1/3 Announcement: New Nightscrawlers Chat

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1/3 Announcement: New Nightscrawlers Chat

Post by HoodedMan » Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:41 pm

Hey ‘Scrawlers!

Sometime this month, I’m going to start trying out a new version of Nightscrawlers Chat. For those of you familiar with the old web-based chat, this is basically the same thing but brought up to date. The old web-based chat consumed a lot of bandwidth, forcing us to change to IRC-based chat in October 2006. Hopefully this new version shouldn’t do that.

I’m going to be monitoring the bandwidth consumption of this new version of Nightscrawlers Chat for a month. If it’s not excessive, then I will be shutting down the IRC-based chat. The IRC-based chat is really flexible, accessible from any instant messaging client such as Pidgin and Trillian. Since it’s not a third-party service, we can retain our small community feel.

However, it costs me and my business partner about $25/month above what we would normally pay for the server we use. Unless accessibility from any instant messaging client and the lack of any lag is important enough for ‘Scrawlers to donate a fair amount of this difference, I simply can’t justify running Nightscrawlers Chat on our server anymore.

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