10/10 Issue: Seven Year Ick

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10/10 Issue: Seven Year Ick

Post by Esynthia » Sat Oct 10, 2020 6:57 pm

Timeline: Early hours of April 9th, 2023

Jamie: Jamie winced as he was dragged down the hallway in the rusty chains. He had almost gotten used to it by now, but the more the shackles rusted, the sharper the sting on his wrists became. They were getting infected. He knew that. They knew that. No one cared, though. Not even him. If they got infected to the point of blood poisoning, then he would die and this nightmare would be over.

Jamie: He had lost complete track of time since Johnny had died and no one talked to him anymore except for the doctor who wanted to experiment with his dupes. Vaguely, he wondered if the taxidermied one was happier than he was. Probably. He was dead at least. That had hurt. It was almost like being mummified, he guessed. They hadn't tried that one on him yet and he was so not going to give them any ideas.

Jamie: The guards shoved him into a room with sterile looking walls and another door opposite the one he came in. Rott was watching him through the tiny window. On a nod, one guard punched him in the kidney and he collapsed instantly, unable to move as they dragged him back out, leaving his dupe inside.

Jamie: They picked him up to look through the window and he watched as a green mist came trickling in through the vents. What the hell? The dupe started coughing a split second before Jamie did, but the guards flattened him to the door, holding his head to the glass like they did when Johnny had been frozen in carbonite.

Jean: Jean stirred a little and grumbled at Jamie's restlessness. She stretched, reaching for him on the bed. He was warm, dammit, and she wasn't. She automatically reached for his mind at the same time, but... something was off and she tried to prod herself awake.

Jean: "Jamie?" She wasn't sure if she'd said it aloud or in his mind or both, but his cough brought her a little more out of her fog. He was afraid, hopeless... oh fuck. He was back there. Dreaming about those fucking cannibals and their fucking crazy doctor.

Jean: She propped herself on her elbow and shook her hair out of her face, looking at him in the dark room. He hadn't had a nightmare for a while before they'd had their... misunderstanding. It was no wonder he was having one now though. He'd been taken on this day, seven years ago.

Jean: Scooting herself close to him again and touching his bare shoulder, she sucked in a breath. Fuck. Maybe she could just stop it? Usually, she'd just woken him up, but she was better with her powers now. She closed her eyes and focused.

Jamie: Jamie shook his head, trying to clear his vision, but it didn't work. Instead, it just made him realize that something was dripping from his ears and nose. He sniffed and coughed again. Blood. He took a deep breath but couldn't get any air.

Jamie: Jamie watched himself crawl on the floor of the room looking for some way to turn it off, but they were both getting weaker by the second. He gagged as blood started to pool in his throat, choking him. His eyes rolled back and he sagged in the arms of the men holding him upright.

Jamie: The next thing he knew, he was coughing himself awake in his tiny cell. Another one. Dammit. Now they were just toying with him. They didn't want to eat him anymore. Just figure out different ways to kill him. Jamie squeezed his eyes shut tight as a feeling touched his brain and he groaned and pushed himself to sit up. He knew that feeling, but couldn't remember why or what it was.

Jamie: He turned his head to wipe the blood from his nose and mouth on his shoulder as he heard heavy footsteps coming back. Great. They have the ears of a bat now. Stupid lungs refilling with air. Stupid not dying and then coughing to make them know he was awake again. Stupid cannibals. Stupid power keeping him alive. Stupid... Just... Stupid.

Jean: When Jean opened her eyes again, she was in hell. She was standing in the corner of a dingy, poorly lit cage. It smelled like death, and the one occupant of the room looked like death, too. "Oh god, Jamie!" She was at his side in a thought, reaching for him. There was so much blood it made her stomach twist.

Jean: She'd seen him in person of course, right after they'd brought him back. He'd been cleaned up a little, but looked like he'd been through hell.

Jean: Jean had also seen his memories, had felt the deaths of some of his dupes the day she'd found him. This, however... the tears sprang to her eyes. "Fuck, I'm so sorry..."

Jamie: That voice. Who was that? There weren't any female guards and the footsteps were still coming. Blearily, Jamie opened his eyes. Oh, now he was hallucinating. Were they trying the drugs again? At least it was a nice hallucination. He coughed and tried to smile, but was so tired.

Jamie: He couldn't even manage to move as he heard the key in the lock. He hadn't recovered from the gas yet and they were going to try something new. Really? Maybe it would be something fast this time. And then he could pretend to be dead for longer and sleep a bit.

