11/20 Issue: Presidential Blues

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11/20 Issue: Presidential Blues

Post by Slarti » Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:19 am

Timelined Sunday, April 23, 2013.

Carol: Carol sat on the roof of the administration block while she waited for the chaos to arrive... mostly because there was already plenty chaos inside the building and she didn't want to be alone with it if she could help it. The roof was safe. The BAMFS didn't seem to like outside. Especially during the day.

Tony: Sometimes, it was good to be the president. His security detail was going to be pissed, when they caught up. This would undoubtedly be the first and last time he got away with driving himself, but worth it.

Tony: He accelerated down the country highway and shot his companion a bright grin. "Isn't this better than the motorcade?"

Rogue: Rogue laughed and turned to look at him, head leaning against the headrest of her seat. "Any time with you an' no chauffeur is a good time. Even if we both get all th' frowns they c'n muster. 'Course, Ah cain't get a tongue lashin' that could make me feel guilty 'bout not doin' mah job anymore." She reached over and laid her hand on his thigh then gave him a smirk, "Faster," she whispered.

Tony: "I'll give you a tongue lashing," he shot back, more than ready to put the hammer down. The sleek car's engine roared and they very nearly jumped the next hill.

Rogue: "Ah'm lookin' f'rward t' it, Tony," she let her voice go husky until the momentary light feeling from the hill and she whooped with joy. "Y' make mah Southern heart full, sugah."

Carol: Boo. Her coffee cup was empty. Now she had to go inside. Stupid un-bottomless cups. Tony should be inventing bottomless coffee instead of BAMF traps.

Tony: Tony's mouth twitched. "I'm sure I can fill some of your other Southern parts to our mutual satisfaction later." He shifted gears, forced to slow as they approached the property.

Rogue: The thought of that sent a pleasant tingle down her spine and she made a sound to match. And then she saw the building and had another thought, "Just so long as y' don't absorb their odor int' y'r skin, baby. Ah'll help y' scrub it out, though, if y' do."

Carol: Carol was glad that SHIELD had provided her with a trailer for a base camp while the BAMFs were cleared out because the last thing anyone needed was caffeinated naked blue demons.

Tony: The car tore around the corner and started up the long drive and Tony gave Rogue a slow blink. "Pardon?"

Rogue: "They stink o' th' worst kind o' sulfur." Her nose was wrinkling in protest already. "If y're around too many o' 'em y' start t' smell like 'em."

Carol: Coffee cup now refilled, Carol left the trailer and headed back up to her seat on the edge of the roof, squinting down the drive when she thought she saw a car. About damn time!

Tony: Tony's eyebrows rose, and it was a good thing he had years of experience in distracted driving. "And are you immune from this absorption of egg fart fumes?"

Rogue: "Hell no. Far as Ah know, nobody is."

Tony: "Well then," he said, brightening up as he screeched to a halt in front of the main building. "If I smell like sulfur and you smell like sulfur we're on a level playing field."

Rogue: Rogue gave him an incredulous look, "An' y'd still wanna make love t' me with that stench fillin' y'r nostrils?" She unbuckled as soon as the car was put in park and opened her door. "Y're even crazier'n me. Or y'r feelin's run deeper'n either o' us realize," she teased."

Carol: Carol took a long drink from her coffee cup before dropping from the roof and landing lightly on the front steps to wait for them to get out of the car.

Tony: "Love is a dirty game," he said, giving her a bright grin and shutting off the car. He leaped out and circled to hold her door.

Rogue: Boy he was full of shocking things today. She stared at him, leaving the unvoiced question hanging between them as she got out. Rogue offered her hand with a smile. "Let's go get filthy then."

Tony: Tony smirked and took her hand, pressing a kiss to the back and releasing her to go to the trunk of the car to get his toys.

Carol: Bleargh. Carol pulled a face at the display.

Rogue: Rogue blushed and bit her lip. That hadn't been her intention, but she liked it all the same. She moved to the trunk with him to see if he needed help.

Tony: Tony did not, grabbing his bag and letting the trunk close on its own as he took her hand again and started for the steps. "Ah, Carol! It's a beautiful day to hunt fart demons, yeah?"

