Just to remind everyone...

A monument and archive dedicated to Dave and Paty Cockrum. Nightscrawlers was their home on the internet and always will be. This forum preserves that legacy.

Just to remind everyone...

Postby Angelique » Mon Nov 12, 2007 6:34 am

Today was the late, great Dave Cockrum's birthday.

I observed the day by reading all my favorite X-Men comics, kept him in mind at Mass, and resolved to light a candle for him on the 26th.
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Just to remind everyone...

Postby SamKarns » Wed Nov 28, 2007 6:52 pm

What a nice idea. He was a gracious, fun very honest human being. He had some wonderful stories he would tell and it was just fun to see his avatar on the boards. I will remember him dearly.
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