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Terra Nova - New sci-fi series on Fox

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 1:38 am
by Indigo_Lady
Fox has a new sci-fi show called Terra Nova. Has anyone seen it? What do you think so far?

It's about a family who leaves the dying Earth of the 22nd century through a time rift back to 85 million years in the past, during the age of the dinosaurs. They aren't the only difficulties faced by the growing colony of people escaping to the past. The show has a feeling of wonder and discovery and the pioneer spirit. It's refreshing compared to the doom and gloom you get with many of the most recent sci-fi series. And don't worry, it's way way above shows like "The Land of the Lost"

I really like it after two episodes. It's so hard to get regular networks to take a chance on science fiction and sci-fi shows don't last very long because of the expense of making them v.s. the ratings. I think this one may appeal to a broader market because there are family interactions and drama along with the science fiction. So far the story line doesn't get lost in the special effects. It's a little too early to judge the character chemistry, but their reactions to different situations are fairly believable. I hope Fox gives it a chance to get a good following.

Terra Nova - New sci-fi series on Fox

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 2:17 am
by Kered
I enjoy the show much more after seeing the second episode than after just seeing the first. In the first, the son seems like just anotherstupid, annoying teen, going "OTG" on his first day just to piss of his dad. The leader seemed a little, I don't know, insane?, and for some reason instated the fugitive dad to his right-hand man after around a week of being there. And what's up with the security in front of the giant rip in the time-space continuum, where an escaped convice can just run twenty feet and hit one guard, and now he's safe from all prosecution? Don't they think they'de beef up security there? But that's just me over-analyzing.

In the second episode, the son stopped being annoying, in one of the quickest positive character changes I've EVER seen in a TV show, that leader is actually pretty funny, and the plot become good enough where I actually care what's happening the the main characters and to the entire population of Terra Nova - in just two episodes! And also, with the new introduction of the virus that erases people's memories that is shown in the preview for the next episode, I'm ttally into the story, and I'm already trying to guess what happens.

Here's my random guesses from my first glance - these could possibly be spoilers, depending on how much you've seen:

- I think either the son's "girlfriend" in Terra Nova or the wife's "friend" are the Sixer in Terra Nova, as they both would have an impact on the major character's if they turned out to be evil
- I think that the virus will infect the son, and the "girlfriend" will trick him into thinking that he loves HER, not the girl he left behind
- I think that one of the main characters will die very soon, most likely the leader of Terra Nova, putting them in a position to have to enstate a new leader, which will probably end up being the dad

There are just my random guesses, we'll see what really happens. Anyone else who's seen this show have any predictions to the future of the plot?

Anyway, here's a summary - Terra Nova is an interesting show, with a greast plot and characters that you really start to love - after the first episode. The enemies are inventive, the sixers a little but mostly the dinosaurs, with a new species every episode in the past two episodes, with probably isn't saying much, to come and annoy the inhabitents of Terra Nova. The plot is great, and leaves you guessing as to what will happen next. And even the music is pretty good. This is definately a show I recommend watching.

Terra Nova - New sci-fi series on Fox

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:19 pm
by fourpawsonthefloor
Not to bring down anyone who's enjoying it, but so far it's not to my taste - even though I love scifi stuff usually. Hubby's watching it though, so I by default am. I'm not going to totally judge it until I've watched several episodes.

I think part of it was the flying 'batish' one where I was yelling that the screen 'just grab the damn thing and snap its neck!' which TOTALLY shows my kindness to animals, naturally. Of course when you had the whole flock on you that wouldn't work, but one or two in a closed house? Give me a break, you can handle that. But then I'm the kind of girl that doesn't mind running AT a hissing goose rather than away from one, so hey. It works. LOL ;)

We'll see how it goes. I'm willing to wait it out and see if it grabs me, and if not I'm sure others will totally enjoy it.

Terra Nova - New sci-fi series on Fox

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:16 am
by Indigo_Lady
Terra Nova is growing on me after 4 (?) episodes, although this week's episode was a little dull. I think the writers were trying to build character relationships. I'm starting to like the kids a little better.

I think the scientist Malcolm is the spy. He's really got a slimy feel to him for someone who's supposed to be in research.

The critics seem to like if for the most part. Given that this show is pitted against some of the most popular series on TV, it's not doing too bad in the ratings. The ratings system is outdated anyway with DVRs that can record four shows at one time.

Terra Nova - New sci-fi series on Fox

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:37 am
by Kered
I was wrong! They actually did reveal the spy already! If you don't remember, or didn't catch it, the spy is revealed at the very end of episode 3, What Remains, the one about the disease.

Again, not who I thought it would be. I thought it would be someone that they focused on more. Still, maybe there is more than one spy in Terra Nova? :?

Terra Nova - New sci-fi series on Fox

Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 8:22 pm
by Indigo_Lady
I'm going to have to find that episode online. I must have missed the very end of it. Thanks for letting me know.

Terra Nova - New sci-fi series on Fox

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:39 am
by Nandireya
Filmed in YAH!

Terra Nova - New sci-fi series on Fox

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:53 pm
by steyn
I find that they could do way much more with this show. It's feeling more and more to me like Eureka 85 million BC. A community that's plagued by unsual things and only the sheriff can save the day... wait, that's also Haven. Huh.

Strangely enough I'm not gonna stop watching it. Heck, I try to followed Haven and Eureka, why not this as well.