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The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 8:59 pm
by NachtcGleiskette
Welcome Arcane-angel!! I'm one of the mods over here at FV&TTT so feel free to ask me or any one of the other mods of this forum or the others if you need anything.......

Yeah, I'm back.......after school royally kicked my butt, I'm ready to be a full-time mod again!! I'm gonna do my best to be alot more active here......:)

The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 9:19 pm
by Arcane-angel
Thanks. I appreciate it. :D

Well a bit more about me. I have a few stories on and i'm co-webmistress of a site called Evolution Times. (URL is on my profile) though it's been a while since we updated. :oops It happens to the best of us

I had an evo story once about Evil Furby's that were trying to frame the squirrels so that the x-men would try to destroy them for being evil. Yeah it was odd, perverted and wrong but jean died in it so it all worked out.

It got deleted on accident. lol.

I have this other site me and my best friend started a week ago called NOODLE but its no where near done. its an art and writing site. I draw she writes poetry.

She did a Kurt poem once maybe I should find that.

Oh well I'll stop going on now, byes

The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 12:18 am
by Saint Kurt
Woot! Nacht is in the house! :D

I want like a little partying smiley to put there.

And just in time too. I'm probably going to have something up in "Until Death Do Us Part" tomorrow, but I'm finding that even with the summer I have have less time to write than I did in the past. I have to divide my "nightscrawlers time" between writing and our "reload" project. I spend a lot of time looking at nightscrawlers in code form these days. But I do try to make sure I get some creative time in there too. So it's awesome to have Nacht freed from the grip of school.

I think my biggest thing is figuring out a way to encourage more feedback writing. Like in my current thread I can see a lot of views and I've gotten a few nice bits of feedback for which I'm grateful, but overall I'm just not feeling the love. I write for myself and so I keep working regardless, but what I do find is that if I'm not getting feedback I lose motivation to post.

I used to have a "do unto others" sort of policy where I made sure to read everyone else's work and write feedback, but with my time so crunched right now, that would give me even less time to write than I have.

So, any ideas on how we can encourage a collaborative atmosphere here would be welcomed. I think that's the best fun when you have that. This thread was part of that effort but I know we can all do more.


The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 1:00 pm
by Rowena
Like in my current thread I can see a lot of views and I've gotten a few nice bits of feedback for which I'm grateful, but overall I'm just not feeling the love. I write for myself and so I keep working regardless, but what I do find is that if I'm not getting feedback I lose motivation to post.
Ditto. The promise of feedback was what lured me into posting my stuff publicly in the first place.
any ideas on how we can encourage a collaborative atmosphere here would be welcomed
Maybe it would be helpful if I made a personal confession? When I first found the nerve to sign up (I still don't know where I found it) I did it because I was impressed with the writing I found here and the casual, friendly atmosphere I noted in the comments people left. I'd wanted to leave comments, but I'm almost pathologically shy when it comes to introducing myself to a group. Especially a group I respect. I felt thoroughly intimidated, and I was scared to "impose." (That's truly how I felt about making a reply. I was afraid I'd be seen as an imposing, presumptuous, "Who the heck is this Rowena person and why is she writing on my thread?") So, I worked for three months straight until I figured I'd come up with a story I could use as an introduction: "Christmas Cookies." (I finished it in December so I thought a holiday theme would be fitting). I read and re-read it so many times I think I still have the darn thing memorized. I worked really hard to correct the grammar mistakes I ususally made in school papers (mainly concerning really LONG sentences and comma use) and I checked the spelling every time I changed a word! (Hey, I was really nervous.) But, the thing was, I wanted to make sure my introductory work made a good impression, and if anyone suggested an improvement, I wanted to make sure it concerned something that I wasn't already working to improve.

This is the little message I wrote to myself when I was trying to convince myself to to post my story. I scribbled it at the top of my first draft.

1) This isn't school. You're not doing all this work for a grade (a.k.a. the approval of others), you're doing it for yourself. If you like what you're doing, hopefully others will too.

