9/25 Issue: Punch Drunk

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9/25 Issue: Punch Drunk

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Sep 26, 2021 3:13 am

Timelined for a few hours after [Issue]Anger Pie.

<Shaw> Sebastian often worked from home, but occasionally, it paid to put in appearances at the office. He liked to keep his employees on their toes, check in on their progress, and properly motivate those that needed it.

<Shaw> Over the years, his motivation had become a little less intense. He knew this, and if it was from being a happily married family man now, so be it.

<Carol> Carol had tried and tried to not do what she was about to do... mostly by drinking. So she was still a little drunk when she walked through Shaw's building ignoring his staff and going for his office. No one was yelling 'he's in a meeting' so she didn't care.

<Shaw> He was not in a meeting, since that had been an hour ago. It had gone well, considering he hadn't even fired anyone. Currently, he was enjoying a cup of coffee and reading over expense reports.

<Carol> Sebastian's PA trotted behind her as she strode the distance along the hall to Sebastian's office trying to tell her that she needed to make an appointment. Carol was not at all in the mood for this so she simply paused to turn and glare at the woman - who shrank in terror and hurried back to her desk to try and warn Sebastian of the incoming danger.

<Shaw> An alert blipped on Sebastian's screen and he frowned at it. Emma was always a tad high strung, but she rarely rang him this way.

<Carol> Half a second later, the door opened, "We need to talk."

<Shaw> His head jerked up, but he managed to hide his surprise. For the most part. "Carol! To what do I owe this... surprise..." He saw Emma coming down the hallway behind Carol and waved her away.

<Carol> Carol closed the door behind her and leaned against it, pushing both hands through her hair. "I need to tell you something because I can't keep it to myself or I'll do something stupid."

<Shaw> "Oh?" He dismissed the screen and sat up, looking her over more closely and noting the smell of alcohol. "I would ask if you want a drink, but..." Sebastian stood and went to the bar anyway.

<Carol> "Yes." More alcohol would for sure help. She straightened up and crossed the room to sink into a chair, covering her face with her hands while she tried to work out how to start this conversation. Blurting was okay, right? No? People were always telling her to be tactful. Uuuuugh.

<Shaw> Sebastian poured two generous tumblers of scotch and turned back to see her covering her face. "Are you alright?"

<Carol> She held out her hand for some scotch by way of an answer.

<Shaw> He handed it over, then leaned against his desk.

<Carol> Carol took a large sip before setting the glass down carefully in case it met the same fate as the bottle in the kitchen. "So.... the kitchen has a Rogue-sized hole in it now..."

<Shaw> Sebastian took a sip as well. "Well. I have certainly been tempted to do that from time to time, but dare I ask why?"

<Carol> "You're gonna wanna sit down.... like, in a chair..." Because it would slow him down a little bit and give him thinking time before he did the thing she wanted to do and she let him.

<Shaw> His eyes narrowed suspiciously. "...why?" he repeated, not moving. Yet.

<Carol> "Because your temper is like mine and you swing first and think later...."

<Shaw> She was right, but that did nothing to calm him. Quite the opposite. Sebastian slowly went to the other chair in front of his desk and sank into it.

<Carol> Carol took another fortifying sip of scotch and set her glass back down. There was no tactful way to put this! She flailed internally. "Rogue and Bobby confessed they love each other and made out on the roof."

<Shaw> He met her eyes and watched her squirm. "...what?"

<Carol> Those eyes were scary right now. "Rogue decided now was a great time to ask Bobby how he felt about her, even though he's married... I guess because Tony isn't saying it fast enough for her even though he bought her a fucking house."

<Shaw> "What?" He'd heard her, so it was rhetorical. It wasn't exactly shock he felt, but something similar. He leapt to his feet and slammed the crystal tumbler down on his desk, shattering it and splintering the wood. Scotch stained his expensive trousers and dripped to his Italian shoes.

<Carol> "That's why I'm not holding my glass," Carol told him helpfully, getting to her own feet in case she had to stop him getting his phone.

<Shaw> He swore, but he wasn't going for his phone. Sebastian went back to the bar, glared at a glass, then picked up the bottle, knocking off the decorative top, and took a long drink.

<Carol> "It doesn't help... at least not so far..." she sighed, watching Sebastian for a moment. "Blasting Rogue through the wall didn't help much either. She says it's not gonna happen again... but I don't think that's the point... and she says she's going to tell Tony... and she should... but...." she sighed, "This is a mess..."

<Shaw> "He loves that skunk-haired harlot!" Sebastian spun around, bottle in hand. "Did you know that? I did warn him, but foolishly since she was one of Xavier's I assumed she was at least somewhat trustworthy in her association with Tony." He took another drink, swearing under his breath.

<Carol> "Of course I fucking know! He bought her a house! I told her just this week!" Carol's swearing was less under her breath and she picked up her glass to down the remainder of the contents.

<Shaw> He growled, pacing his office and drinking from the bottle. "I told him not to buy the wench a house! It was enough to make her his official paramour, even considering his popularity in office now." He muttered.

<Carol> "I know..." she watched him pace. Sebastian was where she was a couple of hours previously so she let him walk it off, "This is exactly the situation Jess and I worried about..." She rubbed at her forehead with her fingertips, "I told her I was glad Tony hadn't said the word yet... at least he has his dignity."

<Shaw> "Drake. Oh so many problems would have been solved had Essex murdered that fool years ago." He kept a heavy bag in the lounge adjacent to his office, but that was too far, so he punched the wall.

<Carol> She winced, "You don't mean that...."

<Shaw> "I most certainly- FUCK!" He punched the wall again, this time breaking through the drywall.

