11/28 Issue: True Colors

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11/28 Issue: True Colors

Post by Esynthia » Mon Nov 29, 2021 4:31 am

Timeline: Shortly after Issue: The Beast and The Harlot

Carol: Carol was hiding... ish. She was on the roof again with her usual end of day beverage and laying on her back, watching the clouds. She was debating a trip to space but that would ruin the nice buzz she had going. She sighed, wondering when her life would be less crazy and she could stop drinking for sanity points.

Rogue: Rogue kicked the door of the asylum open, not caring what happened to it or the wall on the other side. "CAROL! Where y' hidin' y' two-faced, yellow-bellied, good f' nothin'?!"

Carol: The bang of the door was bad enough but the yelling was worse. She sat up and moved to the edge of the roof to peer down at the front of the building. It was tempting to stay up there and hide. But what would happen to the rest of the building?

Rogue: When Rogue didn't hear a response, she flew, fists first, through Carol's office wall. "Show y'self or Ah'm gonna smash y' entire stash!"

Carol: Damn it. She dropped down from the roof, deciding to activate her energy form because Rogue seemed mad as hell for some reason. "I'm here. What did I do?"

Rogue: Rogue turned slowly at the sound of Carol's voice, giving her a glare that would have made anyone else stagger. "Y're a no-good, two-bit fink! Or were y' so drunk outta y' mind that y' don't remember tellin' Tony's best friend?!"

Carol: She folded her arms, "Oh I made the decision to tell Sebastian when I was thinking perfectly clearly."

Rogue: "Did it happen t' cross y' mind that he an' Ah also hate each other?! Do y' even understand what th' hell y've done?!" Rogue's fists were clenched at her sides, but she was so ready to barrel Carol through so many walls, strip off her gloves, and suck her into another coma.

Carol: "Sure. But I needed someone to tell me whether or not I should wait for you to tell Tony or tell him myself... and also to be there for Tony when you broke his heart. Who the heck else was I supposed to talk to?"

Rogue: "Wow. Y' so damned selfish y' cain't even see past y' own fuckin' face." Rogue snarled. "Ah ain't gonna break his heart, Carol. What happened on th' roof was a one-time thing! It was a mistake an' it ain't gonna happen again! B'sides that, it ain't none of y' fuckin' business. Only reason Ah said anythin' at all t' y' about it is 'cause Ah thought y' were mah friend."

Carol: "It's a friend's job to tell you when you've done something stupid and to make it right. I tried to talk you out of starting anything serious with Tony because I was worried something would happen between you and Bobby and screw it up and hurt Tony and I was right. You made it my business."

Rogue: "It is sooo not y' job t' make it right. Mah relationship with Tony involves two people. Tony. An' me. There ain't room f'r anybody named Carol Danvers, Sebastian Shaw, or even Bobby Drake. But you? Y're th' worst o' all. An' this? Right here, right now? Is th' end o' any semblance o' friendship we ever had. You did this."

Carol: "I was waiting for you to make it right! But you've chosen to ignore it and hope it goes away which we all know is stupid because that doesn't work. You can't tell me things that affect people I consider friends and not expect me to have an opinion or react to it. This is your mess. But if you wanna blame me, go ahead. I tried to work with you - I invited you into my family."

Carol: "But sure. Make it my fault. God knows I'm used to being held responsible for things that aren't my fault. Do what you want."

Rogue: "No, no. Y' don't get t' turn this 'round an' play victim. Ah know damned well mah part in this. But what absolutely is y' fault, one hundred percent? Is tellin' fuckin' Sebastian Shaw who never wanted me with Tony in th' first place an' th' only reason he suggested me f'r th' job o' protectin' Tony was 'cause Ah know how t' protect him from Essex better'n anybody."

Rogue: "So yeah, this is y' fault. If Tony an' Ah explode 'cause Shaw tells him some dumb ass bullshit 'bout me havin' an 'affair', y're who Ah'm comin' for first. Not him. You. You're th' one who told him. He took it upon himself t' ambush me at mah own home, t' bypass th' alarm system Tony made, just t' call me a fuckin' tramp f'r kissin' somebody one time! This whoooole mess is on you."

Carol: "Maybe he did that to give you the kick up the ass to tell him yourself, you think of that? And it's not just the kiss. You're lying to yourself if you think that's all it is... but thanks for the threat. I guess you're gonna leave the team too? Don't see you willing to take orders from me anymore."