2) Fanfiction should be fun to read and to write. That's why people create it. No one gets paid to do this, it comes from within. That's what matters. That's why you like it. Even if no one replies to your story, that's still what matters. You did it, you wrote it, now you're going to put it out there for the world to criticize. That, in itself, takes a lot of guts. ....oh help....

3) Learning how to express yourself clearly through writing is really, really, really, really, really important in The Real World. Duh. So, if I want those writers out there to take me and me work seriously, I've got to check the grammar. Commas!!!!!!! OK, grammar, spelling, that's the key. If it's easy to read, hopefully people will read it!!!!! I hope, I hope, I hope.... But even if they don't, it's still good practice.

OK, yes, I am a total nerd to have written that to myself. I admit it, I'm a dweeb! But, it did help me build up the nerve to actually make a post. :D

MAIN POINT ---> Sooo.... based on all that, my suggestion on how to encourage a collaborative atmosphere is to encourage new writers/artists, potential writers/artists, and people who like reading stories and looking at artwork but aren't much into writing or drawing to feel honestly welcome to share their thoughts and ideas here.

This is a Nightcrawler site, so it has to be assumed that just about everyone who pops in here to look around is a Nightcrawler fan and thus already a member of the community, even if they don't actively participate. In order to make that community collaborative, the next step is to encourage people to stand up, introduce themselves, and share their ideas. The goal of that sharing should be to encourage each other to improve. Reciprocal feedback. Even the self-motivated need to know their posted words are reaching someone else's eyes, or else they'll just motivate themselves somewhere else.

And now, I'm off to go practice a bit of what I just preached. See ya!


The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 4:26 am
by fourpawsonthefloor
Oh boy, well first off I have been happily grazing here since the board restarted - yay for that. But my brain has melted to goo and it took me this long to figure out how in the heck to log back on so I could post. (Oh right, up by the in the heck did I miss that every time?)
I think that we all sound pretty hetic - for me between "normal" life, I am still dealing with this health crap and have been putting in a lot of hours of volunteer work. So the writing went right down the tubes.
But it is still there...waiting patiently for me...and I will tackle it again.
I will make more of an effort (now that I can post again) to be there to add my 2 cents worth.
Rowena - the nicest thing I think about communities like this is when you see someone post about doing pretty much the exact same crap that you do and then you can sigh and think to yourself - thank God I'm not the only one. :LOL

The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 8:48 pm
by CurlyyHairGirl
I decided I should pop in here and state something...*ahem*..I have to get ready, please hold...

I have finished taking all of my Finals, officially making me a senior! Yay! But anyways, that's not the good news. The good news is that I have alot of free time now that I'm on vacation, which means that I will have more time to spend giving feedback on the stories posted here.:D

As for my own stuff....*snort* if I ever get the scanner to work again, I could put some up...but it ain't happening soon.

For people (members or visiters) skimming this thread, just to see what it's about, and not really reading it, here is a little something to catch attention to them for the authors and artists of the FV & TTT Forum:

!!!ATTENTION, PLEASE!!! As a frequent visiting member to the FV & TTT forum as well as artist myself (sometimes), I would like to encourage those of you out there to post feedback, I'm sure the authors and artists would appreciate it greatly. I encourage you not to be shy, new to the forums or not. I was new once, but you're gonna stay new unless you dig in and dish out. For the time I've been at Nightscrawler's, I have felt nothing but welcome. The members are great and the Mods and Administrators are fantastic. Everyone is treated with respect as long as you give it. So please, don't be shy, and we would love to hear your comments and feedback!!!!

I hope that helps some, guys!!


The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 1:37 am
by Saint Kurt
The last couple posts got me thinking about the stuck threads in this forum. The only one is a series of rules on what NOT to post. It's necessary but it's not very friendly.

I got to thinking that it might be cool to have an encouragement thread at the top - where we all share the little mantras we use to encourage ourselves to be brave and post as well as stuff like what CHG wrote - because even though I'm a writer here, I'm usually more of a reader and reviewer in other fan art/fic communities I've been part of.

What do you guys think?


