The 3 Things About You Thread

If it's not comics, tv, or movies, this is the place! Talk about anything and everything else right here!
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The 3 Things About You Thread

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:12 pm

I've seen this thread in a few other forms, it's a fun one. The objective is to get to know the other members better, and with only a few of us in and out of chat it's a great way to really stir conversation/interactions in forums. Make friends on similar interests or heck, even on unfamiliar interests. Try new things!

You can repost multiple times too, just make sure it's THREE facts each time!

Obviously you post things about yourself, i.e.;

"I like Good & Fruity Candies"
"I read my first Nightcrawler comic on a camping trip in Illinois"
"When I found out Santa was not real I cried for days"

:toothy It's corny but I promise it gets fun!

Okay I'll start!

1. My favorite comic artist is a draw between Skottie Young, Sara Pichelli, or Francis Manapul. I'm like a New England wind, I'm in a different direction each day. Depends on the mood, I suppose. But those are easily all my top 3.

2. I recently returned my interests back into bluegrass (which I'd dabbled in once or twice before), and am contemplating purchasing a mandolin and writing some music, an endeavor I had previously abandoned about 4 years ago.

3. My favorite movie of 2012 was Cloud Atlas until 8 days ago. Now it's Les Miserables. What a great movie.
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Re: The 3 Things About You Thread

Post by Angelique » Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:45 am

1. I'm a comic book writer with a couple collections of short stories coming out this year- the second volume of "Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan," and another book of short stories from the Korean War.

2. I have a "real job" as a certified nursing assistant, and I also volunteer as an emergency medical technician, but I also like learning about the more alternative sides of health and healing and recently took up Reiki.

3. I'm very outdoorsy. I like climbing, biking, hiking, and skiing. One of the big highlights of my year was taking a trip with my daughter to South Dakota and spending a day doing nothing but hiking in the Black Hills.

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