Jean: Jean's heart broke a little more when he tried to smile at her. This was such bullshit. She brushed his hair back with her fingers and kissed his forehead, pulling him into her arms and focusing to undo this fucking nightmare. There were footsteps coming toward the cell and she looked at the door.

Jamie: It touched him. His head bobbed on his neck as he tried to make sense of hallucination touching. He heard the guards exclaim their surprise and he lolled his head to stare at them. Did they see her, too? One of them rushed her and held her aside, arms pinned down, while another came and kicked him in the stomach, forcing a dupe and his supplication. They learn too fast. First kidney, then stomach.

Jamie: Jamie watched passively as the dupe was dragged away, listening to his screams fade and echo down the concrete corridors. The guards had released Jean when they left, mumbling something about needing to figure out what to do with her and that made him frown. Don't touch her.

Jean: "Hey!" Jean found herself grabbed and manhandled. She kicked and twisted in the guard's grip. The guy was twice her size but it shouldn't have mattered, at all. Her powers weren't working. Fuck. "What the fuck is this bullshit?!"

Jean: Either his nightmare - memory? - was so strong it could block her from inferring or she she seriously needed to get a grip. "Leave him the fuck alone!"

Jean: The dupe was dragged off screaming but Jamie Prime was terrifyingly quiet. The second she was released, after landing a kick to the guard's shin, she was back at Jamie's side, trying to carefully pull him into her lap.

Jean: Oh like hell were they doing anything with her. Jean gently brushed his greasy hair back again, wiping some fresh blood from under his nose. "Okay, baby, I need you to see me, please," she sniffled.

Jamie: Jamie tried to smile again, enjoying the sound of her voice. "Jeannie," his voice was so hoarse it didn't sound like much of anything actually came out. She was a nice dream, though. He was trying to get the chains to cooperate so he could touch her when a spasm rocked his body and he let out a yelp. His nerves were being fried...

Jean: "Yeah, it's me," she sighed, stroking his shaggy cheek and returning the smile. The gross chains clinked and she realized he was reaching for her. Jean began to take his hand when the screaming started.

Jamie: The dupe's scream echoed through the halls and Prime's answered them. It felt like they were sawing him in half with some kind of electrified chainsaw. That didn't make sense. That doesn't exist, Jamie. The pain didn't care, though, and he screamed again, clutching at his rib cage.

Jean: "Fuckers!" She knew what was happening, but was as powerless to stop it as he was. OMG why hadn't she found him sooner? Stupid fucking useless telepath! "Leave him the fuck alone!" Jean did her best to hold him, to whisper to him while he was dying, again, right in front of her. This wasn't fair. He was so sweet, and good, and it'd been so easy to fall for him...

Jamie: Jean was holding him. It would all be fine. His voice was gone, but he was still screaming. He could feel his vocal chords trying to make noise. Finally, the pain stopped and he knew that part of him was dead. Again. The tears tracked silently down his face, through the blood and dirt, and he leaned into her. Jeaaan.... Make it stop. She could do it. Like the vegetable guy the rich chick liked so much. She could make his pain stop. But only if she was real. Please be real.

Jean: Jean was crying, too. She'd curled herself over him, babbling, shushing that horrible rasping noise he made. When it stopped, she had to check to make sure he really was still alive. She met his eyes. They were glassy, the light color washed out, making them look blank and terrifying.

Jean: Waaait. This wasn't right. She frowned, blinking as time snapped back into focus. She'd found him, then. And again, now. Shouldn't call the love of my life an idiot. Right.

Jean: "This isn't real," she whispered, mouth dropping open when the flood of his thoughts returned to her mind. "Jamie, no..."

Jamie: Not real? That didn't sound right. But this being real didn't sound right either. He was tired of being here. Every year. Year? Had he been here years? Jamie couldn't make sense of much, but he knew that wasn't right. "Jean," he croaked. "Please."

Jean: She shook her head, sniffling through the tears dripping from her nose as she held him. He wanted her to kill him. The thought made her breath hitch and her chest hurt. She had to get them out of here.

Jean: You haven't been here for years. Jean stroked his hair, scratching her nails against his scalp the way he liked, and used her other hand to wipe away his tears. I'm real. I promise, but this isn't real. It's a really fucking shitty nightmare. We're in your bed. You're safe.