The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 1:24 pm
by Rowena
Well...there's already a lot of that on this thread, Zam. Maybe you could stick this one to the top? I don't know, I just don't think I could re-write a lot of the stuff I put up here, and cutting and pasting seems redundant.

Congratulations on completing your Junior year, Curlyy! :D I know lots of people say that's the hardest one to get through, so enjoy your vacation!

Rowena - the nicest thing I think about communities like this is when you see someone post about doing pretty much the exact same crap that you do and then you can sigh and think to yourself - thank God I'm not the only one.
Thanks, Paws! :D That makes me feel a lot better!

The Quonset Point Airshow is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! (info: ) I just had to announce it because I'm so extremely excited! The Blue Angels have been rocketing over my house for the past two days!!!!!!!! I adore airplanes, and the Blue Angels totally rock (literally :D ).

I have to go now, because I've got a lot of work to do with the URI Fencing Club today (we're trying to set up a summer camp. If anyone in the Rhode Island area is reading this and wants to check it out, the web address is ). Due to Fencing Club obligations, the Air Show, and Fathers' Day, I won't have time to write or post anything this weekend, but I'll definately be working on Belasco and Steps and Leaps next week. My goal is to get them both finished by the end of the month. Anyone care to wager on if I'll make it? :rolleyes I'm going to give it my best effort, anyway.

See ya! :D


The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 3:43 pm
by Saint Kurt
Yeah - I'll top this thread for now. This is kind of Lisa and Slarti's forum so I'm trying to let them make all the key decisions about things like that. But for now, this thread can be the friendly intro along with the rules.

I liked your fencing camp link. That's cool that your coach's first competition was against Northwestern because that's one of my alma maters. (But they don't let grad students fence on the team. :( ) It's always so weird hearing stories from women fencers who started after the women were allowed to fence all three weapons. When I started 20 years ago (I can't believe I just admitted to that) women were only allowed to compete in foil. I have a definite foil bias because of this.

I'm totally missing fencing right now because I'm still on crutches. I've been going to the gym and directing though which has been kind of fun. I'm such a crappy director normally that spending 2 - 3 hours doing nothing but directing is actually kind of a good idea for me. I also used the lull in fencing activtity to purchase my own lamé! I've always had my own dorky white outfit and weapons, but I always borrowed the rest of the electrical equipment from the team or club. The result was I never had a lamé that fit me properly. (I just replaced my jacket and pants this year. I was wearing the same jacket and knickers from high school! They still fit, but they were falling apart and had pieces of duct tape all over them. Plus they were from an Italian company that doesn't even exist anymore so it was a bit like someone showing up to play pro-football in their college uniform from the 1920s.) So with my new jacket and knickers, my mask from about 5 years ago, the arrival of my new lamé and bodycord* means that for the first time I own all of my own gear and it's all pretty new. Yay! I still fence with the same foil from college though. It's 12 years old now, but I love it too much.

(*bodycord: a piece of wire that goes under your clothes and runs from your weapon to the scoring system that you never remember to put on until you are completely dressed, standing on the strip, and ready to fence.)

Have fun at the Blue Angels - I'm a fan too. When I worked at Microsoft we used to go out on the roof with binoculars at lunch to watch them practice before the big air and water show over Lake Washington. Later in Chicago, I lived on the 35th floor of a high rise apartment building a few blocks from Lake Michigan and the Angels used to buzz it regularly during their practices. If only my camera was faster I could have had some amazing pictures - they would get close enough that I could see the pilots' faces and to rattle the windows. I would stand with the windows open so I could hear them coming, but they always showed up from some unexpected direction and by the time the shutter snapped they were gone. All I ever got were blue blurs or pictures of buildings across from me.


The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 12:45 pm
by Rowena
Hi! I'm back! And I've got pictures...

I'm so glad you liked our fencing website! :D It's still kind of a work in progress, but we're getting there!

Congratulations on owning all your own gear! I own my own foil (dry, not electric) and glove, but that's about it. I really, really need to get my own mask and jacket!!!!!

