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East of West (Saga) - Up from the Apocalypse

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 3:46 pm
by sungila
Here's a book I hope you're reading: Jonathan Hickman's Image title 'East of West'

I just bought the first trade of East of West along with vol. 3 of Saga (which seems to have taken an eternity to come out). I was hesitant to start reading East of West because I've been getting weary of all the post-apocalyptic landscapes that dominate today's comic books straight through the Indys and the Big 3...I know there's truth in that landscape, but more and more the stories seem to 'mean' less and 'achieve' less. But I'm an idealist, an optimist, a hesitant realist...I only really believe the dark and dreary if it comes through with moments of light, epiphany and resolution.

That's why I love Saga. The first two trades took two consecutive readings (and I plan on reading them again before heading into the third) - two back to back just to realize the lift of having had a monumental weight of listlessness rolled off my heart. Suddenly, I really cared about the characters...felt completely incorporated into the story...The hype about Saga is for real. It's a book that finally transcends the necessary bleakness of modern adult comics and marks a transition into a new restoration.

After reading the beautiful first trade collection and making my way through some of the initial confusion about the plot and various storytelling convergences...I began talking with friends and learning some of what Hickman has plotted for East of West I feel like this could be another expansion along the lines of Saga. It is happening. Even Marvel has begun shifting it's tone. Amazing X-Men has been a joy to read...not just because it features the return of my favorite character in comics (Nightcrawler) - but because it's fun. Yea, it's a joy to read. It's not stupid, childish or pandering. It's got that 90's Excalibur feel and I hope that Aaron leaving title to Kyle/Yost won't dim that exuberance.

So I don't expect East of West to be swashbuckling - but I am hoping that this is a riff on Revelations that relevates. That takes the apocalypse by the horns and lifts it up to the challenge all comic writer must's time to build up from the destruction, time to grow and reach beyond. Time to sweep up the ashes and tend the fields of what's to come.

Is anybody else reading this title?

If you know...Death's companions...the witches...Crow and Wolf...their love bond and Death's love know that this is a BIG and BEAUTIFUL diamond of a story that has been long in the firmament...damn how it shines!

Re: East of West (Saga) - Up from the Apocalypse

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:09 pm
by Ult_Sm86
I love that series, -- got to Issue no.009 and had to drop it.

I'm going to collect it in trade. It's such a beautifully written comic and the artwork is tremendous but it's very difficult to read each issue a month from the other... there's so much going on and Hickman's style is very "novel-esque" that it needs to b read in one sittnig.

I've felt this way about Hickman's writing for awhile, though. Between him, Morrison, Fialkov, and Brubaker ... they're tremendous writers but their stuff is really meant to be in full graphic novel format not issue-by-issue stuff. At least for me...

but yeah this series is tremendous and I frequently have suggested it. I think even here in the WHAT ARE YOU READING AND WHY THREAD I have dropped the name of this book a few times. Such a wonderful series... I can't wait for the first trade!!

Re: East of West (Saga) - Up from the Apocalypse

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 6:59 pm
by sungila
YES! This MUST be read in trades to really appreciate. I can't imagine an ish to ish reading. You're exactly right the scope and feel is that of a novel with this Death's Love arc being already committed by Hickman & Dragotta to at least 50 issues...then more.

First trade is out and the second is out in April.

Seriously folks, this book is incredible, not the dark on dark on bleak on black that caves so much our current comics. This Indy has new light and spirit and bravely engages the bleak with a daring challenge to 'get up damnitt' time to get up and be something more.

I love E of W for its intelligence, its higher purpose, its pace and brilliance. The writing is above and beyond anything that I've read by Hickman. It's the best of what Indy comics offer artists who have tempered their craft by way of the mainstream line. I believe in Marvel and DC titles as the institutions they are...bastions for learning with high standards and defined parameters. Here we get Hickman with refined's awesome to feel him pour himself into these panels and Dragatto chalices that fire so perfectly with his art.

Folks have got to read this book for so many good reasons... but here's one...Crow and Wolf are Death's witches...his companions and his mates on his quest. Here they are talking about what drives Death, what made him leave the other 3 horseman of the Apocalypse behind...and that force is Wolf defines 'love' for Crow.... ... ndCrow.jpg

don't understand? but c'mon...i bet you'd like to... and trust me... it's so good...
there aren't many answers, not black & white ones...but the questions raised in this title are absolutely fresh and true...and true questions destroy the need for answers!