Carol: "Sure, if you wanna take a three hour shower when you get home..." She finished off her coffee and set the empty mug down on the top step because she didn't want to walk all the way over to the trailer to put it in the sink.

Rogue: She wrapped her fingers in his hand and smiled up at him, then turned to Carol. "Hey, gal! Let's get rid o' those li'l fart knockers!"

Carol: "We think we figured out where the last few are hiding out so we'll start there and hope they haven't scattered..."

Tony: "Tomato soup!" He swept past Carol and into the building. "That's what gets rid of skunk, right?"

Carol: Carol watched him go into the building and sighed, "If he gets lost in there I'm calling not it right now."

Rogue: Rogue's eyes went a little wide in apology as he pulled her right along with him past Carol. "He's loud 'nough t' get our attention when he wants t' be."

Tony: "I will not get lost," he called, illustrating Rogue's point for her. "Also, I have personal GPS."

Carol: "It's cute you think anything'll work in the basement." Carol shook her head and followed them inside.

Rogue: "Girlfriend Protective System," she elaborated.

Carol: "That is obnoxiously adorable and you have got to cut it out right now."

Tony: "It's not cute you think so little of Stark tech." He finally stopped and looked around. "Okay. Fart demons. Where are they?"

Rogue: "Ah resent that y' think Ah'm 'tech' now."

Carol: "They're in the morgue... we think." She gestured toward the stairs to the basement, "Your GPS know where that is or do you want me to lead? By the way there's no lights down there because they keep breaking them."

Tony: He smirked at Rogue. "You're in a category of your own. Girlfriend Protective System. I like it." He looked where Carol pointed, then back to her. "We have you," he said, failing to see why the lights were a problem. "Get glowin.'"

Rogue: Rogue gave Tony a cutesy grin before turning back to Carol. "If y' don't wanna go down there, y' could always lend y'r fancy glowin' power t' me?" She did love that one.

Carol: "Uh-huh. That's what I thought." She focused for a moment and the glow lit up her skin, "It'll take you way too long to absorb enough energy to do this without passing out."

Tony: "There will be no passing out today," he said, clucking his tongue at them both. Outside, he finally heard the secret service catching up. It made him grin. "Ready?"

Rogue: "T' see you in action? Always." She did pout a little at Carol. "You get t' have all th' fun."

Carol: "I earned the rights to the fun glow." She started down the basement stairs, "Watch your step... they leave junk all over..."

Tony: "Would you really expect any less of naked blue fart demons? What did you call them again?" Tony shifted the strap of his bag on his shoulder and started after Carol.

Carol: "Broo called them BAMFs..." She picked up a large piece of equipment left on the stairs as some kind of booby trap.

Rogue: Rogue followed in the rear, falling into position from rote memory, keeping one eye over her shoulder as they descended. "No, that doesn't stand f'r 'bad ass mothah fucker.'"

Tony: "And does that-" Tony turned to regard Rogue, walking backward for a few steps. "Well, that was one of the options." Then he continued forward. "What does it stand for?"

Carol: "I can't remember. Something nerdy." They reached the bottom of the stairs and she set the heavy piece of junk down as quietly as she could so she didn't alert the little bastards.

Tony: Tony tsked her and skipped down the stairs behind Carol, kicking aside a few bolts. "Nerdy. Probably something relevant that would have sped up my design."

Rogue: "Blue aliens with many farts?" Rogue grinned.

Carol: "I told you everything you needed to know about them...." Carol pointed out.

Tony: "Mmm. We shall see." He swung the bag around to dig through it while they walked.

Carol: Carol turned them away from the parts of the basement that were occupied when the building had been a school and down one of the creepier tunnels toward the disused parts of the basement complex. It was a good thing she didn't believe in ghosts.

Tony: Tony wanted to believe. Or at least, he wanted to see something weird. Weirder than his glowing bodyguard, although she was handy. He looked down some of those corridors.

Rogue: Rogue smirked as they moved down the dark and mostly abandoned tunnels, watching Tony be distracted by the many darkened hallways. She lifted from the ground enough to barely float above it, creeping up behind him slowly until she was close enough to scare him. "Boo!" Her hands went to his waist for a tickle at the same time.