And now, about the Blue Angels. Words escape me. They're just too awesome! They did this one close formation where two of them were upside down and they both flipped over simultaneously with literally centimeters to spare! WHOOT!!!!

I have pictures from the show if anyone wants to see them. Here's the address for my website, where they can be found: ... hotos.html

Here's a sample photo! My dad took it just as the back plane was breaking away from the close formation. What do you think?

The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 3:11 pm
by Saint Kurt
Cool pictures. You must have a film SLR instead of a digital SLR camera. I love my digital camera to bits - it's small, you can take 300 hundred pictures on a single memory card - but it spends a lot of time getting ready to take a picture and so when trying to take candid photos or pictures of fast planes, you never get what you want.

Congratulations on owning all your own gear! I own my own foil (dry, not electric) and glove, but that's about it. I really, really need to get my own mask and jacket!!!!!
Well - when I was helping coach little kids for the park district I always told parents: Foil and glove first, then a mask, then the jacket so your order makes sense. Foil and glove because what kid doesn't want their own foil? And the glove is just common sense, everyone's hand is different and it's all sweating and nasty, the least you can do is put your own sweaty nastiness on your own hand. And for me the mask is something on your head which makes it super distracting. It's kind of like, it's nice to have the same distracting thing on your head every time. Then the rest of the stuff is just nice to have.

As for my project to make myself a better director - we have lots of mirrors in the gym and it's always strange to see myself in regular clothes instead of my dorky white outfit. I usually try to make up in comedy what I lack in skilled judgements. My best comedy moment so far: A fencer got her foil caught in the pocket of her opponent's way too baggy sweat pants so I called it as "beat attack to left corner pocket - nothing done - you need to call the pocket before you attack." Haha ha. I kill myself. We all had a good laugh and I admitted it was a simple "off target".

I like my new gym a lot: lots of good fencers and everyone is super friendly. My best fencing moment there was in the beginning of the summer. There's this young hotshot fencer named Chavier. He's from Belgium I think and he's been winning a lot lately. When I joined the gym in January he'd just taken first in Men's in some important regional competition. He's handsome, European, confident, and likes to swagger around the gym winning all the time. If I hadn't already invented Wolfgang, I would have based him on Chavier since they are basically the same person.

So it was my first time fencing Chavier and I didn't expect to win because it usually takes me a whole match to figure out someone's faults and how to beat them except that fencing Chavier was a little like fencing Errol Flynn. He would come at me with all this fancy footwork flitting his foil all over the place and I was like "let's take it to a spiral staircase". He got one touch (that's a point) on me doing all that crap before it occurred to me that if I fenced really simply all I had to do was wait for him to put his foil somewhere far away where he couldn't possibly parry my blade (block me) and I could nail him. My plan worked. I would parry all his weird Errol Flynn moves until he got too elaborate trying to get one through and then I'd attack and hit him. He's not stupid and each time I got another touch on him he started toning it down and toning it down so by the last touch it was pretty much a straight fencing match (which only made things harder on me). But it was cool because I was still kind of new to the gym and an unknown quantity so when it got around that I was kicking Chavier's ass everyone stopped fencing to watch. I call him "Errol" now and it drives him nuts.

After my foot heals he has promised a re-match and I don't think it's going to be pretty.

So, that's my epic saga of the fencing gym...


The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 7:48 pm
by Slarti
I think topping this thread is a great idea, Zam. Thanks!

Well, I may as well reintroduce myself as well. I'm back after a long hiatus and will be more active in the coming weeks. I'm a 29-year-old newspaper editor in Kansas City and have been married for four years. I've been writing fan fiction for the last five years -- I actually started writing because of a round robin at the old Nighty Monument that existed before Scrawlers. Our old buddy Ovenmittboy, who has been MIA for a long while now, started a round robin and I contributed. Egged on by the attention, I started writing my own stories, including my very own Mary Sue "Shadow Man."

