Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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Post by Svartfreja » Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:01 pm

Timelined for the day before the 7/6 game. (Oct. 9)

Jessica sat on the sofa in the penthouse and quietly read through one of her textbooks. She'd been caught up on homework for some time and decided to get a little more ahead of herself while Sebastian busied himself with work. It was quiet except for his movements in his work room, not even a ticking clock which was unusual to her because there were several back at the school.

After a long while, an unfamiliar sound cut through the silence - the sound of paper sliding a short way across flooring. Frowning, she looked over to the source of the noise and cocked her head at the appearance of a small folded piece of paper that appeared to have been pushed under the front door. Unfolding the piece of paper, the handwriting was unmistakeable.

'I think it's time we met face to face. Come alone. Now.'

This message was followed by an address that Jessica was familiar with - a small patisserie on the corner. She opened the door quickly to see if she could catch a glimpse of whoever had left the note but they were already long gone.

Chewing her lip, she looked down at the note again, eyes focusing on the 'Come alone' part. Sebastian would probably not be pleased... She decided not to tell him, figuring he probably wouldn't notice she was gone anyway. She picked up her phone, keys, purse and a jacket then headed for the door again after dropping the note onto the coffee table, "I'm going for a walk!" she called over her shoulder in the direction of the work room then closed the door behind her.

It wasn't wholly inaccurate... she was going for a walk, albeit a short one. And she shouldn't feel bad about not telling him. She'd wanted to meet whoever this was alone anyway, she had so many questions to ask and if there was the added distraction of another person she might not ask everything. This was something personal, private... like a secret. It should be her choice whether to pass on anything said between them and she could take care of herself.

She'd taken to wearing the necklace that was her mother's every day and, as she approached the door to the meeting place, her hand went up and closed briefly around the small silver spider. After pausing to take a few fortifying breaths, she made it the rest of the way to the door and pushed it open. Her eyes scanned the room as they adjusted to the light, coming to rest on a head of green hair. No... it couldn't be...

The woman in question turned her head, having heard the door open. On seeing who it was, she rose to her feet and put on her most friendly smile (one she had been practicing), "Jessica, how lovely to finally meet you. Come and sit with me." She gestured to the other seat at the booth, "You drink tea, yes?" She waved at the waitress as she sat down.

Jess stood in stunned silence for a moment before she realised people were staring and hurried to take the offered seat. Once seated, she continued to stare at her mystery benefactor.

Viper was completely fine with this; she had expected some form of surprise after all. "I do apologise for keeping you waiting for so long. I have been quite a lot busier than I expected but I am here now and I am happy to see you did come alone." She glanced up at the waitress as the tea was delivered. "How are you, Jessica?"

"I-I-I..." she stammered. Confused. "Very confused?" She chewed her lip, "This whole time...? It's been you? The gifts... the money... all of it?"

"Yes." Viper cocked her head on one side, watching the girl fuss with her tea, presumably as a way to distract herself. "I apologise for what you would see as deception, but I thought you had quite enough going on in your life already that adding myself into the mix would do you more harm than good. I decided to wait until you reached a point that you felt able to come and look for me and you have been, with Sebastian's help, haven't you?"

Jess nodded, "I didn't really know where to start on my own... and the school have been... distracted with other things..."

Viper nodded, "Yes, I imagine they would be." She picked up her coffee cup and took a sip. "I want you to understand, Jessica... everything I have given to you is yours by rights."

Jess stared at her for a long moment, "Everything?"

"Of course. Your parents were not paupers." She paused, "Well perhaps the cell phone was a little something extra but I was instructed to take care of you and so I have. You were difficult to find after you left Japan but I am, fortunately, rather resourceful."

Jess stirred her tea slowly, placing her spoon down carefully. "How soon did you know we were in Japan...?"

"I knew you were in Japan when you arrived. Your father contacted me - he sent me that photograph that I gave you with the necklace, so that I would know what you looked like." Viper placed her cup down on the table and folded her hands under her chin. "Unfortunately, business kept me quite busy and I was unable to take a flight until after your accident so, I'm afraid, we missed each other when I could have helped you most."

"Oh..." Jess chewed her lip, looking down at her tea. "Do you... know what he was running from? All that time hiding... that's all I wanted to know..."

Viper sighed and gave a nod, "Yes, I know." She pushed her coffee cup out of the way with one hand while reaching into her coat with the other, producing a stack of letters and placing them in the centre of the table. "He was running from my company. I believe he had made the decision to stop running when he contacted me with that photograph."

Jess took the letters and flicked through them, recognising Viper's handwriting and her father's. "You kept all of these...? Why?"

"You'd be amazed what comes in useful if you wait long enough." Viper offered a small smirk. "Your father kept my letters; I was able to retrieve them while I was in Japan looking for you. It seems we both had plans to give you the full story eventually. I suspect he merely wanted time to raise you how he thought best without any other influences and he would have been very busy if he had taken up the contract with me."

"Couldn't he have just... I don't know... worked something out with you?" Jess wrinkled her nose.

"When you read them, you will see that most of my letters are asking him just that. But he was remarkably stubborn. My letters followed you all over the world; his replies always came from somewhere different. I suspect he moved every time one of my letters found you." Folding her hands on the table she glanced around the room. "Jessica. Would you like to see what we have accomplished with your father's research?"

Jess chewed her lip again, picking up her tea to take a sip to bide some time. "Right now?"

"Of course. It is not far... well, not for you." She laughed a little, "But not all of us can fly. I have a car waiting. I will return you here once we are finished if you'd prefer not to make your own way back?"

She thought it over, supposing she had her phone in case Sebastian needed her for something. "It won't take that long, right?"

"Only as long as you want it to." Viper rose from her seat, placing some bills on the table to pay for their drinks and gesturing to the door.

Jess gave her a small smile and got up, picking up the letters and stuffing them into a pocket that was a bit too small to hold them. "Okay..."

"You look very like her, you know..." Viper watched her fuss with her hair, "Even your mannerisms are similar... it is quite remarkable."

Jess paused, realising she must have been talking about her mother, "Really? You... you knew her...?"

"I did. Quite well, in fact. We shared an interest in entomology. It was she that introduced me to your father." She let Jessica walk to the door ahead of her and directed her to the waiting car. "I can tell you all about how we met on the way." She offered another of her practiced smiles as she put her hand in her pocket and activated a small device. "After you, then." She opened the passenger door and waited for Jessica to get in before closing it and pressing another button on the small device in her pocket.

From the outside, she watched the girl's eyes widen in surprise and then, as she turned her head to look at her in confusion, the effects of the drugs in the air took effect. Once Jessica was unconscious, Viper moved around to the driver's side and opened the door. She was going to have to work up a convincing apology for when the girl awoke.
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Re: Answers

Post by Slarti » Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:05 pm

Shaw's reaction to Jess' hair-brained plan to go meet the crazy alone:


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Re: Answers

Post by Starfish » Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:13 am

Oooh, such juicy, tender shifty. Very nicely written. :content

Silly Jess, though...


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