue looked into his eyes and had to fight back her own tears at seeing his. "Ah promise Ah'll do mah best." She gave his hand a squeeze and turned to the door to yell for Carol. "Any time now!"

Carol: There was a thud upstairs and Carol yelled back, "Yep! I got it!"

Rogue: "Hurry up then! She's losin' blood!"

Carol: Carol came back down with the cloths, digging the tweezers out of her pocket. "What the hell happened?"

Bobby: "It's not ... she lost a lot, earlier... it's better... but..." Bobby was babbling, and still naked, something he finally realized enough to loop the blanket around his hips. He hissed with pain at the movement.

Rogue: Rogue grabbed everything from her, dunking the first cloth in the water. She wrung it out and started to work at mopping up the excess blood. Bobby's hiss made her head jerk up with a worried face, "How many bullets are in y'all?" She glanced over her shoulder at Carol, "She's cold. Can ya warm her up?"

Carol: "Uh... I can try..." She moved to the other side of Jess, stretching her hands over her and flexing her fingers. She tried to focus her energy in the right direction.

Bobby: "I don't know..." Bobby shook his head, clinging to Jess' hand and stroking her hair back. "There were survivors. A-a-group..."

Rogue: Rogue untied the makeshift ice pack Bobby had made and put it to the side. She took a deep breath and licked her lips as she looked at the wound and tried to assess the situation. She dipped the tweezers in the hot water and cut her eyes to Bobby, then to Carol. "Ah might need ya help restrainin' one or both." With another look at Bobby, she put one hand on Jess' leg and tried as gently as she could to stick the tweezers in the wound to find the bullet.

Jessica: Jess' eyes snapped open and she sat up quickly. That hurt. A lot.

Carol: "Woah! Hey!" Carol pushed her back down again.

Bobby: Bobby jumped at Jess' sudden movement and lost his blanket. His back felt on fire, but she was alive. "You're okay! We're home, getting the bullet out." He held on, trying to shush her and stroking her hair again. "You're okay..."

Rogue: Rogue wasn't phased when Jess jumped, knowing she would if she were able to feel anything. She instead, was focusing on the fact that the bullet was deep. She pushed the tweezers in a bit farther until she finally felt it hit something. Good.

Carol: Carol tried to hold Jess still, especially her leg to make Rogue's job easier, though she felt bad for doing so. "Isn't there something we can give her?"

Rogue: "Give her somethin' ta bite on. A stick'r somethin'. She cain't have whiskey 'cause she's pregnant." Which also made this worse if she got lead poisoning from the bullet.

Jessica: Jess squeezed Bobby's hand tightly, "Fuck!"

Bobby: She was crushing his hand, but it didn't register completely as he tried to comfort her. "Her inhibitor... we can give her something if we have that."

Carol: "If I let go of her, she'll do more damage to herself." Carol was glad she was much stronger than Jess so she actually had the ability to hold her reasonably still.

Rogue: Shit. Carol was right. "Bobby. Y'all hafta do it. Neither o' us can."

Bobby: He looked up and between the two women, then back at Jess. "You want that, babe?"

Rogue: She shook her head, "It's either that, or a stick. Ah don't care which, but get it now, or Ah ain't waitin' f'r either. We gotta get this out so we don't risk her gettin' poisoned. Go. Now."

Jessica: "I'm immune!" Jess reminded them, trying to lie as still as she could even though her leg wasn't really cooperating with that plan.

Rogue: "But tha baby might not be! Robert Louis Drake. Get somethin'! Now, damnit!"

Bobby: Giving Jess one last look, he went for the stairs, knowing he'd have to find the damn thing, and then find the painkillers they'd gotten for her.

Carol: Carol climbed up onto the table so she had more limbs to hold Jess' down with and offered her hand, "Here. You can squeeze as hard as you like. I promise you won't hurt me or break me."

Jessica: Jess nodded and took the offered hand in both of hers.

Rogue: Rogue waited until Carol was in place and got down so she could try to see in the wound. She chomped her lip between her teeth and slowly opened the tweezers to try and grip the bullet. Once she had them around it, she started pulling as slowly as she could, hoping to not lose the grip.

Jessica: Jess yelled in pain. This was easily on par with having bits of car taken out of her why wasn't she passing out?!

Rogue: Rogue looked up at Carol. "Rip off a spindle from tha chair. Stick it in her mouth."

Carol: "Are you kidding me? I can't move now!" She nodded to her hand in Jess' and her knee on her leg.

Rogue: Mother fucker. "Bobby! Now!"

Bobby: The scream made him nearly fall down the stairs, but he had the collar and the anesthetic gas they'd taken from a clinic. Now if he could just figure it out...

Rogue: Rogue had to be incredibly still, holding the bullet and tweezers in place. If Jess jolted one more time while she was doing this, she might make Carol knock her out. But she would let Bobby try first.

Carol: "Jess... you've gotta stay still, okay? If you move you could make it a lot worse..." Carol made sure to catch Jess' eye and wait for her to nod that she understood. "If you stay still it'll be over faster."

Bobby: "It's like... laughing gas. Supposed to be safe for pregnant women from what we read." Bobby made it to the kitchen, already babbling and tried to set up the bottle.

Rogue: Rogue frowned at Carol, then at Bobby. No one could help him set things up. "Bobby. Stop babbling. Focus. If ya don't, she could die. Fo.Cus."

Bobby: He stopped talking, but if anything his hands shook harder and he dropped the collar once. And why was she wearing boots? He unlaced one and got it off, trying to not move her, then yanked up her pantleg to get the collar on.

Carol: Carol glanced at him, "Bobby... she'll be okay..." She attempted to be reassuring.

Rogue: Rogue watched him with sad eyes, then adjusted herself so she could grab his hand, giving it a squeeze. "Breathe, Bugsy."

Bobby: He took a moment to look up at Anna, biting down on his lip and nodding. Closing his eyes for a long moment, he got the inhibitor on her ankle and moved back to the head of the table with the bottle and mask.

Rogue: Rogue watched him carefully as he moved. She would take care of Jess, but she would be damned if her best friend got any worse. The only reason she was getting her bullet out first was because of the baby. He had more than she did and he wouldn't shift.

Carol: Carol adjusted the pressure she applied to Jess when the inhibitor went on. "You're doing great." She told her, "Promise. You're still conscious!" she smiled.

Jessica: "I don't feel great..." Jess countered, "Hurts...."

Rogue: Once Carol had adjusted her strength, she couldn't wait for Bobby anymore. He would get it fixed when he got it fixed. She turned her attention back to Jess' leg and started pulling the bullet out again. "Jess, take in a huge deep breath f'r me an' count ta ten b'fore ya let it out. Ready? Go."

Jessica: Jess nodded and tried to follow the instruction but the movement of the bullet hurt too much and she let out another yell instead.

Bobby: "I'm sorry, baby." He got the mask over her face and turned on the gas, leaning down to kiss her forehead as he held the mask in place and stroked her hair again. Hot tears dropped into her hair as he mumbled and pressed his lips to her skin.

Rogue: Rogue's lips pursed into a thin line as Jess yelled again and she tried to tune out everything else. The bullet was almost out. "Bobby. Tell her a story." She looked up and caught Carol's eyes, murmuring to her, "On tha count o' three, Ah'm yankin' it out. Be ready."

Carol: Carol nodded, adjusting her hold ever so slightly and preparing to tighten it if needed.

Jessica: Jess kept her eyes on Bobby, holding Carol's hand tightly. The gas was making her feel a little nauseas but it was helping forget about the pain in her leg. It was heading back towards the dull ache.

Bobby: For once, he couldn't think of anything to say, just staring into Jess' eyes. Green. All the women in his life had green eyes... Pleasegodcantloseanother!

Rogue: Rogue frowned at Bobby, then looked at Carol again. "Tell her a story. A joke. Anythin'."

