[February Writing Challenge] Two of a Kind

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[February Writing Challenge] Two of a Kind

Post by Scumfish » Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:59 am

[Odd pairing is odd :3 Not taken from any particular canon, mostly because it wouldn't work in any particular canon XD Be warned - swearing and crack pairing.]


Hey there, old soldier.

Bet ya never thought you'd hear from me again, eh? Hah, betcha didn't even think I could write. Not surprised, you assume a lot about me, don't you, runt?

S'pose it ain't hard to do that. But I'd've thought quotin' Latin at ya would have stuck. Remember that? 'I am what you will be'? Hah, fun times, fun times, wasn't it? Blood runnin' over snow, nice little smell of anger and hate – you were breathtakin', gotta admit, runt. All snarl and bite, and those claws of yours...well, lemme just say, you got my blood runnin'.

But you never listened, did ya? Lost your memories good, you dumb shit. Tell you somethin', day you looked at me and there was no recognition there? Well, knew I'd have to hunt you down an' teach you aaaaall over again, boy.

After all, you and me? We got aaaall the time in the world, ain't we? Every birthday, runt. Every year, I'll be there. You already know that, though, feel yer ears prickin' on the day.

I watch you. Oh yes, I follow you, Logan. Obsessed, maybe, but you're the only one for me, the only one like me out there. You know what it's like, don't ya? The beast, just behind the thoughts, under the claws, the one that howls when you kill...oh yeah, can feel your eyes narrow, see you look around now, sniffin' the air. You know what I'm talkin' about, don't ya, runt? And it makes you uneasy.

God, it's nice t' taste yer fear.

Hope this makes ya feel better about bein' alone this Valentine's. Could be worse, could be wakin' up with me next to ya in bed, eh, cell mate?

Bet you'll never sleep again now.

All my hate, Jimmy.



Vic sat back, arms folded, staring at the wall as the television threw crackling images across the floor. It had been three weeks since the letter. He knew it, he'd been counting. Not like he cared, wasn't expecting a reply, did it on a whim. He never justified himself, nor completely understood even his own actions and motives.

But he'd been smart enough not to put any return address or anythi-

There was a knock at the door.

Victor's eyes fixed, narrowed as he stood, moving noiselessly beside it, claws sliding out.

“Who is it?”

“Depends who's askin'.”

Vic stared for a moment, caught off-guard completely by the voice.

“C'mon, Creed, it's fuckin' cold out here.”

Vic smirked a little and pulled the door open, staring down at the short, hairy man. “Runt.”

Logan's eyes cut down him, then back up, smirking. “Bed time, Creed?” He growled out, ever-present cigar in mouth.

“Fuck y'. How'd you find me?”

“Can't hide your stench, idiot. How many six-seven blond bastards live around here, anyway?”

Victor had to give him that. He folded his arms, eyes narrowed curiously. “So what d' ya want, runt? You ain't here for a fight.”

Logan gave him a savage grin. “Fight can come after, Creed. Right now I wanna talk t' ya about that Valentine's letter that nearly caught me by the short'n curlies, you bastard.”

The grin was barely across Vic's face before a large, clawed hand had grabbed Logan's shirt and pulled him in, the door slamming shut after them.


Logan's cigar smoke curled around his head as he sat at the breakfast bar, drinking black coffee and watching brainless morning TV. A smirk flitted across his face for a moment.

“Logan! There y'all are.” Rogue's exhasperated voice made him turn with a smile. “Ah've been lookin' for ya all over, sugah. Where were ya last night?”

“Out.” He turned back to the TV.

“That's all? Out?” Rogue huffed as she flopped gracelessly into a chair. Then she sobered. “Sabretooth was in town. Sighted leavin' in that truck of his like th' hounds of hell were on his tail. Y'all didn't have somethin' to do with it, didja?”

“Didn't even know he was around.” Logan smirked, eyes fixed on the TV. “Mebbe his date dumped him for Valentine's.”

Rogue laughed, and Logan sat back. Well, Vic was easy enough to find. Couldn't hide the smell of blood and leather, after all. And how many guys were six-seven and built like a wrestler?
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[February Writing Challenge] Two of a Kind

Post by Dedicatedfollower467 » Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:42 am

... heh, figures sabretooth was your pick......

I like it. Very well written, convincing, stalkerish... and I always figured Logan was at least a teeny bit bi anyways.

So, I like it.

Very good. When (that is to say, "if") I get my poem finished I will post as well.
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