Tony: "Oh, holy shi-! You're not a BAMF!" Tony flailed and spun around, grabbing his attacker around the middle.

Rogue: Rogue squeaked and giggled at his reaction. "You love it."

Carol: "Shh! We're trying not to spook them!" Carol hissed over her shoulder.

Tony: "Well I do now," he said, looking down between them at her cleavage pressed to his chest. Tony's eyes rose back to hers and he smirked.

Rogue: "Sorry, Mama!" She mock-pouted at Tony, "We made mah mama mad..."

Tony: Tony wasn't sure how he felt about that one. His eyebrows did a little dance and he let go, turning around to look at Carol. "Sorry.... mama," he parroted.

Carol: .... Creepy. "Never do that again."

Rogue: "Which one o' us," Rogue asked with a grin over Tony's shoulder to Carol.

Carol: "Both of you. But especially him."

Tony: Tony grinned and filed that away. "Yes, mom. Whatever you say."

Rogue: "Don't worry, sugah," she stage-whispered to Tony, "we c'n hide our playtime fr'm her some other way."

Carol: Gaaaaaaah! Make it stop! Finger gun to the rescue!

Tony: Tony jumped from the zap. "Assaulting the president!" The secret service was upstairs, and he was in no rush to go get chastised by a career civil servant in a bad suit.

Rogue: Rogue glared at Carol, "Hey! Don't hurt mah boyfriend! That's gotten people killed b'fore."

Carol: "You both know what you did. Knock it off." She was not sorry. She turned to continue down the hallway, "We're nearly there."

Tony: Tony gave Rogue a mild blink at that revelation, but put his arm around her and kept following Carol. "I can't trust you behind me, obviously."

Rogue: Rogue grumbled under her breath about Carol, but at least Tony wasn't really hurt. "Y' c'n always trust me b'hind y'. Though it's more fun when y're b'hind me."

Carol: Carol rolled her eyes and tipped her head back to look at the ceiling and pray to whatever was listening for patience.

Tony: "I feel like the joke about a reach around is right there. Too obvious?" Tony paused at an echoing noise from down the corridor. "What was that?"

Carol: "That would be the things we were supposed to be sneaking up on." Hopefully they were just hopping around in their nest instead of fleeing it entirely.

Rogue: Rogue gave Tony's hand on her shoulder a squeeze and stepped away from him and up next to Carol, ready to take on the creatures. "Ready, Tony? They're fast."

Tony: Tony dropped his bag and rummaged in earnest, yanking out a box-like contraption and several other items. He stripped off his suit jacket and tossed it aside. "Oh yeah? How fast?" Another echoing concussion floated up the corridor.

Carol: ".... Crap." They were teleporting already. She put her back to Rogue's so they could see both directions at once, "That sound you're hearing is them teleporting."

Rogue: "Blink an' y'll miss 'em fast." Her eyes flitted around but she wasn't seeing anything yet. "Anythin' on y'r end, Carol?"

Tony: "Yay!" Tony strapped a souped up version of his repulsors onto both wrists, using his teeth to finish tightening it down. He grabbed the trap by its cord and joined the ladies. "Let's rock and roll."

Carol: "Nothing here yet but they're not known for travelling in a straight line..." She moved slowly and carefully toward the BAMFs morgue nest.

Rogue: Rogue took a second to glance at Tony. "Don't singe that shirt, too," she smirked.

Tony: "I'm willing to make the sacrifice of this one." He winked at her and spun when he heard another poof. Bamf? Aha!

Rogue: And there was the stench. "Ugh. Anybody bring clothespins?"

Carol: "Breathe through your mouth..." She suggested, "These guys don't like me very much..."

Tony: "That is pretty pungent," he observed, wrinkling his nose. Tony reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of glasses, slipping them on and searching for heat and motion. "I can't imagine why not. You seem like a gracious host."

Carol: "It's the light... and all the murder...."

Tony: "Well, I don't want to murder. I'm just rehoming. Adopt a demon!"

Rogue: Rogue gave Tony a frown and was about to open her mouth to tell him she didn't want to be a demon's mother when one of the demons popped onto her head and pulled at her hair. "Hey!"

