Teaser for 25/01: Would You Kindly...?

Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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Teaser for 25/01: Would You Kindly...?

Post by Scumfish » Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:24 pm

[Set directly before 25/01 game]

Warren hummed quietly as he finished pulling on his shoes, wings ruffling gently in the breeze as he ran hands through his hair and then did it up in a ponytail. He wasn't sure why but he was in the mood to go flying today. Maybe go into the city itself, nose around...just get out and get some space. It was a nice enough day, and even with the dark muttering about mutants on the horizon people were, as a rule, generally okay with him. Just went to show that no matter what politicians might be saying, the average person would-

His phone went off - a present from someone he couldn't remember the name of so that he was contactable - and broke his thoughts. Blinking, he pulled it out of his pocket, frowning at the number. Not one he recognised. Ah well, might be someone from the school? Stretching out his wings, he answered it. "Hello?"

"Sometimes you're a hard man to find, Archangel. I forget; is there something you're meant to be doing right about now?"

Oh hell. It's you. Hello you.

The voice sounded like it had been put through a voice-changer - it was too deep, like it had been slowed down, and crackled a little, but there was a noise, one he couldn't hear properly. Warren's eyes went a little unfocused. "I...don't...?"

I do. Get out of the way, I'll deal with this.

"In your own time, Archangel. Time and place as originally decided, method is your own descretion." The line went dead.

His wings spread, the last of the feathers solidifying into the steel, the hissing of the metal oddly musical. Archangel pulled the band out of his hair and looked at his hand as he slid the phone back into his pocket. His own descretion, eh? Well, if he remembered rightly, there was a SHIELD area on these grounds...they had to have some pretty explosives...
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