Okay, actually, that wasn't my first fan fiction experience. About 15 years ago I belonged to The Queen's Own, a Mercedes Lackey fan club. I don't know if it even still exists nowadays. I subscribed to several fanzines, yep, the old paper type, and even illustrated for a few. The only piece of fan fiction I wrote was this horrible angsty epic poem thing. It was really bad.

I then left fandom behind until after college. Now, I write pretty much exclusively Nightcrawler and original fiction. The forays I've made into fandoms like Buffy ended with me writing a ficlet about Xander reading comics and philosophizing to Buffy about Nightcrawler. I gave up after that.

For me, writing fiction is a fun hobby, and I think that's part of the reason I stopped doing it for a while -- it had ceased being fun. When I started writing fic, I had a very dull job at a newspaper. I was a new reporter and spent most of my day at a desk with no Internet access, waiting for phone calls. So I started writing. Later, as I became an editor, I had just as much free time and Internet access. That's when I started my old Sanctuary site. I work at a different newspaper now as assistant to the editor in chief, so I have a lot less time, but the plot bunnies are starting to hop again in my head, so I guess that's a sign from the fic gods.

I have a technical writing degree and have worked in journalism for almost 10 years now, so one of the other reasons I write is to try to *not* sound like a reporter or a documentation writer. I sometimes have issues with making things too detailed physically and not detailed enough emotionally. I'm working on that. I also suck at writing fight scenes, even after I spend days researching before I do it… so I try to avoid those. Right now I'm discovering the cat sitting on my left hand is making typing difficult. ;)

So, that's me in a nutshell. It's good to be back.

The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2005 3:12 pm
by B A M F !
*looks so inviting....cautiously poking my head into thread*

Originally posted by Slarti
- I actually started writing because of a round robin at the old Nighty Monument that existed before Scrawlers. Our old buddy Ovenmittboy, who has been MIA for a long while now, started a round robin and I contributed.

I remember that SLARTI!! ( Miss the old MIT MIESTER :( ) That round robin thread was soooooooo much fun! I dont know if I ever told ya old buddy but I was a huuuge Monument SLARTIBARTFASTFANFICFAN!! :D :D :D

Greetings and Salutations everyone!
Please forgive the intrusion...following an invite from BLUEFOOTED. :)
Cant believe I never snuck into here before...! (Time has always been my enemy :P) What an incredibly warm, inviting, supportive and friendly atmosphere! The camaraderie between you guys is almost palpable!.... I luv it!!! :love Now that i've finally 'ported' into Fuzzy Visions i'm really excited about digging into some of the fantastic stories that I know i'm going to find in here...the adventure begins!! Hope ya dont mind if I join the fun and submit the occasional doodle every now and then :D!


The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2005 4:14 pm
by bluefooted
Welcome, BAMF! I have a feeling I'm always writing your name wrong, but I'm sure you'll forgive me.

This has always been a fun sub-forum to hang out in. It's been less active than it used to be (back in the old days when we had to walk 10 miles in the snow to get to school... uphill *shakes cane at the youngsters*) Not that I've been contributing much to it lately, except my lurking presence :LOL Anyway, it would be awesome if we could get something started like weekly writing and drawing challenges - just some kind of activity to bring more members in and get people posting. Also, it would be awesome if we could maybe have something like a recommendation thread for fanfic and art that isn't created by our members. I know we have the best, but there's stuff out there that we'd also enjoy. Those are just some random thoughts off the top of my head.

Oh, and I am going to start a thread for the production of avatars and sigs (I think). That way people can make and share avatars for other members and it will be a fun bonding experience.

Anyway, Yay sub-forum! You rule FVTTS!

edit (always forget something): Here's a fanfic rec. It's from the xmenficathon livejournal. The author is Magpie. She warns that there is some discussion of the Holocaust. Good story! ... tml#cutid1

The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2005 2:22 am
by NachtcGleiskette
Originally posted by bluefooted
Anyway, it would be awesome if we could get something started like weekly writing and drawing challenges - just some kind of activity to bring more members in and get people posting.
Already working on that ;)....more than likely it'll be monthly....

And I think the art/fic reccommendation threads are a great idea!