<Carol> Carol decided to steer him away from the wall before people came running in to see what the fuck was going on. She took his shoulders and turned him to face her, "You know this isn't all on Bobby, right? From what she said, he stopped it before it went too far. This is Rogue's fault as much as anything... maybe more because she doesn't open up to anyone but Bobby then blames everyone else for not knowing her well enough."

<Shaw> "Oh yes, I know that those two have been most literally partners in crime." He tipped his head back to stare down his nose at Carol. "Jessica is quite fond of Drake, so no, I don't mean it," he said, looking away with a sigh. "I would rather enjoy tossing him through a wall at the moment."

<Carol> "Yeah that's where I was until Rogue kept talking and I decided I was more mad at her than him... but you probably have the 'don't hit girls' programming so..." she loosened her hold on his shoulders a little, watching him for signs of more punching.

<Shaw> "I may make an exception for her. She certainly wouldn't have any qualms in cracking my skull." He took her hands from his shoulders and gave them a squeeze before he let her go.

<Carol> "Can I help?" Carol was only half joking, "I just... I had to tell someone... and I figured you'd at least be in a position to help Tony... after she tells him what she did."

<Shaw> "Will she tell him? I can't imagine she would own up to this behavior, particularly after she has accepted a house - a house I might add he had modified to resemble Xavier's school in Westchester." He sneered and went for the scotch again.

<Carol> "She says she's going to tell him about her 'darkness' whatever the fuck that even means. Which she thinks will send him running... but I told her he deserves to know about this... and if she doesn't tell him herself, I'll do it for her." Full disclosure was the best policy here. "She tried to say I'd have done the same thing in her position... Gotta say I'm offended."

<Shaw> Sebastian looked at her sharply, eyes narrowed for a second as he judged her. "You have not, however." He relaxed and then made a face. "Oh, such darkness, such as her killing spree with Drake? Her absorption of Essex? He knows these things."

<Shaw> "Much like Drake was assigned to Hope as a nearly immortal bodyguard, she was chosen entirely because of her so-called darkness."

<Carol> "Yeah I don't know what she's going to tell him that she thinks he doesn't know. She says she'd show me if she could but I don't believe she would. She hides behind it so she has an excuse to run. That's my take... told her that too. Of course she denied it...." she sighed, shaking her head, "I've done a lot of stupid... but I have never and would never cross the line with someone who's married."

<Carol> She made sure to meet Sebastian's eyes so he knew she was deadly serious. "I told her to think of other people - Tony - instead of her damn self."

<Shaw> Sebastian gave her a slight nod. "I know. And of course I've done things I regret." He smirked and took another drink. "Hiring Essex most certainly very near the top." It was times like this he thought of Madelyne, and licked his lips. "I am very much regretting recommending her as Tony's bodyguard."

<Carol> "Yeah... me too..." She felt like she needed a hug so she hugged herself rather than make Sebastian uncomfortable. "You know with the Essex thing she's gonna find some fucked up way to blame you for this..."

<Shaw> He rolled his eyes and took yet another drink from the bottle. "Oh, that's a well beaten drum." Sebastian turned back toward his desk and threw himself into the chair, staring at the hole he'd punched into the wall.

<Carol> She sighed, bowing her head and looking at the floor, "I'm sorry...."

<Shaw> That made him look up at her. "Why? It's hardly your fault."

<Carol> "I hate giving people bad news..." she shrugged her shoulders, lifting her head to look at him again, "And it's gonna get worse before it gets better..."

<Shaw> "Worse? How could it possibly get worse? Unless Tony already knows." He made a face, but assumed he would have heard if that were the case.

<Carol> "No... but he's going to know.... and then there's Paige...." She crossed to pick up her glass again and held it out for a refil since he had all the good scotch.

<Shaw> He sighed and took another drink. "Paige... does not deserve such treatment from Drake." He straightened to pour her a refill and then saluted her with the bottle. "To knocking holes in walls, yes?"

<Carol> Carol raised her glass to that, "Wanna go somewhere we can break stuff and people don't call the authorities or care?"

<Shaw> "Absolutely," he said, taking a long drink and eying the bar for a bottle to go.

<Carol> "Awesome. I have a not-in-space place." She drained her glass and followed his gaze to the bar, "We can pick something up on the way?"

<Shaw> "I'll drive. You will not be carrying me like a flaming sack of potatoes." He set the bottle on the desk, making a mental note to tell Emma they'd need maintenance, and searched for his phone.

<Carol> That made her laugh, "At least you'd be a well dressed sack of potatoes?" she offered.

<Shaw> He made a noncommittal noise and searched for his jacket as well. "Precisely. This suit is Armani."

<Carol> Maybe they should get him a change of clothes as well as scotch.... "You got a change of pants?"

<Shaw> "...I do not. Am I likely to need them?" He picked up his suitcase and tilted his head at her.

<Carol> "I don't know... how destroyed do you want those?"

<Shaw> "You plan to blast me into Connecticut?"

<Carol> "... No?" She blinked at him, "Last time I blasted you I almost killed you...." And she still hated thinking about it.

<Shaw> Sebastian nodded. "I wouldn't say you nearly killed me, but it was... unpleasant."

<Carol> "You weren't breathing, Sebastian..." she scrubbed her face with her hands. So many things wrong with that day.

<Shaw> He waved away her concern. "It's in the past, Carol. We have enough concerns for today."

<Carol> She tried to pry her mind away from the dark places, "Right. Hitting things will make me feel better. Ready to go?"

<Shaw> "I am always ready to hit things," he smirked.

<Carol> Her brain stalled out for a moment. She really needed to get laid. "Okay, to the car!"
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Re: 9/25 Issue: Punch Drunk

Post by Esynthia » Sun Sep 26, 2021 3:41 am

Rogue is SO ready to go toe to toe with Shaw. And Essex being his fault is mostly true, so :P

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