Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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Timelined for Wednesday February 8th immediately before Picking the Wrong Pocket

Darn Super, what right did he have? Seriously health hazard? Sure there were a few fast food containers around the apartment. Ok maybe 3 months of them. But health hazard? And now he was sending in cleaners, that Tyrone had to pay for and then charging him an additional security deposit?

Tyrone was ever so slightly pissed, he was sure this wasn't legal, but what rights did he have? Who could he complain to? Sure his dual nationality meant he could legally be in the States, but he'd have a bit of explaining to do, being an unregistered mutant et al.

So, first he was going to get even, then he was going to get another apartment.

Health hazard indeed. Want to see a health hazard? You're about to find yourself living in one. Tyrone chuckled to himself.

Creating portals Tyrone started visiting basements, steam tunnels and even the sewers. He collected cockroaches, rats and even the odd alligator (well he would have if the stories of alligators in the sewers had been true). Finally happy that he had enough he created a portal from the blackness to the Super's apartment and forced everything out. The floor, the bed, the sofa, in fact every surface was covered with insects or rodents.

Chuckling to himself again, Tyrone returned to his old apartment for a shower.

The shower gave Tyrone an idea water tower. Once Tyrone had all the belongings he wanted to keep in his coat he opened a portal and stepped inside. The idea was simple, the water tower was on the top of the building, the basement was at the bottom, open two portals (something he had never done before) and let the water flow.

Tyrone opened the upper portal first, a small one and only for a few seconds into the inside of the water tower, the water flowed from the tower and quickly dissolved into the blackness. It looked like he was going to have to use the shield which protected him from the darkness to protect the water, this was going to be draining. Extending and compressing his shield he opened two portals a small one at the top and a larger one at the bottom, the water flowed freely from the tower into the basement and once Tyrone had aligned the top portal properly with the bottom one he widened it to flood the basement as quickly as possible.

Mischief / revenge complete Tyrone headed to the subway. He was going to have to find a new apartment and for that he was going to need money. Unfortunately it was midday on a Wednesday and he'd missed the commuters, but he should be able to get enough money, especially if he took the red line and passed through the jewellery district.

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