10/19 Issue: Checking Up

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10/19 Issue: Checking Up

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Oct 19, 2021 4:32 am

Timelined for a day or so after [Issue]Three Different Words.

<Carol> Roof scotch was the best scotch. If she lay down, no one could see her from the ground but she couldn't drink as easily. She sighed and sat up, tucking her legs under her and scrolling emails while she drank from the bottle. Boring. Boring. Annoying. Drama. Boring. Boring. Oh free stuff! She clicked on that one.

<Chris> Chris had been sent to the roof in his search for Carol. Of course it would be the roof, he thought to himself. "Gonna hide up here all day, sparkles?"

<Carol> The screen on her tablet flickered and she tossed it away quickly before she broke it, "Fuck! Don't do that!"

<Chris> "Well maybe you shouldn't look at porn at work huh?" Chris teased her.

<Carol> Finger gun? Finger gun. Chris earned himself a shot to the forehead. "I'm checking emails!"

<Chris> "Ouch! Hey that stings." He rolled his eyes. "Riiiiiight emails."

<Carol> "What are you doing here anyway?" she plonked the cork back in the bottle and reached to rescue her tablet before it teetered the rest of the way off the roof.

<Chris> "Can't figure that out?" He gave her a concerned look. "I'm worried about ya. It's been a while since you've visited your daughter..."

<Carol> "I've been busy. I was a kid for a while... do you watch tv?" Tablet rescued, she decided to turn it off for its own safety. "Things have been kind of crazy around here... even for here..."

<Chris> "Yeah, that's why I've been worried. I'm not mad or accusing you of anything, Carol. Just making sure you're okay." Chris sat down by her.

<Carol> "I'm fine..." she shrugged a shoulder, "For sure better than the kitchen. Somehow I got involved in drama and I don't want to be involved but, you know... obligated to do stuff... I hate being responsible...."

<Chris> "Yeah, adulting sucks ass huh?" He pulled her into a one armed hug. "Ya know I'm here for ya, Carol. We're still friends."

<Carol> She wrapped both arms around him to return the hug, "Tell that to your not-wife."

<Chris> "You know the only reason she doesn't like you is the kitty has claimed me." Chris laughed a little and rubbed her shoulder.

<Carol> "Right. It has nothing to do with that she thinks I'm a terrible parent and she's absolutely right..."

<Chris> Chris sighed a little. "You're not the worst, trust me. And it doesn't help you have a crazy schedule. You can't beat yourself up too much."

<Carol> "It's not like we're doing anything important right now... I'm just the only one here full-time apart from the new girl and she's still settling in... It's a lot...."

<Chris> "Got no one that can fill in for a day?" He tried to think of some suggestions.

<Carol> "Not really.... The people that would normally do shit like that are the people with the drama...."

<Chris> "Damn... Maybe I can convince Greer to let me bring her by to start seeing you more often? But you know what that means." He eyed the bottle of scotch.

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "This is literally the only way I'm dealing with any of this right now... I don't have anyone I can talk to about it... I have zero down time..." She had to stop talking there and turned to put her face against his shoulder.

<Chris> "You can talk to me Carol." He gave her another squeeze.

<Carol> She shook her head, "I can't... I can't talk about this stuff because it's not my stuff to talk about... I already told one person I probably shouldn't have..."

<Chris> "Oh." Chris frowned. "I wish I could help Carol."

<Carol> "Me too..." She took a deep breath to steady herself before letting him go, "Coffee?"

<Chris> "Coffee is always a good option." Chris got up and offered her a hand. "Pretentious, overpriced coffee or the stuff downstairs?"

<Carol> "Our coffee is good." She took the offered hand then bent to pick up the tablet and the bottle to take inside. "Just... ignore the massive hole in the kitchen wall."

<Chris> "Break someone or just something?" Chris helped her up and resisted staring at her butt when she bent over.

<Carol> "I.... kinda lost my temper with Rogue... and she went through the wall... so... bit of both?" She headed for the door to the stairs. "Haven't really talked to her since..."

