Muslims overreacting

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Muslims overreacting

Post by Freak » Fri Jul 10, 2009 7:19 pm

This is kind of a post for the "This coffee tastes like ass" thread, but due to its possibly inflammatory nature I'll post it here:

Is it just me, or does a great part of the Muslim nations on this planet have a minority complex? Whenever there happens something, anything that a few might feel slightens them, there is enormous outrage.

Belgian artists draw a few caricatures of Mohamad (which show nothing than the worsening image of Muslims in the world) and everybody goes apeshit.

A nutcase murders an Egyptian woman in a Germam court out of racism and German media treats it like a nutcase murdering and not a terrorist attack. Whoops, Egyptians are up in arms, Germans are "the enemy of God". Oh yeah, because she was a pharmacist there is a one week boycott on German meds in Cairo.

Now, I normally go by the thinking that there are stupid idiots on all sides on a argument, but i just don't see the mass protests by Christians, Europeans, Americans, or some other group of a non-Islamic background.

What gives?
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Muslims overreacting

Post by Scumfish » Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:07 pm

At the risk of sounding incredibly racist and a little shit, I actually agree with Freak.

I live in a city that actually have muslims as a majority. Although it gives me a nice, warm, fluffy feeling every time I see a mosque sitting side by side/opposite a Christian church, that warm, fluffy feeling soon gets thrown out into the middle of the road and mauled by a 20-ton truck as soon as I walk down my road and get called every name under the sun by a group of Muslim youths for being - you guessed it - white.

The reasoning, from my point of view, is something like this. I'm a white male. I have no mind of my own, everyone knows that caucasians have some sort of collective/mind control technique like the Borg. Because the 'white world' must view every Muslim as a terrorist since the actions of the few ALWAYS reflect the opinions of the many (/sarcasm) then I must think that the hundreds-strong community in my area are all plotting my downfall.

I'm paranoid, but not that paranoid.

Yes, I'd say the muslims have a Napolean complex. It's like the little kid on the playground who gets picked on too much. After a while they bawl about everything that happens on the playground, because it all must be aimed at them because they're omg! So badly victimised.

I could understand the whole Mohammad pics uproar (there were full-scale riots here in Brum) because part of their religion is no pictoral record of the Prophet because he didn't want to be famous and detract from his teachings of Allah (in other words, another Jesus) but seriously, saying a racist murder report is calling them terrorist?

Forgive me for sounding a little bit like a white supremisist here, guys, but sometimes, just sometimes, Muslims do kinda ask for the piss to be taken out of them. The world is not out to get them. And if I really was all that racist, Gang of Youths no. 78 that hand on the corner of my road, then what the hell am I doing being the only white dude living in an Asian community, eh? I buy my groceries from your stores. I don't 'hate' you.

I could go on about this all night. It's one of my pet peeves. Bearing in mind not only do I live in a city that not only has an incredibly strong Muslim community, I also live in a city that's in the the top 5 targets for attacks and have had a lot of terrorist arrests since 7/7. Still. Even I know that not every bloody Muslim's a goddamned terrorist. That's like saying every Irishman's a member of the IRA.

/end rant.
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Muslims overreacting

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:01 am

I'm an atheist, I don't let this stuff get under my skin.

To me, all religions are at fault for this. Yes, some more than others, but Freak I assure you, the Christian Churches in America are hilariously wacked out.

However, Jason Alexander (funnily enough), was on Bill Maher taling about his annual trip to Israel. He discussed with the youth of that area and he says "Like anyone else, they just want to survive."

(Severe paraphrasing coming:)

"Basically, these people, twenty something people, they have more time and hope. They want to figure this stuff out so they're not like the forty-plus others holding centuries of grudges for no reason. They want a solution, and like us, they are sick of terrorism. This isn't a warped part of the world with insane people crawling out of every crack and hole. People want to exist, they feel threatened. But there is ground being broken and talks being made, plans in the works that were unforseeable no more than five years ago."

So I think, based on that and my daily read of five newspapers, that though this core religion does have havoc and mayhem, and the extremists (which I have yet to see mentioned as a point here) are definitely pushing the right buttons, I think there is solutions on the horizon.

Though I am not religious, I am hopeful that people can put their petty perspectives and beliefs aside and see eachother as teh one thing they really are, not "Christian" or "muslim" or "Jew" or "Buddhist" but "Human."
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Muslims overreacting

Post by The Drastic Spastic » Mon Aug 24, 2009 2:51 pm

Freak wrote: What gives?
They've noticed that throwing tantrums gets them special treatment?
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