Jamie: Nightmare? Well, yeah. That's what he always thought. His spine shivered and his head tilted up into her nails involuntarily. Bed? They never let him have a bed. Not even a blanket. Jamie shuddered and tried to curl into her and into a ball at the same time. Be as small as possible and they won't get him. As if on cue, he heard more boots. He sobbed and rolled away, trying to scramble to the corner before they made it to him.

Jamie: But Jean! They might take her. Jamie groaned and forced himself to move, standing as tall as he could while chained in a box that wasn't tall enough for him to stand in, blocking her from their view. He was supposed to protect her. And he would do it. He couldn't die and leave her to deal with them by herself. He wouldn't.

Jean: Her head jerked up at the heavy footsteps. "Okay, fuck this!" Jean jumped to her feet, lucky she was short enough to stand in the cell. If her telepathy was working again, everything else should be working too. Jean narrowed her eyes at the door, until Jamie blocked it.

Jean: He could barely stand, but he was trying so hard. She heard his thoughts, felt him gathering himself. While it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her, it was also really frustrating. And, she was afraid if she burst into flames right now, she'd fuck him all up.

Jean: Jean moved behind him and let him know she was there before touching his back.

Jamie: Jamie flinched at the touch, but didn't move from in front of her. Nope. He could take this. Whatever they did, he would be fine. She would die. He heard the telltale sound of the keys as they got close and he slowly fisted his hands. "Jean." He was swaying on his feet, but he was on his feet and he could do this. He had done it before. Before? Yeah, before.

Jean: "I'm here," she responded, keeping her eyes on the door. Jean was ready to light up whatever fuckers tried to touch either one of them, but decided a teke shield would probably be less traumatic. For now. Then GTFO.

Jamie: Jamie rolled his shoulders but realized he didn't start that gesture until after he'd been free of this place. Free. He would be again. Jean would be safe. He would take care of her. The keys turned in the lock and as soon as the door opened, he rushed the guards.

Jamie: Jamie's breath went out of him in a whoosh as he hit the floor next to his bed and stared at his dupe in a daze. He reabsorbed him as it opened its mouth to speak. Nope. Not enough coffee in the world to talk to himself right now.

Jamie: Jamie crawled to his side table and pulled out his tiny notebook, flipping it upside down and backwards to write the two new ways he definitely did not die. Mum..mi..fied... Check. Electrified chainsaw... He snorted at his subconscious. That was a new one. Then flipped it around to the front to write 'gas chamber'.

Jean: What she hadn't been expecting was for Jamie to rush the door. She yelped, then yelped again when she woke up flailing. "Holy shit!" She searched for Jamie and felt two for a split second, then flung herself to the side of the bed to check on him. "Whoa..." She watched him writing in something and blinked.

Jamie: Jamie's head jerked up as he felt her watching him and he gave her a nervous grin. "Hey. Sorry. That happens around this time of year... I was so excited about my birthday that I forgot." He shoved the journal back in the drawer and climbed up on the bed with her. "Were you... Like... Really?" Or had he just imagined her because he knew he'd fallen asleep with her there?

Jean: "Yeah, I remember..." Jean sat up and straightened the covers, scooting back over as he got back into bed. "Oh no, I was really... there." She tackled him for a hug.

Jamie: Eek... And then he was tackled. Oof! He laughed and hugged her back, stroking her hair. "I'm okay, Jeannie. I'm sorry you had to see that." Jamie kissed the top of her head and squirmed until they were lying down again and he held her tight. "Are you okay?"

Jean: "I'm fine, but I'm sorry you went through that." She snuggled into him and closed her eyes, breathing him in as she wound her arms around him. He was safe, and here, and they were together. She was fine.

Jamie: "You sure, babe? That's not exactly the kind of thing I ever wanted you to feel. At least not like that..." Jamie closed his eyes and took a deep breath, which turned into a yawn. "It always feels so real when I dream about it. Those people who say you can't feel pain in dreams are liars."

Jean: "I was trying to stop it... kind of got sucked in." She slid her arm up to play with his hair, "It definitely felt real." She licked her lips. "I've seen... bits, y'know. Before. I kind of got it second-hand through the link, but..." She gave him a squeeze and bit down on her lip.

Jamie: Jamie winced, "Yeah, I remember." Mmm. The hair thing. He leaned his head into her hand. "So... Again... Sorry you had to see me like that. Next year, I'll make sure you're on a business trip or something." He grinned and kissed the top of her head again.

Jean: "Um, no you will not. I don't want you to have to deal with that alone." From her position she could only see his chin when she looked up.

