Tough Love

Timelined fics featuring students and others from semesters 1-25.
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Tough Love

Post by Svartfreja » Sun May 10, 2015 11:28 pm

Timelined for shortly after [Instance]Into the Viper's Nest.

Going home should have helped her feel better but it hadn't done as much as she'd hoped. It was good to check in with Miriam and Bobby and pick up some changes of clothes to take back to Hydra while they waited for news on Shinobi's condition. It was also nice to get in the shower and wash off all traces of the facility that had escaped the purge at the base.

Jess was being, perhaps, unneccessarily thorough but she could still feel the fluid from the tanks on her skin and smell the blood. She'd lost all track of time though she knew she'd been a while as Sebastian had been in to check on her but she hadn't really focused on that conversation.

Carol had been sitting around the living room above, staying out of the way while the Shaws collected items and logging a false report for David. She'd watched some tv, made some coffee. At some point she'd heard Sebastian in the room downstairs but now all the wandering around seemed to have stopped. A quick peek over the balcony to the room below confirmed that he was sleeping but Jess wasn't with him. The shower was on so she decided to stay where she was. More tv was watched.

Hours later, the shower still running got her attention again and she frowned. That was a really long shower. She turned off the tv and took the express route to the bedroom, checking again to see if Sebastian was still sleeping. Yep. They'd had a busy day. She considered waking him but decided against it, keeping her feet off the floor so she didn't disturb him.

Floating into the doorway, she knocked softly on the wall beside her to alert Jess to her presence, "Jess? Okay if I come in?"

She startled a little at the unexpected voice, pausing and poking her head out of the shower, "Uh... sure?" She went back to scrubbing.

Carol closed the door behind her and moved into Jess' line of sight, "Everything okay? You've been in there for a while..."

"I'm fine... Just making sure it's all gone..."

"I think you probably got it..." She'd seen this kind of behaviour before after some combat situations. "Come and take a break, you missed dinner..."

"I don't need a break, I need to be done."

"Then... be done. If you want a second opinion I can get Sebastian...?"

"He was already in here."

"Right." She frowned, "Okay. You're going to hate me now but... you're done." She stepped into the space and shut the shower off, reaching for a towel and wrapping Jess in it. She made sure to pin her arms so she couldn't flail too much and lifted her off the floor to drag her out by force.

Jess protested all of this but Carol was much stronger than she was and not exhausted so she couldn't fight for very long before she gave up. "I can still feel it..."

With the other woman now somewhat limp, she chanced loosening her grip and was a little alarmed when Jess just sank to the floor... and then started crying. "Woah, okay... you're okay..." She crouched beside her and gathered her up into a hug, rubbing her back in small circles. The hugging seemed to intensify the sobbing but that was probably a good sign, right? Settling herself crosslegged on the floor, Carol pulled Jess into her lap and used her flight powers to scoot across the floor so her back was against the wall.

Jess clung to her and sobbed all the harder, the events of the last twenty-four hours coming back to her in painful flashes. The overriding factor was the image of Yurei Oyama lying dead in a pool of blood wearing Shinobi's face.

Carol held her tighter and made soothing sounds, stealing a glance toward the bedroom, Wake up, dumbass...

After what felt like forever, Jess seemed to be calming down somewhat and Carol relaxed her grip again, "Want to talk about it?"

Jess shook her head, continuing to cling and shifting to rest her head against Carol's chest. The steady heartbeat was soothing to her, as was the calm reassurance she was picking up with her empathy.

"That's okay, you don't have to." She adjusted her hold on Jess, glancing to the door again, "We can just sit here quietly, as long as you need." Using her stored energy, she upped the temperature a little bit to help the, still wet, lap spider keep warm. To her horror, Jess snuggled and relaxed her hold considerably. Carefully, she leaned to look at her face. Yup. Sleeping. Now if only Sebastian would wake up and make this whole thing a hundred times more awkward.
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