Rogue: "Y' were never mah boss, Carol. An' Ah ain't in this thing f' y'. Ah'm an X-Man b'cause Ah believe in helpin' people. Ah'm more mature than y' obviously give me credit f'r." She shook her head and ground her jaw. "It really doesn't matter what it is. Ah love Tony an' he loves me an' that's all that matters. So fuck you f'r thinkin' Ah run away. Fuck you f'r tellin' Shaw. An' fuck you f'r bein' so far up y' own ass y' cain't see who Ah really am."

Carol: "Fuck you for never letting anyone see who you really are! You wanna talk about what matters? All that stuff you hide? That only Bobby gets to know? You don't think that's a problem? You don't even tell people your own fucking name! And you have my entire childhood in your head! You know more about my life back then than I do and I don't get to know your damn name."

Carol: "Do you know what that does to the people you call friends? And then you have the gall to throw it in their faces that they don't know you? Give me a fucking break. That's some backwards ass logic you have there. If you're done yelling at me, you can go. You don't live here anymore."

Rogue: "Ah never wanted y' fuckin' memories, Carol. Ah barely remember 'em mah own damned self, if y' wanna know th' truth. They lie dormant 'less somethin' super specific sets 'em off. Y' obviously have no idea how mah powers work. Y' childhood? It's dead. It ain't in mah head either. Good riddance."

Carol: That was enough to earn Rogue another full strength energy blast to the face.

Rogue: Rogue was ready for it and grinned as she flew forward into it, forcing her way through it to grab Carol's shoulders.

Carol: Carol's eyes widened at the impact to her shoulders, her feet leaving the floor.

Rogue: "Energy, Carol," she ground out as she pushed her through the opening she'd made in the wall earlier. "That's how mah power works."

Carol: She grit her teeth, getting her feet under her and pushing back against Rogue to halt her movement, "I don't care!"

Rogue: "Y' damned right y' don't care! Y' don't care 'bout anyone but y' own damned self! Pity party needs more'n just one member! Y' cain't stand t' see anybody else happy!" She released one shoulder to haul back and aimed a punch right at Carol's cheekbone.

Carol: Of course she was going to turn that around on her. She took the hit, rolling to a stop on the lawn before she took to the air. "I thought we weren't friends anymore! Why does it matter to you if I know how your powers work now?"

Rogue: "'Cause then y'll know what's gonna happen if Ah get mah bare hands on y' ever again. All that shiny energy y' got now? Ah'm gonna take it all." Rogue hovered in the air across from Carol and barely kept herself from diving at her.

Carol: "Are you threatening me?" This was... one hell of a new low.

Rogue: "Ain't a threat, Carol. It's a promise. If Tony finds out from anybody but me what happened, Ah promise y' gonna meet me with mah gloves off afterwards."

Carol: "I'm not the boss of Sebastian," she reminded Rogue. And she was also thinking she should tell Tony Rogue was going off the deep end.

Rogue: "Maybe y' should try t' be. 'Cause Ah protect mah loved ones fr'm threats. That's somethin' y' shoulda known just from readin' mah files."

Carol: "That mean you're threatening Sebastian too? Or just me? Because I think if you're gonna threaten his best friend, Tony might be interested."

Rogue: "Shaw an' Tony both know that Shaw's already on very thin ice where Ah'm concerned 'cause he's part o' th' reason mah loved ones were threatened in th' first place."

Carol: "So I guess forgiveness isn't in your vocabulary, huh? No one gets to redeem themselves for past mistakes? Or be sorry how things turned out? ... Oh, except you."

Rogue: "Not when it involves Essex, no, they don't." Rogue flexed her fingers and glared at Carol, "As far as what y've done? Y've shown no remorse f'r how this has turned out. An' Ah'm guessin' y' likely won't. Go 'head. Run an' cry t' Shaw again. This time, Ah'll be waitin'."

Carol: "The difference is, Rogue. He didn't know what he was doing. You did. And you know what you're holding over me right now. If you do it, you better kill me. Because if you don't, it'll be the last fucking thing you ever do."

Rogue: "Oh b'cause you think so fuckin' clearly when y' blitzed outta y' mind?" She gave Carol a dark grin, "Ah look forward t' that fight, Danvers."

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Re: 11/28 Issue: True Colors

Post by Slarti » Tue Nov 30, 2021 8:14 pm

Goddamn. Bitches be crazy.

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