Jamie: Jamie laughed softly and shook his head. "I'm really okay, Jeannie. I've been having these nightmares once a year for a while. I normally anticipate that they're coming and have everything ready to be able to help me realize I'm not really there and when I wake up that I've been safe for a long time."

Jean: She pushed herself up enough to see his face and cupped his cheek. "Would it... be better for you if I wasn't here? For that?"

Jamie: "No, that's not what I mean. I like that you're here, but I don't want you..." Jamie made a face. "In there. I don't want you to have to go through that again."

Jean: "...did it help? At all? Or was it just... weirder?" Jean chewed on her lower lip. It was still dark, so she couldn't see him too clearly.

Jamie: Jamie sucked his lower lip into his mouth as he thought about that. "I guess it helped me remember it wasn't real anymore. But that's not the point, babe. I need you to be safe. And part of that is emotionally safe. I can't have you messed up because you think I'm messed up when I'm not really messed up. Or at least not as messed up as I used to be. Because that'd be messed up."

Jean: "I know you're not, and I'm not." Jean stroked his cheek and moved her hand back to his hair, remembering how it'd felt in the dream. "Unsettled, yeah, but I'm not messed up. It just reminded me how close I came to losing you forever before I even really had you."

Jamie: Jamie ran his fingers through the ends of her hair, winding his fingers in and out of her curls. "Welp... Now you're stuck with me, soooooo....... Whoops."

Jean: "I sure am." She kissed his collarbone and rested her head against him again. Mutual hair pets were awesome.

Jamie: Jamie laughed, "At least you're okay with it." He licked his lips as he thought through the events of his dream. "You know that I would never let anything happen to you, right? I'll put myself between you and anyone who tries to do that to you."

Jean: "I'm more than okay with it." Jean closed her eyes to better feel him. "Thank you. It goes both ways, you know."

Jamie: "I do know it. You saved me, remember? If it weren't for you and your hashtag o.o.t.d. involving a metal hat, I would probably still be there." He smiled and held her tighter. "I love you."

Jean: "I love you, too." Jean swallowed. "I was thinking about siccing the birb on the guards if you hadn't... gone all grr on them."

Jamie: "All grr?" Jamie grinned, "Is that what we're gonna call that then?" She was so adorable sometimes that he just couldn't stand it. He gently rolled them so she was lying on her back so he could look at her, propped up on an elbow. "I would go 'all grr' on anyone who wanted to hurt you, Jeannie."

Jean: She giggled at finding herself beneath him, reaching up to trail her fingers over his smile. "It seems to fit." She'd certainly been surprised by it, although his escape attempt back then was the one time she'd felt some of his dupes die. She shivered.

Jamie: Jamie's smile was replaced with a look of concern and he brushed some hair from her face. "What is it?" He looked around for the blanket, "I think I kicked the blanket off during my nightmare. I'll remake the bed before we go back to sleep." If he could go back to sleep. He normally didn't on this night.

Jean: "You're plenty to keep me warm," she smirked, trying to shrug it off. "Although," she giggled. "I think that's what first woke me up. I lost my human blankie."

Jamie: "So then why'd you shiver?" Concern was replaced with confusion. He shifted to lie fully on top of her, but tried to keep his weight from crushing her. "Warmer?"

Jean: "Mmhmm..." Warmer, among other things. Jean snaked one of her legs around one of his. She craned her neck up to brush their noses together and gave him a soft kiss. Letting her head flop back, she sighed. "How much of that was a nightmare, and how much was a memory?"

Jamie: Jamie kissed her again and moved to nuzzle her neck. That question was not a fun one for him, but probably a necessary one. He had to ask it of himself every time he had a nightmare anyway. He'd just not had a beautiful woman beneath him when he thought about it before. "Probably about half and half. I definitely was not killed by an electrified chainsaw. But I was gassed to death. And you weren't there, of course... But the guards were."

Jean: Electrified chainsaw wasn't real, but gas was? Jesus fuck! Jean told herself to stay calm, brushing her fingers through his hair again as much for herself as for him. They'd rarely talked about his captivity and she had definitely never experienced it like this before. "Jamie," she whispered. "Do you know how many... of you? How many times?" Jean hoped that made sense.

Jamie: "No..." He sighed and sat up to look at her again. "No, but I need to know. I feel like the best way for me to heal fully is to be able to mourn the bits of my soul that died when I did. ...The other mes... My dupes.. Who are me... You know what I mean. They need to be grieved and respected like I would be if it had been me, Jamie Prime."

