What If? Batman VS Daredevil

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What If? Batman VS Daredevil

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:33 am

I know I posted this a long time ago but I'm not seeing it now so I'm assuming it never made the forum jump.

That said, here it is, slightly revised with some new content added. Yes, I accidentally dug this up. Yes, I instantly got right back into it.

"What We’re Blinded By"

New York City

Matt Murdock had followed Bullseye through Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown, Battery Park, and most of Spider-Man’s stomping ground, wondering at what point that ignorant Web-head was going to butt-in and ask what Daredevil was doing so far from his usual neck of the woods.
Thankfully there were no interruptions, and Murdock’s grizzled attitude for the evening was not dampened but actually relieved when finally Bullseye’s bike stopped at a cargo warehouse near the Lincoln Tunnel. A portside warehouse was not only cliché, but it gave Murdock a good excuse to assume the worst (not that he had to when dealing with Bullseye.)

His keen hearing let him know when Bullseye had shut the door behind himself and flipped the latch, locking the steel door from the inside. Murdock, rested on the roof of the warehouse beside Bullseye’s, and took a moment to take in the sounds and sensations of the area.
A warm summer night, not too hot, but certainly not cool, was ideal for Matt being the humidity tended to make his efforts more exhausting. He sighed as he picked himself up and dashed to the roof of the incriminating warehouse, landing on it stealth fully and placing his ear to the roof. He could hear perfectly, as always.

“You’d think what I was askin’ for here is a couple mil, mate!” Bullseye said in a damn near accusatory tone.
“I’m not asking you to risk your life for money,” a familiar voice said calmly. “I’m asking you to risk your life at the threat of losing it to me.”

Kingpin. Daredevil knew that voice immediately. It was only common-sense, after all Bullseye was not only Kingpin’s go-to-assassin-for-hire, but he was also one of the cheapest, being he felt the thrill of a kill was more profit and gain than cold cash.
Daredevil sneered at the sound of Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime’s voice, as he continued his ambiguous threat.

“Spot here opens up a portal, you hop in. You kill the man, you come back.” Kingpin’s bodily gestures were clear to Murdock, just from the vibrations and the incredible weight this man had, adding to the amount of fluxuation in the air and increasing Murdock’s chances of pinpointing him.

Wait for it, Matty-boy. Murdock said to himself. Wait for him to say who they’re killing… let them open the door for you.

“An’ how in da hell do you even begin to promise me Spot ‘dere is capable of draggin’ me back an’ fro’ this time!” Bullseye countered.

“Because Spot here has been enhanced by some very nice machinery built for me by a well commissioned technician.” Fisk promised.

“Y’mean Eight-Arms?” Bullseye asked, referring to Spider-Man nemesis Dr. Octopus. Daredevil snickered, wondering how Peter was going to react later when he found out what he was missing out on.

“Nevermind who made it, go through, and kill him. If it works, we can do away with Spider-Man as well.” Kingpin offered.

Whoa. Murdock realized. So if the second kill is Spider-Man, who could the first one be?

“Killing an aged, alcoholic, Irish-Boxer ain’t exactly what I see to be a challenge.” Bullseye confessed to his obese employer.

“You’re being paid to eliminate my challenges, not have fun with yours.

Murdock’s expression instantly went from intrigued to alarmed. My father. By killing him, they could eliminate any chance Murdock ever became Daredevil. Kingpin would own Hell’s Kitchen, and if he took out Spider-Man after that, who knows what else.

“Well, this needs to stop.” Murdock decided aloud. He tumbled over the edge of the roof of the warehouse and with the prowess and art of surprise taught to him by The Hand Murdock swung through the glass window and shattered it, aiming his landing atop some carts and grinning the whole time.

“Game’s up, Kingpin.” Murdock demanded.
Bullseye groaned and said “You have got to be kidding me!”

“Now, Spot!” Kingpin pointed to the Dalmation-looking Asian man who seemed more worried about the sudden arrival o Daredevil than Kingpin’s chubby finger in his face.
Spot stammered and then threw open a portal. “There!” He winced at the amount of energy it took to keep a portal to a specific dimension open.

“Latah, gatah!” Bullseye said, winking to Daredevil. Murdock was already leaping off the carts however and reaching out for Bullseye.

But he was too late, and Bullseye backflipped into the portal, being sucked in instantly.

“No!” Murdock roared, reaching his hand out to try to catch him. Without even thinking, Murdock leapt in after Bullseye, the portal closing behind them both.

“So that was the plan, right Fisk?” Spot asked. “Get the Devil and Bullseye in there?”

Kingpin smirked wildly. “Of course.”

Gotham City

The barrel of the gun was pressed upon Ray Palmer’s temple as sweat began to flow from his brow.
“Two days of being held up in this ole’ abandoned Gotham City firehouse, you and your big-smart-brain, and you’re still not finished with your contraption yet Dr. Palmer?” Deadshot said, softly. “It’s as if you think I won’t kill you, just ‘cause you’re not a challenge. Boy are you wrong.” He pulled back the trigger and the barrel rolled, placing the bullet in position.