Carol: "Uh..." Carol frowned, looking down at Jess, "I'm not really...." Damn it. "Okay... Jess... you asked me once if I got a codename because of the whole SHIELD thing but I said no... I was half lying. I did have kind of a nickname I picked up during my Air Force training." Awesome. She had her attention.

Rogue: Rogue nodded at Carol. "One. Two. Three," she yanked the bullet out the rest of the way quickly, moving to drop the bullet in the water and put a clean cloth on the wound. She put pressure on it and held down Jess' leg as she did so.

Jessica: Jess swore again and wriggled quite a lot beneath Carol.

Carol: Carol decided to finish the story. "My nickname was 'cheeseburger'." Well that was half the embarrassment over.

Bobby: That even made Bobby look up at Carol and blink in confusion.

Carol: Carol sighed, "During your training, they put you in a G-force simulater. It's this thing that spins you around and around, I'm sure you've seen them on tv... anyway... I threw up... and guess what I had to eat before hand..."

Jessica: "Ewwwww...." Jess giggled despite herself.

Rogue: Rogue smiled at Carol's story, but her eyes were all for Jess' leg. She kept the pressure on the wound, then reached with the other hand to untie the tourinquet. The blood started flowing back to her leg and the cloth started to get warm with the freshness of it, but it was slow. Good.

Carol: "You think that's bad... it was in my hair and everything..." Carol shook her head, "I didn't feel clean for about a week."

Jessica: Jess wrinkled her nose, "I don't ever wanna go in one of those things... that sounds sooooo awful...."

Carol: "Ironically... about a week later I became immune to the effects of G-force. My timing sucks." Carol nodded sagely.

Bobby: Things were calmer now, so he checked the gas and closed his eyes to do the mental calculations. It should be easy but it was hard to think. He turned it up a little.

Carol: Carol let up now that the bullet was out but stayed on the table. She glanced at Bobby, "Hey... you okay?"

Rogue: Rogue slowly took the cloth off and took a clean one, wrapping it around Jess' leg as a bandage. "Okay. Y'all need ta be careful walkin'. Don't put weight on it too quick." She looked up at Carol as she spoke to Bobby, then over to him. "Hey... Hey..." Now that Jess was taken care of, she moved to him and took his hands so she could get him to look at her.

Bobby: "I... I can ice it for her. Keep inflammation down... we've got... um, antibiotics." Bobby frowned at her hands on his and wavered where he stood.

Jessica: "Bobby..." Jess mumbled, "I'm okay... you're not... you have to take care of yourself..."

Carol: Carol freed up one of her hands to stroke Jess' hair, "Rogue's got it, don't worry..."

Rogue: Rogue frowned at him and then slowly squatted down to scoop him up. "Okay... Y'all's turn, sugah. C'mon..."

Bobby: "There were guys," he started, picking up on a question asked of him what seemed like hours or seconds ago. "Holed up at a dollar store... they wanted Jess." He yelped.

Rogue: "They don't have her. She's fine." She held him close as she walked, like one would a child. "Just stay awake f'r me."

Carol: "Where did you hide the antibiotics, honey? Do you remember?" Carol focused on Jess while Rogue and Bobby were distracted.

Bobby: Bobby was beyond being embarrassed by getting carried, to the point of just rambling incoherently about the men in the store.

Jessica: Jess' vision unfocused a little, "Um.... I think in that office place... but don't... don't leave..."

Carol: "I'll stay til one of them comes back to sit with you, I promise." She gave her a smile, "Just probably should give you those antibiotics soonish..."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:30 am

<Rogue> Rogue faltered in her step as Bobby stopped rambling and his eyes fluttered closed. No. She took a deep breath to calm herself and pressed him closer to her so she could feel his heartbeat, making sure he was still alive as she moved them to somewhere that he'd be comfortable and where she could easily hold him down without Carol's help since she was keeping Jess occupied.

<Rogue> She put her cheek to his forehead to check his temperature, hoping he was still able to regulate himself even unconscious. He was clammy, but not at a dangerous low temperature yet. Good. Rogue carefully used one hand to lay a blanket on the floor of the living room, then used her foot to spread it out so she could lie him down on it. She spoke softly to him as she laid him down on his stomach, just gentle nonsense to let him know she was there and he was fine.

<Rogue> Once he was at a good angle, she looked over his back, thankful for the fact that he was naked so she wouldn't have to waste time cutting off his shirt. She counted four wounds. Possibly five. She would need to clean him up before she knew for sure. Laying a blanket over his legs, she flew to get more hot water and clean cloths and a clean pair of tweezers.

<Bobby> He was flat. Why was he flat? Groggy and confused, Bobby came to and tried to push himself up. Then the pain hit again and he remembered. Jess. He tried to force himself up again.

<Rogue> Her heart was racing as she fumbled for what she needed and she had to keep reminding herself to breathe. He would die if he wouldn't shift. And at the moment, he couldn't. But she wouldn't let herself think about that right now. She summoned up Scott's stability so she could continue to be the doctor he was. She came back in and saw him trying to push up. "No. Bobby stop." She set the things down and quickly went to him. "Bugsy. Stop."

<Bobby> "Jess?" He couldn't get his left arm to function right, so he rolled over, yelping again. "Fuuuuck!"

<Rogue> "Is fine." She rolled him gently back onto his stomach and laid his arm by his side. "She's with Carol. Tha bullet's out, she's gonna be fine. You, on tha other hand..." Rogue licked her lips and took a breath, "Ah need ta fix you." She ran her hand through his hair, trying not to get teary. He looked like Sam now... "You hafta let me fix you..."

<Bobby> "Anna?" She was holding him down, but he couldn't focus enough to do anything about it.

<Rogue> "Yeah. It's Anna. Don't y'all worry, Bugsy. Jess is fine. Now y'all're gonna be, too." She pet him for a few more moments to try and calm him more, but she had to get him cleaned up and taken care of, so she eventually moved to get the water and the cloths. She got one wet and went to work at wiping off the excess blood. He was still bleeding, but there was no way to make a tourniquet for where he was shot. "It's gonna be alright, Bobby. Ah promise."

<Bobby> He turned his head toward her, trying to watch her from the corner of his eye as she swam in and out of focus.

<Rogue> Rogue shushed him softly and stripped off her gloves, running the backs of her fingers over his cheek. "Close ya eyes. Ah'll be done as quick as Ah can..." She finished cleaning him up and saw that he had four wounds. With no exit wounds. She took a deep breath and grabbed the tweezers. His entry wounds were smaller than Jess' so hopefully that meant smaller bullets. But maybe he just closed the holes up a bit by icing some? She wouldn't know until she dug in.

<Bobby> Bobby did spot the tweezers and winced in anticipation. Something was nagging the back of his mind, but he couldn't grasp the thought. Squeezing his eyes closed, he tried to not tense up.

<Rogue> "Just try ta keep breathin'." She started at his shoulder wound, trying to make sure he could see her so he wouldn't be nervous for the first one. She pet his hair once more before slowly pushing the tweezers in to dig for the bullet. It hadn't gotten far. But it had hit bone. Hopefully it wasn't lodged into it.

<Bobby> "Motherfucker!" The pain woke him up and he fought the urge to jerk away from her, but he did jump, half pushing himself up on his good arm.

<Rogue> Rogue pulled the tweezers out quickly when he moved. "Bobby, Ah could lodge tha bullet deeper. Ah need ya ta hold still. Or Ah'll hafta sit on ya."

<Bobby> Something seemed wrong about that, but he held still, watching her and panting.

<Rogue> Rogue slowly went back for the wound, "Take a deep breath an' count ta ten. Ready? Go." She put the tweezers back in and was able to grasp the bullet. Now to pull it out... That was the tricky part.

<Bobby> Bobby scrunched his eyes closed and tried not to move, though it was impossible to not tense or stop himself from shaking.

