A Troubling Thank-You

Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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A Troubling Thank-You

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Feb 09, 2014 3:14 am

Timelined for after [Instance]Big Brains and a day or so before [Game]Balls of Fury.

Jess was still spending large amounts of time in the cupola, despite visits from a worried friend and a relative. She was growing concerned by multiple glimpses of someone she was now convinced was watching the house, even if Sebastian thought she was seeing things. She hadn't told him of any more sightings from after the night he'd checked the security footage because she still wasn't really sure if she was seeing anything.

It had been a long morning and she'd been telling herself for almost two hours that she would have five more minutes watching and then she'd have something to eat. It was not, however, her stomach that made her move but the sound of someone ringing the doorbell. She couldn't see the front door from her spot in the tower and the robot was currently recharging his batteries.

With a resigned sigh, Jess got up and headed down the stairs to peek through the spyhole and hope it wasn't someone scary. She couldn't see any person because there was a rather large bunch of flowers obscuring her view. She opened the door with a small degree of caution and peered out of the small gap she created, "Um... can I help you?"

"I have a delivery for a Jessica Drew?" The voice came from behind the flowers.

"Um... that's me..." Jess reached for the flowers so she could see the face the voice came from, turning to put the flowers on the table in the hall. She searched for a card but couldn't find one, "Is there a card?"

"There is... it's here somewhere... the thing broke off in the truck..." The delivery guy patted his pockets until he found the one with the small card and extracted it to hold it out to her.

"Thanks..." She gave a small wave before retreating back inside and closing the door. She listened to the delivery guy walk back to his truck and drive away before she turned her attention to the tiny envelope the card was in, taking it out and reading the message. It wasn't very long but it was something she was glad to read: 'Thank you for saving my daughter's life'.

She smiled, eyes going to the flowers, a beautiful bouquet really, a mixture of red and green flowers with glitter on their many petals. The card identified them as anastasia spider flowers and they did have a certain spideryness about them. She looked at them for a few moments longer before making a decision.


Less than an hour later, she was showered, dressed, and fed, bike keys in hand and an address in her head. She steered herself through the streets of Boston until she reached her destination, pulling to a stop and removing her helmet as she walked to the front door to press the bell. She listened to the sounds from beyond the door, straightening up when footsteps came her way and summoning a smile.

The woman that answered the door showed surprise but quickly replaced that with a warm smile, "Miss Drew, how lovely to see you!" She opened the door wider and gestured her inside. "I've been meaning to call and thank you properly..."

"Oh, that's fine," she gave a smile in return as she stepped inside, "The flowers were lovely anyway..."

"Flowers?" Mrs Baker gave the younger woman a questioning look.

Jess was a little confused by her question but pretended not to notice, brushing the subject to one side, "Yes, I had so many in the hospital... I wasn't really good for visitors for a long time... but I thought it was about time I came to see how you were getting on... all of you..." The sound of running footsteps from above drew her attention and her eyes found the stairs, another smile on her face as the source of the noise appeared. "Hello!"

"Jess!" The very happy 5-year-old ran the distance of the hall and threw her arms around Jessica's legs.

Jess returned the enthusiastic hug as soon as she caught her balance. "How are you?"

"Happy!" Abigail bestowed a bright grin on her former dance teacher, "We made cookies! Mommy can she have cookies?"

"If she wants cookies, she can have cookies."

"Uh... sure, I could eat cookies..." Jess allowed the girl to pull her off to the kitchen. At least she seemed none the worse for the wear, which was something to be thankful for.

"You should stay for dinner!" Abigail announced, "We're having chicken!"

"If it's okay with your mother, I'll stay for dinner." She didn't have much else to do, that was for sure, and it would be really nice to have something normal around her for a few hours before the freaking out started. She was keen to delay that.

"Of course you can stay for dinner, if you have no other plans," Mrs Baker told her, "It's the least we can do and I'd be delighted."

"Yay!" Abigail twirled and gave Jess' legs another hug. This was going to be the best day ever!
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