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Teleport escapes?

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2015 6:16 am
by Bamfing_Bob
So, I was reading a Nightcrawler vs Hellboy :hellboy battle fanfic and there were moments when Kurt accidentally bamfed with Hellboy in tow, due to brushing against or HB grabbing onto Kurt's clothes. Got me thinking... We know Kurt has some degree of control of what he can teleport, and even portions of things, but how precise is it? We know, for instance, that he teleports with the clothes he is wearing, so his subconscious teleports any surrounding proximity matter. However, we also know that, say, if he were standing on a welcome mat, he wouldn't bring that along. When standing in grass, he doesn't carry it along, but if submerged in water, he will (at least in some cases). So my question is really, how much control does Kurt have over what he teleports? I believe his default is to teleport any matter touching him or his clothing within the limitations of his ability, and that additional mass requires more strain or concentration. We also know he can bamf away portions of items and body parts. He could hold an impaled sword and teleport it out without carrying bits of the victims insides along too. But can he neglect items around his person that ought to be teleported away? Handcuffs? Strait jackets? Bear hug death grips? Elaborate thoughts or evidence, because I'm curious what the fanbase thinks. Also, if he can teleport and neglect bringing particular clothing items, I can only imagine that this is the smartest way for him to disrobe/ remove underwear. Just saying...

Re: Teleport escapes?

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:26 am
by Ult_Sm86
I think Bendis has the clearest understanding of how this sort of teleportation works. I say this in regards to his character Johnny Royale from "POWERS."

That said, I know a big part of his teleportation is he needs to see where he's teleporting to "or he might end up in a wall" but on at least two occasions I've seen people (mostly telepaths) persuade him that this is a confidence factor he had to overcome. And has, under strenuous situations (i.e. "Second Coming" and the moments before his death).