It's all italic to me!

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It's all italic to me!

Postby steyn » Sun Aug 22, 2010 4:16 pm

Okay, this is a bit annoying to me, but somehow, all the Times New Roman font on the site is in italics. Only the normal font is italic, when the font is bold, it's not italic, which is weird.

At first I thought maybe it's a browser setting or maybe my Times New Roman font itself is a bit buggy, so I checked the settings, cleared all history and browsing data, and reinstalled the font, but nothing worked.

The strangest thing is it's just Nightscrawlers forum that's like this, all the other sites are okay.

So, any help might be appreciated, not a rush job, because, hell, it's just italics, nothing bad or anything. Just annoying. Even when typing this, it's italics in the little box.
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It's all italic to me!

Postby HoodedMan » Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:17 pm

Does that happen when you use another browser? It has to be an operating system setting, browser setting, or user stylesheet. That just makes little sense. :(
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