“No! Please! It’s almost finished!” Dr. Palmer said. He pointed to the panel and gave a nervous smile to Deadshot. “You see! It just needs to be turned on!” and then you can experience the wrath of whatever Dimension I hooked up to it, you evil, sick, coward! he continued in his head.

“Good.” Deadshot chuckled. “Do me a favor then, would ya Doc? Turn it on.”
“Oh God! Now? But you don’t know what it can do!” He tried to explain, but the hired killer wouldn’t hear of it.
“Just do it Doc, with as little bull shit as possible, thanks.”

Dr. Palmer sighed and turned to the lever. As he put his hands on it, silently behind him, Deadshot raised his gun and prepared to shoot the good doctor right through the back of the head.

As Palmer pulled the lever, the circular structure, supported by a series of electrical wires and enveloped in what looked to be plastic tubing, began to suck in the air around them. Papers, charts, and pencils flew in circles around their heads and were suddenly sucked into … a hole.

The black hole was ripping apart the space within the circle, lightning seeping from its edges as scientific materials were whipped around and vacuumed in.

“And now I can go anywhere, any time, and kill anyone I want, eh? Now I really can be the killer who’s everywhere at once!” Deadshot chuckled maniacally.

“Not if that somewhere is the hell I hooked this evil machine up to! I don’t care if I go with it, a madman like you can’t have this kind of power!” With that Dr. Palmer slammed his hand on a blue button and the portal turned dark blue, instead of black.

“Well then Doc, now I have even more incentive to kill you!” He winked at Palmer as his finger wrapped around the trigger but before he could squeeze it, a Batarang whipped out of the shadows and knocked the gun from his hand.

“Batman!” Deadshot spat. As he turned to the direction of the Batarang’s source, a caped figure, as dark as the shadows themselves, swept up behind him and caught him in an arm lock, forcing the deadly assassin to his knees.

“What’s up, Bats?” Deadshot hissed through the pain. “You can’t let a guy find a more productive way to make his living?”

“Not at the cost of innocent lives, I can’t.” Batman promised. “Atom! Can you turn it off?”

Palmer nodded and reached for the blue button again but as he did Bullseye came screaming through the portal tumbling forward.

“Not a chance, boy-o!” He shrieked, throwing a scythe at Palmer and watching with glee as it reamed through his palm.

“Gah!” The Atom cried out as he fell to his knees in pain.

“What a shot!” Bullseye cheered. As he raised his arms in glory, a red, devil-horned figure came from the portal behind him and drop kicked him in the back of the head.

As Bullseye skittered across the floor, chin to the tile, he spat at the realization that Kingpin had been right. This was going to be more of a challenge than he had figured. What fun.

Daredevil instantly got his surroundings as Batman leapt to the device and punched the blue button, shutting down the MultiDimensional Transfer Portal. As he turned, Daredevil was upon him, lounging out and tackling The Batman.

“Urgh!” Batman grunted as he used his own feet to push Daredevil backwards and off him. As he reached for his utility belt, Murdock heard the movement, and as quick as it was (and Mudrock was impressed at the speed) he was no Quicksilver. With matching ninja-reflex, Murdock dropped down and used his leg to sweep kick Batman back onto his back.

As Batman tried to jump back up to his feet, Murdock dropped a boot to his chest.
“You’re down, stay that way.” He warned the bat-costumed creep.
“Not a chance.” Batman promised. With that a smoke-pellet left Batman’s hand and the fumes began to envelop Daredevil. Murdock was sent into a coughing fit as Batman escaped, disappearing once again into the shadows.

Once Murdock was clear of the smoke he made a quick point-check. Both this caped jerk-off was gone, and Bullseye. But so was that other one who was supposed to be tied up, but Murdock quickly found his wire, cut and loose on the floor. Lifting it, he inspected the materials. Tight, metal based, and certainly not something he recognized.

“Original materials… this guy must be good.” He critiqued. Looking about the Firehouse, Daredevil realized it was time to figure out where he was.

“Who was that, Batman?” The Atom asked as Batman swooped to the top of a skyscraper, plopping Palmer down. The Batman’s cape whooshed over Dr. Palmer’s head as he muttered “I don’t know, but I assure you I’m going to find out.”

“Should I call the JLA?” He made a motion for his watch. Batman landed beside him silently and held his hand out over the watch. “My city, my problem. I’ll call them when I need them.”

“But you won’t, will you?” Palmer asked with a smirk.

“No. I won’t.” The Bat responded firmly. “Keep Superman out of this, I know how much you want him to help. I need you to keep those schematics of the device Deadshot was forcing you to build and-“

“Yeah about that, why didn’t you come earlier?” Palmer interrupted, trying to look Batman in the eyes, which was difficult with the mask/cowl set-up as well as the nightvision setting in the mask. “Your eyes are green.”

“I’m scanning for the dimensional intruders. As I was saying.” He turned frighteningly fast towards Palmer. “The schematics that I know you kept on your phone. My help is hacking your device and withdrawing the information. Don’t act surprised, you know you can trust me.”
He raised his cape up and over Palmer’s head, a loud ‘whoosh!’ followed as he seemingly glided to the other edge of the skyscraper. “I need to know where it went to so I can at least know where to send whoever came through.”

