The New 52: Action Comics

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The New 52: Action Comics

Post by Crawler » Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:40 am

This comic, the brand new introduction to a brand new Superman in a brand new timeline succeeds in establishing everything, right off the bat. Within this first issue, you get a clear idea of Superman's powers and limitations, his attitude, his alter-ego, Clark's job and status, Lois's personality, Jimmy Olsen's personality, and a very clear idea of who Lex Luthor is and what he does.

In short, if you've never read a Superman book before, you'll be completely up to speed by the end of this book.

But what makes that amazing, rather than just doing an extremely good job? It's all done through showing, not telling, and it's highly entertaining and full of action, too.

This is my third favorite book of the day, sure, but only because Batgirl and Swamp Thing were so incredibly good. This book would've been the best thing I've read in months...except that Batgirl and Swamp Thing came out the same day.

I never thought I'd be gushing over a Superman book...but I am.
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The New 52: Action Comics

Post by Bamfette » Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:41 am

This is basically the Superman I've always wanted to read about. He's got a personality that's actually INTERESTING, and he's (currently) at a power-level that I find more interesting than what he was at before the reboot. I am fine with flying bricks (though Supes doesn't fly yet, but still) but the level of power he had was just... too much. Not enough out there could bring him low, without getting incredibly convoluted or dragging out Kryptonite yet again, this supposedly extremely rare substance. Here we have a Supes that, in a brilliant sequence of events clearly outlines his resistances as being bullets - no big deal, tank - ok, that stung, runaway train - a real challenge.

I also loved his phone call to Jimmy, and how Lois reacted. Absolutely my classic vision of how they should act. Morrison has condensed the essence golden age of Superman into this book, and made it modern at the same time. (again. if you've not read All-Star Superman, you should, though that was the distillation of Silver-modern age Supes)

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The New 52: Action Comics

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:54 pm

This is the only New52 I've read that I flat out loved.

Just. Adored.

This is a pure example of why some of what occurred in DCnU needed to happen.

Finally a Superman I care about. I blasted through the first two issues. The Girl & I are officially calling this our favorite DC title (which is a surprise for her 'cause she usually only reads the leading ladies -- who have been nothing short of a disappointment out of DC these last two months).

A.C. is where it's at. If you have ever doubted Morrison before, you need to get this title and find out why we were all wrong. About Morrison. About Superman. About Lex, about all of it.

The best part about it?

It feels like a Marvel comic. :3
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