*EDIT* I just created a thread for reccomending fan fics using your post, bluefooted......hope you dont mind ;)

The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2005 3:17 am
by Saint Kurt
I don't know where else to say this but:


okay. I just had to get that out. My podiatrist said my foot would be healed by the end of June and it's like the end of July now. I would like to fence or juggle fire or something. It could be worse, I could be this smilie: :engarde It's supposed to be Nightcrawler fencing but he's really conducting exactly 4 beats of an orchestra.

Or this guy. :cold Getting snowed on. All the time. Actually that wouldn't be so bad. I could go snowboarding except that I'm in Illinois and there's no mountains and I'm on crutches.

At least Nightscrawlers is fixed now.


The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2005 11:40 pm
by taekwondodo
Gah, that'd suck. Any word on how much longer before you get off the darned things? And on the plus're building lots of upper body strength?

The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2005 4:10 pm
by Elwing
Here are some posts on the temporary board that I will add to this tread for your amusement! Enjoy;)
Zamweasel wrote:
I miss our social thread.

I miss our BOARD!

What do you miss?

Buri103 wrote:

I miss Pepper Ann. It was fun show...I never see it anymore...
Curlyhairgirl wrote:

Pepper Ann is still on Toon Disney, I think...
I miss Nightscrawlers too, this is just not the same...Nightscrawlers was the prettiest site on the internet.

I think what I miss the most would be this forum, I hung out in FV &TTT most of my time, reading the loverly stories.

I miss everybody who was at NS, but are not here.

I miss reading the disscussions about the SDCC(2005) though I didn't participate in it. There's a good chance I'll go next year though:D

I miss Rowena and Maelstroms stories, as well as the purdy art and all the other wonderfull fanfics. *tear*:*(

ps. my scanner is still broken >:
Elwingblue wrote:

Surprise, surprise- I miss the chat! And the SMILIES!!! What am I to do without my beloved banana, the bootydance and most importantly, the legendary summer sausage? Life is very tough indeed, but there is also good news- I have posted more on this surrogate board than I posted on the main board in a year. I will strive to keep this up. Promise!
Zamweasel wrote:

@#%$ I hate that banana... Banana's shouldn't dance like that.

Making the cricket masturbate on the summer sausage is funny though.

I miss the appearance of the old board, but I do like my blinking Nightcrawler banner. I'm going to see about making little .sig badges for all the people who where here. Kind of like "I was a notscrawler and all I got was this lousy .sig badge".

That way when Elwing comes back to Nightscrawlers and posts all the time, she'll have a cool .sig
Elwingblue wrote-

Already done, though my software won't do the blinking...and I have the typeface all wrong too. And it won't show up in my sig line.
Fuzzybamf wrote-

I miss eevverrryyyyyttthhhinnng!!!!!!I want it back!!*crying loudly*lol.Ya now what I miss? I miss x-men evolution on cartoon network.Well back to the crying!!
I know exactly what you mean,I hate that banana!!!
I miss everything else though!Hey doues anybody know weather or not Kittie comes around here?Just wondering.
Northstar wrote-

Everyone just has to admit, ezBoard's smilies just don't cut it. And I miss avatars, which I always have to fight ezBoard every step of the way to keep and never succeed. I give up.

(And people wonder why I hate ezBoard... :( )

Edit: And of course, it has to fix my avatar once I complain about it. Die, ezBoard. :D
Elwingblue wrote-

oh, banana,banana,banana..How I miss my banana...