<Rogue> "Ya hafta breathe, Bugs." She held his shoulder still with one hand, while starting to pull the bullet out. It was lodged into his shoulder blade, but not too deeply. She gave a small tug and was able to pull it out the rest of the way.

<Bobby> With a grunt, he twisted to look at the bloody bit of metal, then at her. "I-I k-killed them all, Anna..."

<Rogue> Rogue nodded then dropped the bullet in the water. "Ya did what ya had ta do." She took a clean cloth and put pressure on the wound to slow the bleeding. As she was putting pressure on it, she watched his face, studying him. "Ya had ta make it home."

<Bobby> "They wanted Jess..." Bobby looked up at her, meeting her eyes for a split second before looking away again, gaze tracking off toward nothing.

<Rogue> "So ya said." She switched to a damp cloth and wiped off the blood around the wound before shifting her attention down to on near his spine. He had been walking, so it hadn't hit nerves. She cleaned the tweezers and slowly went to try for that bullet. "Like Ah said, ya did what ya had ta do."

<Bobby> He shook his head to clear it, replaying the fight over in his mind.

<Rogue> The second the tweezers were pushed into the wound, she stopped, waiting for his reaction. "Remember ta breathe."

<Bobby> "Stop. Stop..." He started to sit up.

<Rogue> Rogue did, "Bobby. Don't move. Ah've gotta get it out." She pushed him back down gently.

<Bobby> "No, I can-" He cut off when he heard movement from the kitchen and looked over. It was Carol, carrying a limp Jess up the stairs.

<Rogue> Rogue nodded to Carol as she made he way up the stairs, then looked back at Bobby. "Yes. Ya can. Lay. Still."

<Bobby> Bobby watched Carol climb the stairs, then shook his head. "No, I mean I can fix it myself," he mumbled. He shifted to ice, then vanished to vapor, the remaining bullets dropping to the blanket.

<Rogue> Rogue threw the tweezers up in the air and fell back on her butt on the blanket with a huff. "Well, Ah sure as hell wish y'all'd done that 'bout an hour ago!"

<Bobby> He reformed on his hands and knees, because even though he didn't have a stomach right now, he was pretty sure he might lose his lunch. "Uaaaaargh, I would've if I couldda remembered I could..." Shifting back to flesh and blood, he flopped over onto his side. "Blah."

<Rogue> Rogue got a clean blanket and wrapped him up in it from shoulders to feet, tucking it under him. "Y'all scared me," she murmured almost under her breath.

<Bobby> Bobby sat up, letting the blanket fall to his waist, and reached over to her for a hug. "I'm sorry, babe... I scared me too..."

<Rogue> Rogue clung to him, turning her face to bury what she could in his hair. "Don't do that again," she managed to get out in a hoarse whisper.

<Bobby> "Get shot?" He gave her a tired chuckle. "Seems to be a thing. At least it wasn't my crotch again." Bobby stroked her hair as he had Jess' and squeezed her hard. "Thank you."

<Rogue> "Don't thank me. Ya know Ah'd do anythin' f'r you." She reached up to grab a handful of his hair, holding it tight. "Next time... Kill 'em b'fore they can hit y'all. Promise me you'll always make it home."

<Bobby> "I will... I'm... well, you know me..." He closed his eyes and turned his own face into her neck, his voice muffled. "They were just humans, we gave them a chance and then they were just trying to get to Jess. Good thing I am hard to kill... they tried to take me out with a headshot."

<Rogue> "Ah do know you. An' if y'all stayed in shock, ya woulda died. Ya hard ta kill. Not impossible ta kill." She chewed her lip as she tried to think how to phrase what was on her mind. "Sam... Sam was supposed ta be invulnerable when he was usin' his powers. He died when they were bein' used." She swallowed hard and blinked to clear her eyes as they filled with tears. "Don't take it f'r granted. Don't. Please, don't."

<Bobby> "Yeah..." He licked his lips and squeezed her again, pulling back enough to kiss her cheek. "I was just... scared. Jess... and there was so much blood, and what they would have done to her. After Lorna a-and... I-I just lost it." Bobby bit down on his lip to stifle the tears.

<Rogue> "Ya cain't lose it like that." She shook her head against him, hand still clutching his hair. "Ya hafta think. Ah'm supposed ta be tha one with tha temper, remember?" Her tears were spilling hot over her cheeks now. "Ah cain't lose you, too."

<Bobby> "I've always had one too, Anna," he chuckled, stroking her hair and rocked them in place. "You won't lose me. I can't lose you either. You and Jess... you're my family. You're all I've got left..."

<Rogue> "Ah know ya have. But y'all keep in under control. Ah'm tha hot head." She took a deep breath and pulled back to look at him, "You are my family. You are all Ah've got left. If y'all're gone, Ah've got nothin'. Noone."

<Bobby> Bobby smiled and kissed the tip of her nose. "I try to be careful. We were careful..." He shrugged and squeezed her hands. "I'm not gonna leave you."

<Rogue> Rogue studied his face then his eyes, wishing she could believe that. She knew he meant it as far as he could. But you can't escape death. Sam's death had taught her that. "Not careful enough..." She sniffed and moved to wipe her tears away quickly, "This is why Ah didn't get close ta anybody f'r so long. They leave or they die."

<Bobby> Swallowing hard, he pushed away his last memories of Lorna. "I won't do either, Anna."

<Rogue> "Don't make promises ya cain't keep. Sam did. Look what happened there."

<Bobby> Bobby sighed and rolled his eyes. "To the best of my ability I won't leave or die."

<Rogue> "That means no stupid decisions that get yaself shot."

<Bobby> "I've lost track of how many times I've been shot since this shit has started."

<Rogue> "Well stop it."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:56 am

<Carol> Carol sat on the edge of the bed, keeping an eye on Jess. She'd cleaned her up as best as she could and gotten her into some clean clothes before tucking her in. She'd also emptied the pockets of the ruined pants and given their contents to a very insistant Jess. She wasn't sure if she was still awake but she was still quite pale. She gently stroked her hair because she seemed to find it comforting and waited for Bobby.

<Bobby> He opened the door and came into the room, blanket more firmly around his waist now. Noticing Carol, he gave her a tired nod and came over to the bed, leaning over to look at Jess. She was breathing steadily, and he could see she was warm now, but he looked at Carol questioningly anyway.

<Carol> "I gave her a shot of antibiotics and got her into some fresh clothes... Think she's just exhausted." She gave him a smile, "You feel okay?"

<Bobby> "Thanks." He nodded slowly and ran his free hand through his hair. "I'm okay, but... gimme a few minutes to take a shower?"

<Carol> "Sure. I promised I'd wait with her til someone else could sit with her so that's okay." She shifted a little on the bed and glanced at Jess when she stirred, "Sorry..." she whispered.

<Bobby> Bobby winced at Jess and grabbed some clothes before disappearing into the bathroom. The hot water, though not necessary for him, was nice and he closed his eyes and let it beat down on him for a few minutes. But, Carol was waiting, so he didn't stay too long.

<Bobby> Soon, he was clean and dry and clothed. "Ta-da," he said quietly as he came out of the bathroom and approached the bed. "You don't have see my naked ass anymore."

<Carol> She laughed softly, "Hey, I never complained but it's definitely less distracting this way." She got to her feet, "I'll leave you guys to it... she needs to rest so make sure she does. She lost a lot of blood..."

<Bobby> Bobby was too tired himself to give her much of a response, but he managed a smirk. "Thanks. I'll take care of her." He headed for his side of the bed. "We'll be okay," he said, hoping it was true.

<Carol> Carol gave him another smile and headed for the door, closing it quietly behind her after waving through the gap.

<Jessica> Jess stirred again, opening her eyes a crack, "Bobby...?"

