Broo's To Do List...

Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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Broo's To Do List...

Post by steyn » Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:35 pm

Broo's To Do List:
(Not in order)
  • * Cure Broodification: Image

    * Create Teleportation Device:
    (Enquire with Fellow Students Clarice Ferguson and Cassandra St. Commons on subject matter. Maybe Stephen Hawking when he takes my call.)
    A teleportation device based on mutant powers, however I would settle for one not based on mutant powers.

    * Engineer Re-usable Spacecraft:
    (Enquire with NASA on subject matter)
    Must discover whether Star Trek was based on fact or fiction.

    * Build Functioning Robot:
    (Enquire with School Staff Robot Member Danger and Fellow Student Calvin on subject matter)
    Bodyguards for people who can not defend themselves against attackers.

    * Perfect Ultimate self replicating Twinkie aka 'Twinkie v2.0':
    (Enquire with Doctor Hank McCoy on subject matter)
    Twinkie must have concentrated taste of six Twinkies, and must be able to self replicate after each bite. (sidenote - look into world hunger)

    * Cure Cancer:

    * Invent Love Potion:
    Love Potion must be perfected by batch number 9. If unable to perfect, then hand over project to perfume companies.

    * Create Hoverboard:

    * Invent Lightsabre:

    * Miniaturize Lightsabre:
    For use on slicing bread into toast.

    * Build Hovercar:
    According to research on expectations of second millennium, the number one item that people are still awaiting on are hovering auto-mobiles.

    * Create Tricorder:
    (Look into Star Trek series on subject matter)
    Need to create a handheld scanning device to analyse and record data. Looks much too bothersome to diagnose someone. Takes too long. Tricorder could speed things up. Instead of hour long diagnostic, can bring down to maybe a minute.

    * Advance Technology:
    Need faster and smaller processors.

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