Tony: Tony spun to her aid but couldn't fire his secret weapon at her head. "Hey! Shoo!" Instead, he clapped his hands at it, barely getting a glimpse of blue fur and yellow eyes before it vanished in a cloud of smoke. "Gah!"

Rogue: Rogue's hands flew to her hair to try and grab it, but it was gone and she was coughing. "Carol! Lemme borrow th' light!"

Carol: "Shoo? Really? That's the best you've got?" She shook her head, "Having the ability to throw energy around and having the energy to throw around are two separate things, Rogue." She decided the blue assholes knew they were there now so she decided to stir them up and tossed some random junk into their nest.

Tony: "It is when I don't wanna decapitate my new girlfriend, mom!" Tony gestured, changing the settings on his wrist emitters and lit up some of the debris Carol was chucking. The explosion was followed by more of those bamf noises from all around them.

Rogue: "Aww, honey, that's so sweet!" And it really was, but... "But y' cain't decapitate me." She squinted at the light from the explosions.

Carol: Carol fired a blast down the long hallway to send some light a bit further and maybe scare up a critter to catch,

Tony: "So you're saying you want me to fire an experimental energy weapon at your head?" Tony grabbed his trap and moved away from the women. Into the nest seemed like a good place, especially since it was already on fire. They'll always come home in the end, right? Right.

Rogue: Rogue gave Carol a pleading look and shot off after Tony, landing in front of him. "Okay, so y' may have those real nifty blaster things on, but y' ain't invulnerable."

Carol: Carol didn't know what that look was for, "Maybe we could lure one into a trap with booze..."

Tony: "Wrong. Different nifty blaster things." He ratcheted up his best grin. "Also-" Tony reached to his glasses and tapped the side, a transparent field shimmering into place around him. "I told you I'm not helpless." He winked and started around her, looking for a place to set his trap.

Rogue: She blinked at the field that shimmered into place then sighed and let him go. If she had to date a non-mutant, at least it was one who was a genius and loved to create weapons and protective things. "Ah know y' ain't helpless. Ah just... Worry." Rogue frowned at Carol, "Why would we waste perfectly good booze?"

Carol: "Because this'll be over faster? And also then it'll be drunk and I feel like that'd be hilarious..."

Tony: Tony kicked aside a few bits of crap that squished, and he didn't want to think too hard about that. Finding a flat spot, he set his trap and activated it, the containment field buzzing to life.

Tony: His AI assisted glasses sensed motion beside him and he heard the bamf! at the same time, spinning in place and zeroing in. Tony raised a hand and activated his miniaturized particle accelerator. The nanotech body armor crawled into place over his wrist just before it fired.

Rogue: Rogue jerked, ready to react and help, but stopped when his blaster fired. And then suddenly it was like she was in that one movie Bobby had forced her to watch with the green snot monster thing. "Well that's diff'rent f'r sure..."

Carol: Carol was stood in the doorway to watch the hall and light the room at the same time. Oh the compulsion to yell 'don't cross the streams' was so strong. Must... resist....

Tony: "Dammit," he muttered, hoping he hadn't vaporized the thing, and made an adjustment to the settings. Something bounced off the shielding at his back and he turned again. "Now I've got their attention!" Tony practically vibrated with excitement as he fired off another shot.

Carol: "Yeah... attacking them will do that..." She hoped they didn't figure out how to teleport inside that force field or just take the whole thing and its contents...

Tony: "Great!" There were implosions all around now, so he paused for a moment, trying to identify a pattern. There was none. Even better. Tony scurried around the room, kicking the trap into a better position. Maybe.

Rogue: Rogue hovered on the opposite side of the room from Carol, eyes tracking Tony's movements. If she weren't worried about him, she would find this extremely adorable. She gnawed her lip and shook her head to try and get the ever present tingling to stop. The BAMFs weren't after her right now. Though they were assaulting her nose.

Carol: Carol brightened her light to confuse the BAMFs a little and hopefully give Tony a bit more of an advantage.