<Bobby> "Hey, babe." He smiled and slid under the covers to join her. "I thought you were asleep."

<Jessica> "It comes and goes..." she turned her head towards him and offered a smile, "You okay?"

<Bobby> "I'm fine, now," he said, managing a bright smile and snuggling close to her.

<Jessica> Jess didn't have the energy to roll over but she turned her face into his shoulder as best as she could and took a deep breath. "Good." She lifted her hand and stroked his cheek gently. "I was worried..."

<Bobby> He slid his arm under her shoulders to urge her close and kissed her forehead. "No reason to worry about me."

<Jessica> "I can't help it..." she sighed a little, tucking her other arm close to her chest, her hand closed over something.

<Bobby> His free hand covered hers, fingers curling around hers as well to lift her hand to his lips. Giving her knuckles a kiss, he sighed. "What matters is you're okay. I love you."

<Jessica> Jess managed a small smile, "I love you too." She chewed her lip a little, "Bobby... I found something...."

<Bobby> "Oh yeah?" He was relaxing now, believing for the first time she really was okay. Thank God.

<Jessica> "Yeah... in the truck... before everything happened..." she pulled her hand from his, turning it over and opening it to reveal the tags. "They were on the floor..."

<Bobby> Bobby looked down at the worn tags on her palm and huffed out a surprised breath. Heart skipping a beat, he bit his lip.

<Jessica> Jess studied his face for a moment, "Well then? Take them..." she prompted.

<Bobby> "I know what they are," he said softly, picking them up with a sad smile. Turning them over, he read the inscription. Property of Lorna Dane.

<Jessica> "Well I'd hope so... they're yours...." she'd already figured that much out. She gave him a supportive smile.

<Bobby> "Yep." Bobby sighed and rubbed his thumb over the chipped green enamel. "I wore them so long... wouldn't even let Essex take them away from me."

<Jessica> "And now you have them back again..." she nuzzled him and closed her eyes.

<Bobby> "It's still true, 'cause I'll always be hers, but I'm yours too." He swallowed and closed his fist over the tags.

<Jessica> She smiled and pressed a kiss to his shoulder, "I know, Bobby... How could I ever doubt that after today?"

<Bobby> Bobby returned the smile and gave her a soft kiss, lingering. "How do you feel?"

<Jessica> "So tired..." she tried to open her eyes a little. "And my leg hurts... like a lot... but I'm alive..."

<Bobby> "And maybe not kicking right now, but soon, yeah?"

<Jessica> "Well I hope so..." she sighed, "But at least I can fly so I don't have to worry about putting weight on it... just have to get to a stage where I can sit up without being all dizzy..."

<Bobby> "Well, you can fly when we get the inhibitor off." He paused to think about that. "Could mean fun when you have to go to the bathroom though."

<Jessica> She frowned, "Yeah.... that's going to be awkward...." she weakly raised a hand to brush her hair out of her face, "But I think I'd rather the inhibitor for now... so the painkillers work..."

<Bobby> "I can carry you," he smirked, finishing smoothing her hair for her.

<Jessica> She groaned a little, "There's something so wrong about that..." she poked the end of his nose.

<Bobby> Bobby shrugged and grinned at her, giving her a squeeze.

<Jessica> She laughed softly, closing her eyes again, "You're dreadful..."

<Bobby> "I know." He rested his head against her pillow and closed his own eyes, just relaxing with her.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:42 pm

<Rogue> Rogue was scrubbing the blanket Bobby had been laying on in the wash sink in the utility room, trying to get the blood out. It had been soaking while she had cleaned up the rest of the mess, so now that was all that was left. Her gloves were tossed in the trash, blood soaked, her sleeves were pushed up as far as they would go, and she was covered in water and soap suds just past her elbows. It wouldn't come out.

<Carol> Carol wandered down to the kitchen, running a hand through her hair and contemplating coffee. Hearing movement in the utility room she wandered past the kitchen door and paused in the doorway. "Hey..."

<Jean> Jean had stayed in her room during the noise downstairs, but things had been quiet for a while now, so she decided it was safe to come out. Spotting Carol also helped, so she holstered her revolver and came down the stairs.

<Rogue> Rogue barely glanced up at Carol, then went back to scrubbing. "Ah gotta get it clean..."

<Carol> "Okay... well don't put a hole in it..." she cocked her head on one side, "You want coffee?"

<Rogue> "Please?"

<Carol> "Sure... um... why don't you leave that for a little while? Change the water out and try again when it's had more time to soak?"

<Jean> "Did somebody mention coffee?" Jean came into the kitchen. "And, um, like, did somebody die earlier?"

<Rogue> Rogue shook her head, "Ah gotta get his blood out." She didn't even look up at Jean, "No. No they didn't."

<Carol> Carol shook her head too, "It was a close call but everyone's still breathing." She ran a hand through her hair, "I'll have a look and see if there's anything to help get that out with..."

<Jean> Jean poked her head into the washroom and frowned. "Christ, you sure nobody died?"

<Rogue> "No, damnit. They didn't," Rogue snapped.

<Jean> "God, okay." Jean did a count in her head of the residents of the house. "So was it the guy or the pregnant chick?"

<Carol> "Like I said... it was close... c'mon... let's get that coffee... I'll fill you in..."

<Rogue> "Both."

<Jean> Jean came back out of the small room and joined Carol by the coffee pot. "She lose the kid or something?"

<Carol> "No... well... don't think so..." she frowned, "She lost a lot of blood though - got shot in the leg... Bobby took several to the back..." She moved to fill the machine.

<Rogue> Rogue listened as Carol told her what happened, but continued scrubbing at the blanket. It wouldn't come out! She drained the sink, rung out the blanket, and started to fill the sink again with clean water. It had to come out...

<Jean> "So... she didn't get hurt?" Jean gestured toward the washroom.

<Carol> "Who Rogue?" Carol laughed and shook her head, "Noooo she has my powers. I'm bullet proof." She set the jug back in place, "Have a look in the cupboards over there... I think there's soda crystals somewhere."

<Jean> "So why's she so... eeee?" Jean made a face with wide crazy eyes.

<Rogue> Rogue's hands gripped the sides of the wash basin as she stared blankly at the stains on the blanket while she was waiting for the water to fill the sink back up.

<Carol> "I guess because she's pretty close with Bobby and there was the whole nearly dying thing he just did?" She took out some mugs for them.

<Jean> "Ah." Jean frowned and turned to watch the other woman again. She seemed pretty out of it. "So is she okay?"

<Jean> "Jess, I mean. She was really nice."

<Carol> "Is." Carol corrected, wagging her spoon at her, "And she seems okay... she's sleeping."

<Jean> "Good," Jean nodded.

<Carol> Carol gave her a smile, hopping up to sit on the counter while she waited for the coffee. "She'll be fine I'm sure. She seems pretty tough..."

<Rogue> The sink was full now. Or full enough. Rogue poured more soap into the basin and grabbed a scrubbing board, taking another turn at the biggest stain.

<Jean> "I don't think it's going to come out," she said to Rogue with a slightly worried frown. Was unstability catching in this house? It bothered her that she couldn't read this girl.

<Carol> Carol slid off the counter again to go look through the cupboards for treasure. Oooh cheetos...

<Rogue> Rogue heard a chip bag rustling and snapped around. "Don't touch those."

<Carol> "But..." Carol looked down at the avalanche of cheetos packets that had fallen out of the cuboard and onto the floor. "How do I put them back?"

<Rogue> "Put 'em back. But don't open 'em."

<Carol> "See... I wasn't going to... but now I want to..."

<Rogue> "Ah will throttle y'all. An' mah gloves're in tha trash. So ya don't want me to. Those're Bobby's. Don't. Touch."

<Carol> Carol's eyebrows went up at that threat. Seriously? "Jeez... over reaction much?" she muttered.

