The New 52: Batwing

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The New 52: Batwing

Postby Crawler » Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:48 am

I also had very low hopes for this one. I love me some Judd Winick, and I love me some Batman, Inc., but the idea, essentially African Batman, just didn't appeal to me.

I was wrong. The main character is fairly well developed, enough to get you invested, even if you've never seen him before. But what makes this special AND a Batbook is that the environment is a character all its own. Just like Gotham is a core part of the Batman mythos, the central African backdrop is highly important to the book. The entire thing, despite being "another Batbook," feels different because of the differing environment. You get a great feel for the region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in which it takes place, and all of that info comes organically out of the story.

And, once again, I'm going to talk about the threat. The threat is scary. He is frightening. He is completely over the top, yet inherently real.

Second best Bat family book of the week, right behind Batgirl. If you're looking for something different but still involving superheroes...this is the book!

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The New 52: Batwing

Postby Bamfette » Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:20 am

I thought this was really good! and yes, Massacre is FRIGHTENING. and that cliffhanger ending? geez! I HAVE to get the second issue now! to leave it like that borders on cruel.

But the real treat of this book? the ART. holy shit, this book is GORGEOUS. Absolutely beautiful.
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