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Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:59 am
by Ult_Sm86
So I watched the first episode of FLASH premiering on on CW Network in October. (No details on how I obtained it, but I may have a friend who has a friend who knows someone in a network that makes DC live-action shows).

So yeah - not bad.

Arrow was atrocious. The first 6 episodes were really all I needed to be aware of how bad that show was. I've tried twice since to get back into it (tried to watch Season 2 in order to prep for Flash actually) and I couldn't endure it.

Flash is better. I have a few issues but all-in-all, it's not bad.

Here's my full review from my blog, FutureSpiderScribe.Wordpress.

Here are some spoiler free thoughts for the forum:

-More development is needed on female characters. Stupid, pretty, non-girlfriends to male main characters went out of style in the late 90's/early 2000's.

-They clearly have an endgame. I don't see how the hell they expect to make it work, but it looks like they're going to really expand the fuck out of this universe's cast.

-I'm dreading when it crosses back over with Arrow, as it must at some point. The series is more upbeat, brighter, & fast-paced. (HA! Get it!) Arrow drags its feet and I'm not fond of any of the actors in that series.

-Barry acts like Barry. I actually like this Barry more than I like current comic book Barry. That's a big deal. That said, he sucks and I want Wally.

-Jesse L. Martin carries the entire episode. I'm predicting he'll carry the entire show.

-The ROGUES are going to be awesome. Technology is at such a better place than where it was during the early years of Smallville that these "Freak-of-the-week" villains can actually seem intimidating and it won't feel like you're watching an old Buffy re-run with people on wires sticking to walls.

Spoiler complaints/comments

-Everything, set wise, is wrong. The city doesn't look sleek or streamlined at all. It looks like Gotham during the day.

-There is little to no understanding of how CSI/Police forces work. It's all "comic logic," which is sad because that makes comic creators look stupid when most of them, Geoff Johns included, actually have a pretty good understanding of how these interactions/procedures work. People don't just pop into offices and hang out with the CSI guy while he is looking at fragile evidence in the middle of an open room with tons of windows and lots of officers bustling around. His office is like movable walls/chalkboards/glass marker boards. It's sort of silly.

-Iris is gorgeous. She's also dumb as a rock, which is almost a total U-Turn from what the character is like in the comics. Major disappointment that the only lead-female/re-occuring female character is a friend-zoning, "science is so like, hard" type of person.

-Thawne. I mean, not yet at least. Everything is set though - it's so clearly going to happen. The opening puts all the tracks down for these types of storylines. I have no idea how they're going to pull it off, but clearly at some point Flash himself is going to be convinced he might've killed his mother. Once Reverse-Flash is exposed/revealed in the show it will be made clear (probably a season one finale/season 2 opener revelation). There is clearly something that is going to happen with time-travel.

-Tom Cavanaugh as Dr. Harrison Wells is awesome. I'm not sure what to make of the final moments of the episode though. Watch it, get back to me.

-Waaaaaaaaaayyyyy too many people know he's The Flash already.

-Plenty of names are dropped, (one I was most stoked about is Cisco Ramon/Vibe) and a lot of ducks are placed in a row. It's a much cleaner start than Arrow. The post-credit scene with Dr. Wells proves they have a long-game story and that is super important in writing a TV series. If you don't write a show you can't prepare yourself to end within a season if need be, you're going to sort of be writing in the wind and hoping your plots catch up with themselves. TV shows/Films/Comics aren't like books. You can't just be inspired to write and let the story find it's way. That's what I feel they did with Arrow and they've become lost in tucking in DC-cameo after DC-cameo now. Flash is keeping the cast small(ish) and the impact of the event that caused him is staying central to ... well Central City. Not too much world building, just character establishing. I like that.

What did
you guys think?


Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 2:16 pm
by Ult_Sm86