“You expect to be able to work my machine?” Palmer challenged.

Batman only smirked. “Just follow my directions, please.”

“That guy in the red, he was fast. Not so fast as our Speedy Scarlet but… Wait-you don’t think there’s a relati-“

“Absolutely not. Whoever this was, they were indeed fast, but it was fast based on training. However, he did anticipate my every maneuver, which makes me wonder if he’s a telepath.”

“Interdimensional metahumans? Sounds like”-

“Darseid, yes it does.”

“Can I finish a sentence?” Palmer asked quietly, scratching the back of his head.

“After you tell me why Deadshot suddenly needed a dimensional door.” He looked to Palmer now that he was done scanning the other side of the Gotham City skyline.

“Well, he mentioned his benefactor had contact with people who needed him. He kept talking about other side of the looking glass, which made me think Hatter”-

“Too big for him.” Batman commanded.

“Agreed.” Palmer retorted. “However, not Mirror Master.”

“Flash has him and most of the other Rogues rounded up. Last I heard, Cold was the last one to round-up. You should check in with the Tower more often.”

“You should not be such a fuddy-duddy.” Palmer pointed out. “So whoever it is, the person on the other side has a list for Deadshot. A kill list. After that, the tech is free for him to use as he pleases. Somehow, they knew someone within our realm could build it. He chose me.”
Batman felt sorry for Palmer. He was an amazingly brilliant scientist, one of the best if not the, but he was far from out-of-the-box. His mind was very lateral. He didn’t ask for a gun to be put to his head for nearly two weeks. Still… Someone out there has this world in their cards and they chose Gotham City to lay down their deck.

It was time for Batman to show his hand. “Thank you. My associates have safely removed the information and left everything else in tact.”

“You look at my other information?” He asked, quickly whipping out his iPhone to scroll through his files. There was no response. “Batman? Batman?”

The Dark Knight was gone without a sound.

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Re: What If? Batman VS Daredevil

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:03 am

“This is just whacky.” Daredevil muttered to himself. Nothing was the same, not even the smells. The air tasted… fuzzier. The sounds were completely different. Not just like being in a different city, but like sleeping and waking up in the wrong season. His body kept looking for audio cues but he couldn’t find them. “The fact that I’m not getting vertigo or sprawling out vomiting is a sign that at least wherever I am… the Earth revolves around the sun at somewhere near the same speed as it does where I’m from.”
This was important. He needed to be able to know when it was daytime, night time, and more importantly, he needed to find out how to get back. But first…

“I have to track down Bullseye…” He wasn’t going home without him.
His heartbeats and foot steps were unique to Daredevil at this point but in a world so unfamiliar, it was going to be tough. Still, he pressed on. Within 20 minutes of leaving the firehouse, he had found Bullseye.
Murdock’s target sat in a metal chair with another large person who, as Daredevil got closer, was clearly the man from earlier who had the handgun. They were on a patio of a late-night café.

“So yer guy an my guy are in talks?” Bullseye was attempting to confirm with the other gunman who had been there when Daredevil came through the portal.

“I want to know why you were promised the same thing I was?”

“The tech for you ain’t the same as it is fer me, boy-o. We each get our own playtime. Now spill, where is the meet-up place?”

“Mr. Savage said you would ask for this. He thinks you’re going to plot against him.” The gunman smiled. “Are you?”
Bullseye returned the smile. “Not without some assistance. You on the same page, mate?”

“Bite the hand that feeds us?”

“And hunt for ourselves.” Bullseye said proudly, taking a long swig from his beer bottle. “Just like dingoes.”

“How cutthroat.” Deadshot sneered. “I like it, but it’s not challenging. I don’t slit throats.”

“Fine, I’ll do yours if you do mine. Whaddya say, bestie?” Bullseye reached his hand out for a shake.

“Robin, you are going to get there before I am. I had to stop and inform the Commissioner what was going on. Can I rely on you to keep your head low until I arrive?”

“Yes, father.” Damian snorted. “I believe you can rely on me.”

“Good boy.” Batman said. “Batman out.” He touched his ear again, his cape stretched out and gliding him swiftly around the Gotham buildings, the city lights only showing his bat-like shadows on the pavement below.

“Batgirl you get all of that?”

“Got it.”

“If Robin steps out,”

“Just give him a hand. I know the drill Bru-,er Batman.”

“Do I need to contact Tim?” Batman asked bluntly.

“Red Robin is busy with the Titans.”

“Red Robin can make himself available for me.”

Batgirl rolled her eyes. “I have this. And put some faith in your son, he could take Deadshot out with a flick of the wrist.”

Batman frowned. “The man in red who came through the portal is no Deadshot. He’s more…”

“You?” Barbara wondered.

“Maybe.” Batman responded. “Let’s hope not. We all know my contingency plan for fighting myself.”

“Call in the JLA.” Barbara giggled. “Like hell you’d let that happen.”

“Batman out.”

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