<Chris> "Oh shit..." Chris frowned. "I'm sorry, Carol." He followed her down the stairs. "That's usually why my punching bag budget is too high... way too high."

<Carol> "She deserved it... not gonna say she didn't..." Carol pushed a hand through her hair, "But whatever... seems to have worked out fine for her anyway..."

<Chris> "Doesn't mean it doesn't suck for you. I know you two were close."

<Carol> "Yeah... and she's moving out into her new mansion which is why I'm the only full-time resident now... so I'm on my own a lot... unless you count my mutant-cat."

<Chris> "Wish there was more I could do to help ya. Maybe more people will move in here and that'll help keep you company?"

<Carol> "I don't know... we'd have to recruit and vet new people... it's not that easy...." she headed into the kitchen and set her tablet down on the nearest table before flying up to put her scotch bottle on top of one of the cabinets.

<Chris> "Well you said there's a new gal here right? Make friends maybe?" Chris followed her into the kitchen and paused when he saw the hole. "Wow..."

<Carol> "I'm working on it... but that's kind of complicated too... and she's super shy..."

<Chris> "Pfffffft could not be as shy as I was when I first joined up in all this crazy. I'm sure it's just all the newness. She'll warm up to ya."

<Carol> "Well... maybe... but like... she has a symbiote with no filter so... that's a whole other level of awkward." On the ground again, she went to put the coffee machine on. "Also it's been forever since I had sex so that's probably not helping..."

<Chris> Chris laughed a little. "Need me to buy you a toy?"

<Carol> She shook her head, "Noooooo you know that's not the same..."

<Chris> "I mean you're not wrong, but it's better than nothing?" He shrugged. "Maybe you'll get lucky and at least find someone to have some fun with?"

<Carol> "With what free time am I supposed to find this mystery someone?" she raised an eyebrow, turning to lean on the counter and folding her arms across her chest. "My life is way too complicated..."

<Chris> "Tinder is a thing?" Chris frowned a little. "I know, I'm not that helpful. You know I'd offer if I was allowed." He leaned against the wall.

<Carol> "Do they make a tinder for superheroes that might break regular people?"

<Chris> "I don't know, but that would be a great idea. Maybe I should call some people." Chris laughed a little.

<Carol> "Well, you can check me off the list anyway... I'm not that desperate."

<Chris> "Hey you don't have to be desperate for dating sites. They're a pretty great way to meet people." He gave her a shrug.

<Carol> "It seems desperate...." she frowned, "I don't know, Chris..."

<Chris> "I mean it's that or bar hopping and that seems like not the best idea for ya, plus more douchebags."

<Carol> "I can handle douchebags..." she pointed out, "Bar hopping worked out fine for me in DC...."

<Chris> "Well then, maybe try to break the new girl out of her shyness with some bar fun?"

<Carol> "You're advocating me getting the new girl drunk and trying to get into her pants?"

<Chris> "I mean, if she's interested in you sure?" Chris shrugged. "But no I meant take her out with you to pick people up." He laughed a little.

<Carol> "But then that gets awkward if only one of us picks someone up...." her nose wrinkled.

<Chris> "Speed dating?" Chris shrugged. "I'm out of ideas other than toys again."

<Carol> "Speed dating sounds awful," she laughed, "That's like analog tinder.... except worse because you do it face to face."

<Chris> "Well then guess we'll have to see if there's super hero tinder?" Chris pulled out his phone and shook it at her.

<Carol> "Noooooo," she held her hands up and shook her head. "No way."

<Chris> "Don't make me make a profile for you." He grinned.

<Carol> "I'm not above making another hole in the kitchen wall..."

<Chris> "Pffft, don't threaten me with a good time, you know I'll like it." He gave her a playful smirk.

<Carol> "That is so not the point... also mean because I won't get to take advantage of that." She pouted at him.

<Chris> "I mean you can take out your sexual frustration beating me up?" He shrugged, his phone in both hands making a profile for her already.

<Carol> "How is that gonna help? If breaking stuff helped I'd be in space right now punching asteroids...."

