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Comic Book Men

Postby Slarti » Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:29 pm

I know Bman watched this last night, too. Honestly... I really wanted to like it. Like a good little geek, I love Kevin Smith. And I do like it, in the way I like listening to Scotty Prime and his comicy buddies talk comics... for a while. However, after a while the banter gets old for me and that's what happened about a half hour into this show.

Television Without Pity has a good interview with Smith up on its site:

"This is a show about real geeks. My life is settled in all the other ways. I got a real family, I got a kid, I got a wife, my life went on happily ever after. My passion is still alive, though. My passion just happens to be Boris Karloff dolls or watching Planet of the Apes or Harry Potter. I like watching adults getting into stuff they're not supposed to -- and I don't mean children because that fucking disgusting. I mean things that they're not supposed to because it's reserved for kids. We spend this much time developmentally enjoying play, and then they're like, 'Get to work.' Because no one wants to sit around and watch a kid 24/7, you know? Shove them in a school, shove them over here. So we don't get to play as much. Geeks get to play forever. Just like actors and athletes get to be kids forever, those of us who are into this kind of shit exude passion because we wear it on our sleeves."

I really love that quote - he hit it right on the head.
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Re: Comic Book Men

Postby Bamfing_Bob » Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:58 pm

I enjoyed the show but it wasn't what I was expecting... Ming just seems thrown in there to mix it up, and frankly he is my favorite. I do love Kevin Smith though... Not his fault the show looks like Pawnstars crashed into a Comic Con. Opening sequence was pretty cool though.
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Re: Comic Book Men

Postby Ult_Sm86 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:27 pm

I enjoyed it, but I think they dragged the flea market thing on for a bit longer than needed. It seemed very... set up.

I wrote positively about the show for my student paper, but I had to do so being the issue (for advertisement reasons) was supposed to be out the 8th but it had in fact come out the 13th. I discussed everything I wanted to see in the show.

What I didn't mention was how I feel fully taken advantage of. There was not only a casting call for the show (for customers as well as store clerks), but Kevin Smith has almost nothing to do with the show, aside from it's his store, and he gets to write what the discussion will be in those random round-table, blog-recording-studio segments. And it's not that I didn't love them, but they were random, and they felt unnecessary. Then again, we all know comics.
We don't need someone to explain to us who Robin is and why a Bob Kane signature is worth a lot of money.

Then again... Walt (I think it was?) priced that signature at a really, really, high price. Even when he dropped it down for the "customer", it was still higher than maybe it should've been. Many great artists did random sketches.

And from what I hear, that exact image is in a book, a collection of Bob Kane sketchings.

I could be wrong, but all of that segment reeked of "plant" and "artificial" to me. :< I'm hoping for better in the upcoming episodes, but I'm also not holding my breath. All of these types shows have become artificial.
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