Quick to the Chase

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Quick to the Chase

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Thu Jun 19, 2008 4:52 am

Quick To The Chase
After Ultimate Spider-man & His Amazing Friends, where we See Liz Allen become the mutant known as Firestar. She is the daughter of Blob and Magneto swore an oath to him, before he was killed by Jean, that he would reunite his daughter, if and when her mutation manifested, with her people in the Savage Land. Magneto was forced to break his promise when the X-men arrived to aide Bobby & Peter. Magneto never breaks a promise however...

"What would you have me do teacher?" Colin's voiced echoed in the long empty halls of Magneto's flying citadel.

"Only one thing I would ask of you boy is to simply be yourself in that school. Act as you would normally, but make sure no one, and I mean absolutely nobody, has any inkling of an idea that you are attached to me or my Brotherhood."

"But the telepath sir, the one you told me of. The faker, the liar, the teacher of peace, doer of nothing,-"

"Yes, yes" Magneto waved his hand. "You have clearly listened to me well. He'll know of everything except this conversation. He'll think he's recruiting you, changing you even. He'll think he's your savior and he's bringing you 'into the light'. And you can't let him think anything else."

"How?" Colin asked curiously. "How will this Xavier not know of this very conversation? Or my actual intentions?"

"Simple Colin. Forge here has devised an implant that he will inject into your blood stream. It will keep that pesky Xavier out of your head for no more than ten days. In exactly ten days your jig will be up, and if you have not accomplished your mission in that time,-"

"I understand Master." Colin said nodding. "I'll probably have to end myself before I let those X-men touch me."

"Remember your goal. Who you are to bring to me." Magneto said sternly.

"Yes Magneto." Colin nodded.

"And Colin?" Magneto added as Forge came up behind the young man and injected him in the back of the neck. "Do be sure to bring her back unharmed."

Colin shut his eyes and nodded. When he opened them he was standing outside of Xavier's gate, alone.

Colin McCullen was Chaser, and he was here to do one thing and one thing only, bring back the mutant known as Liz Allen to Magneto and his Savage Land. His side mission?
Destroy the X-men from within.

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