<Jean> Jean looked between the two women, shaking her head.

<Carol> She stuffed the cheetos back in the cupboard and closed the door on them before any more could fall out. Then she went back to her search, finally locating the cleaning products. She headed into the utility room, opened up the box and tipped a generous amount into the water containing the blanket before returning to the kitchen.

<Rogue> Rogue blinked at the powder being poured into the water, but scooped some up to scrub onto the stain. It wasn't working. She frowned hard and started scrubbing even harder. Come out!

<Carol> "Coffee's ready," Carol called back at Rogue, "Just leave that to do its thing..."

<Rogue> "No. Ah cain't. It hasta come out..."

<Carol> "And it will... later." Carol shrugged helplessly at Jean.

<Jean> "Just let it soak in that stuff... my mom used to use it."

<Rogue> Rogue shook her head. "Soakin' isn't productive."

<Carol> "Sure it is. While it's soaking you can drink coffee. Multitasking."

<Jean> "Peroxide takes out blood stains." Jean moved to the sink, peering in.

<Rogue> ...Coffee... Blood... She bit her lip and just stared at the stains for a long moment before slowly taking a step away. It wasn't going anywhere... She finally turned her eyes from it and moved to get a mug of coffee, soap suds still covering her arms.

<Carol> Carol hurried to pour a cup for her and set it down on the table. "There ya go..."

<Jean> Jean searched for a towel, then tossed it to Rogue.

<Rogue> She sank down into a chair, blankly taking the towel to wipe off her arms. "Thanks." Her pruned hands wrapped around the mug and she brought it up to her face, just feeling the warm steam hit her skin.

<Carol> Carol leaned against the counter, sipping her own coffee. Mmmmmmmm... "So... I guess I'll go out in a little while and see what I can dig up..."

<Rogue> "Dig up?"

<Jean> Jean realized something. "Wait, so how did they get hurt if they weren't bitten and she didn't have a miscarriage?"

<Carol> "Didn't I mention they got shot?" Carol was sure she'd said that... but maybe not... and it was easier than facepalming at her poor choice of words. Again.

<Rogue> "Some assholes that wanted ta rape Jess decided ta shoot 'em when they didn't wanna let 'em."

<Jean> "Oh..." Jean sat down, pulling up her legs and hugging them.

<Rogue> "Whaddya hafta dig up, Carol?"

<Carol> Carol frowned at Rogue and reached to pat Jean's shoulder. "Nothing specific..."

<Jean> "What happened to the assholes?" Jean gave Carol a doubtful look.

<Rogue> "Bobby said he killed 'em."

<Carol> Carol wasn't sure what had earned her that look and she returned it with a raised eyebrow.

<Jean> "Good." Jean pulled further into herself. "I hope he got them all..."

<Carol> She sipped her coffee and frowned again.

<Rogue> Rogue frowned at Carol, "What?"

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "Nothing..."

<Rogue> "Why're ya frownin' then?"

<Carol> "It's my thinking face."

<Rogue> "An' that would be?"

<Jean> "If he didn't, then they could have followed them back here, you know." Jean just stared at her coffee.

<Carol> "Huh? What am I thinking about? Not a whole lot... well... nothing important..." She looked over at Jean again, "I'm sure he got them all..."

<Jean> "I could find out what you're thinking, but I'm trying not to do that..."

<Carol> "Yeah... please don't...." her frown deepened.

<Jean> "I didn't." Jean pouted a little.

<Carol> "I believe you, it's okay..." she patted her again.

<Rogue> Rogue finally took a swallow of her coffee and stared at the table.

<Carol> Carol finished her coffee and got to her feet. "See you guys later..." she headed for the door.

<Jean> "So what are you thinking?"

<Rogue> "Carol..." She finally broke her staring and looked up, "Thanks."

<Carol> "You're welcome," she replied to Rogue, pausing in the doorway with a sigh. "I'm thinking I need to go and hit something."

<Jean> "Hitting things does sound good." Jean agreed with a sigh.

<Carol> "Want to come with?" She offered, chewing her lip.

<Jean> She looked over at Rogue, then back at Carol, widening her eyes. She wasn't sure if they should leave the crazy alone with her washerwoman routine.

<Carol> Carol gave a shrug, it wasn't like they could do anything about that even if they stayed.

<Jean> Jean sat up and dropped her feet to the floor, waving a hand in front of Rogue's face. Staring again.

<Rogue> Rogue's eyes shifted to look at Jean, "Ah'll be fine. Go hit things. Ah'm gonna work on gettin' Bobby's blood out o' tha blanket..."

<Jean> "You don't have to, because there are, like, a lot of blankets in this place."

<Rogue> "Bobby's blood cain't stay in it..."

<Carol> "We could just burn the blanket...."

<Rogue> Rogue blinked at Carol, debating if that would be more productive or not.

<Jean> Jean pulled one of her lighters from her sleeve. "We could."

<Carol> "See? Look, she's even prepared."

<Rogue> Rogue's stare shifted from Carol to Jean, then to the lighter.

<Carol> Carol went to get the blanket out of the sink, wringing out as much of the water as she could. "Come on, outside. I think Jess might wake up and kill us all if we tried to do it in here..."

<Jean> Jean flicked the lighter and stood.

<Rogue> Rogue slowly stood, watching Carol with the blanket. Bobby's blood...

<Rogue> Proof he nearly died. It had to come out.

<Carol> Carol headed for the door with the blanket, trying not to drip on the floor.

<Jean> Tucking the lighter back in her sleeve, she went to Rogue to urge her along. "Come on, we'll just get rid of it..."

<Rogue> Rogue blinked as Jean came into her view. Right. ...Was she in shock now?

<Rogue> She started to follow behind Carol. "Okay."

<Carol> Carol removed the barricades from the front door and took the blanket outside, using her powers to try and evaporate some of the water.

<Jean> It was a pretty nice day out, everything considered. Jean looked around, automatically checking for her revolver.

<Rogue> Rogue moved to take the blanket from Carol, eyeing the blood stains. She turned to Jean, "Go for it."

<Carol> Carol eyed Rogue, "You're fireproof right?"

<Rogue> "Yep."

<Jean> "I'm not but I have my teke..."

<Carol> "Just checking..." She moved to stand with Jean.

<Rogue> She held the blanket out for Jean. "Ready."

<Jean> Jean nodded and dropped the lighter into her hand with a swift motion, flicking it on and concentrating. The fire grew, forming into a ragged claw to snatch at the blanket.

<Rogue> Rogue's eyes got a bit wide at the claw of fire. Cool. The blanket was engulfed in flames as it was torn from her grasp. She watched as the blanket burned into ash. "Ya got rid o' tha blood. Thanks."

<Jean> Watching with satisfaction, she finally tore her eyes away from the fire. "You're welcome."

<Carol> "Yay teamwork." Carol smiled, "Now I'm gonna go hit something..."

<Jean> "Sounds good."

<Carol> "Did you want to come with me?" she offered again.

<Jean> "Yeah, I think so. Thanks!" Jean nodded, doing a mental tally of her ammo. Yep, she was good to go.

<Rogue> "Have fun, gals." Rogue stared at the ash on the ground then left to go back and finish her coffee.

<Carol> Carol held a hand out to Jean, "I have a spot, it's a bit of a way away but it's worth it."

<Jean> She looked at the hand for a moment, then took it. "Lead on, leader-lady."

<Carol> Carol laughed then pulled Jean close to fly off with her.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Dec 07, 2012 3:08 am

<Carol> Carol landed in the middle of a large open military airfield. Nearby were a pile of exploded vehicles. She set Jean down and glanced around. All clear.

<Jean> "Whoa, well this is different..." Jean took a minute to regain her balance and looked around. The flight had been something too. Something fast.

<Carol> "It's as safe as it gets for this... It's all quiet right now but all it'll take is one good explosion. I'll go get us something to blow up. Sit tight." She smiled and lifted into the air again.

