11/28 Issue: The Beast and The Harlot

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11/28 Issue: The Beast and The Harlot

Post by Esynthia » Sun Nov 28, 2021 8:48 pm

Timeline: A day or so after Issue: Drama in the Afternoon

Rogue: Rogue finished putting the books in her arms on the shelf and lowered herself back to the ground for more. "Um.. House? ...We really gotta give y' a name. House, can y' turn on th' oven? Set it t' preheat f'r 425? Think Ah'm gonna make a large pot pie f'r supper an' Ah'd like t' have it ready when Tony gets home."

Rogue: She flew up to put the remainder of the books on the shelf, then floated back to look it over. Things were starting to come together and she was starting to feel a little lighter emotionally.

Shaw: Sebastian pulled the Aston up outside and tapped his fingertips on the wheel, leaning to look at the house, and the additions Tony had made to it. He'd already sliced into the AI Tony had created to control the home's security systems. He did so hate to lose the element of surprise.

Rogue: Rogue heard the timer beep in the kitchen that let her know it was set and going and she grinned. "Thanks!" She dusted off her hands on her pants and let herself down to the ground, walking towards the garage to find some more boxes. She had time to put away maybe two more in the library before needing to start prepping the pie.

Shaw: After drumming his fingers and making his plans he cut the engine and got out, taking his time to investigate the front of the home.

Rogue: After hoisting up some boxes onto her shoulders, she punched the garage door opener with her elbow. This garage could use some airing out anyway.

Shaw: He heard the whir of the small motor and paused, changing his course to locate the garage.

Rogue: Once the garage door was on its way up, she turned around and headed back into the house. "...House? Put a perimeter 'r whatever y' do 'round th' garage since th' door's up, please?" Rogue felt so weird talking to a house, but Tony assured her it wasn't, so she kept doing it and just hoped it was working.

Shaw: Normally, it would work. However, Sebastian had already disabled the security system. He entered the garage and took a look around.

Rogue: Rogue lifted a foot off the ground and flew back to the library. "How much time's left on th' preheatin'?" She looked up at the ceiling as she asked, unsure where she should direct her question to. "Fifteen minutes, Miss Rogue."

Shaw: He was listening to her movements and her interaction with the AI, waiting to open the door into the house when it responded.

Rogue: She made a face. Maybe not enough time for both boxes, but definitely enough time for one. "Thanks, sugah." Once she was back in the library, she eyed the massive bookshelves, glanced down at the labels on the boxes, and picked the one that she thought would be the right spot.

Shaw: Sebastian followed the sounds to a lovely library, marred only by the presence of the woman inside it. He leaned against the door frame and crossed his arms to wait.

Rogue: Once the boxes were settled on the fold-out work table, she opened one of them and pulled out a handful. "Hmm..." She floated up and set them on the shelf for now until she got an earlier letter in the alphabet and turned around, tensing at the sight of someone else in the room.

Rogue: Rogue stayed very still as she looked at him. "Tony ain't here." Though, Tony would be told about the house not using the alarm like she'd asked it to.

Shaw: "Oh, I'm well aware." Sebastian showed her his teeth, tilting his head to observe her reaction.

Rogue: Her eyes narrowed a touch at his obvious posturing. "Whaddya want, Shaw? Make it fast then get outta mah house."

Shaw: Her sass made him smirk. "Drake."

Rogue: "If y' want Drake, he ain't here neither, but Ah'm tellin' y' right now, he ain't int' tall, dark, an' shark."

Shaw: "I want to talk about Drake, and you, and your relationship with Tony Stark."

Rogue: "Mah relationship with Tony ain't none o' y' business." She crossed her arms under her chest and stayed floating, trying not to let any change show on her face, even though her heart was racing under her arms. Rogue was ready to put a Carol sized hole in the other side of the asylum kitchen.

Shaw: He pushed himself off the wall to walk closer, although he wasn't best pleased by looking up at her. "It most certainly is, when you're having a ridiculous affair with Robert Drake."

Rogue: "Ah ain't havin' an affair with Bobby. So, Ah repeat what Ah said b'fore: mah relationship with Tony ain't none o' y' business." Rogue glared down at him, happy to have a couple of inches on him.

Shaw: "Well what would you call it then? I've known all along about Carol's crush on Michael yet she managed to keep her emotions and her hormones in check. I wish you'd shown the same restraint."

Rogue: "A one-time mistake is what Ah'd call it. We were drunk an' we kissed. Don't tell me y've never done that b'fore."

Shaw: "My personal life isn't the question here, is it?" His head tilted the other way as he took a couple more careful steps closer. "It's glaringly obvious that you and Drake have had a perplexingly close relationship for as long as I can recall either of you."

Shaw: Sebastian smirked. "And we know that was some time ago."

Rogue: "We've been through a lot t'gether." Rogue shrugged one shoulder. "Y' done playin' pot-kettle, Shaw? 'Cause Ah'd like y' t' leave mah home."

