Tyrone Johnson [Cloak]

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Tyrone Johnson [Cloak]

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Played-by: Noel Clarke
Name: Tyrone Johnson (born Tyrone Doe)
Alias: Cloak
Age: 18
Date of Birth: August 3rd, 1998 (South Boston, Massachusetts)
Height: variable (normally 5'9")
Weight: variable (normally 8 st 3 lb)
Hair: Black (no hair when in Cloak persona)
Eyes: Brown (white when in Cloak persona)
Nationality: USA / UK
Occupation: Pick pocket / thief
Known biological family: Mother (deceased), Father (unknown), Anna (sister - deceased)
Adoptive family: David (father - British), Yvonne (mother - American), Otis (brother)


Cloak's powers derive from his ability to manipulate an unknown form of energy and access the darkness from which it originates.
He might actually be made from this negative energy. This energy is perceived by humans as shadows, either in gas, liquid, or solid form.
It is cold, draining, and prolonged exposure can cause insanity, turn one evil and even kill. Cloak can do the following:
  • Create a localized field of impenetrable darkness.
  • Create mobile, solid tendrils of darkness.
  • Hide in shadows.
  • Become intangible, by partially moving into the darkness.
  • Pull people into the darkness by opening a portal.
  • Teleport himself and others by opening a portal into, then out of, the darkness.
  • Create portals around objects moving them into a pocket of the darkness which he can later retreive them from.
  • When Cloak is inside the darkness he is immune to its effects and can protect other people in his proximity.
  • It is draining creating portals, the larger the portal the more draining Cloak finds it.
  • Protecting himself whilst inside the darkness is draining, the more people he has to protect the more draining it is.
  • Whilst places are closer within the darkness and it is is possible to travel between them ignoring things like walls and gravity it does take time to travel, e.g. to travel to the other side of the world takes around 15 minutes, Cloak can currently only stay inside the darkness for around 5.
Character history:

Cloak's mother was a drug addict and was found in labour dumped out side of the emergency room of South Shore Hospital Boston. She died from a drug overdose as Tyrone was born, Tyrone's sister Anna had to be delivered by caesarian section. Both of the babies were seriously ill within the NICU. With no identification available the two babies were remanded to the state and Tyrone was soon adopted by a young professional couple.

Tyrone's father David was a consultant for a large company and due to his job the family had to relocate to the UK when Tyrone was 3 years old, Tyrone therefore grew up in the city of Birmingham. Shortly after relocating Tyrone's adoptive parents had a child of their own, giving Tyrone a younger brother called Otis (currently 13).

When Tyrone was 16 he found his adoption certificate, at which point he started to try and research his biological family. He discovered the unfortunate circumstances of his birth and that he had a twin sister. The next year when his family was on holiday in Florida at the end of July he decided to leave them and hitchhike to Boston. It took longer than expected to reach Boston, but he had no problem with money for food as he'd always had a knack for picking pockets.

After he arrived in Boston, he found where his sister lived and watched her from afar, not sure of the reaction he would get when he introduced himself. He followed her a while, strangely always being able to remain undetected. When August 3rd came around Anna's family took her to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday, as they were leaving a junkie pulled a knife on them demanding money and jewellery. Unfortunately a police car happened to travel across the intersection nearby and the junkie stabbed Anna and ran in panic thinking he'd been spotted. With Anna injured anger took over in Tyrone, he chased the junkie into an alleyway - this was the point at which his powers manifested themselves, the alleyway descended into impenetrable darkness and Tyrone teleported in front of the junkie and pulled him into the darkness, the junkie was in there too long and came out insane and nearly dead.

Over the next few weeks Tyrone slowly learnt control over some of his powers, he took to pickpocketing people by placing portals around their wallets, bags or jewellery. He did sufficiently well at this to pay rent on a tiny one bedroom apartment.

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