should you accept this mission....

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should you accept this mission....

Post by Sundown » Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:35 pm

Slarti, or any other moderator, I hope it's all right for me to post this here. I know activity on the Nightcrawler forum board is mostly non-existent these days, and I wanted to try really hard to get this message out one more time. I suppose if I've broken rules, delete away. :)

I'm posting this in an effort to talk to fans of Nightcrawler. I'm not sure how many of us are left – I know once active forum boards have become as dead as the character since 2010. It has been suggested that we write in and politely talk about what we miss about the character, and plea for his return. For those of us who've done so, it can be disheartening, as is the direction Marvel has headed since then. A lot of people will complain on forums, or even stop buying the books, but never make the effort to say anything directly to Marvel editors. It seems so many have given up and just stopped reading. That's understandable; you don't financially support something you don't like.

The numbers of us dropping subscriptions may or may not have hit on Marvel's radar. Readership and interest fluctuates, after all. They may or may not have attributed any decline in sales to Nightcrawler's death. Any activity that picked up when Kurt Darkholme was introduced may or may not have been noted. (Indicating an interest in the character concept and imagery in general.) The number of people on a character's fan site might account for around 5% of total fans of the character, though. For a site with, for example, 2000+ listed members, that is representing a fan base in the neighborhood of 40,000. It doesn't seem like small change to me.

What I would like to ask of everyone, everywhere who has ever been attached to this character, is that you try just one more time, in an organized effort to be heard. What I'm suggesting is very, very easy, and will take perhaps a minute and a half of your time. I'll be posting this same message on various internet sites, as well.

Just send an email. I'm not even asking you to buy a stamp for snail mail. If you're on the internet to read this, odds are you have an email address. A default subject line (if it happens to hold true for you) is “I stopped reading because....”, another is “Regarding Nightcrawler”.

If you've stopped reading Marvel comics or X-Men titles after the character's death, then just say so.

“I chose to stop purchasing your products in May of 2010 due to the unnecessary death of the iconic and beloved character, Nightcrawler.”


“I'm writing in to request the return of Nightcrawler, a unique, iconic and beloved character killed unnecessarily in 2010.”

Surely, if you want to go into more detail, then do so, but really it is about numbers and reasons. Is Marvel right that no one cares about Nightcrawler in the long run, and they'll keep buying regardless? If they're wrong, we should tell them once more.

Alternatively, if you happen to be pleased with Marvel using Kurt Darkholme as a temporary replacement, then say so, as it appears as though the character is about to be killed to further Wolverine's character development, just like the original was.

Marvel won't know what we're thinking if we don't tell them, and tell them en masse.

I'm including the CEO of Disney's email address as well, as he should be made aware of any remaining interest in Nightcrawler.

The addresses are as follows: (Isaac Perlmutter) (Joe Quesada) (Axel Alonso) (Tom Brevoort) (Nick Lowe) (Robert Iger/Disney)

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Re: should you accept this mission....

Post by Elwing » Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:09 pm

I appreciate what you are doing here, and I feel kind of lame for not having done anything with this yet. I'm a bit shy when it comes to writing total strangers. May look into this, ok?
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