Jamie: Jamie stared at her for a long moment, going over the many possibilities of how she would react if he showed her his journal. Screw it. He climbed off of her and over to his nightstand to pull out his tiny book. He sat back against the headboard and held the small book in both hands, looking down at the cover.

Jamie: "I carry this with me all the time. Whenever I remember a way I died, I write it in the front. When I come across a way that I know I didn't die, I write it in the back." Jamie looked up at her, "If you want to read it, you can. But I don't want you to think you have to."

Jean: "I know what you mean," she said quietly, staring at him as he stared at her. Jean couldn't read his expression and didn't want to intrude on his thoughts, so she was a little startled when he got up. He returned with the little notebook and she swallowed.

Jean: His explanation made her stomach twist. Did she want to read it? Nope! But, she knew she should. Jean held her hand out, steeling herself.

Jamie: Both of Jamie's eyebrows went up in shock. That wasn't what he thought would happen. Not a bit. He blinked at her in disbelief, "Really? Are you sure? I'm just telling you about it so you don't think I'm hiding anything from you. And, well, it kind of answered your question." He looked back down at the tiny leather-bound thing. "It's not graphic or anything, but I died horrible ways, Jean. Nothing about it is good. You need to be a million percent sure."

Jean: She licked her lips and slid closer to him. "I know you did... and I also know that..." Fuck how to say this. "I wasn't on any of those missions," thank fuck, "but Rachel... she told me. What they'd found. T-that they'd just had to leave you... leave what was left of your dupes..."

Jean: Jean shook her head and this time was able to look at him. "So, I'm all in, Jamie. For the good parts, and the horrible ones... for all of it." She held her hand out again for the little book.

Jamie: Jamie's laugh was a little humorless. "Oh it's pretty horrible. For realsies." He smacked the journal into her hand and then pulled her to sit with him, but kept his arm around her so she would be reminded that he was here and he was safe. "No takesies backsies."

Jean: She snorted softly at his attempted humor and looked at the little brown leather bound book. It looked fairly worn and she took a breath before she unwound the cord and flipped it open. The back was ways he didn't die, so she started there, skimming through the handwritten list and the new chainsaw entry at the bottom. It looked like a menu of horrors spiced with gallows humor. "Zombie bite? Really?" She looked up at him with a smirk.

Jamie: He grinned and shrugged one shoulder, "I was watching this horrible show about the zombie apocalypse. People died from a zombie bite. I didn't. I win."

Jean: Jean snickered and kissed his cheek before turning the book around to the front. Okay, deep breath. She skimmed the list quickly and then went back to the beginning to read it more closely, blinking back the tears stinging in her eyes. She'd known they'd made him multiply and used the dupes like cattle. But fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. She bit down on her lip to stop it from shaking.

Jamie: Jamie's arm around her tightened a bit and he leaned his head down to rest his lips on her head. It was a hard thing to read even if you didn't call the person 'the love of your life.' "I'm here. I'm alive. I'm okay." He smiled against her hair. "I'm safe. Because of you."

Jean: "It doesn't even make sense," she sniffled. "They were just... trying to think of terrible shit to do to you." Taxidermied alive? Autopsied alive... Jean had to close her eyes and order her stomach to stay put. She knew about the fire, of course, but frozen alive too? Her hands were shaking as she held the book and she shuffled one free to feel for his.

Jamie: His hand instantly closed on hers. "Doctor Rott was... Is? An extremely crazy person. And he used the Galactus cult for their desire to have mutant livestock so he could experiment. I was kind of like the prize cow at the rodeo. Never ending buffet for them and never ending experiments for him. Win-win."

Jean: Jean swallowed and closed her eyes. This Doctor Rott was a dead man, if she ever got the opportunity. She really doubted Jamie would appreciate that sentiment, but she could see the flames. The phoenix was ruffling her feathers.

Jean: Shaking it off, she tried a breathing exercise and did the math. Dozens of dupes, at the very least. She closed the book and looked up at him. "He's a monster."

Jamie: "Yeeep. Pretty much." Jamie carefully took his journal and set it on the other side of him, where she couldn't see it and be reminded of its contents. "I haven't remembered them all yet, Jeannie," he said softly. "I know I haven't. And I don't think the nightmares will stop until I do. It's like a subconscious reminder to myself not to forget my deaths. I need to honor them."

Jean: "Okay." She climbed into his lap, winding her arms around his neck and kissing his jaw. It was starting to get prickly, and she rubbed her nose over it. "What can I do to help you?"