Shaw: "I'm sure you would. Tony deserves the truth, don't you think? You X-Men like to play lip service to doing the right thing, but that's all it ever is. At least I'm honest about what I am."

Rogue: "A traitorous asshole? Tony know what led me t' goin' after Essex? Y' told 'im that yet?" She barked a laugh, "Yeah, y' honest alright. Ain't sure why people 'round here tolerate y' evil self."

Shaw: "Tony knew long before you did. I have taken every opportunity to rectify the situation I caused with Essex, as you well know."

Rogue: "And it hasn't made up for it, has it? Hell, y' got an assassin clone he made walkin' 'round tryin' t' make up f'r it too. Nothin' doin'. Get out of mah house. Y' ain't welcome."

Shaw: "Leave Michael out of this. He did not ask to be created." Sebastian decided the time for games was over. "So I take it I'll be telling Tony about your extracurricular activities then."

Rogue: "Seriously?!" Rogue glowered down at him. "This ain't none o' y' business! Get. Out. Now."

Shaw: "I think we've established that it is my business, so, are you telling him, or shall I?"

Rogue: Rogue landed, hard, in front of Shaw. "Y' really wanna be th' one t' break his heart over somethin' that was a one-time mistake? Y're a horrible friend an' Ah cain't wait f'r Tony t' see that."

Shaw: "A one time mistake?" He laughed, not backing away from her now that she was below his nose again.

Rogue: "What th' hell are y' laughin' f'r?" Her arms were at her sides now and she was barely holding back from literally ripping the grin from his face.

Shaw: "If you care even one iota for Tony, you will end this farce."

Rogue: "What farce, Shaw? Ah love Tony an' that's all there is to it." Rogue glared up at him and willed him to lay a finger on her.

Shaw: "You love Tony, yet you're dallying with Drake." He paused for a moment. "I've some fondness for his wife as well, and she will be devastated."

Rogue: "I'm not 'dallyin'' with anybody, Shaw. Ah don't feel like Ah need t' explain mahself t' you of all people, but apparently y' just ain't gettin' it through y' thick ass head!" Rogue took a breath and cleared her throat. "Tony bought me a house. We skipped a whole lot o' steps an' that freaked me out. Ah got drunk with mah best friend an' made a one-time mistake due t' bein' freaked out."

Shaw: "I see we are at an impasse here, so rest assured I'll take the matter up with Tony." He gave her a smirk and took a step backward, half turning to go.

Rogue: Rogue's heart was pounding, but she refused, on principle, to negotiate with this traitorous evil. "Why?"

Shaw: "Because I don't believe you any more than you believe yourself that it's a one-off mistake of judgment." He started to walk away, deciding he'd take the long route to the front door. "Because Tony is my friend."

Rogue: "What th' hell makes y' think Ah don't believe mahself? Y' don't know shit shineola 'bout me."

Shaw: Sebastian snorted and kept walking. "You'd be surprised."

Rogue: "So y' really gonna ruin th' happiest Tony's been in years 'cause we hate each other? Y're an asshole, Shaw an' y' deserve t' burn in hell with Essex."

Shaw: "Because it isn't real and you'll break his heart, you Dixie trollop!" Sebastian spun on his heel to bark at her.

Rogue: Rogue couldn't hold back anymore. She slapped him. "How dare y' say that t' me. An' in our house, no less. It is real! Just as real as his love f'r me! Fuck off an' never come back!"

Shaw: Sebastian grinned at the slap, enjoying the small surge of energy. "Have a good day then, my dear Rogue." He turned back toward the door.

Rogue: "Y're a selfish piece o' shit who never wanted us t'gether in th' first place. Y' want Tony all t' y'self at best, with someone y' can control at worst. Tell 'im if y' feel like y' gotta, but th' simple fact o' th' matter is that y' don't know me an' don't know what happened."

Shaw: "I'll be sure to let him know what I don't know, but perhaps Drake will be more forthcoming with those details." He located the front door and opened it.

Rogue: "Go 'head. He's gonna say th' same thing Ah did 'cause it's th' fuckin' truth whether y' wanna b'lieve me'r not."

Shaw: Sebastian was now more amused by this entire situation than he should have been. Perhaps it was the accent. "Enjoy this token of love," he said, stepping down from the front porch and taking in the house before looking her in the eye. "While you have it."

Rogue: Rogue clenched her jaw and picked up one of the moving dollies, throwing it through the open door. Her heart was racing and she could feel the blood flowing hot and fast in her body, but she couldn't do anything to him because he was Tony's best friend. "Y' trespassin'. Leave 'fore Ah call th' cops."

Shaw: "You go ahead," he laughed, debating letting that dolly hit him, but sidestepped it and turned to walk back to the Aston.

Rogue: Rogue slammed the door as he walked away, then turned and pressed her back against it so she wouldn't punch a hole in it. "House? Call Tony. Now."

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