<Jean> Jean watched her fly off and decided she needed to work more on her fly-floating skills. She strolled toward one of the mangled vehicles... and that's when she noticed the dried blood.

<Carol> Carol found herself a nice car with an almost full tank of gas. Yay! Big explosion! She flew back to the base. "Okay! I got one!"

<Jean> "Sooo, the idea is to ring the dinner bell and wait." Jean nodded, one hand on her revolver. "Has anybody thought about luring a bunch of the biters into someplace contained and just blowing the whole thing to hell?"

<Carol> "But then how would we blow off steam?" She grinned, "Shield yourself if you can, I'll try to absorb the heat just in case." She flew up again with the car, then flew back down straight at the ground a reasonable distance from Jean. The car exploded spectacularly.

<Jean> Just to be safe, Jean retreated behind a pile of debris, concentrating on putting up her best defense. The explosion momentarily deafened her and she couldn't hear her own cheering.

<Carol> Carol stepped out of the wreckage, patting herself down to put out the lingering flames. "Aaaaand now we wait."

<Jean> "You are, like, really, really impressive," Jean applauded, coming out from behind her shield. "I'm serious though... maybe get a bunch in a stadium or something. It'd thin out the population anyway." She raised her hands, lifting some of the old car bodies to form a perimeter around them.

<Carol> "Maybe one day..." She lifted into the air again to hover with her back to Jean's. "For now I think I'm doing a good job in this place."

<Jean> Jean constructed herself a platform, touching down on it to make sure it was stable enough for her purposes. She looked toward the fenceline in the distance, seeing a few straggling figures.

<Carol> "I like to wait til there's a whole bunch of them... but I guess it's up to you whether we do that now."

<Jean> "How about until they get a little closer." Jean unholstered her revolver and clicked it open to reassure herself it was loaded. Satisfied, she slid it back home and did the same with her lighters.

<Jean> There were more moans rising on the wind now.

<Carol> Carol looked around, knowing the fire from the burning car would draw them in. "So... how're you settling in?"

<Jean> "I like the electricity, and the food, and the hot water." Jean shook out her arms, loosening up and shifting her weight. "I like that the only guy's not interested in anybody but his girlfriend."

<Carol> "I like all those things too... well except maybe the last one. Although that'd be really awkward any other way." She shook her head.

<Jean> Jean looked over at the blonde, nose wrinkled. "Really?"

<Carol> "What? It's been months..." she shrugged, "I'm not allowed to miss sex?"

<Jean> "It's just a liability in this world. Sex. Men." Jean made a face and turned back to the biters. One was getting pretty close, so she stretched out with her teke to see if she could make the distance, giving it an experimental shove to send it sprawling before she crushed its head.

<Carol> "Maybe... but it's still fun." She blasted one of the zombies that approached at speed.

<Jean> "Maybe for you... you're, like, able to protect yourself. I was too, but some of the girls in my class..." Jean pushed out with her teke, checking her limits and sending two more over backward.

<Carol> "Well that... and it is just fun.... I had kind of a thing with a guy before all this..." She picked up a few pieces of sheered off metal and threw them at the heads of the zombies. "But I guess it's got a little more complicated since..."

<Jean> "Yeah I'm not even talking about the dating game. There are people out there that think this is a sign from God we need to start over and repopulate the earth." Jean's tone was bitter and she missed the head of the child zombie that was stuggling to get back up with a broken leg.

<Carol> "Yeah... that's just wrong... personally I'm of the school of thought that it's our extinction event... but I'll be damned if I'm going down without a fight."

<Jean> Jean struck out again and this time crushed the child's skull properly. "I really hope he did kill them all, if those guys were just looking for women."

<Carol> "I doubt they were specifically looking. They probably just saw an opportunity and went for it... and I'm pretty sure he got them all. If he didn't and they make the mistake of following them back then they're screwed."

<Jean> The other ghoul had gotten back up and picked up a few friends. Jean flicked her lighter and reached into the inside pocket of her jacket, pulling out a can of hair spray.

<Carol> Carol worked on targeting her blasts at the heads of the zombies to cave them in. "So... are you okay with staying in a house where there's a guy?"

<Jean> In response, Jean set a male zombie on fire with an enhanced blast of fire from the hair spray can.

<Carol> "Sooo... that's a no?" Carol hazarded, "How did you feel about guys before all this?"

<Jean> "I like guys," Jean protested, watching the biter flail and bump into his comrades until a small group of them was ablaze. Then she fanned the flames until they were consumed.

<Jean> She turned and glanced at Carol. "They're just stupid when they're horny and they're always horny."

<Carol> "Well... yeah but that's, you know, nothing new... and you can just do that whole mind whammy thing to make them go away. I have to punch them in the face... I have a lot of disciplinaries on my record for that."

<Jean> "My dad didn't think about that though," she said quietly. "He just saw the guy on top of me..."

<Carol> "Of course he didn't... you're his kid... he wanted to protect you...." Carol picked up a blown up car and bowled it at a group of zombies.

<Jean> "They shot him." Her voice was quiet after the crash of the vehicle and she turned back to her side of their little fortress.

<Carol> Carol glanced over at her then flew over to pick her up, lifting her into the air out of harm's way so they could talk. "That wasn't your fault."

<Jean> Jean jumped and nearly flailed when Carol grabbed her. "No, it's the fault of those crazy horny judgement day bastards!"

<Carol> "Yes, it was their fault... but not every guy you meet is going to be that way... and the ones that are are going to end up dead. This is why we all go out in pairs when we go to towns. So we can watch each other's backs."

<Jean> "Yeah... you've just gotten lucky. Guys like the ones your friends ran into are pretty much all I've seen since my dad died."

<Carol> "Well then you should stick with us and see if we can carry on with our lucky streak, huh? We'll take care of each other..." she gave her a smile.

<Jean> "I didn't say I was leaving. You have power and food and, like, powers. I'd be stupid to leave that." The zombies were clearly confused that their dinner was up in the air, one attempting a jump.

<Carol> "Well good... a lot of people have left..." she frowned, "I don't understand people that would just leave a group they're safe with... people they know even... seems stupid..." she shook her head, glancing down at the zombies. "Oh hey... awww now I feel bad for teasing them..."

<Jean> "My cousin went to the mutant school, so I just hope she survived... I'll stay with you guys for that if nothing else, but yeah... the electricity, like, totally helps."

<Carol> "Did anyone tell you we're trying to find SHIELD?" It was hard to keep track of these things. "I used to work for them - Bobby too... the bases were locked down when this thing got out of hand... if they're still out there they'd be good people to hole up with too." She blasted a few zombies that were trying to climb each other.

<Jean> "I feel like a minnow." Jean looked down at the zombies, who were making some really interesting sounds. "That works for me, really... I'm just... he seems fine, but who knows about other guys. We'll see."

<Carol> "Well if any other guys give anyone a hard time, have no worries about what'll happen to them."

<Jean> "We can get the token guy to kill them? Good." Jean nodded. "Lets kill things?"

<Carol> "Well we could get him to kill them... but I'm not so great at the damsel in distress thing..." She demonstrated by nuking a bunch of zombies out of their way so she could set them down again.

<Jean> "Niiiiice," Jean turned in a circle to examine the damage.

<Carol> "It's a hazard of being bullet proof... well almost everything proof." she smiled, "You kinda get cranky when people start trying to take care of you."

<Jean> "Handy in this world," she agreed, reaching out with her hand and her teke, she clenched her fist and crushed the skull of a crispy corpse who was still trying to rise. "Stay down."

<Carol> "Yeah, I guess there are worse problems to have...." she conceded, taking to punching them because why not? She'd already ruined this set of clothes.

<Jean> Jean lifted herself back up onto her metal perch and gestured with both hands, bringing them together and sweeping a group of biters into a clump.

