All these floors look the same

Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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All these floors look the same

Post by Araror » Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:23 pm

Timelined after Dehydrated

Walking up the stairs to his room Tyrone was in a world of his own, he hadn't been happy when he'd arrived here and that Danvers woman, that damn Lieutenant Danvers, wow how he'd hated her when he first arrived. Now, if he was honest with himself he was beginning to like her a little bit.

That British guy Vic, now he was scary, but Tyrone kind of liked him, he was sort of tempted to pet his fuzzy mane a bit. Things had also been interesting, Tyrone had expected to be essentially trapped in the school, supervised at all times and permitted only out of his room for boring lessons. However the lessons had been fun and whilst he'd kept mostly to himself the other students had seemed intriguing.

Tyrone reached his floor, opened the door to the corridor and started along it to his room.

He had never expected to go on missions with the X-Men, that was... exciting. The mission to rescue the people in the town which had been buried by the avalanche had made him feel like he'd actually accomplished something, done something positive with his life for once. He also regretted some of the things he'd done and said, being mean to the Gnome, Broo damn it! His name is Broo, getting that right was going to take some time; not accepting help from Spot, he'd felt so inadequate having to ask the golden girl, Heather for help.

Reaching his room, Tyrone entered and not bothering to turn the lights on stripped to his shorts and climbed into bed exhausted.

The mission to the deal with Hydra, that had been a failure, but at least he'd felt useful, he wanted the damn bracelet off as soon as possible so he'd never feel as completely drained as he had been. Lieutenant Danvers had sent word that she wanted to see him in the morning, Tyrone had no idea about what, but perhaps he could talk about it then.

There was a soft moan and an arm reached over Tyrone taking him into a hug. Tyrone froze. What the heck?

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Re: All these floors look the same

Post by steyn » Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:27 pm

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