Is That Bronchitis?

Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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Is That Bronchitis?

Post by Sunspot » Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:48 am

Timelined after the school goes bye-bye

A leg erupts out of rubble, foot kicking towards a nonexistent ceiling. As it pushes further upwards, a hand surfaces, grasping onto the calf of the leg, soon revealing that the leg ends in a ragged stump just above the knee.

You're really getting a leg up on the situation. We weren't sure you'd make it when we saw there was trouble a-foot-.

David groaned, both at the horrible jokes and the terrible pain covering every inch of his body. Well, not every inch of his body. His left leg didn't really hurt, but that was because it wasn't attached to the rest of him for now. He was pretty sure it would hurt just as much, if not more-so than the rest of him once he got it back in place. He finally pulled himself free from the rubble and flopped into the nearest clear space to assess the damage.

Arms? Check.
Legs? He pushed the the two bloody edges together and held them, waiting for his healing factor to do it's thing. Check-ish.
Torso? Check.
Head? He ran his hands down from the top of his head towards his shoulders, stopping when he felt something on his neck. Well, that's why my throat felt funny. With a wet "SHLICK" he tugged a length of rebar from his throat. Much better.

Feeling his throat knitting together, he slowly pushed himself to his feet, testing his leg to make sure most of the important bits had grown together. Speaking of important bits, he made a quick check, feeling around to make sure there were the right number of lumps. "That's a relief. Hey! I can talk again!" He cautiously made his way out of the ruins of his room, snagging a passably intact long coat on his way, rather than looking for proper clothes to make himself decent.

Going with the ol' hobo flasher aesthetic, eh? I like it.

"Just doing what I can to make sure sexy doesn't go the way of the dodo." He took a quick look at the hallway, taking in the rubble-strewn hallway before deciding it looked like too much trouble to bother with. "Time to give the legs a real test", he mused out loud as he opened his window, took a moment to gauge the distance before a final "Fuck it", and jumping out to land in a heap of bruised and bloodied limbs. "Graceful as a cat, that's me." he remarked as he achingly climbed to his feet, dusted himself off and headed for the proverbial hills.

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Re: Is That Bronchitis?

Post by steyn » Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:44 am

Dont tell me this is the last we hear of him

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Re: Is That Bronchitis?

Post by Slarti » Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:58 pm

Heeee, very nice. And squishy!

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