Jamie: Everything she did made him smile and he shook his head as he wrapped his arms around her. "Be patient while I figure it out. But also know that I'm okay. Other than that... The figuring it all out kind of has to be a solo journey." Jamie gave her a soft kiss. "But I wouldn't mind you tagging along as my sidekick, Wren."

Jean: "I do kinda like that one," she giggled, exchanging a few more kisses between words. "I'd love to be your sidekick. Just let me know if I can do anything else to help." She tapped his temple. "I am a telepath, you know."

Jamie: "I know." Jamie adjusted his shoulders as if his non-existent shirt was too tight. "I need to do it without that help, though... I need to remember by myself." He gave her a tight smile. "I owe it to me to remember by myself." Jamie kissed her again, "But I love you for offering that."

Jean: Jean smiled, running her hands over his shoulders as he moved. "I understand. It's very... noble. They deserve it, and so do you." Jean brushed her nose against his. "Okay, remember when you threw me with the alien tomatoes? I couldn't imagine this... love at first sight thing. With me?" She snorted.

Jean: "But I was thinking about it, and I did know when I realized this was different... When you weren't just this cute guy to have some fun with..."

Jamie: "I gotta be honest, Jeannie... It wasn't first sight. But it was the alien tomatoes. I felt like I could be myself around you even though my power freaked you out." Jamie smiled and kissed her forehead. "You felt like home." And she still does. Home is safe and warm and comforting. And full of love. "I hope I'm still cute and that you like to have fun with me," he smirked.

Jean: "That's close enough to first sight," she giggled. "I was totally trying to freak you out with mine, too." She snuggled into him, planting slow kisses along his neck. "But you were funny, and sweet, and you thought my powers were cool." She grinned. "You're still cute, and very fun, and have I mentioned hot?"

Jean: Jean closed her eyes and breathed him in. "You were so easy to fall for... we just... fit. I didn't even realize what was happening." She licked her lips. "Then you were gone, and the idea of never seeing you again hurt. I didn't want to imagine my life without you in it. I'd never felt that before and like I said, I've never had it with anyone else."

Jean: She sniffled a little, pulling herself back from tears. "They say first loves are great loves, but they also say you don't know what you have until it's gone. Both true, apparently."

Jamie: Jamie brushed his knuckles against her cheek and leaned down to kiss her, letting it linger. "We've had more chances than most people get in a lifetime. Not only did we find each other again after our epic misunderstanding, but we were able to start again when you saved me. Third time's gotta be the charm, right? Feels like it to me, anyway."

Jamie: He licked his lips, then sucked his lower lip in as he thought about something. "Jean... Had you ever lost anyone before me? Family, friends, anybody?"

Jean: "Right, third time's the charm." She stayed close, brushing her lips against his as she spoke. Leaning back a little, she watched him think. "Um... no? My parents and my sister are alive. Rachel was after." She made her own face as she thought about it. "I don't remember my grandparents."

Jamie: Jamie smiled brightly at her, "Then that's why you didn't realize it. I had already lost my parents in that tornado, so I knew what love lost felt like. Not the same kind of love, but I knew what I had because I'd had pain before. And you didn't even have to lose me forever to figure it out." He kissed her again, eyes still happy. "You lucked out with me, babe. It's hard to kill me if they don't know which me is me."

Jean: It made sense, and she just smiled. "I am lucky," she agreed, tilting her head to kiss him better. "Not just for that." Which was another thing she'd yelled at Rachel for. How could they know for sure one of the bodies wasn't him? Yikes. "And you're lucky I'm on your side since I can tell."

Jamie: That was a new one and his head pulled back to stare at her. "Y-you can? Besides like, the obvious personality quirks of some of them, I mean."

Jean: She was a little surprised he was so surprised. "Ayup."

Jamie: "You know this means I'm going to have to test this at some point in the future which you will never know about because then it wouldn't really be a test. And also because I'm tired because it's still dark outside and sleeping is better than testing."

Jean: Jean giggled at that flood of words. "Do your worst, big boy." She shimmied in his lap and touched her tongue to her top teeth.

Jamie: Jamie groaned and wiggled until he was lying back down, holding her to his chest. Blindly, he reached for his journal and set it on his nightstand so he wouldn't ruin it in the night with whatever activity ended up happening. "Trust me, babe. You won't see me coming." He grinned wolfishly and flipped them over and was kissing her in one fluid move.

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