The New FF

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The New FF

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:39 pm

So since the death of Human Torch, the Fantastic 4 (Now known as "Future Foundations", or to some fans: "Fantastic Family"), should have gotten a lot worse.

And you know... I can't help but think it didn't change at all. It feels like this book hasn't missed a single beat, and I'm really impressed.

Jonathan Hickman is easily one of the best comic-book writers there is, right now. I say this without even a second thought or hesitation. This guy is a Magic-Man.

He has pulled a title that was so deeply entrenched into fanboy, sci-fi, backstory history, and transformed it into a beautiful work/display of human emotions, family values, awesome action, and intense dialogue filled with intelligent discussion.
None of this make-it-up-science Mumbo Jumbo (though as a FF title, there is of course still some!). With Hickman heading the book, it seems like the validity of my point with FF still stands:

The book is only as smart, an therefore can only be as good, as the writer. If the writer doesn't know anything of science, the book bombs.

The stories are killer, honestly. The death of Johnny was absolutely heart-wrenching and then the overview of that, the next issue... not a single word is uttered until the end when Spider-Man, -no. When Peter Parker talks with little Franklin about losing an uncle.
It is the most powerful thing I've read in a comic book. Ever. To date.

I don't care if you are furious with Johnny's death or think Spider-man's a bad "replacement" (if you can even call him that, within this series). The truth of that scene is, two boys miss their Uncle. Brooks' artwork on facial expressions for Franklin is just, ... sad. It's so well done.

From that issue alone, I've been hooked. With the release of the new title FF, the Fantastic Four replacement, the story just keeps getting better. Higher stakes, more action, still great puns (Peter does a good job keeping up with Grimm! ;) ), and best of all
The art is still Fantastic!

It seems now that this November (2011 for future readers! Wheeeee-eeEeeEEE--ooOooooO) the original title

The Fantastic Four will be returning!

Image Awesome, simple, clean, cover, AmIright?

What're your thoughts?!

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