<Carol> Carol alternated between physical attacks and energy attacks. It was nice to let loose once in a while... and safer. She didn't want to know what might happen if she let all the energy she absorbed just build up and up.

<Jean> Before they could disperse, she grabbed her handy lighter and spray can again to light up the creatures. They wailed and screeched, some of them lighting up more of their comrades. The smell was horrible, but Jean had long ago gotten over that.

<Carol> Carol had not. She wrinkled her nose. "Ew...." She didn't mind the heat given off by the flames however, and happily absorbed the ambient energy.

<Jean> "They all burn," she said with a smirk, using her teke to crush some of the ones too slow to die.

<Carol> "Yeah... so far no fireproof zombies. So that's gotta be good, right?"

<Jean> "I guess you would be." She turned her gaze back to Carol curiously.

<Carol> "Yeah... probably.... but my skin's pretty tough..." She smacked another zombie.

<Jean> "Lucky." Jean shoved some into Carol's next line of fire to watch. "The mutant ones seem smarter. Like they remember stuff. More than how to use their powers."

<Carol> "Yeah... they work together more too..." She punched through the first couple then blasted the rest. "It's... worrying...."

<Jean> "In groups? Oh my God, that sucks!" Jean took her discomfort out on a legless corpse trying to pull itself up her smashed car platform.

<Carol> "Yeah... we lost someone that way...." she was still mad at herself for not being able to do anything about that. Now she made sure she always carried a gun just in case.

<Jean> Not sure what to say, Jean used her teke again, testing the limits of her abilities to reach for some near the edge of the field.

<Carol> Carol focused on enjoying the fight, it was good to get all the aggression out in the right kind of environment.

<Jean> Jean could not agree more. Killing dead things was just what the doctor ordered.
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<@Jessica> There was the thump of something impacting the carpet... followed by a groan as Jess remembered she didn't have her powers turned on right now. This was shortly followed by a string of muttered curses because now she couldn't get up and motherfucker that hurt!

<Bobby> "Hmm!?" Bobby came awake quickly, sitting up and flailing a little in the darkened room.

<@Jessica> "Oh good... I woke you up..." Jess mumbled from her spot on the floor. "Help?"

<Bobby> "Oh, shit." Bobby crawled to the edge of the bed and peered over, still a little disoriented. "Are you okay?"

<@Jessica> "... Do I look okay?" she turned her head and glared at him out of the corner of her eye.

<Bobby> "Yeah, that's a no," he decided, disappearing again as he slid off his side of the bed and came around to her side.

<@Jessica> "I forgot my powers are turned off...." she grumbled, trying to push herself up. Her arms shook with the strain and she had to give up, lying back down on the floor and closing her eyes to ward off the dizzy.

<Bobby> "Aww, Jeez. Sorry, babe." He gathered her up, giving her a kiss on the forehead as he picked her up. She felt... light. "You need to go to the bathroom?"

<@Jessica> She scowled, "Probably but we're not doing that."

<Bobby> "O...kay?" Bobby shifted his weight, holding her next to their bed. "So... where did you want to go?"

<@Jessica> "I want tea... and my spider..." she reached a hand out towards it but couldn't quite grab it. "And I'm cold..."

<Bobby> Moving closer to the nightstand, he bent his knees to let her snatch the plush spider. "Well... I'd say I could warm you up, but not if we're going downstairs."

<Bobby> Bobby went to the chair near the window where a throw blanket was draped, but couldn't catch it and keep hold of her.

<@Jessica> "I had a bullet dug out of my leg yesterday... somehow I don't think I'm quite recovered enough for that but thanks for the offer." She reached for the blanket too, snagging a corner and pulling it up to her.

<Bobby> "I didn't even mean- nevermind." She had a point about the bullet, so he closed his mouth and just got the bedroom door open to head downstairs.

<@Jessica> She huffed and rested against him, trying to arrange the blanket. She hated this. She never liked to feel vulnerable and this was as bad as it got. How long did it take bullet wounds to heal?

<Bobby> Bobby kept his mouth shut all the way downstairs, and helped her into a kitchen chair, then went to fill up the kettle.

<@Jessica> Jess wrapped the blanket around her and cuddled her spider. She attempted to curl up but her leg protested so she arranged the blanket to pool on the floor beneath her feet to stop them getting cold. "Guns are stupid." She determined.

<Bobby> "I would tend to agree," he nodded, rubbing absently at his shoulder where Anna had dug out the round. Leaning against the counter, he gave her a little smile.

<@Jessica> "They don't solve anything.... just make it all worse... and they hurt..." She bowed her head to hide the lipwobble she'd disappointed herself with there. She wasn't crying. Nope.

<Bobby> "I guess they're the easiest way for people to kill the zombies..." He looked at her sharply at a small sound, but couldn't see her face. "Jess?"

<@Jessica> "I'm fine..." she lied, cuddling her spider some more and pulling the blanket around her tighter.

<Bobby> Yeah, he knew that tone. Pushing off the counter, he went to her and pulled a chair around to sit across from her. "You're not. You just got shot... it's okay."

<@Jessica> "It's not okay..." she protested, "It's not... because I knew this would happen... I should have just stayed home.... I'm going to burn all my shoes..."

<Bobby> Bobby shook his head. "Your shoes?" He leant closer and took her hand. "Babe... nobody knew this would happen."

<@Jessica> "But I did.... I knew something bad was going to happen if I left here.... it's like tempting fate...."

<Bobby> "You've got this... thing... like you think something horrible is always just around the corner. And maybe, sometimes, it is, but not always. I mean, we're both alive and we're okay."

<@Jessica> "We're not okay!" she pulled her hand from him and hid under the blanket. "You nearly died and so did I! I'm the furthest thing from okay right now!"

<Bobby> Bobby let her retreat, looking away with a frown to stare at a spot on the blanket.

<@Jessica> "I hate this...." she complained from under the blanket.

<Bobby> "I'm sorry." He didn't know what else to say, still staring at the blanket. There was a pulled thread.

<@Jessica> "I feel helpless... I don't like feeling that way... and it's worse because there's nothing I can do about it." She tried to curl up again and sighed heavily when she remembered her leg said no the first time. "I could have been killed... I could have lost the baby... anything could have happened... it's so stupid.... I'm stupid..."

<Bobby> "You're not," he started, sighing. "That... it couldn't be predicted. It's just shitty timing. I refuse to just start thinking our actions are cursed, because, well... we're still here."

<Bobby> Though... "You think the baby's okay, right?"

<@Jessica> "I don't know... I feel awful... but the only pain is in my leg so probably...." she sniffled. "I'm scared, Bobby..."

<Bobby> "...you gonna let me hug you now?"

<@Jessica> She tugged the blanket down to reveal her head and nodded, choking on a sob and leaning towards him.

<Bobby> Scooting the chair closer, he hugged her.

<@Jessica> She rested against him, hugging her spider to her and trying to pull herself together.

<Bobby> "I... it scared me, too," he admitted, nuzzling her hair. Not for himself, because he was pretty sure he would have survived, but for her... Bobby squeezed his eyes closed and held her tight.

<@Jessica> Jess shook her head, "It's not just that though..... it's everything..."

<Bobby> "...everything?" He swallowed hard, afraid of what she would say next.

<@Jessica> "This place... the zombies... the baby... Rogue... you... I have no idea what I'm doing and anything could go wrong and we don't have anyone to rely on except ourselves and there's no sign of this getting better and what kind of a state are we going to be in in seven months time? I don't know, do you? Will we even still have this place? Will we have food? Will everyone still be alive?"

<Bobby> "Jess... I'm going to do everything I can to keep you safe, and me, and the baby, because you're my family. Rogue, well, she will too. You're all my family." He gave her a squeeze. "I'd do anything to keep you safe... I... I can't believe that happened. I'm so sorry..."