I hate EZboards too.
They used to have a sign up procedure in which they kept trying to make you sign up for spam. They had a "send me interesting offers by email!" line with a pre-checked box tucked away in the bottom of the sign up page where I really had to look for it, and when I unchecked it it would be stealthily re-checked every time my registration form came back because of one of the fields not being entered quite right. (and I always seem to have that happen a couple of times). Also, they would keep bugging me with it every time I visited my personal settings page.
I re-registered for notscrawlers, and they seem to have gotten a lot less evil, due to the opt-in legislation. But we haven't forgotten, haven't we, my preciousss?
Northstar wrote-

What I love is sites like Microsoft that have it deselected by default on all pages. If you check it, you'll get e-mails but if you sign up for another Microsoft site and don't check it on that page, it'll uncheck it at the other page and unsubscribe you from the list (in the good way).
House of Wagner wrote-

I miss my avatar with evo-Kurt in a wedding dress. I don't know how to do it on here
bluefooted wrote-

Dear Nightscrawlers,
I miss you guys and the board. Camp is fun, but the smilies here are not as nice as the ones we have at home. The other kids are cool. Posting is hard though. EZboard says that's because I'm an idiot who forgot my password. I miss you and hope I can come home soon.

Seriously, though... How's everyone doing? Good to see the FVTT social thread is dominating here :smokin

Just wanted to say thanks, Em, for all of this :D You're doing an amazing job.

The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 10:00 pm
by Saint Kurt
As of last Thursday I am officially crutch-less!


And as of this week I'm cleared by my doctor to return to fencing. So I'm going tonight. She said to take it easy because unfortunately the surgery was on my right foot and that's the one that takes all the pressure (it would be much simpler if my left foot had had the surgery). But still, I was getting to wonder if I'd ever be rid of the things.

I will celebrate with this orchestra conducting fencing smilie --> :engarde

Plus we've got our board back! And Bluefooted is a married gal now. Last week was a good week for Nightscrawlers...


The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 10:46 am
by theatrepirate
Yea...crutches = bad. My hubby had knee surgery last year.

You fence? Very cool! I am getting ready to teach my students some basic theatrical swordfighting with the rapier (I've choreographed some basic stuff in my plays)


The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2005 3:40 pm
by CurlyyHairGirl
Originally posted by zamweasel
As of last Thursday I am officially crutch-less!


And as of this week I'm cleared by my doctor to return to fencing.

Plus we've got our board back! And Bluefooted is a married gal now. Last week was a good week for Nightscrawlers...
That's great news to hear you're back and about...Spoot! I wish I could fence. Take it easy though, ya hear?

I'm happy the board is back...I was getting tired of surfing the web mindlessly, though me and my sister found some really funny/disturbing Animutations about doing a Mario Dance, Demon Lemon, Batman and the Magic Band-aid (most all of the starring Collin Mockerey {sp?})

Three cheers for Bluefooted!!!:party

As for I've got an appointment for senior picture at ten today, so I gotta get all dolled up...does anyone actually say "dolled up" anymore? *blinks* Well anyway, so I have to take the pictures which will take about an hour for 20 different poses, and pick the best for the yearbook. And later today, me and my sister are going to bake a cake for my dad, his b-day's tomorrow, the cake is awesome. If any of you are familliar with "the Complete I hate to Cook Book" By Peg Bracken, it's called the cockeyed Cake and it's really simple to make, it's a chocolate cake and despite it's lack of dairy and animal products such as eggs (great for vegans(sp?)) it is incredibly moist, dark, rich and chocolatey:lick If anyone want's the recipe I'll be glad to pass it along. Frosing not included.

Tomorrow I'm going to avoid my aunt and cousins...I know it sounds rude, but ya'll haven't met them. They're like the Dursleys. *shudder*

I've been sketching alot lately, and out of the many, only two had Nightcrawler in them *sigh*, one has him getting a surprise kiss from Ororo (I had Kuroro fans in mind) and the other is sort of an Excalibur thing , Kurt and Rachel in the backround, Brian in the foregroun with Kitty's hand coming through his head while he's drooling (a call to my obvious dislike for Brian) all the while Kitty she looks quite happy, and Meggan sort of in the middle looking somewhat startled/worried about Brian.

I have the Excalibur one scanned, but for some reason, i haven't been able to upload it to my site to post it, and the other hasn't reached the scanner yet...hopefully I can get them both up before school starts up.

I'm excited that my mom Aunt in San Diego and my mom both agree that I could go to the SDCC next year with a friend. It's a long way off, but I'm still exstatic about it. I plan on taking BlueTwixMaster (she lurks but never posts).