<Chris> "Dunno, maybe having a sentient face to beat up will let you get some of the tension out?" He held his phone up to take a picture. "Give me a good pose."

<Carol> "... What are you doing?"

<Chris> "Just do it, butt head. Make this easier on both of us."

<Carol> "Are you making me a tinder profile right now?"

<Chris> "I have no idea what you're talking about." Chris tried to hide his grin, but failed miserably.

<Carol> "Gimme that!" Carol lunged for the phone.

<Chris> Chris dodged away and kept typing. "Likes cats and a good drink. Has a wicked right hook. Must not be intimidated by strong women."

<Carol> "Chris!" If she couldn't get the phone, she would take him down instead.

<Chris> "Ack nooo stay away!" Chris did his best to keep dodging her while typing. "Competitive nature! Oooh hey action shot!" He took a picture of her charging at him.

<Carol> ".... I'm gonna kill you." She dove at his waist to knock him off his feet.

<Chris> "Noooo! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" He fell back and tried to keep the phone away from her.

<Carol> Carol grabbed at his arms to pull on them and bring the phone close enough to claim it, "Don't you dare publish that!"

<Chris> "You're no fun anymore! I was just trying to help." He poked her sides when she stole the phone away.

<Carol> Carol stuck the phone in a safe place and got up to pour coffee. "I told you I'm not that desperate..."

<Chris> "Pffft you think putting my phone in your booby trap will save you?" Chris gave her a smirk.

<Carol> "I was hoping it'd make you think twice or I can EMP it and then you'll be sorry...." She held out a cup of coffee to him.

<Chris> "Eh I'll get another, everything is backed up. And then you wouldn't have input over the profile cuz I'd just make it at home for you."

<Carol> "... Do you hate me?"

<Chris> "Nope, I love ya. That's why I want you to be happy. You're my friend Carol and you know I take care of my friends."

<Carol> "A dating app isn't going to help me with this..." she picked up her own coffee and took a sip, "It's not just sex.... though, that'd be nice... I'm lonely... everyone around me is in a relationship or a really close friendship... they have people... and I'm just... I have nothing..."

<Chris> "That's why we gotta find you something hun." He took the mug and took a sip. "So how long is my phone in booby jail? Or do I have to plan a prison break?"

<Carol> "It's in jail until you stop trying to sign me up for a dating app. How were you planning on getting me to use the damn thing anyway?"

<Chris> "Well I could always set you up on blind dates or you could make it easy and we can make fun of the douchebags on there together while we search for a date for you."

<Carol> "I don't know...." she looked down at her chest where the phone was hiding before looking back up at him, "What if people are only interested in me because I'm famous now....?"

<Chris> "They don't get a second date. Or to see the booby jail." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "But how do I know?" she was genuinely concerned, "I'm not a telepath... and it's not like I'm in a good place to take that kind of a hit...." She wasn't sure she could emotionally take that sort of punishment.

<Chris> "You gotta treat the dates like you're just getting to know them and be friends first. And if things take off then you start investing."

<Carol> "See... I know that... but that doesn't mean I'm gonna do it..."

<Chris> "Just gotta put the shields up babe." He gave her a warm smile. "You might be physically invulnerable but you gotta start protecting your emotions."

<Carol> "I'm not good at that, apparently... not lately... Been broken down too much...."

<Chris> "Well we'll just have to build ya back up." He gave her a careful hug.

<Carol> She set her coffee down to return the hug, resting her head on his shoulder, "I ran out of reasons to try..."

<Chris> "You're allowed to be happy Carol." He set his mug down too and gave her a better hug.

<Carol> "I'd believe you if the universe didn't keep proving you wrong...." she sighed, giving him a squeeze.

<Chris> "Fuck the universe. It's a dick."

<Carol> She laughed at his choice of words considering their conversation, "If only..."

<Chris> "I mean that would solve your needing to get laid problem...." Chris laughed a little too.

<Carol> "Yep...." She gave him another squeeze then lifted her head to press a kiss to his cheek, "Thanks for trying..."

<Chris> "I'm always going to be here to help ya Carol. Now let's make that profile so we can at least troll. Or maybe there is a super powered dating site and we can find that one!"