<@Jessica> "But you can't protect me from my own body..."

<Bobby> He pulled back from her to see her face, looking at her questioningly.

<@Jessica> She hid her face behind her hands. She didn't want to put the thought into words. It was somehow worse to give voice to the fear.

<Bobby> "Jess..." He remembered - her mother. "It's not going to happen to you, baby." Seeing her break down like this was awful, and he held her again, ignoring the kettle.

<@Jessica> "You don't know that... no one knows that..." She shook a little as she ran a hand through her hair.

<Bobby> "No, but... it... can't." Bobby pushed himself from the chair, arms tight around her. Not Lorna and then her. No. Nononono.

<@Jessica> "It can't? That's all you've got?" She didn't know what she was hoping for but it wasn't that.

<Bobby> "Jess, babe, what happened to your mom was a freak thing. Lorna may not have wanted me around, but I still tried. I still read up, and the odds say you'll be fine." Especially if they found a real doctor, although Anna was looking more like one by the second.

<@Jessica> "I'm sure they said the same about her too..." she pointed out, "I'm sorry, Bobby... I've been trying not to do this.... I'm just.... I'm so scared.... and I don't know what to do..."

<Bobby> "I understand. I'm sorry... I just... I think it's too late to, um, do anything." As much as he didn't like the idea of terminating the pregnancy, he couldn't lose Jess. "I-I don't know either."

<Bobby> Making her look at him, he whispered: "I love you. I-I never wanted you to be hurt by it."

<@Jessica> "I know...." she sniffed, resting her forehead against his. "I'm just.... I'm really scared right now and I'm freaking out a little... and all the counsellors are probably zombies... so you'll just have to let me get on with it...."

<Bobby> It made him laugh a little, and hold her tighter. "Okay. Freak away..." Well, wait. "Unless you don't want your tea."

<@Jessica> "I do want my tea... I need it... it helps... although... I have absolutely no idea what'll happen to me on caffeine...."

<Bobby> He kissed her, then getting up to make her tea.

<@Jessica> She gave him a small smile, cuddling her spider to her again. "Thank you, Bobby..."

<Bobby> Returning the smile, he poured the water and made the tea, all the while marveling he could make tea like this nowadays. Bobby brought her the cup and turned his chair around to sit back down, resting his chin on the back to watch her.

<@Jessica> She took the cup, after putting her spider in her lap, wrapping her hands around it. She winced a little at a stab of pain in her leg but ignored it in favour of taking a sip. "Bobby... do you think May's okay?"

<Bobby> "I don't know... I can't believe she left with crazy Cecilia." He reached over and petted the spider, giving her a little smirky grin. "And going back to the school..."

<@Jessica> "Yeah... she said they'd bring back the jet.... but she can't fly that thing... I shouldn't have let her go.... I keep thinking maybe I should send Carol after them to help..... she could fly it...." she trailed off and frowned, "We should get her to get a helicopter or something... for emergencies..."

<Bobby> Bobby looked up at her. "I can fly it."

<@Jessica> "But you can't beat May and Cecilia to the school... she could..."

<Bobby> "Yeah." His nose twitched. That kind of depended on what they found on the way to the school, and at it. "A chopper is a good idea though. All of us should learn the basics of this stuff."

<@Jessica> "Yeah... we should... Maybe I can do that instead of cooking while I'm getting better... Get Carol to give me lessons.... It's not like I can cook if I can't walk..."

<Bobby> "That's a good idea, babe," he said. "I could teach you to fly a plane too, but not a copter. I'll have to learn that too."

<@Jessica> "Maybe I should tell her to get more than one.... just in case there's an incident..." She didn't have a lot of confidence in her abilities.

<Bobby> Imagining a whole aviation yard outside their door, he smirked a bit, but agreed. "Trying to land a regular plane around here would be impossible, but the Blackbird, or a helicopter, would be doable."

<@Jessica> "I'm sure Carol knows enough places that she can get one.... maybe SHIELD will pay more attention if we start stealing military equipment..."

<Bobby> "Very possibly." He still found it hard to believe Darren wouldn't have survived all this. And Selene... yeah, she was made for a zombie apocalypse.

<@Jessica> "And we should start looking properly.... mark off all the places on the map we already checked... or I should say you and Carol already checked because I haven't done anything since we got here except get pregnant and shot...."

<Bobby> "Jess..." he started, then sighed, then made a face. "If we want to get technical, I think I got you pregnant before we made it here."

<@Jessica> "Well... yeah... I figured as much too... but still...." she sighed, "I haven't done anything useful really... and now I'm really going to get in the way...."

<Bobby> "You're useful," he defended. "You've been the one to keep this place going, and make it a home for everyone who's not been batshit insane." Bobby frowned and put his hand over her tea to make her look at him. "You're not in the way."

<@Jessica> "I am in the way... and you don't need me to do that.... Rogue cooks too... and you like her food - she told me.... and now everyone's going to have to carry me around everywhere.... if that's not in the way I don't know what is..."

<Bobby> "Jesus - you're just hurt! You'll heal." He really wished he could do it for her now, but yeah... things didn't really work that way. Biting his lip, he cupped her jaw and kissed her. "You are not in the way. Not for me."

<@Jessica> She didn't look convinced, "Thank you for saying that...."

<Bobby> "I'm not just saying it." Bobby met her eyes, willing her to believe him.

<@Jessica> "We'll see how you feel in a day or two." she poked the end of his nose.

<Bobby> He rolled his eyes and kissed her again. "The same as I feel right now - grateful that you're alive."

<@Jessica> She managed a small smile and put her tea to one side, sliding her arms around his shoulders for a hug. "I'm glad you're alive too..."

<Bobby> "Well good." He held her, stroking her hair again and breathing her in.

<@Jessica> She closed her eyes, just resting against him for a few moments. "Bobby... I've been thinking about what you said before.... and I decided... if this baby survives.... no matter what else might happen..." she lifted her head to look at his face, "I want him or her to have your last name."

<Bobby> To say it was a surprise was an understatement, but it made him smile. "Yeah?" Licking his lips, he brushed her hair back. "I'd like that... I'd... give you my last name too, if I could." He paused. "If you wanted it, that is."

<@Jessica> She blushed a little and looked away, "I, um.... I'd like that... but I don't think I'd deserve it..."

<Bobby> "Yeah, you do." Bobby caught her chin to turn her face back to his and kissed her.

<@Jessica> She returned the kiss, breaking it off to cock her head on one side and eye him, "Did you just propose?"

<Bobby> "Believe I did." He caught her left hand and brought it to his lips to kiss her ring finger, watching her.

<@Jessica> She smiled, shaking her head laughing a little out of nerves, "Bobby... you are going to be the death of me..." She pressed her forehead to his, "This is insane..."

<Bobby> "But I mean it," he whispered to her, meeting her eyes. Seeing her in the truck and on the kitchen table... he had been so terrified...

<@Jessica> "I love you..." she kissed him softly, "I want to say yes..."

<Bobby> His heart clenched painfully in his chest as he threaded his fingers through her hair to return the kiss. "Then why do I have a bad feeling you won't?"

<@Jessica> "Because... I can't say that right now... I can't because I feel like it's tempting fate even worse.... and you don't deserve to be put through that again..."

<Bobby> He understood, which almost made it worse, but still he sighed. Anna was still right, because in his mind he couldn't give her any less. "I'll take that, for right now."

<@Jessica> She pulled him close for a hug again, "It's not a no...." she reminded him gently.

<Bobby> "I know." He closed his eyes. "Ready to go back to bed?"

<@Jessica> She nodded, "Yeah... and, I guess... I should go to the bathroom too....." she sighed heavily.

<Bobby> Bobby managed to suppress his smirk before he looked at her. She looked so depressed at the idea. "I promise I won't watch you pee."
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