Tony: Tony hadn't had this much fun in ages, and had noticed one recurring landing place for the little blue demons. There was a piece of ruined equipment they really liked to land on. Calculating the angles, Tony adjusted his trap just so, fiddled with his wrist emitters a bit, then waited.

Tony: It didn't take long and he even got a few shots in at other creatures before one landed on his target. "Bingo!" Tony fired and the demon lit up, screaming and twisting in place. He made a face, hoping he wasn't murdering it.

Rogue: Rogue's face twisted into a grimace as Tony finally caught one. "Good job, baby. Don't kill y'r new pet, though." It was struggling valiantly for a such a tiny thing and she was starting to feel bad for it.

Tony: "Trying not to." Tony brought up his other armored hand and used that beam to pull the twisting, snarling thing toward the trap. Its pals figured out something was up and he felt a hit to the side of his head. "Ow! You little shit!"

Carol: "Once it's in the trap and secured close your eyes... I'll clear the room of BAMFs..." and then they could flee the basement.

Rogue: Rogue flew forward to smack the BAMF away from Tony's head, but it was gone before she got to it and she grazed him with the side of her hand instead. "Damn. Sorry, sugah..."

Tony: "You're so helpful," he laughed, ducking and nearly sizzling Carol with the beam from his right hand as he struggled to get the creature over the trap.

Tony: Once it was there, Tony did a moment's analysis and snapped the trap closed. He cut his emitters.

Tony: It was suddenly very silent. Tony looked around.

Carol: Carol wasn't worried about the energy beam. She was worried about the sudden quiet. They were either terrified or plotting something. "Eyes..." she reminded Rogue and Tony.

Rogue: Rogue looked up at Carol, then back at Tony. She took a quick glance around the room and shut her eyes, "Do it quick, gal. Just in case they're gonna try an' take us some place else."

Carol: Carol waited for Tony to close his eyes too then pooled her energy for a few moments before releasing it in a flare of light to flood the room and the hallway. The BAMF in the trap was not pleased.

Tony: "Okay I'm going to need to put a sound dampener on that," he said, approaching the trap and tapping it with his toe. The little goblin threw itself at the energy wall and screamed again.

Rogue: Rogue rubbed at her ear when it screamed again, glad she didn't have enhanced hearing. She knelt down to look in the trap and was hissed at for her trouble. "Think it's safe t' say y' pissed it off good 'nough."

Carol: "We should get out of here before they come back..." Carol moved out of the doorway and gestured Rogue and Tony into the hallway.

Tony: Tony turned off his personal shield and whipped off his glasses, tucking them back into his shirt pocket. His gauntlets remained in place as he picked up his spitting, kicking prize. "Aww, he's just like the cat I had as kid..."

Rogue: "Smelly an' full o' hate?" She peered over his shoulder at the bouncing ball of fury, then looked over her shoulder at Carol. "How much longer y' think 'til they're all gone an' we c'n open up f'r livin' purposes?"

Carol: "Couple of days til they're gone... maybe a week til the repairs are done..." she gestured for them to hurry up.

Tony: "Precisely!" He gave Rogue happy grin and started after Carol.

Rogue: Rogue laughed at Tony and shook her head, then focused on what Carol had said. "Bobby shouldn't mind me crashin' f'r that much longer. Paige might throw a fit if it goes past that, though..."

Tony: "So you're planning on staying here?" His fighting prize was rattling its cage but Tony kept it under control as they made their way back out of the creepy basement.

Rogue: "Yeah?" Rogue was confused and let it show in her voice since he couldn't see her face. "Ah got fired, so Heather's gotta take th' 'bodyguard room'. Right?" She lifted up as they made their way up the stairs, peering over his shoulder again. "Want me t' hold that f'r ya?"

Tony: "You weren't fired. That implies you did something wrong. What you did? Was something right. Just... a little too right for the stiffs to handle." Tony was having fun fighting with his new pet. "No thank you, I'm just bonding with Eiffel 65 here. Right?" The box hissed.

Rogue: "Da ba dee da ba die," she murmured and fell back to her position. "Somethin' right f'r us, but wrong f'r th' job."

Tony: Tony grinned at her, pleased she caught his reference. "Precisely! Obviously very right for us." He shook the cage at her and the BAMF howled.

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