The Cultural Influence Of Comics

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The Cultural Influence Of Comics

Post by LIV4TheObsession » Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:37 pm

I'm doing a short presentation of the cultural significance of comic books soon. It's gonna be about how they affect the reader's perception of culture. I was hoping to get some other people's opinions!

The topics that I'm gonna try to cover include:

- Styles Of Violence
- Sex/Gender Roles
- How To Succeed
- How To Love
- How To Buy
- How To Conquer
- How To Forget The Past
- How To Suppress The Future
- How Not To Rebel
- Fashions

I have tons of ideas, but if anyone knows some obscure comic strip, comic book, or graphic novel that would fit in, please tell me!

I plan to focus mostely on violence and gender roles.


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