Longing (February Writing Challenge)

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Longing (February Writing Challenge)

Post by Dedicatedfollower467 » Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:09 am

I see his eyes that burn as red in night
His chest is strong and warm and hard, like stone.
I wish his hands could hold me, squeeze me tight,
To feel his lips press soft against my own.

Then from within his coat he pulls a card,
And charges it with gentle pinkish blow.
He has control; it doesn't look so hard,
But how the hell should I be one to know?

I sit and watch him as the morning dawns,
Doing his workouts so that he stays slim.
His movements are as graceful as a swan's.
I'm wishing just that I could be with him.

He knows it is on him my heart has clutch'd,
But I am watching, watching, never touch'd.
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