Betrayed and Betrayal

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Betrayed and Betrayal

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Betrayal is an intermediate medieval fantasy rpg that focuses more on using your wits and brawn over magic and sorcery. With an exciting plot that makes a fast-paced world of daring adventure and mysterious secrets, there is never a dull moment. Betrayal is a story of Magrej, the dark-hearted king of Murate, in his attempt to bring everything under his control. He has already destroyed Kai and other smaller countries and only Ellsinora stands between him and the lands across the Dirya sea.

Here are some things Betrayal offers you-
~Exciting plot that keep the site interesting and fun to play!

~Easy to navigate site!

~The rules are simplistic on all accounts!

~More focus on the clever and the strongest characters then those with the most magic, though there is a sprinkling of magic here and there.

~Very reliable staff and extremely friendly members!

~ Newly opened so there are chances to do just about anything in character and out of character!

~200 word minimum!
Broken Trust, Shattered Dreams, Dark Future.....

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