<Carol> "Uuuugh fine...." she reached into her cleavage and pulled Chris' phone back out, offering it to him. "But I'm not going on any weird dates."

<Chris> "Drats and here I thought you would let me get it." Chris teased her. "Alright so we searching or finishing tinder?"

<Carol> "Finishing and trolling I guess..." she shrugged and turned to pick up her coffee again.

<Chris> "I'm so looking for the other later then." Chris pulled up the profile he'd started for her and showed it off. "I don't think I did too bad while you tried to kill me."

<Carol> "Well you can scratch off 'likes cats'...."

<Chris> "Don't want to seem like the crazy cat lady?" Chris laughed a little and deleted that.

<Carol> "Well that and I don't like cats... I just have a cat... that teleports...."

<Chris> "Well I guess teleporting would make it hard to get rid of." He laughed a bit. "Maybe that's actually why Greer doesn't like you." Chris stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "This is a recent thing..." she gave him a shove, "She started showing up after I came back here... and now she kinda lives here...."

<Chris> "What's wrong with cats?" Chris gave her a smirk. "You know I love a good pussy." He pulled up the pic of her lunging at him. "Yeah that's a lot of cleavage."

<Carol> "You're biased," Carol pointed out, "And it's not a Greer thing... I'm just not really a cat person... but apparently you don't get to choose whether or not you own a cat."

<Chris> "Yeah, no. They decide they're staying with you and you don't have a choice."

<Carol> "So I hear.... especially when they can teleport and follow you from New York."

<Chris> "Yeah, that makes it even more complicated. Also you always run into the strangest things. Alright, more about yourself and more pics." He looked through the profile. "And I can't be in them unless you want to attract the swingers." Chris laughed.

<Carol> "What else does it want to know about me....?" she lifted her mug for a sip, "Just take a picture. I'm not posing."

<Chris> "I mean it's not what it wants to know, it's what you want to tell other people so you can get better matches." He rolled his eyes. "Oh come on, it'll be fun."

<Carol> "What? I don't even like having my picture taken....." She wrinkled her nose at him, "Tell them that. And I guess you might as well put that I'm Air Force... it's kind of a big part of my life..."

<Chris> "Done and done." Chris prodded at her. "And that you're a fiend for coffee. Hmm crazy in bed." He slipped in to tease her.

<Carol> "No! Do not type that!" she smacked him.

<Chris> "Likes it kinky, definite dom." He smirked as she started to make him glow.

<Carol> He got another smack for that, "Ass."

<Chris> "I know, it's a nice ass huh?" He wiggled his butt at her.

<Carol> That ass got the finger-gun.

<Chris> "Ow! Stop that! You're gonna burn off my clothes."

<Carol> "Stop being dramatic, there wasn't any heat in that."

<Chris> "Pffft whatever you say. You just want to see this glorious ass."

<Carol> "So, your ego's just the same then...."

<Chris> "Did you expect it to ever change?"

<Carol> She thought about it for a moment then shook her head, "No... but I hoped."

<Chris> "Ouch, and here I thought you liked me for who I was." Chris poked her side.

<Carol> She squirmed a little, "I like you fine but your ego is a terrible third wheel."

<Chris> "Ouch, and I thought I was funny." Chris pouted.

<Carol> She laughed and gave him a playful shove, "You know I love you."

<Chris> "I know." Chris gave her a smile and shoved back.

<Carol> "Heeey don't spill my coffee...." she pouted at him, "Wanna hang out for a while or is Greer expecting you back?"

<Chris> "I've got no plans for the day." Chris gave her a smile.

<Carol> "Awesome, let's go nerd out somewhere no one will judge us."

<Chris> "Deal!" Chris sipped at his coffee.

<Carol> Carol hooked her arm through his and started for the stairs, picking up her tablet on the way. "Wanna order pizza?"
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Re: 10/19 Issue: Checking Up

Post by Esynthia » Thu Nov 04, 2021 1:58 am

BAHAHAHA the universe IS a dick. This was cute guys :love

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