Other than that, my life is dull and I'm just waiting to grow another year older on the sixteenth befor I go bak to school the day after.:X

weel, so long!
Love Ya'll,

The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 6:12 pm
by NachtcGleiskette
Ok, folks. i've had a few things in mind to change up this place and hopefully get more traffic and more creativity going in this forum. I started implementing these ideas last week, with the start of our first of many to come monthly/bi-monthly fic contests....starting in October, I hope to have the first fan art challenge going...

Another change we've implemented is the two crit forums at the top have been changed (well, are in the process of being changed) into Original Art and Writing forums. I think it'll be great to have everyone share they're own art work and written work with the rest of the board, so we can see what everyone else does outside fan art and fic.....

Let me know what you think of this, guys and if you have any ideas, let me know!

The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 7:13 pm
by Angelique
^I approve.

As for me, I'm 31, married, a mother of two children and two dogs. I'd been into sci-fi and superhero stuff all my life. Mostly Star Wars, Star Trek, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, and all things Marvel-ous.
It seems I have a lot more in common with many on this board besides just a fondness for a furry blue elf. It was a tough road that led me to conclude Nighty was my favorite X-Man, along with Wolvie and Jean. I was a scrawny and tomboyish child who learned early on not to bother trying to fit in because once you figure out how, the rules change. And though I was born in the US, English was not technically my first language. (Imagine growing up in Los Angeles wondering why people think it's so unusual that a fair-haired, blue eyed, non-Latina who speaks Spanish.) I was also obsessed with Irish dance a couple decades before Riverdance made a fad of it, alternative music before Nirvana broke the top 40, you name it.
I think my family history played into this, too. I'm the grandchild of Irish-American Depression refugees (whose own parents and grandparents were Famine refugees) on one side of the family, and German WW2 refugees on the other. (My grandfather has a story of fleeing Germany with only the clothes on his back and the Gestapo on his tail.)
I'm also of a very religiously mixed background. I was raised Catholic, became an agnostic, dabbled in paganism, then went Protestant, then studied to convert to Judaism, and finally returned to the Catholic Church.
I had a spate of health issues. Childhood hearing impairments (mostly corrected by surgery), fourteen years of orthodontia, and, then, at 18, the onset of an occassionally crippling (and very rare) autoimmune illness. That about killed me, emotionally. I was majoring in piano in college, and this disease pretty much destroyed my hands and blew all my chances as a concert pianist. I had to search out my calling all over again.
Thankfully, I have a halfway decent singing voice, so I could indulge my passion for music with a couple of opera roles while finding my place in the world.
Naturally, while Wolvie and Storm were my favorites as a child, as I matured, I began to identify more and more with Kurt. But what really got me into fanfic was the whole question of is or isn't Kurt a priest, the misrepresentation of the Catholic Church I felt a couple of authors penned into their comics, and the ongoing discussions my husband and I would have along the lines of "If you had a mutant ability, what would it be?" My husband has an amazing ability to vanish in crowds and turn up when and where he's least expected, so he's a teleporter, of course! :D
So now that my health is more or less in order, I'm teaching Irish dance, still singing and trying to play musical instruments a bit less demanding on my hands, enjoying marriage to a fellow Star Wars/Marvel fan (who, by the way, is so into costuming, he made his-and-hers X-Wing pilot uniforms for our anniversary!), and being a mom to a couple of kids who are delightfully into knights, pirates, space travel, and yes, superheroes.

The FV & TTT Social Thread

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 5:44 pm
by bluefooted
Welcome, Angelique :wave

It's good to have new people around, especially people who love Kurt as much as we do. Hope ya stay awhile - like the rest of us ;)

This can only help me write better fic!

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2005 2:55 am
by Angelique
I finally joined up with our local fencing club today! I was just so excited to pick up my sabre again (and get whacked around a bit), I just had to share. Even better, I brought my husband, and he's already proven to be better with the sabre than me! (Not that that's saying much, but yeah, it was totally fun.)